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  1. Oh boy, well here is my take to these questions. 1. I want the avatar to support the protagonist trio and it focuses on the trio. But I do also think that the women in the trailer will be some form of antagonist. My evidence for this is we see Claude attacking one of the soldiers that is also identical to the soldiers defending the women earlier in the trailer. 2. Tellius gameplay additions would be excellent. I specifically like the bonus exp method in that game, shove, canto, class mastery skills, and the Soldier>Halberdier>Sentinel class line. 3. Edelgard because she's the most memorable design from the trailer due to most screentime 4. Definitely getting the game asap after release, though IDk if day one or day one special edition. For the special edition at least I need to see what's in it. 5. A direct would be great to promote it and discuss more about it, doesn't even have to be a tree houses direct, a second Fire Emblem direct or a general direct with more details will be enough for me.. Now I wanted to share what I think the game will be like storywise, since the way I answered question 1 is based heavily off this possibility, as unlikely as it would be. The women in the trailer is most likely a high priestess or priestess general leading the holy army against rebels while also searching for pieces of the fire emblem (The house crests) and or falchion of this game. I say she is something like a priestess due to her resemblance to the mural seen at the start which worshipped this games divine dragon equivalent. I'm guessing that the church of this holy religion is very strict and has much influence over the continent. There is a rebel group, possibly from a country within the continent, who has control over a crest(s) and or pieces of the Falchion. I will say that they're probably going to be the real bad guys in terms of actions, while the church is against them. Now bring in Edelgard, a former priestess of the church who left (her lines of she'll return and don't forget me to her mentor, who I'll assume may have been the priestess or the girl who resembles Tiki sleeping on the throne) the church possibly due to a different view of religion and how the church has been using it to control the continent and Edelgard is also assumingly a princess of a small country, hence why she would be part of the church due to royal obligations but also not a big country so her leaving wouldn't be too impactful. Edelgard attends a military academy in her own country and learns under the avatar. Claude and Demitri are also from small countries and were not forced into serving the church like Edelgard did for a time and also attend the same military academy. Now Eedelgard most likely influenced her father into an alliance with Demitri and Claude's countries, most likely for not only military strength but possibly also an agreement to disagree with the church's hard fist of religion. Anyways Claude and Demitri temporarily return to their home countries and then Edelgard remains at the academy. The academy is then attacked by the church who found out about the upcoming mutiny (the alliance was done under the table in a way as to not bring immediate action upon themselves until preparations were finished. Edelgard and avatar defend the castle with the forces they have until Claude and Demitri pull an Ephraim and break through the enemy siege. The three are united and now have to liberate most of their countries before taking the church's center countries head on. Also probably clashes with the other rival group as well. Basically the church is an anti-hero group with misunderstood beliefs about the religion, Edelgard and co view the religion in a not-so strict way and want to try to change things, and the rebel countries want to completely dispose of the religion due to long times of oppression performed by the church. I know the whole religion plot I've explained is very very likely to be somewhat offensive to many groups. But I do want to say that I'm not saying that the church is wrong or evil or religion is bad, just different interpretations of the same source material happen and that may cause wars over it. One of the most famous examples in history would be the crusades, which coincidentally could be an inspiration for this with how Fire Emblem draws a lot from general medieval history (obviously it's not 100% accurate to it since it is also a fantasy series) and even if it's based on the crusades the character designs by no means have to be from that era, which we can tell isn't with Edelgard and co's military-ish outfits. In short this is just an idea I have on what the plot could be but I'm probably wrong.
  2. Yeah a review/first impression post will probably be the best way to go, maybe 1-2 screenshots but otherwise not that many. Also just a random question I have that you can answer later. Does the hit rate/% seem really wack to you? Maybe I'm too used to good accuracy weapons but honestly tank, lancer, sniper, and even normal rifle shots seem to miss, and then shocktroopers can barely hit from like 8-9 feet away. Thank Naga the mortar class is really good with dealing damage and ohko enemies. They even have interception fire which is very innacurate but does hit every now and then.
  3. Oh wow nice, I'll look forward to your reactions since I already did everything in the demo. It covers the prologue, chapters 1+2, and has an exclusive mission once you beat the other 3 levels. That exclusive mission gives you like 40k exp and 100k money if you A rank it, which I did first try, otherwise like 36k exp and 92k money which is still good for a B rank. Hoping it transfers exp and money to the full game that way I can scout abuse immediately lol.
  4. Here's some good news, Valkyria Chronicles 4 demo is out on Nintendo eshop, PS store, and X box store. It at least goes to chapter 1 of the game and data from the demo can be transferred over.
  5. I am hoping for at least 2 new character reveal trailers and probably at least 1 echo fighter. My possible predictions are New Fighters: Rex and Pyra, Simon Belmont. Echo Fighter: Dark Samus.
  6. I would love it if they did that so new characters could be brought in. It'd actually be hard to predict who would win with units already in the game not being eligible, and even if they didn't do alts, it could be done so they can add the next batch of units, like the Mia + Dorcas + Lute banner.
