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  1. So yeah, that would offer an additional measure of support for Limstella being a "them". I know watashi the default option for anyone in Japanese in the average formal situation (and Limstella never appears in informal situations), but thats precisely why it's gender-neutral. It'd be harder to argue Limstella outside of artbooks and the like was gender-neutral if they used feminine or masculine pronouns and the like in FE7.
  2. I have read of porn sites doing stuff for good charities before. It tends not to work out in the long run, because few charities want to be associated with adult entertainment. As bad as the US is getting, at least the president is in a state of constant vacillation concerning Coronavirus. It sounds like Brazil is going to have to pray to God and Pedro II if they want to get through this remotely unscathed. It's president Jair Bolsonaro dismisses it as a mere cold, and refuses to shut down the economy at all over it, even though he declares people will die of it -but man up because we all die eventually. It's possibly how Trump would behave if the institutions of government didn't exert any measure of restrain on him. We're relatively fortunate.
  3. Teodor: “Yes. It’s the fate of those who study dark magic. If you covet the dark, you must enter it of your own free will. You must erase yourself and become an empty vessel. Only then will you be able to receive the dark and master it. If your disposition is weak, the dark will overwhelm you. You will be…lost… …Ofttimes, you will forget why you seek the power to begin with. Only a few people ever gain true power. To win such a prize, one’s self is a small and insignificant sacrifice.” Eliwood: “……” Teodor: “I’ve heard rumors… Bramimond, one of the eight legends, devoted himself entirely to the dark. All emotion, all memory… dissolved in a river of dark. That is how he received the power to best dragons.”
  4. Eliwood: “You’re Bramimond…” Bramimond: “… Yes, I…suppose that is me. What do you want of me, you who live above ground?” Lyn: “We have a favor to ask. We seek something to help us defeat Nergal…” Bramimond: “That is unfortunate, for I cannot grant that which you seek. Humanity would suffer were I to remove the seals.” Hector: “What do you mean!? The entire world is on the brink of destruction as it is!!” Bramimond: “The entire world!? Why would I care about that!? The whole world can burn for all I care!!” Hector: “By Father Sky… Your voice… The way you talk. It keeps changing. How many…” Athos: “Bramimond has no self. He… She… It… Yes, it is a mirror that reflects the person addressing it. It projects no personality of its own. There are as many Bramimonds as there are people facing him. …Bramimond, do you remember me?” Yet, Bramimond retains all their memories and their free will. Those are far more important to retain than losing your mannerisms. It's a mere trifle of a sacrifice for perfect mastery of the darkness, when other humans in the franchise like Nergal and Gharnef basically sold their souls for it. Also: Teodor: “Yes. It’s the fate of those who study dark magic. If you covet the dark, you must enter it of your own free will. You must erase yourself and become an empty vessel. Only then will you be able to receive the dark and master it. If your disposition is weak, the dark will overwhelm you. You will be…lost… …Ofttimes, you will forget why you seek the power to begin with [Hi Nergal!]. Only a few people ever gain true power. To win such a prize, one’s self is a small and insignificant sacrifice.” Eliwood: “……” Teodor: “I’ve heard rumors… Bramimond, one of the eight legends, devoted himself entirely to the dark. All emotion, all memory… dissolved in a river of dark. That is how he received the power to best dragons.” Teodor got it wrong on the memories part. To be fair, Elffin, who understandably seems to know about every one of the Eight Legends, is in the dark on everything about Bramimond, even their basic fact of gender.
  5. I disagree. Bramimond should be stronger, and at the least, he should be far wiser, given he didn't sacrifice his sanity. Having your sanity is a good thing you know.😉 And, whilst the Deus Ex Machina is left unexplained and seems to have involved the power of friendship, Bramimond resurrected someone, no small feat in FE. Very ironically, he resurrected the daughter of a man who went insane in the darkness for the sake of bringing back his dead wife, and that man died mere minutes before the resurrection. Bramimond is what Nergal failed to become, and his failure turned him into a crazed husk of a human. Does Limstella ever use pronouns for themself in Japanese? "Watashi" I would guess?
  6. Curiously, a Kyuyaku Megami Tensei LP I saw, a Super Famicom remake of the very first game in the franchise on the Famicom, had a "Hamadyne" spell. The conversion to insta-kill must've been SMT1's work. Digital Devil Saga was kind enough to weaken Expel to reducing current HP by a percentage, only Death stayed instakill. Nocturne had "Violet Flash" and "Radiance" spells the Demi-Fiend could get for Expel damage, and Digital Devil Saga had "Xanadu" for damage, except every boss in those games are immune to Expel, so they're practically worthless. You make a jesting barb, but it comes to me that having crossover DLC in 3H where Demon Beasts coincidentally took on Colossi forms, but weren't actually the Colossi, would be cool. Throw in a nice sword, bow, and a black horse battalion as rewards for vanquishing them. Though, Team Ico I could see opposing use of their Colossi in such a way, on grounds that it'd degrade the artistic sanctity of SotC or something.
