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  1. Yeah. No chance that it could be a worthy replacement. Not only does it focus on a different secondary weapon, with a different damaging stat, but it will likely also lack the Assassin's locktouch.
  2. Assuming that there aren't anymore non-Lord classes, if the advanced classes are stastically on par with master classes, we have a good class system. If the advanced classes are not statistically on par, we have a dysfunctional class system with far too many role gaps.
  3. Final Fantasy 15. Charming, relaxing, unique, and ambitious. Not a good game. Probably the only game to ever be outdone by its movie adaptation.
  4. I couldn't finish Fates. But that wasn't because of length. It was because of bad gameplay (cheap difficulty spikes) and bad story/characters. Echoes was short, and that was its single best quality, because the abysmal gameplay meant that I had to force myself to finish it.
  5. Have you considered looking into other reasons to buy a Switch? It has some seriously great exclusives. Super Smash Bros Ultimate Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Fire Emblem Warriors Breath of the Wild Mario Odyssey Just to name a few.
  6. The lack of a lance infantry master class thoroughly annoys me. Stop neglecting Halberdiers.
  7. Raphael is clearly the only acceptable dancer.
  8. And a new subtopic. How careful do you think they'll be with spoilers. Thus far, Heroes has been pretty brazen about story spoilers. We have unmasked Black Knight/Zelgius instead of depicting Zelgius in his regular Begnion armor. All of the Fallen Heroes are spoilers to varying degrees. More recently, Alm and Celica spoiled the story beats for their respective games pretty badly. Do you think the level 40 dialogue and Forging Bonds dialogue will be more cautious this time around? And how much dialogue do you think Byleth will have, what with his portrayal as a silent protagonist?
  9. From personal experience, I like to have physical copies mailed to my house. So if it is a game that I am highly anticipating, like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 or Fire Emblem Three Houses, I will preorder the game to have it shilped to me on release.
  10. Happy with the score. But Gaiden/SoV is the worst FE game, IMO, and it isn't pleasing to me to see it placed above far superior games like PoR.
  11. I find myself wondering if the master classes we know about are all of the ones that exist. The advanced classes have a lot of options that flat out don't exist in master class: a sword/bow class, axe/bow class, sword/lance riding class, sword/axe class, etc. It feels like there is a lot missing that could make this theorycrafting more fun.
  12. I'm heartened by this. One day, I hope for the Fire Emblem series, Nintendo's best franchise, to become as big as its other mainstays.
  13. It could be the opposite and Edelgard could come across less favorably than the other lords once people experience all of the stories. More doesn't equate to better, and having more paths could actually dilute the Black Eagles' writing.
  14. Bastian. Not only is he my favorite FE character ever, but his personality and poetic speech would be hilarious.
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