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  1. Just watched the FEH channel. I should've watched it before asking 🙂
  2. Which is a detriment to her, since she never uses weapons 😐 Outside of FEH that is 😄
  3. What the hell is that. WHY the hell is that? Why would someone 40+10 a 1-star Gunter!? And give him dance skills to boot? Is this a FEH pass thing, or was just added? EDIT: Sorry for doublepost
  4. Just for the battle. Yeah, it's weak, but I kinda intended it as an early game skill, though it's great at arena grinding or when dealing with brave weapons. It can also work on PP, though obviously only when doubling or when the enemy has Vantage.
  5. Grit: After combat, recover HP equal to half of damage taken. Battle Rush: Critical Hits recover HP equal to 30% of damage dealt. Revenge: If character is doubled by the enemy, they will also double the enemy in return. Windfury: Each time the character dodges an enemy attack, increase their Hit/Crit by 10 for the remainder of combat.
  6. Fun fact, there are no Berserkers in FE4. And in case you meant FE5, I don't remember Swordmasters having Wrath.
  7. ...this is not a patch or anything to modify the rom with. It's an EXE that generates a text file with randomized list of classes. Basically if you want a challenge run with characters using specific classes. Also, are you a necromancer?
  8. Arthur: A +2 special charge for him, but +1 to his opponent. Sure, it would probably suck, but...
  9. Well CF at least drops Chapter 13 (aka, the most hellish chapter on Maddening), and from what I saw, Jeritza is outright insane right out of the gate (huge bases, insane class with Counterattack mastery, Scythe of Sariel, and also only male character other than NG+ Byleth to get Darting Blow to become even more insane)
  10. Warp is not the only reason she's liked, she also gets THREE effective spells (Dark Spikes vs cavalry, Seraphim vs monsters, Luna might as well be effective against high res units like mages or pegasi), and she also has multiple nukes to call upon (Hades and Abraxas). Plus Mastermind means she doesn't have to spend most of the game getting those ranks (only about half of it 🙂). She has her flaws (no 1-3 range without a staff, Warlock is useless to her, squishy as hell), but she IS one of the top mages in the game.
  11. Speed+2 is not as great for mages, since you have to take them out of mage class for at least 30 battles, and thrown them into the thick of it (and most mages are made of paper), though you can still use bows to avoid 1-range.
  12. It's also only usable on an altar... which Medeus sits on. So still RIP Lena.
  13. Three ways - grind him down to 50% with gambits, rely on dodgetanks, or enemy phase him with 1-3 range of your own.
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