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  1. I decided, after thinking about it for a long while, to begin watching a no-commentary 4 part longplay I found of BKO. I remembered the gameplay fairly well, so I didn't feel compelled to replay the game, despite my GameCube still sitting in the basement, untouched for many years now. I should stop hoarding and sell it. Nintendo, HD remaster everything and I won't feel so guilty letting go. The gameplay is sluggish to start despite the ATB format (for the first two dungeons at least, once more than just Sagi come under your control, it gets better), that didn't fade from me. And it's been reconfirmed that the first boss hits like Jin to Rex, too hard for a first boss. What I really wanted was to refresh myself on the narrative and characters, the outlines of which I remembered, but not the finer details. I can see patina and faults in the plot, not all new to me, nor all able to be excused by the game's age. Nostalgia and the fading over time of memory blurs the specifics and leaves one feeling an amalgamation of the good reflecting one's subjective interests and imagination. But I don't mind admitting that, I still like the game. I've watched 5 hours and 18 minutes of the first part of the longplay, thought that was a good cutoff for now, I should be heading to bed. The thing I wanted most was to reexamine the heroic trio, and I'm happy to say my likings for them haven't changed a bit. They're still good characters as I see it.
  2. I concur. It'd make a good smaller Zelda title after a big project. Things have come a long way since Zelda 2. Say goodbye to a ground combat being limited to a short-ranged thrust and the puniest sword laser ever, Link's arsenal of tools and techniques has grown significantly. Although I'd prefer Link go magic-heavy again, thats fairly unique to Zelda II, or at least a Zelda/other alternative playable character who could could be magic-oriented as opposed to hammerspace tool-user Link. There is no shortage of Metroidvanias on the market, but I wouldn't see Zelda 2R/Sequel as belonging to that. Done right, I'd say say 2D action-adventure with good platformer elements would be its genre. Metroidvania is basically that true, but the absence of a singular giant dungeon you explore and the presence of an overworld is the separator. I'd drop the lite RPG aspect, Zelda doesn't need it. And I'm not sure what to do about the overworld, the random encounters thing was odd and arguably should go. Of course it has alot of flaws, it's an NES game with "2nd game weirdness". Anyone with common sense would would make a Zelda II sequel in line with the spirit of the original, but using the full arsenal of modern QoL and game design in general. I'm sure the team who made A Link Between Worlds could nail it. -- https://gonintendo.com/stories/366204-pokemon-sword-shield-art-director-shares-a-tribute-to-pokemon-col Cool tribute. Whens the HD Remaster?๐Ÿ˜‰ Snap will be back, minus the Blockbuster printouts, we can't rule out a Colosseum revival. May Cipher rule the world again!
  3. I remember that the Ronin class in Etrian Odyssey I & II have "Peerless Stance" as their best stance technique as well. Gotta be a use of musou there. Have fun! My favorite chapter is... I'm not sure, but I might pick one of two opposite extremes: 3 or 6. Favorite partner... Vivian, Yoshi and Ms. Mowz are all charming characters to me. For the original Paper Mario, Chapter 6 might be my favorite, and either Lady Bow or Lakilester for the partner (again, as characters, in gameplay I'll use whoever). The first Shining game is actually "Shining in the Darkness", an old dungeon crawler RPG. According to Koei Wiki: "Before the first game was conceived, Omega Force members were originally planning on making a brand new action game completely unrelated to history. However, since many of Koei's employees are fans of the Three Kingdoms era, the concept of a Three Kingdoms action game was unconsciously made by the team. There were talks over whether they should develop the game in-house or pitch to another developer, but Omega Force won out. When the developers wanted to port the fighting game to the PlayStation 2, they had second thoughts due to the fighting game boom at the time. To make themselves stand out, they envisioned a battlefield scenario and focused on the prospect of the player working with a team to fight against several opponents at once. After they decided to incorporate more elements from the Three Kingdoms era, it eventually became the hack-and-slash hit that it's known for today. Though listed under the action game genre, creators strove to make the series a "fusion of real time strategy and action". Eventually, the series's appeal was allowing the player to be a "one man army" versus the thousands of enemies in ancient China. Kou Shibusawa states that it was his personal desire to capture the excitement and thrill felt by the events in the novel. The series started its own type of genre."
