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  1. I was thinking something like old Soulcalibur II's Necrid's weapon: It's not as creative as I remember it was, but it still makes a point. At different times in the above video, Necrid's weapon takes the forms of: One large sword. Twin swords. One large axe. Whip sword. A handheld sphere- this it its default form tucked away when he isn't using his weapon. Yet, at its essence, Necrid wields pure energy, it simply changes its form as Necrid attacks. -But now I've realized the titular weapons of the franchise are even better examples. The Soulcalibur weapon and its evil counterpart the Soul Edge have no definitive form, they take the form most suited to the fighting style of its current wielder. If Nightmare/Siegfried uses Soulcalibur or Soul Edge, they take the form of a giant two-handed zweihander. If Cassandra/Sophitia/Link use one of these, it takes the form of a one-handed sword and shield, with the exact sword and shield differing for each of these characters. Raphael gets a rapier. Ivy gets a whip sword. Cervantes gets two double-edged swords, the smaller one with a gun in its hilt. Mitsurugi gets a katana. Yoshimitsu gets a katana and a banner flag. Take has ninja knives/kodachi. Kilik gets a long bo staff. Seong Mi-na a Zanbatou- bladed polearm like a naginata. Yun-seong a dao sword. Xianghua a jian sword. Voldo, dual katars. Taki, dual bladed tonfas. Maxi has nunchaku. Astaroth gets a giant axe. Spawn has a smaller axe. Heihachi has gauntlets. The possible forms for Soulcalibur and Soul Edge are as endless as there are unique fighting styles. Why not just give Makrocoby the 6th the Soulcalibur/Edge? Does he/she prefer swords- it's a sword. Do they prefer lances or axes? It's a lance or axe. A gauntlet? Let there be one for each hand. A bow or throwing knives? Why not? Takumi has laser arrows, so Soulcalibur ammo isn't a problem. Does he/she prefer magic? Well, just convert it into a powerful spell, Necrid's Soul Edge is a sphere of malevolent energy "Enigma" in its unaltered form, that's pretty "magical" to me.
  2. I was being lazy, I wasn't sure how to spell it, and I didn't want to try looking it up. It's "Elagabalus", one of the prettiest Roman names around, isn't it? It rolls off the tongue after shoving a basket of chocolate bonbons in your mouth following some dental work. Would you want her throwing outdoors parties lit by saints burning their calories? Having her call for more "firewood" whenever the lighting got dim? Nero also needs Agrippina, his mother, the woman who might have arranged for his early ascension to the throne via a poisoning. And, who he later had killed, mommy issues are fun.
  3. I haven't actually played a Pokemon game since Gen 5 as a disclaimer. And, I know SwSh is leading to a lot of bitterness, but do realize my musings won't go to Game Freak HQ, so don't point a shiny knife at my neck if you think what I'm about to say is bad (but it shouldn't be incendiary). Shiny Pokemon, a little detail thats been in the franchise since Gen 2, with that glorious freebie Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage. Shiny Pokemon have always fascinated some people with their distinctive colors and extreme rarity, such that you'd be severely disappointed for fifteen minutes if you failed to catch one. Not like you'd miss out on anything in gameplay, since, thankfully, Shiny Pokemon differ only visually, they're no better or different than the other 99.9% of their species. But, thinking on it, should Shiny Pokemon be so rare? In other RPGs, alternate monster colors are usually taken as a sign of laziness, rehashing the same designs for later in a game. And if I turn on Smash Bros., I'm treated to the ability to pick from eight different colors at any time for Mewtwo, Lucario, Greninja, and Incineroar. I know Pokemon isn't so lazy in monster designs, there are about one-thousand of them now; and Smash is a fighting game, not a JRPG. But, Shiny Pokemon are only different in colors, their size and shape match every other in their species. Recoloring the mere surface of things shouldn't be at all difficult to do, and some of them already are fairly lazy, Espeon is just dunked in a can of alien-green paint. There are more significant physical alterations, but they're not used in the Shiny status, they're forms, Formes, and Unknown and the ilk. So, why not make Shiny Pokemon less rare, why not include more Shiny variants for each and every Pokemon? Why not take the concept and bring it out of the heavens down to earth? I have a red Solrock, so what if it isn't orange? Why not have a black Solrock and a yellow Solrock as well, and have them all have an appearance rate of at least 5% whenever a Solrock appears?
