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  1. Ever heard of the Defenestration of Prague? The 1618 event specifically. A few Catholic officials representing the will of their liege the Austrian Habsburg Ferdinand II, met with some Bohemian (modern Czech) Protestants in Bohemia's capital- Prague. The Protestants got angry and threw (defenestrate) three of the Catholics out a window about 70 feet/21 meters off the ground. The fall should've killed them, but somehow -a dung heap according to Protestants, the intervention of the Virgin Mary according to Catholics- all three envoys survived. The Defenestration of Prague was the spark that lit a powder keg. When Ferdinand II's older brother finally died soon after and Ferdy 2 became Holy Roman Emperor, the Bohemian elite -in a mood made more defiant by the Defenestration- decided not to elect Ferdy king, despite the Habsburgs having been always elected King of Bohemia for almost a century at that point. The Bohemians picked a Protestant king from the Palatinate, the Habsburgs refused to accept what they saw as treason, and so began the first phase of the Thirty Years' War. The first phase, because there were four of them, during which the various other parts of the Holy Roman Empire and foreign countries like Spain, France, and Sweden, entered the conflict. Besides lasting for 30 years, the Thirty Years' War killed off about... ~33% of the Holy Roman Empire's population? Not insignificant were its effects. And yes, the Defenestration was "stupid", in the sense that the Bohemians lost their fight for religious freedom at the Battle of White Mountain two years later. The Habsburgs forced them to convert to Catholicism, and the elected monarchy was converted to a hereditary one so such an uppity mistake would never happen again. Protestant Bohemian fears of Catholicization and a heavier Habsburg hand, probably inevitable, were hastened by their failed revolt. TL;DR We do have a case of almost-murdered ambassadors triggering a major war in Europe. -Mind, the Tellius event has tensions boil over from nothing (or even a relaxation of tensions given the Chapter 17 events of PoR) almost immediately. The 30YW had decades of unresolved Catholic-Protestant tensions and fears behind it that had bubbled over into conflict before.
  2. Displayed on BLADE Tower for the public to witness. Now that that the number thingy isn't needed anymore, they should find a new use for that big prominent screen. People are going to get tired of the MiraCle Waterโ„ข๏ธ ads and public service announcements on repeat.
  3. Any Earthmate worth revering needs to be able to win a tug of war against a buffamoo using only their milkers. ...I need to get back to RF5. I'm as limited, perhaps even more than you. But I could see a gradual improvement being possible, perhaps owing to an eye towards attracting greater international sales, since the Japanese market alone nowadays might not suffice.
  4. How will this factor into the canon? And thinking of Tetris blocks, there is one things I can visualize turned into a piece. Curious why then they list voice actors in the above link. Battle grunts? Beating the big bad unlocks the ability to speak? Also, will agree with the comments I saw about the Caster. Black, kinda mature, and rather handsome. Not exactly common in Japanese games. Actually that is answered in the Caster's description.: After a mere three years, his intellect and abilities surpassed even that of the worldโ€™s most renowned alchemists. So great was his skill that he soon amassed a sizeable following of admiring apprentices. But in a world without words, none of them could quite keep up with his genius. While he tried his best to communicate through simple vocalizations and invented scripts, these would mysteriously vanish as soon as they manifested. I imagine the curse goes by intent. If trying consciously to write or speak anything resembling a word, poof! Intention would get around FE Fates's possible issue of the Cucumber Salad, you know, the Salad that makes Croutons instantly Digested because you can't say a word about Cucumber or anything related to it.
  5. Action RPG 'Silent Hope' Introduces Main Characters' Backstories, Likes, Dislikes, Birthdays, Families, Hobbies & Voice Actors - Noisy Pixel Hopefully these details are in the game itself? Apparently the game releases Oct 3rd, feels weird that it'll be soon. (And a demo dropped months ago? -I never noticed.) Between it looking thoroughly like a b-grade ARPG and what appears to be a week in Japan with more notable releases- Ys X, a Dragon Quest spinoff, and that Fate game, I'm imagining that it'll bomb. Still, since its loosely RF-related, I'll consider it. --- Almost done with AW2's campaign. While the game has plenty of replayability (wouldn't feel right if I didn't unlock Sturm, eventually), it does feel kinda sad. But then I saw this... Looks like it has been done for almost a year now, with a few QoL updates included in the translation patch. Although, visually, I'm not sure if it's jiving with me.
