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  1. Hey, don't call it that! It's an underpriced mini-refrigerator! Sure it requires some special hookup, especially if you opt for the PS5 Elite model with the ice dispenser, but it keeps the system from ever overheating. Unfortunately, PS Plus does not come with a free weekly six-pack of Mountain Dew to stock the fridge with, only XBox Live Emerald offers that.
  2. It's called "We know you HATE Aether Raids, so we'll abuse your lustful fantasies to force you to play. We can make enough fanservice to do this and get you spend real money for Orbs at the same time".
  3. $800?🤑 Listen Sony, I don't know very much about processing power and graphical capabilities and all the inner workings of consoles. But is this supposed to be due to good/customized PCs being able to outstrip console power at a lower price? Or is it because of a declining dedicated console market? I don't know sales either. But this isn't a good move. Nonetheless, Sony has a monopoly on the most technically ambitious of Japanese games, so I am lead to believe. Xbox 360 had a short period with Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, and Tales of Vesperia when it tried to woo Japanese audiences, but that died long ago. PCs as a gaming platform had, not sure if it is regrowing, fallen out of favor in Japan too. And since Nintendo isn't offering high-end graphics or processing power nowadays, that leaves Sony the lone purveyor of certain kinds of Japanese titles. Microsoft might be able to wrest the Western game market from Sony if Play$tation 5 is the direction they're taking it, however. Even if Microsoft has the same expensive idea in mind, if they price it significantly lower without significant differences in power, they could stand to enormously gain. Speaking of price tag, this video game history lesson is semi-relevant, since one of the three big losses for Sega I can identify here- the other two being Sega's hasty rush, and Sony's massive cash reserves- is the price tag.
  4. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/07/us_law_firm_opens_switch_joy-con_drift_class_action_investigation Yep, this has become such a big, or "big", deal that lawyers are taking notice. Whether there are any solid grounds for such a lawsuit, and whether Nintendo would lose the potential case, are both presently unknown and should remain that way for months or maybe years. ...Any does anybody know if the Pro Controller has the drift issue? My Joy-Cons don't presently have it, but I'm considering getting a second controller of some kind.
  5. Triceratops! Followed by millesaurs. Fun factoid- The Japanese for "dinosaur" is kyoryu, kyo means "terrifying", and ryu means "dragon". Which is why Japanese game sometimes lump together dragons and dinosaurs. It's also why Yoshi lives in Dinosaur Land, but the coins with Yoshi's face on them are called Dragon Coins.
  6. For all we know, this "Judith" could be a little girl who just says "Thank you!" after rescuing them from bandits and bringing them back to their parents, who pay you with a Silver Lance. Or, she could be a Dracoknight wielding said Silver Lance, and she brings along her A Supported (not S!) friend Yuri, who then makes short work of the rest of 3H because he's awesome.
  7. I'm in the "Don't know them, so I'm skeptical of wanting them" camp. But it doesn't matter. I've decided to stop playing this game altogether, though I won't uninstall it. It's not out of dislike that I choose to drop it. It's just that this game never clicked for me over the past months of trying it. There were optimistic moments where I thought it might, but they never amounted to anything. All I've done with this game has felt like busywork, summoning has been the only fun, but that is passing moments between longer bouts of dullness. Nor can I muster the full extent of my mind for strategizing the way I do with mainline FE, here, I just want the easy and brainless way out, which I don't really have the resources to do. And for someone who has a hard enough time finishing games that end, the concept of an unending game, which I've already shown a disinterest in I now realize with my history of Animal Crossing, means that FEH stumbles for me in yet another way. Again. I'm not angry, I'm not disillusioned. It's a no-fault breakup due to lack of chemistry. But of course I'm not leaving this board, I love FE and this site too much to do that. I'll continue to monitor it until the game at last dies, and continue to update my one little topic along the way.
