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  1. Hurray for Camilla! Now to hope she holds on against all the haters rallying against her. Stupid midterms.
  2. Oh, I missed that and thought you meant the general pool. Perhaps. Though I still feel like IS will find some roundabout way to do things, as usual. If they're gonna anything to it this year, I guess we'll get an idea when spring rolls around.
  3. And? Getting them while pulling for other things is still better to the average person than needing to chase an actual focus unit. I still don't see IS putting seasonals in the normal pool so they're regularly obtainable like that.
  4. My bet's on some kind of system similar to grails to obtain them. Straight up putting them in the summon pool at 4* seems way too generous for IS, even if they're outdated.
  5. I would be okay with it if the head wasn't so terribly proportioned. The neutral and damaged art are both okay, despite the neutral's stick arms, but the attack art is kind of horrifying. She looks like an alien with that tiny head. All they had to do was blow it up some to fit better and it'd be fine, but they didn't. It feels like something was rushed for that to make it to the final product like that. You and I both know this probably isn't keeping them from having another 3 new seasonals this summer. I'm sure this is an additional seasonal, not a replacement. The reruns issue is certainly something, though. Whether it's this year or not, they'll have to address the banner overload at some point, but cutting back on new ones doesn't sound like a realistic solution. Maybe an alternative way to get old seasonals in the future. (doubt they'd just stop the reruns of year 1 and leave them totally unobtainable) I guess we'll see if they still rerun the first year's spring banner along with last year's + the new one this time. That'll probably set the trend for how they handle it this year.
  6. Camilla's art looks pretty terrible. Now I just feel more motivated to try and win a CYL alt for her that actually looks good. What on earth was Lack thinking with that tiny head and bony limbs.
  7. Same. The people going to her because she's been the least alt-offensive of the top girls would get a surprise.
  8. Same here, I'm not a whale and my luck usually blows. Only Camilla and Cordelia I can never pass up trying to get. As much as I'd like to get Sakura and Hinoka here, if something comes up for the mythic and Valentine's banners I may have to pass. I've got a gut feeling the Valentine's banner will be Awakening (much to people's dismay) and they'll put a Cordelia on there I'll really want. I had a similar gut feeling about Elise, Sakura and Hinoka being on this banner too, so I should probably trust it to know IS wants to keep hammering me. Yeah, I don't pull for what's good either if I don't like them otherwise. Like LTiki, HMyrrh and Surtr(though I free pulled him anyway) I all passed on. Unfortunately, I really like fliers instead and they're spamming us with those now too. I can't keep up, and that's exactly what they want. (too bad for IS I swore off spending money on the game. Maybe they know and that's why Camilla is free so they can take my grails instead)
  9. At least Hot Springs is free, but I like Hinoka, Sakura and Elise so I'm getting baited once again. (probably will skip Elise since she's not a flier, though) I have no issues with any character getting more alts, so I wouldn't mind at all if they switched things to more Lyns, Hectors for a while so I could save orbs for a change. (don't dislike them, but I just don't care about collecting all of them)
  10. Found a pretty strong flier ball team. Luckily I threw kinshi Hinoka on one of my teams on a whim and she helped me neuter that team despite all their ward/goad stacks making it hard to initiate normally. Perfect 2 matches, but only 130 points since Hinoka's not blessed. No problem, though, since it's still another laid back season.
  11. I don't mind, and you're correct. I would keep pulling for new ones if they keep making them. Same goes for my other favorite characters, though my absolute top spots like Camilla and Cordelia are always must-haves for me. The amount of alts and the rate they come out would have to be much more excessive than they are for me to start being fatigued about obtaining more versions of my favorites. Right now it's my orbs that are fatigued.
  12. Nice they merged characters. Marth's basically guaranteed first now.
  13. Hopefully somebody here will run into my team next week. I plan to put out a 6 Camilla joke team once I get the new one. Still going to be taking it easy next week, since top 3k should remain safe without really playing for at least a couple more weeks, I expect.
  14. I saw similar comments and I'm so surprised they really did it anyway. This is definitely a random banner, but a good pick for Camilla to be part of this theme. Hopefully her art turns out good. That ponytail in her sprite has a high chance of being cute.
  15. Hoping Camilla's good, but doubtful she's even as good as the freebie Eir is but hopefully she's not too bad. I don't even use my bunny Kagero any these days since I got Eir, and even she's just for AR's forced use. That said, I'll probably make her my +10 grail project after Aversa because of course I would. I'll still use her even if she turns out bad.
  16. Barring issues with the powercreep and some of the whale-baiting changes (like the AR mythic change), I'm still having a lot of fun with the game. I like doing the content that comes out, collecting units I want and improving my favorites. I guess it helps I'm in the crowd they're pandering to often, but still I'd be happy even if they spaced things out more. There's also nothing else new to do or discuss with FE beyond FEH, and I'm not one to replay old games constantly.
  17. The Muspell one was like the other bad-ish one this year. (I guess due to the rates though, since we all know everyone still has a +10 Surtr.. or 4) I believe the banner ranking thing I saw a while back was gauging the overall value across multiple app stores' data, but no I can't double check the graphs that were pulled from subscription sites they used. I think my point that what vocal people did or didn't support wasn't always representative of sales still stands, though. I noticed that too. It's also weird to see her on a pegasus and not a wyvern. Her hair looks nice in the sprite, so I hope the art is good too.
