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  1. In the battle between the three factions after the timeskip, if Edelgard is defeated before Bernadetta, she kills Bernadetta. At least in the BL route, don't know about the GD path.
  2. The people I've talked with have all felt mostly positive towards the demo, with most citing a lot of QoL issues, which were then directly addressed in the trailer they dropped last month. But idk. I also see it in the 7-8 range, maybe low-80s if the extra polish is enough. It is a pretty niche game. I hope it does well in sales, assuming the game turns out well... but it's releasing on the same day as Borderlands 3, which is a pretty big game. Its only saving grace is that I doubt there's much overlap with DXM's target audience and BL3's. And yeah, Platinum's cemented itself as a developer in the last few years, so I think AC will do fine.
  3. My love of free time is the reason I decided to not go to med school, despite having an amazing degree to go into med school with. Also I'm lazy and don't want to study for more tests.
  4. don't get that weird fire emblem game, that game's for nerds Fire Emblem aside, Smash, Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey are the big no-brainers. Out now: If you're into JRPGs, Ys VIII is a solid action JRPG, and Octopath Traveler is a good old-school JRPG. I'm not a big fan of the Xenoblade, but Xenoblade Chronicles 2 seems pretty well liked for people who do dig that series. The Mana Collection is also a good set of JRPGs, though $40 is a bit steep for 3 25+ year old games. Dragon Quest Builders 1 and 2 are addictive and engrossing time wasters. Fire Emblem Warriors is also a solid time wasting spinoff of a big franchise, coming from somebody who doesn't typically like Musou games. Bayonetta 1 and 2 are fun action games for a system that didn't get Devil May Cry 5. Splatoon 2 is apparently pretty good, though I don't have much experience with the series. Coming soon: Astral Chain is coming out in a week and a half for more Platinum action goodness. Daemon X Machina is an Armored Core-esque mech game that's 4 weeks away. The demo was good, and the devs seem pretty committed to making it a great, accessible mech game. Dragon Quest XI is coming out for the Switch next month, too. It's already a great JRPG, and the Switch version is looking like the definitive version. Link's Awakening is a classic Zelda that's being remade. Comes out next month, in between Daemon X Machina and DQXI. Luigi's Mansion 3 comes out on Halloween, and is going back to the LM1 style of gameplay. Looks fun. Langrisser 1 and 2 are also being remade for the Switch and come out early next year as a bundle. Conclusion: The Switch has too many games.
  5. I remember noticing this with some mid-game enemy armor knights, and realized that I don't recall ever fighting generic female knights in Fire Emblem before.
  6. All fair. There's enough wiggle room in FETH for it to go either way, and there are plenty of ways IS could say it either is or isn't part of the same world as Archanea, Valentia and Jugdral. They could confirm theories like yours and I'd be able to buy it.
  7. True with Sothis' ears, I suppose I forgot that... Rhea/Seiros isn't going through typical Draconic degeneration. She's going nuts in a very human way over the loss of her mother. After the events of the game, in endings where Rhea lives, she more or less makes a full recovery and lives peacefully, which isn't something that happens in main world FE. Once degeneration sets in, you're bound to become a mindless killing machine and there's no reversing it. It's why every dragon was so dead set on preventing it instead. Macuil I don't remember, but Indech seemed like more of a crotchety old man dragon than one going through degeneracy. He tested humans to see if they were worthy of his bow, and recognized Seteth and Flayn, which again, isn't typical with the degeneration we know of. It's possible they're "fake" dragons, but then that just goes back to degeneration seemingly not being a thing, or a thing nobody's aware of in FETH's world. I'd love if FETH was part of the "main" FE world, since there's a lot of good world building that would add nicely to the other continents. But some of the naming conventions of places(FETH having TWO continents named after Jugdral characters would make things confusing) makes me think it's unlikely, and along with the dragon thing, I'd have to hear it from IS to believe it.
  8. There's no mention of degeneration, which is a core concept in EVERY single game from FE1-5 as well as one that's still brought up and touched upon in Awakening. And not all of the dragons are "dragons". Indech is a giant turtle, which isn't how we ever saw dragons portrayed. Additionally, while none of the manaketes show their ears, it doesn't seem like they have big pointy elf ears like main world manaketes do. ADDITIONALLY, no mention of Naga or the divine dragons, and Sothis being a "progenitor god" is not how dragons were portrayed in those games. I'm not saying it's impossible for FETH to be a main world FE game, but it just seems unlikely to me.
  9. I hope not. I feel like FETH was a response to people who doubted IS could pull such a thing off after the lukewarm response to Fates' three split routes. A good, streamlined experience with one or two splits that don't end up changing the overall story like IS liked to do from FE5-8 is also a good experience, and I'd hate to lose those because IS wants to juggle 3 or more whole stories with every game. FETH is good, but it feels like a game that could have been made even better by trimming some fat. It'd be fine every now and then, but yeah. I enjoy tight, focused experiences more for FE.
  10. FE4 and 5 are a part of the Archanea world. All of the Kaga games and Awakening take part in the same world. I'm also pretty sure FETH is part of a different world. It's usually a big tell based on how So the Regalia weapons are probably just Easter eggs/references.
  11. I mostly used Ephraim for the traits he displays, rather than his role in the story as an actual Avatar/player-stand-in. A lot of the most egregious "Player/viewer-insert" characters display a lot of the traits Ephraim does. Good at everything, solving difficult problems with ease and everyone comes to love them because they're impossibly humble and nice to everyone. But yes, you're right. Ephraim fills a role prior to the events of the story and has pre-established history with multiple characters, which makes it hard for somebody to see him and imagine themselves as him, compared to the other Avatar characters in FE.
  12. If FE continues to do as well as it has been for the last 6 years, and its spin-offs continue to do well(TMS was a casualty of the Wii U), then I can see more FE-related spinoffs coming. And as @Seazas laid out, priority seems to be: Corn Royals+Azura Retainers Popular first geners Popular second geners Unpopular first geners Unpopular second geners With a cast of nearly 70 characters, 26 of them make up those first three tiers. Depending on the style of the spinoffs, FEW will probably be the template for bigger projects that involve Fates in terms of how characters are picked. In those cases, it's pretty much guaranteed the only Fates characters we'll ever see again outside of FEH are going to be the those top two tiers. We'll probably never even see most of the retainers outside of content that continuously evolves like FEH. Which sucks for me, because I'd rather see Nyx or Forrest over seeing Camilla ever again. So that's where I'm thankful that FETH reigned in its core cast. BCDE will always get their spot to shine, and then after that? Pretty much can be anyone. Hubert, Hilda and Dedue I see being the most likely, but I wouldn't be surprised to see any of them swapped out for like, Lysethia, Felix, Dorothea or any other seemingly popular character.
  13. Eh. Even early PoR Ike isn't just "another Marth". He's brash, terse, doesn't like people acting above him, and is casually(Though not on purpose) racist when he first encounters Laguz. Him throwing himself into conflict isn't just used as an excuse to explain things about the world, it's also to establish that, like Hector and unlike nearly every other FE protagonist, Ike actually likes fighting and is very talented at it.
  14. I don't know if I'd say the best overall, but the supports in this game are quite good considering the sheer volume of them. The animations and voice acting help a lot.
  15. Revelations is only polarizing because it's Revelations. I think people would be a fine with a "ALL HOUSES JOIN FORCES" route if it was handled well.
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