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  1. Pretty much never. You know a mafia community is in dire straights when you can see posts from 3 different years on a single page. But who knows? Somebody might try to revive something while everyone is in quarantine.
  2. But those who soar the highest, most certainly have the farthest to fall. They're making a movie about Mr. Rogers now with Tom Hanks as the title character, and he fits the role like a glove.
  3. I might be able to revive them actually - in exchange for YOUR SOUL!!!
  4. Nice to see you again. I hope you're doing well.
  5. HOW DO YOU HAVE MONEY TO SURVIVE? Canadians must be loaded. Well now I know how they pay for the healthcare...
  6. 30 minutes is how long Shrimperor's video is. 0/10 not enough spoiler boxes.
  7. That's an unbelievably good deal. Also ugh Florida sales taxes are ridiculous.
  8. 28 nine. And that's why six was afraid of twenty. @Shrimperor what's so special about 1992?
  9. 26 + 2974 is how much Tony Stark's daughter loves him...
  10. Oscar probably just needs glasses. That's why he's always squinting!
  11. 18 is how old I was when I started posting in this thread.
  12. It's just some costumes. All that this controversy is telling me is that one of the game's main selling points is the characters looking sexy, which makes me significantly less enthusiastic about it regardless of whether it's censored or not.
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