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  1. You're right in that there are worse prisons in the world, but compared to a lot of our peers? As in a lot of western Europe, Oceania and Canada? Our prison system is a brutal one that is minimally concerned with reformation and rehabilitation. And we dish out harsher sentences. If my options were to go to prison in America vs. like, Denmark, you can bet your ass I'll pick Denmark's prison. Your calculation was wrong, and it didn't include people in jails, which you specified. Additionally, while 0.72% of our population is incarcerated, that includes a large percentage of the population that isn't even capable of being sent to jail/prison. 1% as a number is objectively nothing. In a vacuum, 1% is just a number. 1% only becomes something when it's relative to something else. 1% on a test score is abysmal. 1% mercury in drinking water is lethal. I didn't include a citation for my statement that America's the highest because it's common knowledge when it comes to this subject. It'd be like citing that too much sugar in your diet can lead to type 2 diabetes. The only reason to doubt the claim is that you're either ignorant or skeptical, and if you're actively participating in this conversation, I'd have to assume skepticism. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and just say you're ignorant on the subject, and give you literally the first 3 links from different sources when you Google "highest incarceration rates": http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/shared/spl/hi/uk/06/prisons/html/nn2page1.stm https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/articles/2019-05-13/10-countries-with-the-highest-incarceration-rates https://eji.org/news/united-states-still-has-highest-incarceration-rate-world/ Finding this information is not hard. And how do you connect "America has the highest incarceration rate" to mean that other countries are possibly putting more people in prison? Other countries are putting less people in prison. It's partially why I stressed that America still manages to have higher crime rates despite this. I only quoted this chunk since it's the most relevant, but it relates to the rest of your post. It's absolutely a competition. Much like the number "1%", America does not exist in a vacuum. You cannot say that 1% of the population being in prison is a good thing when that's a relative argument. The only way 1% of the population in the prison would be good was if America was the safest country in the world, with the lowest incarceration rates. Or at least comparable to other countries. But since neither of those are true, and America is actually on the opposite end of the spectrum being not all that safe and having the highest incarceration rates... yeah. I'm going to have to point out that saying it's "good" is complete horseshit by showing you that the rest of the world doesn't work that way. How America's criminal justice system is judged will depend on how it's performing compared to America's peers.
  2. This is such a bizarre statement. America's incarceration rate is the highest in the world. Even if your logic held any water at all, having the highest incarceration rate in the world would only be good if it did anything to deter crime more than other countries that don't have as high of incarceration rates... which, it doesn't. America puts this many people in jail and we still have one of the higher crime rates in the western world. Additionally, we also have one of the highest recidivism rates, with over 3/4 of convicted criminals getting convicted again within 5 years of being released from prison. Mostly for two reasons: The US has set up a system that harshly punishes felons after they've served their time, and ends up making ex-cons feel like their only option is to go back into crime. Our prisons are dogshit at "reforming" people and are actually giving our prisoners PTSD. I shouldn't have to explain why that'd lead to recidivism. Our prison system is doing a horrendous job at keeping us safe. It's doing an amazing job at making rich people more money, though. It's an amazing microcosm of how fucked up our country is as a whole, really. To top this all off, your numbers are bad. If you want to extrapolate some numbers, there are about 2.3 million people in jail(Around 700k of the population) or prisons(The 1.6 mil number) in the US currently. There are about 320 million people in the US total, with 80 million of them being under 18 and illegible for jail/prison outside of extreme circumstances. 320-80=240. 2.3/240=0.95% Nearly 1% of our country that's able to go to jail or prison, is in jail or prison. Even if you want to toss in the kids for some reason, 2.3/320=0.72%, or 720 per 100,000 people, which is the number sources use when describing the US' incarceration rates. Which, I'll remind you, is highest in the world. PS: Remember to multiply your percentages by 100 when you try to do math. If 1.6 million was 0.005% of our population, our population would have to be 32 billion. You meant to say 0.5%, which is still not a great number. That's 1 out of every 200 people.
