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  1. Contentment. If one is content, they need naught else.
  2. People are complicated. A "label" is fine, but a generalization is not. You can say that anyone who views another race as inferior to their own is a racist. That would be accurate and honestly fine by my book. When you cross the line, though, is when you forget that underneath that label of racism is actually a complex group of people who have arrived at their conclusions for a variety of reasons. It is only by understanding those reasons that you can bring about true understanding and lasting change. So yes, there are people in this world who are "racists." But they aren't just racists. I feel like a great example of this is how it's considered offensive in formal writing to talk about "blacks" or "gays." Why? Because people are more than just their race or sexuality. So we say "black people" and "gay people" because that indicates that while we might be concerned mostly about that aspect of them for the time being, they are complex individuals who amount to far more than where they fall on a certain scale. Afford that kind of humanity and empathy to everyone, and you can have positive, understanding conversations with people who fall under labels you utterly despise. Peace and love, weebs.
  3. I'd want Merlinus handled the way he was in FE7, not taking up a deployment slot and leveling up every chapter. Giving him supports would be cool simply because it would add a level of strategy to how you use him on the map - you could position him close to compatible units for support bonuses. I appreciate the extra tactical consideration that goes into keeping him out of harm's way. It doesn't strike me as annoying and certainly feels more realistic than the supply train only existing in the form of the main lord's "convoy." I do think he's quite a boring character though, and would love to see his position as "Roy's advisor" supplanted by other characters.
  5. Ah yes, that way I could have a Jeigan to not use. I actually appreciated that in 3H all of your starting units are somewhat decent with room to grow, without the typical tradeoffs of "this one has great bases but terrible growths" or "this one's stuck using a weapon type that puts him at a disadvantage against virtually every enemy in the earlygame." Instead, all of the characters you get at the beginning grow consistently and remain useful throughout the game. Mounted classes are always OP. 3H is actually comparatively balanced in that regard - true, cavalry is still way better than infantry, but at least every character has the option to get a horse. In previous games great characters would get benched due to lack of mounted options. In 3H, if your best unit stats-wise is stuck on foot, you really only have yourself to blame. I certainly agree that the way mounted classes get all the love is annoying. I typically ignore their superiority and play using heroes and swordmasters and berserkers and the like because I enjoy unit variety, even at the cost of playing without OP classes. But the only real way to truly balance mounted units would be to either get rid of them or to give everyone a mount. That latter option actually sounds like the kind of thing IS might do in future games, accompanied by a petting zoo minigame which lets you bond with your animals and some crazy mount ideas like camels and elephants. Ultimately, being able to customize such a large amount of characters is a distinctively SRPG characteristic. The level of customization we got in 3H still pales in comparison to what you get in Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics, where you can pretty much custom order any unit you want for the right price. So while you might be right that Fire Emblem has lost some of what made it unique, I feel like that's mostly an appeal to accessibility, not a betrayal of SRPG standards. And FE is still plenty unique even with some of its older aspects gone.
  6. 107 I just realized that this thread says "olivier rules" at the beginning... which funny enough, is actually quite accurate.
  7. Hey! It's been a while. One of the biggest issues modern players have with the GBA games is how they handle the support system. While FE7 has some of the best support conversations in the series, unlocking those conversations requires an extra level of effort and, in many cases, grinding. This patch multiplies every character's support point gain by 10. For instance, in vanilla FE7, Serra and Florina need to spend 80 turns next to each other to unlock their C support. With this patch, it only takes them 8 turns to reach that level. I've been playing with this patch for a while now and it has improved my experience with the game substantially. It's nice to be able to play without either ignoring supports altogether or spending dozens of turns pressing "End" trying to unlock them. And so I thought I'd put it here in case anyone else is interested. It's a UPS patch for a US FE7 rom. I don't know if it'll work on anything else. It was a pretty easy patch to make thanks to FEBuilderGBA, so thank you to 7743 as always. I hope somebody finds a good use for it! FE7 Fast Supports Patch.ups
  8. Pretty much never. You know a mafia community is in dire straights when you can see posts from 3 different years on a single page. But who knows? Somebody might try to revive something while everyone is in quarantine.
  9. But those who soar the highest, most certainly have the farthest to fall. They're making a movie about Mr. Rogers now with Tom Hanks as the title character, and he fits the role like a glove.
  10. I might be able to revive them actually - in exchange for YOUR SOUL!!!
  11. Nice to see you again. I hope you're doing well.
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