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  1. Switch me to /in. Guess I'll have to dust off my old MU account...
  2. /sub /in if a) you host it here instead of on MU or b) you can't get enough players.
  3. @Benice Thanks! Also, who are you, and how did you know 4 days ago was my birthday?
  4. I'll back up Clipsey here. If you don't have a plan in life then college will just delay the inevitable while racking up a hefty bill. In general, college is only really necessary if you want to be a doctor or engineer. Everything they'll teach you in a history/art/English class is something you can read about on Wikipedia for free. As for getting a job, there are a lot of opportunities out there that don't require leaving home if you're willing to put in the effort. Selling stuff on Ebay or Amazon, creating content and having a Patreon... You could always do what I do and offer editing services through Upwork. There's really a ton of great services you could provide, and a lot of ideas out there that nobody has even had yet. It depends on how entrepreneurial you can be. If you want to try and get through this without doing anything risky or different, however, then I'll be blunt and say it's gonna be a matter of luck. There are millions of people trying to take the conventional route right now, but the thing about conventions is that an issue like coronavirus throws a wrench into them. The only people who are going to pull ahead during this are the people who think outside of the box. I recommend you try to find your own unique path in all of this instead of taking one that's been laid out for you.
  5. People are complicated. A "label" is fine, but a generalization is not. You can say that anyone who views another race as inferior to their own is a racist. That would be accurate and honestly fine by my book. When you cross the line, though, is when you forget that underneath that label of racism is actually a complex group of people who have arrived at their conclusions for a variety of reasons. It is only by understanding those reasons that you can bring about true understanding and lasting change. So yes, there are people in this world who are "racists." But they aren't just racists. I feel like a great example of this is how it's considered offensive in formal writing to talk about "blacks" or "gays." Why? Because people are more than just their race or sexuality. So we say "black people" and "gay people" because that indicates that while we might be concerned mostly about that aspect of them for the time being, they are complex individuals who amount to far more than where they fall on a certain scale. Afford that kind of humanity and empathy to everyone, and you can have positive, understanding conversations with people who fall under labels you utterly despise. Peace and love, weebs.
  6. I'd want Merlinus handled the way he was in FE7, not taking up a deployment slot and leveling up every chapter. Giving him supports would be cool simply because it would add a level of strategy to how you use him on the map - you could position him close to compatible units for support bonuses. I appreciate the extra tactical consideration that goes into keeping him out of harm's way. It doesn't strike me as annoying and certainly feels more realistic than the supply train only existing in the form of the main lord's "convoy." I do think he's quite a boring character though, and would love to see his position as "Roy's advisor" supplanted by other characters.
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