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  1. I actually find the Sylvalum Xe-doms charming in a way. They quietly float off the ground doing their routine checks of their territory again and again, making sure there are no mechanical threats. Who knows, maybe the Xe-doms protecting the indigens as though they were pets? Because they know there are awful humans who, when unable to fight something roughly comparable to their own puny size, will take to big machines because they're cheaters. Although they only haunt west of Lake Ciel IIRC, the rest of Sylvalum once you get past the entrance should be fine. Also: "Enigmatic, pilotless crafts exhumed from the Miran soil. They come in a variety of sizes, and are constructed from some kind of living metal that not even Ganglion technology can replicate. But while the particulars of the xe-dom manufacturing process remain shrouded in mystery, a lucky research mistake unlocked the secret of controlling the units." I'm assuming the Ganglion found that secret, why can't NLA? Or, why don't the Orphe who defected from the Ganglion know it? Even if they aren't reproducible, converting a few Xe-doms over would be an incredible boost in military might. And on Unique Monster/Tyrant names, I really like Reckless Godwin. It's the ruler of the Ignas in the fortress in Satorl Marsh. The title actually sounds like something I could see a king being named.
  2. As I feared, FE12 Flame Barrel on anything but Normal is utterly unfair and diabolical blind. FE3 had the politeness to restrict reinforcements to only the three forts behind the starting position, which you could easily block or outrun to the seize point. FE12, nope, it lets dragons crawl out of everywhere. This chapter is why I dropped the game for a while.
  3. I only watched a little of the Pokemon anime as a kid, but I did have one VCR tape with like two episodes on it, one of them being Mt. Moon. And, I did have one GBA Video cartridge with the Suicune episode on it. That was the last of saw of the anime. I think I saw almost every Kanto and Orange Island episode, but only a few scattered Johto ones, but I did see the Whirl Islands episode to name another. Movie-wise, Mewtwo, Lugia, Entei, Celebi, those are the ones I saw. This said, as a child, I envisioned myself as the "Chosen of Pokemon". A human created all the legendaries, led either by Ho-Oh or Arceus, to be a bridge between humanity and Pokemon. Since, as the Chosen of Pokemon, I possessed the powers of types, and the ability to seemlessly transform into any Pokemon I wished not a legendary. Or, I could just manifest wings or Vine Whips if I sought only a quick and partial transformation. Typically, I then set myself up as Ash's little sibling/clone. Although the exact age varied from infant to just a little younger than Ash. The logic was that Ash was seen as a particularly special human whose DNA was therefore chosen as the base. Onto which Pokemon DNA, including Mewtwo's "Berserk Gene", was then added, thus resulting in a sibling who didn't look exactly like Ash. Oftentimes, highly likely because of the one Kanto episode of a wildling human raised by Kangaskhans, I envisioned myself as a wildling. With a Chansey (or was Blissey?) "mother", an Alakazam "mentor", and a Houndour "brother" and a Kirlia "sister". In the Ash scenario, I assigned Giovanni as the father. And that oftentimes had us don matching Team Rocket outfits as the rebellious and anti-TR "Rocket Renegades", I'm guessing that was because of alliteration, a liking for Team Rocket uniforms, and Tales of Symphonia a game loved in my youth having a group called the "Renegades". On at least one occasion, Team Rocket tried to capture the Chosen of Pokemon, because of obvious world-domination applications from having such a Pokepowerful human. I several times played out in my mind an episode where there was a sibling tournament of sorts where I and Ash would participate under the title "Team Mew and Mewtwo", reflecting the relationship between Ash (Mew) and the Chosen (Mewtwo), I innocently forgot the memory-wipe at the end of the Mewtwo movie when thinking of that. And yet, I was not always Ash's sibling. There was a scenario where I was more confrontational towards Ash as a rival of sorts and pro-trainer at his age, who nonetheless sought because destiny to work with him. And then, there was the brief time where I instead took things into Black and White, as a trainer apart from the player character. This scenario never went far in my imagination, it generally consisted of me, the player trainer, and N heading off to fight Ghetsis. Then, while N and the player trainer run ahead, the Chosen stood