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  1. Maybe 2 copies, if you spend a forma soul and he appears in compile manuals.
  2. Nope, but that's amazing. Gives me a new appreciation for him.
  3. Child banners suck. Seasonal banners suck more. But you know what? Innes was a legend even as a kid. Might just make a grail project and spend a forma soul on him.
  4. The bigger issue in FEH is stat creep. We have ranged cavalry units now who have more BST than starting melee infantry units. In what universe is that reasonable? And it is only going to get worse and more insurmountable at a faster rate.
  5. Is it though? The goal of a tank is to tank things. If the game's artificial intelligence works towards that, that is good game design.
  6. FE games are absolutely deep enough to the extent that it matters. The comparisons to chess are unjustified, because chess is a pure strategy game. It doesn't have to account for RPG mechanics. If FE were an insanely difficult franchise that sought to limit viable strategies (and therefore viable units) as much as possible, it would be a worse and less replayable game, not a better one.
  7. ? You're going to have to elaborate that last point. While I personally think that Fates and Gaiden/SoV are the worst games in the franchise, they sold well and the franchise has only been growing. The franchise has not become "a complete joke." If anything, its reputation has grown. Three Houses won the Game Awards Players Voice Award, ffs.
  8. Tellius, and it isn't even close. From a visual design, I find the maps way more memorable. I know almost every PoR map by heart years later. The political intrigue is more pronounced. Racial tensions are acknowledged, even in the ranks of the protagonists. The laguz feel like a real collection of cultures, unlike the vastly more shallow manaketes, taguel, etc. They don't attempt to portray the home nation as flawless good guys, and even the "bad guys" of the first game are given a chance to become the heroes of the next. Tellius is more fleshed out and nuanced than any other FE world has ever been, and, unfortunately, likely ever will be.
  9. I don't know that there "isn't enough demand" for a new FE game every year. The series is growing, not shrinking. What I will say, however, is that I would prefer a quality over quantity approach. This isn't Call of Duty or Pokemon. Saturation of bullshit won't help the franchise more than a great game every 2-3 years. And there's always licensed spinoffs through third parties if they want to increase content. (Cough, FEW2, cough).
  10. Got a Farina 6 pulls into the NH banner. Free Dedue on Gap skills banner.
  11. Well, some version of Innes had to be effective. Shame it couldn't be older Innes, but I'll take what I can get. At least he isn't in a bunny suit.
  12. Maybe everyone in FE is a secret vampire or werewolf. Castlevania Emblem was legit!
  13. That's unfortunate. Guess the way to go for her would be to roll an Asbel for Fury 4 and Spd/Res Oath 3. Paired with Desperation and a Brazen seal.
  14. If FMorgan has Spd/Res Rein 3 and Swift Stance 3, would either/both of these kick in before the Res comparison on her weapon? And is her optimal IV spd or res with this build in mind?
  15. This suggested change to the combat loop for a sequel would play somewhat akin to Persona 5 Strikers and would represent one of the most tangible, and perhaps efficient ways of changing up clones. Each character would have a pool of Spells and Combat Arts they could learn, and you can equip up to 4 at a given time. They'd activate with one of the bumper keys plus A, B, X, or Y. Unlike P5S, they wouldn't freeze the game for targeting, so combat would remain seemless. You could even use some of the faster ones for animation canceling at the end of combos. Combat Arts would be powerful physical weapon attacks on a cooldown. They would deal damage based on Strength and Skill. Some specialized combat arts would deal damage based on Spd, Def, or Res. Spells would be powerful magic attacks or support skills with an MP cost that deal damage/healing based on Magic and Skill. Spells would also be elemental in nature, and different characters could have different levels of resistance to Wind, Fire, Lightning, Dark, and Light. Striking a weakness would cause their stun gauge to appear and do lots of damage. To illustrate how characters with the same moveset could be different: Ryoma could learn Wind and Lightning spells plus combat arts including Astra and Shockwave. Owain could learn Fire and Dark spells plus eccentrically named combat arts like RADIAANT DAWN! Elise's spell list would include buffing and healing spells, plus some Light damage spells. Leo would have some Sword combat arts and his spell list would include a wide array of Dark and Lightning spells. Chrom would have Sword and Lance combat arts that are aggressive, mobile, and heavy hitting. Lucina would mix fast sword and long range bow combat arts. Lyn would pack sword and bow combat arts, along with Wind spells. Navarre would have no magical affinity, but would have a wide array of sword and axe combat arts to choose from.
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