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  1. Well again disagree shes 10/10! None should even be ranked when they're already good.
  2. I'm guessing every week will be a character reveal fitting its only 3 weeks left after this one since that's all they need before release.
  3. Disagree Constance is super hawt and will be even more in war phase!
  4. Ah this takes me back to all the bio reveals till release can't wait for the other 3 reveals!
  5. Wouldn't put it pass them to do so to bring hype and promote it would pull so hard of them (Constance and Hapi PLEASE!) Balthus sadly won't have his Gauntlet Relics yet probably when they introduce fists as weapons and give it to his timeskip version most likely.
  6. Me too especially Constance hope she grows her hair out since 2 other girls that hair change becomes short would look amazing!!!!
  7. Agree to disagree clearly not getting anywhere its back and forth just let people interpret how they want there's no clear answer your trying to input don't think it was intended to think hard on simply just what's there and up to the player what's not explained well there's a reason some things stay ambiguous to not upset players...
  8. Especially one with Deity powers(Byleth). There's people mentioning Byleth doesn't look different in 5 years but you gotta consider there still an Avatar character so they still gotta be overall recognizable and the faculty doesn't look different either despite being much older(ie Shamir, Manuela, Catherine, Hanneman etc) even some former students don't look that different 5 years isn't enough for some characters to look drastic to others.
  9. No pairs just me and my waifu alone don't care for other potential pairs those don't matter to me so: BE: Byleth/Petra BL: Byleth/Marianne GD: Byleth/Lysithea SS(church): Byleth/Hilda
  10. ^exactly this plus with the datamine already stating their age from part 1
  11. Either way its very messed up to think about any dark possible things I rather my character live to the fullest in the other route with their spouse with 0 travesty which is the intent since they're the player.
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