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  1. I own them already. But being able to play them on good resolutions on modern tvs alone would be well worth the money. Let alone all of the modern QoL features they could add.
  2. If it's all Shadow Dragon, I expect: Maria and Minerva, if sibling (or in Marth/Caeda's case - partner) pairs are a theme. Minerva and Linde if not.
  3. This one character banner is really fascinating. I see Rinkah and no one else!
  4. I'd call Zihark the best. He's a solid prepromote when the Dawn Brigade really needs one.
  5. Well, I think Darios is the one exception to continuity. A story including him would be ideal, but otherwise, it should be completely removed from FEW1's setting.
  6. Popularity is still a major deciding factor. So no, Elincia wouldn't have a heavy preference over Ike. More realistically, we'd see characters like Lysithea and Lyn having a huge increase in story influence over what they would normally have. But popular lords like Ike, the House Lords, and Lucina would still be story frontrunners because they are also very popular.
  7. I would also like for them to not attempt to retell major story beats of their story games. FEW1 attempted to basically retell Fates and Awakening. It would be better to just have an original, if silly Orochi style story. Orochi doesn't attempt to retell the Romance of the Three Kingdoms - it's the only chance KT has to use the DW characters without being constrained by history.
  8. It's funny because Heroes has a better crossover setup. And would make for a great setting for a Warriors game, minus the scummy microtransactions.
  9. I'm with you. I'd rather have a dream crossover than a canon sequel to a game that didn't need a canon sequel. That said... spending more time with best girl Makoto. Cough. And to keep things on topic, I hope the same would be true for any FE Warriors sequel. I don't want it to be constrained by continuity with FEW1 or any mainline game. I just want my dream team, because that's what Warriors games are all about.
  10. Yeah. The problem with P5S was that it became a canon sequel to P5. Super restrictive.
  11. I think that is way too far in the opposite direction. Not only was the avatar in WKC notably graphically inferior to everyone else, to the point that they stood out like a sore thumb, but their existence was actively ignored by everyone else. I get not revolving a story around the avatar, but having them be a third wheel that may as well not exist at all is just as bad, if not worse, from a writing standpoint.
  12. I'll raise you one Orochi style Fire Emblem x Hyrule x Xenoblade style game.
  13. I think they need to be a normal character, written in a certain way, and then with customization added in after. They shouldn't be the chosen one, but they should be in a position to control strategy and influence training regimens. For example, Soren would make a great avatar. Aside from being such a jackass, I mean.
  14. I would still count Nolan. Because even if you consider Warriors good in RD, he's still a great unit in another category known for being bad - the Dawn Brigade.
  15. Geitz, Nolan, and Hawkeye are good examples of great characters in the typically bad Warrior/Berserker class lines. Geitz is particularly notable because the other warriors in FE7 are so poor.
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