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  1. You've never played Rune Factory then. It's a joke that every game in the franchise has to have a mother character who is beautiful, but, unfortunately, is too old or married for the player to romance. Hey now, sometimes the moms aren't dead, sometimes they get in on the villainy too. And, sometimes the dad is evil, but not really evil. Or, dad's an NPC hero and he dies too. Or you have multiple things if a character has both a genetic dad and an adoptive dad. Wonderful. I'm trying to think of standout not-dead/evil/sacrificial video game parents, but I'm presently drawing a bit of a blank. I'll give points to FE6!Bartre, being a rare case of a playable parent with their child in the same fighting force. But beyond him, the only person who readily comes to mind is Gena from Baten Kaitos: Origins, she's a nice, if cliched NPC. -Okay, FE does have other examples (such as Garcia, and Niime as a grandparent) but none are quite as notable to me as Bartre (though Niime is a good character in her own right) specifically in the parent role. Honestly, FE is a bit better than RPGs (all the broad genres that term encompasses) with parents, due to larger casts leaving more room for playable character diversity. Random thought- has there ever been a prismatic color-changing lightsaber? Or would one that gradually changes color like the RGB keyboard I'm presently typing on be limited to nerdy parody?
  2. So, does it seem like it's going to end with humanity reverting to a more primitive pre-AI existence as your screenshots earlier had suggested? To a level of intellect befitting whoever wrote the story?
  3. I return to see the randomizer antics continued. Well, I suppose I could use a little brainless irreverence.😄 As just I finished reading some Smithsonian Magazine. I'm liking the subscription I got as a Xmas gift. Just one problem- all the advertisements are for old people. Gold coins, jewelry, cruises, hearing aids, I feel like a rotting prune. Still worth it tho. Plenty of intellectual and cultural stuff. Ancient mines, biblical archaeology, and questioning the societies possible under ancient nomadism, delightful. A brief history of the potato chip was a good snack. I love exotic foods and luxury goods with a history, so the article on roquefort cheese was so very scrumptious, though the combination of: stinky, salty, creamy, tangy, and moldy make me doubt that I would actually like the cheese. Though I shall still lament the cheese's coming death as it fails to attract younger consumers. That 1880s California invented modern applied entomology/integrated pest management (meaning agriculture with minimal pesticides, and maximum use of bugs that eat crop-devouring insects) as a desperate measure to stop the overnight extinction of the newborn yet booming SoCal citrus industry was very unexpected, and fascinating. If someone were one of those people when it came to Senran Kagura, I would think they wouldn't speedrun. Instead, I would think such a player would spend tens of hours in the optional "diorama" mode, where you can dress up and take pictures of the many characters. -Not that'll throw stones at Senran players, old Draggy being one reason, another being I would possibly spend a half-hour with such a diorama mode if the gender balance of the game was flipped. I'll save my stones for true IRL sexual miscreants, and evil politicians and businesspeople, and the bigots of many kinds, and the Crypto-NFTers. In short, I'll throw my nonliteral stones at the people who are engaged in the true madness and degeneration of humankind's better nature, not players of pixel smut (unless the smut is that bad) who do nothing else objectionable and are perfectly ordinary people.
  4. ...How did you stumble on this? I most certainly don't need to use this. I've had enough fantasies to know what I'd want to be portrayed as as an anime husbando.
  5. Clearly we need more Netherlandish games. I would expect the country of the House of Orange to give red+yellow the attention it deserves. As for the bolded, that reminds me this Spice Orange Gamecube color was Japan-only. Not half-bad if you ask me.
  6. ...Who decided that LA3's penultimate battlefield would damage you every single turn?😑 And the damage is not even 10% of max HP, it's very low, though it does start adding up, it's primarily plain annoying for the half-second it adds to the start of every turn and is unnecessary. It's also weird that the two flying characters would be immune when the implied reason for the damage is the otherworldly atmosphere itself, they can't soar above it. Please don't let there be any enemy reinforcements, the map is already too big, if a little empty, with an HP sink of a boss, it'll take long enough. Just gonna ask- how many planetoids, how large the areas? I wouldn't ever get this game, just curious.
  7. Ah, so thats why you picked up on that in PXZ. Funny the odd ways how people get introduced to things.😄 *Gives you my puke bucket.* Him and his group have become a modern demonology, Satan is jealous of how much commodification and reverance as the World's Greatest Evil he gets, probably the vast majority of it from a white male, "manly" audience. I don't care for care for it myself whatsoever, leave him to the academics to write about, let us never let his atrocities happen again, and move on. It demeans the millions who greatly suffered and died because of him to emphasize him so.
  8. For me, I would go with the interpretation "someone at Nintendo or the fanbase at large wrestled Square until they agreed to do something". Sure Ninty portables got CoM, 358/2 Days, and DDD in the past, which thanks to KH being KH means they matter canonically, but somehow Square still sees Ninty as not suited for the big titles in their cult-following franchise. It's the only reason I knew of the franchise prior to PXZ becoming a thing. I still remember reading the one preview for the game in Nintendo Power, where the article's writer described the androgynous female's personality by citing her quip that the only difference between men and women "is a difference in plumbing". And the writer called the wheelchair-bound girl like dating your mom.