  4. I gave that to Finn myself, owing to him having the 2nd Gen to put it to use. So you'd get the most use on paper by doing so, in practice, Finn isn't that valuable in Gen 2 I discovered. But, neither do you need that much more offense for what remains of Gen 1. Claude of Somewhere in Britain will have his name pronounced as "Cloud-ee" or "Cloud-day". Choose Your Legends for FE Heroes decided on "Claud", no "e" at the end for the Duke of Edda. Maybe it'll be changed later, nothing is permanent until FE4 gets a remake, but this is the best we have to go on at the moment. And, FEH chose "Tailtiu" for Miss Thunder Mage, which is apparently the accurate old spelling of an Irish goddess's name. "Tailte" might be a modern update closer to the pronunciation? That was precisely my problem I think, I didn't have a promoted Lach for this. Since fighting Eldigan is very dangerous, and getting him gone doesn't make the Cross Knights disappear, an unpromoted Lachesis means a big headache of positioning her to talk to her brother, and then protecting Lach/killing enough Cross Knights so she won't die. Or she could die, Claud and Valkyrie is here now. Except for this game for sure. Since by the time Altena shows up, the next two chapters appreciate a high Res stat she can only barely reach if at all with a Barrier Sword and Ring. Claud!Fee should probably be able to pass the Res check with only one of those two things, or even neither. Heath is pretty equal to the F Sisters in FE7. FE12 should have instances on Maniac/Lunatic where the higher Spd cap of Falco will matter. And Awakening probably has Wyverns and Pegasi as equals- tankiness vs. flying magic/Rescue and all.
  5. Whilst I sense the from glancing this discussion that meaning was lost in this particular instance, how well something sounds is more important than you give it credit for. Yes, things can become normalized into sounding cool, but not always. Would you rather Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha, and Lance comprise the Four Heavenly Rulers of Kanto in Pokemon? Or Gharnef be called a Demon Ruler when Archanea has no demons? "Seeking Flame" would be on par with "Radiant Hero" as a translation perhaps if Byleth's title were changed to that. Whether it'd be good enough, depends on how crucial one deems it that what is being sought be stated. Ike is the "Hero of the Blue Flames" in Japanese, the English "Radiant Hero" leaves it open to interpretation what makes him radiant. It could be the chaotic flames of Lehran's Medallion, or it could be friendship, or it could be his shiny Ragnell, or an expressive upbeat outlook on life, or he sells lightbulbs like no else can. But, do the blue flames matter that much? Sure it ties him to Tellius's Fire Emblem, but I dunno, Ike doesn't need that close a clearly-stated association to it.
  6. Oh, so I guess this was just a total joke then? This is all I've ever seen of Dante with one of his female friends.:
  7. I'd say so, particularly with all the liberties Musou takes with its historical inspirations. Zhang He anyone? Whilst as a character I prefer Nobunaga and Cao Cao, I'd take Yukimura or... *has to look up name again* Zhao Yun as a Smash playable. The fact I couldn't remember Zhao's name offhand indicates I don't really notice him all that much, but he and Yukimura are polearm users (admittedly, so is Lu Bu). Lu Bu has been intraseries memey, but Zhao Yun and Yukimura are franchise posterboys who find themselves plastered onto the boxart for every game. If they really wanted to, they could easily make Yukimura Zhao Yun's Echo Fighter, to get both of the Musou classics in. Lu Bu can be a boss or something, and Cao Cao or Nobunaga a costume for the Mii Swordfighter. Include a cute girl or two (Sun Shangxiang isn't too scantily clad IIRC, and doubles as a pinch of Wu) in the Spirit selection. Doesn't Dante already have a woman named Trish or something? Maybe Bayo or Dante could make a threesome joke, but go no further than that and leave things as a loose battlefield badass rivalry that turns into cooperation when confronted with a common threat. I've this weird feeling where I wouldn't want any additional characters added to Smash b/c too much 3rd party ruins it. But I'm not seriously going to assert said feeling, knowing that Smash has little 1st party growth room left but I still want Elma, and not being of the mind that Smash must stop expanding either. Maybe I'm just being crotchety conservative, but I do not yearn for any "good old days" that don't exist.
