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  1. Instead of having more green units to worry about (something most players dislike), it would be more prudent to rework the nemesis system to simply randomly select a small number of foes to survive and return, with unique skills and random names. And those units would then have a 50% chance of surviving each subsequent encounter.
  2. It seems like something that would be mutually exclusive with permadeath. The Nemesis system shines when you fail, not when you succeed.
  3. SSB6 with expanded fighter customization. Namely, earnable gear and costumes like in Injustice 2 would be so very cool - just have the option to normalize fighters for competitive. WYR have: A) An endlessly replayable randomly generated dungeon crawler & platformer mode B) A mini game selection akin to Pokemon Stadium C) Break the targets
  4. As cool as a MMO rep would be, having that be a player character would be anticlimactic. So... Cecil Harvey. Camelot Software rep. WYR have: A) Waluigi B) Isaac (Golden Sun) C) Max (Shining Force)
  5. After the Divine Tyrfing refine, I'm really hoping for Seliph and Sigurd to get resplendents as well. Sigurd can get Muspell, for the memes. Seliph can get Nifl in contrast.
  6. I might make Marth a filler +10. I have him at +3. Resplendent makes +4. He's not statistically impressive and he could really use a second prf weapon (like how Eliwood and Seliph were blessed). But, having an effective healer and dragonslayer for AA isn't a bad thing.
  7. Yep, Askr and Embla alts are best alts. Also, Marth was never going to be anything other than Askr. It was the objectively right choice.
  8. (Glover vs. Master Hand would indeed be amazing). Miriam. Playable BotW Champion. WYR have: A) Mipha B) Rivali C) Urbosa
  9. I like Marth's art more than I thought I would. It's simple, but it really works.
  10. I feel pretty bad about it. I'd love to see ports of FE3-10 on the eshop, but if this remake of a game we already have a localized remake of fails, it could spell doom for the others.
  11. I still like the portrait style of SD/NM a lot. That semi-realistic art style looks really good on Fire Emblem and I wish they'd stuck with it. The battle sprites, on the other hand, were pretty damn bland.
  12. If it was a localization of New Mystery, I'd have bought it. This? Hard pass. Maybe I'd buy it just to support IS.
  13. I'm saying that Claude is the star that shatters a god like figure.
  14. Well, think of it. God Shattering Star isn't Nemesis' theme. It's Claude's. What is the Riegan house emblem? And what does Claude do? Yep. Mind = blown.
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