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  1. Bellesme

    Uhm.. Hi!

    finally, want to say Hi serenes forest ^_^
  2. Bellesme

    Elibean Nights

    dont worry take your time....us fans are always loyal out here ^_^
  3. A gaiden fan here....keep it up. I genuinely want to see you guys make this work. ^_^
  4. that drawing is so cool....who did that, might I ask?
  5. The real revelation....of eve. mwahahahahahaha
  6. [spoiler={option}] ....REVELATION SUCKS
  7. Sword master azura....this ought to be good (ROFL)
  8. Nice Hack!!! Here to give the support. Sorry that she couldn't say anything really clever.
  9. wow....I actually read the whole forum...seeing your progress is really awe inspiring. Hope to see more than just a demo soon. Good luck man!!!
  10. Wouldn't it be great if someone made a game of thrones hack of fire emblem....that would be just wow

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