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  1. Trump choosing to pose in front of what is EASILY the most liberal Christian denomination(Except maybe Unitarians) just shows how little he gives a shit about Christianity. He took a photo op in front of a church that was guaranteed to oppose everything he stood for, but it didn't matter to him because he couldn't tell an Episcopalian from an Evangelical.
  2. Real glad I got to be ground zero for the LA riots 2.0. Definitely really happy about it. Totally not worried about friends and family who live further into the cities.
  3. Garon's Goonsquad. They actively make Fates's story worse, due to how bad it makes every character in their vicinity. TWSITD are just kinda... there.
  4. The thing is, IS didn't develop 3H. They gave their directors and writers to Koei Tecmo to consult for the game while KT made it. That's why people think it's pretty probable that IS was also developing their own FE while KT muscled through 3H, since IS hasn't released a major project themselves for quite a while. Could also be a Paper Mario project, but IS has largely been MIA for a while.
  5. 7-8 is the ideal if you've got a JRPG longer than 40-50 hours. Otherwise 5-6.
  6. I would say Hubert is Lawful Neutral to a tee. He will do whatever needs to be done so that Edelgard can see her dreams come true. He himself is a bit of a dick, but yeah. If Edelgard needed him to pet every puppy in Fodlan, he'd do it. If Edelgard needed him to kill every puppy in Fodlan, he'd do it.
  7. There's evidence that these protests are largely fake events to give the impression that ending the lockdown has more support than it does. The fact that all of them were organized at the same time in about the span of 1-2 days really should have made it more obvious.
  8. *coughcough* The Kingdom Under Fire games(Namely The Crusaders and Heroes) are basically how I envision every hero or unit-based strategy game actually playing out, and it's a shame that this style of game only really existed for like, two games. The Burnout(Takedown and Revenge mostly) and Road Rash(Mostly 64) series are two of the most fun arcade racing series that really capture how adrenaline fueled and aggressive that genre is... and are again, dead and buried. Under EA.
  9. I mostly agree. Fire Emblem is one of my favorite game franchises, but it's pretty much because Fire Emblem is pretty consistent. From FE4 to FETH, it's pretty much a string of 9s at best to 6s at worst(Though I'm pretty sure I rate each Fire Emblem differently relative to one another). FETH is like an 8.5 to me. Really good, but it didn't blow my pants off. I do think FETH is the best FE of the decade, but imo it's been a pretty weak decade for Fire Emblem, despite its exploding popularity. That said, I still think it's way better than Xenoblade. My opinion of that game is not very high.
  10. Discord is a popular chatting app, and it's got an option to stream somebody's screen with their friends in calls. You can privately talk and watch the movie at the same time.
  11. I feel like it's pretty clear we weren't really talking about the gameplay design, and more about aesthetics, tone, writing, setting, etc.
  12. True, but I just chalked that up to Fire Emblem's tendency to take a previous entry's mechanics and tweak them.
  13. I know, I just thought it was odd to directly compare it to Fates, since you were saying that it seemed like FETH was designed to deliberately be an answer to Fates. I just see it as FETH being designed as another entry in the series, and wasn't directed to take aim at Fates at all. The only FE we know had a direct impact on the design philosophy of FETH was Genealogy. EDIT: Maybe I'm just tired and didn't realize I was repeating some of the stuff you already said in my first post.
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