back with their Pokemon and fought legions of Plasma goons. At the end, having gotten through all the lackeys, my fatigue Pokemon transferred their remaining vitality to me and I ran ahead. After that, it gets to N losing to Ghetsis, the Chosen runs in to confront Ghetsis, and before doing so says to N something to the effect of "If Pokemon and humans don't belong together, then what of I?". At this point, it shifted to your typical battle scene, Ghetsis trainer sprite appears, and so did the back sprite of the Chosen, who usually was wrapped from head to feet in a leaf green robe of which I can't define the exactly shape. Ghetsis sends out a Pokemon and mocks me for being a human trying to fight a Pokemon, willing to use their Pokemon to harm me if I choose to fight so. The Chosen takes an attack, then uses a Fighting move like High Jump Kick, seeing how a human should be able to do that. That deals one KO to Ghetsis's team, he sends out another Pokemon who injures the chosen, the Chosen uses Psychic, another thing that human could normally use in the Pokemon world, which damages or KOs another of Ghetsis's Pokemon. After this, the Chosen takes a third attack, the Chosen then uses Recover, a power no human has. Turn 4 beings with the Chosen using something spectacular, like Solarbeam or Fire Blast, which leaves Ghetsis bewildered by this, the Chosen has revealed their hitherto secret abilities. I then cut to the Chosen running tired from fighting, the unimportant player character defeats Ghetsis, N wants to speak more with the Chosen, but the Chosen chooses not to. Instead, they fall through a giant hole in the wall far off the ground, and as they fall generate wings and fly away, ending the scenario. Though I'd throw it an unfleshed out epilogue moment where N finds themselves accompanied by some Normal-Flying Pokemon who when N is in danger transforms back into their human form thus revealing them the Chosen, who then speaks gently with N once again, but I don't recall if anymore followed, or if the Chosen just left again. ...And since someone brought up Ys, albeit in passing, earlier, I'm reaching the end of Ys VIII I think. Oceanus was far easier than I thought it'd be for such an important monster. A nice thing though is Dana's styles. It feels just a little like I get to play as the three Golden Goddesses of Hyrule whom I have such a Zelda lore liking for.
  4. The light-dark thematic that was true of most promotion options: Great Lord vs. Conqueror, Falcon Knight vs. Wyvern Knight (not so strongly here though, WK could be darker), Paladin vs. Dark Knight, Sniper vs. Assassin, Hero vs. Swordmaster. But there was already have one light-dark failure: Sage vs. Sorcerer. I'd say thats because Tharja being a Dark Mage by default took away the "dark" option, leaving Sorcerer to be more the "neutral" one that the base classes otherwise are. As for Great Knight not looking dark enough, I wouldn't call Swordmaster an inherently "dark" class in mainline FE. Navarre archetypes, and we are talking the Navarre here, are antisocial killers, but otherwise the class isn't shady. And not even all Navarres are that darkly like Zihark and Lon'qu. And yet, they took Swordmaster in TMS and amped up the darkness. They could make Great Knight darker if they wanted to. As for whatever Maiko gets if it's a refresher Mirage, it'd be one of Songstress or Dancer for the base, and the first promotion option is whatever of the two isn't chosen as the base.The second promotion pick is much harder to figure out. Troubadour perhaps? Because IRL troubadours were Medieval singers and musicians. Troubadour (and Great Knight) could work, because they already dismounted Walhart's Conqueror and gave it to Chrom. And lastly, will Tiki get promotion options? She has to get Carnage Unity access for more skills, and she'll need Radiant Unity for a bunch of other skills (but how will she the flying fast-stuff-then-slow-motion hand touch with herself?). But, Class Change is just unlocking a few Carnages and some stat boosts. What would she get? Would there be costume changes? Manakete as a base class with Divine Dragon as one promotion is plausible. The second option though, what would it be? Fire Dragon would easily work, if not that "dark". Shadow Dragon is a no because it is Medeus's title. Fell is as close to Shadow in darkness as she could get, Earth and Mage are remote other possibilities with a "dark" feel to them. For XS Episode II, I'd throw in a second line. "Unless you're from Europe." Since from XG to XS Ep. III, that was the only Xeno released in Europe. Which is a little ironic, given what the European release of XC1 did for the franchise.