  7. *Ahem* My Bramimond fangasm is past. But, I will stand by Bramimond as being great for being so unique. Nobody else has mastered darkness like Bramimond, and nobody heroic is as strong as him when it comes to darkness. Many FE villains are powerful users of darkness, but none went through what Bramimond did, they either got corrupted, or aren't human and therefore didn't have to undergo the challenges of darkness mastery humans do. As for gender, I'd hesitate to consider Bramimond at all a "progressive" thing in FE. Bramimond's lack of personality control isn't a behavior they was born with, it's purely the result of their path towards mastering the darkness. And, like Sheik, I'm 99% sure Nintendo didn't write them magically changing that silly bit of plumbing called genitalia, whatever it is Bram has. And multiple voices? I'm not gonna listen, but thats a great touch! It reflects Bramimond's external nature, and reminds me of one of my favorite oddball RPG characters, Guillo, whose voice is actually two voices, one male and one female, set in synchrony. The effect it has can be interesting. And lastly, fun fact, Bramimond had unused stats and an exclusive class called "Bramimond" in FE7: HP 35 Mag 30 Skl 25 Spd 19 Lck 28 Def 18 Res 30 Con 6 S Dark S Staff
  8. BRAMMY! THE LONE TRUE MASTER OF DARKNESS HAS ARRIVED! Elibe and the eight-thousand worlds hath none like Bramimond. The path of Elder Magic is a narrow one. What risks await thee who undertakes it. To be devoured and sleep forever, yet not die so fast. To be devoured and never rest, driven into a state of madness from whence the mind cannot return. Hermit Niime and most others dare not venture so far, but accept their place along the shadows' shores. Only one has wadded deeper and not drowned, they alone has dived to into the abyss and touched the Hadal floor with breath still in their lungs. Now, they sits upon the seabed, besides the extremophiles and the sulfur vents which sustain them. They has attained equilibrium with the magnitudes of pressure upon every inch of their soul, their eyes see in this eternal night better than we see in day. To the surface they can never return, their body would disintegrate as it rose. Yet, they lives alive. Their self is their own, their memories clear, what is the loss of their psyche's external facade, when the wills of others have been crushed at far inferior depths? They alone who have sought this, has achieved this. A path of self sacrificed, yet self retained. Their sublimation was sublimely rewarded: a revelation to shake the world's foundations, the gift to seal that destruction as well, their eyes see distant lands and distant days, their body does but slowly age, the end inevitable they can defy. That is they, the Bramimond. -Introduction of the Ocean Sutra.
  9. There is one SMT where Tetra/Makakarn are very cheap- Soul Hackers. There, they cost only 6 MP per use. Since this is pre-Press Turn, you need them on fast demon to cast the spell before the enemy acts. But if you do get them on someone fast, barring Almighty and ailments, you're basically invincible to half of all attacks for one turn. It nullifies any challenge from the final boss if you picked to make them physical over magical. On Shadow of the Colossus, I wish later releases had done more and added some of the canceled Colossi. The game was supposed to have 48, but then it became 24, and later, 16. I get quality over quantity, but why couldn't they have added more in the ports when their creative juices had recovered? If you haven't seen pictures of the canceled 8 Colossi, here:
  10. Counter on Yashiro is useful for sometimes wasting Lon'qu's actions. There is an increased likelihood of Yashiro being targeted when he is in Counter stance. Correct. And it looks like Touma and Mamori have Tetrakarn access, 80 EP a use, but it's there. And the weaker Tetraguard (why doesn't this exist in other games?) costs 50 EP. Same, I took it slow, my pores can only absorb so much of the artsy-action goodness of SotC. Good choice, effectively uses your lone companion, and the chase is thrilling. When the eyes rise from the sand, how menacing they are, but that simultaneously your time to strike. The scare-with-a-torch one stunlocked me with its ramming I think. Ram after ram, and I could rarely stand up for long. The "ramming ruins into further ruin until the Colossus gets crushed" was fun concept, you could easily envision it in action movie. And, I can't find a video, but I recall seeing someone, during the 16th Colossus, run over the open field of death, dodging every energy bullet, and thus sneak under its skirt in under half a minute. No hopping from underground trench to trench as you're supposed to. I appreciate the HD update on Bionis and Mechonis, if you spent too long looking at their old models, it dawned on you after the majesty wore off that they weren't very detailed. Not that they needed to be since you were only supposed to see them in brief instances.
  11. Starting with a community college saves money too.💵 If you had picked the right school, you could've dodged that- I guess. A nearby private university meant no lecture halls at all for me. 20-30 students per class at most, and lots of good discussions in non-general classes within my major, I thrived on that. Some classrooms, the ones not the most intended to be classrooms, had faux-leather wheeled chairs for extra comfort. My Master's degree was even more enjoyable, and my African History prof even called me "Professor" b/c he thought me that smart. I waste the potential my educators saw in me in my current lackadaisical state, when the lockdown lifts, I must find something to put my wisdom to. Please! It's only the first of the sixteen, it looks intimidating for anyone, but it's easy. I forget which one was most annoying, that all boils down to Time Attack AI regarding how often they expose themselves to being climbed and stabbed- the frog-like one was terrible for me. My favorite is the gorilla inside a building where you hide, wait for the head to lower to look for you, and then you leap onto its beard.
