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  1. No, I didn't. I haven't the foggiest about its terrible technical problems nor anything else (nor the specifics of some PRC sympathies or buyout, whatever it was). If I'm feeling bored, I can try looking it up. Remember, people are still fascinated by the fall of the Roman Empire long after it happened, what's to say I can't be entertained a few years after by a more modern screwup?
  2. I've heard of the fiasco. I know the game has gradually redeemed itself into something respectable, but how I loves me a nightmarish release! Let the superficial schadenfreude commence! Given the infamy that Rowling has acquired over the years, that's incidentally a tad... ugh. Persona 1&2 has a pretty bad Unnecessary Author Self-Insertion too. A minor, ugly and unlikable nerd NPC was the self-insert of the game's producer or something. Via magic, he made the SMT If... female protagonist (who in P1 was also drawing on inspiration from a then-notable female Olympic athlete) fall in love with this young man that the FeMC, when not under a spell, personally despised.
  3. Do get better! I suggest consuming sauce made by letting sealed jars containing layers of oily fish (so tuna, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, anything oily will do), herbs, and salt rest in the sun's warmth for up to 2 months, mashing and stirring every few days. Galen recommended for every ailment in the world, and you best not doubt the 2nd century AD man who defined European medical beliefs for over a millennium. Plus the Romans put it on everything from meats to sweets, so it can't taste bad. Hooray for garum/liquamen! All lifeforms in a nutshell. Let us not forget that plants spray their seed called "pollen" in public every year, in hopes that it'll land on random some fellow sunflower or what have you. And who pays the price for it? We humans. The indecency of the flora sends us sneezing, sinuses congested, reaching for the meds to overcome their unrestrained passions, and leaving our outdoor furniture green-yellow with disgusting stuff.
  4. Oh please, that stuff is bo-ring! It's a dime a dozen, you can find it anywhere. The Switch eShop has no less than 4 cheap games called "Sakura Succubus", and it's getting a new game soon called "Waifu Discovered 2". Well duh! Do whatever you want in life, as long as it's moral, legal, consensual, and doesn't result in the collapse of other aspects of your life or seriously negatively affect other's lives. I don't care as long as those criteria are fulfilled. I'm just being me. I'm nothing more than an introverted, lazy adult. Who, despite their body and mind aging, does not yet feel like an adult. Very likely because I haven't taken the final steps to adulthood- becoming independent and self-sufficient. I've relatives younger than me who are concerned they're getting a little old for being single when all their friends are tying the knot, and at least they've made several attempts at love. I've never so much as had a real IRL friend, courtship is well beyond me. My precious, short-lived youth is gone, with the occasional worry of when my 'drive will sink (supposedly it peaks at 30😱), but I'm still a kid in the wrong ways. That, and my introversion means I rarely venture out of my tiny comfort zone, that is the only adults-only VN I've ever glimpsed. Not only that, but I'm nowhere near as expressive IRL as I am in electronic mediums I think. I mean, you can tell I'm totally autistic without much guessing. Yet, my family would be floored if they saw the language, the tone, and the exuberance I've been dancing out right here. I sound so, so gay. My body quakes with the bliss (thank heavens it isn't fear again!) I'm still feeling right now from all this. If I tried walking into a 'club all alone, I would cry my eyes out from feeling discomfort at simply being there, an alien environment as any. But on the Internet, and for almost all of my life in video games (long before the first impurities grew in my mind), the depth of emotions I can feel is oceans' deep, and never will you see any of it on my stagnant, soulless face. ...I'll have to come back here one day and compile some of these posts for my memoirs.☺️
  5. Hehehe! My unceasing yearning for the anointed sequel grows! *Proceeds to rip off my shirt and makes an x-slash across the surface of my chest so as to make a blood offering to Monolith* Please add more casual wear MonoSoft, fashion gear that makes "Srexy" feasible. (Going with the unaltered name would feel plain weird. Adding the two missing letters of the word "sexy" ought to keep it short, but still bury the image of the sweet and innocent Master Driver. And "Srexy" still looks like a normal-ish name.) In particular, XCX has no baseball caps, or hats at all. Start being useful and sell some you Miran Nopon! And thanks to that brilliant stroke by Monolith, if I get tired of the joke, I can overhaul the body into whatever I want later, even if I'm stuck with the name. The queers invented drag, the nerds invented cosplay, and online avatars made us all queer nerds. I'll embrace it!πŸ˜„
