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  1. “The child” could possibly be a new character(maybe customizable feature like My Summoner that can actually be used in non MS modes) we haven’t seen yet and all of this overreaction could be for absolutely nothing but still an issue in of itself still. Something’s gonna come out of that whether you like it or not. FEH was missing a child like mechanic they have everything else so I should’ve saw something like this coming for a long time.
  2. If Gullveig is a creation between Kiran and Seidr Conception(the game)style it wouldn’t surprise me now since Kiran was single out of the existence erasing plus Heidr was hard pushing them together. Oh how fitting Gullveig winning CYL it’s literally fate now I’m CURIOUS what they’ll do(no Heidr clothes I hope). Plus RIP Gullveig lovers I guess. This is honestly messed up if theory is true because it doesn’t feel like true love at all and feels forced upon me. It’s like you poof something outta nowhere which imo is pretty eh…not a fan it’s just logically wrong but I ain’t going deep on a game. Another is that Kiran isn’t a FE avatar but moreso the players playing the game so it doesn’t make sense to have something crazy like this. I hope IS knows what they’re doing here since I like the book so far hopefully this won’t make me change my thoughts close to mid point. I guess there was Ash and Elm creations of their respective gods but I guess it’s more to do with it being a non-FE Avatar which otherwise would be ok.
  3. Didn’t they alter Bernie’s infamous support in Three Houses via update? I don’t remember who localized that game if it’s them wtaf happened here?! so it’s possible but since this is lol NoA Treehouse sad to the extreme not a single chance since that’s not the only thing that needs fixing their ashame to admit how bad most of their localization work is so it’s definitely getting ignored…
  4. If people are wondering who developed Engage compared to who did the recent games Yeah something obviously felt off about this hopefully the Three Houses team makes another new game later down or is already at work.
  5. Yeah all the extra stuff is nice but getting to that destination always feel special first time playing!
  6. Funny after this datamine blowout I still managed to stay blind on the story!
  7. Very true trying read through these it’s rough hopefully it’s better when seeing them in game.
  8. They’re really telling you to interpret your pairing especially if it’s romantic without much to go with this is so bad sure I’ll try lmao.
  9. It’s no wonder romance was such a hush hush they knew it wasn’t gonna be received well(hopefully now don’t do it again).
  10. Yeah they went ultra weird with the supports/limited romance/platonic(besides the very young ones) in this. That Preveiwer that spoke of romance wasn’t kidding oh Naga….I hope this was just because it was an anniversary title and not staying. Definitely hope this gets criticized for them to not make this mistake again. If it does happen again I blame Three Hopes for introducing that dumb Merc Whistle idea in practice wasn’t a bad idea but this is an example of doing it completely wrong Three Houses did it perfectly and didn’t need to change…
  11. Thankfully those are my favorite Engage females thanks for the heads up! RIP hopes for Citrinne you had it all….
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