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  1. Specifically, I have a mod that gives me Hoshidan shops and resources in Conquest, but a different mod over-writes it and takes me back to the Conquest setup. What file(s) determine what shops and resources I have?
  2. Your castle address points to your most recently updated castle. Open your Birthright file and hit update data at the crystal ball. Also only deploy Kana and unequip him and set him away from the throne to make an easy clear.
  3. Chapter 7 has no real variety of enemies. The entire map can be soloed by an untrained Frederick with Chrom paired up, and that's probably the best way to handle it. I just think it's a bit of a crap chapter and I don't find it fun.
  4. The chapter is fine really. Between Virion, Ricken and Chrom the wyverns are solved and the free Rescue staff means Virion and Maribelle are in no danger. The reinforcements can be annoying but someone can just camp on the lower fort since the mage is the most dangerous. Plus it's a hundred times better than Chapter 7.
  5. So male clerics? I don't see the need to have new spell lists for them, though I could understand giving the males who have 0 support spells something like Aura, Expel or Seraphim. Or just don't make that an option. I think it's more impactful to have girls be archers and mercenaries and let boys fly. I still want female soldiers because Baron Faye needs to happen. This is a fun mod and I'm not sure if I could play without it.
  6. Seems like a lot of work for a Speedwing. Maybe just hack your 3DS and give yourself whatever you need at any time. 🙂 Good luck!
  7. Damn. I really thought you could.
  8. No clue about Royal Royale, but you can buy Speedwings through other castles online.
  9. Any chance you're ready for playtesters? I'd love to play this.
  10. Here's the strategy I came up with: Nyx had gained speed in her first level, so a spd tonic lets her double the onis. She takes out the first 2 onis on the left, grabs the 10,000 gold and Heart Seals to Outlaw on her way back to the center. She also had a str tonic and a +1 bronze bow. Odin with hp, mag and def tonics can tank the first 4 archers on the right even without a pair up. Nohr princess Corrin can one round the lower onis with virtually no damage in return. Niles with hp, str and def tonics can injure the approaching ninjas on the left with the ballista and counterkill them. Once the second wave of onis in the south are done, Corrin pairs up with Jakob. Jakob can one round the second wave of spear fighters with an iron dagger and one round/one shot the onis and ninjas with a steel dagger. Once the water is drained, everyone moves north. By turn 8 everyone is paired in the green zone and it's nearly impossible for anyone to die. You do miss out on the dracoshield and dual club this way but it's doable. Also no one is promoted.
  11. I didn't even think of logbook skills because I keep my logbook empty. Anyway it is possible to do, but Camilla's crew have to be used as backpacks for turns 7-11 but I managed to not let them see a bit of combat and keep everyone alive. It was actually a lot of fun to figure out but I don't think I'd want to do a whole run this way. It definitely gives you a different appreciation for how competent Arthur and Nyx can be, and how much Jakob can carry the early game if he has to.
  12. Yeah, that all looks about right. Unfortunately it looks impossible to accomplish. There's just too many moving parts among the enemies and by turn 4 or 5 a pegasus is guaranteed to suicide on Camilla's crew or get the green line. I think even just allowing Camilla and friends to be used for this chapter would make it doable.
  13. 1. Jakob is level 13, Corrin level 12, Niles and Nyx level 10, Arthur 9 and Odin 8. All in base classes. Corrin is +Str -Res with Oni Savage. 2. Sure, as long as you don't grind or cheat for materials. 3. No action whatsoever, not even moving except to get out of the way. I should mention I didn't bother doing Mozu's Paralogue since she's an illegal character and the Invasion maps are considered grinding in my mind. I did actually make it to turn 10 under these restrictions, but everyone is dead by the end. Edit: Also it's trivially easy to get all 3 villages in Chapter 8 under these restrictions so having 15,000 gold in resources at this point is probable.
  14. Whoops. Yes, no Streetpass or online of any sort, no amiibo, no grinding, and absolutely no Elise. Sorry, Hard Classic is the default mode. And you have as much gold as you've managed to get from Chapters 8 and 9. Sell Effie's and Silas' weapons if you wish. As for how this came about, on another site we began talking about the "bad" units that hardly ever see use: Arthur, Nyx and Odin and others. I personally disagree with Odin and Niles being on this list, but the challenge is to use the game without ever once utilizing the top tier units other than Corrin. So after Chapter 10 would be no Kaze or Laslow, no Royals. Unfortunately the run has seemed to stall at Chapter 10 so I thought the people here might be able to come up with a strategy.
  15. I am here to issue a challenge for Chapter 10. Can it be completed using only 6 units, those being: Corrin, Jakob/Felicia, Niles, Odin, Arthur, Nyx? This means that Camilla and her retainers can't be used, even for Pair Up and that Effie, Silas, Azura and Mozu remain on the bench. The rules: Base game only. No Path Bonuses or Castle/Visit bonuses. Also no DLC. There is no limit to using what is already available, so early promoted characters or using your 2 Heart Seals are viable. Is it possible?
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