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  1. Right. But Gallia really didn't have much in the way of alternatives, unless you include Lyre... and the idea of including Lethe and Diet Lethe at the same time is a laugh and a half. Also, I cannot for the life of me remember who the GHB for Gallia was.
  2. I don't know about all that, but I see Dheginsea being mythic, Kurthnaga being 5 star exclusive, Ena being the banner selling 5 star exclusive waifu, Almedha being added in as a green breath because we can't have a male majority banner ever, Gareth demoting to no one's surprise, and Nasir being a GHB. And I'm kind of hoping for that because Nasir is the only one I want, and I'd love to make him a merge project.
  3. Oh, I get it. But lack of dragon diversity is a serious bummer. And unfortunately, even if we get Dragon Laguz, I imagine the situation will only marginally improve. Nasir would be blue or green (I'm hoping for Green because I could just use FCorrin to fill blue), but Ena, Kurthnaga, Gareth, and Dheginsea would all fit into Red.
  4. I really wish that Bantu was green instead of red. I already have ATiki as a red breath. I need blue and green breaths, but nothing will ever convince me to use a dragon loli, and the rest are all 5 star exclusive.
  5. Sirius' mask will be great. I've wanted that accessory for a while.
  6. Sirius is awesome, but I won't be rolling for him. I'm more interested in Astram (who will probably just be another throwaway sword GHB) and Bantu. Also, Nagi's weapon is a case study in power creep. Not because it is anything new or stupidly OP, but look at how long that description takes to read.
  7. I like the scenarios in which the lord is the tactician. Give us fewer Ephraims and more Claudes. And as for avatars, I think we could re-evaluate their role in the story. Perhaps we could roll the avatar into the retainer role, where they could support the lord but not overshadow them. And have them serve as the Jeigan. They could be one of the higher growth Jeigans like Seth, Titania, or Oifey, but in general, I really like the idea of a strong early game unit with a custom class. Make them around Seth's age where they could plausibly romance all of the legal-aged party members, but also be old enough to be experienced veterans.
  8. I mean they could always have dismounting not be allowable after moving...
  9. Rhea would have Metatron. Edelgard would have Satanael. Ashe would have Arsene. Ignatz would have Goemon. Dorothea would have Carmen. And Byleth already has a Persona.
  10. Since the context of a balance change is too great for new class additions, moving the classes around could also be a solid alternative. 1. Move Hero to Master, add Axefaire, and increase movement to 6. Also increase growth rates and add a Sword combat art as a reward. Increase axe req to A. 2. Move Assassin to Master, improve growth rates, and increase movement to 7. Increase Bow req to A. 3. Increase stats, not decrease them, while dismounted.
  11. Lorenz's motivations contradict Edelgard's. His family may be pro-empire, but if he is aware of her goals, he should be opposed, unless his belief in his family's merits is so strong that he believes himself to be a shoe-in for her new world order regardless. Either way, I think he would be in for a rude awakening if he sides with her, and I say that as someone who actually likes Lorenz.
  12. I want two things simultaneously. A remake of Geneology of the Holy War. Fire Emblem Warriors 2 with Three Houses, Path of Radiance, and Geneology of the Holy War as focus games (plus a few characters from other games).
  13. I met Bernadetta in my BE playthrough and was happy with that. This playthrough, I met Lysithea and wasn't pleased. I really do not care for her. She's so bitchy to everyone.
  14. I want them to improve Crimson Flower. It really deserves a few more chapters, and it is jarringly short.
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