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  1. Easily the 2nd best April fools joke I've seen in gaming, behind only Guild Wars 2's shockingly high effort Super Adventure Box (multi-level 8-bit platformer within their MMO), which was complete with an 80's style ad campaign.
  2. On a related and opposite opinion, I consider most Final Fantasies to be deeply mediocre, and I can't even begin to fathom which 5 could possibly be considered better than 7. Like, genuinely 6 is the only one I ever hear being called better than 7.
  3. An issue I'm actually taking much greater issue with is that the combination of attack types and rider skills crunches your team options. HM slavery was always a sucky part of Pokemon, but MHS2 compounds the issue in that you can't assign these HM's. They're innate, and they're VERY poorly distributed. You need rock breaker/mega breaker, swim, fly, lava dive, ivy climb, and ground tunnel to have the full range of traversal. But monsters generally only have 1 of these, if any at all. They may have something relatively useless like item finders, or roar. Moreover, Fly is a redundant skill because one monster with Fly is locked to your party and can't be removed. So monsters that only have Fly (many of my favorites) don't justify a team slot. Conversely, monsties that fill 2 of the above ride skills (see - Palamute) are overly valuable, essentially locked into a party. This compounds the already major issue that earlier monsters are generally replaced by later ones. It essentially feels like a team-building game with only a few objectively right answers and tons of objectively wrong ones. It's a game that decides what team it wants from you.
  4. If a unit dies with an Embling Ring equipped, the Emblem dies as well. Also, rewinds are now tied to Emblem Byleth, and he can't rewind his own death.
  5. So, it's not so much that I have a problem with a cartoony style, as it is that I think Rise already does that way better. And the combination of the style with the younger protagonist essentially means that I don't care about my main character, and rush to put them in full armor asap. As far as overleving goes, my problem is that there's actually no way to quickly catch a new monstie up to your team without grinding. You can save quests to cash them in for the monstie you want (which requires you to research and know when you're about to have access to something good), and that's about it. Expeditions help raise up a backup team, but that is time that you aren't using your new pet. Whereas a more functional monster collector has you catch mons estimated to the level you are meant to be at that point, and even more functional ones like Nexomon make leveling lightning fast.
  6. Spiderman Cleared 3/1. My 2nd ever platinum trophy, with the first being 13 Sentinels last month. (Or this would be the 3rd if my 100% completion badge in Fire Emblem Warriors on the Switch counts. Not really a trophy that the system tracks, per say.) 9/10. Very solid cinematic action game with awesome traversal, dynamic events, great combat, great story, and a perfectly realized super hero fantasy. So... why am I knocking off a point? Simply put, the Taskmaster/Screwball challenges and Miles/Mary Jane stealth missions are NOT fun. Victor Vran Cleared 3/5/23. 6/10. A very average or even below average Diablo-like that I moved up my priority list to clear before it left PS Plus. The combat is solid for the genre, but the character building is shallow, the loot isn't as generous as I'd like, and the difficulty is rather too high for the genre. Good thing I'm not a completionist, or the absurd challenges (don't get hit... in a Diablo-like? Really?) would drive me insane. On the plus side, the humor is good, and it has some of the most memorable maps in its genre. The Motorhead WW2 inspired level is possibly the most unique thing I've ever seen in this type of game. Yakuza 0 Cleared 3/11. 6/10. Story is good. Goro is life. The combat balance realllllllly hasn't aged well. Being chained indefinitely by common enemies who are very aggressive and attack faster than the player is just not on. And this was on Easy. I shudder to think of what Hard and Legendary are like. Also, I audibly groaned every time I had to play a Kiryu chapter. Goro doesn't just have more personality - he's also faster, more effective, and isn't reliant on environmental weapons. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - Golden Wildfire Cleared 3/12 9/10. For those curious, I saved the last third of the third campaign to be enjoyed with potential dlc. That dlc didn't come. So now I've cleared it. And I still love it. It's only real shortcoming is that there isn't more of it. As for Golden Wildfire as a path, I think it's got some of the best maps, and the story falls somewhere in the middle. Claude's at his best here. He schemes. He is true to his convictions. This feels right. But here's the thing.... Yakuza Kiwami Cleared 3/19. 8/10. While still somewhat aged, this is a marked improvement on 0 in almost every way. The combat feels better. The story is even stronger. Goro chews all the scenery in the universe. Kiryu's kit is improved. They separated yen and xp. The only complaints I really have are no business-sim minigames (I really enjoy these in 0 and LAD), and no playable Goro. At any rate, Yakuza looks to be my grand clearing project for the year. 2 games (plus Judgement) down, 5 to go. Just counting what's on PS Plus Extra right now anyway. Exoprimal (beta) Abandoned. Fuck this game out of 10. I was actually pretty hyped for the love child of Anthem, EDF, and Dino Crisis, but the forced PvP element ruins any fun to be had, and even the actual fun PvE parts of it are too brief and on-rails to actually be sustainable. Wonderful 101 Abandoned So, uh.... here's a fun, endearing 7/10 action game with a completely disfunctional 0/10 motion/drawing mechanic (which can basically be described as Okami if it had the responsiveness of a tranquilized tortoise) crudely bolted onto it. This is the rare game I might watch a playthrough of just to enjoy the charm, but as a game, I'm done. Outriders Abandoned, maybe? Idk. Might come back if I feel like it. 7/10 I love me a third person looter shooter, and Outriders initially impresses with slick gunplay, stellar graphics, and plenty of gore. But frankly, I found it much too difficult, and too stingy in its loot drops. It makes it hard to want to play. Monster Hunter Stories 2 Cleared 3/30. 