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  1. Yeah, it’s that boss. I saw the foreshadowing you mention, but it looked like the first boss to me. The IRL “Palmyrene Empire”, centered on the city PAlmyra, was very short-lived. Three years a kingdom, three an empire. It came into existence when the Roman Empire was in total chaos, and yet Rome could still pull itself back together long enough to crush Palmyra no prob. 3 Hopes imitating history? On the ice cream, “Path of the Blue Ice”/“Radiance Road” would be blue raspberry ice cream, with a cool and refreshing second note of minty flavor. For non-FE flavors…“Frozen Gooigi”… sour lime flavor paired with red pop rocks for a fizzle on the tongue. And thanks for the thanks! As I do for everyone. Appreciate the little things you have in life, that’s the sweet message I’m picking up on here.🙂 Family being present does a lot of good (provided the family gets along) for the patient.
  2. The redux with Dread’s first boss is difficult. Needs to give away more health pickups, haven’t beaten it on Rookie, definitely couldn’t trounce it were I playing higher. Too much durability undermines the predictable attacks. ——— MRI was deemed unnecessary and got canceled, yay! Chance I’ll be leaving tomorrow, if not, then the day after for sure. Ya know, this is a humbling experience. Makes one think about the unfortunate souls who spend weeks and years in the hospital with far, far worse ailments. And what loved ones of said individuals have to deal with too. If I complain of so little time “wasted”, then I couldn’t possibly bear with the tragic fates of others. Never stop being grateful for having good health. Don’t forget to offer condolences to those without it. And respect the workers who treat the maladies and or provide the little amenities that make life a pinch more comfortable for those who lack comfort. Uhh… buy Needy Streamer Overload (“Needy Girl Overdose” in Japan)?
  3. Sorry if I’ve been TMI?😅 -Just chillin this morning, waiting for the MRI (they’re busy, it takes a while, have more important patients, I get it). Things haven’t improved just yet, but it’s not any worse, I’ll take that. I’m quite comfortable with my temporary abode now. “Get”? I had the impression you already played LBW before? Borrowed it or sold it afterwards?
  4. I’m not a hiker, like Ruben has happily reluctantly become. I get tired walking inside a museum or a botanic garden.😆 I’ve most likely just been failing to not scrub between my not very sweaty toes well enough, providing the moist and impure environment for fungi to coalesce. -Sayeth the person who feels guilt over not flossing for the past few days. Fortunately, an infectious disease doctor did come in and say there probably isn’t an abscess (definitely not the Shin Megami Tensei V kind at least). But doctors need to be cautious. And being just a foot, I probably won’t need to go more than feet-in into the claustrophobic MRI machine, and would hopefully need closer to the minimum of like fifteen minutes, I guess. And this is where we differ, my Irish Aspie. I’d be too paranoid to do as little as touching it.😬 Nah, I just didn’t think to bring it. We were panicked on day 1 and didn’t assume I’d be staying. The laptop has to stay home. Too big, too expensive. I did get the Switch brought to me though, and got to dying to the light blue E.M.M.I., I didn’t count how many times. It was frequent however, and the Omega Cannon shot was pure luck.😄 Video games are made for hospitals. Great to have access to them again.😌 As the infection has slightly grown, there is the chance I’ll need another day here, so vas are essential. I’ve been swapped to a different antibiotic, perhaps it’ll be more effective.
  5. Darn it! Darn it! Darn it! I have to spend another night! I wasn’t expecting this.😩 The infection hasn’t declined yet, the red is still “angry” in the podiatrist’s words. They also want a foot MRI to check for an abscess (which might not happen until tomorrow b/c busy department). Which, if they do find one, means a trip to the operating room to drain it.😬 And if I keep my eyes open during said procedure, my foot won’t be the only thing drained.🤮 The IVs aren’t so bad though. It’s being confined in a small room that bothers me more. Hospital beds are cool tech, but awful to sleep on, I don’t think I got an hour in last night (doesn’t help that the pillows have no substance). I want my gaming laptop or Switch too, I’m so bored.🥱 Lastly, they concluded the culprit was athlete’s foot. A most mundane fungus infection caused by lack of proper foot hygiene. That gave the opportunity for cellulitis to slip in. How much I’ve goofed.
