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  1. I've got 6 of those on record, half Seasonal (Mist, Lilina, Sandwitch Leo), one Legendary (Gunnthra), and two in the standard summoning pool (Cecilia and Unnecessary-and-not-Blessed-Sword-Olwen). Blue Tome Cavalry has 7 units, three Seasonal, one GHB, and three in the standard summoning pool. Easily the most accessible. Red Tome Cavalry has only 3 units. It has one Seasonal (GDTitania- who is accessible as a TT unit), and two in the standard summoning pool in the form of Leo and I-Hope-the-20-Wt-of-the-Tome-Crushes-Her-Eirika (both 5*s). Azelle if he ever comes, better come promoted, he is practically our only good hope if Miriel can't steal a stallion (who is Miranda, Princess of Alster?). "Crowded" is a relative term, although I guess that due to the difficulties of allocating their low BST from being horse and ranged, that it's hard for Tome Cavalry to try be anything but offensively oriented. Thereby limiting what roles they can fulfill and making them easier to saturate.
  2. And Luke has an atrocious FEH face. Not to mention Japan-only. It's been slightly more than two years since his banner FYI. Mist I am still disappoint is Infantry. I think Valkyrie when I think of her. Though I'm not sure which is current doing better on the whole, Infantry or Cavalry Staffers?
  3. Oh dear... I only have a Switch, and I did want this game. I don't care about resolution and 30 FPS vs. 60, but it's fundamentally terrible, then I guess I'll wait until later. Halloween or Christmas, a bloody good sale this game should have, and maybe a good fix. I've been wanting to replay OoE, but I feel hesitation from overplaying it as a kid, and...
  4. Rest in peace. And to those who knew him well, may you find comfort from this loss.
  5. A free pull is still free, Orbs are precious. At least Ranulf will still be usable in PvE just mention me when it fudges something up. The one bad 5* free pull I can recall for myself is +Res -HP Hector, which came right before a +Res -HP Myrrh. *Gamepedias his statline* He is a bit tankier than I would expect, while still fast. That's nice, +Def can definitely work for him. And now that he is mine, I can make a full non-Awakening/Fates Tactics Beast team with everyone a combat unit and every color and movement type covered. The King of Red Lions is Colorless Armor, Nailah/Mordecai offers a Blue Infantry, Tibarn is a Red Flier (with Iote's in his Seal slot to mitigate the weakness), and Ranulf as a Green Cavalry. -Not that I have the Tactics to do this, but the idea sounds nice.🙂 I'd never spend real money on this game, and never go after someone as just skill fodder. I treat every unit I'd intentionally summon for as an ends onto themselves. Therefore, anyone who would be but a means to an end, I will not intentionally summon for. Although I wish I could catch some FEH whale ambergris. I'd eat a few of their "useless" and excessive 5*s right up, if only I could.
  6. To borrow use SoV as an example of what to possible expect from 3H in FEH, as I wrote in another topic: At the start of FEH, the only SoV characters in were the Whitewings- shared with Archanea. Then 4 came in April, then another 4 in May, followed by 7 (and Berkut) in July, and then Clive in August. In total, April-August without anyone in June brought us 16 of the 20 (not-Berkut or Celicalt) characters. After August 2017, only Kliff has come. I pick SoV because it was released after FEH was released, the only game to be so prior to 3H. Now there are no Whitewings here for a coincidental start for 3H. However, 3H is going to be a bigger release than the side project remake that SoV was. Therefore, it should if anything see more characters added in short order than SoV. More 3H banners are just more savings for me. Depending on what the reviews say of this calendar aspect I know next to nothing of, I might just wait until 3H goes on sale. I've enough games that I don't need to rush to get it.
  7. Playing Melee with one's nose? Sure it would if you mean with a GameCube controller. But you'd need real fast reactions to do any directional normal or special attack. C Stick would make uncharged smashes a breeze though. Using your nose sans GC controller? Still could work, just find some of those scientists/engineers who could make every distinct electrical impulse/muscle movement of your nose which you make, or combination of impulses, code for different actions. Should George Kamitani ever do the art/character designs for a Fire Emblem game?
  8. Had to undergo a surprise summoning session to get Ranulf, I was not expecting him to be reran so soon. But I needed him. Went in with 144 Orbs, it went something like (I don't recall exactly, I might be missing a Libra) Sheena, Gaius, Arthur, Bphraim? (the Garm thief got squeezed immediately, give it back to Duessel!) Arthur, Arthur, Raven, Raven, Serra, Libra, Raven, Ranulf! Ranulf is +Def -Res, dunno how that is for him, but I don't care. The blue kitty cat and friend to all is mine. Now I'm down to 95 Orbs and need to begin saving for yet another Green Headache- Minerva. I hope she comes. Week 8 is after 3H releases. Maybe IS will be so nice as to give a free 20 or 30 Orbs to celebrate.
