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  1. Right, I forgot that the dreamworlds were two separate worlds, since they both showed up together. That makes more sense.
  2. The seventh world? What worlds have the characters been to, or at least got mentioned? I know they’ve been to Zenith, The frost world, the fire world, Hell, and the dreamworld. I know some Asgard equivalent and the world of steel got mentioned (if the world of steel even is part of the nine worlds somehow), but I don’t think they’ve been to either.
  3. I am just wondering how many more books this game is going to have. There’s nine worlds, we’re on the fifth one, but each world seems to have its own book. We seem to get their one world per year, which means that in order for this game to go to all of the worlds, it would have to last nine years. It’s already lasted a long time for a mobile game, or at least for the ones I’m aware of, and I’m not sure how much longer it can go realistically. I was hoping that this book would wrap things up, but now I’m not sure that’s the case. I just don’t want the game to end with its story incomplete, like so many other mobile games I’ve seen. I’m also starting to get ending fatigue, or lack there of because as much as I like the story of the characters, with how much there is and how slow the story is going, it feels like it’s gone on a bit too long. It may not be any longer than a standard fire emblem, but the episodic story certainly makes it seem longer. Maybe it would be better if we had a clearly defined endpoint or goal, but we don’t. on the upside, I like how they’re tying the stories together with Lif and Thrasir. It makes me think we might see some other older characters too, like Bruno, but at least these two got mentioned. I hope they survive the final conflict, whatever it is, because those two definitely deserve it.
  4. I hope the rest of the story isn’t just side missions and events. Valkyrie Atonomia did that eventually and it was just a mess trying to follow... not to mention it among other things made the game so unpopular that The global servers were shut down after only one year...
  5. Maybe because there was an intermission during previous chapters? I can see at least one more book happening, because they’re still Asgard and the characters there.
  6. I never thought of Veronica being the champion of the nightmare world, but that makes a lot of sense. That's actually a better fit for her character than dying, especially if the nightmare world isn't as evil as we are led to believe. And the slow pacing is what really annoys me about this book. Chapters in the main story don't release that often, which was still annoying before, but I can forgive it because the pacing was not bad. But now it's just going at the speed of a snail and I just want something to happen, but because chapters don't release that often, there's not much to do but wait. That, or lose interest, and I'm not invested in book 4 as I am the other books. The fairies and the dream world just seems out of place and forced, like it would work better in a different standalone story (namely thinking of something like Valkyrie Profile and Odin Sphere). I'm more interested in the dealings of Asgard (or at least, what I assume to be Asgard, with Thorr, Loki, and the person they serve) because it's more or less what I expect a Fire Emblem to be. But this book just isn't focusing too much on them at all, which is a shame. It would have been a nice way to wrap up things and go into the final conflict, but that's not the case. I don't mind having more character development for Shanrea, but I'm hoping the game can be popular enough to finish up its main story, since I know a lot of games do not and I think the popularity is waning a bit… To be honest, Fire Emblem Heroes would've been so cool was a traditional Fire Emblem game and not a mobile game, with all the different realms to explore and all the different characters to use, not to mention the original ones being interesting in most cases. But alas, it's not, and it's a shame.
