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  1. Sorry for the super late responses. I managed to get 3H a lot earlier than expected and it just consumed my free time (and I still haven't reached the war part, school life really takes long), I don't know if I'll be able to respond to the other clears I've been tagged to (mostly the dailies, I already have the responses ready for the Abyssal maps Zeo did) but I will watch them all, that's for sure. @Robert of Normandy That F!Morgan tanking was really awesome. She just held at 1 Hp but the red mage couldn't deal any damage to her. Hinoka's teleport shenanigans were pretty cool, take down DK and then enable Caeda to take down the guys in the right side of the map. @Landmaster Woah! Vantage CC on both Elise and H!Nowi, that's a very scary setup you have going there. It surprised me a bit to see DK tanking OG!Nowi like that but I guess I underestimated his Res combined with a Def tile. Regardless, it was a very cool clear. @Zeo The Matt clear went just as expected, he demolished everything sans the Firesweep cav. He certainly is above these types of maps now but the music was really fitting. For the Morgan clear the MVP was Amelia, no questions asked. Having to tank everything, living at 1 Hp and still managing to hold her ground. She certainly deserves a skill promotion. And Fae takes the spotlight in the Serra clear, as shown by the thumbnail. Taking 0 dmg from the AoE makes me jealous, she just went and destroyed the map. This clear really makes me even more enticed to get a L!Eliwood. Huh, Surtr took a lot more damage than I initially imagined he would take. Everyone did their part here, and I'm surprised at how good Karla is with Galeforce. I gave mine the LnD/Shield Pulse/Pavise combo but I don't use her all that often, then again that's mostly the curse of the infantry sword. And about my clear. Yeah, I was going to go full comedy with the Team Skull theme but I decided against it after reading about tons of people saying Death Knight is this super badass unit in 3H and deserving of respect and stuff, so I decided to give him a bone and go with a more epic theme. Turns out it worked for the better by creating a stark contrast between comedy and seriousness. And yeah, I'm planning on getting Hilda to +10, I adore her character (despite it being "lazy girl makes others do her work and ends up having to do it herself after the other party screws up") and her playstyle in FEH. I hope she could get to that point when IS releases the golden hat accessory to represent her promotion to chief.
  2. I can only think about how random this is. Guess the person at IS that likes Sanaki is one step closer at getting the full set (now wait and see OG!Tanith coming in the next 2 months as a free unit). I like Sigrun's art in PoR/RD a lot but I'm not a fan of her FEH art so she's probably going to end as a backup unit for AA. Oh well.
  3. So the mysterious bird skill was Sabotage Atk/Spd...that's not all that great. It works wonderfully at the beginning of a match but separating the enemy is the better option most of the time outside of Rally traps in AR (or super reinforcements maps in x-HB maps, but I'd never use Micaiah in any of those). Guess Eliwood wins out for me, he might be a 1 trick pony but that trick is extremely devasting and I'm lacking in the cav department.
  4. Today I got a free Karla. I can't think of anyone that needs Wrath badly (Hilda wants SS) so merge it is!
  5. @SatsumaFSoysoy Hope you get better soon! I can say I'm guilty about not replying to videos often, too. One of the cons of RL, I guess. Anyways, Kronya certainly is scary when built properly. She just went and killed them all like it was nothing. Also, CC+Null C-Disrupt is certainly a killer combo. At +10 she'll be such a monster of a unit, that's for sure. @mampfoid Your F!Tiki was impressive. I was like "How is she going to beat DK if she's doing 9 dmg?" but turns out Ignis blast was more than enough. Awesome clear! @Anacybele That was great! Just 2 turns and the map was basically cleared. Ike and Frederick certainly have some good synergy going and Robin taking 0 dmg from the red mage was something I didn't expect. - - - - - - I consider this clear the beginning of a new legend in the making. I wish I could've used the first clear I got but I messed up by trying to up the volume of my phone and that got recorded too so I had to make another video. Worry not, because the clear is the exact same save for the DK recruitment line and feathers. While not apparent at first glance this team has a theme going for it. The idea is the following: The recently graduated officer Hilda has been tasked to take care of a certain group that calls themselves "Team Skull, FE edition". Has everyone knows, she's plenty capable skillwise but her attitude leaves a lot to be desired. Hence some veteran officers were tasked to an eye on Hilda so she couldn't escape her duties. While very serious about their job, Hilda's superiors were quite the eccentric bunch, with veteran officer Eirika thinking using a Christmas outfit was the best way to go undercover despite being summer. Ryoma was supposed to go on a vacation but he got called while in the middle of trying an appropiate outfit for the Hot Springs he was meant to go to. Officer Mordecai tends to work in interrogations most of the time thanks to his build which allows others to use him as an intimidation tool, despite this he's a kind soul that doesn't like to see anyone get harmed and as such he just offers support while avoiding any sort of conflict. That being said, for the next clear using this team I'll make sure to put the sunglasses and the other officer cap on the other 3 so the theme becomes more apparent.
