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  1. Echoes is a great game, regardless of if it's different from other FE games and despite having boring map design and stuff imo. The feelings you get with the almost fully voice acted story, the leveling up and badass promotions, and the flashy combat animations is magical. Not as good as three houses but then again, that's like the new pinnacle of the series for me 😉
  2. Does anyone know if the new classes with be Master classes? FE three houses really needed some more master class options in general compared to the advanced tier so if it turns out these new classes just further add to that tier that'll be disappointing to me 😕 probably still kinda fun though, just not as satisfying when I'll replace them all with master classes eventually.
  3. Hope you guys like this! It's taken a while to redo this one boss so many times, but now I'm happy with the result.
  4. Don't know if anyone even still looks at these, but anyways here are some boss animations I'm making. Idle Rolling
  5. Yeah Three houses is awesome! I agree battalions add to the sense that this is a real war we're fighting, and not just an arcade-y, "pure gameplay" type game we're playing with no story. Have you played xenoblade chronicles 2? I didn't really care that much for the series until I played the second game, and I ended up loving that game. If you like a good story (well I thought it was pretty amazing) and don't mind the anime stuff it also has in the game, I'd recommend it!
  6. Sorry for the late response but I don't mind your comments at all and I'm glad you shared your opinions to me 😃 if no negativity is allowed in a conversation, or it always has to be prefaced by positivity to "not rock the boat too much" then it doesn't feel genuine and creates an echo chamber I feel. While there is a difference between being rude and voicing your opinion, I feel you were just voicing your opinion. As for Three Houses, it's fine we all like and think different things work well based on what we find fun ourselves. What is your favorite Fire Emblem game or RPG btw? And what do you like about it? I'd like to know.
  7. That sounds great 😃 I'm glad you enjoy the game so much! How would you say the world building is comparable to the tellius series (I agree but I wanna know what you think)?
  8. Awesome! I'm just playing through Claude's story right now (I'm only at chapter 4) but it's still pretty engaging even on a fourth playthrough. The only path I outright didn't enjoy was the church route silver snow, whereas all the others I loved. So I have to ask...who is best waifu? 😉
  9. Not yet! Just started playing the golden deer path, though I have heard god shattering star already and damn is it a banger!
  10. I love almost everything about it, besides how repetitive it can feel on repeat playthroughs, but apart from that just thinking about stuff like my first blue lions playthrough...ah the memories. I love this game and am currently playing through it a 4th time in the golden dear path! I love the music especially ^^ https://youtu.be/3SNYWBT4Ovw -just feels really epic and powerful, yet at the same time sad. Like we've delivered true justice and won the ultimate battle!! What about you guys' thoughts on it? How would you rank it compared to other fire emblem games?
  11. Hi! I hope you're enjoying you're time in the fandom and most of all, enjoying the games! Have you played Three Houses yet, especially the Blue Lions path? That's probably one of my favorite fire emblem games ever made 😄 Plus you get to play as Dimitri, one of my favorite characters!
  12. I'd like some thoughts on these animations for some new enemies I'm making... and another one for the bottom enemy, it's too hard to see on the white background, but he's shooting shotgun blasts from each cannon on each side. Lastly we have mini cthulhu!
  13. Demo of my game if you follow the itch.io links on my twitter post. https://twitter.com/Dinar8777/status/1209390530351771648
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