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  1. It was months ago when it was like that. Juju is meme-annoying, hence his inclusion in your results. Either fans not me stopped looking for the risquΓ© stuff, or the search algorithm changed to change the top results.
  2. I on the other hand, when searching "Xenoblade Wiki", for a time, had Mythra and Pyra nudes (either on a t-shirt or body pillow, I forget which) show up first thing in the search results. πŸ˜‘ I'll spare you knowledge of what I wouldn't have minded.
  3. Why? Did you aggro Gangy too soon and he's doubling you with his Levin Sword? I do love what he says in the end, reminds you how the last moments of your life will ultimately be.😁
  4. Challenge, what challenge? Douglas is not strong. Okay, 34 Atk stings, but he's slow, immobile and not the most accurate either. He ain't the Lu Bu of FE, he's no Death Knight. Specter Knight needs a plan and prep to survive and even better, kill, Douglas has no such needs. Get him against a wall or corner with 2-3 unarmed units to trap him, healing whenever a Silver Axe swing hits. Anyone can do that. It's tedium wherein you bench a few of your fielded units for a bunch of the fight while everyone else goes about cleaning up the map, Douglas in the meanwhile does nothing of note.
  5. πŸ‘ For SD, and finished with a smile. May the last dose of Archanea be as good or better. From what little I know, the old favorites for surviving the Prologue on Lunatic were Knight and Fighter, I forget the Past/Present/Future picks. The gaiden chapters require either the completion of a certain, usually very easy, condition, or the completion of the chapter to precede it in a certain number of turns. The turn counts are generous, on Normal, they're between 15 and 24, Lunatic gives you between 27 and 43.
  6. The naming sequence for SMT1 happens during the dream that begins the game. In the dream, you meet the souls of the Law and Chaos Heroes, as well as the Heroine, who, like Isabeau, stand for Neutral -but only in the beginning of the game, later, the Heroine will follow you regardless of your alignment. If the dream sequence sounds familiar, SMTIV, including Apocalypse to a far lesser extent, is a modern retelling of SMTI & II, in a way similar to how FE6 heavily borrows from Archanea. Theres also an antagonistic woman named Yuriko in SMT1 for instance. And Mikado is comparable to the Tokyo Millennium of SMTII. Nocturne, for all the praise it gets, is actually the black sheep of mainline SMT, even counting the oddity of Strange Journey. (SJ should be SMTIV, but it was initially conceived of as a spinoff using the Etrian Odyssey engine, and despite the dev team later thinking the quality was worthy of the title of SMTIV, the lead director shot it down.) Throw Rex off a cliff and tell me what he looks like when he falls into Primordia.πŸ˜› Honestly, as evil as Spores can be, I think I'd rather stay in the weather than quick travel to undo it. Go with the natural flow, experience the downs with the ups. And hey, it ain't gonna last for long when you bump into something deadly.
  7. Persona 3 came first, 2006, SJ's DS release was 2009. And Jimenez is definitely based on the Chaos Hero (you get to name him, as do yourself, the Law Hero, and the Heroine) of SMT1. Because, they share one significant plot detail.:
  8. Female I'm told is exclusive to Portable, with a few altered Social Links. FeMC is usually ignored in Persona spinoffs I think, because it was "Oooh FeMC!" when Persona Q2 added her.
  9. A Nendoroid that is in no way a distortion of the character it's supposed to hee. I hope it sells well! (But at $52.99, I'd never buy it myself.) I ❀️ Frosty! Weird, it shouldn't. Maybe it's something about the Overdrive, or does the Verus (it's Verus, not Verum, same Latin meaning "truth", but I'm just giving you a little correction here) come with a G-Buster upon purchase? You could, you don't need the AI's help with this.