  3. I just want REmake 3 and FF7R to enthrall me like they did when I was a kid. I know they won't, but I can hope. Aldo, deets on the next FE would be nice. Other than that, I'll just keep banging my "WHERE'S DRAGON'S DOGMA 2?!" drum outside of the Capcom offices. Now that Itsuno's been working on a mystery project since DMCV came out, I'm hoping we'll hear about it.
  4. I figured as much. Modern WRPG/CRPG developers have largely moved away from the D&D approach since the early 00s. I'd say since KotOR that they really moved more towards more linear(But not JRPG linear) approach. It pretty much is Obsidian and Larian carrying the torch in the mainstream gamespace, and Larian is literally making D&D games. I've found it easier/more straight forward to just say "open-ended" and "linear".
  5. In open-ended ones, like the Fallout games, I agree. Especially since those games absolutely consider that "Dumb luck" is a viable character trait, stumbling past a number of the "intended" sequences to get you to end game helps with building your character. Not so much in linear RPGs, that just tends to cause narrative issues. Still cool to see with glitches and such, but not something I think should really be accounted for from the get-go.
  6. I've played The Outer Worlds. I really disagree with this assessment. Narrative wise, TOW has one huge problem, and that is MAJOR tunnel vision. It hammers home the "The Board/Rampant corporatism is bad" point so hard that everything just becomes very numb at the end of the game. Which was already a theme touched on in New Vegas and older Fallout games. But those games also explored other themes. New Vegas takes an even more interesting route with it, I feel, in that it actually shows the debauchery and insane frivolities that the uber-rich get into. When TOW gets to the point where you get to see what the wealthy value, it's literally money and gated communities that they like. We get to see some of the heinous shit they'd do, but by the time you get really excited to see that side of the galaxy, the game ends. I enjoyed The Outer Worlds a lot, but it really felt half baked after the first few worlds. It's a game that gets less compelling the more you play, not more, which is not something I'd consider a strength of something narrative-driven. Additionally, while TOW is certainly a much more polished game, the scope is much narrower, and it felt more limited in what you could actually do in the game compared to New Vegas.
  7. I can't agree with this. First, it's bullshit to say any games is "objectively" a certain score. The only thing I can say is no game is objectively 10/10 because every game can be improved upon, and no game is a 0/10 because every game can always be worse. Yes, even Big Rigs. If games could only be scored by their gameplay, then there'd be no need to make shooters or third person action games anymore, because DOOM 2016 and Devil May Cry 5 are just about the most perfect examples of their respective genres in terms of gameplay. Second, there are things New Vegas that no games have managed to accomplish since. It's arguably the most "free" open world game in the medium since... Well, probably Fallout 2. The ability to craft your own story and build it by your own means is second to none. The only things that come close are maybe the Divinity games. To anyone who values that kind of thing, like you or me, or the number of any other people who hold Fallout New Vegas in high regard, that quality alone is a HUGE deal. And a low 7 is not at all indicative of what those kinds of people value in games.
  8. Decade: Dark Souls (2011) Dragon's Dogma (2012) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015) Fallout: New Vegas (2010) Red Dead Redemption (2010) Persona 5 (2017) Final Fantasy XIV (2010 technically, but it was garbo until 2013) Resident Evil 2 (2019) XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) All time: Dragon Warrior/Quest VII (2001) Psychonauts (2005) Resident Evil 3 (1999)/Resident Evil (2002) - I ping-pong between which I like more Final Fantasy: Tactics (1997) Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 (1999) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (2004) The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (2000) Dark Souls (2011) Mass Effect (2007) Xenogears (1998) Tried to restrict entries in my "All times" to just one per series, or else like 3 games would have been Final Fantasy titles, two would have been Dragon Quest titles, and two would have been Resident Evils. Clearly I have a bit of a bias towards RPGs. Also I always knew @Glennstavos was a man of exquisite taste. Lots of overlap in our Best of the Decade.
  9. I'm still a Halo fan at heart, and an opportunity to play the classics on PC is very appealing to me. So yeah, MCC on Steam is a big "Hell yeah" from me. Halo's managed to survive long enough that we're now at a point where nothing else on the market it really like it. The closest being, obviously, Destiny, but the MMORPG aspects distract heavily from the Halo core. Which is ironic, because 11-18 years ago EVERYTHING was trying to be Halo.
