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  1. Agree to disagree clearly not getting anywhere its back and forth just let people interpret how they want there's no clear answer your trying to input don't think it was intended to think hard on simply just what's there and up to the player what's not explained well there's a reason some things stay ambiguous to not upset players...
  2. Especially one with Deity powers(Byleth). There's people mentioning Byleth doesn't look different in 5 years but you gotta consider there still an Avatar character so they still gotta be overall recognizable and the faculty doesn't look different either despite being much older(ie Shamir, Manuela, Catherine, Hanneman etc) even some former students don't look that different 5 years isn't enough for some characters to look drastic to others.
  3. No pairs just me and my waifu alone don't care for other potential pairs those don't matter to me so: BE: Byleth/Petra BL: Byleth/Marianne GD: Byleth/Lysithea SS(church): Byleth/Hilda
  4. ^exactly this plus with the datamine already stating their age from part 1
  5. Either way its very messed up to think about any dark possible things I rather my character live to the fullest in the other route with their spouse with 0 travesty which is the intent since they're the player.
  6. The fact that the official JP twitter always use her as their avatar for every new game she's in its likely she is and she works very well as one since she's recurring in the series which a mascot is suppose to be. She can have a twin sister in the game while the other is a shopkeeper it's not hard to do (not as wacky in other games where she's like Nurse Joy/Officer Jenny just one).
  7. Anna is the series mascot so no its not considered "shoving down anyone's throat' its justifiable. Again they're not canon mainline characters so they would be out of place. I don't expect them unless it's another old remake. Again rather in game or unknown characters.
  8. No thank you I rather get cool in game characters like Anna, Judith(GD exclusive), Rhea(path exclusive) and some unknown crest bearers as DLC which are far more likely than some random out of nowhere characters from a JP exclusive TCG....glad there not doing wacky outside shenanigans and should stay that way.
  9. Nope and I'm glad want them to keep their intent on the 3-4 paths conclusive, emotional and grey. War between nations doesn't always end happy and the portrayal of it here is perfect as well as the characterization of every character of the choices made.
  10. Personal 1, 2, 3, 4 tier: 1=best 2=great 3=average 4=worst(in no order) imo 1: Byleth, the 3 House Leaders, Hilda, Lysithea, Petra, Shamir, Catherine, Felix 2: Bernadetta, Dorothea, Ingrid, Leonie, Mercedes, Marianne, Seteth, Sylvain, Flayn 3: Manuela, Ignatz, Lorenz, Ferdinand, Linhardt, Caspar, Hubert 4: Alois, Cyril, Raphael, Hanneman, Annette, Ashe, Dedue, Gilbert
  11. Sadly likely indirectly like other events in the story.....even if she tried to make them not harm Jeralt it clearly wasn't in her control but obviously working with that group she obviously should've expect this. Also good riddance to them all was happy by all of their demise was VERY satisfying!
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