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  1. 1. What's your biggest worry about FE3H? 2. What's your biggest hope about FE3H? 3. Is it true that you used to be a moderator and mafia player on Smogon? 4. What's a mechanic from older FEs you want to return in the future? 5. What's a mechanic from older FEs you never want to see again? 6. If you were an FE character what would be your class? 7. If you were an FE character what would be your best stat? 8. If you were an FE character what would be your worst stat? 9. Ever play Harudoku's Discord-based FE game? 10. Best advice for a wannabe FE fangame designer?
  2. I will /in if it is necessary for the game to start but don't expect much from me in that case.
  3. /sub
  4. Isn't there usually like an actual poll? ##Vote: @Bartozio Heh.
  5. So you mean to tell me you didn't let JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL?
  6. So I learned something interesting today: 1 in 25 Americans claims to have had a "near-death experience" or NDE. An NDE is when someone on the verge of death (flatlining, slipping into a coma) has an unexplainable vision of something like an afterlife. Things in common among many NDEs include people seeing themselves be operated on in the third person, people seeing deceased loved ones and relatives, a bright light, feelings of peace and aliveness, and even being offered a choice between staying in "the afterlife" or returning to reality. Even some hardened scientists believe these NDEs provide evidence for the hereafter. I'd heard stories, but up until now, I hadn't seen that statistic. NDEs are a lot more common than I thought. Do any of you feel like you or somebody you know had an NDE? Do you believe NDEs are real? Please share your opinions below!
  7. Perhaps. But I would consider ignorance rather hard to define and additionally hard to correct. Even if you took everyone's emotions out of the equation, people would still arrive at a plethora of opposing viewpoints. There isn't a perfect solution to everything, even in ideal circumstances. I think that's just how things are naturally. But the thing here is even educated people disagree. My brother-in-law went to Princeton, Oxford, and Harvard, graduating close to the top of his class in each. He's currently a high-ranking law clerk on path to eventually becoming a district judge. And he would disagree with you (who if I recall is also a well-educated lawyer) on a ton of political matters. He hasn't been sheltered from opposing viewpoints and he doesn't have strong emotional reasons tying him down. In fact, when he entered Princeton, he was an atheist socialist. He actually became a Christian conservative as a by-product of his higher education. My point here is, what kind of education are you suggesting would get people to see your point of view? The highest educational institutions in the land produce people on both extremes.
  8. Excuse me, you're the person who said this earlier aren't you? You see I don't think you understand. When you treat a significant group of people (most of who you have never met) like they are your mental inferiors, it doesn't matter whether they're right or wrong. You've put yourself in a position of superiority and arrogance which is not helping to bring about a peaceful end to the situation and you are ignoring the underlying reasons for why people believe what they believe. Do you automatically assume that since you believe you're right and these people seem to you to be wrong that it is a battle of good and evil? I want you to visualize your own passion and then superimpose it on one of those nameless members of the groups you disagree with. That's how a lot of them feel. They think they're good and you're evil. There are reasons they feel this way. So how does this situation end? Hatred? Suppression? Civil war? Politics are merely a vehicle for hatred in this instance. Yes, there are groups who can't logically be conceded to. I'd say just about any group that already uses terror/violence to their ends should be punished, and not compromised with. But there are also many, many others I feel are only radical because they see the other side as radical. People who won't concede because they (rightly so) think you think you're better than them. All human interactions should be tempered by the fact that most people aren't evil for the heck of it. People are evil because of the evil that has been done to them and the environment they've been exposed to. In short, these people are still people. Dehumanizing your enemy is the first step to causing another Holocaust-like tragedy. And I feel like when we dismiss our enemies as being "unworthy of consideration or respect" we are little better than they are.
  9. I think the biggest threat to democracy is polarization. Tocqueville wrote of how he saw "the tyranny of the majority" as the bane of all democracies. The way world politics work right now, it is no longer a matter of "I disagree with you on politics, but I understand why you see things the way you do and respect that." It has become more of a matter of "YOUR SIDE IS EVIL! YOU SUPPORT THE MURDER OF UNBORN CHILDREN/THE END OF GAY MARRIAGE AND THERE IS NOTHING UNDERSTANDABLE OR SYMPATHETIC ABOUT YOUR CAUSE! THERE CAN BE NO FREEDOM UNTIL YOU AND YOUR PARTY ARE PURGED FROM EXISTENCE!" Which of course will only fire up the other side and create more support for radicals like Trump who are ill-equipped to compromise and treat their political enemies as human beings worthy of respect. People seem to have a mindset of "if we can destroy the other side, everything will be OK" when that isn't how it is. You'll never destroy the other side. At most, you may de-legitimize their political power, but that results in "the tyranny of the majority," which is a minority being ruled against its will. That situation is a powder keg waiting to explode. Ideally, I would like to see people in world politics moving towards conciliation. It means people in power on both the left and right need to acknowledge that people are emotionally attached to their ideals, and that instead of trying to humiliate the people they disagree with, they need to reach out and understand that they have concerns that the government should be addressing too. People think the key to prosperity lies in making a government that only ever has to worry about making the left happy, or the right happy. A realistically successful government needs to balance the needs of both sides. Ignoring and marginalizing a side just leads to catastrophes.
  10. NATALIE! After all this time you are still the most adorablest! Stupid lucky Hatti...
  11. Well the year is still young... guess I'll take this as a challenge.
  12. Welp. I suppose if these accusations are true, then what happens next is deserved. If not though, it's still a reminder that the eyes of the world are watching everyone with some amount of fame. If you don't take precautions to be above reproach, then you can't really say you deserve to escape situations like this. This is a harsh world.
  13. Cows. They're a lot more personable and intelligent than people give them credit for.
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