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  1. Would Lyn have existed were it not for Melee giving a green light to the internationalization of FE? Her main purpose was to be the nice tutorial lady for newbies- namely Westerners. VJ I recall made it into Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on the Wii, so he has actually been made into a fighter before. He'd be great brawler to this day with Slow and Mach Speed. Shame he is too dated to appear anywhere but a Capcom Vs. game nowadays and that VJ3 will never happen.
  2. Same; Kaga liked Seliph more than Sigurd and though Sig's journey was a mere foreshadowing of Seliph's. How odd that seems, given Gen 1 is usually given more narrative acclaim than the second. But who knows how a post FE4 Remake poll would rank them. If every new fighter is getting a stage, then what of a hypothetical Elma/Rex? What would they get? Hopefully not Primordia or Gormott, though they are the first areas in their games, which is a huge help for their chances of being the stage, they'd be too samey with Gaur Plains already in.
  3. I've given Bloodstained a play with its latest update. I blitzed in two days past 50% map completion. Fun, a Metroidvania is refreshing right now for me, and they're never too long either. But, now I've hit a roadblock thats dragging things down to earth- Bloodless. Their attacks are too strong and difficult to dodge, I really don't want to have to farm for High Potions. I'll try to find a way to poison her instead.
  4. And that reminds me, the National Archives was reported to have blurred out Trump's name in some photographs of the 2017 women's march on Washington. The context was protesting signs denouncing him. The National Archives said the photographs were part of an exhibition and that the modifications were to cut down on things that'd make it less friendly for all ages. A historian I saw interviewed was appalled by this meddling with primary source documentation of the historical record.
  5. I had read only today that Japanese Male Robin's usual voice actor outside of Awakening- Yoshimasa Hosoya- is the same as Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE's Yashiro Tsurugi's. Now, I can't help but see Robin singing this: ...wearing only this: 🥰
  6. No. Is the tragedy he was born with the name "Darth Plagueis", given to him by his mom b/c she wanted him to be ready for Sithlordship by age 19? And as part of this tragedy, he was picked on his classmates at the elite Sith kindergarten for having such a tryhard Sith name? And, that even thought he graduated top of his class with a doctorate in Intergalactic Hate Studies at Infernal Heart University, his career as a Sith was cut short after eight years, ironically by means of a tic bite which infected him with Bubopneumasemic plague? If I find myself more attracted to pixel people than real people, do I have a problem?
  7. Pneuma reminds me of this: Shanoa's Pneuma glyph from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.
  8. My sympathies, inasmuch as they can be offered. Life is so precious, it is profoundly tragic for this to happen.
  9. The next time you can, buy a bunch of these, the final fights will thank you. Well, Mother Hilda is exerting pressure on her to wed, a dutiful daughter would obey. Ishtar knew pre-possession Julius, but that was like 10 years ago, they would've been too young to form a "rational" romantic bond. It'd work better if Julius got possessed later.
  10. In terms of draconic destruction, FE doesn't often do a good job of showing what it looks like, Kurth exhalation aside. TearRing Saga, being an FE in all but name and legal rights, did offer several instances of the physical destruction its dragons could inflict. Nothing but a few ruined walls remain of Leda Castle, and surrounding Leda Valley is barren, gray, a little swampy, and monster-filled after 50 years of being inhabited by Earth Guardian "Witch" Dragon Kranion. Said destruction and probably even more left unseen resulted in the disintegration of Leda from a single great kingdom into a bunch of smaller disunited fiefdoms. Kranion those 50 years prior did make an attack on Salia Castle, which left it looking like a bland rectangle with some holes in the ceiling, no fancy exterior decoration or structures of any kind at all. Although I don't get why in 50 years time the center of Salia's monarchy didn't renovate and restore the place. Nolzeria- It was I think 2-3 years prior to the start of the game when this happened? I'm not sure how long it lasted, but it couldn't have been very long an event I think, no more than a two weeks if that. As Canaan and Reeve discussed peace to end their warring IIRC, Gwenchaos had Water Guardian Dragon Muse annihilate the great city of Reeve. Thousands are stated to have died, and when Runan visits the city, most of its great many buildings bear some scarring. To offer some visual aid: A Laguz Dragon is on the weaker side of FE ones I'd say. But nonetheless, if a novice and pacifist like Kurthnaga could destroy a tower in a single breath, then a group of experienced ones intending to annihilate could do the same as a single TRS Guardian Dragon.
  11. Hasn't done a challenge I had to Sedgar + Wolf tank and warpskip at the end.
  12. 32-bit video game consoles never developed their own distinct generation between the 16 & 64 bit eras. Nintendo didn't participate, and Sega's try at it flopped.
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