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  1. Depends on the game. On easy games where EXP is abundant (FE1 and 3 being prime examples, with 8 and 9 in the mix too), I promote at Lvl 20. On games where promoting at 20 has no advantages (Gaiden...), I promote as soon as possible. On harder games, where promotion bonuses are a much needed asset, like Thracia, where Asvel's bonuses are way too important, I promote whenever I feel the unit is ready. Notable exceptions include: People who are really helpful for carrying a weak team when promoted, like Marshall Tauroneo in RD who carries the DB in P-3. People who can take the effects of insta-promotion, like Gerik and Cormag.
  2. ... I hoped for Minerva and got 2 Camillas. AND IF I GET ONE MORE CECILIA I'LL DIE.
  3. Cap is class base +15. Up the base so that the cap is sufficiently high. Give units negative bases if you don't want them to start broken. For example, if class X has 30 Mag base, give the unit - 1 base so he begins at 29 Mag and caps at 45.
  4. Read on the wiki the only Pegasus Flute is obtained by speaking to Mel...
  5. Screenshot because I'm bored. I have only messed with PCs, so I don't know much about phone specs, but it seems nice. What do you think?
  6. 1) On smaller maps where I won't be warpskipping because it won't save lots of turns, what is the best strategy? Is it storming with Armorslayer/Ridersbane/Silver weapon users with Marth running behind? Who would be a good candidate? It's already: Hardin (Silver and Ridersbane) Jagen (Silver, Ridersbane, promoted) Caeda (A much better dual Armorslayer/Ridersbane, easily forged to be the best weapon in the game) Minerva (9 move Hammer) Ogma (Armorslayer and good bases for a while) Who else? 2) What characters are generally worth skipping? There are the village ones, but a village also contains Excalibur (And Merric I suppose...) Also, should stuff like Est which spawn WAY too late be recruited? For example, while casually running through the game, Est still failed to catch up with Marth and would make me lose a turn. Aside from Ridersbane, she is useless. 3) What units are instantly made redundant when another joins? For example, we've got Boah using Excalibur and Warp at base, replacing Wendell who takes a turn to recruit. We've got Darros who is made useless once you learn that Barst exists. Etc...
  7. Corpul: Crap with 5 movement and low leveled. Will need to inherit Fortify or Physic or something to be useful. Can inhrrit a Forseti that he'll never use. 2/10 Leen: Dancer with inheritance. 9.5/10 Laylea: Dancer without inheritance. 8.5/10 Sharlow: No inheritance, actually levels up a bit and gets Berserk. 2/10
  8. Amelia with the growths and bases of FE6 Karel. Franz with Oscar's stats. Knoll with Tormod's stats Seth with Mycen's stats.
  9. They won't be inherited. Sell them and buy them with someone else who will live. If not, the next Leg Ring is hard-to-get for a newbie, in Ch. 10. If she hasn't been married to one of them, yes. However, IIRC, if yoj resurrect her, she keeps the points. Probs not because she'd re-pair with Lewyn. And give the Staves to Adean. . Giving the Pursuit Ring to Arthur is literally fail-proof and will provide you with miracles no matter what, such as one turning Blume and trivializing Ch 6 and the Draco Knight chapters.
  10. A bit late to the party - but as a not-so-proud Greek I can confirm that Effi (Or Efi most commonly in Greek) is indeed a name. And also the past form of a verb in ancient Greek meaning "said" IIRC.
  11. I keep hitting the side of my desk with my knee during class because it relaxes me.
  12. I got a 3 star one from a roll and she is one of my fave characters. Magic Damage and extremely high defense are appealing to me, but holy crap that SPEED. 5 Star Marth and Lucy mean insta death to her. Still, should I train her? She also seems to be Takumi's nightmare...
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