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  1. From personal experience, I like to have physical copies mailed to my house. So if it is a game that I am highly anticipating, like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 or Fire Emblem Three Houses, I will preorder the game to have it shilped to me on release.
  2. The tutorial of 3H has more meat on its bones than some full FE games.
  3. Happy with the score. But Gaiden/SoV is the worst FE game, IMO, and it isn't pleasing to me to see it placed above far superior games like PoR.
  4. I find myself wondering if the master classes we know about are all of the ones that exist. The advanced classes have a lot of options that flat out don't exist in master class: a sword/bow class, axe/bow class, sword/lance riding class, sword/axe class, etc. It feels like there is a lot missing that could make this theorycrafting more fun.
  5. I'm heartened by this. One day, I hope for the Fire Emblem series, Nintendo's best franchise, to become as big as its other mainstays.
  6. It could be the opposite and Edelgard could come across less favorably than the other lords once people experience all of the stories. More doesn't equate to better, and having more paths could actually dilute the Black Eagles' writing.
  7. Bastian. Not only is he my favorite FE character ever, but his personality and poetic speech would be hilarious.
  8. Yeah. If it is a Byleth + house lords banner, I don't see a demote happening. But if there is one, I hope it's Claude. Claude is best lord.
  9. It isn't a real JRPG without spontaneous, awkward, and forced sexual tension.
  10. That is also worth consideration. I could see some controversy coming from that (not as much as if he is a 4-5 star demote). But he is also framed as being a free gift alongside the purchase of an outside product, rather than part of a purchase.
  11. It wouldn't be that different from them doing the Black Knight orb pack a long while back. Fact is, grail units have value.
  12. This may just reflect that Edelgard is in a different position from the other house lords. IMO, she's in a position to be in a villain role, and their attempts to paint Dmitri as violent or unhinged are nothing more than marketing subterfuge on their part. The sign posting is pretty obvious, right down to her post timeskip appearance (does she look like a hero to you?), and she could have a choice somewhat akin to Conquest Corrin's choice (embrace the empire or reform it), albeit hopefully better written.
  13. This might make me decide to play Black Eagles first. Just so I can go BE R1, BL, GD, BE R2.
  14. I am attempting to replay the older ones. I played Path of Radiance and still thoroughly enjoyed it despite its issues (which are mostly nitpicks regarding unit availability in the early game). I am trying to play Radiant Dawn but finding that it does not at all live up to my memory of it. It's honestly severely flawed in ways that thoroughly undermine my experience. I am replaying Awakening again and enjoying it. I am replaying Blazing Sword and stuck on it because I'm just... not enjoying it very much even though I can't define it as a bad game in any meaningful way. I don't even know what my problem with it is, but the game has never resonated with me the way PoR, Sacred Stones, or Awakening did. Maybe it's the more generic story failing to grip me. Or maybe it's all the tangential side objectives and Gaiden chapters. The maps are fine (not basic/boring like Echoes). The difficulty is fine on my current setting (unlike like Fates, Radiant Dawn, and Thracia). So it has to be something not related to the core gameplay that I just can't pinpoint.
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