  4. A PS1 weapon-based 3D fighting game, akin to SoulCalibur, featuring characters from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history ("Sangoku" in Japanese). The international numbering of the franchise is actually 1 ahead of the Japanese. The latest, Dynasty Warriors 9, is 8 in Japan. DW1 in Japan is Sangoku Musou (sometimes merged into one word; don't confuse it with Sengoku Musou- Samurai Warriors). Dynasty Warriors 2 is Shin Sangoku Musou. Think "Super Dynasty Warriors". Internationally there was no change to reflect this.
  5. Today is the 20th anniversary of the Musou genre! 20 years ago, Dynasty Warriors 2, the first Musou game, was released on this day, August 3rd, back in 2000. Koei-Tecmo put an anniversary trailer celebrating the entire Dynasty Warriors franchise to its present point.: Ehhh.... they could've done better with this. Far too much time wasted on transitions from game to game- how they'd get this wrong when Musou is all fast-paced flashy action? Same, it's more humane and more environmentally friendly, but I love meat. That Beyond/Impossible Meat burger stuff doesn't taste the same to me at all in a side by side comparison. I've the same problem; my parents never forced me out of the anti-fruit & veggies habit. My palette has grown a bit, asparagus is good, but I'm still very limited. I trying to like watermelon, but my taste buds are sooooooo ruinously adapted to table sugar, high fructose corn syrup and the ilk, that there is no sweetness in it, only watery with bitterness. Salad is my enemy. Whats worse, is because ease of preparation, my parents looooong overstayed the serving of those microwaveable bags of steamed carrot cubes, peas, and corn. Converting someone to liking vegetables via those is like trying to convert someone to Christianity via an auto-da-fe. I consider it to be Peak Sakuraba myself. Maybe a little stronger in EWatLO, but still great in Origins. And, Origins has this, available in the ingame sound test from the start of the game I think: It means "The Wings of Beginning". Might not be the best, but it has a nice backstory to it. Motoi Sakuraba composed the music, his wife wrote the lyrics in Japanese- which were then translated into Italian-, and his daughter- 9 years old at the time- sang them. A quaint family project. The lyrics if you want to know:
  6. Thats Suzuka and her Jyaki-Gun-Oh (Demon-Gun-King) for you. It has no will of its own, it's said she moves it with strings attached to her fans, not that we can see them. She calls it a karakuri, Japanese for a purely mechanical (no power supply) puppet dating back to the 1600s. Wikipedia says karakuri comes from a verb meaning "to pull, stretch, and move a thread", which is befitting. Her various attacks translate as, with the official/fan-translated names to the left: Jyaki-Gun Dancer (lit. Jyaki-Gun's Bullet Chain) Suzuka Beat (lit. Suzuka's Beautiful Threads) Jyaki-Gun Medley (lit. Jyaki-Gun's Beauty of the Underworld) Jyaki-Gun Fever (lit. Jyaki-Gun's Seal Break) Jyaki-Gun Bomber (lit. Jyaki-Gun's Brahmanic Break) Jyaki-Gun Kick (lit. Jyaki-Gun's Rider) Jyaki-Gun Finger (lit. Jyaki-Gun's Sealing Fang) Jyaki-Gun Celeb (lit. Jyaki-Gun's Spiritual Dance) [OD] Jyaki-Gun Toukyou (lit. Jyaki-Gun's Eden) [OD] Jyaki-Gun Maharaja (lit. Jyaki-Gun's Exorcism) It takes a moment for me to get into XC2 Battle myself. And by "a moment", I mean a good Blade Combo, ideally around the 50 seconds into the piece, I'm in the groove of the music once I get to that, but beforehand, it's an iffy start. Time to Fight has the opposite problem I think, a good start, but weakens later into it. -- Heres a track thats a little different.: I know, another from BK, but the soundtrack was imprinted into my introns many years ago. This ToS, and TYYD, my childhood trio of the few GC JRPGs.
