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  1. Dante Any Nihon Falcom rep (Adol, Estelle, Rean, Olivert, Dana) Yuri Lowell I was just plain unhappy with FP2 as a whole, tbh.
  2. So do y'all believe the leaks that Netherrealm could be working on a Warner Bros smash clone with Batman, Scooby Doo, etc.?
  3. Animal Crossing is Nintendo's most boring franchise, IMO. So it's just wasted value for me, and there is absolutely no way I'd be able to justify that cost for N64 and Genesis games. Maybe GC and GBA.
  4. My favorite character in FE4 is Lewyn. It straight up doesn't even matter who all my other favorites are. Lewyn wins, because they won't even be able to hit him, and he will double them, period.
  5. I really don't think you need to tie weaknesses/armor types to moveset. Titania doesn't have to be an armored unit to ride a horse and swing an axe. The moveset functions the same whether she's called a Paladin or a Great Knight. The only classifications that should theoretically matter are movement types.
  6. Duessel? Titania? Both solid and reasonable choices for a sequel. War Cleric - Dorcas could fit the animations. Libra and Balthus of course fit the class. Annette is a great fit. And of course the healing staff can be removed. Healing staff availability is per character, not per moveset.
  7. Smash fans: is the last character going to be a cartoon mascot or an anime swordfighter? Nintendo: yes.
  8. The clones aren't as bad as people make them out to be, and I will absolutely take a roster of 32 clones with 15 or so movesets over a more normal 20 characters with unique movesets. Most new licenses hit around the 15-20 character range. With that in mind, FEW has as many unique movesets as most spinoffs have characters. There's also the unstated benefit of clones. If you hate character x (I hate Elise), but like character y with the same moveset (I like Leo) you can still enjoy the moveset whereas you might have otherwise ignored it. That said, all of the benefits of clones are also possible with costumes, without having to grind identical characters or cluttering the UI.
  9. I'd argue even KH 1 and 2 have aged very poorly. KH was never that good.
  10. The reality is that FEW's roster is quite large by the standards of licensed musou games. The quality and variety of character choices was poor, and it goes without saying that some of that quantity is due to clones, but there's no reason to think that different game choices would have lead to substantially more characters.
  11. One of the main reasons I even want a sequel is for Tellius characters, so I'mma go with that. Blazing Sword is a strong contender, but if we're talking Elibe as a whole, Blazing carries Binding hard. People only generally care about BB for Roy and Lilina, with most of the rest of the cast being wildly obscure.
  12. Sacred Stones: the awful growth rates. Path of Radiance: the bridge Radiant Dawn: the unit balance, availability, high difficulty... and the bridge Awakening: Chrom's idiot ball Fates: bloody everything from the story to the characters to the map gimmicks to the enemy design. Me no likey Fates. Shadows of Valentia: the forced side battles and total lack of competent map design. Me no likey Shadows of Valentia. Three Houses: auxiliary battle boredom Warriors: ... sigh... the roster... Heroes: Power creep? More like power spike. Look at those new novel-length skill descriptions and tell me with a straight face that the game has a healthy future.
  13. In my singleminded drive to keep Warriors discussion alive until we get our sequel, I almost made another thread on this. Only to remember I had probably done this before. If we ever get a Warriors 2 announced, then I can follow up thread on costumes we want to see for announced characters. Plus, we've had Resplendent costumes in the time since this thread, making it relevant once again for many characters in Warriors - with more such costumes sure to come. Definitely add Resplendent Chrom to my list. It fixes my main issue with his outfit (lack of weapon color synergy) and it's also just a great costume. Resplendent Linde is also my favorite version of the character. Resplendent Marth is that basic but great sort of costume that would work well in Warriors. Though I still think Legendary Marth is his best iteration.
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