  7. I know this is months in the past but is it implied. I'm playing through RD right now and there's a base conversation in part 4, before final map 1, between Yune and Stefan. Yune says the branded she's seen are Soren (tactician around Ike), Micaiah, Stefan, and the little girl around Elincia. Whish more heavily implies Amy is a branded.
  8. Oooh I have three nominees. Wendy: Already has been talked about Meg: Absolutely a trash unit like my gods i benched her immediately and it is actually terrible how the game heavily implies Zihark should get with her cause he can do so much better than that, like Ilyana, she's a arch sage with maxed out strength on my current playthrough, no boosters either. Fiona: Just the trash growth rates and weak base stats doesn't make her worth using, and I'm the guy who's using Astrid on his team, plus better cavaliers, Oscar, Titania, Kieran, Geoffrey, and even Astrid can be argued. Not Makalov though, he's trash but somewhat useful until you can actually form a team.
  9. In short what I'd want is Barracks Increase More orbs Ways to get seasonals besides reruns or legendary summoning Ways to get five stars more frequently in general besides summoning Item exchange, I do not need 395 arena crests, so let me change them to orbs or feathers For the last three options, a brief idea is a direct orb exchange for a character, it may rotate daily, and we'll say cost something like 50 orbs minimum for a random 5 star, that way people can still summon with the rng chances and others can hoard and get five stars, though since it is random they can get literally anyone in the game as a five star, hope you're enjoying your 5* Felicia or Lissa you just summoned.
  10. Yeah series sort is what I want too. Also is that the starting roster? Well I'll be playing a lot of Marth and Cloud until I unlock Shulk and Roy.
  11. Edy being the glue of squad 7? You know I approve. Anyways this seems really hard and reset heavy so I send you my condolences and wish you luck.
  12. Yeah I'll check it next time, I thought quoting a spoiler would still have the spoiler so yeah. I understand, I refuse to spoil Xenoblade 1 and 2's story so yeah.
  13. Nice you got through that level, the next level I imagine will be hard with the mod since you're evenly spreading exp. And in base game it was hard as heck, until you leveled up classes to max. Good luck. Also unrelated note, sorry for very late edit but I edited the comment into spoilers, I've basically been without wifi for a week and will be for 4 weeks so yeah.
  14. Personality wise Rem and Ram match up near perfectly to Flora and Felicia with exception. Rem doesn't commit suicide that way, though she does kinda commit suicide in alternate dimension ways but it's more self sacrifice. Watch the show it'll explain it better I promise. Just know Subaru is hated, especially in the middle by everyone, but it gets better.
  15. yeah, the RE; Zero anime left me wanting more but I haven't checked out the webnovel yet, probably should. How could I forget those two? I really do think they were influenced a lot by Rem and Ram. I also think Jakob is inspired a bit from Black Butler.
  16. Huh, neat I guess, Being honest as a semi-fan who only got into this series to play with a friend the gameplay looks normal. However as much as I do enjoy fanservice I kinda like that they are getting rid of the jiggle physics, if I get it I can actually feel comfortable and play it in front of family, which is the main reason I haven't touched 5:LR is because of the jiggle physics and only occasionally play dimensions on my 3ds. Anyways that's a future release, I need to get good at blazblue before I pick up another fighting game series (cause Naga knows I'm terrible at street fighter and no longer as good at smash as I used to be)
  17. Awakening is 13, fates is 14, echoes is 15. I said 15 cause I said 2 earlier which is Gaiden
  18. I'll be obscure and go with Tibarn, a strong, but kind and smart leader and rightfully feared for his abilities. I know it's off topic but in my timeline theory that I believe in, FE 1,2, and 3 are ho aw the history books viewed the event while FE11,15, and 12 respectfully are how they actually happened, and this comes basically from it making sense some characters being forgotten (Ones like Kris, Katarina, Conrad,etc), the better reasoning on the situation in the remakes not being understood in history, as it's made for the general public, and mostly from fe 12, Kris does state at the end that they wish to be Marth's shadow and forgotten from history because Marth was the hero the people needed to idealize despite Marth really relying on the strength of others, also why would the Altean kingdom ever allow the truth of the assassination subplot on Marth to reach general public eyes, as it would make him look bad even though it was by Gharnef. That's just my theory though and is in no way canon though I think it makes sense.
  19. Yes to the Cordelia and Erza one and double yes to Hinoka and Lora. I really want them to hurry up with the RE: Zero anime purely because I need more of the story, but maybe I can wait till I clear out my anime backlog some more. Anyways my contribution to this, Clair from Echoes looks like Forte from Rune Factory 4, though with a bit more armor and a cape.
  20. I really need to try to play the dlc again, I think I beat the first map but not an A rank so have to redo it anyways. Enough of my talking though, congrats on beating the dlc despite how easy it seems for you. Oh boy Kloden, yep I remember that, good luck with that.
  21. I think the game heavily implies Kiran is of our world, with the examples given and the brave heroes referencing people cheering their names, which could be seen as the CYL poll.
  22. I'd like Cordelia to be my mirage, but personality wise it'd probably be Stahl since me and him are pretty alike in most ways.
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