  6. And, the mechanics of the first one at least, don't always work in its favor. Weak Point Smashes are less something that's useful for fighting enemy officers, and more something you need to deal real damage if you don't have enough raw attack power. Giant Bosses are a similar story. -Although I was personally willing to look past the faults, because the LoZ love was there. And I still want another intraseries crossover sequel with more. It's not like Zelda does that all that often. Mario and Pokemon can have games of every kind imaginable (if perhaps less so for Mario nowadays than it used to be, development costs I guess), Zelda does not.
  7. IIRC, it's mirrored-C shaped, roughly. In that north and south plains curve to the right around mountains in the middle. The reason I still remember the map is likely owed to the fact it was recycled for one of the Cipher DLC battles. Had to get Randal and that lance with Solo Triangle Attack.
  8. I believe you're leaving out the one with the Shadow Sword boss. That precedes the temple. True. I didn't mean to defend the sands when I said that. I admit, having ugh! maps like the sands do make it feel like you're fencing at air, in a way. Since it doesn't feel like you've truly utilized your units with plenty good maps to use them on. And a game with a route split like Gaiden's does make it worse, since everyone is stuck with half the battles they would have if only the game had a single army.
  9. Unfortunately b/c it was DLC they never put out an official concise vid for the Dominion Rod. But we have one for this mysterious youth.๐Ÿ˜› Sad it be that Musou is hit-or-miss for people, given it is the one time when LoZ people other than Link have been fully playable. ...And Murdock's tender heart for Zephiel. That I think does Murdock's character very well unlike Brunnya. The monochrome is stylish. The hat and umbrella make her seem dominant like a classy boss.
  10. It's not THAT MUCH sand. Just the fort where Jesse is learning being in bondage isn't always fun, either Deen or Sonya (the sand sorta helps in the former?), and like the first two or three turns of Grieth's lair. ...But it is still very much annoying, and the challenge level isn't nil in any of those maps either. +3 Hit & Evade fo' everyone yo!๐Ÿ˜› -If you can ignore the minimal Sword rank and wouldn't mind tossing him a Scroll or two. Or, are accepting that he'll only be useful for outdoor maps. I'm curious as well. But I'm going to err on the cautious side and say the unrequited love is a total modern invention, using these two sentences as the kernel around which the invention was spun. Unless you're playing SoV Hard, where Stefalaw is accompanied by his girlfriend. That complicates this a little. Them DracoZ got drip. Fetid indeed. ...Angel looks more like fairies, those wings aren't angelic.
  11. There was also the case of a dead Tsar thought to be alive- Peter III, the man who succeed Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great. He unfortunately lived at what could be consider the end of the Russian "Era of Palace Revolutions", and was murdered by the military with the consent of his wife, who became Catherine II "the Great". There were several False Peters, one of them, Yemelyan Pugachev, launched a titular rebellion that lasted two years. Pugachev's Rebellion was fairly large and caught the Russian state off guard, not helping was the sheer size of Russia so an effective response didn't happen right away. Cathy G kept her throne, but the rebellion did shake her and affect her political views. That's quite understandable, with some IRL examples for sure. Maybe not dynastic replacement, b/c a lot of monarchies simply wouldn't have rules/traditions that would seriously allow the chancellor to seize the throne, but certainly exerting great influence on -some would say puppeting- the king. When you're so close to the Sun, that kind of power can corrupt. You might even forget that you are not the Sun, and that the Sun might royally have you scorched. I'm also reminded of the Japan during the Heian period. Women of the Fujiwara noble clan (NOT samurai! Nobility in Japan was a separate thing.) through the 800s until 1068 gave birth to every single Emperor. That allowed the Fujiwara menfolk to dominate the highest political offices. Not a problem!๐Ÿ˜€ We in America just tend to forget what happened to France immediately after the zany times of the Revolution and Napoleon. The 16-year Bourbon Restoration wasn't a particularly remarkable time for France, at least politically. The 1800s as a century, regardless of the periodic changes in government, was still loaded with French science, culture, industrialism, and by the end of the century French global colonialism. I saw the headlines. AI is still a sticking point. I could use late night television again -but if the unions have to keep negotiating, they should. Yeah this doesn't feel so potentially difficult on my eyes. ...Since I mentioned Battalion Wars before, there was one -just one- all-air-units mission in the first game.:
  12. Indeed. Cadet branches were commonplace IRL for Europe. And the end of dynasty as in a direct unbroken line of fathers, sons, and brothers, meant a cadet branch took over. -Unless of course, marriages, genealogy, and politics aligned such that a foreign monarch could press their claim to a throne. The Hundred Years' War and the War of the Spanish Succession come to mind. In the latter case, French Bourbons (Henry IV, Louis XIII-XVIII, Charles X) won, but had to agree that the French and Spanish thrones could never be united under one person. That was actually a serious compromise, as Louis XIV was very old at this time and his heir his great grandson Louis XV was only an infant. And thankfully for everyone not France and Spain, the Bourbons failed to bring Louis XIV absolutist greatness to the declining Spanish Empire. The first Spanish Bourbon (still the ruling dynasty in modern Spain), Philip V, was afflicted with such great melancholy relatable he actually abdicated the throne to his adult son ...until he died a few months later and his next son was still young so he returned to the burdens of kingship. Spain is also an interesting case, in that since it allowed female rule, Queen Joanna "the Mad" married a Habsburg, and their son became by election Holy Roman Emperor Charles V/Charles I of Spain. This being a peaceful example of a foreign dynasty taking over. Which is how the Habsburgs got elected to the Bohemian kingship b/c they married the sister of the last king of the prior dynasty. There was the case three "False Dimitris" in Russia. The last son of Ivan IV "the Terrible", whose death before he could inherit the throne was popularly thought to be an assassination (evidence is uncertain). Russia then fell into the chaotic Time of Troubles, and people took a liking to believing Dimitri was still alive -the first False Dimitri even secured the Russian throne for a few months. Not an imposter? The Jacobite (Jacob = James in Hebrew) situation in the United Kingdom to a limited degree. After the Glorious Revolution of 1688, the exiled James II, his son James the Old Pretender and grandson Charles the Young Pretender all tried to claim the British throne back from James's daughters and then the Hanoverians. Their support in the UK was limited, but it remained feared until the later half of the 1700s. ...Earlier, the Stuarts were executed and exiled with the English Civil War. Then Oliver Cromwell became Lord Protector of Britain and Ireland, but he was a no-fun despot, so nobody opposed overthrowing his son right away after he died, and installing a more traditional monarch- Charles II, son of the beheaded Charles I. Charles II's reign was the Stuart Restoration following the so-called Interregnum, he was known as "the Merry Monarch" due to his love of having fun (dogs, theatre, fashion, common prostitutes). But, tension remained between the Crown and Parliament, which would bubble over when his brother James II took the throne. So it was less "we miss the Stuarts" during Cromwell's reign, and more "we'd prefer a monarchy rooted in centuries of custom instead of some newly-fabricated excuse". Correction- Louis XVIII, brother of Louis XVI took the throne after Napoleon (Louis XVII is ceremonially used for Louis XVI's son, who died imprisoned). Then his younger brother Charles X took the throne. Then politics saw him kicked out and the Bourbon cadet branch of Orleans in the form of Louis Philippe became the "July Monarch", whose reign began popular, ended unpopular (Le Miserables is set during his reign). Then it was the short-lived Second Republic usurped by Napoleon III (Napoleon II is ceremonially used for Napoleon I's son), then Third Republic partly b/c the Bourbon or Orleans families couldn't come to an agreement to receive the throne again. I'd say it's more because it keeps things simple. It makes a particular character(s) extra special. And it suits a black & white narrative more. Which are honestly fine justifications. The other example that comes to mind for me is the end of one mission in Battalion Wars II. The Solar Empire is recharging their heavy tanks, you the Iron Legion have to smash all the tanks and solar panels (and it looks kinda cool seeing tanks clustered by clean energy generators) as quickly as possible. The slower you go, the more of them will be shooting back at you. And watching the above vid ...not sure if I could get into Ace Combat.๐Ÿ˜… The motion might mess with my eyes too much. I played Star Fox 64 and Assault as a kid, these though could be different or I'm different now.
  13. Re-Boot Green Skies and Seas: And I kinda like that in deities/pseudo-deities.๐Ÿ˜€ Lucifer in SMT has been over the decades a young man, an old man, a little boy, female forms too; and I've liked that mutability of form.
  14. Incorrect. Using Lash & Olaf together in a Tag Power results in base Firepower during the Dual Strike being reduced to 80 (before factoring in Super CO Power bonuses, I think, I never used a negative-relationship combo). Eagle & Hawke is worse- 70. But the absolute worst? Rachel & Koal- 65. What terror, what inhumanity did Koal do to warrant such undying hatred from Rachel? He called her ugly, once, during the campaign. Oh what a crime!๐Ÿ˜ฑ Sadly we don't get that.๐Ÿงจ The most we get is Jess trying to force Lash to eat her vegetables or something.
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