  6. Thanks everyone for your sympathies!😃 Seems like nobody can figure out how I got infected. I know I didn’t smash/cut/stub my foot, and I don’t recall seeing any bug bites. Must’ve been a really really really micro-wound. Freak event I suppose.😅 Waiting for my midnight IV now. The hospital isn’t overcrowded, so family asked b/c autistic for a private room, which I got. It ain’t so bad. Family brought me a slice of flag cake.🇺🇸🍰 Foot is no worse than before. Podiatrist said the antibiotic previously prescribed for me was the weakest of the options, I’m getting stronger stuff now. Turns out elevation and ice, while good for typical injuries, does nothing for infections. In a sense, this visit was inevitable. It’s more annoying than anything. Being stuck inside a hospital during the pleasant summer days. I don’t notice my slight fever anymore, I feel fine. But then, I stand up and it’s “ah, ow, aaaaah!”.😕 And then, I look down and behold red-purple skin that you’d mistake for an untreated snakebite, accompanied by a “very mild rash red” that cover more than half of the top of the foot. It needs treatment. Yet, luckily, isn’t so physically debilitating as to drain my normal stamina. I’m as conscious, mindful, and physically capable minus one foot, as always. Not going to quote anything though, tablet uses bothersome mobile SF formatting.
  7. At hospital, gonna stay overnight as precaution. Arm has IVs in it for antibiotics. Ailment was continuing to worryingly spread. Typing with one hand b/c IV, can’t type more. I feel guilty for forcing my family to have to waste a day dealing with this. And, nurse didn’t want to say anything at first, but highly-functioning autistic son in early twenties. Said I seemed similar. Small world huh.😆
  8. Happy American Independence Day! I'm not feeling very "patriotic" this year myself. Hard to when your country seems like it's headed towards unironically turning into Afghanistan or Iran. But eh, there is still a lot thats good about it I suppose, otherwise I wouldn't be lamenting the future as much as I have. Thank you all!🙂 Corvin was a cheat, but one I readily resorted to.😏 Provided an enemy can Enrage only once, having easy to perform combos capable of removing it seems overpowered. Though I'd rather it be a team effort than the work of one character if that so happens to be the case.
  9. Thank you!🙂 Very well. I won't pry any further. I might be too open here, but I respect others' rights to privacy.😉 Cellulitis. Bacterial infection of the skin, causing inflammation. Also in some instances a fever, which I have definitely been feeling today. Explains why my eyes are bleary (initially I assumed it was all b/c too much video games) and felt both hot and chills when waking up this morning (I tend to overheat when I sleep, so I had another feasible explanation). It's also why I'm not posting on SF much today, nor have played any video games. Obesity, which I've always had, can make cellulitis more likely. If I was more physically active, maybe this wouldn't have happened. Dry skin can be another risk factor I read, and I have noticed that my legs have been flaking recently; though my Aspie side dislikes being coated in slimy moisturizing lotion. Lousy pharmacy hours meant I didn't start the prescribed antibiotics until today, which should fully resolve the issue in a week according to the teledoc. But, family is concerned if some progress isn't shown by tomorrow, that it's off to the ER. I don't want that, but worst case scenario if things don't improve could be a toe amputation, so I'd have to swallow my "it's not a big deal, I don't need to go to the hospital (implicit meaning- "I don't want to burden you with a trip to the ER")" and acknowledge five digits > four. Standing up foot flat on the ground is bothersome for me right now. The weight of my body going straight down on the affected periphery is painful. Even sitting normally with the knees bent at a 90 degree angle is an issue. I've been spending the day laying in a recliner chair or my bed, affected foot elevated on pillows to minimize the pressure on it and keep the pain away. Ibuprofen ingested and ice applied if they can somehow help with the swelling too. I've been mostly resting my eyes while I'm at it.
