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  1. Noticing that you haven't paired Severa up yet, so how about Brady X Severa?
  2. Hello there~ :D

    1. Dr. Rudy Mjølnir

      Dr. Rudy Mjølnir

      Hi what's up? Happy new year!

    2. MissShake


      Nothing much, just saw that you visited and thought I'd say hi. Happy New Year to you too! Sill stuck in 2016, send help.

  3. Updated with a link to my new review for the otome Mystic Messenger! Check it out if you're interested :)
  4. Well, um... Write whatever you feel like writing? Whatever you feel comfortable doing~
  5. Thank you! I must admit, that one took a really long time to finish. I'm glad it turned out good though :)
  6. Funny, I remember having trouble with a Mai duel in Forbidden Memories. Then right after came Kaiba. My eight year old self couldn't take it lol. I'll mention that I couldn't think of anything like Resonance of Fate when it came out, but to be honest it's been so long that I forgot what made that battle system so unique. Also gonna second Jet Set Radio. Never played anything like it, and Future is one of my fave platformes/adventure/whatever-it-is games ever.
  7. Emil's mansion is the stuff of nightmares, man. Honestly the caves in Final Fantasy XV have been getting me. Dark and enclosed spaces. Dragon Age Origins has the entirety of the Deep Roads. Like I know that other games in the series have the Deep Roads, but man... The first appearance is by far the scariest. There's a pretty creepy mansion in Lost Odyssey, too. Uematsu's music in that section really sets the mood.
  8. Random, but what team do you play? I'm scrubbing it up with Iori, Kukri and Shun'ei X)
  9. How many "now it looks like a PS3 game" comments have you seen? Cuz if I played a drinking game with it I'd be drunk out of my mind. (I dunno what they're talking about, the update looks fantastic.)
  10. Right? When I look back at the series, pretty much all of the older games would make for a nice remake. They all have a pretty good base, so I feel like even newer players could find a lot to like :)
  11. As I lurk read around SF, I often come across talk of older games that "should be remade" and all that. So, in a perfect world where IS had no issues whatsoever and nothing they made was awful, what game would you want remade? What would you want seen in a hypothetical remake? Should it just be a straight graphical update or would you like to see additions like, perhaps, new supports or endings?
  12. Who can blame you though, Owain is fantastic.
  13. That's a strange reason to make a survey...
  14. Hello there! :)

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    2. Flee Fleet!

      Flee Fleet!

      Ah, okay then. I kinda do the same too. Though it's more because I'm so lazy to follow a series when they're airing, lol. So I just later watch them when all episodes are out.

    3. MissShake


      I don't blame you, who wants to wait for a new episode? :D

    4. Flee Fleet!

      Flee Fleet!

      Yeah :D Also hey, what do you think about the new layout of the forums? So far it looks fine to me.

  15. So just got through Phantom Ship, gotta say that while this map is more annoying than hard it's still a point against Ephraim's route :l
  16. It makes sense that my married units are the top four hahaha. (Even if I don't have a playthrough where I've married Niles yet, whoops.) For the most part this is accurate, but I didn't expect Shigure to be so low.
  17. Just got to the Phantom Ship with Ephraim and I gotta admit it, I'm officially nervous D;
  18. My Castle Code: 16064-90957-92785-55050 Chosen affinity: Revelations Avatar Name / Castle Name: Isabela / Kirkwall Region: NA Food Resources: Meat, Peaches Mineral Resource: Crystal, Quartz Power: 1527
  19. Haha, done! I dunno how I missed the dimension limits, maybe I shouldn't make edits when it's two in the morning X)
  20. Thanks for the replies, everyone! You've all been very helpful and I now know what to expect, but then I realized: why not both? I did the same thing with Fates, after all! Just make a save state~
  21. I agree completely. The idea of them being soulmates that aren't necessarily romantic would be infinitely more interesting, in my opinion.
  22. That reminds me. I had just beaten Catherine and got the Normal Chaos ending. My father comes home and my sister like jumps up in front of the tv to make sure he doesn't see what's going on XD I'd die if any of my family members sans my sister walked in on the DA love scenes. Especially the Origins ones, the secondhand embarrassment would be real...
  23. It doesn't seem to be unpopular anymore, but Majora's Mask is by far my favorite Zelda game. Also the Water Temple was honestly pretty easy. Also Ocarina of Time probably doesn't even break my Top Five Zelda Games X)
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