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  1. My bad. I guess I just associated them with the Animes for their works since they were the common thread. I mean to say that something in the visual style of a Code Geass, Tsubasa Chronicles, or X/1999 would be particularly good for Three Houses. If I were to pick one of the studios that worked on their animes, probably Madhouse.
  2. Me no likey Chad. But the chance of an Echidna demote is nice.
  3. The two statements aren't mutually exclusive. They do tend to be one of the least populated classes. Each game only gets about 1-2 on average. That's more than rare classes like Dark Mages and Halberdiers... but yeah.
  4. Also, you forgot Beruka. Most people do. Maybe that's how a tanky dragon rider with no strength manages to be an assassin.
  5. I'm not sure what defines one class as "most canon," but she also keeps her monastery outfit as a wyvern rider (meaning that it is a canon class path). And off the top of my head, she's the only female character to do so.
  6. Jill, for her character development. That said, I massively prefer male wyvern riders, namely Cormag, Haar, and Seteth. Also, you should probably include Petra on this list, since that is a canon class. Ironic that you'd exclude her given that she's your avatar.
  7. I am fully aware of that. I'm not the biggest indie guy myself, but I am a fan of SuperGiant Games (Bastian was one of the only games to make me weep manly tears). When I say two-bit indie studio, I mean poor quality, asset-flippy bullshit like Atlas or Ark: Survival Evolved.
  8. I will not be purchasing the game. Pokemon is THE biggest media franchise in the entire world, and it is time for Gamefreak to stop acting like a two-bit indie studio.
  9. Dante has two female teammates. Trish and Lady. But neither of these are romantic interests. And a relationship with Trish would be out of character, as their bond is largely built on her resemblance to his dead mother. Nero, on the other hand, does have a steady partner, even if she never makes an appearance in DMC5. Oh, and Zhao Yun would be awesome for Smash. Not to enthused on Lu Bu. He's more boss or assist trophy material.
  10. I second the "eww" on that ship. Dante deserves better than the gross hair-suit woman.
  11. I missed a really obvious one: Weapon Triangle - Off/On/Reversed
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