  7. I know naught of any of those games in question and because Jude looks hideously redesigned I'll never touch ToX2 but it's a matter of different opinions then. And this is from someone who never intends to have kids. But differences in opinion are perfectly fine. Though maybe to avoid coming off as too critical, I'm sorry, how's this for dancing? Corrected, there's your joke.
  8. The name of the franchise isn't all that meaningful, it's mostly an afterthought. Even more so than Fire Emblem, where most games try to make relevant in some way, DQXI doesn't have any dragons of note at all really. Though I take you made it past a certain moment? If you didn't feel anything then, I think you're dead.๐Ÿ˜‘ That said, you tried DQ, and it fizzled, at least now you know. I'll say the say the same of my university's spring concert, which I unexpectedly discovered included alot of Broadway show tunes, which I learned are definitely not by cup of tea. Eugen, while maybe drunk, punched rude drunkard Holmes. Thats character right there, and this from someone who finds Holmes... as not entirely defined by his jerk behavior and what isn't that to be refreshing in a way. If because of you, they exist, and that DLMC has green hair, I will skip the game, steal your copy/system you own it on, burn it, and then hack your online account and have it buy every shovelware title that exists on the system. I will bear with dragon lolis, but the green hair has to go, any color but green.๐Ÿ‘ฟ Xane had red in FE1, never from the very start has FE dragonkind been locked into green alone. It was alright in Awakening, but Mila and Duma started pushing it, and 3H is horrible to me for this boring reuse alone. Goldoa had green, but Dheg was bald now and Ena, Gareth, and Nasir weren't green. Give me variety again at least. FE should not be enslaved to viridian locks. And hate to be the downer, but Mia ranks very low among Tellius characters for me. She is all surface, no depth, not that one has to be looking for the deep. If you want perkiness thats carefree, fine by me, I just don't see the appeal.
  9. You can play Innocent Sin and not feel compelled to play Eternal Punishment, the way you would X2 after finishing XCX. IS ends on a resolved, happy note. You can play Eternal Punishment and not need to know Innocent Sin beforehand- this was originally the case for international audiences actually. Innocent Sin's PS1 original version never got released outside of Japan, probably because Hitler. The West got Eternal Punishment PS1 anyhow. It wasn't until the PSP port of IS that the West got it. And oddly, the West never got PSP EP and had to settle for a PS1 Classic port on the PS3 because the PSP port released in Japan in 2012- the same year the Vita was released. This said, Innocent Sin if possible should be watched/played before Eternal Punishment. It was created and intended to be a duology from the very start, and you will miss out on some impact if you skip to EP. But skipping to EP will spare you the oddity of seeing Maya go from "Let's think positive!" and "It's whoopass time!" to a silent protagonist, Atlus's stubborn insistence on one hurt EP Maya's interactions. This I feel is what reviews, understandably, can lack, but which can turn on or off people. The minutiae will drag down clear, smooth writing in any review, things that would make people want to read the whole thing and not just skip to the summary. But going into a lot of detail with the core aspects of the game and any positives and faults related to them is very helpful. Honestly almost everyone in ToAb starts off a wrong foot. Which character is huggable the moment they join? Guy maybe and thats it? Luke ain't alone, it's a team of abominable snowmen for a while, everyone is so icy towards each other. I haven't played RF4, and I think I'm gonna wait until RF5 instead (I hope it adds gay marriage after SoS: FoMT did). But I can copypaste my thoughts from elsewhere about every other game in the franchise: Skip RF1, it's very lacking. About as fun as playing FE Awakening/Fates and then going back to FE1, it established the skeleton of the franchise, but there is no meat on the bones. Combat is clunky, characters are thinner than a marriage veil. RF2- Definitely much better, they fleshed out the characters more and the combat is better too. The 1st Gen is limiting in gameplay, but if you pick your girl quickly and do whatever it takes to get her fast, you can finish the 1st Gen by the end of your first Summer I think. No marriage in the second being only a kid, but here