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  1. Octagon has eight sides. P is for Power.
  2. Chapter 2: 15/29 Almost got Jeigan and Caeda killed on the boss. The boss missed and she critted. Marth: 4 19/6/0/4/8/8/7/0 Jeigan: 3 24/7/1/11/8/1/9/6 Caeda: 4 17/5/1/8/15/11/7/6 Cain: 4 21/9/0/7/8/4/8/0
  3. Can we kill units that we don't need? Like Castor or Darros? Edit: Darros recruited himself and got killed immediately.
  4. Chapter 1: 14/14 I turtled quite hard since I don't play FE11. I also don't play quite fast so I tend to slow down quite a lot. Even with two units, one free, Marth and Jeigan, I still took quite long.
  5. Ninja pirate. Pirate King Hokage Being a ninja who travels by sea seems cool. WYR be called gey or gay?
  6. Granted but it's Sophia from Fe6 as a shaman and it's a character who needs to be unlocked. I wish that Danganronpa had crossovers.
  7. "Can I bring my pet alligator to work?"
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