  6. I didn't sleep well last night. Ironic. When I'm trapped in mortal fear, I don't want to sleep. When my mind is overflowing with thoughts about the joy of life, I can't sleep. I had half a mind for some 1:30 AM treadmill time to burn off the energy thankfully my electoral college was stacked against it. So much thinking about and listening to SRW in the past few days, and so much guilty pleasure horny at the same time. No wonder I'm the one person in the world who loves Endless Frontier, I am the games. Not sure where food fits into this, other than the guy whose food history vids I've been watching said "Yes way, Jose!πŸ’˜" earlier this month. But alas, no actual video game playing, Neo TWEWY and Xcode must be furious at my neglect. Do they need hunky android chefs to get my attention? In my melancholy, I can feel alienated from the universe and existence itself. Why am I myself? Why am I only myself? Why do I exist at this time? Why is the universe as it is, with death a feature of it? All becomes surreal, nothing is normal, there is nothing that can be normal. The unanswerable questions, save through a leap of faith or a statement of "it just is" haunt me. Yet here, looking at this pathetic little wreck I am, looking at the absurdity of coincidence of the above, I feel a sense of outlandish, humorous beauty in the bizarreness that is reality. Reality is strange, and I love it. My apologies!πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈπŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ Vomit over me if you wish. I'm struggling to convince/not convince myself, there is no freakin' way I could recommend it to anyone here.πŸ˜†
  7. And I was joking. Just as I was with posting Sexy Gay Must Be Inspired By Xenoblade Dude. Do I have an idea for Cross in XCX2 now?
  8. And you would know how? Which reminds me, looks like one of the raunchy game's small team of developers came up with this as their avatar, which I don't think is actually in the VN.: Red with blue highlights? (Made even more prominent when fully clothed.) And this avatar's name? Rex. Well there goes any chance of me playing it. And, bullying and parental neglect (more like outright rejection) sounds, very unfortunately, appropriate given what happens to this community IRL. And so do I! Maybe it's made for me after all. Or maybe my one true love is a jail cell.
  9. Ohohohoho! From all the images I've seen, if at the end of the camping season you can walk straight, you were either A: Really Really Dominant or B: Doing Absolutely Clucking Nothing. The camp gets very messy too. Even the camp counselors get some action (which IRL would be criminal to Hell and back, but this is fantasy so everyone is chill and nice), and the counselors are on the verge it seems of getting their own sequel game of sorts, if you prefer it on the older side. If you need help trying to get the good endings, there is a digital guide book you can buy. Complete with such information as each of the five main guys': libido level, role preferences, height, other height, preferences for foreplay, special kink, and a designer's note from the man who drew these dudes as to what went into each person's figure. Probably ruins the experience knowing all of this in advance though. Amazes me all of these statistics are in a game however. Supposedly, you can skip the 'scenes if you so wish. I definitely would with any and all icky situations here.
  10. I would like to actually. But as a scholar I need copious annotations in the margins, covering such matters as: Notes about words with ambiguous translations and meanings. Because, this might have a serious effect on how people have morally acted over the millennia, based on which translation of the given word they used. Notes about possible historical contexts. I want to have basically read a history of Jewish/Levantine in general cultural practices alongside what the scriptures say by the time I'm done. And do tell me from a Jewish perspective what the religious divides were in the faith at the time of Christ, how do the real Pharisees differ from the New Testament claims of them? Notes about how given stories have been interpreted. I've heard secondhand several times that Sodom and Gomorrah were originally interpreted as being "City people show no hospitality to guests, that's horrible, and that's why YHVH killed them", and that only later it became interpreted as "The Sodomites were sexual monsters and so God smote them". Notes of a literary sort. Tell me if a quip in one book is alluding to metaphors and similes found in a prior one. Probably too tall an order. This is the delightful image that led me into discovering the game. Well not exactly, the actual one is the same, but a tad more revealing, let's just say you can tell he is happy.πŸ† Unfortunately the VN itself is $50, expensive. And if you feel any sense of ickiness like I do with some of these, the website says in a disclaimer everyone here is 18 or older.😬 Please arrest me. I don't deserve mercy.