  5. Which, while I won't say I like Makalov (I don't), is the idea of Makalov that I like. He isn't absurd. His crime is gambling, a very petty crime. Yes, an army is a reasonable place for psychopaths and assassins to gather b/c killing is the job. But IRL historically, I'd probably be only able to hang a half-dozen psycho-assassins from my army a month, while having a hundred gamblers to choke, so to speak. And the idea of Makalov, like the idea of Shinon, add a hint more realism to the player's forces. Whilst having a virtuous army of justice is wonderful, there is something to appreciate in making it more earthy, which requires including a few real imperfections. I consider Mia to be the weakest Greil Mercenary as a character myself. So I see what you mean. If I had to guess her appeal, it's just simple surface charm. A confident, cute girl with a sword. I'm not sure how anyone could find depth in Mia.
  6. According to Bulbapedia, that isn't about social awkwardness.: When Clair gives the player TM24 (DragonBreath) in Generation II, she says, "No, it has nothing to do with my breath." This was a pun lost in translation, as Clair's Japanese name, Ibuki, can be taken to mean "breath". Despite this, a joke remains, as "dragon breath" is a term sometimes used for someone who has halitosis. Because she gives out TM59 (Dragon Pulse) in Generation IV instead, this joke was removed, though Clair does start to make a reference before becoming embarrassed.
  7. I'm thinking he'll get a Fighter/Barbarian instead. He is wearing a lot less armor than Mamori, so I don't think he will count as armored. There was an enemy "Barbarian" type too, which didn't have a weakness to Armorslayer/Diamondsplitter, so I'm thinking Barry is going to fill in as a playable one of those. And if he is going Fighter/Barbarian, then it'll be either Vaike or Basilio I'd say, unless they pull someone from a more recent game. It'd put another Mirage in the Awakening camp, which had fewer than SD in the base game. Assassin was used already as one of the two promotions for Virion though. Would they double-up? Which then leads me to ponder what Barry if a Fighter/Barbarian will get. Draug took Berserker already and Navarre took Hero. Warrior could be certain, but the other? War Monk? Some possibilities: KFC hates you and wants you to dunk your head in their fryers to alleviate the agony. KFC dun goofed and engaged in zero oversight of the game's contents while handing it over to a shady and cheap developer. KFC wants Colonel Sanders hentai for the controversy, because controversy increases sales. 🐔🤷‍♀️
  8. The other possibility people throw out there is Azura in her black opera dress. Maiko, the character wearing that outfit, wasn't playable in the base game, but she was supposed to be at some point, and she was supposed to have a Dancer as her Mirage. That at the time would have meant Olivia or Phina, but since Azura is from a very popular FE and is a main character who happens to be a refresher when usually they aren't important people, why not use her instead? There is an Escape Magnus, yup. The first one should be somewhere in the forest that is the first dungeon (maybe it is in the Lord of the Spring's area, but you have to walk back there and get it?), and you can get a second one later. And, one limited-time dungeon lets you farm enemies that drop Jill's Jewelry Boxes, which age after a few hours into Jack-in-the-Boxes, which have the same effect as Escape. If you know you aren't in a fighting mood, you could try emptying one's deck of everything but the Escape card. That'll fill the deck with filler cards you can burn up until you finally find the Escape and use it.
  9. Thracia 776 already has what would readily make for a new Prologue battle. Raydrik caught Nanna and Mareeta because Eyvel, Leif and the others were out hunting bandits. One of the game's opening event scenes is supposed to be that I think, the one where a female swordmaster lights a torch on Chapter 12's map (it can't actually be Dacia, that is way too far away). But, if the point to adding a prologue battle is to teach the basics of things to the player (which SoV's doesn't do), then it wouldn't be perfect. There aren't any playable mages or healers at that point, unless the game forced a tutorial use of Eyvel's or Leif's precious magic swords.
