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  1. The way I've headcanoned it in SMT is that demons are serving you only because they have to. The moment you collapse and can no longer control them, is the moment their fickleness surfaces and they abandon you, or worse eat you. Said headcanon makes no sense for Persona however, since friends won't abandon each other so easily. And IIRC, it didn't happen in Old Persona, as I don't remember Tatsuya dying causing me that problem. Heck, it only makes slight sense pre-Nocturne, since the Hero has at least a human Heroine usually by his side in Classic SMT. In terms of gameplay from personal experience... I don't think MC death = Game Over was bad in SMT1, I don't remember that many instances where the enemy would pack so much attack power that they could surprise KO the MC with raw damage. Soul Hackers might've been slightly worse, but in both this and SMT1 I invested a lot stat points into Vitality and Agility to improve the MC's defensiveness. Nocturne is a different story however. Since the Demi-Fiend isn't a normal human anymore, they lost their species's natural Expel immunity (ordinary humans can't be killed by exorcisms apparently). This assures no matter what Magatama you give them, some form of insta-kill will have a chance of landing without the protection of Tetraja, since only the very last Magatama provides both Expel and Death immunity. The Press Turn system is also nasty for survival. If the enemy lands a lucky crit, things can go very badly, or, if the Demi-Fiend's Magatama gives them an elemental weakness, it's very easy for things to go very dead. Nonetheless, I was a glutton for the punishment and cleared Nocturne on Hard, having fun along the way. Strange Journey I never got to finishing, but, it's arguably worse than Nocturne in this aspect. Sure, barring equipping equipment that gives an Expel weakness, the MC is immune to it. Thats a positive. Nor are there Press Turns, so random enemy crits aren't as potentially fatal. However, unlike traditional SMT, the player has no say over the MC's stat point distribution. There is a quiz at the start of the game that determines the growth rates of the MC, but the growths are unreliable, and if you get screwed out of Magic and Vitality, then the hero will be dangerously more fragile and there is nothing you could've done about it. I haven't played Modern Persona, but I am aware the MC can swap their Persona for different ones from any Arcana- a special power exclusive to them called the "Wild Card". The Wild Card didn't exist in Old Persona, anyone could use almost any Persona, albeit not all Personas were equally compatible for everyone. Since different Personas have different stat spreads and weaknesses, you can look for ones with less common weaknesses and greater durability. Considering I'm an SMT veteran, I ought to be totally fine with surviving in Modern Persona, but that is me, and I am not you, for I am not another you summoned from the collective unconscious.
  2. I think you're speaking of different Japans. Acacia is referring specifically to the reunification of Japan during the Sengoku period. During the Heian Period (794-1185 AD) of Japanese history, the archipelago had began to undergo feudal decentralization of political power. The Kamakura and later Ashikaga Bakufus/Shogunates tried to reunify the Japanese islands, but both failed to establish real centralized control. The Ashikaga declined into total anarchy, resulting the Sengoku -"Warring States"- Period, wherein the Shogun was powerless outside of Kyoto and individual warlords did as they wished. Then, Oda Nobunaga began effectively reunifying Japan by force. Nobunaga was assassinated before he could finish the job, his underling Toyotomi Hideyoshi finished the conquests of Japan and had peace with a unified country for a while. Unfortunately, Hideyoshi died with an infant for an heir, and some warlords retained Sengoku ambitions, namely Tokugawa Ieyasu, who took advantage of the situation and usurped power from Hideyoshi's brat at the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600 AD. After this, Ieyasu established the Tokugawa Bakufu/Shogunate, the last of the three Shogunates, which lasted for about 250 years. Other than Sekigahara and later the Siege of Osaka Castle in 1615, and maybe the Shimabara Rebellion if it counts, Japan: Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, southern Hokkaido, and some small islands, was entirely at peace. Although not perfect as Early Modern governments couldn't be, political authority was fairly centralized and stable in the capital of Edo/Tokyo under the Shogun's control. It could've broken apart, again, lot of centuries of rebellious warlords in the recent past, but it didn't happen, Ieyasu established a firm, lasting rule. The "Japanese Empire" you're referring to comes after 1868 when the Tokugawa Shogunate collapsed during the Meiji Restoration. With the exception of some colonization of Hokkaido, placing the king of the Ryukyu Islands (think Okinawa and the like) under Japanese vassalage, and Hideyoshi's foolish and failed invasion of Korea (which Ieyasu never considered doing, as it ruined Japan's reputation with its neighbors, he wrote nice and unthreatening letters to the King of Korea instead), Japan had not engaged in imperial activity prior to 1868. Japan was outright isolationist most scholars would say, refusing to interact with the outside world. The Japanese Empire from Meiji to the end of World War II has nothing to do with the Japanese reunification of centuries prior. Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu were reforming what had been territorially accepted as Japan for centuries. Conquering Korea, Manchuria, Taiwan and other some other places was motivated by modern European imperialism and the Japanese desire to be a predator and not prey in the modern imperial world order. I'm not saying you're wrong that there was a Japanese Empire, but it's wholly separate phase in the country's history from its reunification (of what's really a Kingdom of Japan- but in English, the Emperor of Japan is well, an Emperor, even if the Japanese archipelago ain't worthy of the "empire" designation). And the example of the reunification of Japan at the end of Sengoku is not entirely appropriate, nor entirely inappropriate, for Fodlan I'd think. I'm feeling this a convenience for the sake of narrative. Would be harder to write a story if the only way the characters could communicate with each other was through writing down Latin because Dimitri spoke Old Church Slavonic, Edelgard Middle High German, and Claude Farsi. And heaven forbid we let some poor person speak and their rustic tongue be incomprehensible to all three of the above. -Although, the educated could learn to speak in fluent Latin, as was required in Medieval universities, so a lingua franca existed. But you still shouldn't expect the peasants to even then, since they don't have the time and resources to learn Latin.
  3. Who would've thought those pre-battle -sol sprays would make such a big difference? From taking 20 minutes to destroy the appendages alone to taking ~15 for the entire fight. Having almost every buff applied to everyone as soon as the fight begins with like five minutes made colossal world of difference. I ripped right through everything, the boss never even Doomed me this time around. The imbalance is insane. Then came the next boss, which started fair enough, I thought it even a little easy. But after staggering it once I got it down to about 40k HP, and while I could strip off about another 10k of it, I kept failing to stagger the thing and its self-healing, which I thought negligible earlier in the fight, was now outpacing my rate of damage output. I won solely via an Odin summon to push past the healing. Everyone has every Role unlocked now, but they're all unbelievably expensive. I understand wanting to avoid making all characters identical with the unlocking of full Role flexibility, but they went overboard. No point in making someone one of the three Roles they don't get before they all unlock, it'd take entire mountain ranges' worth of points for them to get good at it, which also equates to eons to achieve. The, what I assume to be last, tier of nodes in the Crystariums are exorbitant in cost as well. But if this is the last of the nodes, then I guess they need to force Crystogen Point heatsinks on the player that'll last until the game is over. And they're what I'll prioritize with everyone, those extra ATB bars being priority number one. Actually, I'm kinda used to them in SMT, I don't usually complain about insta-kill there. That, despite all mainline games and some spinoffs before IV made it so MC death = Game Over. This is mostly because I expect it, and I have ways of mitigating it. I keep a decent demon with Tetraja around at all times once I find the skill, and I'll gear my MC with Expel and or Death (b/c SMT traditionally has two insta-kill elements) resistant or immune equipment. Unblockable insta-kills are pretty rare in SMT, but not nonexistent unfortunately. And I wouldn't mind it in this frustrating case in FFXIII, were it not for death of the character you're controlling = Game Over. Doesn't matter if the other two are still alive, doesn't matter if I'd stand a good shot of winning if those living AIs could toss a revival item or spell on me. Only a little. Ailments don't seem accurate enough, nor deadly enough. Slow has been useful in a few cases, and on paper I can see the value to a bunch of other ailments, but I've only three characters in battle and every second is precious. Staying alive, building up stagger, and pounding out the hurt all take priority over a chance of ailing my foes for a while. As I've said before, same. Although I've basically lost the meticulous fanfics now, buried as they are on my old and near-totally defunct computer. Hinata is a bit on the weak side. You have a slight liking for the underpowered, albeit probably not as much as a disliking for the overpowered. Hinata tries to be a Samurai/Myrmidon who trades some Skill and Speed for concrete durability. Alas, alright bases aside, Hinata flubbed it, big time. His pre-class growths total 235, a not-insignificant 30 below fellow Samurai Hana, and a disgusting 65 points below Ryoma. 