is where the meat of the gameplay is with forging and full access to the dungeons. Money, monsters, and skill levels all carry over to Gen 2. Frontier- The better game with Raguna (the protag of RF1 and thus the original MC of RF). Characters are maybe a little behind RF2 actually, but nowhere near RF1 bad. Combat is also still on the slower side, again perhaps more than RF2 but less than 1. Also, if you actually want to farm a lot, you'll have to deal with the chore called Runeys at some point. (Fishing as an alternative income source is very feasible.) RF3- Combat becomes fast here, skill levels and forging explode in a good way. The characters in RF2 and Frontier could be compared kinda with pre-Awakening FE characters, and RF3's with Awakening/Fates characters. By this, I mean the characters in RF3 are bursting with zany personality, while those beforehand, though still having shticks oftentimes, weren't so exuberantly into them. I do not cast judgement on any character when I say this. Farming is a bit undercut in this game, which is one of the only faults. The other being Micah is a pretty badly designed protagonist visually speaking. Overall if someone has only played 4, 3 is still very playable with few issues. It is short though. Tides of Destiny- Combat is still good and fast like 3, though I recall enemies being able to sometimes hit like a pile of bricks. Characters aren't so quirky as 3, and marriage to anyone is restricted until after the plot is over and you've at I believe 6 FP with all marriage candidates male and female. Traversing the ocean is a bit of time waster, but I believe the dragon shrine you can sometimes use as a pay-to-warp, and you can set the Golem to move to a pinpoint destination with time moving at an accelerated pace. The farming here is quite hands off, and this is the first game to get rid of plots of farmland in dungeons. And dungeons aren't quite as pretty visually like in the other games. RFs 1-3 are DS titles, Frontier is Wii, and Tides of Destiny is Wii and PS3. But unless you want to emulate an older title first to demo the franchise, stick to RF4 as others say.
  10. So the Yggdrasil IV of XS?๐Ÿ˜› Well, Eternal Punishment is. P1 and P2 Innocent Sin are all teenagers (barring Maya) with more of a school lean, but EP after the very first dungeon ditches schools altogether. This is the cast after all: Only Tatsuya is a teenager here, and he gets called out a few times for his youth leading him to foolishly take on the burdens of the entire world by himself. Everyone else in their 20s, except Baofu- 32 and therefore the oldest playable Persona character. I'm sure this means the P5 cast would want to burn them all at the stake. Either way, there are no Social Links or Confidants or life-sim elements to P2, which is why I went for it. I'm not big on high school hijinks either, could they try college for a change at least? It isn't like you've totally figured out life after 18. I totally understand you. I try to be anti-hype myself. I love that quip. It doesn't exist in Japan actually, the Japanese nerd axiom it replaced is "Food fills the stomach. Figures fill the heart." Barring talk of that life-sized Ryza figurine, I find the localization more relevant and therefore funnier. You are aware of the "Michael Phelps races a shark" thing from like last year or another? That was a total misleading lie. Don't get your hopes up for Tyson. -- Completed Chapter 9. *Yawn* Primer->Violent Streak= 60 on the counter. Phase 1 over in like two minutes; time for Phase 2, which should mean I board my Skell, nope. For a moment, I thought staying on foot would kill me, it didnโ€™t. The boss delayed the inevitable via summoning minions which made it invincible as long as they were around. Curiously, it never flipped the weather, did I kill it too fast? Oh, and while Alexa died, Elma and Lin survived on foot too, I was not expecting that. Very quick thinking, maybe too quick, on Elma's narrative part too. Disappointed it turned out Six Stars doesnโ€™t become available until after Chapter 10, why so late for an AM? Sure postgame exists, but it isnโ€™t like Six Stars is statistically objectively superior to any other gear. Now, I need to go up another two levels before I can recruit Celica, I've still some quests to do, so I'll get them done. Almost at 4 hearts with Alexa when she was only at 2 not long ago, wow, Affinity isn't too bad here. I have to complete Chapter 11 before I can do her last AfM though, so no rush on 4 hearts, and unfortunately that means no Maximum Voltage until then.