  10. Thats actually the Tyrant, or rather general location, used for grinding to 60/all classes mastered. A level 30 Skell can work, though a 50 is better. Arm your Skell with a Meteor Launcher or better Phoenix Wings. Farm some Suids if you want first for some Appetizing Suid Tails to make SpecUp.R-ACC (or do Phoenix Wings use Melee? But Suids still drop the mat). Then, lower yourself into the plant and use the art. Get in a second use of Meteor/Phoenix via a lucky Cockpit Time if you can, and then fly out before your Skell is destroyed. Some of the high-level Blattas around the Tyrant itself should have been roasted dead. Yielding plenty of EXP, CP, and probably a bunch of weapons and armor you can keep or sell. Any Tatty Insect Wings you get should be converted into Slayer.INSECTOID augments to improve your ability to kill the Blattas again and again. This works, because size DOES matter in XCX. Blattas are small, so even the strong can't OHKO a Skell, and in turn are liable to being killed relatively easily.
  11. I like how at night high in the sky over the Divine Roost, it becomes impossible to see the ground beneath a veil of darkness, and the only light there is, is the wing tips of the Telethia. It has a certain, almost "extreme pressure depths of the ocean" like quality to it, and a general ominousness. There is a fast-forward command, hold the key/button you assign it to during animations and whatnot. I'm pretty neutral on 3H. I know naught of its plot, world, or characters, so I don't judge them, nor do I really know the music or animations. And I pretty much ignored the monastery. So all I understand of it is most of the gameplay, and on that don't have strong opinions. That is your end.
  12. Here's a, not very informative, minute of the battles. Having Megidoloan at the time when your opposition is Pyro Jacks is hacked or something else.: As you see, movement on an SRPG grid, that transitions to SMT combat. Some explanation of what else you see here from me.: A human leader and two demons comprise a team, and as long as one demon is alive, the leader takes halved damaged. If the leader dies, the team is wiped off the map, be careful until Recarm shows up, when you can at last revive them with someone else. Extra turns are similar to Press Turns, target weaknesses, deal critical hits, or have enemies hit your Resist/Nulls/Drain/Repel or better to gain them. Or you might a start a battle with one, the chance of which may be influenced by your Agility stat. You can lose Extra Turns if you hit an enemy's Resist/Null/Drain/Repel, get hit with a critical, or the enemy hits your weakness. A skirmish lasts only one round of attacks without getting Extra Turns, which can only extend it to two rounds- no Extra Turns during an Extra Turn (barring if your has an Omega on it in DS2). Getting the initiative -a boost to your Agility- happens if you initiate combat, giving some incentive to player phase. The MC's ability to warp behind the Pyro Jack is because of Flight, which grants +1 Move and the ability to bypass enemies and obstacles. This is the Suparna's Race Skill. All demon types except Elements and Mitamas have a Racial skill, Flight is the Racial of the Avian race. Some Race Skills are passives, some are commands. Leaders can select from a variety of Auto Skills instead of having Race Skills.
  13. Slightly reminds me of Marth's white Smash recolor, which I do really like on him.
  14. Beautiful!😍 I love the winter and the snow ...until hypothermia kicks in. Well, it's more I like the Romantic idea of snow, not the reality of it. I don't like the cold, I don't like the wetness, the ice on the roads and driveways, the trudging through it all, or the shoveling. I don't ski, snowboard, nor care for snowball fights, nor have ever made a good snowman.What I ultimately like, is the pristine, unbroken sheet of pure white over all. In practice, snow, like guests, stinks after three days. On days one and two, the freshly and recently fallen snow is "sparkling snow", light and illuminating even the midnight's darkness with its crystals. By the third day however, the snow has lost its literal and metaphoric luster, it has compacted into a dense, icy substance, devoid of that majestic refracting quality. And thence, I want it gone. My impossible ideal would be a light snowing that starts on Sunday, continues into Monday morning. By Thursday it is gone, and by Sunday the next the cycle begins again.
  15. You cannot outrun the Black Rider, for the fiends are death, and death is inescapable.πŸ’€
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