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  1. Free stats are better than nothing the extra Def/Res could come in clutch plus extra Res boost her Soulblade Arts power heck Lysithia is OP but her Personal is useless once everything is maxed. While someone like Raphael has a Personal which MANY agree is the worst in the game. Personal Skills aren't meant to be overpowered anyway.
  2. Not bad personal skills Constance gets a power or defensive boost depending on the specific base terrain she's in, Hapi is a monster killer and magnet, Balthus gets essentially Defiant Atk/Def, Yuri while basic gets it done.
  3. They will 2 sets of models were found in Datamine for each of the 4 characters for part 1 and 2 funnily Constance and Hapi had 2 chest size data the former increases while latter is identical. Compare to the faculty and knights(excluding Cyril) they only had one set while everyone else also had 2 sets of model data. Thought so given Valkyrie is the only class left to be revealed tomorrow and clearer Famitsu scans are suppose to be up soon. At least its not midnight I get a pretty decent start!
  4. Since this is likely last bit of info before it arrives I guess that's it for me on this forum to soon start playing the DLC!
  5. Wouldn't say "good news"(not that it needs it to be good) but anyway +3 to all stats by tanking magic is really good if required! Flying mobility with magic is always very strong!
  6. It depends other bigger games were a success as well yet some didn't even get DLC(ie Super Mario Odyssey) or got more then what was confirmed. They likely moved on to their next project/s. More free Updates are possible but Wave 4's are probably it.
  7. No Nintendo game on Switch other than Smash Ultimate got a second wave of DLC(as in new set of content besides what was already confirmed before)...so sadly it wont happen if it did I only see new classes being added.
  8. I do expect something regarding hidden agendas within the church to come out.
  9. Something new(but not really) at least they're officially confirmed! I'm guessing Underground Seals will be available in the Main game through the Abyss area(wouldn't be surprised if its limited per playthrough we'll see on that). Anna is whatever to me don't really care for her in this game tbh its neat her portrait changes when a Trickster though.
  10. Its because we know about all of them before the english tweets and nothing to really to talk about regarding Hapi since she has a secret past which you can say about half the cast so for now she's just a "ok" reaction until the DLCs out next week. Her design is really great of course same for Constance and the other 2 guys hopefully their timeskip ones hold up though!
  11. I'm interested to see how Abyss in the main game will be different since if shops are still present there I doubt they'll carry the same stuff would be pointless to an extent except getting more of the limited ones per month.
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