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  1. If any Pokemon gets in, I'd like Absol as a gen 3 rep. Please and thank you. 😎
  2. Naesala is one of the best and most interesting characters the franchise has ever seen. He's one of my top 10 favorites, and I'll be proudly backing him.
  3. Vote 6 went to Bernadetta, as I'd really love Bernie-bear to win and do not like Lysithea at all.
  4. Halberdier - Lance, Sword Vanguard - Sword, Axe, Lance Trueblade - Swords, Brawling Druid - Axe, Reason Sage - Reason, Faith, Bows Griffon Rider - Swords, Axes, Flying Crusader - Lances, Faith, Armor Fell Star (Byleth Only) - Swords, Reason, Armor, Authority
  5. In Fates and Awakening, using a second seal/partner seal to reclass will reset your level to 1, allowing you to grind stats to the level cap far in excess of what the level 20/20 cap would normally allow.
  6. Mine are: Branching I feel like it hits a good balance between unit identity and freedom. Three tier I'd like to see branching paths with three tiers. That's a lot of work, but would result in a ton of replayability. No resets I don't like infinite grind or the idea of grinding to combine skills from a bunch of different classes. But that's another topic; I think class skills should be class locked and obtained immediately on promotion to that class. Note, the third question is irrelevant to Rigid or Branching class systems. It's stricting for reclassing systems.
  7. An explanation of each choice: Rigid classes Every unit has a set class progression that cannot be changed. Ie: FE1-FE7, FE9-10 Branching Classes Reclassing isn't a thing, but a unit may have 2 or more choices on promotion. Ie: Sacred Stones Limited Reclassing Reclassing exists, but each unit has a limited reclassing pool. IE: Awakening and Fates Open Reclassing What are limitations? Ie: Shadow Dragon Qualified Reclassing Class changes are open require certain weapon ranks. Ie: Three Houses. The second question is a bonus question and really comes down to your preference on game length. I decided to add the third question to split this from Three Houses' qualified reclassing system. There is no reason why other reclassing systems should necessarily have to reset level.
  8. Dozla to L'Arachel, both played for laughs.
  9. Marth, because I'm pretty sure the pantsless look is a war crime in at least 3 realms.
  10. The first number is comparative, to other Fire Emblem games. The number in parenthesis is a score as compared to video games as a whole. 1 being the worst. 10 being the best. Shadow Dragon - 3 (5) The map design was solid enough, mostly, but no writing, no character personality, questionable art (portraits were great, sprites were not), and no reason to give a shit. Shadows of Valentia - 2 (4) The literal opposite problem. Echoes doesn't even have bad map design; it has no map design. It's like what you would get if FE was randomly generated. The great combat mechanics and characters are utterly wasted on this game, and the forced ambush/dungeon fights made it an utter slog for me to finish. Geneology of the Holy War - 7 (8) The map design wasn't great, but it existed. This was more than made up for by simply impeccable writing, and this was the first FE that I would really consider good. Blazing Sword - 7 (8) The opposite of Geneology. Map design was arguably at its best, but we got a basic story, which was helped out by a pretty likeable cast. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. Sacred Stones - 8 (9) Honestly, Sacred Stones was probably my first or second most replayed entry. I loved the cast, the soundtrack, the aesthetic, and the story. Blah, blah, too easy, must punish myself with high difficulty or I'm not a real fan, blah. Path of Radiance - 10 (10) Fire Emblem at its best. The maps were interesting visually and mechanically; I still vividly remember almost all of them, which can't be said for any other game. The soundtrack was third only to Three Houses and Radiant Dawn. The cast was immensely likeable in almost its entirety (well, except for Makalov). The plot was nuanced. Transforming characters were actually interesting for once. While the graphics haven't exactly aged well, they looked great on the hardware of the time. I could gush about this game all damn day. Radiant Dawn - 7 (8) Should have been the best game in the series. Instead, excessive frontloaded difficulty, some immensely frustrating map design, questionable plot devices and character decisions, and awful unit availability really made it a shadow of its predecessor. Awakening - 8 (9) The entry that saved the series gets a lot of hate. But a lovable cast, a solid visual presentation, a compelling (if bloated and at times stupid) story, a sublime musical score, and immense replayability through inheritance really set this one apart. Also, just because a character can solo the game doesn't mean that they have to; the game is engaging if you play as intended. Fates - 4 (6) Frankly, I'm tempted to score the game lower because of the sheer contempt this game has for enemy-phase players. Also, the story was atrocious, and Conquest easily has the least likable cast of characters in the franchise. But damnit, they tried. Three Houses - 10 (10) They tried, and they succeeded. Three Houses is a masterpiece, and any issues I have with it are frankly nitpicks. Warriors - 7 (8) I love it, and I'm tempted to score it higher, but Warriors is a seriously flawed game (especially its roster). Heroes - $$$ ($$$) Dollar dollar bills, yo.
  11. After hard rallying my "please add me to the game" Nasir in the past, I'm setting a hard one vote per character rule on myself. So no rallies for me.
  12. Well, ultimately, the people vote for what they vote for. If I have to accept Heroes OCs getting Brave Alts or taking Farfetched slots, people should have to accept a Brave Three Houses banner, because they voted for that. Or maybe the rallies will dethrone someone. Who knows?
  13. Here's another idea. Lords become their retainers. Retainers become their lords. Dimitri becomes an armored fist unit, like Dedue. Edelgard becomes a dark mage like Hubert. Claude becomes a super fabulous axe unit like Hilda. Marth gets an elderly Jeigan alt. Lysithea becomes the Lady of the Alliance. Bernadetta becomes an older, more confident Countess Varley.
  14. It probably isn't a possibility. *shrugs.* But we could use new themes for such banners. These can be a bit uninspired with the parents theme.
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