  10. My foot!😫 I can barely step without pain. Please don't rupture like William the Conqueror's corpse at his funeral! I was told that this might be owed to my lethargic lifestyle, and my legs have never had good circulation. This reminds me of "gout", that millennia-old ailment associated with the wealthy elite who could afford to eat to excess and avoid physical labor. How anyone looked upon this affliction as a good problem to have is subjectively beyond me right now. This is my punishment for years of failing to exercise, and I accept it! I am wholly to blame for my own present misfortune, I deserve it. Idiot! May this "shove" fix my terrible habits, though I think myself such a fool that I might not. The thin silver lining is my panic over my inclinations being outlawed in the near future has receded. Immediate significant physical discomfort diminishes the terrible worries of the future. It reminds me how fragile, how easily addled the mortal human body is, though it hasn't yet triggered a death-obsessed depression yet. And I acknowledge it could be worse, an antibiotic ought to clear it up, unlike many other diseases that plague humanity. This isn't as bad as the time I slipped on a little water and severely bruised my right upper arm either. ---- But enough about me, belated happy birthday @Acacia Sgt! Sorry I didn't say it sooner. ??? What exactly are you playing? The only thing that has come in this topic that comes to mind for the above lines is Steins;Gate. I'm being reminded of a Mythbusters episode where they tested out designs for a legendary device said to sever heads and then bring them back to you. Like a decapitation yo-yo. I also know feudal Japan (up to the early-Meiji era Satsuma Rebellion with the death of Saigo Takamori where his loyal servants got rid of his head to keep it from his enemies), had an obsession with gathering the heads of your opponents. Lastly, I recall a story of Peter the Great of Russia, executing one of his mistresses for infidelity. As soon her head hit the ground, Peter picked it up and gave a lecture on human anatomy to the crowd. Genuine scientific curiosity expressed in one of the most grotesque ways possible. That's gruesome. But it might be the case with me that sexual abuse is worse than visceral gore. Not quite sure, but maybe in "typical" anime it's not as bad as it would be if was photorealistic/live-action? If the choice is between losing purity to sexual torment and losing purity to massacring fellow human beings, I'd rather the latter. At least in this case it would've been self-defense against people who were irredeemably enemies. You mean the one with there the heroes realize that BESPA wants to create a world of motorbike battleships and motorbike Mobile Suits? Yes. That was the end to Chapter 5. I think.
  11. Completed the Chapter 7 Zanscare battle. Ugh.😑 I'm not ever going to watch Victory Gundam, that's for sure. "That" crossed one of my clearcut lines of "what I do not like to see in video games". That was the second unpleasant thing I woke up to, the other being one of my toes has ballooned into a large baby carrot. Walking is a chore with the underside swelling. A short teledoc session said that an antibiotic ought to resolve it in a week though. Thank goodness for the conveniences of modern technology and medicine. I was told to keep the foot elevated, so now I've an excuse for my usual overly sedentary lifestyle. You forget Robin. They kinda count, being the vessel planned for the dark god and all. And also- amnesia and mother who took them out of the cult. "Sympathy for some cult members" has been a thing going back to Jugdral, yet rarely if ever has FE or Not-FE done it well.
  12. This is getting an unexpected Western release @Armagon. Not saying you'd be interested, but, it is another kaiju game, more repping for the genre.
