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  1. I'm curious why you think Arthur is trash as a Cavalier. The switch actually gives him a point of Luck and the Goddess Icon from Chapter 4 gives him a net of 0 after his personal. Also he has pretty much the same stats and growth rates as Silas with more HP. A level 10 Arthur and a level 10 Silas are effectively the same unit minus personal skills and weapon ranks.
  2. I like Odin. Making him a Malig Knight is fun too.
  3. Glad I helped. Have fun with it.
  4. The unit has to be at the level cap before you can use a seal. If you already used one then you have to go gain 5 levels with that unit before you can use another.
  5. In other words, you have to level them up.
  6. Chapter 9 on Hard Classic is fine if you're not against turtling. I usually have Odin take out the archers through the wall with Elise's personal and Nyx/Arthur/Corrin in attack stance. It's good training for Odin and you can often get Elise to level 10 and promote before Chapter 10 if you have the money to spare. Haitaka doesn't move so there's no rush to kill him. Trigger the reinforcements and pick them off. Odin and Nyx can take out the archers with WTA especially with Azura nearby to dance one of them and the rest can take out the spear fighters with no problem. When you face Haitaka place Odin near him to lower his avoid. You can also burn a charge of the Freeze staff as well. Not sure if Felicia can take a hit but Jakob and Odin can survive one hit on enemy phase at base, Arthur can survive 2 and Effie 3 so he's easy enough to whittle down even with the throne's healing.
  7. I actually found Felicia's best class to be her default. Maid Felicia wrecks everything physical with the Flame Shuriken and her high resistance and Tomebreaker means she's even better than Kaze at dealing with any mages. Dipping into Strategist for Inspiration never hurts either.
  8. First, the point of the exercise is to avoid using Challenge Maps. Or Invasion Maps. Or 99% of DLC. Second, Oboro and Hayato was a poor example. My point was that Birthright throws too many units at you at one time so you end up with more benched units earlier in the game which can make it harder to build supports. Let's compare Birthright early game - Chapters 7-10 - with the same chapters in Conquest. Chapter 7: Conquest starts with a m/f and 2 more pairs join during the chapter. Birthright starts with 2 m/f pairs, 2 additional females, a m/f pair who joins at start and 2 more males and 1 more female who join after the chapters completion. Chapter 8: Conquest lets you deploy everyone and 2 males join during the chapter. Birthright also lets you deploy everyone, gives you 2 females and a male during the chapter and an additional male after. Chapter 9: Conquest again lets you deploy everyone and you gain 2 females. Birthright has you bench 4! units and gives you another m/f pair. Let's talk Paralogue 1 briefly. In Conquest it's not until after Chapter 9 that you have to bench a unit which makes it great for early game supports. In fact, using P1 properly allows you to make 7 children after Chapter 10 with only the units gained in that chapter left unpaired. In Birthright you're benching 4 units in P1 immediately after Chapter 7. Chapter 10: Conquest nets you 3 females and you only have to bench 1 unit if you acquired Mozu. Birthright again benches 4+ units and you gain 1 male. Birthright forces you to bench several units in the most crucial part of the game which reduces many of them to pair up fodder in the mid-game while Conquest allows for benching units more strategically throughout the mid-game as pairings are completed.
  9. You acquire your full roster in Birthright faster which means more units hit the bench earlier and for a longer period of time. You (I) end up gluing someone like Hayato to someone like Oboro because otherwise he's not going to father his child.
  10. Yes, exactly like that. Except F!Corrin can pair with any male giving M!Kana a sibling. It would simply mean that one if the eligible female characters would remain unmarried. I'm finding this run to be relatively simple on Conquest than Birthright simply because of character distribution. Birthright requires more sub-optimal pairs for the same result.
  11. No thank you. I don't like low-manning, and while I'm not a fan of the over-powered Royals I do find them to be a nice safety net. And my current run requires me to make their babies.
  12. Most people don't limit themselves by refusing to use the Royals. Still not sure how well it would work.
  13. You also missed Mechanist!Orochi that Benice suggested.
  14. Can you even do Lunatic with constant pair up? I know it's a challenge in Hard and I generally prefer attack stance, though it depends on circumstances.
  15. I know I'm being nit-picky, but why are we relegating Niles to a support role? He kills flyers and captures bosses and useful units. And if we are using him for support, why are we pairing him up with a child he didn't father? If we're deciding to use Ophelia, and if we're pairing an Adventurer with her, then why not Forrest who can reach S rank and give better bonuses? With Nyx as a mother he will naturally have Adventurer in his class set. Obviously, you do you but Nyx!Forrest offers 2 Mag, 6 Spd and 2 Res at S rank as an Adventurer. As for seals, my first 2 Heart Seals (shop and Chapter 9) go to Arthur and Jakob/Corrin/Mozu/Azura/Nobody depending on plan. Nyx is promoted at Chapter 10 to Dark Knight to help Odin handle the archers on the left and then benched and sealed for Leo. Kids replace parents only if they are immediately better (Percy) or possibly have unique abilities (Dwyer).
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