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  1. So I've done this today...let's see if this link displays as a gif, because unfortunately I've asked the mods and unless I delete some of my older posts' gifs, I can't upload anymore here. This is just a dead, corrupted version of my game's "Sector 2" area. For now it's mostly just a palette swap, but I'd like to make the changes more meaningful in the future.....
  2. I hope these 4 classes end up as master classes, because TBH we really need more infantry master classes when most of them are just on horses. Where's Marshals, Lancers, etc...?
  3. 2019 has been an ok year imho since I only really care about metroid and fire emblem it feels like at the moment. I could play more games from other series, but instead I'm actually into just looking across all the games I may of brushed off previously, or want to replay again after so long since playing them originally. I'm having a great time with them actually, as Metroid Prime has been extremely fun for me and eye opening since I previously thought it was somewhat overrated being called "one of the best games ever made" because of the backtracking, but playing it recently completely changed how I feel about it and I had loads of fun with it...not to mention the backtracking was WAYY less painful than I remembered it being! But yeah, while there's not any new games I care about coming up besides prime 4 (releasing in the year 2077 at this rate lol) there's still a lot I can focus on right now and have fun with 😃
  4. https://imgur.com/kNXpuuu Another fire emblem custom animation....after like over half a year without doing another one 😅
  5. Tearing through Heaven and Blue skies and a battle are tied for me, as they both sound really motivating in general! I also love Fierce as Fire too.
  6. Yeah I feel like a lot of people are just turned off from the comedic C or sometimes even B supports from Bernadetta with others, but it's really A's where most of the full development happens and she kinda gets over it. So in my opinion I think it's fine, though I think there's a bit too many comedic C supports with her still, but at least they get developed on later which was severely lacking in some OTHER fire emblem games 😏
  7. Hey all, I've have another update to share with you right now. https://www.deviantart.com/dinar87/art/A-pathfinding-for-XGA-817436998 Now I would share an animation I've been working on, but serenes won't let me upload any files in my posts for some reason at all 😕
  8. I agree that her character is played as a joke way too much, but have you read her B supports or higher btw? They made me like her a lot more than I thought I would at first glance of her.
  9. Dmitri and bernadetta won 1st place!! They're co-incidentally two of my favorite characters in three houses, and I like their backstory and sense of character development from the school phase to the war phase, like how bernadetta gains more confidence in her supports with the avatar after the timeskip in the A support. However, I honestly thought characters like edelgard or claud would win...not two of my favorite characters I actually cared about! Some people are worried that this means those character tropes will return in future games, but I have more faith in IS in general after Three Houses...they easily could've just made a fates 2.0 with extra dating students in the school phase, and the game still would've reviewed well and sold great mostly as it's on switch...but IS knew some of the hardcore fans were getting tired of that stuff and so they went back to their storytelling roots with this game, and it paid off I'd say! Not everyone enjoyed the game, but coming from somebody who still to this day doesn't really enjoy fates and awakening and was worried IS was heading in a direction I wouldn't enjoy anymore, I can safely say I LOVED Three Houses!!
  10. It's interesting to me how a lot of commentators here have voiced negative opinions on the game (like the story, which I found excellent), yet the poll I made for what people think of the game in general is overwhelmingly positive, I'd say this is a good sign that even though it sucks for those who didn't enjoy the game or got annoyed with various bits of it, a lot of us still found it to be a massive step up from the 3ds games (and especially fates in my opinion in terms of story immersion) and hopefully intelligent systems gets the message now that, shockingly, you can make a fire emblem game with a good/immersive story and cast of characters without all the face petting and child unit stuff forced in even when it doesn't fit. That being said, I do think the monastery should be a one time thing only, and DEFINITELY shouldn't come back for another game, as I feel it's worn out its welcome by now with all 4 playthroughs of Three houses and most players (like myself) are already kinda tired of it even after one playthrough. So yeah, while I think it was an interesting experiment and it did work story wise when I played it, I wouldn't exactly be happy if they announced the return of the monastery's mechanics for fire emblem 17 or something like that... But even with all that said, my list is... Top: Path of Radiance Radiant Dawn Three Houses Good: FE GBA games Echoes Mediocre/Underwhelming: Awakening Fates Haven't played or finished: Fe 4, Fe 5, shadow dragon, new mystery of the emblem
  11. They shouldn't of even thought of making not just one but TWO mario and luigi games after paper jam as around that same time the switch was already out = 3ds installbase is 99.9% DEAD!! It was obvious from the start these two games should've been switch titles, along with other games released around this time like fire emblem echoes and metroid samus returns. I wanted to think they were just cheap and easy titles to make, but it seems this wasn't the case... It really sucks as I loved this series, especially the original bowsers inside story (not a fan of the dream team style of sprites in the remake) and was really hoping we'd get a switch installment...just goes to show you, you need to stay informed about what your companies bosses are planning with regards to when their next consoles are coming out, or else you'll be left behind and literally be filling for bankruptcy!!