  9. Yep. Looking on Wikipedia, Muramasa's draft proposal was finished at the end of 2006, before Odin Sphere launched on May 16th, 2007. It's because Atlus wasn't willing to give the OK for another game when Odin Sphere hadn't been dropped into the marketplace and determined a failure or success, that Marvelous (and Ignition Entertainment in the US, Rising Star Games in EU) published Muramasa instead. Meaning a rerelease of 13 Sentinels on Switch might be good omens for potential Odin Sphere or Dragon's Crown ports, but says nothing about whether Muramasa could be ported. Also, the technical specs of the PS2 and Wii being similar explains why Muramasa got on the Wii. (Which reminds me how Sakura Wars 5 was on Wii and PS2.) It let them carry over their development experience from OS. According to a website interview I can't presently get the archived version of to load. Odin Sphere had bathing scenes that got cut (why'd Leifthrasir not add them?), and thus the idea carried over into Muramasa. Kamitani wasn't going to sacrifice his wet fantasy a second time. I getcha. While I actually like physical, switching Switch cards does make me grudgingly acknowledge the ease of digital. 😄 -I know I shouldn't be so drawn by the mere notion of non-offensive gay in a Japanese game. But I am. You know I know that reference.😉 ...And if that company ever defied the laws of the universe and sent said game to the colosseum or the dance floor, I would hope they would leave him out. He isn't strictly necessary at all, and can easily be replaced with a proper substitute in such a spinoff. Even so, it shouldn't be a problem for Switch. To quote one Witcher 3 Switch port review.: Porting an HD versions of the old KH games, regardless of whether their code is old or made of freshly caught & chopped sashimi, should present no real technical problems for the Switch. It's a matter of developer effort. And Square doesn't truly care about Nintendo.
  10. 😳 If you mean a gay female, then good for the diversity! If a gay guy, my interest has grown in the game. -But I'll assume you're just misreading things that shall be clarified in time. I'll doubt, as I probably should out of an abundance of very reasonable caution. Italy's president is just a figurehead, the real power is in the prime ministership. The tweeter needs to learn their government. -Although the current Italian PM is a technocrat who has acquired the nickname "Super Mario".🍄 Do you see any patterns in VNs regarding multiple ending quality? Are 1st endings okay, middle endings bad, last/true endings good? They're old as cluck games. Quit thinking the Switch is a glorified NES. There is absolutely no reason it can't run some second-rate PS2 titles at a stable 30 fps minimum. The Witcher 3 port, the Crysis port, there have been more recent, more graphically demanding games brought to Switch which, despite any realistic sacrifices, have played smoothly. Although I haven't read anything about the ports myself, I'd hedge my bets on either poor porting b/c Square is halfhearted with its support of Nintendo systems. Or, it's b/c lolcloud versions, and cloud gaming is a terrible idea. Although, poor cloud performance -irrespective of the junk that is the idea- that would partly be Nintendo's fault for a weak online infrastructure. -But then, there is no reason Square needed to cloud some PS2 games, just as there is no reason Dragon Quests IV-VI don't have their mobile versions on the Switch, or any versions of Final Fantasies I-VI.
  11. 🚫♨️ = 🙁 😆 I decided to do some skimming through my old one and only childhood magazine now that I realize the Internet has many of the later issues that I had once so fondly read, yet remember so little of. What I should be feeling, is the agony of age. That all this is so ancient, I should be greatly lamenting the fact that I lived and read this stuff fresh out of the physical mailbox. But, I'm not. I'm smiling, giggling. Glancing over the many ordinary and mediocre video games that have fallen by the wayside out of anyone's memory. Laughing at articles written for some of those inferior games lolKH358/2 magazine cover. Realizing I much prefer digital for game reviews (not that paper reviews really exist anymore). Because a lack of physical page count restrictions means all reviews can go in full depth, even digital results in a lot of the shovelware and lesser games going unreviewed. Feeling nostalgia towards those games I delightfully played back then (e.g. Devil Survivor), and those that I only later came to savor (e.g. Infinite Space). Looking at individual titles and thinking about the futures that had not yet been written for their respective franchises- sorry about your destinies Silent Hill and Sakura Wars!😛 It's quite the mix of thoughts and emotions.😄
  12. @Armagon Turns out the Internet Archive has the magazine issue with the short 2009 interview in which the above was said. https://archive.org/details/Nintendo_Power_Issue_249_Holiday_2009/page/n71/mode/2up Thank those who do the menial work of preserving humanity's vast record in cyberspace. Oh, and another Kamitani interview can be found as part of a Muramasa preview found in this article. In case you're so interested.: https://archive.org/details/Nintendo_Power_Issue_243_July_2009/page/n67/mode/2up
  13. Are there any parts of her that are outwardly mechanical? Because it's entirely possible in fantasyland to make a machine person that is 100% superficially fleshy, hiding the metallic interior a few centimeters beneath the surface.
  14. Finally caught up to where I was in LA3 before Desmune tanked and I fudged the file transfer. So far, not a single hiccup from Melon, barring the rare audio blip. I haven't exactly been motivated to rerun through the game since the big kaput, but now that I'm three story battles from the ending, I do feel more energized. I ought to finish this by Monday at the latest. I'll slow down to play a bunch of grinding battles to buy the heroes new weapons and armor, they been using their starting stuff all this time in the name of time expediency, and money is too tight not doing any of them. I'm also realizing that a mouse makes what was touch controls on the DS quite enjoyable to use. If Shrimpy refuses to entertain me with a dive into Knights in the Nightmare, then I think I might give it a try myself at some point, 'tho I've zero talent with shumps, so I probably won't get very far with that SRPG.
  15. You mean that harmless pillow fight? Please, I play SMT. What's Three Houses but a pacificist's greatest fantasy! The Fire Emblem fanbase is utterly delusional if it thinks Edel, Dimwit, and Rhea have a dram of uniqueness or dramatic edge. I sacrifice them on behalf of my new world, their souls worth less than dirt! Hahahahahahahaha! 😛 Seriously, that is all a joke, I have zero opinions on 3H. But it is FACT that Edel doesn't try brainwashing all of humanty to acheive her ends. She could be pushed further. ...How is this not mandatory in the genre for games with the relevant format at this point? At the least, such a system should unlock upon the player obtaining their first ending.
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