235 is pretty bad, Setsuna is worse at 225, but that is as low as it goes other than four old Corrinsexuals. At 20/20 on average spent entirely in Samurai/Swordmaster, Hinata IIRC has 5 HP and 1 Def over Ryoma, who trounces him in all the other stats, and that's not factoring in the awesome Rajinto only Ryoma can use. Hinata does have a bigger concrete durability leads over Hana, who is at serious risk of being OHKO'ed on Lunatic, but she like Ryoma owns 'nata badly in Spd and Str. Hinata's personal Spd growth is 15%, that is low enough to be problematic even for a Swordmaster, and Hana has a 55% Str growth compared tp his slightly below average 35%. Hinata does have access to the rather rare Oni Savage classline to emphasize his supposedly viable physical durability. But his glacial Spd will become even more of hindrance there, as it will kill his already lacking offense, although Clubs having good Hit will compensate somewhat for his shabby Skill. And since Hinata has low Res, it means he'll be susceptible to ORKO via a magic doubling or close to it; Wary Fighter could sorta fix that -but it's a Nohr-only skill so Hinata is out of luck. In the end, the only real use I can find for Hinata is as someone's Defensive Stance backpack. Here, Hinata is versatile and his crappy stats don't matter. Coming at level 10, Hinata needs no training to use a Master Seal, and once he does, you have options. Samurai/Swordmaster will let him give someone +4/5 Spd. Master of Arms gives a balanced +2 Str/Skl/Spd/Def. Toss him a Heart Seal to Oni Savage/Chieftain and you'll get +4 Str and +2/4 Def, a rarity on Birthright. You know I can understand how that feels.🙂
  4. I'm reminded of Suikoden 2. An antiquated PS1 JRPG by Konami, while a personality-free, silent, worshipped-like-crazy MC. Provided you've fulfilled the requirements for the true ending, after defeating the final boss, you can either: Become president of the liberated and unified country. Or, reunite with your childhood friends, leave governance behind, and go on an adventure with them. -The True Ending.
  5. I've recognized this, but it's subtle enough that I see why people wouldn't pick up on it. Add a statement or two to the relevant scenes that spells it out more and the point would be sufficiently more obvious. Speaking of Yato and the BB, if we get a weaponized Fire Emblem again, no locking to a single weapon type please if we've yet another avatar. Avatars should be flexible, and restricting their ultimate weapon to a single type is a bad idea. Sure ByBy can swing a sword regardless of class, unlike 'rin, but you're still getting less out of the Creator Whipier (portmanteau of "Whip" and "Rapier") if you don't have Swordfaire. Magic object being magical, it should be able to transmute its form to whatever best suits its user ATM, like the Soul Edge and Soulcalibur. As for the two accessory Fire Emblems we've gotten, the Flame Crest is too random to rely on. The Archanean lockpick is kinda there, while its restored form stat bonuses don't matter a whole lot unless FE12 Lunatic Marth vs. Medeus, and the Earth Dragon sealing is mostly thematic, not substantial.
  6. I've recognized the importance of role level. Although none of my Paradigms have more than one Sentinel, in part because I'm didn't change my team from the default Lightning-Hope-Fang. And considering how this boss flings magic as frequently as blinking in the first half, I'd end up eating spells out of Sentinel no matter what. The guides I saw said "use Rav-Rav-Com" and never mentioned Sentinel with sporadic healing, but I don't understand how I'm supposed to rush down the pauldrons and other two parts that quickly, there is simply too much enemy HP & offense for that. I'll just have to give it another try. I understand why the boss would be so strong narratively, but there is a limit to what it can justify in gameplay.
  7. *Makes to the end of the Palamecia, struggles long and hard destroying the boss's four auxiliary parts* *Removes maybe 1/4th of the boss's HP, casts Doom on me, my Summon has already been used up.* *Ragequits hard.* Total BS. The game underwent visual strain from the boss's agaagaagaagaagaagaagaagaaga spam- who the hell let it cast Haste on itself? I don't have time to Dispel when I'm barely able to survive its onslaught with a Sentinel and Medic plus the occasional Potion because weak single-target heals and strong enemy aoe attacks amirite? It's the aircraft boss from before, but way worse. I actually stood a real shot of killing it before it used Doom, did the game seriously expect me to kill this thing before the death count ran out?
  8. It is a lazy port -although license makes Dante as DLC in all versions understandable (and Raidou who replaces him is the same in gameplay). And yet, Atlus has already put it on sale twice so far, and it hasn't been six months since release yet. As was the case with the 3DS, if Nocturne is anything to go by, only a fool or physical fan should buy an Atlus game on Switch at release.
  9. Since Nemy has a Dark Creator Sword, why didn't they give him an "Unholy Deadbeat" ability as well? With limits on his use of it ofc.
