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  1. Can the game be patched using an android patcher? because I wanna play it on my phone too..
  2. This is already a good remastered rom hack of FE6!!! keep up the good work bro ( for so many years searching for a good remastered FE6 rom hacks that has some add ons) By the way I have also suggestions too: can you make a support viewer like the ones in fe 7 and 8 and also support pairings
  3. Character Name : Paul Class: Knight - General
  4. Well it's my first work making about sprites hope u like it and also you can edit this sprite
  5. yeah i agree with you but with more characters to play and more chapters with more supports and a place where you can train your units and supports
  6. Hey bro you're games are great (The Last Promise) thanks for making it but i wonder are there supports in the game if no please make an update about it, it will be great to add supports

    1. Crimson Red

      Crimson Red

      LOL dude or dudess the game stopped development years ago and even if it didn't hackers aren't running a service for people here (also it's spelled *your)

      That being said, yes there are supports. Every playable character has some supports in the main game (but it's GBA-styled so they're limited), but support conversations don't exist in the post-game. You can check this yourself by... trying to get supports in the game. lol

    2. Master X

      Master X

      OK Thanks i got it (to be honest i finshed the game completely without supports)

      but one last thing, does Siegfried have supports to others? (i know he died in the later chapters) but some rumors say he has and i want the truth

    3. Crimson Red

      Crimson Red

      yeah he does IIRC, you can always confirm yourself

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