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  1. Well, at least it went better this time... I took a nap afterwards because I was exhausted.
  2. ... I’m taking the flight back home in a few hours. I’m scared. Again.
  3. Everyone is exhausted. Would you barbecue Sigurd?
  4. Nothing Day A day to celebrate... nothing!
  5. Neither. Barbecues have gone too far. Why do I love Ike so much that I want to marry him?
  6. I don’t like cats or pets in general. They just make me scared and disgusted...
  7. Only if it tastes like “rainbows” or something... also you shouldn’t barbecue at all because Serenes Forest will catch on fire. Why does Ike love steak?
  8. Talk about what? There’s nothing to talk about. Nothing to do. It doesn’t even feel like Christmas!
  9. I can’t even do that. My Taco Bell order keeps getting screwed up and I keep sleeping through things on TV. I’m mentally drained... I don’t want to do anything...
  10. The flight was horrible. It got delayed multiple times, I was very stressed, and dad snapped at me for being nervous... and then when I cried out of fear he compared me to my sister, pointing out that she never cried during the trip. I feel like he loves her more than me. It hasn’t been much better since even though I’m at the vacation home now. I vomited from stress, my throat hasn’t been feeling the best since a million people were coughing at the airport, and the smoke alarm went off for NO REASON. I want to be back home. I’m in serious mental pain. :’(
  11. Umm... could you please stop? You’re making me more worried...
  12. Ok now this makes me downright terrified. I already have noise cancellers, but other than that, I can’t really do much. I’m not an adult like a lot of the users on here are. I have little control over what I can do. Plus the flight is TODAY. Also knowing me I’ll have to use the bathroom or be in general discomfort and stress WHYYYYYY
  13. Knowing how I always swallow some of my toothpaste, I don’t think that would work for me.
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