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  1. Once again still really want just the Timeskip designs but at this point it'll probably be next week Friday at the games release till it happens maybe a day before.
  2. I guess since this is before the timeskip it's all good but probably not allowed to show when/how it happens.
  3. So overall very positive impressions I'm seeing while it sucks many other remaining details are in the dark till release at least going in blind on those things will be worth while!
  4. Well that's where its the right moment is to agree to disagree but again whatever I want to move on from this!
  5. Yeah sorry about that should've quoted that particular part woops 😛
  6. Also nothing on S-Supports/marriage and the Sauna area I guess we gotta experience that blind for ourselves.
  7. Not what was said nor do I care if you dislike whatever "mentions how S/M MC had more expression when they had only 2 in the entire game in the important parts" where lots of shots show the Byleths had way more so whether or not they were trying to be a smart you know that's objectively wrong nothing about dislike I was referring to.
  8. Interesting that Byleths hair is light green here before the War Phase probably near the end of Part 1 I'm assuming especially with Ingrids speech bubble.
  9. I'm interested to see where someone found something new since I'm reading it and looks like nothing big just their thoughts.
  10. Yes it is when its not true at all its fine to be wrong k.
  11. Well now I wait for translations despite nothing new for the last one.
  12. ^Yup stoic and cool Chadtagonists are the best! ^_^
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