  12. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did! Yeah I really need to play persona 5 but I'm waiting for persona 5 the royal to come out as it seems to be the "ultimate version" of that game. That's fine, we all like different things, and there's nothing wrong with that at all. I can remember when it was popular to hate on sonic adventure 1+2 because a few internet critics said they aged terribly, and then their fans started dog-pilling on anyone who dared to disagree with them that these games were bad. So I know what it's like to feel just kind of...alone? As in, nobody else seems to share your opinions in games and are also changing the games industry in a direction you don't like as well. I do admit that play through the first 11 (iirc?) chapters before the route split is quite annoying on a new playthrough, but I love the war phase chapters to death personally just because of how much it contrasts part 1 of the game so much. But really I still love Three Houses to death myself, and that's just how I feel.
  13. I've now completed both routes in the Black Eagles path, and have now played over 60 hours of three houses in total! I've seen a lot of the game already but am only halfway through the whole thing...it's hard to believe there's this much content in a fire emblem game to be honest, even if each path is quite a bit shorter than the typical fire emblem game's length. For all my time on serenes forest, I've been constantly praising the Tellius games (FE: path of radiance and FE: radiant dawn) because I completely fell in love with the refined gameplay (except for the army switching in RD, that was annoying), the complex politics, the varied and in depth characters, the immense world building, and that AMAZING soundtrack!! Those games cost me about £200 (or $250) or get off amazon) but honestly? It was worth every penny. Those games are some of my favorite games of all time and I've already completed path of radiance alone about EIGHT times!! And for so long I was honestly depressed that such classics weren't getting the recognition I felt they deserved, and more importantly, that we'd never get anything like them ever again..... And then came Fire Emblem Three Houses. This game feels like a true spiritual successor to those games (and to FE: genealogy of the holy war, and FE: thracia 776) in a lot of ways; 3d models on the battle maps, complex characters (that actually get screentime in the main story as well), politics and world building again, smart gameplay decisions (such as forcing you to actually think about grinding for exp on hard mode, since it takes up a free weekend's time) and an amazing soundtrack once again!! I don't think anyone expected the game to be this good when we all saw the first trailer for it, as it looked even more rough around the edges back then and we had no idea they'd try this hard with the world building and character development side of things for the game. Anyways, do you guys have any thoughts on this topic?
  14. I feel bad that I haven't uploaded anything in ages...sorry about that guys. I've started my a levels now and it's a lot of work to manage at the moment! But since so much time has passed, by now I've already made a new demo of my game with lots of new stuff, like a new boss battle in sector 2, a full opening sequence showing what happens before the beginning of the game and finally I've redone all my player sprites so they're not as pillow shaded. https://dinar87.itch.io/dinar87s-metroidvania-demo/devlog/98807/new-demo-better-shaded-player-sprites-and-some-other-stuff old player sprites new ones, the far leg is properly shaded now, and the armor pieces are not pillow shaded any longer either, same for the rest of the sprite in general...this was done for EVERY SINGLE ONE of my player's sprites!! Here's a link to a bigger gif of the newer sprites in action... https://twitter.com/Dinar8777/status/1167386128107868160
  15. We REALLY could use another infantry Master tier class or two...that'd be awesome!!
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