  13. I don't know why, but I've taken an interest in this.😈 Hopefully the gameplay has enough substance to match the style and idea. I'll just have to see when it arrives. --- Went to the beach with family for fireworks.🎆 A few days early (though July 1st was Canada Day), it was nice.🙂 It wasn't very busy, so we had both a good parking spot and spot on the sands. I generally like the idea of living near the ocean more than being at the beach itself; I was the weirdo wore shoes with socks b/c I do not like the feeling of sand on my feet. Nonetheless it does one good to experience the sandy shores in person, seeing and hearing the roaring waves, taking in a whiff of the salty air on the winds.🌊 The late afternoon isn't as hot and not as blazing with the sun (being encrusted with sunscreen is bothersome), so it suited me better too. That and sunrises, I need to see one emerging from the ocean before the summer is over.🌅 Ah yes, zoning laws, a true undefeatable monster second only to public housing.😛 And soon the day shall arrive when affordable housing literally becomes a kaiju, one that levels expensive buildings and inhales humans whole. Some of said humans, who tend by pure coincidence tend to be from the lower and middle classes, survive being swallowed and end up in the kaiju's stomach. There, they find a combination of the beast's digestive processes and gut bacteria have created from the monster's food into a byproduct. Stuck inside the monster with no way out and yet desperately trying to live, the trapped humans eat the strange byproduct, and discover the byproduct is safe to eat, as well as tasty and nutritious. Soon the survivors can't get enough of it, and think life inside a kaiju ain't so bad. They grow desensitized to the fact their own bodies are starting to become monstrous. Until one day, when the kaiju takes a nap, mouth wide open, the humans-turned-miniature-kaiju escape, and develop a taste for humans of their own, repeating the cycle. So it is that the great societal leveling occurs, when people find life more livable inside a colossal beast than a modern city, and would rather be what others view as a "monster" than a human urbanite living paycheck to paycheck with a roommate to keep sky-high rent under control, Bolded- yikes for the director. Though the idea that North Korea stole something that let them create their own kaiju sounds like a wonderfully dated idea for a cheesy film. The few reviews of the game that I glanced didn't mention these links I think. I can admire that kind of appreciation, you know they were thinking of more than mere "what sounds surface-level cool that could get our game some attention?". Hopefully the implementation of their love in gameplay is successful (Metacritic places it at 75 for critic reviews, so it probably can't be terrible). Why isn't the Mexican peso MXP? You could buy shiploads with that.🤖
  14. Why are you being snobbish towards frugal burly boys?😛 Post-pandemic woes? Sounds like things are creaking, underconsumption yet also supply-chain shortages? Does that sound possible? Though classic economic theory says stagflation shouldn't be possible, and yet here we are again. And since what's in crisis here is the millennia-old palliative for depression, I'm not sure what the common man/woman/human can turn to to get through it..
  15. That was a joke. I'm a teetotaler, always have been. I read recently that about 35% of the drinking age US population abstains from alcohol, unusually high for a country whose major religion doesn't forbid it. In Europe, the only statistic I remember that was spoken in the same breath is Germany, only 4% of adults entirely abstain there, so the book claimed. Nonetheless, alcohol is fun to me.😄 I find joy in getting caught up in the science, the art, the culture, the absurdities, the allure, more than I ever would imbibing a glass of the stuff, be it common ale or some superbly niche spirit. I'd like to hold a bottle of quality tokaji or a Death in the Afternoon cocktail, but I know better than to sip them. -If the polite thing to do at a specific occasion was to take a little toast and water wasn't an option, I suppose I would, I've no obligations that demand I don't. Hopefully it's fun!😀 It's rather small and niche so I haven't seen much written about the game, but the few articles I have seen do praise it. Happens to me with a whole bunch of games.😆 Some of which pester me until I finally buy them, and when I do, it's in part to stop them from continuing to annoy me. Right now, one of them is this Raji: An Ancient Epic, a game (on Steam of course) which interests me because it has a Balinese Hinduism setting, and I think the dev is from Indonesia as well. To see review criticisms of the game as being too much short however... makes me hold off on going for it. Nonetheless, I've a liking for Indic/Dharmic religions, and a non-Japanese perspective on them is appreciable, so I can't forget about the game entirely either.
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