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  1. Wouldn't it be funny if Kellam got into the game as the knight, but they forgot to give him a character card in the special edition? You know, to pay hommage to his running joke?
  2. I believe it is a bit presumptuous to assume that 25 cards equal 25 playable characters. For all we'll know the cards could also feature generic enemies/allies, a group shot or NPCs... (Probably not, but still)
  3. I agree with Cilan being a lackluster character, but I rather enjoyed Clemont in the X and Y series. THE FUTURE IS NOW THANKS TO SCIENCE!
  4. If they were both platformers I would agree, but I don't think the impact will be that significant. Also keep in mind there is a (new) 3DS version as well, not all 3DS owners have a switch and the 3DS doesn't really have much competition going on at the moment...
  5. Well, if you're really patient there will be a solar eclipse on August the 31st in the year 2361... https://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEsearch/SEsearchmap.php?Ecl=23610831
  6. While I would very much welcome Wii U ports to the Switch since I personally skipped the system, I can understand that the people who did buy a Wii U would be frustrated by the practice since they have A) already played a game that might steal the spotlight and/or resources of new games and B) in case of a deluxe edition, had to pay for DLC/extra content that is now part of the main game... That being said, I think there are a few select titles that might benefit from a re-release/deluxe edition on the condition that it is handled with enough consideration towards the original investors on the Wii U. A price reduction or bonus for early adopters similar to the 3DS ambassador program would be nice... Not sure if the (fair) implementation of such system is feasible or not though.
  7. I admire your courage for recognizing and speaking up about your insecurities... I was diagnosed with ASD at a fairly young age, but was in denial for about 7 years or so... Being depressed really sucks, and it is easily trivialized by others who mean well, which is why I was somewhat reluctant to write this answer. I often feel that I have wasted by youth, but then I remind myself that each hurdle I have faced in the past has made me a little bit stronger. The fact that I have these thoughts proves that I'm willing to improve myself, and if I was truly a failure I wouldn't feel this guilt in the first place. More often than not it is a matter of perspective, and recognising that there is a problem is already a big leap in the right direction...
  8. You might want to check out this page (if you haven't already), it contains a nice list with several (art)books from the Fire Emblem Franchise... https://serenesforest.net/general/merchandise/books/
  9. I only own the physical copies of the last 3 entries (Awakening, Fates and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia), but I managed to get the special edition of both Fates and Echoes. So that's nice...
  10. I was only able to find speculation by fans, (and they tend to be fairly accurate) I couldn't find an official listing but you might want to check out this thread for some answers:
  11. True, I imagine they might still play a role in the story, maybe healing the many wounded soldiers and providing moral support? Or who knows, they might still be announced as playable characters at a later date or as DLC...
  12. This might be due to the fact that Sakura and Elise are primarily considered to be healers. Since they play a less important role in direct combat, I imagine it would be more difficult to implement them in a dynasty-warriors style game... That being said, their inclusion is far from impossible, Elise and Sakura are both able to wield tomes and bows respectively. I'm just saying that if they had to omit someone from the Fates Royals, they are the most logical choice, at least in my mind...
  13. A haven't posted anything in a while, but I might as well brag a little about my latest addition... Too bad I'm drowning in work right now, so I won't be able to start playing until the end of June when my projects and examinations are over...
  14. I assume the local release times will be the ones shown in the table above?
  15. It seems no RNG can withstand you're reassembling prowess... I don't have any specifc question in my mind at the moment, but keep on being awesome!
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