  10. A major good for Hong Kong, but China using it to control their populace is sad. I really, sincerely hope somebody can de-frag the Chinese people in the very near future, because it's a danger to have such a large portion of the world's population so hypnotized by their country's propaganda. Seeing, reading about and hearing about how Chinese people dissociate from what's happening by just... pretending it isn't happening is very bad. It leads to shit like over a billion people being silently complicit in multiple genocides. "Social Credit" did a fucking number on China. It's scary to think what would happen if other countries were to implement such an idea.
  11. 4chan's a good example. It's always been full of degenerate racists, but they were left-leaning degenerate racists for a long while. A site with virtually no moderation and complete anonymity. For the last 6ish years, it's been a breeding ground for literal neo Nazis. And that's after they tried to contain it(In /pol/) and took steps to stamp it out(Which led to 8chan).
  12. McConnell is literally the most unpopular senator in the whole country, and that's just comparing his approval rating at home(His approval rating in KENTUCKY is worse than Trump's is nationwide). It will be very difficult to unseat him, but it's possible. And again, you're going to have to elaborate on the positives of working across the aisle at the moment, other than nothing will get done. ESPECIALLY with Biden. As a reminder, and this was one of Biden's biggest bragging points when he first launched his campaign because he was super proud of this, he's directly responsible for getting one of the most right-wing criminal justice reform bills passed in recent American history. Something he only just recently started backtracking on(Again, he was bragging about it less than a year ago), by the way, because it turns out that marking yourself as one of the people most responsible for our awful criminal justice system is actually a wildly unpopular thing. It's straight up a case where him not getting involved and nothing happening would have 100% been a better option than working across the aisle. AND AGAIN, this was in the 90s, before the Republicans went super off the deep end.
  13. Obama was a moderate Democrat. He was still rebuked almost universally in his attempts to work across the aisle. What, besides him being a white dude, makes you think Joe will have any more success at actual progress than Obama? Being even more willing to bend over and spread for the Republicans, again, is not a good argument for Biden. Trumpism is an evil ideology. You don't eradicate evil by negotiating with it. We need a president who will stand up to the Republicans. There's not a single bone in my body that believes Biden can do that. And yes, I'm aware you'll need leverage in the senate to get anything done, and a huge part of that is getting rid of McConnell. While Republicans in the senate are a cancer, I don't think any of them want to be in his position. The only reason McConnell can get away with what he does is because of his nearly limitless coffer, and him being from possibly the most comfortable state for a republican politician. Even with those two things in mind, McConnell still barely scrapes by with a win in all of his elections. I don't think any other republican will pick up his position as Vanguard of the Stupid and Feckless because quite frankly, they can't afford it. In a scenario where McConnell is still in the senate, I'd rather have a president who wouldn't make concessions, because working with the animals across the aisles is just going to lead to the same shit that happened with Obama, but 10x worse. In a scenario where McConnell is out, I'd rather have a president who will put the screws to the republicans, because they need a MAJOR course correction. Neither of those scenarios is one with Biden in it. EDIT: And for clarification, so we can stop this nonsense about what Biden is, he's not a "moderate" or "centrist" Democrat. He's a right-leaning Democrat.
  14. We lucked out that Kavanaugh didn't turn out to be as big of a Trump stooge as we thought he would. Still a totally vile man who shouldn't be in the court, but it could have been worse.
  15. It's really not more than those 3. The republicans vote distressingly in unison. Bare minimum in the senate, republicans vote with the president 70% of the time. And that's accounting for the few outliers, who you would call "moderate". The vast majority of senate republicans vote with Trump over 90% of the time. You're arguing for unison and cooperation in a senate where that's absolutely not going to happen. There's not a chance the senate republicans will cooperate with a democratic president to help pass any meaningful change. The Overton Window has shifted drastically to the right for the republican party since Barack Obama took office. These are not the same republicans we grew up with. Well, physically, many of them are, but on the inside, they're absolutely not.
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