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  1. A Castlevania Emblem with art direction by the artist who did Resplendent Eldigan would be so very good.
  2. Unfortunately not, as Merlinus' VA just passed away. I picture Bastian sounding a lot more like Diet Bastian - aka Virion.
  3. Oof. Over a month till next New Heroes. Hope that at least means good seals. This whole deal of inventing new seasonal themes to do even fewer New Heroes annoys the hell out of me.
  4. Nasir is my most wanted. I don't even care what color breath he is. I want my badass adult dragon. (Sick of YTiki and her 932 alts, by the way). Followed by Bastian (my favorite character in the franchise), Hapi, Forde, and regular Zihark.
  5. I was leaning towards Desperation myself. The positioning requirement of the atk/spd form isn't a huge downside when Seteth already emphasizes having an ally within 2 spaces due to his weapon and joint drive speed. It just makes the build more of an all-or-nothing. But ultimately, I went with it because it was easy to inherit alongside the Joint Drive Spd.
  6. I just randomly drew a Miledy. Should I give my Seteth Wyvern Flight or Desperation? (His other skills are Spear of Assal, Atk/Spd Form, and Joint Drive Speed). And if I give him Wyvern Flight, would +Spd or +Def be ideal?
  7. On the bright side, book 1 had the largest amount of non-prf weapon wielders by far, as well as (I think) the largest number of units by far. With us nearing the end of book 1, future books should go somewhat faster. There's also the distinct possibility that some weapons will be deemed good enough to not refine.
  8. Thought I was posting in the pull thread. So, I'm editing this post to post newly +10'd units early. Caeda's just missing her Dragonflowers and Rein Spd/Def. Hector is waiting on Armads' refine update. In progress: Hoping For Resplendents: Grails (Mostly hoping for additional free copies): Maybes: Completed: Since last post, Leif went from +8 to +9 (oof), Caeda went from +3 to +10, Hector went from +7 to +10, and Arvis went from +6 to +8. Next merge project on the priority is going to be either Gwendolyn or Sothe, I think. Sothe for favoritism, Gwendolyn for rounding out my roster. Micaiah's being added to my Weekly Revival 5 star merge projects, because what she offers is so unique. I rolled a Christmas Altina that will give her Atk/Res Unity and Null C Disrupt. Pair that with Thani +Eff & Mystic Boost 3 Seal, and she'll have a solid roll as a counter to all those annoying cavalry staves & tomes, as well as dragons (especially armored ones).
  9. Who do we think is next? I'm predicting Hector, Maribelle, Sothe, and Joshua.
  10. They really just need to recombine all of the revival banners. A lot of the characters rerun due to the red majority, but making new combinations could probably reduce repeats. Or, you know, just rerun 2 banners per week. That would be nice too.
  11. My most wanted Book 1-2 refines: 1. OG Hector 2. Legault 3. Sothe 4. Kaze 5. Walhart 6. Lucius 7. Libra 8. Priscilla 9. L'Arachel 10. Lyon
  12. I have thought the same thing. Leif's light brand isn't amazing, but it's not like f2p sword fliers are particularly saturated, and it would have absolutely stood out.
  13. The controls are going to be one of my biggest sticking points, and the game seems to lack comprehensive rebinds. What fucking alien maps consumables to Y? Almost every game uses that as an attack button. That feels terrible transitioning from my DW games especially, even when the longsword is meant to basically encapsulate the musuo playstyle.
  14. Red tomes are certainly less offensive than the deluge of free lance fliers with inheritable weapons.
  15. Frankly, though, that's what I want from a Resplendent. I want them to remain relatively in character as something that character would actually wear. And to that end, Alm's is exactly what he needed. I especially appreciate that the gold trim created color synergy between his weapon and armor where none existed before. As for Tiki, she's okay. Inoffensive. The very definition of mid tier. Yet another YTiki alt no better nor worse than the others. Maybe if they gave ATiki a good Resplendent alt, I'd care.
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