  10. Nintendo of Japan updated its section on the Nintendo website with a few new screenshots. Sadly, it looks like Itsuki is still always forced into every fight, since there isn't a battle picture without him in it. Paaaatch, paaaatch! But on the positive side, there is a new 3H costume for Mamori: Is she a little too young for a military academy? How young is the youngest 3H character? One new costume would be a little strange, there should be another 2-3 at least then. All 10 characters getting them is possible, if a little unlikely. The cynic says probably just do the girls + Itsuki for a token male. Or, they could do one thematic set of costumes covering everyone, and then do one-offs or smaller sets just for the females. And a picture from the new bonus dungeon: Wonder what this place is supposed to be? Some temple from the home world of the Mirages? The colors and design say Asian-inspired to me, Buddhist in particular, whether Tibetan or Southeast Asian I'm not so certain. But I could be wrong. Another thing I notice is the character levels. 25 isn't endgame level, it's entirely possible they're still only in Chapter 2. There could be multiple bonus dungeons that open as the game progresses. But more likely, this is one of Atlus's segmented bonus dungeons. -What do I mean? Going back to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne edition, Atlus added an optional dungeon that opens first around the early-midgame, the Labyrinth of Amala. The Labyrinth was divided into 5 Kalpas, each of which unlocks after the completion of the prior one and the defeating of Fiends outside the Labyrinth, which requires you progress the story to find them. Each Kalpa was distinct from the rest in visuals and puzzle elements, with enemies getting stronger the further you ventured into the Labyrinth. One could freely come and go from the Labyrinth via any large save terminal. The Labyrinth contained a load of good treasures, a few strong bosses, and completing the dungeon in full unlocked a new ending. Later on the 3DS, although I have not played either game, Atlus added the Corridor of Time to Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, and the Womb of Grief to SMT: Strange Journey Redux. These seem to be akin to the Labyrinth of Amala in every way: game-long availability, nice swag, bosses, and new endings. So, I could certainly see Atlus giving TMS#FE Encore the same kind of bonus dungeon. "Wait" as in wait for you to make your choices before letting the enemies attack? Just as a little heads up, if you ever get to Baten Kaitos: Origins, you'll have to adjust it to that in the menu. By default the game lets enemies pound you as you pick your cards. But the option is right there from the start.
  11. They weren't so bad for me. They were busywork of course, but I don't recall them being terribly annoying busywork. Only the Stone/Earthborn golems can threaten you by this point, and they alone have significant durability. The Ogres are largely a nonthreat and flimsy, and the Skeletons exist just to get their rotten bone marrow on your equipment. But, I admittedly had no problem devoting time to kill them all, since I was having Narcus alone open every chest, and he took a while longer to do that. If I wasn't opening every chest not knowing the contents and not knowing if I'd need any of it, I wouldn't have had him go for all or any of them. The hard part of this fight was the boss chamber, since Tomahan is threatening, the boss is durable, and the goons just push things far enough to make it difficult to clear it all or survive it all. It took me three tries to get through it. But, had I actually tapped into my four Miracle Charms and some Magic Shields, I would have had a much easier time. Agreed. Against the easy AI, on any map that isn't one of the "spiced up" campaign ones, this is the basic strategy to success. This is really true on any map with a production facility right smack dab in the center. Like this one: Sensei outright tells Grimm "You let the enemy take the advantage" if the player captures the factory right below the yellow Recon next to the red Infantry. And, it helps to know wisely the value (or lack thereof) of each unit, for only a fool goes "Bomber Spaaaaam!" without the preconditions being right for that. I understand going from FE to AW and not liking AW. They're significantly different. For me, any good war of attrition/slog becomes benignly mindless for me. I've played Royal Channel Days of Ruin version 2 or 3 times from Blue's perspective and enjoyed it. The turns pass without me realizing how many have. And eventually the tides turn and it becomes a victory march. Maybe this explains it?: The "for laughs" part appears to be a fever dream of mine. I thought it happened around Chapter 23, but he doesn't even show up there. This, despite me playing FE6 only a few months ago. Maybe I was desperate to see more. However, I did find one instance where Merlinus is right, Chapter 22: No comedy, but yes, Merlinus is correct!The captive was telling the truth about how you get to the throne room. It only took until the third/fourth-to-last final/false final map for this to happen. Story? What story? How erroneous are