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  1. Anyways If you watch Godzilla vs Kong on HBO Max, I'm calling you out. Fuck the pandemic, this movie has to be watched on the big screen.
  2. True, although I don't think MechaGodzilla will be impersonating most of the time. I do feel like the movie will hold to it's premise of being "Godzilla vs Kong". Of course, there could be no impersonation and if MechaGodzilla is the provocation, Godzilla could feel humanity is offending him with it. Mmm yep. These two months are kicking into hype and speculation time. And Singular Point comes the month after. Spring time will be good.
  3. It looks good. I have waited for this. Godzilla was the hero for the last two movies he was in so I'm curious to see what changed. Although, if I gotta make a prediction, I feel like we might revisit the Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla plot point where the latter impersonates Godzilla and one can't tell the difference, hence, the conflict. Assuming MechaGodzilla is actually in this. EDIT: HE IS, I SAW IT! I ONLY MISSED IT THE FIRST TIME BECAUSE IT SHOWS UP FOR A SECOND OBSCURED BY DEBRIS!
  4. House of Hades is done. We're in the endgame now. I hope not, I've been enjoying Heroes of Olympus more than the first series. Though the ending would have to be really doodoo dogshit to sour my opinion. Simultaneously a bit harder if you're fighting certain UMs, due to Elemental Awakening.
  5. I think the only books I didn't really care for in the whole series are Sea of Monsters and Titan's Curse. Idk, those just felt less interesting to me. I have heard that Blood of Olympus kinda fumbles the ending but we'll see. The problem with Chain Attacks in BoC is that they are actually detrimental, especially later on when Rage Strikes become more common. It takes so long to build up Party Gauge and it the enemies have so much HP that using a Chain Attack will likely end with you dead once it ends.
  6. RIP She will prioritize it though, should your HP ever get low. It's why I like to have at least two heal Arts on her, so that at least one is always on standby. Though screen shatter is nothing new, considering Zeke's character, lots of people see this as a Xenogears reference, which had screen shatter intros for fights and one of the party members, Bart, is the OG Zeke He's not as chuuni, but if Bart and Zeke ever met, they'll do their version of the pointing Spider-Man meme.
  7. This is what happens in the Rare event that you lose to him Never knew about this until Chugga's let's play.
  8. So I just finished The Mark of Athena, meaning I'm only two books away from finally finishing Heroes of Olympus. As of now, I am in uncharted territory because I don't think I've actually read past this point. I can't recall a single thing from The House of Hades and I know I never read The Blood of Olympus. Best part: no RNG. Well ok, I guess there is RNG on the occasional event that a Driver doesn't have any opposing element but even then, it's not as bad as Xenoblade 1 Chain Attack RNG. Now, two tips: first, because of how Chain Attacks work, some people think they should try to have all eight elements equipped. Rookie mistake and this will end up restricting your choices. In the first place, a Full Burst only requires five Orbs to be destroyed but three is usually enough. Second tip, Overkill bonus. You maybe got this but if you kill an enemy during a Chain Attack, you can keep adding the damage until the Chain Attack ends. Higher bonus means more EXP, WP and SP. You can actually level up twice from a good Overkill bonus. So tl;dr, don't worry about not having every element and using Chain Attacks against regular enemies for Overkill bonus is valid. Also Dahlia has increased usefulness now because one of her battle skills gives her a chance to hit two Orbs.
  9. Yep, though those are a bit easier to time cause they last the entire animation whereas Break Arts inflict Break when the attack lands. Like I said, it does become easier to do later. Although I usually have Crossette awakened as one of my first Blades since that way, Nia can always have a Break and heal Art on standby for these early chapters (that and having a second Fire Blade is just really good) so even at this point, I was dealing a lot of Breaks. Break is actually just the best status effect in the game because Fusion Combos and other things.
  10. CS Josette gets long hair, therefore, good. Like I said, the timing has to be right. But as the game progresses and you level up Arts and such, it does become easier. Break has made fighting Scout enemies easier.
  11. True, the country girl accent isn't an exact match with those other designs but it's still better. Likely cause it was too similar to another Ice Rare Blade. Breaking an enemy cancels whatever Art they were using, including one that calls for help. This is easier said than done because the timing has to be right, especially if the Break Arts are on your AI party members but it can be done. Did you bond Dahlia to Rex or Nia? If it's the latter, make sure she has Acrobatic Bomber set, because Nia gets Break with Bitballs. No there definitely is another way, as I explained above. It's just a bit harder to do early on.
  12. Thing is, while her design is bad, the image that was floating around was an exaggerated model. I can't recall if it was a glitch or if the image was taken mid-animation so it looked weird but point is, it made her already bad design look worse. This was like a week before the game came out and it was not a fun time (and some people *still* bring it up). And speaking of Dahlia, this is her concept art And literally everyone agrees we were robbed. The designs on the left and right fit her personality far more. Those Orbs that show up and circle an enemy whenever you complete a Blade Combo. That's where Chain Attacks come in, you'll see very soon since you've reached Uraya.
