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  1. I’m still legit mad at this chapters moment like omfg….this is
  2. I’m looking forward to Laevateins the most as she’s one of my favorite FEH characters!!! While BD is nice especially staking with BD a slot. I think they’ll do more than that as FEH character particularly Book 2 has been getting a lot of love lately would be nice if they go Gunnthrá-bonkers and give her something like boost damage base on 15-20% of her Atk! or typical NFU or Guaranteed FU are safe bets.
  3. FEH still brings Nintendo LOTS of money it’s not going anywhere even if all 9 realms are visited they can explore other themes that has nothing to do with the 9 realms to keep the game alive. Plus once NEW mainline games come it’ll boost their profits dramatically. Seeing as Heroes is an alternate way to promote upcoming FE games(when sadly TCG ended such a waste….) at best theyll likely make a follow up sequel whether with completely new characters or not(hopefully accounts can transfer all previous Heroes onto it)
  4. Ignoring Eirika C convo(that one was just plain terrible and completely random for her even worse when Lazlow is with his daughter of all things that’s a big nono there…) it was fine Ephraim being focus in the next one doesn’t mean she was less popular as above said not in the slightest…it work with her theme. Marianne’s is fine Linhardt being a little pushy but it fits his character in wanting to learn about people’s crest. Love that they justify why she’s in her dance attire very heartfelt! Gatekeepers is so wholesome love it and him! Marth’s is just being Marth nuff said not an insult at all just what I expect.
  5. VIKA!!!! my beloved Raven wife finally made it at long last with beautiful art and soothing voice as well must get to +10 and S Support!!!! Nice to see Surtr finally get an alt and it works well for him guess Hel’s next gonna be interesting seeing what they’ll do with her ESPECIALLY dialogue lol! Tactical Retreat is a great QoL change Heroes Journey is cute to see how us and the other characters will react to situations
  6. All I need is Joint Drive Atk and my +10 Gunnthrá is set hit by her debuff you’re done buried in her Blizzard!!!
  7. Gunnthrás is far from “decent to good” it’s great uh hello? lol
  8. Its because she knows Claude compare to other the 2 the closest plus he isn't too much for formalities so he joke about it. Plus he takes jabs at her from time to time to poke fun it's a fair game.
  9. Lysithea's is definitely NOT the worst?! Easily very strong....
  10. My girl essentially got Aircalibur in a different name it looks amazing!!! I see some already to downplay the TA effect. Um....she obviously isn't surviving red units to begin with and WHY would she fight Reds in the first place.... This makes her options open as it frees her A slot now and can now take down flyers as well as Blues and Colorless.
  11. Another thing I also like when characters get Tome Prfs is the spell animations they cast always one of the best parts to refines besides the added effect. I hope they don't go lazily with Cecilia's Tome of Order and paste an already existing animation like Excalibur/Dark or Iris Tome/Winds of Silesse since its gonna be a wind base attack. Hopefully it's unique like Winds Brand, Eternal Tome and the unique Tomes Mae and Boey got. I'm very confident it will since every NEW refine prf(not alternate options) were unique!
  12. FINALLY my waifus Cecilia and Setsuna are getting their long awaited refines I'm so happy! I still use my +10 +Atk Cecilia so I'm looking forward to the boost. Hope Tome of Order has either a lul effect like Atk/Res or Res/Spd or a brave effect maybe under right conditions. Setsuna's Yumi will probably be how it was in her game giving debuffs to enemies. I personally hope it also has a brave effect for her high speed. Legion is one I'm interested in so I gotta see on what they do for him I'm predict some kinda boost to him base on penalties on foes or ignores penalties on him. Shiro I don't use but do have from pity breakers so I'm interested to see what they give him not expecting anything drastic but something that improves his Bright Naginata.
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