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  1. Currently watching The Heroic Legend of Arslan and Fire Force, and I really like both.
  2. Been playing Persona 5 Strikers, replaying Sacred Stones, and played through Route A of Langrisser 1. But my PS5 is arriving today, so I'll be playing Spiderman PS4 remastered and Miles Morales very soon. Much hype.
  3. This right here is why you don't get to tell me what you just told me. You're part of the problem. It's always the baluga whales that tell the rest of us what we should do about her and what we should accept.
  4. That sentiment is how I feel about literally anyone who doesn't counter Fallen Edelgard. My whole roster feels outclassed and out of date. No, I suppose it isn't too much to ask for. But you still have almost half a year to go.
  5. Or, they're saving them for their potential for long-tail sales. (This will probably be less of a concern with the new loyalty program). Guess you'll just have to be satisfied with Fates being completely over-represented in this game.
  6. Wow. That Raven alt is right up there with the Eldigan one as one of the best in the entire game. But why didn't they take this opportunity to remove the sword from his art?
  7. The lack of Gurren Lagann is disappointing, but this game looks great. I may get it.
  8. Ah, a fellow man of culture. Anyway, the thread for this game on Smashboards has the full confirmed roster breakdown so far.
  9. Aang and Korra are on the box art. Pretty sure Catdog has been confirmed already.
  10. Speculating Nicktoons is gonna be way more fun than speculating the last Smash character. Crimson Chin or bust.
  11. Here's a few more illustrative suggestions. This time for characters who I imagine playing a central role in the new story. Byleth (M/F) Yuri Edelgard Dimitri Claude
  12. Add any character you want, under the guidelines of this proposed redesigned combat system for FE Warriors 2, which combines elements of Fire Emblem Warriors, One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, and One Piece Pirate Warriors 4. This is essentially a combat system that I think could be realistic, as it combines what worked with modern innovations. Because of the redesigned system, you can even submit redesigns for FEW1 characters. Mechanics Redesigned Mechanic - Pair Up -> Adjutants New Mechanic - Weapon Swaps New Mechanic - Spells/Combat Arts Skill Slot Redesign New Mechanic - Core Skill Tree New Mechanics - Warrior Attack/Dual Attack Controls Here's an Example: Lewyn
  13. Wow. Amelia looks great! I straight up thought that was a new OC.
  14. Mia isn't a good standard for comparison because she isn't a good unit. Zihark can actually grow comparatively well.
  15. I disagree with the assessment of Astrid. She's capable of catching up to your other growth units in her starting chapter and without BEXP. The chapter provides plenty of flying enemies for her to kill, and she is more than capable of doing so. She'd be one of the better Ests even without BEXP.
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