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  1. Did not play it since I don't have a Wii U (it's fkin expensive where i live). Most likely never will outside of emulators. But very much want to 😞
  2. Well Alfonse is more of a strategist, and the one who calls the shots outside of battle. Inside? Yeah that looks like Kiran's doing it. Roy is very much a tactician in FF6, with Merlinus acting as his (mostly ignored) advisor. No comment on Three Houses.
  3. That's in SoV. In Gaiden, they promote at 20. Have fun grinding out the last few levels.
  4. Might as well nerf Fiendish Blow as well. My choices are: Buff movement of mages in general. I just don't get why mages got the movement nerfbat here, especially as they were not particularly good in Fates, and Echoes was a remake and also had terrible mage movement. Speaking of movement, why are Hero, Swordmaster, Sniper and Warrior have only 5 movement, while Assassin, Grappler and dismounted Paladin (wtf IS?) have 6? Rebalance master classes: Nerf to Wyvern Lord speed (it shouldn't be this fast, especially when seeing as how Wyvern Rider has 0% speed) and remove its Avoid +10 (why is that skill even there), maybe a small defense buff to compensate, buff to Great Knight strength/dexterity/defense so it can actually compare to both Paladin and other master classes, buff Mortal Savant speed (wtf is this shit -10% on non-mounted/armored class, considering Wyvern Lord got 10% out of nowhere), Replace Holy Knight's Terrain Resistance with White Magic Uses x2 so that it's not worse than Bishop at being support. War Master/Gremory are good, genderlock aside, Bow Knight already has shit growths and rides out on OPness of bows, Dark Knight is also fine, Falcon Knight i need more knowledge. Add more Master classes. We need a sword Master class that is not Mortal Savant, we need a Brawl class that females can use (maybe the same as sword?), we need a class that Paladin can go to that is not a sidegrade, etc... Considering the requirement is only C (= can be reached really fast), i'm not seeing the problem. Besides, if you're making Mercedes a Holy Knight, you're using her wrong, same with Lysithea, IMO Gremory is better for extra Physics/Warps/Fortifies/High level offensives. I'd say lower the riding req, A is a bit high. Also, no mention of Dark Knight Lorenz?
  5. Hoo boy, we are missing stuff here 🙂 Haar GHB - Path of Radiance Chapter 23 (The Great Bridge), specifically right side. Titania and Mist BHB - Path of Radiance Chapter 9 (Gallia) Alm LHB - Act 1 Final Map (Zofia Castle) Fallen Delthea GHB - Act 3 Sluice Gate (the map where you fight Tatarrah) The Holy Guard Tempest Trials - Binding Blade Chapter 16 (Retaking the Capital), specifically the throne room. Leif and Nanna BHB - Genealogy of the Holy War Chapter 7 (Passing the Desert), area near Leonster castle. Naga MHB - Awakening Endgame (Grima) Cynthia GHB - Awakening Paralogue 9 (Wings of Justice) Eliwood LHB - The Blazing Blade Chapter 28E (Valorous Roland) Marth and Caeda BHB - Shadow Dragon Chapter 1 (Marth Embarks), rotated 90 degrees to the right. Morgan and Morgan BHB - Awakening Paralogue 12 (Disowned by Time) Sothis MHB - Three Houses Holy Tomb, the NG+ area that can only be accessed with FE amiibo, and where you can get the Sothis Shield ability. Kronya GHB - Three Houses Chapter 10 (Where the Goddess Dwells) Death Knight GHB - Three Houses Chapter 6 (Rumors of a Reaper), apparently mirrored. A Hero's Mettle Tempest Trial - Radiant Dawn Chapter 3-13 (Blood Contract) Julia LHB - Genealogy of the Holy War Final Chapter (The Final Holy War), Belhalla Castle again. Jeorge and Gordin BHB - Mystery of the Emblem Chapter 8 (Soulful Bridge) Till Song's End Tempest Trial - Genealogy of the Holy War, resembles the interior of player's Home Castle.
  6. There's a sort of secret passage in the basement of the temple, IIRC, Nomah is there, and so is the passage to that chest. So go get em?
  7. *heroes flashbacks intensify* You do realise just how strong Dancers are in AI hands, do you? Already proven by Fates PvP. Which is why it died, IMO.
  8. Yeah, kinda derped forgetting about Close Counter, it's definitely Uber. Actually, you sold me -3 Weight. But IMO it's mostly an early-to-mid game tool, has a lot of competition, and not everyone really needs it (Swordies usually either double without it or fight a Swordmaster/Assassin which you aren't doubling anyway, Annette wants every slot that is not used by Prowess or Fiendish Blow to have a rally in it, Dedue, Raphael or Gilbert don't double period, etc...). That's yeah, but those skills are class skills? Unless you are CF Chapter 15 Shamir, but then you're kinda hax.
  9. -3 Weight = +3 Speed. You are not putting +2 Speed in uber, are you? Not to mention that everyone uses irons not just because they are light, but also because they are accurate and dirt cheap. I'd say -3 Weight is on slightly mid-to-high, not uber. And Death Blow really pulls its weight when you are doubling or when combined with gauntlets (or both). I'd say among skills you get from ranks, Alert Stance+ is the best.
  10. Was browsing through the wiki and found this.
  11. Well, Ranulf mostly because his availability, and having actully pretty good bases (i concur on him being a cat). As for Volug, that's why i mentioned Zihark or Fiona - when I played RD, i just put him on a bush on 3-6 when untransformed and had him choke the point (he had something around 85 avoid between his actual stats, double earth support and the bush), and by the end of the chapter he was close to level 30 and halfway through to SS strike.
  12. Yeah, slipped my mind. Tbh some non royals are pretty well off too (Ranulf, hawks, Volug if paired with Zihark or Fiona), but i'm sure you know that 🙂.
  13. Easy - make enemies not hax fog of war, and it will be balanced. I think Berwick Saga proved that?
  14. IMO least balanced are Genealogy (Horse emblem the first, Pursuit, lolbroken legendaries, lolaxes and lolfiremagic), Radiant Dawn (lolmages in general, plus GMs will pull ahead of any Dawn Brigade or CRK unit just by virtue of availability and higher starting level) and Fates: Revelation (lolAzama/Setsuna/Odin/Niles, also compare Nyx and Shura or Arthur/Effie/Charlotte/Benny and Silas, and in both cases it's the same join chapter). Best are Thracia (dismounting holds back Horse emblem, Pursuit is plain gone, as are legendaries aside from Forseti, which you don't get until last 3 chapters, although staves...), Blazing Blade (I mean, aside from Rebecca being underwhelming most units are balanced) and maybe New Mystery (as long as we disregard "free silvers").
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