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  1. We REALLY could use another infantry Master tier class or two...that'd be awesome!!
  2. I think FE 3h is actually my FAVORITE in the entire series, better than the radiance games and the gba games even! I just love the story, characters, world building, and that GODLY music!!! Seriously, listen to "Fierce as Fire" battle preparations music...it's really good!! I honestly never saw it coming...I don't think anyone expected this game to be THIS good when it was first shown off at e3 2018...but even with the mediocre graphics and some other minor stuff, it's easily my favorite in the franchise because I just love the atmosphere so much. Now, if only IS could get onto making those Judral remakes...yeah that'd be epic!
  3. Apparently not all the master tier classes were shown off in the IGN video, and that there's a small handful of other unique classes outside of them....what sort of stuff do you think we'll see outside of the main lord's promotions? https://imgur.com/vG5OGCk
  4. I don't know if anyone knows this yet, but what's the frame rate like in three houses gameplay sections? I love things like FE GBA's animations and the high frame rate of those battles really helps make it seem cooler and stuff (as well as all the spinning weapons). Obviously 60 isn't like "needed" for me to properly enjoy the game, but it'd be nice.
  5. They didn't show all the classes, like promoted time skip dmitri for example...maybe there's even more?
  6. 0_o A-and it looks like there's space for ANOTHER tier beyond that!?
  7. Also guys, nintendo's twitter just showed off Dmitri's critical attack animation here...HYPE!! https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/1149439892667035649
  8. For me it's simply the fact that we have full voice acting returning once again, as I LOVED that feature in echoes and I was worried it wouldn't return!
  9. So it all sounds pretty promising! Shame about the lackluster amiibo integration, but eh whatever, I'm just glad the main game itself is really good.
  10. Holy crap punished Dmitri looks badass as hell with those combat animations!!
  11. Currently I'm obsessing over this game, repeatedly watching gameplay footage and trailers for literal hours on end...I can't wait!
  12. This game for me went from a huge "meh" to becoming what will probably end up being my favorite fire emblem game ever made, topping my previous favorite (path of radiance). And if the content we're seeing lasts for 80 hours!? HYPE!!
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