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  1. That is perfectly reasonable. If anything, thank you for keeping me on for so long! I've admittedly lost interest with the game (and also have been pretty busy in my everyday life now that classes have started up again), but I wish the best of gacha luck to you all who are still playing! If anyone else wishes to delete me from their friend list they're more than welcome to. If I ever feel like playing again, I'll come back on here and send you a PM.
  2. Dango farming's been pretty easy-going, just been watching streams and the like while spamming 5 AP. I'll be moving back to college tomorrow though, so I won't have a lot of time to farm. I guess I'll just go for Hearts in the 30 AP node to burn AP faster for the day. Also, I got enough archer monuments to 4th ascend Emiya, which I'm pretty happy about :D which now makes four max ascended units (others being Saber Alter, Hassan, and Medusa)! I'm really starting to feel like I'm making progress with this account!
  3. There does not exist any archer that can OHKO Kagero (or any of the common Poison Dagger glass cannons) on the counterattack on enemy phase, and after that initial counterattack you won't be receiving any more because of Desperation. The higher defense is entirely unnecessary when you should be getting hit anywhere from 0-1 times in a standard Arena match.
  4. Presumably because Def isn't a highly sought-after stat on offensive Poison Dagger units?
  5. You've always been cool <3 a cold-hearted robot Congrats on Xander though :D I'd give him Hone Cavalry, but otherwise he's fine
  6. Well, he is a thief, after all. Stealing is his job :P
  7. Boobs are fine, and fanservice is fine. The problem is when the fanservice dominates the rest of a game and becomes the focus rather than a bonus on the side. Likewise, boobs are great, but it does seem silly to like a character simply because of their boobs (or their appearance in general).
  8. A man of culture. Wow, I've been gone from the forums for weeks, and the first thing I come back to is boobs, huh? Classic.
  9. Two full days. I have officially spent two full days, an entire 48 hours worth of AP, exclusively farming the 20 AP main match level of Nerofest. Hoping, praying for just one single phoenix plume. Two full days later...I still have yet to get it. Why does this game hate me so </3
  10. Honestly, I really do love the Nohrian characters and admit to favoring them over the Hoshidan royals, personally. But I do admit that it's a bit unfair that the Hoshidans got shafted. This was the perfect opportunity to have a summer festival banner with the Hoshidan royals in yukatas! A wasted opportunity :/
  11. Ah, well, the thread looks like it could use a dash of positivity anyways :D (And yeah, probably not)
  13. I've already managed to ascend a bunch of my faves :D Thanks Nerofest!
  14. What on earth have I walked into... Also @SatsumaFSoysoy I'd say QR > Swordbreaker in Arena because of the wider use and because uptime hardly matters when each unit only needs to go through 1-2 rounds of combat anyways (and do you really need the greater uptime of Swordbreaker? You aren't going to run into many teams running two sword units to begin with). For longer gauntlets like Tempest or Chain, SB could see more use, but I'd still rather go QR and a healer (also I don't think I'd recommend Fury in such an environment because you really don't want the chip damage. Maybe go T-Adept instead?)
  15. That's understandable. The reason I haven't played much Heroes is the exact opposite (FGO is taking most of my game time). You certainly can have FGO be your first foray into the Fate universe (much like how some people are introduced to many FE characters through Heroes), but I'll certainly agree that a big part of the draw for me is using my faves from a fandom I've been invested in for a while. It's a fun and well-designed game though, so I'd recommend at least giving it a try (and you can always just uninstall and go back to Heroes if it doesn't suit your fancy).
  16. Eh, I didn't have any orbs left to pull on her by then anyways since I blew everything trying to get Delthea (I got two Mathildas for my trouble instead). I also haven't really touched my stamina in about a month, so since I haven't done any quests or new paralogue/story/chain missions and such, my orb count is basically at zero. I'll still come onto SF occasionally to chat because Arc and Smoke are lonely without me and will gladly offer help if asked directly (like with Rezzy here), but for the most part I've lost a lot of my interest in Heroes :/ (which isn't helped by how much busier I've gotten all of a sudden irl)
  17. ;____________; Sheep baby never did come home </3 That's the real reason I haven't been active for so long Ah, yes, I usually think in the context of an Arena skirmish, but I suppose since longer gauntlets are going to start being a normal thing, I should take that into consideration as well. It's also true that Aether is good for extra scoring if you don't need your special anyways (which is often the case with blade units, especially cavalry ones)
  18. @Rezzy Ah sorry! I've been super lately with a bunch of real life stuff lately (and have also spent a large chunk of my free time playing Fate Grand Order instead of Fire Emblem Heroes), but I'm doing just fine. I'm genuinely touched that there are people worrying about me though <3 In any case, regarding your Leo: I'd personally swap out Swap with another assist (either Draw Back or Reposition) since Swap is generally more useful for units who want to save an ally then tank on the enemy phase, which is not something Leo wants to be doing. Moonbow is also generally better on -blade units because the -blade tome renders the cooldowns of other specials too high to be worthwhile. Also Death Blow is going to be better than Fury since your primary goal with Leo is to OHKO nuke your opponent. His low speed and mediocre bulk also means he doesn't really want to be taking hits on enemy phase, so I would instead give him something like Swordbreaker for his B skill to net him some extra ORKOs he wouldn't normally get. EDIT: I just realized all of this is basically what @MrSmokestack suggested. Guess great minds think alike :P
  19. @Rezzy That looks terrifying :O Bet she'd be even more terrifying with Life and Death and Desperation
  20. So Clarisse is basically the anti-Lachesis. Her voice is way higher than I would have expected from her art .__.
  21. I can no longer remember a time when I wasn't rerolling. It feels like this has been my entire life. When will Waver come home to me </3
  22. The problem with Hawkeye is that there is literally no set he does that is not done better by another unit. His Brave Axe set is completely obsolete compared to Cherche running the same set. A T-Adept magekiller set is inferior to Titania, Camilla, and Anna running a similar set because they have similar res but far more speed. Hawkeye is considered bad not because he isn't capable of producing results (I still hold fast to the belief that literally any character in this game can be made usable) but because there is nothing he can do that someone else can't do better. He will always be obsolete.
  23. That's my exact cavalry team (though I'm going for 4* +10 Cecilia) lmao I gave Hone to Xander and Cecilia and Fortify to Camus and Reinhardt. This setup allows me to split them up into two-horse pods of Xander/Reinhardt and Camus/Cecilia while still allowing everyone to receive a buff that benefits them. You can switch around the buffs for Camus and Cecilia if you want since they both make good use of both Hone and Fortify, but at the very least I recommend giving Xander Hone and Reinhardt Fortify.
  24. If you can win without Camus needing his special, then yeah the Growing/Blazing skills and Aether/Galeforce are ideal. Otherwise stick to specials that are useful instead of just whatever gets you points.
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