  12. Of course it is, all video game difficulty can be divided into four things: Reflexes- Not relevant in some genres, like turn-based RPGs. But for an action, fighting, platformer, or racing game, you need 'em. Knowledge- The amount of raw information you possess about a game. The more the better. Wisdom- The application of the Knowledge you have. If you have the Knowledge that Boss X uses Y Attack every 5 turns and it inflicts confusion and deals heavy damage to all, then Wisdom is equipping anti-confusion gear, healing on turn 4, and using Defend to reduce incoming damage. For a fighting game, Knowledge can be knowing enemy Fighter A has 3 frames of vulnerability after using B Move, and Wisdom is having your Fighter C exploit that. For a platformer/racer, memorizing the level/racetrack is Knowledge, deciding how you run & jump/race across it is the Wisdom. Luck- Or you can call it *uck, it depends on how it treats you. You can't directly do anything about this randomized and unpredictable element, you can only improve yourself in the other three categories of difficulty so that all you're left to deal with is this one. As for Daylight Savings, I prefer it more than not. More light later in the day >>> more in the morning. Not sure how it is over in Deutschland, but the US oddly has some states that opt out of the system. Arizona being one of them, non-Daylight Savings is always in effect there, except for Native American tribal lands in the state, they opted in.
  13. Lyn and helicopters... Tomyris does look a bit like Lyn, and she does get produce-one-get-one-free on Light Cavalry, the strongest of which is the Helicopter. Tomyris is better dominating early and just promoting her Horsemen along the Light Cav path into Helicopters at the end, but waiting to conquer is perfectly viable on Standard Speed. Toss in some Jet Bombers for siege, Modern Infantry for dealing with Anti-Cav and taking cities, and AA Guns to protect from enemy air forces, and she could seize the world quickly. Lyn = Dictator of Elibe in 1960 AD is confirmed, in another world. Thank goodness Pent discovered nanotechnology that stopped her aging at 35. ...I would like to think of some serious hypotheticals/counterfactuals. But I can't, mostly because I'm fully aware IRL history is always not so simple that changing one thing would make things radically different, or that you could predict the outcome of the change. Fantasy narratives are simpler though, so counterfactuals are easier to deal with to some extent. But, I do wish to know more about how Beta Path of Radiance's plot was going to play out. We have details, enough to be very tempting, but it's annoying because it isn't enough for a complete picture. Did Elena die or did her adoptive father Sephiran spare her? Why was Greil branded a traitor and killed by his father-in-law liege? What happens to Ike that turns Mist into the main playable character partway in? And how the heck were Crimea, Daein, and the Laguz countries going to play a role in the personalized and seemingly Begnion-centered story?
  14. Normally I'm opposed to perv behavior in characters, but I guess consensually-created playboy/porn mags are okay. You aren't intruding on anyone that way, just keeping it to yourself. This said, old men are still are leches for liking magazines, it's your one, very DQ, flaw Rab. *Sigh* Whilst I'll rather spend money to support what sounds like a very laudable franchise, my next computer being another Mac b/c I'm stupid and naive I accept that, means that I'll bend my conscience and just emulate the franchise once I have my next Mac. It's that or I don't play it at all. That image compels me with cute boys to break from that. However, I'll need someone to hack the games to visually 100% replace whoever Eclipse uses as their avi on this site, since I am unable to separate the two and do not want Eclipse in my head the entire time I play the game(s) with whoever she is. To transition from one topic to another on the note of perversion, whyyyyyyyy is there a tentacle Mechon later in the game called the M76 MOIST? In a way, being the simplest XC helps. There is less information that need be shown to the player. Yet, even then the choice to make the colors bright was a good move. As was setting the Arts on white backgrounds. The only thing I'd change is dulling the brightness of the pink and maybe the blue a bit. Though because I stylistically like the neon-on-black Arts of XCX as suited to the game's more sci-fi feel, I'm conflicted about X2 possibly changing them.
  15. It is used for cutscene talk before the gameplay fighting starts too, which might not be exactly be what you're aiming for, but a touch closer. To use an example, XCX Chapter 7: ...To make this post more relevant, I think FE runs into a unique issue of map themes neither being battle themes, nor location themes, the two kinds usually found in JRPGs. I am sure creative minds can bend themselves to fit the dynamic dual-purpose tracks that've been in vogue since Awakening, and of course, non-JRPG composers exist and they don't run into this problem. Though I have a hard time recommending composers because of this musical difference and what genres I stick to. Sawano did make Wir Fliegen and LP the same track done entirely differently, more of difference than would exist between a dynamic FE track's map and battle/ablaze versions. So there is already evidence of someone who could bridge the gap.
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