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  1. Oof! Male Byleth x Leonie OTP already! the support convos and character interactions are gonna be something! at least we probably know someone prior to the events!
  2. I firmly believe the 4 Saint relics will be based on the weapons the 4 statues wield: Sword, Lance, Axe and Bow so likely: Bernadetta=Bow from her saint crest and makes sense. Ferdinand=Axe again same named crest Linhardt=Lance same as the other 2 Whoever has the last Divine crest=Sword Don't know if there'll be "magic relics" since there's no tomes in the game maybe magic scroll "relics"?
  3. Yeah it would be unfair if only crest of elites only get Relics and not any from the saints.
  4. I'm shocked there's alot of minor crest bearers in overall majority than Major bearers. I'm wondering if they can get enhanced somehow.
  5. Damn....little Bernie...she grew beautifully if it wasn't for Petra I'd go with her first probably the 4th path. Tea time is the Skinship of this game looks nice! Marriane having a crest definitely is interesting seeing as she was adopted later likely Adrestian but her connection to Edelgard especially her axe has so much implications.
  6. Its midnight in Japan now give it some time. I'm also want to go in before any translations so I'm on watch!
  7. Makes sense so much work was put into it to just abandon it for another area which would be even more work.
  8. Looks like you can still train them and still do weekend activities which makes sense to min max and keep the QoL intact older Felix and Bernadetta look really great!
  9. So that finally leaves Leonie!!! its gonna get interesting in the final weeks from here on out. I guess the 3 other villains will come next, the remaining instructors and other characters(hopefully not all of them).
  10. Hmm is it big that they're holding out? either way we're getting it today soon!
  11. Yeah she pretty much is wife locked when I start my first Black Eagles file. Glad to know something already great is coming!
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