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  1. I've always enjoyed fire emblem more for the RPG elements personally, than the strategy elements which I'm not so good at. But I get that it does suck to see a major gameplay element gone from the series you love that's really unique. In terms of having specific units for specific situations, what if they did a best of both worlds situation? Where they let you customize everyone like in three houses BUT there are heavy penalties for trying to level up weapon ranks (there'd be more red arrows) and it's clear that certain skills, and therefore classes, would be suited to specific characters more than others now. In addition, each character could only become certain classes now, unless they used a second seal...but because of the other classes needing different weapon ranks (remember how I said there'd be more red arrows with training units ranks), players would be less likely to imo. Combined with that, what if each map had mini objectives where you could catch thieves, defeat certain enemies before time runs out, etc...? And often you'd need a variety of units to do these things. I think if the next game had those two design philosophies, you could actually keep the depth of customization of three houses if you needed to AND have a variety of classes and units that don't blend together. Any thoughts?
  2. https://mynintendonews.com/2020/05/21/famitsu-top-five-fire-emblem-games-according-to-japanese-fans/ Looks like Jugdral comes out on top, even 20 years later 😎 it's a shame to see no path of radiance or radiant dawn, but this is a japanese list and I've heard those two games apparently weren't super popular over there sales wise. Considering IS is listening to fan feedback more and more these days, especially with three houses' changes to the series mechanics compared to previous recent entries, what are your hopes now for the future of the series? I still really want a Path of radiance and radiant dawn remake duo-logy eventually though IS
  3. Here's who I'd put in if, and only IF, we had to have 4 fire emblem characters only. 1. Ike (one of my favorite characters in the series, up there with the three houses lords) 2. Marth (he's a classic and from the very first game in the series) 3. Robin (from the game that literally revitalized the entire series) 4. Edelgard ((she seems to be the most popular three houses character according to heroes)
  4. I haven't played Mass Effect before...is it really as good as people say it is? Also nice sprites btw!
  5. They can work from home like the rest of us. And if sony and microsoft are releasing entire next generation consoles this year then no, I won't cut them slack.
  6. Welp, this year continues to be a big disappointment to me and a lot of other nintendo fans right now, seeing as if you don't care for animal crossing or xenoblade...there's basically nothing noteworthy or major coming out this year that will appeal to a ton of people in the same the way a mario game, or even a metroid game somewhat would. The mini direct didn't even help things at all. About Metroid, when will we hear anything about the series again? 2017 feels like ages ago now....they seriously didn't think the low sales of samus returns were anything other than it being released on the 3ds and not because of a lack of interest....did they? Looks like I'll have to stick to my backlog for the entire year 😕
  7. I agree with this. Three houses just came out relatively soon, so we mustn't get greedy with these games, and grow entitled and shallow with our own wants and desires.
  8. Update time! https://www.deviantart.com/dinar87/art/Wonky-collision-issues-I-m-trying-to-fix-atm-839312530 Any thoughts?
  9. Three houses just came out last year, so we're gonna have to wait a while I think. Not that I mind personally, but ah well.
  10. Personally I like the dark fantasy route they're taking, and even though I somewhat enjoyed the child units and a few other staple things in the 3ds games, it feels like Three Houses has found its own winning formula and I'm in love with it far more than any other fire emblem game, besides maybe the Tellius series (which I'm replaying right now actually on my Wii). The characters are my favorite thing about the game probably, as well as the music and gameplay in general. I love being able to customize all my units to my hearts content and take the time to make everyone stronger! I really hope they keep this level of customization and level of quality in the future!! Here's one of my favorite bits of three houses' music https://youtu.be/F40AySOCpWA -Fierce as fire But enough about me, what do you all think about Three houses and the future of the series?
  11. Yeah tbh I was being pretty hypocritical generalizing all the people I didn't like, while at the same time complaining about people generalizing me. Sorry.
  12. This is what I'm talking about though when I mean "elitism" This was on the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQxaDMYBR0g This person for example, keeps assuming that because I'm an rpg fan when he specifically says "you guys" I'll just eat up whatever IS puts out because hey, it has gacha-like gameplay and will bring in the sales so "that's a good thing". If you haven't figured it out yet, one of the things I'm doing here is I'm worried that the FE fandom is becoming increasingly toxic.
  13. I just keep seeing this particular mindset of "FE is clearly a STRATEGY series which = you can't play it for the rpg elements you FAKE FAN!!!1!" crop up online, and I suspect based on how much people like him and mangs still complain about "modern fire emblem", even though three houses was legitimately amazing, are to blame. They'll complain about how having bad map design "ObJeCtIvElY" ruins things like cindered shadows, even though most FE fans liked it from what I can tell. They want FE to be nothing but pure chess, no fun or grinding. Also yeah that annoyance is exactly what I was talking about. The constant shitshow that is the FE fanbase and how it can easily become cool to hate/love certain games in the series just because youtubers like Mekkah say they're good or bad. Few people will actually try out games like path of radiance or fe6...I've played both but most people just follow the bandwagon.
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