  7. That's differently an interesting theory, and I'm on board with the whole Shanrea is a changeling thing too. She and Alphonse are just so different, and it would make sense why she doesn't seem to really be too interested in royal duties (aside from the fact that children receive certain information about them due to not being expected to inherit the throne) and otherwise acts more innocent and seems to believe in magic. I have a theory that the real Shanrea drank the potion to become the light elf Peony, which meant she couldn't leave the dream realm. So another baby was swapped in to become the Shanrea the story has been following. But she still retains some memory being in the world. Also, Peony is still suspicious to me. She may not be if she's actually the princess of Askr and I might just have played too much Bravely Default, but something doesn't seem right with her. Almost like just to kind to the group, and it doesn't help that she is a fairy and they tend to be mischievous… Of course, considering there's been an event where Shanrea trusted someone blindly and it ended up being a problem (Katerina's paralogue), I doubt they would go for that again. Also, does anyone think Veronica is going to bite the dust this book? There is no way she can take on those enemies by herself and not have something bad happen. As a character, she's been around since the beginning and there's not much more they can do with her. I mean, there's still the curse of Embla, but getting rid of that could just as easily fall to someone else… Not to mention it could be an eerie parallel with Thrasir, especially since the latter was seen in the paralogue before the book even started…
  8. Still find the tone change a bit jarring, but I will be used to it… The characters knowing Peony is definitely interesting, but I've played a bit too much Bravely Default to trust her immediately… I cannot don't like all innocence equates to childish, thing… It's been done way too much, and it's perfectly possible for a serious assault to have an innocent moment, have something that takes them back to the days of innocence or makes them feel innocent, or even just remember the days of innocence, probably in greater detail than a child ever would… I get that it's Shanrea’s defining trait, but we've already had three books with her, I feel like her character should at least be expanded upon… I'm hoping that's what we get, to be honest… I feel like it's odd that the male figure is seemingly on the characters side and the female is not… I'm used to various having a fairy queen… I guess with elves, it can go either way, even though they look like fairies… I've just had a thought… If this is Norse mythology, then the end of it is Ragnorok… Are all parties moving towards that with their fighting? It would make sense if they were, considering war seems to be raging in all the realms, and every realms the heroes leave after they're done either has a lot of people dead, with a ruler left with a world in shambles, or no ruler at all… And considering Askr lost its king with the prince and princess being away, and we have no idea what state Embla’s in other than having a pacifist on the throne, the mortal world doesn't seem too stable either… I hope Ragnorok won't be the final outcome, considering other stories that have had it turn out bittersweet at best, and even the ones with more positive endings still have a lot of casualties…
  9. Yes, I thought that was odd too... I thought maybe it would be something preventing him from passing on forever, stuck in an endless dream... maybe freeing him allows The souls to pass on to Valhalla? Or at least I was some version of heaven, considering Valhalla may not be that much better than Hell, if the prelude is any indication...
  10. I am also getting Odin Sphere vibes from this... i’m hoping the new character won’t be like Mercedes... even though she got better as the story progressed, her personality was annoying in the beginning... I do think the story seems to be lighter in tone, but unlike book 3 that had the first trailer be in the past/climax, this trailer seems to be taking place at the beginning, so there is still plenty of room for seriousness... Not to mention dreams can be pretty scary stuff, and with creatures that can also cause nightmares, anything could happen... The elves being fairies surprised me, but considering the context, it makes more sense... I was kind of hoping this would go more into the gods/Asgard, especially with Heavenly Witness... A bit disappointed that that’s not the case, especially with how fast the Realm of the dead was brought up in the last book... But in some interpretations, the realm of the elves also serves as the pathway to Asgard (namely thinking of Valkyrie profile, although there’s also a less direct example in Odin Sphere). So maybe in the next book/later in this book, the characters will eventually enter Asgard to do battle there). And then the fifth and (presumably final) book will deal with them actually fighting in Asgard, destroying the enemies there, and tying up all the other loose plot threads... i’m not sure what would happen if they went to go beat up all the gods though... normally, in that scenario, another character takes over, but I don’t see that here... Also a bit annoyed that the side characters from other books aren’t brought up again because people can start from any book that has been released.. this could have been avoided if players would be forced to do the books in order, and thus developers would have to keep the other characters relevant because people would know about them... but now that’s not the case, and it’s annoying for those of us that know the older characters and wish there was more about them after their arc ends...
  11. Nice to see Lif and Thrasir show up again… Although the poor guys still don't get a conclusion, just being thrown into war again… At least they are fighting for the right side this time (hopefully) and by their own will… I still wonder if we will get the real ones, or the former will get a redesign since they're no longer stuck with Hel… I'm really liking Thorr’s theme though, and it's a nice contrast to Loki’s… At least we know what they both are, in a sense… I was kind of hoping Thorr would be the new ally for book 4, but the allies often aren't shown in the prelude visions, and Thorr’s demeanor hints that there's something more sinister going on… Instead, I have a bad feeling that once we deal with those that cause nightmares/the dark elves that the heavens themselves will be the final boss… (Since it's implied that there will be five books, and the fifth will be the last; the implication is somewhere on the board, even though there's none in game). But then if both heaven and hell are taken down, than the mortal world will collapse with it or something, unless some of the characters become new rulers… Or are the game intends to have the characters cause of the end of the world, in which is everything would collapse... And then the names Lif and Thrasir take on a much darker meaning…
  12. What I would like for the next book is to head into Valhalla. We've seen what happens to those in Hel, so now let's see what happens to those otherwise. I'd also like to see the real Lif and Thrasir, and what they think of those that took their names. Heck, maybe we might see the ones that took their names in a heavenly form, together with the ancient heroes. That would be really cool. Fire Emblem: Awakening could've had this, but didn't really, and it was a shame. More on Loki’s back story and motives could be nice too, especially since it's implied that she's not even loyal to the one she serves. If Loki’s consistently acting as an enemy and not really loyal, then perhaps the new character, Thorr, will be an ally. It's interesting to think about. It's also interesting to think about the possibility that there will be five books rather than four. I thought four would be the last, but that does not appear to be the case. On one hand, I like the story, but I also want a conclusion for the characters I followed since the beginning. It will be sad when it ends, but I hope whatever conclusion there is a good one.