  8. Maybe a glimpse of him was where Vampire Emblem came from? He looks like he'd be an arrogant one chapter generic boss in other FEs.
  9. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon never quite got me. I did finish Blue Rescue Team once, and I had Explorers of Time, but I only got past the Groudon fight there. Mystery dungeon gameplay mustn't have been enticing enough for me. Finally got to finishing the first Boktai, the game is a solid B-rate GBA title, if nothing better. A little stealth, a little action, a little puzzling, and oddly produced by Kojima (and Konami, so good luck seeing it ever surface again). The penultimate battle was different and I liked that, if in ways unfair I felt. The final battle was just unexpected in what I'd have to do, how does flinging a very bright sunflower at Queen Hel kill her? I'm going to wait until the days lengthen before I play the sequel, due to IRL time affecting ingame sunset time. Instead, I have 7th Dragon 2020-II to wrap up. And then my emulation backlog will be cleared, and I can start some new stuff, maybe Soma Bringer, maybe Persona 1 or 2EP, or Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2, or Yggdra Union- I have to decide.
  10. And there was that horny teenage emperor who got put on the throne (and later killed) by the influence of his grandmother. The one who married a Vestal Virgin, asked to be called empress when speaking to a lover and supposedly offered to a pay a doctor to make him a woman. Not that we can be sure he said those things or if it is just post-death damnatio memoriae(?) of sorts. For what reason then did they want to disembowel and splay common prostitutes? Well, it might be better than a cartoon character: Apparently, the mythological Ishtar was humiliatingly forced to strip nude as she entered the underworld. She also had a temper on a number of occasions, sometimes for good, other times not so good.: "If you do not open the gate for me to come in,I shall smash the door and shatter the bolt,I shall smash the doorpost and overturn the doors,I shall raise up the dead and they shall eat the living:And the dead shall outnumber the living!" -Or so I see on Wikipedia.
  11. Agreed. Sora has no chance. Disney doesn't even trust Nomura with its IPs very much, I've heard they more or less forbade real character interactions in KHIII between Nomura's OCs and the Frozen cast. A friendship got Snake in IIRC, Capcom's friendliness with Nintendo allowed Mega Man and Ryu/Ken, good terms with Sega got Sonic and Bayonetta (which Nintendo published the sequel of). Atlus is now owned by Sega, and outside of mainline Persona itself (ironic) is very friendly to Nintendo. Namco has shared in Smash development now and so we have Pac Man. SNK is trying to revive itself. Microsoft was willing to be nice to Nintendo. Konami is a dead game developer turned pachinko company that gave a little love to its dead-in-the-games IP. Square and Disney- do they at all have a certain amicability with Nintendo? They'll release games on their systems, but do we know of any particular statements or moves of goodwill? I don't know.
