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  1. I think you had to have gotten the shield from Rodrigue's chapter earlier.
  2. If you're talking booze, drink tons of water and sleep it off. Definitely don't drink more sugar. Usually some hot food and a cold shower is good for more immediate effects.
  3. FE4 - I'd like to see a snippit of the Isaach campaign with Byron. There's a lot you could cover with this part of the story. Isaach has a very complicated history, and a ton of it happens right before FE4 starts, so it's a period rife for expansion. Alternatively, Eldigan, Quan and Sigurd being pals in the academy for a few short chapters would be a good way to establish all of their characters and the rest of the cast who also studied there. FE5 - Sacking of Leinster. Or show Raydrik being an actual character and maybe a decent person back when he was comrades with Leif's grandfather. You could go either way with this one. Raydrik betraying everyone and being an instrument of Leinster's downfall seems more likely, given that it's an actual event that happens and not something hypothetical like him loyally serving Leif's granpda. FE6 - This one kind of feels unnecessary, since FE7 kind of serves as one big prologue. FE7 - Also kind of drawing a blank here. I think a DIIIIISTANT flashback showing the Legends and Nergal during the Scouring could work. It might be a bit on the nose with the lead up to Nergal being Nils and Ninian's father if he spends a bunch of the flashback fawning over his dragon wife, or freaking out that she's missing. But it could be a very neat flashback to set the stage for everything that happens in FE6 and 7.
  4. The most likely, and most stupid answer is that Bolton himself resigned over the whole Taliban thing, and that Trump noticed that Bolton was unpopular enough that he could score brownie points by making the resignation effective immediately and firing him. Trump trying to make Bolton's firing about himself is too on-brand for me to think anything else happened.
  5. It is, as it has always been, utterly pathetic. It's one thing to bitch and moan about a character being in the game that you don't like. I'd do the same for Tracer or Sora or Minecraft Steve. It's something else entirely to take time out of your day to make your dislike known by downvoting and review bombing everything possible related to the thing you don't like and threatening people.
  6. No, the toxic attitude here is to see people who are struggling, saying "... eh, fuck 'em." and doing nothing. People need to learn to do things on their own, but people also need to know that helpless situations aren't as helpless as they seem. It feeds into the dog-eat-dog mentality that got us into this mess where the rich just take everything, and it is very hard for truly disenfranchised people to come to terms with when they're left to do everything alone. The only way to dig your way out of your hole is to bury everyone else. Back to the rest of the post, your post outlines an ideal that's very close to socialism, even if you're not aware. At least from a SocDem approach. A system where the power is in the hands of the workers and not a small handful at the top, and a system where money just doesn't funnel to the top people, who(And let's be real here) likely aren't working as hard as the people at the bottom. It's the idea unions are based on. Obviously what you're saying is not socialism on its own, since you still seem opposed to extensive government social programs, but it's one of the major components of a foundation-based market system where workers have corporate power... though saying we should elect blue-collar people who know these issues firsthand and should be able to fix them without insane amounts of lobbying money swaying them would probably lead to some very extensive social programs, too.
  7. Being able to see things like enemy torches might be a simple change. You would be able to see where some enemies are, but not what kind of units they are.
  8. Yeah, fair enough. I was thinking since
  9. I can't believe I'm doing this, but
  10. Nergal. Once a good dad, but as a dad we know, is definitely a bad dad. Is he a basically a husk of a man that has been hollowed out by dark magic? Yes. Did he hunt down his own kids and cause the death of one of his own children, then laugh about it to the man she loved? Also yes. Even the baddest of bad dads in FE don't actually succeed in getting one of their children killed.
  11. I'm about 6-7 Files in, and I wouldn't say it's amazing, but it's pretty good. It suffers from the usual problems Platinum games have. A big one being that the enemy design isn't fantastic and they don't necessarily require a ton of experimentation or exploration of the combat system. But I might just be spoiled from DMCV this year, which gave me almost everything I wanted from an action game like AC.
  12. Something that can be said about... *checks notes* ... almost every Fire Emblem?
  13. Favorites: I'll be obvious and say Blazing, Tellius and FETH. Least favorite: Awakening. Fates is probably the obvious answer for most people here, but even considering characters like Azuma and Peri, I still don't think I can put the Fates cast below Awakening's. Even Conquest at least gives us Nyx and Forrest, and a handful of other characters I enjoy enough to ignore the blight that is Peri. There's just... nothing to the Awakening cast. Severa's alright, I guess, but other than that, I either feel absolutely nothing to absolute contempt for Awakening's cast.
  14. EDIT: Misread. For most people I know who support her, she's basically Bernie with clearer and broader policies. She's my #2 after Bernie, but even I can acknowledge she's better than Bernie at addressing a handful of issues at a time. Bernie seems to pick one talking point for a month, and then beat it into the ground before moving onto the next one.
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