7/10 An inoffensive, cute, aggressively average monster collecting JRPG. The combat certainly takes some unique risks that feel kinda fun in practice, but that's just overwhelmingly been my impression of the game - it's kind of fun. The story is kind of there. The combat is kind of engaging. The gear loop is kind of rewarding. The exploration kind of exists. The only real standout feature is the egg collecting itself - the whole gacha system is never good game design, even in a game like this or XBC2 where all pulls are free, but it does drive that one more go feeling through sheer anticipation. Or maybe it's just that I have some interest in collecting personal favorites like Tobi-Kodachi and Legiana. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate it. I think the bones of an exceptional game are in there. Maybe if there is a MHS3 with Rise or even World level graphics, snappier combat speed, meaningful quality of life updates, and faster traversal, it could be one of the JRPG greats. But this aint quite it. Hi Fi Rush Cleared 3/26. 9.5/10 This is the game I've been playing a couple hours a week while I have access to dad's Xbox. And well, it's kind of a masterpiece. Slick combat, great level design, vibrant art, a loveable cast, hysterical comedy, bangin tunes, and a unique blend of rhythm, light platforming, and character action. It's not as good as Devil May Cry 3 or 5, but it's a damn good 3rd place. I'm only actually docking the half point here because timing-rings are never fun, in any game, and this game has particularly strict and unforgiving ones - sometimes multiple times in a level.
  7. Actually, Nintendo has a humiliation fetish, and they need these two weeks to hype up Alear for Smash.
  8. Hopefully the characters are recruitable early/mid in a regular playthrough like the Ashen Wolves were. Having them just be postgames or side-story exclusive wouldn't be great for replay value.
  9. Some of the flak is absolutely that it is a gear-based shooter. And while I get people's frustrations with live service games, some of us actually are in the market for a live service game, and there are currently only two successful live service looter shooters - one first, and one third - and that is not a good thing. It means there is no competition in the space. It means that no one who plays them has the luxury of nitpicking mechanics or finding games that might have a different setting or a different twist on the formula. That sucks. (It is also a fact that Anthem did nothing that Destiny didn't shamelessly get away with.)
  10. Looter shooters are actually really fun, and I am sick of the scumbags who intentionally tank these games with negative PR before they're even out. I was looking forward to Suicide Squad. But now it's been delayed, and now it's going to be dead on arrival whether it's good or not - just because a bunch of assholes on the internet arbitrarily decided they don't like these games, and they don't want anyone else to either.
  11. Dark Deity is a phenomenal example of what could be done for Fire Emblem. Imagine an FE game that allows you to turn on things like random recruitment order. It would exponentially increase replay value and open FE to the roguelike audience.
  12. Mmm, well, Trails honestly has as big of an old/new split as Fire Emblem does. Maybe moreso. Much like Fire Emblem, I enjoy both eras well enough, prefer the old, and mourn that improvements to gameplay came at a significant cost to writing quality. (Absolutely cannot wait for the localization of the new arc with Kuro no Kiseki though. The new combat system looks great, and I like the new cast based on first impressions).
  13. I see this prevailing attitude a lot, and it is more toxic than almost anything the nostagic side of any fanbase can possibly throw out. Almost anything, anyway. The nostalgia side of the Star Wars/Marvel/Disney discourse is beyond poisoned.
  14. I'd say the toxicity is all around, and for understandable reasons. It really is a zero-sum game, and one person getting what they want does delay or prevent someone else from getting what they want. The resources spent on a remake could have been put to a new game. A new game in the new style could have been done in a more traditional style. Three Hopes quite literally replaced a game that started as Fire Emblem Warriors 2. I think, as ever, that there is a balance to be struck, and I don't think it's impossible to please both crowds. Dating sim mechanics have a place, but engaging with them should be totally optional, and easy to avoid. We can have a more serious story AND good map design, and it's unfortunate that we haven't been getting both. We can have spinoffs that respect all eras of FE, and we don't need nostalgia baiting in future mainline games. An artstyle can be colorful, majestic, and possible to take seriously all at once - you don't have to turn FE into a literal clownshoes farce just to add some color.
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