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  1. Black Eagles favoritism exists for a reason. Edelgard is not equal with the other lords. Never was. Never will be. She is THE most important character in the game's narrative, for all paths. She is the most fitting representative for the game, even above Byleth.
  2. Raine Sage (Tales of Symphonia) Scherazard Harvey (Trails series)
  3. Indifferent to it. In regards to avatars, Byleth falls somewhere inbetween Robin (love) and Corrin (hate). If Byleth keeps getting into spinoffs, I'll just he happy that we're getting more spinoffs (hint, make a Warriors 2).
  4. I don't care. It's nice for those that want it, but it's the type of thing I'd only pick up at a substantial discount. I guess it just feels underwhelming because 2020 has been a such dead year for Nintendo games (unless you like Animal Crossing).
  5. The Askr and Embla alts have all been really high quality in general. Easily the best ones.
  6. A pirate banner would have been a great theme for a New Heroes banner. Wasted opportunity. Brigid (colorless) Nasir (blue) Geese (green) Dart (green, demote) Fargus (green, GHB)
  7. They most certainly do not count. Different strokes for different folks. She's certainly near the bottom. My least favorite is still Roy, because they picked the one theme with that was the LEAST thematically fitting and the least ideal for Roy's weapon color scheme. Fortunately, Roy still has a great default, same as Eirika. I think a Resplendent tier list thread would be fun after a full year of Resplendents have passed. For me, so far it's looking like: S Tier - Eliwood, Olwen, Linde A Tier - Hector, Cordelia, Sanaki, Azura, Sophia B Tier - Lyn, Ike C Tier - Minerva, Robin D Tier - Eirika, Roy
  8. I always found Peony leaned harder into the cute, but she's both cute and sexy. I'm not a fan of the whole fairy thing. I could see the flower/nature thing working for very specific characters like Lyn and Olivia, but generally... no. And this was definitely a case of wasted potential for Eirika. I'm glad that they decided to leave out the wings though. Just like I'm glad they decided to leave see through skeletons out of the Hel alts. It was a gimmick that could have very easily ruined every alt for these.
  9. Well, I hope they don't go for dokklfar with Ephraim for synergy. That would look really bad on him.
  10. Fairy was a strange choice for Eirika. Think I'll stick to her great default look.
  11. I think it should be dependent on character. Certainly not one or the other. Kris, Robin, and Byleth seem to be canonically male. Corrin seems to be canonically female. Of course with Byleth, the female version has far surpassed the male version in popularity, and I suspect that they'll be the canon version going forward.
  12. Well, Green Olwen isn't the most amazing unit in the world, but she has a refinable blade tome with no cooldown penalty. That's pretty good. Then there's Ranulf if you count beast units. But yes. Green cavalry in general are really, really lacking. Probably the weakest, least saturated unit type.
  13. I'm so tempted to pick the last option for laughs. But seriously, I like the new compile manuals display. Indifferent to the battle display, which doesn't seem all that useful.
  14. It seems as though f2p players aren't allowed to have good green cavalry. But I guess Cecilia's is decent enough for what it does.
  15. I hope Nowi's refine will be a side grade to lightning breath, like Tiki's was.
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