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  1. Weightlifting is one of those things I do, but I hate talking about. I've been doing it since high school off and on, but I got on my current schedule when I took a weightlifting health class when I was taking classes at a community college about 5 years ago.
  2. It's not a big deal. It's synonymous with what skill has typically been associated with in the past. It takes away a little identity from Fire Emblem, since Dexterity is used in every RPG ever to describe how good somebody is with their hands/weapons, but it's so minor.
  3. Kratos absolutely sucks, but it was the lack of... interesting gameplay? That really got to me. I guess is how I'd describe it. Like originally, they were trying to emulate big action games like Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry, but God of War 2 is the closest they ever got. I was always on the fence with 1's style over substance approach, since I had some nostalgia for it. 3 absolutely turned me off of the franchise by making all but one of the weapons you got palette swaps of the Blades of Chaos, and now locking magic to specific weapons. Then one of the core mechanics of 2, the Golden Fleece, which was basically your parry, was specific to the Blades of Chaos and only the Blades of Chaos... Playing the game just felt like shit. Then the reboot came out, and it was a modern, floaty "Pressing a button leashes you to the enemy and you glide towards them so spacing is entirely out of your hands" action game, and I just lost interest very quickly.
  4. Any Naughty Dog games after Uncharted 2, and pretty much all of the God of War series outside of GoW2.
  5. A lot has been said. My inputs on the most important stuff, that probably echo what others have said: Talky skills and stats are just as, if not more important than fighty skills and stats Speaking of combat, the general "combat progression" goes Melee->Small Guns->Big Guns/Explosives->Energy Weapons However, at any point, you could stumble upon a random even that completely subverts this You can become a porn star in 2
  6. Both characters deserve to be in, so I'm happy about both.
  7. This is a bit more fair as a criticism, and definitely where Tellius' racism allegory doesn't translate as well to IRL.
  8. I've always wondered, are there any actual instances in FE9/10 of laguz eating people? It's obviously a common threat from laguz towards beorc they don't like, but I don't recall it ever actually happening, or any stories of it happening. But I could be forgetting something super obvious. Also, laguz are effectively still human. They can crossbreed with beorc and have viable offspring, they share the same genetic ancestor, they take the term "sub-human" as an insult/slur. It'd be safe to say beorc and laguz both make up a singular species of "human". Whether they have claws and fangs or not doesn't really matter in the analogue to IRL human minorities, because they still make up an oppressed human minority in the fiction.
  9. Something to keep in mind with the PS5, but if it's going to be able to play PS4 games without crazy added costs like the PS3's backwards compatability, it's very likely that the PS5 is going to basically be a much beefier PS4. If that's the case, then making a weaker build for the PS4 and a stronger build for the PS5 would probably be similar to a PC running a game at low settings vs. high settings. They wouldn't be specifically making a new game for PS4, just tweaking the PS5 version to run on weaker hardware. Though that probably only works with graphic fidelity on textures and models. If Sony wants a huge, seamless open world and crazy visual effects for part 2 onward, then that wouldn't be as easy to make cross gen. It either wouldn't work or would need to be tweaked way more.
  10. I imagine they'll keep it cross-gen, at least for a while.
  11. I'm super excited to see Seiken Densetsu 3 reimagined like that. I put down the $40 for the Collection of Mana without a second thought purely for Trials. I played Seiken Densetsu 3 for the first time over the summer 12 years ago on my hacked PSP in busted English, now I'm playing it on my Switch over the course of this summer in less busted English.
  12. They were always planning on bringing it to Midgar(Well "Always" once Sephiroth put the barrier up), but I think it's plausible that Sapphire was the first time they used the Sister Ray on such a powerful object. It could just be an extra line of dialogue to establish that the Weapons and Sephiroth are far stronger than Shinra was anticipating, and need to make more adjustments than planned to destroy Weapons and the barrier. Also, the Sister Ray in Junon, and its entire military base in general, is positioned above a Mako Reactor, and they were baiting the Diamond Weapon at Midgar. Since the Weapons are drawn to high-Mako areas, it's why Sapphire and Diamond conveniently line up with the Sister Ray. And the main reason I have a hard time making Sapphire mandatory is that there's realistically no place to put it in Junon before Tifa Makes her escape. Having it just on the streets of Junon while Barret, Cait Sith, Red XIII, Yuffie, Vincent and Cid run around would be a bit awkward. The only place I could see it happening other than that is on the barrel of the Sister Ray, and I think would also be a bit awkward. Also seeing the party fend off a Weapon that early after they're released by the Earth wouldn't sell them as a threat, I don't think. Saving it as an optional boss gives another end-game superboss to fight, which is always a plus. The problem I have with this placement is that's not much content of Disc 2. It'd be the journey through Icicle, the first trip through the Gaea Cliffs to the Northern Crater where you fight Schizo, the Junon Escape, saving Corel and Fort Condor(Which would be three reused areas), and then finding Cloud in Mideel. For context, in the original, there are a total of three boss fights through that course of events(Jenova-LIFE, Schizo and Ultimate Weapon who runs away). Even if you were to add Sapphire into that mix, it'd be pretty lack luster in terms of content. Disc 2 in the original doesn't really pick up until Cloud's back in the party, at least action-wise.
  13. I'd want it to be that it survives the blast to the face by the Sister Ray. Something weird that happens in FF7 is the Sister Ray goes from a shell-type weapon when it kills the Sapphire Weapon, to a beam type weapon after they hook it up to the Mako Reactors in Midgar and fire on the Diamond Weapon and the Northern Crater. It could be further elaborated that Shinra needed to make massive upgrades to it if they want to fight the Weapons and Sephiroth, and the catalyst of this realization was the Sister Ray's inability to put down the Sapphire Weapon. Then you could save the Sapphire Weapon as a optional boss fight like Emerald, Ruby and Ultimate. Anyway, what are some more logical cut-offs in the story for FF7? If Midgar is "Disc 1", what would be Disc 2, 3, 4, etc? The way I see it, the game can be split up into roughly 4 equal chunks if they're expanding Midgar's content to be 30-40 hours. "Disc 2" would likely be the end of disc 1 in the original, ending with the events in the Forgotten City. "Disc 3" is the hardest to find an end point for. Disc 2 and 3 in the original are pretty light on new content compared to all of disc 1, and the events are a lot more interconnected. There's no real good end point for the events of "Disc 3" until you finish the revisit Midgar and kill Hojo. But Disc 3 could be condensed to losing Cloud, finding Cloud, obtaining the Huge Materia, and then beginning the raid on Midgar. Due to how many events happen in Midgar, I could see the death of the Diamond Weapon as the end of "Disc 3". "Disc 4" would be the raid on Midgar and the Northern Crater. Together these events could be expanded to 30-40 hours. With the development of the current FF7R build being about 2 years, this would mean FF7 would be done by 2025-2026.
  14. I wonder how they'd do it. Sapphire seems aquatic like the Emerald Weapon. Maybe make Sapphire fightable from the Tiny Bronco, as like a surface sea fight, instead of a deep sea fight like Emerald.
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