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  1. I got both the 3* and 4* Zephiel on my first tries by using a 5* attack + Reinhardt, 5* Takumi, 4* Olivia, and 4* Cecelia. I made sure to give Reinhardt Draw Back from Sully (Since I've gotten like...five of her.) So he could poke Zephiel, had Olivia dance for him, and then had Reinhardt pull her back. Basically I just kept using Reinhardt and Cecilia to poke the knights, having Reinhardt pick off the mages when his special was charged, and then used Olivia to dance for Reinhardt so he could pull both himself and her out of harm's way. This kept repeating until Reinhardt and Cecelia picked off the knights and finished off Zephiel for the win. Basically, draw back is highly useful for this mission and if you have two powerful mages and a dancer, the battle becomes near trivial.
  2. Luck seems like a stat we could all do better in, though I quite like this banner, it looks like there are some really good units in it.
  3. I went on the summoning gate yesterday begging, pleading for a good blue tome user. My first pull was Donnel (As per usual for me...) but then...on my second pull...
  4. I'm currently trying to build up my pool of heroes to have decent ones in most every category, though I'm still unsure of who to try using for a good blue Mage. As of now my only blue mages are 3* Robin (who's stats are sadly terrible.) and 3* Odin, who I got a bit ago. Would any of you guys reccomend ranking up Odin to 4*, or maybe try my luck at getting a better blue tome unit?
  5. I spent 50 Orbs today, and didn't get any of the focus characters. instead I got 4* Catria, two 4* Abels, 4* Ogma, 4* Roy, and 3* Dragon Corrin as my only characters of note.
  6. For my 5 star list, I've pulled Takumi, Sakura, and Camilla. XD I wasn't aiming for anyone from Fates, but hey, they're all good and I'm not complaining.
  7. I was! Thanks. Couldn't remember off the top of my head. But I think it'd be perfect for mounts to work that way. I could see a Wyvern Rider playing like Volga.
  8. This is something I've been thinking of ever since the announcement for FE Warriors. Since it seems we'll at the least be getting characters from Awakening, Fates, and the original game if the beginning of the trailer means anything, I'd think it would make sense for those gates to be of great plot importance considering their purpose in Awakening and in Fates. I could see it being a similar plotline to Hyrule Warriors where some new villain is using the gates to open portals to any realm that has them, thus uniting the cast of the series, in addition to allowing the villain to possibly recruit or aid older villains in the franchise. I thought this would be interesting, plus if it turns out to be true, then perhaps we'd get Hector and pals since they also have a Dragon's Gate in their continuity. Thoughts?
  9. I heavily enjoy the art style displayed in the new game. I think it's a nice mixture of old and new, fitting for a title such as Echoes. Many of the characters shown look great, I think the new more realistic style will be welcome. Though this does leave me curious as to how Valbo will look.
  10. In my honest opinion, I don't think the remakes should have avatar characters in them. Don't get me wrong, I loved creating my Avatar in Awakening and Fates, but to me, this doesn't seem like the right place for an avatar character. This is Alm and Celica's story, so focus should stay on them of course. I'd assume if the game kept the exploration/walking around as the leader of the army mechanic, then there's little to no reason to bother including an avatar character. That being said, if it's just new characters introduced in the game, I'd be all for that.
  11. As for flying units, I could see any playable Pegasus/Wyvern riding character fighting on foot and their mounts come down to attack when they use their super moves like Agitha from HW, or I think Maron is her name? The one with the Wind Fish.
  12. I'm honestly more excited for this game than I was back when Fates was announced. As one who doesn't play on emulators, I'm happy to be able to purchase this game and see what it has to offer. A lot of things from Gaiden always interested me, such as the bigger focus on exploration, the 3rd tier classes, and leading two armies at the same time. I'm happy to be able to experience this for myself come May. If I had to choose one word to describe my thoughts on this game, it'd be promising. FE has gotten so much more love the past few years, and it makes me happy to see games that people haven't been able to play before be made available to them. If this game does well, which I believe it will, it could prompt more remakes of non-western released games, ones I'd be excited to finally try out.
  13. I'm new here in the forums, though I'm no stranger to the Fire Emblem franchise. Ever since I played Sacred Stones with the 3ds Ambassador Program, Fire Emblem has quickly become one of, if not my favorite Nintendo IP. I've played through and beaten Sacred Stones, Blazing Blade, Awakening, Conquest, and currently playing through Revelations. I've grown to adore the series, and I've wanted to become a more involved member of the community somehow, so I joined this site! I'm looking forward to talking about the series with all of you.
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