  11. Then would you mind looking into a particular VN for me? Tell me if it actually has some heartwarming and saddening stories as some fans of it said, or if it's all a lie the pervs made up to justify their liking of the game. Metacritic doesn't know the game exists, so I take it not a single person has reviewed it, for understandable reasons. If the remote chance it's more than a reason for ickiness, I'd consider discretely purchasing it sometime in the future. Yes I still can't get it out of my head after several days. I do not know whether to thank Ahura Mazda or Angra Mainyu for this. I am pathetic, virgin, and degenerate. Kill me with the Shukutaihou please. Hey now, hemorrhoids are Biblical you know! I forget what book in the Old Testament (known in Judaism as the Tanakh) covers the story, maybe Judges, since it mentions the Judges being alive, but I think it's a different one. The story goes that some heathen Canaanites stole the Ark of the Covenant, and YHVH decided He would do the work of getting His Ark back to His chosen people. YHVH did this by cursing the pagan thieves, among the punishments were rats who ate all the Canaanites' food, and contagious, fatal hemorrhoids. Only by returning the Ark and placing into it ten golden mice and... ten golden depictions of their hemorrhoids? It was unclear from the fancy language what related to their hemorrhoids had to go into the Ark. I speculate that given the earlier story of the Golden Bull as a lesson against idolatry, the golden rats and golden... whatever they're supposed to be... is a way of mocking the pagans and their idol worship. By forcing the idolaters to make golden copies of absurd things and offering them to the distinctly aniconic Abrahamic God. -But I've never read the scriptures themselves, I read this secondhand in a book on silly and absurd historical things. So do not bring this up in a serious conversation. I proclaim no responsibility if you mention this to someone and they respond by damning you for all eternity.
  12. It's hasn't been that commonplace over the years from what I've seen. In this case, I would think that they thought "Well, might as well be kind and give Archanea some representation. But, let's face it, the continent's cast is very dull to 95% of fans. An OC that those many fans may be fan fond of, those fans who ignore how "Written on the back of napkin at lunch the day before" the characters and story of FEH are, will help salvage some revenue-generating orb movements for this banner.". Since this is a professional translation effort I take it, that's a very very very good thing. Pay people who otherwise would otherwise go hungry to translate, and you'll get a translation in due time. Fan translations, being done intermittently by people who have day jobs and carry out the translating -and worse patching- of the dialogue as a hobby, are subject to often being delayed to no end or quietly canceled. I checked AeonGenesis once, and while they are reportedly nearly done with 4th SRW as of March of this year, seemingly playable even now, SRW Alpha 1 has been sitting still incomplete, now at 65%, after 14 years of effort. You wouldn't have this issue with a professional translation.
  13. I thought I remember reading something about visiting the Balmar Empire in Alpha 3, that explains it. Thanks. Yeah, XG -again, as near-impossibly unlikely as it would be needs to take place on a remote planet. Remote enough for, oh, 10000 years to pass without disturbance from outside. SRW IMO has a fairly good lineup of original tracks, though that could just be me. I haven't tried to throw them at you too often, given you'll get a few classic tunes from EF. Brussels is the capital of the European Union IRL, so if the enemy's goal is "conquer the world", they'd be wanting to consider taking it if the EU or a proxy fantasy institution exists that is set there.
  14. Doesn't matter if you're living in "reality" or a "fantasy", eventually you'll die. As long as you're law-abiding, financially stable and solvent, and any dependents you may have are doing well, why not escape reality as much you want? There is little can we can do to make a major difference in the world, one vote doesn't matter, one more vegan & recycler isn't going to save the planet from climate change. Escapism is living, and if it's a good escape, and the above criteria are met, why is it a problem? ...Pardon the nihilism speaking from within me. Though I'm on the relative, temporary, mend, my mind can still visualize all as meaningless.
  15. Duh, what else? A birthday means you're older. Oldness is bad. I don't want to be a Jagen, or a dude who says "I leave things to the next generation of heroes!" and then goes kaboom/*stabbed* to temporarily put a major bad guy out of commission so the much younger heroes get to have all the fun. Reminds me ever so slightly of the good old Black Death. After that did a number on the systems of 14th century Medieval Europe, labor was in a better place than it had been for a few centuries, although it would eventually decline again. All you had to do is not succumb to the bubonic, the pneumatic, and or the septicemic variants of plague. I have very recently learned how sad it is to look up smut all of a sudden. And even worse I'm asking the question "How would one check for that *ahem* titular possible health issue?", and it's bringing up a poignant image I saw, one that is Not Serenes Forest Welcomed. The most flexible chapter system since Lord of Elemental 1 or maybe SRW EX? What about major villains? Does leaving, IDK, the Great General of Darkness free to do whatever they want somewhere, mean you have to fight them later together with Schirocco (to pull another random licensed name I've seen in passing from scanning over Akurasu flowcharts) in the same fight? Will this play into what ending you get? Or will the big baddies be absolutely mandatory? Hopefully the writers can support whatever flexibility this brings to the table. Nonlinearity is such a chore to have to work around. A few of those good old SRW secrets are going to probably require some careful mission selection.
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