  9. What is Ranulf doing back so soon and it isn't on a Legendary Mythic banner? Darn it! I spent most of my Orbs going for Sigurd and Julia and I'm supposed to be saving for Minerva. Ranulf don't do this to me!
  10. Thanks for showing this! It looks like 75 Displayed is no longer the point of greatest divergence from the hidden reality. Now it's 75 Displayed = exactly 85% True. So 2.5% less Hit than before. The actual highest point of divergence is (or whatever you call it), is 78 Displayed, which amounts to 88.21% True, a slight .21% higher than at 75 Displayed. The divergence between Displayed and True is 10% or higher between 75 and 81. The divergence is 5% or larger between 61 and 93. -Just jotting these down if I ever need to reference it in the future, maybe on another play of those games. Or maybe 3H will use this Hit RN system.
  11. Apparently, there was a fan-conducted poll asking which Pokemon was everybody's absolute lone favorite. Now I do not claim to know the methodology of the pollsters in question, nor the demographics of the poll's voters. However, all but 4 of all 809 Pokemon got at least one vote. The only Pokemon according to this that Game Freak could axe because nobody loves them? Silcoon, Gothita, Eelektrik, and Yungoos. Pikachu strangely did not place in the top 20.
  12. It doesn't have to if you don't want to, a boss kill ends this fight immediately. It's entirely possible for Elincia (or Haar with a Hammer) on the second turn to ORKO Ludveck as you noticed, all Elincia needs is a single Stun proc. And you could do this on any other turn easily. You get the choice here to spend time leveling everyone off all the enemies, or just go for a quick kill, which I kinda like; only issue is defending is easy. Overall, the general (your opinion may vary, no probs with that!) reception of Part 2's narrative, on its own, I think is good. Short and real quick, but fairly well written by FE standards. Here is the hidden treasure for Part 3. Of greatest note, the Brave Bow is tucked away near the starting position on one of these maps. The final map hides the Rescue Staff in an accessible, but random spot. A third neat treasure is a Spirit Dust, which is located on the space behind chapter's boss, but the chapter ends when you kill them. Use a flier to go behind them, or you'll need a unit with re-moving capabilities to try after they kill the boss on the player phase. Speaking of Spirit Dust, if you want another one, have Boyd and Mist reach an A Support by the start of 3-12 (as in you can make it in the preparations of that chapter). Doing so will reward you with a Spirit Dust in the preparations of the Part 3's final battle.
  13. Though at the same time, some designs I do ask why they are what they are. This is particularly true when there are males in a similar role as the females in question. Of course, one could respond "Why not?" to me asking "Why is XC2's Mythra dressed so?", but then I can counter "Why isn't Malos her fellow, but male, Aegis dressed like her?", and a "Why not?" counter from the other person wouldn't have quite the same weight to it I think. I mean they could try using Lucifer in his glorious SMTI and II nudity, but Lucifer doesn't have a female counterpart. And if they played the "they're opposites!" card with the Aegis, I'd try to argue that this isn't, regarding clothes, really a case of plentiful symbolic opposites parallelism the way Ghirahim and Fi were set up in Skyward Sword. And then I'd go onto a tangent saying why I originally wasn't fond of Hylia and still don't like the notion that the Golden Goddesses trio favored her.😝 And with what you say, changing it may, according to some, be the sign of us treating women as sexual objects. But the designs in their initial creation others would argue, stems from artistic views that see females as sexual objects, which the changes were made to undo. These are two contradictory positions, although it might be possible for someone to admit both views are valid, and whichever option they choose is the lesser of the two evils- to leave as is, or to change, whichever is less sexist, not un-sexist, they pick. Either way, there are much bigger concerns that would damper my 3H experience, I see very little reason to not get this game over the inclusion or exclusion of extra inches of fabric on females. Even if I do have a preference on that matter. A groper or other perv stuff would in this particular "zone" be a much bigger turnoff to me, I really don't like it when people are put into uncomfortable situations involving their genitalia and sexuality, and I can't laugh at it very much (so Hot Springs get skipped!). And this is real petty censorship, although that cuts both ways again. Why get worked up over it? Why not get worked up over it? But this is naught compared to the real censorship to be found in the land of the Qin, Han, Jin, Sui, Tang, Song, Ming, and Qing. Heard about how the top movie from an important film festival this month, was suddenly scrapped there before it actually played? Apparently, making a 1930s film about the Chinese struggling against the invading/occupying Japanese, with the heroes being the Nationalists because the Communists weren't historically present in the area to do the fighting, is against the law. To stay on the main topic, I'm a bit surprised an FE could take up so many GBs in comparison to other games mentioned in terms of size. Is it a sign of high production values? All VAs all the time? What exactly is resulting in the game size? XC2 I would think would be bigger than this.