  6. Thanks! She's +Atk -Res (now I just need to get rid of the -Res to make her an awesome mixed tank/sweeper) and the second pull was Brave Ephraim. The one in CC is really beastly, even Eirika was unable to double her which was pretty nuts. More reason to get mine to +10 one day.
  7. The following free summons after morgan gave me nothing of note, as always. @mampfoid @mcsilas @Zeo However, I just got insanely lucky in the 3H banner. Normally I don't like to tag people for pulls but this one is an exception. I was at 3.25% so I was expecting two Titanias or Sorens but wow! I got Hilda whom I wanted the most and Special fighter fodder. Normally this means they'll have a bad nature, but: Yup, +Atk and not -Def is incredible! The B!Ephraim was +Res -Hp but I already had a +Atk one and no plans to merge him so the nature doesn't matter. As for Hilda, I still plan to get some merges for her (luckily the CYL3 banner isn't all that interesting so I'm fine with the free pick). It's very rare when a character that isn't Eirika resonates so hard with me but here we are and I love everything I've seen of Hilda so far even if I haven't played 3H. I already have like 10 different builds planned for her and that's something rare considering these days you just leave them with their base build and slap Reposition or a special and you're done.
  8. Talk about late, luckily I said I would take a while to record something for this battle so it's a ok but first some comments. @mampfoid Beast Emblem! That's new and really deadly. I found it kinda funny how Reyson did a triple Glimmer kill before the map ended it kinda bugged out, right?. @Landmaster Nice theme! It was very fitting to have Byleth take on Kronya at the end but the star was M!Grima taking out 3 units without braking a sweat. @Anacybele That's a very nice S!Frederick! I really like the Spd build you created for him with that SS4, and he just demolished the map on his own. I really love solo clears and this one certainly delivers and more. @Robert of Normandy Those are some fine ladies you got going. I'm quite impressed at the performance of your quadding Caeda and CC F!Morgan is a thing of beauty that I would've never thought of. Minerva may have just been a Reposition bot to enable the clear but her build alone makes her pretty fearsome. - - - - - - As promised here's two clears a couple of days before this GHB expires. There's nothing fancy about them but I had fun doing them. First is the classic Cordy+Daughter. You'll notice that Selena still doesn't have her refined weapon. That's mostly because I don't have dew after refining OG!Lyn and the training map wasn't the right one to grind SP. Regardless, I still love the Res stacking build I gave her and it really works here. For the second we have Lyn Emblem tearing through the map like it's nothing. That double brazen build on OG!Lyn can be a little hard to pull of but once it gets going there's nothing stopping her. I still need to find a good build for L!Lyn because going full PP isn't very helpful and neither is her weird mixed phase base build.
  9. After a bunch of nothing on the previous daily banners I got a free +Spd F!Morgan. My old copy was +Def which did nothing for her so obviously I'll take a bit more speed (both were -Res but that doesn't matter anymore). 33 base is eh but it becomes 36 with Fury so it's workable. On a sour note, I got pity broken on the 3H banner by Lugh. I'm salty that it wasn't Hilda but at least I got some Rally+ fodder for whatever arena cheerleader I decide to use permanently.