  12. Looking back at it on Bulbapedia, I see what you mean. Pokemon just look better in two dimensions sometimes (but Colosseum/XD/BR were good), I am personally drawn to all the official artwork. Really good pixel art or a hand-drawn aesthetic that makes the official art literally what you fight, would be great for Pokemon. Either works, I think it depends on the direction you'd want for Pokemon, pixel art for the 2D sprites is more gamey, while hand-drawn would be more artsy (and possibly like it's ripped from the anime). The world would have to stay 3D of course, but is there a good alternative to the visual direction things have currently gone in? One that might work better with the return to sprites? Wish you luck on your thesis! 😃🤞🍀🎋😉
  13. Well it is hand-drawn fanart, but the Arcanine was given enough dimensionality that I can envision it as a 3D object flowing through the fields. The Lapras has either the shadows or something on its back being a little off to me, but otherwise it's good too. The Ponyta I can see dimensionality in (if a little poor) graphically), but the Gyarados seems too flat. -Just me and a little lightly meant art criticism. Ask a mod for a 3 week ban then, if removing your power to post helps with self control, I've done that before. Interesting! I think I'll actually do my hand at a non-FE character as an FE unit. 3H style to be precise, because it has something that suits this character. Guillo (Male- even if it's an it being an artificial construct.) Class: Machina? (Armor, can use Magic. Has 6 Move.) Class Abilities: Fistfaire, Black Tomefaire, Crit +20. (So, a War Master that goes hybrid.) Special Note: As is the case with the Taguel and Manaketes in Awakening, even when reclassed, this will maintain a unit type designation as "Armor" and gain Armor Skill Experience for it. Proficiencies: Swords Lances Axes Bows Brawling Reason Faith (Budding Talent- learns Fortify. Yes I see nobody gets a spell as a Budding Talent, but some do get Combat Arts.) Authority Armor Riding Flying Personal Ability: Shining Arms- Increases damage against Monsters by 6. Relic Weapon: Deluge the Seabane- 5 Mt, 85 Hit, 10 Crit, 6 Wt, 1 Rng. When initiating combat, deals 2 consecutive hits. Deals magic-based damage. For Guillo, enables Dustwake Sky. Dustwake Sky: +7 Mt, +10 Hit, +10 Crit, 1-2 Range, costs 3 Durability. Deals magic damage, Mt increases based on user's Str. (Is this too weak given everything else about Guillo?) It's Ruptured Sky, but targeting Res and increasing damage with Str, and no anti-dragon. Learned Black/Dark Magic: Fire Thunder Sagittae Fimbulvetr Dark Spikes T Learned White Magic: Heal Nosferatu Abraxas Fortify -I don't feel like doing Combat Arts right now.😗 Stats-wise, I'm not familiar with what constitutes good growths in 3H, I'm not going to look at those until I at least have a Blue Lions play done, and I don't intend to play that path for months. Nor am I familiar with class stats, or Mastery Combat Arts/Abilities. But as a guideline for growths: HP- Poor. Str- Good. Magic- Great. Dex- Average. Spd- A little above average. Lck- Poor. Def- A little below average. Res- Great.
  14. Sonic and Pokemon are entirely different matters in 3D though. Sonic has to contend with gameplay changes, Pokemon remains the same in any dimension. 3D Sonic adding Z-axis movement and the need of a good camera when you're rolling around at the speed of sound. Sonic fans also bicker over 2D sidescrolling and 3D linear platforming (not-SM64/S/O style), with Sega trying to cater to both. Meanwhile, Pokemon did have the technical load increased from going 3D, but the fundamentals remained the same. 3D does nothing to affect battles, nothing to affect catching, and its impact on exploring is minimal when Pokemon was top-down beforehand and the camera angle wasn't quite changed the way Zelda went from top-down ALttP to behind-the-back OoT. Pokemon going 3D was like Final Fantasy going 3D, it didn't change the gameplay whatsoever (besides shrinking the usual combat team from 4 to 3), and whilst the graphics have aged terribly, FFVII and VIII for their time did spectacularly nail the presentation. Sonic's failures are understandable. Speed and the extra dimension are difficult to keep in a stable emulsion, they want to separate and leave Sonic falling into a glitched bottomless void that loses him a life. Pokemon is just what happens when an old team used to working on weak portable systems, fails to rise to new and far great technical heights of a home-hybrid console with the power of a smartphone, combined with a lack of time b/c somebody at GF or TPC is greedy.
  15. Oddly, every time I finish the pre-route split, Vanessa ends up with stats comparable to base Tana. So, why did I even invest in her all these times when she isn't much better than a no-invest Tana? And Ephraim gets that early Cormag who can Pure Water his Res to Vanessa's unadulterated levels, with significantly more HP, and comparable AS b/c Pegs have no Con. I recall someone telling me Vanessa needs the early statboosters to start rolling, not unlike FE7 Florina actually, but I've seen the hype of Florina realized more often. Even though I still usually use Vanessa too, despite being not so amazing, because fliers are nice.
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