  8. It's been toned down. If you combine two units, now called Defensive Stance, you no longer can do Dual Attacks, and Dual Guards only, automatically, activate if you have a full set of blue shield icons. Units with any level of support rank have a generation rate of 2 shields per action in battle, unsupported units have 1 per action in battle. So for two unsupported units, attack-counterattack-attack would generate 3 total. Stat boosts from Defensive Stance are class bonuses + support bonuses (what stats each characters boosts based on support level differs, C Subaki could be +1 Skl, C Arthur could be +1 Str), no +3 for having a stat at or over 30. If two units are adjacent but unpaired, it's called Offensive Stance. Dual Attacks are now guaranteed to activate, but it'll only activate after the first ally attack, and the Dual Attacks deal half their normal damage. Dual Attacks are negated if the enemy is using Defensive Stance. Yes, enemies in this game use Offensive Stance, and sometimes Defensive Stance, but they'll never go into Defensive Stance mid-fight, they have to start the chapter that way. You get almost all characters by Chapter 14 on Birthright, and most characters by Chapter 16 on Conquest. You can infinitely grind for experience on Birthright, but not on Conquest, unless you buy the EXP DLC. No more time travel. Nor forced marriage. However, playable children characters are still a thing in Fates. The logic behind them this time is that the parents are concerned about their children's safety, so they send them to "Deeprealms", which are other dimensions of sorts. The thing is, the parents don't realize right away time moves faster in Deeprealms than in the world where Fates's plot happens. So when you play a child's recruitment paralogue, they've already matured into teenagers who can fight.
  9. That is the unpredictable and impossible-to-manufacture power of mystical insight. When the neurons going in their various ways, spontaneously act to their conscious owner as though they had been touched by the divine. What do we do to stop the sand mafia?
  10. I'll leave it to fate to decide for me. First I'll count the number of ravens I see flying over me. Then I'll shoot them all out of the sky and examine their internal organs. Afterwards, I'll take their leg bones and toss them, interpreting the shapes they form. I crack the bones with heat, noting the flames that appear, and determine the meaning of the forming bone fissures. I use any liquid emitted by the bones to brew tea, whose leaves I read. The leaves are mixed with peyote and like substances, which I ingest over a geological fault releasing natural gases from deep in the earth below. Once I have have received my visions, I look outside to check if the groundhog has seen their shadow in nine different locations. I take my seat an ouija table and use the board while levitating a smoking crystal ball over it. With my hands busy over the crystal ball and my chin on the ouija glass piece, I shuffle a deck of tarot cards with my feet. My nose plays with a homemade folding paper fortune teller, as I crack open and spit out several dozen fortune cookies, and have a wireless headset for talking to a psychic over the phone, to whom I livestream my palms. All this done, I use diving rods to guide me to the place where I look down to perform geomancy, and look up at the night sky to consult the two horoscopes. Lastly, I ask a Magic Eight Ball "Which House do I choose?" and toss metallic dice into the sky to attract lightning which shocks me and makes me violently drop the Magic Eight Ball. When I wake up and recover, keeping a record of how my wounds have been healing, I then compare all the collected divination data and reach a conclusion on which House it means. None too hard a decision!
  11. Spider girl: Tree girl: Frog princess: And now that I think about it, we've gone all this time without mentioning fish girl: But I REALLY shouldn't be wasting my time with just dropping stuff in this topic.
  12. Oh yeah, I forgot, this game released a few days ago: If this tiny low budget Beat 'em Up-Dress Up series can get a pinball game, then where is a new Pokemon Pinball Game Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak!😤
  13. This is totally off topic, but how is God Eater? As someone who has never played Monster Hunter, but does play a lot of RPGs, would God Eater 3 be a good game to try? Judging from the other ones you've played, would not having online be a serious downer on the fun? So would this be like what I hear of Persona 5? NG+ there apparently carries over the levels of your social skills, making maxing all Confidants on NG+ a breeze with time to spare.
  14. I thought I heard on some documentary I didn't watch that not all furries have sexual fetishes. Some are just very very shy people, who can only find social release from their social anxieties and possible other issues like disabilities, through the donning of animal costumes. The costumes representing characters who the people in question creatively develop elaborate backstories for.
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