  13. Oh her. Her design caused quite the pre-release days. One of her skills lets her hit two Orbs in a Chain Attack at the same time. Very useful. Ch.3 right? Won't happen again after this chapter. Ch.3 has the only two times it happens in the game (and by the comment, I'm guessing you've seen the second instance). I guess maybe you could count the end of Ch.2 but the objective of that one was to escape, not necessarily win (and they still turned the tables at the last second) so I let that instance slide.
  14. This is like the main reason i don't like Bringer of Chaos.
  15. Pokemon is always that series where you liked it at first but then several games later, it's not for you anymore. Too player focused, one could argue. From the bit i played of Berwick, i think part of the reason i couldn't get into it is because it completely clashes with the way i play SRPGs (and i don't just mean grid-based). All SPRGs should strive for player focus but at least for me, the way Berwick does it is a case of too much of a good thing imo. You should see the wall of texts i write when someone asks me why Xenoblade 2 and Xenoblade X are so good. On the flip side, Conquest only made me wanna snap my neck sometimes where as Thracia made me wanna snap my neck all the time. Thracia's the one FE i haven't completed (well i haven't completed FE1 and 2 either but shhhhh, those don't count) because i saw what was coming and said "nah bro". Blowdown intensifies.
  16. You can scratch this one off. For now at least, since they're going back to guild, sort of. Doesn't rule out school setting several games from now but Falcon seems to like the guild concept a lot.
  17. Nim also has a Lv.3 heal Special FYI. I know what you're talking about, it's pretty easy to get swarmed there.
  18. It do be like dat. But yeah, don't necessarily count out Common Blades just because they are generic. Some can have really good skills on them. Most famous of which being a Common-exclusive skill being the one that lets you apply Elemental Orbs by doing a Blade Special rather than completing a Blade Combo. Of course, this only matters for specific builds and such but I'm just saying there's plenty of room for experimenting even after beating the game.
  19. If you want. Though that generic Wind Knuckles he gets at the start isn't bad at all. Don't be afraid to use Commons if there's a certain Art you'd like. For example, if Rex gets a Common Greataxe, it could be worth keeping because Greataxes are the only weapon type where Rex gets access to Launch.
  20. Yeah, he calls for reinforcements. On my current run, I got Percival (a Dark Katana Blade) very early so I was able to do Dark -> Dark -> Dark to inflict Seal Reinforcements and prevent Sniping Brent from calling for help. The Seal effects you get from Blade Combos are all very situational but Seal Reinforcements is easily the best one.
  21. Let me guess, Sniping Brent got you? But nah, I'm referring to something a bit later on. If you wanna be safe, Lv.17-18 is a good spot to be in when you leave Gormott. Though level penalties don't exist thankfully. Interesting. They definitely are better to do, there's nowhere near as many, but apart from the Blade Quests and the few sidequest chains (and the runaway couple, that's like the one standalone sidequest that stuck with me), I did find the sidequests in the game to be....just kinda there. But if you're primarily referring to the ease of doing the quests, then yeah, I agree. If you're liking the sidequests in Xenoblade 2, you'll definitely like them in Torna and, should you get the chance, Xenoblade X (especially X).
  22. Yes, I mentioned that. @Shrimperor just a word of advice, I know you're on Ch.3 rn but assuming you haven't left Gormott yet, I just wanted to let you know there will be a mild difficulty spike at the start of the next area. Shouldn't take long to get adjusted though, especially with BEXP. You wanna start doing as many Fusion Combos as you can at this point btw.
  23. To follow up on that, while you can't spam those Arts, Break and Topple can still be extended. Skills and accessories are one way but Fusion Combos will also extend the duration of both the Driver Combo and the Blade Combo and this can stack. The duration is also halted if you do a Lv.3 Blade Combo or a Lv.4 Blade Special so in addition to getting i-frames from that, that's something you want to do. All that said, there will never be a situation where you keep an enemy in eternal Break or Topple. It will wear off eventually. Launch can be extended but it's duration won't be halted by the cinematics. And Smash doesn't really have a duration, it's pretty much instant damage.
  24. Oh you want to awaken him that early? Yeah, light is rare because only five (six with Poppiswap) Blades in the entire game have it, three of which are DLC and none of them are Common. Corvin is good on everyone for several reasons: he's the God of Evasion. One of his battle skills increases Art recharge with every dodge, something he is very good at because he has a garuanteed dodge Art and Special. Anyone who bonds with him also gets a free Smash Art. I'd say give him to Rex for now. Another of Corvin's battle skills is Party Gauge Up for every crit, so it's easy for him to do Light -> Light -> Light or Light -> Light -> Water with Dromarch. As for Driver Combos, Nia can Break -> Tora Topple -> Nia Launch because Nim -> Rex Smash because Corvin. All this said, I'd personally recommend waiting a bit since Corvin is a bit too good. But if you want to bond him now, it's fine. Overdrive Protocols exist so you can transfer him to someone else in the future should the need arise. Edit: the bit about Party Gauge Up was referring to Chain Attacks, of which Blade Combos play an important role in.
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