  10. Only if you want Shiro alive. And only then if you wait until after Chapter 18.
  11. Morning comes, and my feet are still hammered. It was. There was one museum I wasn't allowed to hit up because nice weather outside, high admission, and the museum being ginormous. Still, there is always next time. If you ever opt to visit Boston, I could offer a little advice. I understand the leaning towards Metroid within the genre, and for me I think I like it more because my gaming menu is already heavy with RPG experiences. I've read a lot of praise (never universal ofc) for Hollow Knight, which reads like a Metroid-leaning Metroidvania. Although I've also heard some criticism the bosses are too hard and checkpoints a little too spaced out, which turns me off for fear of being unable to complete it. There is also a sequel in the works called Silksong, but the devs have said nothing about it for quite a while, resulting in fears that it's in development hell.
  12. On the topic of 3H without using the Monastery, I must say that all three of my Hard Classic playthroughs, one for each route except Silver Snow, I did nothing except a battle, Paralogue or generic, every weekend. I did the bare minimum on the mandatory exploration days (including one session to Crimson Flower unlock) and never more. Seminars were never done. Nor did I ever Rest. Neither did I make a single support happen other than the absolute minimum of C+ Edel for her route. I never recruited anyone outside of the assigned house, other than the Lysithea on CF b/c she required nothing to get. Though I chose what each student should study, I always assigned th lectures themselves to auto, and I always selected the top option on one of those three-choice questions asked, without me even reading the question. Birthdays and holidays were never celebrated. So, how did it work out? Perfectly fine. Not exactly a surprise, since a diet of constant battle -the one thing I was willing to entertain- kept me leveled or overleveled. I was also flush with Gold, which gave me an unspent war treasury of 2-300k I think by the end of Verdant and Azure. I never forged anything, precious resources are to be accumulated and buried with their owners, not put to practical use while they live. Hidden Talents remained hidden, but those meant nothing to me. Relic weapons were never used- again, they're as good as grave goods to a stingy fool like me. I think my Pulse use was limited, I wouldn't use it just to undo a bad RNG roll. Since I recruited no one, I think I had but one Adjutant at most, it didn't matter. Professor Rank, despite me basically ignoring it all I could, still managed to cross to C at some point in VW and AM during the 2nd half. But I don't think it reached C+. I forget off the top of my head if I hit C on Crimson Flower. Delayed Master Classes aren't a big deal. Difficulty-wise, 3H wasn't hard under these conditions, but it was okay for me.
  13. It's not it's a drag, it's the way the narrative is written that it feels like it should be short (even if I don't expect it to be) and it keeps me pushing on. Opening to being cursed is very dramatic, gradual decline in intensity afterwards during the split up, but then it's Hope's hometown and kaboom action everywhere again. If this game had been more like VII, where once Midgar is over things become kinda aimless and totally devoid of intensity for a while, it'd be a different feeling. That, and I couldn't exactly bring a PS3 with me on vacation. I'm feeling a little tired right now, and I felt no different the past couple nights, I would've lost against a moogle plushie with this mental state.
  14. Vacation over, shame we were down a crew member, and the weather leaving turned absolutely miserable. But those things happen and the good certainly outweighs the bad. Back at home, my feet have given up screaming now that they know the ordeal is over, they're barely able to keep me upright, a combination of my lack of exercise with my family preferring to walk from destination to destination and resorting to public transportation or ridesharing only when absolutely necessary. I've no souvenirs, but memories are always enough. I didn't comment on this before, for the reason you state. I'll get to CrossCode soon, although I think I'll try to plough through FFXIII first. I've the game hanging for a few days. Leif is nice enough I'd agree, though his story could use modern resources used effectively to drive it home. Otherwise, I'm not majorly fond of any lord. Hector being a semi-exception, being a bit smarter than you'd think for a brute IMO, and I like how he handles his brother's death. -Although I could probably cherrypick stuff from every lord that I'd find good whilst setting aside the bad. The best characters don't exist in any particular stratum. If I say "lords are overrated", I can't bring myself to blindly rush to the lowest tier of characters or some layer in the middle and throw it on a pedestal.
  15. Another long and exhausting day, and yet, I always feel like I could’ve done more on vacation. Do I lack for stamina as I think I do, or does popular entertainment and advertising give people infinite vitality? I’ll comment on stuff tomorrow, not feeling like it right now. But I was surfing the web… 🤣 https://www.siliconera.com/super-robot-wars-og-exhibition-will-also-sell-merchandise Pls buy me the Alt shirt in red and big as it gets thx! 😘 Probably cheap material and still wouldn’t fit me.
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