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  1. And here I am wishing that 3 stars were removed from the game entirely. All they do is add an extra 2,000 feather cost to merges/skill inheritance (which is why I stopped promoting them ages ago). The only thing I actually use them for anymore is movement skill fodder.
  2. You could consider Ferdinand competition, seeing as how they share a crest. And in gameplay terms, it may be more useful to let Seteth stick to axes while Ferdinand goes lance paladin.
  3. I'd say that they couldn't deny him his canon prf weapon... But even in Three Houses, he lacks the weapon ranks to use it on recruitment...
  4. I'm glad for only the major Valentia villains being required votes. The first third of the list, I was just like "who?"
  5. There was already a ridiculous twitter outrage over Smash picking Min Min over Twintelle, a person of color (despite Min Min being Chinese....) I can't imagine what would have happened if they picked Bark and Bite for the Arms rep. It was never going to happen, of course, but it's a crazy scenario.
  6. There is so, so much worse than FE Warriors in the crossovers. Arslan is short, ends on a cliffhanger, and has lag spikes. Fate Extella has zero respect for its IP. It has more in common with SAO than Fate. Berserk is hot garbage. Also, even with as much as Hyrule Warriors gets right, I'll still pick FE Warriors purely for gameplay. The combos are way faster, whereas Hyrule Warriors is full of long animations. The map is far easier to read. And it doesn't waste my time (in an heavily timed genre) with skulltula & heart piece hunts.
  7. A character from Astral Chain would be pretty cool. But oh boy, there would be a social media outrage right now if police officers made it into Smash.
  8. Let's throw out some ideas for tier 4 versions of classic skills. Have fun. I'll start with Triangle Adept 4. Gives Atk +30% if weapon triangle advantage, atk -30% if weapon triangle disadvantage. Grants atk/spd/def/res +3 during combat if weapon triangle advantage. 300 sp cost.
  9. It's really simple. He needs his weapon refined, which lets him buff allies when repositioning them (or if they reposition him). It also gives him a 16 mt brave weapon on both phases as long as you keep two buffed allies within 3 spaces of him. Then you need Moonbow/Glimmer, Distant Counter, Vantage 3, and Defense Smoke 3. You can finish off with a Fierce Stance 3 seal to pump up his damage in enemy phase.
  10. That's a different Minerva. The young one you can get from heroic grails is way stronger. I do use Astram myself. He's a pretty competent buffer with good stats. However, as a unit, you're much better off using Laslow for multiple reasons. One, Astram provides you with Wrath for skill inheritance, which is really valuable. Two, Laslow can buff anyone, not just physical units. And three, Laslow is one of the best enemy phase sweepers in the game.
  11. For axe, Mininerva (young Minerva) is your best bet. Also Cherche. I use Michalis and love him, but grails are a precious resource and you can really do better. For lance, I strongly recommend Altena as a free to play unit. And since there are a lot of pegasi, Catria, Est, and Cordelia are really good too. For sword, Ashnard is one of the best free units we've gotten so far. And sword fliers are a really underused character type.
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