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  1. One of my first thoughts when I saw the trailer was hoping IS would finally subvert their trope of the sacrificial, motherly-type character being pure good and the ruthless, conqueror character being pure evil (with the exception of Rudolph). At this point the trope is pretty stale, so I seriously hope they end up doing this game differently.
  2. He’s the grill master of fire emblem ;)
  3. Zeke joins Alm's army because of the brand, only to later realize it was just some dirt.
  4. Unless you want to play the game completely blind, I suggest browsing through a guide before playing a chapter. If only to find out about character unlocked events, such as getting Dew’s wind sword in ch 3. Also Quan, Ethlyn, and Finn leave after ch 3 so sell off everything you don’t want them to pass down. Lastly, plan ahead what pairings you want and I suggest looking at a guide to see what items their kids will need to inherit to make up for some pairing’s downsides. Like if you pair Jamke and Edain, Lester won’t inherit pursuit since it’s a class skill, so you might have the pursuit ring passed down.
  5. Okay that makes complete sense. That's why I wanted to ask first. Thanks so much for your hard work, and for coming back to the project! This chapter hurt my heart real bad, my poor poor boy.
  6. Would it be alright with you if I post ch 63 and 64 to mangahere.co for people having trouble unzipping the files?
  7. I would really be into this. Most lords are too positive or naive for my taste. They aren't bad traits, but they're a bit stale at this point. But at the same time, I don't know if a character who always thought the worst of a situation would inspire confidence from their army, so I'd rather see a lord who is more of a pragmatist. Just sorta accepting the situation as is, and then fixing what they feasibly can. Hopefully that made sense.
  8. I completely agree about SoV. I think its the best (least flawed) game of the series, even though Genealogy's still my fav. But FE15 has got the advantage of being a remake that was meant to improve upon Gaiden. So here's for desperately praying to the IntSys Gods for Fire Emblem Echoes: Genealogy! And yea I love the Oosawa manga! Though I've weirdly read only from the Silesse Arc to the most recent update. One day I'll read it completely. I'm really sad to hear that the translation team is going on hiatus if I heard that right. I'd also like to find the Nea Fuyuki manga too, but I've had no luck.
  9. Hiya! Your history with the series sounds very much like mine. My 1st game being Blazing Sword, then some sacred stones and really enjoying both. Awakening (despite it's flaws) was what really solidified my love for the series. I was always very interested in what I heard about Genealogy, so I downloaded it and have been in love ever since I started (it's definitely my favorite). I'm also new to posting on SF and I'd love to talk about anything FE4. I'll talk about plot and characters and frustration for hours.
  10. If this leak turns out to be true I wonder if one of the moonshifter tribes would be recruitable on the human side. It could make sense that the dragons were allied with the humans like in other games.
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