  13. As others have said, the story felt rushed and cliché, with no conclusions in a lot of places. I at least wanted a conclusion for Lif and Thrasir, because I felt like they needed a happy ending after everything they went through. But it seems like that will never be the case. The other thing is that it didn't really say what will happen to the realm of the dead now that its ruler is gone. Hel doesn't really have an heir, and Eir is revealed to belong to a different place, so now there will be no one to watch over those who were unworthy of whatever this game’s version of Heaven/Valhalla. It just leaves one giant mess… I'm kind of hoping for an intermission to clear things up, but I'm not sure if that will happen. I'm guessing that the next place the characters enter will be Valhalla or some equivalent, and we will hopefully learn more about Loki and who she serves. Maybe Eir will reclaim the throne there or something, and regain the blessings and powers that she used to have via the dragon… I'm kind of hoping whatever villain we get is not so one-dimensional… Hel and Surtr both felt evil for the sake of it… Especially Hel… Her story could have been the case of someone who was taking lives simply to keep her realm powerful and stable, only doing what she has to and not really deriving any particular joy in it, while one day knowing someone will eventually destroy her… It would fit with the motif of her embodying death, and make her be a neutral force, what the same time having plenty of people see her as an enemy… But the way she is now, she's just a generic villain, who could be anyone else with any motive and didn't necessarily need to have her death powers in order to be who she was... It's really a letdown…
  14. I can't say I've been too fond of this book… A lot was predictable, and the intrigue surrounding Lif and Thrasir or wore off their true identities were revealed, or even hinted at… And Hel just seems like she's being evil because she can be, and is rather one dimensional… I'll be glad when she's gone presumably next chapter… At least Surtr had something else implied behind him (such as the implication that the Rite of Flames may have corrupted his soul, and the idea that only the strong survive, as well as respecting worthy opponents, even if he was willing to burn all of those he considered weak to the ground). I'm interested in the next book, though, because it's implied we will see this game's version of Valhalla. Getting more about Thorr and Loki is a given at this point, but I'm hoping we will see the real Lif and Thrasir and how they are different from those that took their names… I've just had a thought though… If Hel is death, and is responsible for those who do not make it to this world’s version of Valhalla, wouldn't killing her mess up the cycle of death, ensuring that no one could go anywhere when they died (or at least, only the worthy could die)? Unlike the other books, there's no plan in place for a successor of that realm, and I doubt Eir would want to go back there considering her experiences, and the fact that she's still a part of the player’s party, and overall story… Maybe we will get an intermission dealing with that, and I imagine it would be kind of messy… To the person above me, Lif was just carrying the summoner's weapon (or whatever you call it) on his person. The characters thought they needed Lif’s weapon, but then realized they needed the summoner's. Or at least, that's what I got out of it.
  15. I wonder if this is meant to be foreshadowing of some sort... If we see a false Thasir and Lif now, does that mean we will see the real ones in book 4 (since it hinted at something involving this world's version of Valhalla)? As for people wanting Thorr, I think it's way too early to put her in here. The only reason Loki showed up as early as she did is because a lot of people voted for her in Far-fetched Heroes. Judging by the banners that happened afterward, I'm guessing the developers intended to put her in much later. Her other appearances and the giant gap between them and her normal one too... Plus, having Thorr in the storyline right now probably wouldn't make much sense, as she shown not to switch allegiances around like Loki or toy with people.
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