  11. Actually, we never see Phoenicis engaged in any piracy, though they are said to on Begnion ships alone b/c the Massacre. The one chapter in PoR you're thinking of has him only observing Naesala helping some Beorc kill others of their kind. But face it, Tibarn got into PoR only after Disney rejected him for Pirates of the Caribbean.๐Ÿ˜ I haven't watched the video, but I assume he's a shifter again, because now that this game has beasts, it need new units to fill the category now and again. And barring the so far unconsidered path of magically turning non-beasts into beasts for non-canon giggles, that immensely limits who can be a shifter, thus Seasonals are necessary to milk those who already exist. Pirates are fine to me. The class itself was never exactly good in FE due to the limited usefulness of water-walking, but the theme by itself should've replaced a swimsuit banner works to me, shame FE has a rule on no blunderbusses. Excellent character variety is another point.
  12. Now that I think about, modern FE could provide a middle ground solution, a way to keep "intense OD music" and yet not quite override- Ablaze variants. I have not seen this weapon of hers, exclusive to the Ep. 1 body?
  13. If only you had two things: An option to stop Don't Worry from overriding and resetting the music every time you spend even three seconds off the ground. And this has to apply to other instances of override too, because override rhymes with Overdrive and therein lay a big problem- especially if it happens with aBOreSS and The Key We've Lost. Thankfully XC2 did include a no-override option, so I expect to see that again the future. An option for an instrumental version of Don't Worry. The lyrics are the issue, the underlying music isn't so bad. I'd say the same of NLA's hated themes, the music works for a city specifically based on Southern California, it has a cliched fit to it. It's the lyrics that drag it down into burn-in-hell territory. And for character themes, I'll pick two more from FFVI's soundtrack: Edgar's and Sabin's Theme, and Celes's Theme.
  14. From a touch of mystery going down a road, to snow. *sniffles* It wouldn't surprise me that Ys would, as an Action RPG, it doesn't exactly have so many battle themes due to the absence of a transition from field to battle. Therefore, field themes need more attention. Correction! It is German lyrics chosen by a Japanese composer, sung by an Anglophone singer. It's telephone- the lyrics, the equivalent to nonsensical Engrish in Japanese songs which XCX has too. I prefer Sylvalum (Day or Night or CD bonus track Piano). There is that "fresh, take life as it's coming at you" adventuring feel to Noctilum, but I lean towards the sense of wonder in an utterly alien landscape of Sylvalum. I'm dreading Chapter 10 for ruining it. For field themes, I'll name one from an olde Square title, since I don't think the people here would be inclined to play it (no biggie, FFVI needs a remake in the gameplay department), Terra's Theme. Terra's Theme counts, because it's used as a field theme (and for the opening credits), "Awakening" is her real theme for character-related moments.
  15. Want a remix? Battle themes are an important part of any JRPG, you'll be hearing them a lot after all. Not to discredit the field and event music, but the latter is more easily missed b/c you were paying too much attention to the dialogue. I'll toss a good, maybe not the best, but technically quite clean one here, The True Mirror: And, I'll throw one more point to All Correct!, Haken's battle theme in Super Robot Taisen: OG Saga Endless Frontier. The game doesn't have a main battle theme, it randomly picks the theme of one of the characters in the front battle row (or the three mecha in EF, EXCEED can pick any front-row support character's too). Haken's is the best original composition to me (which aren't too many actually: Code: ATA, Fairy Rom-Antic, Crimson Asura, the Dark Knight, Alchemist's Query, BURN NOW!, Brave New World, and maybe Arisu in Fluxland are all borrowed from other games).
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