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  1. I get the philosophy behind Shadow Dragon's permadeath, but its execution is TERRIBLE. Oh hey, you get replacement units if too many die! Oh, they're actual fully fledged characters that you won't ever get access to if you play too well or don't deliberately kill off your other characters.
  2. Hand Axes are overall the best weapon in the series.
  3. The opening of Radiant Dawn is the only part of those games that really covers how war affects normal people. And even then, that's after the war is finished, and seeing Daein struggle to bounce back under Begnion occupation, not really showing the people struggling during a war. Once Daein enters another war, that stops being a focus again. Jugdral and Three Houses do a lot more to show how desperate people get during a war, and how fucked up it is for them. Thracia 776 especially.
  4. I don't think anyone's gonna dump on you for this. They're the only games where the horror of war goes hand in hand with the hero's journey. Most games obviously focus on war and ultimately tell an anti-war story, but most have different focuses than the war that's being fought. Like Tellius touches on it with the states of places like Daein, and how both war-dependent and war-torn that country is, but ultimately Tellius is more concerned with race and class. Fates kinda is about war just sucking in general and tears people apart, but it tackles dark subjects with all of the grace of a trashy 90s comic book.
  5. Who would have thought that a virus killing old people would be what causes America to move forward in terms of social/economic issues and butt hygiene?
  6. I'm a dude. I've had long hair. More hair =/= more styling options. I'd actually argue the opposite. Obviously as a guy I didn't exactly have the same options, but those options I would have had as a girl weren't massively different. After about your shoulders, there's not much you can do with your hair before it just becomes so heavy and unwieldy that any normal measures of styling just stop being an option. At that point, unless you want to either perm/crimp into an 80s nightmare haircut, or straighten your hair, all you can really do is change where it parts and how it sits on your head, and then alter how "messy" it looks with some hair spray. Both things you can also do with short hair. You can braid your hair more easily, but I haven't seen many girls braiding their hair much these days. Undercuts are more common these days and you can do it with long hair, but again, it's much more common and manageable with short hair. With short hair, there are way more variables that actually add to style. For one, using mousses and gels are waaaaay more noticeable, and allow your to move your hair more. Asymmetrical haircuts don't look like somebody strung out on heroin got tired of cutting your hair halfway through, which just adds a whole new dimension to cuts. The variability of length on the sides, back and front actually matter when it's short. Going from long hair to short hair is like going from simple arithmetic to algebra with the extra variables. Though if you're crazy about 80s mom hair, then more power to you.
  7. Short hair is the superior choice. Upsides: Pragmatic, practical, and the woman has more options on how to style it. All around just nicer to look at most of the time. Downsides: Karens.
  8. I'm not even talking about her policies, I'm talking about her as a person. Between her bad attempts to connect with the youth(Her "Pokemon GO to the polls!" line) and her pulling out hot sauce on The Breakfast Club was uh... it was pretty uncomfortable. There's a level of fakeness people tolerate in politicians when it comes to their public personas, and Hillary crossed it more times than not. At a certain point, you just come across as desperate and unlikable. Pete Buttigieg got raked across the coals for his fakeness in this election, and his path forward after New Hampshire was pretty dire, even though policy wise he wasn't too far off from the current frontrunner.
  9. Clinton's biggest problem was how fake she was/is. Biden, on the flip side, is very sincere... unfortunately he sincerely seems to be an asshole, but we've already elected an asshole in the last few years, so that's clearly not a barrier for people.
  10. He gets very handsy with children and young women.
  11. Yeah, Gatrie definitely blows Brom out of the water in RD. You have to do some work to get Brom anywhere near Gatrie at base. That said, Brom's still a fine unit. There are just obviously better alternatives.
  12. Proofs are not that limited. There's 14 you get naturally in any given playthrough, and there's an endgame vendor that sells them. Starting from chapter 7, you get one nearly every chapter. That said, there's really no wrong choices you can make on who to promote. Asbel should be promoted ASAP, because his class has insane promotion bonuses and are bar-none the best class in the game. Fergus should definitely get it before Brighton, since his Sword rank makes him better in indoor maps, and you'll be hitting one soon, supposing Dagda and Tanya lived. Machua is a solid choice, since she also has a good promotion. Karin, as a flier, is also always a good choice. You also get two very good candidates for Knight Proofs in chapter 8. PS: Don't worry about hitting level 20. The way stats work in Thracia makes it pretty unnecessary, unless you're trying to level someone with awful stats, and promoting by level 15 or even 10 will help you more in the long run.
  13. Radiant Dawn and Conquest have their best showings.
  14. Hard disagree on this one. Julius doesn't need to be another Lyon. Killing Julius needs to be a hard mercy killing because he's completely gone.
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