  10. Hilda looks more and more enticing. Screw it, I'll try to get as many copies of her as I can until the banner runs out and then more whenever she appears on a 3 person banner (I was gonna say Solo skills banner but then I remembered Yarne also has Atk/Spd solo and he's more likely to be on that kind of banner). Her offensive spread is super awesome and her Def is definitely flexible enough to let her go for either damage or cheerleading. Me being hyped for her aside, she's not really worth pulling for if you have a +10 Raven/Linus or plan to merge S!Ylgr. Petra is about what I expected, workable Atk, great Spd, not so great bulk. This works in her favor, though. More often than not she'll be able to increase her Atk/Def/Res and her Spd is high enough that she doesn't really care about getting it higher. Hubert is a lot faster than what I've heard of him. Awesome Atk but I still think his weapon is worse than a Blade tome. He'll make an awesome nuke, but Lilina and Celica are comparable and Lilina is easier to merge. Mercedes...yeah. At +10 she might be a decent tank if you give her Absorb+ and CC but at base she sucks. Everything about her screams demote, but that stupid AR skill makes it dubious. Death Knight...another turd. I saw what his weapon does and it's not great. Even at +10 he doesn't look all that hot when compared to F!Berkut or B!Eliwood when he comes out.
  11. Those new servants look fun (Jason being the best 'cuz meme potential off the charts), it's gonna be nice having them all in two years. Thank goodness for mama Raikou and the hundreds/thousands of FP she gives me every day. - - - - For NA, I finally did those challenge quests. They were mostly a cakewalk, although the Orion one got a little annoying when one of the mecha pigs deleted my buffs and the support Merlin died. I really am not a fan of gauntlet type fights, though. It wasn't hard but it really takes a while, I tried to burst it with Raikou but she blew up in one turn because everyone went after her. So I was forced to change her for Gorgon, that NP2 Gorgon has really came in clutch because I'm sure at NP1 the fight would've taken almost 100 turns but I was lucky to end it in forty-something. Jeanne+Merlin is still extremely effective as a stall comp.
  12. I haven't played 3H yet (and most likely won't be able to until September when the Switch Lite is released) so I can't go for character favoritism with these guys. Still, Hilda looks cute af and infantry axe is not an overcrowded class. I like how her weapon can make her both a good cheerleader but also extremely strong in her own right. Me likey so I'll try to get her. Mercedes is meh, if it weren't for the AR skill she'd be a guaranteed demote. We'll see if she goes down even with that skill that IS thinks is a lot more valuable than it really is. Hubert brings interesting new skills but they seem kinda gimmicky. His tome is a PP only version of Y!Azura's tome, which makes it not that good. The extra stats are cool but these types of weapons work better on defensive heroes where you want to trick the opponent into thinking your unit is fragile only to find out they can't kill them. Overall ok weapon but still doesn't hold a candle to blade tomes. His C is an infinitely better version of Sorcery Blade but it's still too niche in my eyes. Adaptive damage is cool when facing min-maxed units but it doesn't do any good against omega tanks (Caineghis/Surtr/H!Myrrh/etc) so eh, it can be great if you find a way to abuse it but nothing crazy. Petra was surprising. In the promo material for the game she seemed like an infantry sword but here she ended as a flying colored dagger. I'm happy about this, infantry sword is an oversaturated class and we don't need anymore of them unless they are S!Helbindi-tier unique. Petra's weapon is busted for starters. It says if an ally has lower stats than her, she gets +5 to the stats she wins. This allows a lot of freedom because you only need 1 weaker unit (AKA, the dancer/buffer) to activate the effect of her weapon and because she needs allies nearby her A-skill synergizes perfectly with her weapon. Her B and C help to keep her allies close whether she's the one teleporting or them. All in all a great unit and very worth pulling for, but I already decided I want Hilda sooo...skip.
  13. I haven't gotten anything noteworthy from the free pulls, not getting a Takumi kinda stings because I really need CC for certain builds I'm planning to use in the future. Meanwhile I felt like giving the legendary banner a shot and got a M!Byleth (+Def -Hp). DC fodder is always welcome but right I'm focusing on the last few merges for Y!Azura so no one is going to get it until I finish her also I can't think of anyone I'd like to merge that needs it
  14. Answers time I think I'm not too late this time Like last time they'll be in a spoiler tag.
  15. Eirika ate the map as always but it was a little boring so no video from me until I decide on whether I want to use Cordelia+Daughter or Lyn Emblem (maybe both but then the videos will probably be up 2 or 3 days before the map expires).
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