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  1. Not exactly sure, but I’d have to go with “His Father’s Son”. Surprised nobody has said that one yet.
  2. DS games are not region locked the original DS and DS Lite, but they are on the DSi and 3DS I believe.
  3. If we’re just talking about Fire Emblem, then I’d say I prefer the more muscle-less guys over those that are “manly”. There are exceptions, but I’m pretty sure those exceptions either don’t have that much muscle, or they hide it under all that armor, or behind a “cute” personality, or both. (Still love you, Hector. <3) Of course, if you want to be considered the cutest guy in my books, you’ve got to have... . blue, spiky hair. . trouble with social skills. . done something so bad that you got sent to quarters for 10 days by your father. . used your cape as a blanket. . a soft and cuddly plush that can be by your side to protect you from any scary monsters that appear when you sleep at night. I hope it’s obvious I’m talking about PoR Ike. Of course, Ike is just a fictional character from a video game. I don’t plan to ever get in a real relationship.
  4. Yes! Another Eirika fan! I’m voting for her too! : D

    1. DefyingFates


      Yes!! I'm so glad to hear it!! Please spread the word and get as many votes for her as possible, she can still win this!! Have you read my character analysis of her by any chance? 


    2. Hectorcopter


      No, I haven’t. I don’t need to read anything to know that Eirika’s great!

  5. Do one with Ephraim, except this time he has a big head.
  6. All I know is that I hate being called “Zoomer”. It’s Gen Z, for crying out loud.
  7. Well, at least it went better this time... I took a nap afterwards because I was exhausted.
  8. ... I’m taking the flight back home in a few hours. I’m scared. Again.
  9. Everyone is exhausted. Would you barbecue Sigurd?
  10. Nothing Day A day to celebrate... nothing!
  11. Neither. Barbecues have gone too far. Why do I love Ike so much that I want to marry him?
  12. I don’t like cats or pets in general. They just make me scared and disgusted...
  13. Only if it tastes like “rainbows” or something... also you shouldn’t barbecue at all because Serenes Forest will catch on fire. Why does Ike love steak?
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