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  1. My whole life is saying the wrong things at the wrong times. Also, this is my first post on SF in months.
  2. Ugh... having a bad day today. Took a long nap and I’m still cranky... Why even bother being awake today?
  3. Again, thanks. Hmm... I should say something else other than just “thank you” every time...
  4. Thanks. Your post about it caught me off guard when I first saw it. Haha.
  5. So um... I’m turning 17 today. That means now as old as Alm, Celica, Eliwood, Hector, PoR Ike, and maybe some other lords I forgot about. I don’t know. Not really in the mood to do anything today. This pandemic better be mostly done with by next year’s birthday so I can have a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s for my 18th. (Yes, I’m pathetic like that. I’d say I want to do it at some point before I grow too old for it, but I’m already someone who’d get awkward looks for wanting to have fun at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Maybe if I did this back when I was 12- Wait, has it really been five years since 2015... ?) Look, I know this post isn’t the radical Clone High reference that I did for last year, but 1. That reference was specifically a once in a lifetime opportunity thing that I could pull off. (Still proud for doing that.) and 2. I’m almost an adult(if your definition of adult is ‘someone who is at least 18’) and I’m not good at public social interaction at all so my goal for this year was to have lots of fun going to places and actually make some real life friends but everything is screwed up now and honestly I don’t know how I’ll manage to ever become an independent person with all the mental issues I have. So, umm... that’s that. Happy birthday??
  6. Like NinjaMonkey said, this thread is a little redundant, but I voted for PoR. Great characters, great music, great art style, great story, and the narmy voice acting and other funny moments are the cherry on top for me.
  7. Funny how people are still answering this even though it’s over. Now I know for sure people like this kind of stuff. Haha!
  8. There’s a little blurb about Titania next to Soren’s if you look closely, Glennstavos. I didn’t take a picture of it so you can’t see the text they put, but it’s there. I suppose so. This was just a neat little thing I wanted to do. Would be fun to make more posts about funny Fire Emblem related things found in Nintendo Power some other time, if anyone is interested in that.
  9. You got it! Sorry to Benice. That’s a fair answer but not what I was thinking of. This was fun, though. Pretty funny looking through old Fire Emblem articles like this, isn’t it?
  10. First one to answer correctly gets absolutely nothing, but at least you’ll feel proud you got it right. Click here to see the picture.
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