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  1. Good luck, and I hope Rotbarts brother doesnt get you! XD I'm happy to assist however i possibly can! Lastly, welcome to the club!
  2. But what I was saying make sense, comparing to like 90% of the cast he's garbage. Yeah, you can make him good, but if you need to go to that extreme I wouldnt consider said unit good in the first place is all. And that's not to mention Wolt from FE6, or Leonardo from FE10 yet. But I guess you can consider giving them a niche as being "helpful". I can concede on that, fair enough.
  3. But they said "good" not situationally useful. He is the latter, if anything. There are so many actually good options out there, he doesnt stand out if he needs every hand holding tool in the game to make him, useful of he's lucky. How does he stack up against units that can do the same thing but much better though? Edit: isnt a units usefulness determined by how well they function without outside assistance? Like sure, you can give most units all stat up items and they'll seem useful. I dunno, he just doesnt seem to be helpful IMO.
  4. Archers dont stand out if FE5 considering how easy it is to get resources for other units and mages (Asbel) are going to be much better. Sure he can be okay, but babying him doesnt mean he's useful.
  5. ... i hate you all... XD Soon, my download speed will be 4.6 GB in 36 seconds though, so ha!
  6. Also also, I would try and give some tips, but I would rather not spoil anything for you. Getting. Killed alot while exploring is 80% of the fun!
  7. Oh, when you start making an avatar, please dont make him look like, sound like, and name him Shulk, I beg you. I've seen soooooo many "Shulks", it's just crazy! Also, Harriers are best division, sorry Interdimensional Observer.
  8. Oh no, what could be worse than that!? XD I know how you feel, really. I do.
  9. Except maybe Ronin from FE5. He's straight garbage. XD
  10. They calls Kaga out on stealing ideas although ita always the other way around. XD Not a surprise at all.
  11. Relatable. And good luck! Yeah, I agree. At the very least, I want at least those 2.
  12. Please let tommorows Smash character reveal be Rex/Pyra!
  13. New Smash character reveal tommorow!
  14. Alright! In 40 orbs I got 1 Lif +Hp - spd, 1 Lucina + Spd - res and 1 Ephraim + Atk - res. Perfectly happy with those results!
  15. Well, unless the devs/writers state otherwise, isnt it? If you dont tell me that said character is unhappy in some way, how would I know? And if said character is supposed to be unhappy, you shouldnt have them never take a scene seriously, or I wouldn't respect their feelings at all. That doesnt show their feelings, and doesnt support character growth in the right ways either.
  16. Galaxy Mario ver is complete 100%! 1 day, not too bad, considering it wasnt me, lol.
  17. This is hard to say. Is there voice acting? Do the vas imply that tone correctly? I suppose it depends on how you define "angry". Simply being angry isnt enough, as the reader, I should be feeling that emotion in some form. If I dont, then does it do its job? Connecting with the audience is important, especially with voice acting. If the va does the scene completely wrong, then the point won't drive home. how do you slam the door? Do you do it while in tears? While yelling? How that's handled makes me feel different things and how I see a scene. Edit: say you finish that scene with said character saying, jk guys, jk. Would the scene imply a serious tone anymore, or would it just sound silly?
  18. Also playing KH3 (god save my soul) doing challenge stuff rn.
  19. Well that's simply a fact, so of course you cant dispute that. Alot of other things hinge much more on interpretation and opinions/views. Good story/gameplay is much more opinion based, and so are characters.
  20. According to Interdimensional Observer, multiplayer is busted. And I think he's right, tried single player, and no game breaking. That's kinda lame, ngl.
  21. That's true. In FE4, that holy weapons are integral to the story, but how much is acceptable until it really hurts the gameplay? The devs trying to impliment something and doing it right are two different things. Like, pair up is considered so game-breaking it makes it no fun or "braindead". Could they have done it differently? Sure. But it's not always designed to be around difficulty. That's their opinion, if they dont like it because it removes real "challenge", then it isnt for them. You should like what you want. hell, I love the pair up idea in Awakening. The devs cant please everyone, since we all have different standards of fun. In FE4's case, it was simply bad design. Centering the game around 4-5 units doesnt make it fun. So how do you please everyone? On topic: HW: DE!
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