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  1. KH3 DLC update: I've beaten three data fights, Xigbar, Larxene, and Luxord, and I feel really accomplished beating just those three.
  2. This is true, but I don't think it's fair to blame the FE series for this. But characters like Lucina deserve a spot in my opinion. Sure they might have been stretching it with Chrom, but having an easier to use option to Roy isn't a bad thing. I mean, some people just can't comfortably control the close range sweet spots. So from a gameplay PoV, I think it's nice to have for newer players to ease into as well.
  3. They already put the development into them, why remove them? I guess what confuses me is why people would want to remove one of the most popular FE characters from the game. Stuff like that is what helps the game, I think. I mean, lets face the facts. Out of the four Marths, Lucina gets the most play, why remove her? From a business PoV, that doesn't make sense.
  4. Honestly, I agree. Sakurai please add more FE characters. I've already mentioned this, but the title is confusing, as it states "Ultimate FE newcomer" which would only include Chrom and Byleth.
  5. The KH3 ReMind super bosses are very difficult. Like... wow. I've only beaten two of them so far! I take breaks after enough deaths, obviously, and go back to playing Xenosaga III.
  6. Those probably work for nightmare 2, but I think they should work. You would have to test it out and let me know.
  7. I had no idea this was considered difficult. Anyways, KH3: ReMind is great! I was so happy to be able to play as Aqua again!
  8. That's something you would have to search, but If you cant find them, I'll try to help out.
  9. That's because you need to download the nightmare modules like Character Editor, Class Editor, etc. Also, i'm not 100% sure Nightmare 2 works.
  10. Okay perfect, it's already decompressed, all you need is to use nightmare to edit things, then. you can use the nightmare program you used to edit the Gba games for this.
  11. Okay, to be fair this would obviously be addressed in a remake, but it was one of the few things I didn't like about that Era. Other than that, the game was great. in HGSS rebattling the Gym Leader's made leveling pretty easy.
  12. Well, it's one of my favorite series to play, and the story is so engaging it's kinda hard to put it down once I get started! The E.S battles are... hard. I hate the E.S Dan, and whatever Margulis's E.S is called. Is there even a strategy to win this besides luck?
  13. Onto Xenosaga Episode III! Just started and I really appreciate how much of an improvement the battle system is!
  14. I would love this, as long as they would raise the exp rate a bit. Leveling up is boring in those games.
  15. Well, use a program like HxD and open up static.bin and tell me what you see right at the first line.
  16. Well, pretty much done with Xenosaga Episode 1 already, I forgot how easy the final dungeon is. Anyways, ReMind Hype!
  17. I think they all work universally. First, have you decompressed static.bin? Do you have the modules for FE Awakening?
  18. Yeah, this is true. I dont mind this, honestly. It's just that good to me, I can listen to just this theme and be content.
  19. This is promising! Super glad some of the bugs were fixed! It was annoying that the game randomly decided to freeze everytime I completed a sidequest.
  20. Yeah, it was poorly worded, but I meant people with really negative attitude towards it that it affects others, etc. That's just not fun for anyone, I dont think.
  21. Fought the Tiamat in Xenosaga 1, and I gotta say, I hate this boss. "It reacts to shion's conciousness" wipes party out.
  22. Open it with nightmare or a hex editor, your choice. Nightmare is probably easier, though.
  23. I was actually referring to the people that probably Express their opinions when it's better off not being said. Like, when it's really rude or something, it's best not said at all.
  24. This. The Wii U runs so slowly at times it's hard to bear. I'm not sure if they fixed the game freezes (I've had tons of them) in the switch version, but i'm assuming so.
  25. This is true as well, i'm more than happy that we got this much. I honestly thought that Byleth's moveset was pretty awesome myself, so i'm not sure I understand why people are upset.
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