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  1. Oh boy, I've been playing a ton of games this year. Here's every game I've completed... -Metroid prime 2 echoes -FE3H Golden deer -shovel knight plague of shadows -sonic adventure -metroid prime 3 corruption -metroid fusion -fire emblem path of radiance -fire emblem radiant dawn -sonic advance -FE3H Blue lions replay -persona 5 -super metroid -shantae risky's revenge -deus ex mankind divided -megaman x3 -megaman x4 -Fire emblem fates: conquest Beat THAT
  2. We should all just play our backlogs and complete them, rather than wanting new games when they're clearly not coming out anytime soon, otherwise the waiting is more painful if you get yourself hyped. Sadly for me, nintendo doesn't really care about series I like, enough to consistently make games for them...Metroid I mean. Fire emblem is getting more games now since awakening so maybe we'll see something in 2021?
  3. Been a while since I remembered this place existed...anyways, here's an update to my game's progress. https://imgur.com/zS0kf8T It shows xga being able to patrol rooms on his own, hunting down the player.
  4. What do you guys love about Three Houses? Probably my favorite part about it is the music, which is epic across the board. While I don't love the game as much as I used to (the monastery sections is too repetitive and boring now) I still like the story, battles and music a lot! Anyone else?
  5. Made a new tileset and bg, that's meant to flesh out my ideas and concepts of what I want the final area in my game to look like.
  6. Thank you for your feedback! Yeah maybe having an "ammo counter" for all my games bullets would increase the tension a lot gameplay wise?
  7. Jill from FE9/10. Best character design and best character development makes her best girl.
  8. Some more things... Walking left Walking right screen shot of boss in sector 3 Harambe So yeah, I'd appreciate some feedback on how I can go forward with my game, since I'm getting confused again with it's current direction. I just can't figure out how to make more impacting environmental setpieces (like when in metroid fusion, the game mine is based off, the sa-x blasts through the wall and looks at you)..
  9. I've made another video on my game, this time showing sector 2.
  10. Here's what I've done a few days ago. My first ever youtube video in fact.
  11. Holy Jesus it's been a while again hasn't it since the last update!!! ....... Well anyway, I've been going through some rough personal stuff and have been REALLY confused on where to take my game next, I think this is called "mid game development hell". But right now at least I'm feeling more and more like I wanna go back to my original source of inspiration-Metroid Fusion, but just add maybe some new things here and there if there'll work with the rest of the game design. I'm slowly getting back into working on my game, trying to make it more horror like while still keeping it metroid
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