  18. I definitely agree there. I do wish they'd cater to people more evenly so more people can be happy, but outside of the visible youtube like/dislike ratio it's hard to say if those complaints have that much of an impact on the image of the game. Powercreep is an actual gameplay issue, but alts and what characters they add is being bad or not is completely up to each individual. Like for me, no matter how many complaints a new Camilla alt gets I won't be deterred since I like her and will be happy to get more of her. I don't beg for IS to spam her, but if they choose to make more I'll certainly take them. I'm sure there's plenty of Lyn, Hector and Eirika fans that feel the same way, and since those are among the top popular characters that's a lot of people. And not dissing the game or it's characters, but look how there was a lot of support for Leif and the Thracia banner last year, in great contrast to the dislike bombing of Adrift, LLyn, LLucina, etc. Yet it seemed to do by far the worst of any banners last year despite that. (again, going off rankings since that's the best we can tell) And they even added a strong Rein alt to seemingly help boost the banner for those familiar with him and not his game. I'm just saying that the vocal crowd doesn't always seem to reflect where the money goes, but IS is the one who has the actual data on that. To be fair, in the past year they've done more to even things out better, even if the Fates/Awakening lean is still there, but it's mostly been improving.(now powercreep's speed is the real concern of late)
  19. I think people are clinging too heavily to that, as well as the opinions of hardcore players on forums like this one. I don't think it's unfair to say these places can be pretty echo chamber-y. I get the impression the average casual player may not be nearly as bothered with alts, Fates/Awakening or powercreep, while more vocal people are out for blood bombing dislikes and while people neutral or positive don't even leave feedback often. (it usually works that way for almost anything) Lyn and Lucina's banner trailers got trashed, yet they still sold well (judging off app rankings), and the same for even the Adrift banner. Like even if 9/10 people on Serenes hated Lyn, she'd still be one of the most popular FE characters. I agree they do plan out banners months ahead of time, but considering the alt complains have been happening well throughout this year and they've now added an entirely new seasonal at a new time for this year, and it's Fates on top of it, I don't think they're seeing a big issue yet. Perhaps they're actually doing poorly, I can't really say, but I just think their business people probably know better than we do for what's been selling when they organize new stuff.
  20. Exactly. No matter how much other people complain, if those banners are still making good money off of another group then they're going to keep making them. Plus, just because people are vocal doesn't mean they're a majority, and it seems plenty of people still like seasonals and Fates alts. We like to say IS is making bad moves sometimes, and that can be true, but I don't think they're stupid. I don't feel like they'd add even more seasonals and even more alts of the same popular characters if it was doing nothing but making people mad.
  21. True, but like I said, maybe they've found these still make good enough money despite the complaints and dislikes they keep getting for these banners. That's the most important factor, after all.
  22. The gap between alts keeps getting shorter. 2 Eirikas in the span of a month and a half, another Camilla after 2 months. IS is just doing the opposite of toning things down. I think IS just doesn't care about the complaints, and maybe they have internal sales numbers to back that stance up (no idea, but I doubt they'd increase the alt count if they didn't think they'd sell well enough anymore).
  23. I'm referring to the people who will rally to displace a character they don't like rather than just voting for their actual favorites in the poll, which I find to be very petty. Camilla's been the prime target of that behavior from what I've seen, and this will probably add fuel to that fire. I don't mind one way or another if people like or or dislike her otherwise, and I think the alt hate is pretty overblown. This could have been an FE7 banner with another Lyn and Hector and I'd be just as cool with it (just not as tempted to pull).
  24. FREE Camilla? The absolute best thing that could have happened. I really like the banner units too, though that powercreep -2 slaying weapon is troubling. Love it. Totally random banner and still managed to be something I liked. Too bad I don't really have orbs for this, but I'll wait to see Valentine's and at least try to get Sakura out of it. Only negative is now the anti-Camilla hate train is riled up again just before CYL.
  25. People will find a way to complain no matter how much or little fanservice they add, or whether the whole banner's 3DS characters or not. No point in IS even bothering to try and please everybody with how the fanbase usually behaves. They could add Jill to this banner and people would still manage to complain "why isn't it a different Tellius character?" If IS tried to navigate the web of complaints over X characters and alts they'd probably never get anything done, and possibly make less money in the process anyway. I'm all for whatever fanservice they decide to drop, or not. I don't really care if everyone's half naked or in 7 layers of towels. I didn't ask for nor ever expect an onsen banner, but at the very least it's another single free pull for me(and maybe some tickets again?). If I like the units they're offering, great. If not, also great, so I can save my orbs for the other big things coming up within the next month. Nina and Sakura would be cool. I like them but I don't think I'd want them enough to spend my orbs over saving for the mythic/Valentine's banners. Best case scenario for me would be a TT freebie of Hinoka or something, but that probably won't happen. If this is a mostly Hoshido banner, maybe they'd finally introduce Orochi or something as the more fanservicy option.
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