  14. There have been cases of changing the clothing of both genders. The Tokyo Mirage Sessions males lost their swimsuits along with the girls (and Yashiro's looks the most skimpy to me, you decide for yourself): For Bravely Second, while the females did get some additional fabric on a bunch of costumes, Tiz saw his Eastern God Garb get changed too: Lastly, from Xenoblade Chronicles X, these are the Six Stars Ritual Bodywear aboard, and then the male Six Stars Ritual Bodywear in Japan: Of course, few ever rarely talk of male clothing adjustments, mostly because it is true that it doesn't happen so much.
  15. Ah ze FE6 Gate/Throne! Even more of a headache than FE5's +10 Def monstrosities, since 1RN there actually helps you land those Hammer hits, even if it exposes Asbel to actually getting hit twice by a Meisterlanze/axt later on. FE6-13's Two RNs is generally better for the player. The player has an easier time of getting high Avoid and Hit than the enemy does. Very dodgy enemies in FE6 are generally only those on thrones or other thick terrain and those in Sacae, FE7 has even less. On the other hand, Rutger, Raven, and Tellius Earth Affinity supporters have few issues emerging untouched and slaughtering everything on the enemy phase. Although I'm also aware this is the game where low Luck can be a tool pros use to finely bait enemies via their liking for anyone with a 2% chance or greater of critting. Always is an absolute, so not an ideal word on their part. In the history of Myrmidons since their invention and full separation from the Mercenary as an unpromoted sword class... FE6- Good due to low hit rates making those of Swords and high Skill necessary, nice doubling, and +30 Crit bonus on promotion. Rutger is a bosskilling clutch due to ridiculous Throne bonuses. But Dieck is still good and Hand Axes are fine later on when enemy composition becomes more Lance than Axe. Fighters and would be Berserkers unfortunately share a limited promotion item with Myrms and Mercs. And by the time Lances overtake Axes in enemy composition, it's far enough into the game that you'll likely have benched most or all unpromoted Axe users and will just be using Pallies, Heroes and prepromotes that come with Axes for that category. FE7- Bad game for Myrmidons, the Crit bonus was nerfed, enemies have no Luck this time, hit rates went up, enemies and thrones got weaker. Javelins and Hand Axes dominate FE7 and its strong but not overwhelming enemy phase against countless weaklings, Swords and thus Myrms lack an equivalent. The two unpromoted Fighters aren't very good either, but Axes are good (Lances being best) and Geitz, Hawkeye, the Heroes, and Pallies all use them very well. FE8- Same as FE7 pretty much. Myrms have overkill Skill and 1-2 range dominates. Fighters are still eh, but Great Knights and Gerik still destroy. FE9- Wt is no longer an issue, the enemy phase remains big, Axes are even better and Myrms/Swordmasters get slightly worse, even if their concrete durability has increased a little. Boyd is a rival footie who is better, and Nephenee adds a Lance footie rival as well. FE10- Not as good as FE6, but oh, they got a lot better with the introduction of the Wind Edge, since it gives them precious 1-2 range. That is an equalizer that allows them to melt legions of enemies on the enemy phase via dodgetanking and for once not leave behind some Archers, Mages, and Javelins & Hand Axes. FE11- Dodgetanking doesn't exist, and this class is bad on the lower difficulties, but auto C Swords and high Speed enemies on the higher difficulties make SMs good there. Also helping is low enemy density severely reducing the importance of the enemy phase where they weren't the strongest. FE12- Similar to FE11, but even better/needed on the harder modes. A minor +10 Avoid boost helps in crucial dodges in some Lunatic situations from what I am aware. FE13- Enemy Phase the Game Until You Grind Into the Moon for Galeforce on Everyone. Ragnell requires Infinite Regalia for copies and Armsthrift for sanity. Levin Sword requires a high Magic stat- but then why not just be a Sage/Sorcerer? Swordmasters are terrible here due to lacking easily obtainable 1-2 range, they don't even have a Crit or Avoid bonus to call on, even if they can dodgetank again. FE14- Well 1-2 range from physical weapons was nerfed beyond the big brothers, and really really strong Shuriken users. Dodgetanking got nerfed too. But they don't generally exist on CQ, and can't really be compared much with Mercs. They're not bad, but not exactly good either, and if anything a little on the weaker side. How much less so? Maximum skewing I'm aware comes at 75 Displayed Hit for 6-13, when the actual rate is 12.5% above what is shown. So it's smaller than that? I'm totally fine with FE staying back with 1RN, that it ever lied to players in the first place seems a bit wrong. And having gone through SoV and 3-5, I'm already adjusted to it. If situations are a little too hairy for 1RN, but the fighting in these situations are intended and not the result of the player being reckless (e.g. Shannan's joining moment in FE4), then tone down those situations, not the Hit formula. I'm also fine with changing crits to 2x damage and adding a skill to increase it.
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