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  1. I have also done it by luring Desaix to a wall, having Gray tank him from a healing tile (he died a few time, forcing me to Turnwheel), and having everyone else grind him into dust (it took me something like 15 turns, thanks to Desaix regenerating). Menwhile Forsyth is the perfect person to tank Slayde with, as he is tanky enough to hold Slayde off yet not damaging enough to seriously threaten the guy. It was annoying but very much doable even without retreating. I assume it's also doable in original Gaiden, but more difficult because you don't get Faye (and thus don't get early Physic) and because Dracoshield doesn't tank Desaix' speed into nothingness.
  2. FE4 does quite a lot too. Myrmidon/Swordmaster, Troubadour, Sage, Warrior and Dark Knight all find their roots in FE4. The only post-FE4 class that somewhat frequently appears is modern incarnation of Bow Knight, which grew out of Nomadic Trooper.
  3. Well, fixing Astra (really, 9 durability for 150% damage), and +1 move. Swordmaster shouldn't have lower move than dismounted paladin.
  4. Actually, Ashe and Lorenz are fought even IF you recruit them, due to story reasons.
  5. Falcon Knights lack Swordfaire, so their damage with swords suffers. Swords really are cucked at Master level, only having "-10% Spd Growth" Mortal Savant with Swordfaire.
  6. Maddening, bro. You grind when the game allows, or you fall behind and that's the end of the run.
  7. HOW!? I tried moving to SD card too, but it only moved the base of the game (about 100Mb), not all the data.
  8. Not exactly sure what that means. It breaks a weapon to do... what exactly?
  9. PoR Ike, hands down. 14 Str in the endgame meant he tinked Ashnard and got doubled by him in return. Also despite me trying my damndest to keep him relevant since I had him support Fir, Noah ended up not reaching 20 in a single stat other than HP. Hell, at around lvl 15 Paladin he was only about as good as my Lv 20 Lord Roy (though my Roy was an absolute beast until he hit a level cap).
  10. Honestly all systems have their good/bad points. Master Seal system is overall the best. "Promote at 21" worked well in Tellius, even if in lategame overseas RD they undermined Master Crowns (and Holy Crown in particular). Gaiden/SoV system is good, but the variation used in Genealogy punishes mid-chapter promotion hard (unless it's in chapters where you might need to backtrack close to your home castle, considering the size of the maps. GBA system is IMO the worst, as it's sometimes needlessly restricting. Examples include mages/clerics in FE1/Mystery book 1 (you don't get guiding rings at all until chapter 19, at which point you're on home stretch towards endgame, what the hell), Rutger (who undermines every other Hero Crest user for a long time, simply because they don't get to promote until chapter 12 IIRC, and even then you only get to use one such unit, the third crest comes a bit late), Pirate Ross and Colm (they undermine each other since you don't get another Ocean Seal until chapter 14 secret shop) and, to an exent Matthew and Legault (Fell Contract comes late, and if you want to promote both, you have to buy another one for a massive 50k gold). Three Houses system is very unusual, and is a bit rough around the edges. I'd say get rid of RNG chance to pass, but in return, lower the reqs. Byleth in particular needs the RNG on their side to get into advanced classes the moment s/he hits 20.
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