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  1. Oh would you just shut up! God, you always act like it's such an unholy sin to like Alm, SoV, or even ANYTHING from SoV!
  2. I want the next game to just be a singe linear route game. No more route splits, it just causes things to be spread very thin. If we have to have a route split, I'd prefer something minor like the route splits in FE5 and FE6, where the only things that really changed are what characters you recruit. At most, something like Shadows of Valentia or Sacred Stones, where the story still ultimately plays out the same regardless.
  3. Pretty much this. Marth also needs other characters to talk to aside from the boring adviser guy and the plot important princess. He really would have benefited from additional scenes where he talks with either Caeda and/or Hardin, especially the latter considering how big they play up Marth and Hardin's friendship in the sequel, which as mentioned earlier, is someone you wouldn't really notice from playing Shadow Dragon considering they have only one conversation with each other, and Hardin doesn't say or do anything after his recruitment.
  4. I've never been a fan of the idea of Steve being a playable character in Smash. However, admittedly I'm not as angry as I would've been back in 2018, cuz I got Banjo (and it was one of the biggest reasons why I didn't want Steve in Smash), so I'm just whatever at this point.
  5. Nah, New Mystery isn't as bad about it since we do get actual support conversations to flesh out the characters (even if a large majority of them are with Kris), as well as base conversations explaining some lore and relationships as well. It's still held by an archaic structure and some bland characters mind you, but overall, it's alright compared to Shadow Dragon.
  6. Yeah I'm kind of in agreement with this. Shadow Dragon probably does have one of the weaker stories in the series cuz there's barely any story being told, the villains don't get much screen time, and aside from characters like Caeda, Minerva, Merric, and so on, pretty much no one gets any dialogue aside from their recruitments and death quotes. It's certainly nowhere near as bad as Fates' story mind you, but the lack of...well, anything, just means that it's hard to really care about what's going on.
  7. Ok I guess Gharnef could stay since he is more or less the original main villain besides Medeus (even if he is boring and archaic as sin). But I would drop Validar and Iago in a heartbeat. Choosing games with only bad villains always spelled doom, but the fact that they went out of their way to only pick the worst villains from those games really doesn't help. I've mentioned before that I"d prefer a non-canon sequel over a canon sequel, so by default I'm going with my idea as Darios as the lead.
  8. Exactly. The chances of the Dark Mage loser trio being playable in a sequel, let alone even coming back in a sequel, is extremely unlikely, especially if we get games like Elibe, Tellius, Valentia, and 3H in a sequel, cuz those games offer a much better and more varied selection of villains like Black Knight, Ashnard, Zephiel, Nergal, Berkut, Death Knight, and so on, so at that point, why waste time making the Dark Mage loser trio playable when there's little demand for them to be playable when you can just devote that time to making more popular villains playable? As for the OCs, I could see something like Darios being the main character as he tries to find his way back to Aytolis after falling in the dark portal and landing up somewhere in another world, so we'd still have the moves of the lemon twins.
  9. Honestly the only characters I can actually see being cut are the Dark Mage loser trio of Gharnef, Validar, and Iago, cuz really, who the hell would miss these losers?
  10. That doesn't mean it deserves to just be neglected though
  11. You do realize it took two fucking years for FE6 to even get that first banner right? FE6 isn't one of my favorite games either, but to say it shouldn't get a second banner cuz "I hate it" is just mean and petty, especially since it could use all the banners it can get to play catch up after having not getting a new unit for two years since launch besides Klein.
  12. I'd rather just have a non-canon follow up instead of a canon 3H Warriors game like Age of Calamity. I want my favorites from Elibe, Tellius, and Valentia goddammit, and while I would be welcoming of 3H characters in a FEW game, I wouldn't want it to be JUST 3H characters.
  13. Easy skip. God, when was the last time we got a non OC Mythic?
  14. Maybe something happened between the 100 year gap that caused Gerudo Town to suddenly ban men? I dunno, maybe there will be an arbitrary excuse for why Link can enter without a disguise
  15. I think the reason Shinon and Jorge aren't here is because they were just recently added, and their banner is still up, so that would mean there would be two banners with them at the same time.
  16. I know I'm very late with this, but I may as well give my two cents. Admittedly I was hoping for a Fire Emblem Warriors 2 before a Hyrule Warriors 2, as I felt like there was a lot more they could do in a FEW2 compared to a HW2. Still, this does look pretty fun, and it will be nice to actually play through the back story of Breath of the Wild.
  17. Don't bother with Birthright and Revelation. Gameplay wise, Birthright is just boring and piss easy, and Revelation is just really, REALLY bad, with stupid gimmicky maps and shit unit balancing. Story wise, they aren't much better than Conquest. If anything, Birthright has the worst of both worlds, it's a very bare bones story while still being dragged down by the whole story of Fates being a complete mess. And the less said about Revelation's story the better. Still, I guess if you enjoyed what you played of Fates, you'll get a kick out of Awakening and Shadows of Valentia. Shadows of Valentia is tied with Path of Radiance as my favorite Fire Emblem game, so I definitely recommend playing it 🙂
  18. Agreed, they really should have just had Dorothy Elias Fahn use her Rinea voice for Mercedes instead of that annoying Minnie Mouse voice
  19. Honestly I really am glad that Jill is an axe flier instead of lance flier #4786893, because we hadn't gotten a single new axe flier in the regular pool since launch. Having Jill be a lance flier cuz of her starting out as one in Path of Radiance would've made sense, sure, but it would also just make her blend into the competition. Like, why would you want to build a 5 star locked lance flier when you could build a more easily available 3-4 star lance flier like Cordelia, Catria, Shigure, Clair, Shanna, Thea, or Altena? In contrast, there's barely any good axe fliers available, which means Jill has less competition in that area, so it really makes me happy that they made Jill an axe flier instead of yet another lance flier.
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