you to insist Holmes has a story! Well, for the first time you're playing as Holmes that is. After the Hidden Village reunion Holmes does get a storyline for the rest of the game. But everything prior to that is painfully devoid of a narrative, a little bandit killing, some treasure hunting, a dash of liberation of Salia, and a bunch of criticizing Katri. Attrom dying kills the weak reason to get for the Dakruon to bring back Renee. I wish there was more, more funny or more seriousness, either way, I'd just want a clearer and stronger direction. At least they keep it kinda vague. He just can't see her as he used to now, he didn't specify how IIRC. Albeit yeah, one could read that definitely as "I don't see you as a cute little sister anymore, I see you as this beautiful young woman I want to embrace". But it juuuust might be better than... By the way, who'd you pick for the second kidnapping scene, Juni or Lyria? There are so many pages and screenshots in this topic, that this is easier than trying to find it. I didn't expect the scene to happen when it did, so I accidentally stumbled through the text and picked Juni the first time, only to immediately reset and pick the outcome from not drinking the obviously drugged milk. Picking Lyria made it seem like things worked out well(?) so I left it with that. But I wonder if that made Juni's ending worse, since she just decided to return home. Thinking about it (Thracia 776 spoilers for those who haven't played it)... And I bow to evidence on the strategist point. One should not get angry at bona fide facts. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️ Emulators can speed things up a bit. But I can see the problem. Bantu and Tiki in FE3 are the prototype for the gameplay rules of Katri's dragon transformation. Although both of them untransform at the start of the player phase, not the end. And no AoE breath, and their Def and Res are lower so things can actually kill them. But they're still useful in a balanced but unique way.
  12. Ophion would make one fine boss though. It could actually be a threat for once in its existence. There is already an extremely rare type of giant flying serpentine-ish indigen, the Colubrim: It was a missed opportunity that they didn't include the Faces in XCX as is. Not like they'd need a real explanation for it. Just mysterious autonomous robots that have appeared and are attacking things would have sufficed. I hope they don't forget to include the Vierge 3 (and now Vierge 4) when XCX2 happens. Metal Face already had his signature weapons in- as the Deus Crusher. I don't need to be able to craft them, although that'd be really nice, a good fight would be enough. Yet, if craftable, I'd want them to match the Ares and have an entirely unchangeable weapon loadout. It'd give them a little more character that way. The standard Skell lines can keep their customization for weaponry, and possibly be stronger than the intraseries crossover units once fully optimized. But, if someone wanted ease of use, they could spring for the crossovers, but that'd require unlocking them first, no small feat I'd think. For Siren specifically, I'd like to see them reference And coincidentally these years later, it kinda looks like it's the "classic Monado" color scheme of red with green highlights (even if it's more bluey the glow). Can you remind me, did Id have a long-term goal? It would be very hard to act on it given the shackle of Fei, but was there anything he wanted other than raw destruction? I know he didn't agree with Grahf, since that'd mean handing over his body to a selfish psycho. Perhaps they're planning the pricing with Rune Factory 5 in mind? Rune Factory 4 is mostly a port of an old 3DS game, if Rune Factory 5 is released in the same year and is much better than 4 (or is at least advertised that way), then who would go for RF4 if they're the same price?
  13. I thought you were referring to the time he invited a bunch of his many many relatives to a hotel, and then trapped them inside because something to do with "corruption". Weren't there wives and kids who never got to see their husbands/fathers again? I remember hearing that on a 60 Minutes episode. It started the segment on the prince with him being modern, a reformist, rather kind. And then it got to his bad side, which he obviously didn't want to talk so much about. A modern "Enlightened Despot" in an era where the latter word is painfully anachronistic and it can't be ignored?
  14. I once thought I heard Kim Jong Il liked Rambo. Modernity meets archaic forms of government and society. The asymmetrical mixture of old and new isn't uncommon around the world. Sometimes they fuse together and create something interesting and good. But other times, they coexist and do nothing to each other. That leaves the bad of old to linger, and the bad of new to spread independently, or even worse the two bads amplify each other.
  15. It's delightful to see you again @Kirokan! I'm not yet into Three Houses, but I couldn't pass by this board and glimpse over a good non-spoilers textual controversy. To see you here and help resolve it so fast is serendipitous. Thank you!
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