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  1. Technically my first 5* was Ryoma, but i ended up rerolling that account, so on my current one my first 5* was Spring Chrom (who is still my only limited unit to this day). I did thankfully get another Ryoma later on hero fest. As for both of them they mostly sit on the bench until i need them in arena assault or a specific ghb/squad assault.
  2. Well here it is people the FEH events in September. Seems BK's GHB isin't here so we need to wait another month for him sadly. 2 tempest trials and bound hero battles looks.. intresting. And confirmation that new units are coming the 15th due to the log in bonus, and the new update is coming Thursday. Go speculate your thoughts now!
  3. Least Favourite: Fates My castle > world maps amiibos Buyable skills, so everyone is viable Some of the characters were amazing Valla, at least as an idea Favourite: Awakening Chapter 5 can die in a hole None of the kids get any main story action aside from Lucina Walhart should have had the Valentian Falchion Some units get kinda outclassed due to not having certain skill access cough Galeforce The story could use some improvement
  4. July i was getting tons and tons of 5*, far more than usual. Sadly my luck hasn't transfered over and now im getting very few 5*s...
  5. We all do, but at this point IS has probably forgotten SS even exists
  6. So, with the dialouge ending the most recent Tempest Trials, there's been some speculation that the dialouge implies the next Tempest will be Echoes-based once again, with Celica as the protagonist instead of Alm this time. What do y'all think?
  7. The begining is pretty easy, but the difficulty steps up during Act 3 and 4, and becomes brutal during 5 and 6.
  8. Hyped, whatever. i cant spel it's midnight
  9. SO EXITED! I kinda figured this would happen after his map was revealed as the Tempest Map, but it being confirmed? nice. He's gonna be my next 5 star unit, no questions asked.
  10. Main team is Alm/Genny/Nowi/Julia. Once i get to Celica or my main team dies, i switch to Hose Emblem featuring Xander/Camus/Reinhardt/Cecillia. If Horse Emblem dies, i just use whoever has super-effective move WTA with the remaining enemies
  11. Mae as well post here finally, so here. Spring Chrom (-Atk +Res) Reinhardt (+Res -Def) Alm (+Def -Res) Ryoma (-Atk +Def) Julia (-Spd +Atk) Genny (-Def +Res) Olwen (-Res +HP) Leo (-Res +HP) Mae (-Spd +Atk) Jaffar (-HP +Atk) Faye (-Res +HP) Also had +Def -Res Jaffar, but he was sacrificed for Life and Death 3, and a -Spd +Res Alm who was merged into my other Alm. Promoted -Spd +Atk Nowi Camus Xander Also have 5* Marth from the tempest
  12. Thoughts so far. Chain Challenge: This mode is awesome. Tons of extra orbs and feathers, and in addition, the 3rd version of the normal mode maps are the best SP farming maps in the game period due to only costing 30 stamina for 10 pretty easy battles. Beats even Tempest. Plus, the 3.45 HM gain, while TT gives more, is still really good for farming. One of the best things to happen to this game. Shame that Hard mode doesn't give orbs but oh well. Squad Assault: This mode sucks. It combines the really terrible aspects of inflated Tempest stats, GHBs forced deathless, and a new mechanic that prevents you from using the same team twice, as well as any duplicates of a character used. I legit cannot beat this mode right now, it's really dumb. And the rewards? 2 orbs, and another version of the HP +3 seal. Yeah, not touching this one for a while.
  14. OK, so confirmed it's gonna be an Echoes trial (like i predicted) that will feature Tobin starting on the 7th (also predicted this part). So, uh yeah. Gonna be spamming Alm a lot. Edit: Dread Fighter'd
  15. 1.5 update is coming Wendsday 5/7. The new TT no indication, it's up to speculation rn.
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