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  1. Ok, fine. We’ll do the job for you, but only if you pay us 999999 gold.
  2. Celica is dumb! Rocks are smarter than her!
  3. Yes! Someone got it! And thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!
  4. “Last year Abe said he was 15 years old. Now, he claims to be 16. Which is it Abe? Better keep your stories straight!” (Yes, I’m only 16.)
  5. Thanks. I was fooled by that account, so I wouldn’t be surprised if other people get tricked as well. Either that or I’m stupid. Probably the latter. Anyway, good luck with getting that sorted out.
  6. Umm.... I was the one who told you this. Not even a special thanks to me? : (
  7. In my opinion, these are perfect results. Micaiah’s great, Camilla’s fine, Alm wins as expected, and Eliwood finally did it. He’s getting what he deserves! I can sleep happy knowing that Eliwood is getting a brave alt now. I knew he could do it!
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