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  1. Well if you prefer, I am tired of all-female banners, happy? They need to give the guys some more love t_t
  2. No, I don't consider them, but I am sure plenty of 20+ men do.
  3. I am having honestly tired of Waifu Emblem I hated the Bride Banner and I was hoping for at least a Lucius in the gauntlet but nope
  4. Does anyone know when TT ends exactly? I am almost at 50k and I don't want to lose it just because I didn't pay attention to the time left
  5. Yay, I got my 3rd Nowi!!! I wanted a +spd one, and I got her (+spd -hp) My other 2 were both -spd I will plan to make her a +10 someday. I didnt choose Nowi, Nowi chose me lol This is the first focus Nowi that I got
  6. I decided to do a few pulls todar so tee if I get Robin, and nope, he didn't coe to me, but a 4* Lukas -spd +atk came :D So I am pretty happy, I will 5* him for sure eventually I will save more orbs and at the end of the event I'm gonna do some more pulls... wish me luck ç.ç Robin please~
  7. Well i hope so ^^ Its being fun, and that whats the most important. We needed something different from the gauntlet
  8. Okay, I am kinda... disappointed with Tempest Trials I mean, they are fun, but I will need to compare to other games here. I remember playing FGO with my friend, we created accounts at the beginning of january, and like, 2 or 3 weeks later an event happened, and they gave us 5 Copies of a 4* character. We were able to get at least 1 copie of said character (even more but I dont remember how many exactly). 2 months into the game, we had another event, and we were able to complete ALL quests. I spent money casually, and he was totally F2P. So the thing that annoys me is that this doesn't happen with Tempest. I would need to spend all of my potions AND orbs to get everything, and we are playing since the 1st day. Maybe things will change, but meh, I just feel sad knowing that I wont be able to get all the orbs lol
  9. I agree, I decided to start a new account just because of that, my anna had vantage 2 but after SI i decided to give her desperation so it became a mess lol
  10. And thats it for the week! I love this team, almost complete, I just need some more skills for Aqua And I honestly want to stay on Tier17 forever lol I don't wanna go up or down
  11. I FINALLY GOT MY TIKI!!!! OMG!!! AND AN OLWEN, HORSE EMBLEM IS REAL Tiki: +spd -hp Olwen: neutral Also, Soren came home, and he is +spd -res ❤️
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