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  1. Awakening for me as well, still love that game though my tastes have changed a lot over the years when it comes to fire emblem. Personally I feel Three Houses is the best combination of new vs. old mechanics and series direction.
  2. Idk how to on a phone, but for making FE art in general, start with editing official sprites to try and make your own versions, keep practicing and eventually you will be able to make ambitious stuff that's all your own. Custom battle animations are fun to make.
  3. 'XGA' game demo, for getting feedback on the game design and how it could be improved. https://dinar87.itch.io/dinar87s-metroidvania-demo/devlog/255777/playtestingfeedback-wanted
  4. Cutscene images for 'XGA'. Please take a look :D
  5. If you're new to sprite art, and want to make an FE-4 hack, I'd suggest practicing a lot at sprite art first (like making custom animations and stuff) so that once you begin to work on the hack, you won't have to redo art later on in development.
  6. Here's my Top 5... 1. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance + Radiant Dawn 2. Metroid Prime Trilogy 3. Paper Mario TTYD 4. Sonic Adventure 2 5. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  7. "I'LL DESTROY YOU!!" - my favorite
  8. Currently replaying 'SUPER PAPER MARIO' and 'SKYRIM'. They're extremely good games.
  9. METROID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY WANT METROIIIIIIIDDDD!!!! Come on Nintendo! We're starving over here, lol. Bayonetta 3 fans should also have a bone thrown to them soon! Let's hope MP4's development is going well!! 🤞
  10. Btw if you want to play the latest version, here it is. https://dinar87.itch.io/dinar87s-metroidvania-demo/devlog/235834/bug-fixes-and-more-content-in-general
  11. More gameplay of 'XGA', my metroid-clone game
  12. Terrible direct, one of the worst ever. Imagine promoting things like "DC SUPER HEROES GIRLS", mobile game looking trash, over a new Fire Emblem game LMAO Nintendo's becoming too much like this these days, no good games, just chinese soy.
  13. Unfortunately Metroid related anything, is almost 99% likely to not be shown at all (like every other direct). For all we know, 49 of the 50 minutes could just be about smash.
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