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  1. @Zeo Wow! What a luck streak! It's a little funny how everyone but Hector is a pity breaker but still, so many free 5* units is awesome! - - - Well, for me I don't know why but I pulled a bit to see if I got Kagero in the re-run banner and ended with my 3rd H!Myrrh. I didn't got the unit I was looking for but the one I got is a lot better, funny that said Myrrh was also +Res. Guess mixed bulk is the way to go with her. It was very fun and stuff getting all those units but I think it's time to start saving for real.
  2. @Zeo Congrats on that awesome Hector. He may not be as relevant as he used to be but with Berserk Armads he still packs a hefty punch! And if worse comes to worst DC fodder will always be valuable. - - - - The Halloween rerun banner and the weekly one gave a bunch of nothing, as one would expect. I kinda forgot to post this one, it was like 3 days ago that I went back to the current Halloween banner to remove the -Atk from H!Hector but no such luck, I even ended with a Raigh in one circle, dejected I decided to go for the green on the right side of Raigh just to see if I'd end with a Soren or Titania as I always do, but instead I got this: +Res -Hp. Basically neutral. She's not that great as a unit but I'd be lying if I said I'm not happy about getting mad scientist L'Arachel. Her lines are very funny and her art is top notch. I'll probably make her a Blade tome cav and call it a day.
  3. Finally done with Shimosa! The story was decent but nothing super awesome, doesn't help that it really showed favoritism for those that know Japan's history and folklore. I was able to get a few references here and there but many flew over my head which led to me having a "huh" reaction most of the time. Oh well, Grandpa Shiromasa, Musashi and Danzo were the stars of the show with a small cameo from Kotaro, the others were there but it was kinda forgettable. As for the duels, I'd rate it from hardest to easiest: Shuten/Raikou>Paraiso>Empireo>Purgatorio>>Limbo>>>>>>>Inferno. I had to use CS for the Shuten Raikou one because NP drain effect is no fun and after losing 3 times I went "fuck it, let my own Raikou destroy these worthless Oni worms with back to back NPs). Yagyu was technically stronger than Paraiso but Paraiso was a bigger pain to deal with (stupid evade spam), Yagyu is not immune to effective dmg from Euryale so he went down fast although it took me 2 tries because at first he decided to lock on Euryale and managed to kill her before she broke his 2nd bar. Limbo was booring, and poor Tomoe ended up being pathetically easy against Tamalancer. The final boss got BB'd (he managed to kill the other 2 I had but by the time he got his NP off he was basically dead, and even then he couldn't kill BB).
  4. After a long fight with Nox (stupid anti emu measures and me too for forgetting the password for my bind code, I had to do a ton of not nice stuff to get everything back in order) I finally managed to start Shimousa and yeah...it gets stupid fast. NPC Musashi is cool and all but she became a burden against the first boss, which is a lancer I'm already dreading the archer fight. I guess she could do tons of damage with a Merlin or Waver support, but I have neither of them and ended up resorting to plugsuit shenanigans to take her out of battle and bring another Saber to fight Lancer of Purgatorio. I was very pissed when he spooked me during the New years banner, but Saberlot just proved how valuable he is here. It really helps that he doesn't depend on having buff bots like many other servants do which makes him soo good for stuff where you can't bring your friend's Merlin/Waver/Herc, and his squishiness can be easily covered by Jeanne which frees him to just focus critting the boss to death.
  5. The mode is fun so far, but I wonder how long that'll last considering many just finished it already and the only thing left is to do the dailies and maybe flex the +10 builds they get. As for me, I decided to take it slow so I'm grinding a bit. Mae has been the MVP so far due to that Atk/Spd Push 4 she got super early, Celica is one or two steps away from greatness (if only she could get Glimmer and the Heavy Blade seal), Boey is neither here nor there but he'd be a great tank if he gets QR. Alm is either super strong or practically useless depening on the map.
  6. It's such a weird feeling, being both proud at you for doing such a sublime clear with the best FE girl and yet I also feel a small dose of salt for not having a L!Eirika of my own. That aside, this clear is an absolute 1000/10, seeing the great synergy between all the Eirikas is enough to make me shed a tear. I'll keep it short before I end up making a bible singing praises for each Eirika. *Loud applausing noises* Bravo! Excellent and sublime clear!
  7. The Hector/Lilina convo coupled with the Arcadia music I was using for the castle was something else (knowing Hector's fate in FE6 makes the convo heartbreaking). Say what you will about duo heroes being broken and all that jazz but having them really interact with each other is soooo good.
  8. This was my free pull (not even one ticket used): -Atk +Res...ehh. I'll take it, his Atk is still huge and having better mixed bulk will come in handy. I used the tickets to get a merge but no such luck. This makes up a bit for the Legendary banner fiasco, at least Hector and Lilina are super cute together and I always favor cuteness over OPness.
  9. RIP, last circle didn't had any reds and the two greens had nothing. Guess L!Eirika and L!Eliwood will have to wait for another time.
  10. Oops, my finger slipped! It was 9.5% haha. Thanks! And congrats on that Dancing Reinhardt! His nature isn't even that bad if you want to get memey with a ton of spd buffs.
  11. @Zeo Congrats on the awesome Neph! It saddens me a bit that she straight up outclasses Bridelia, but that's how things go in these types of games. And that Sturdy Impact fodder is awesome as well. If Summer Lyn performance is anything to go by that skill will do wonders for Bownoka! As for me, I'm still stuck with a 7.5% on the Mythic banner. Hopefully I'll be able to get at least one red focus once I finish grinding the remaining stratum quests I have available and get the arena orbs tomorrow.
  12. It hasn't been that long since they were introduced and now Opening skills will become obsolete soon-ish. Sigh... guess this is how people felt with Feint skills becoming obsolete so soon after they were introduced. Fury weapons could allow for some fun shenanigans but in the grand scheme of things they aren't that great. And the star duo is heavily focused on Odd numbered turns. Guess that's a way to balance them in theory (in theory because you should replace the B-skill with Bold Fighter, denying follow-ups is meangless if you're able to kill the enemy during Player Phase). Everything else is not worth talking about so all that remains is waiting for, Hector aside, the stat spreads to be revealed.
  13. Welp, this is awfully late. Stupid exam week, didn't gave me time to focus on FEH clears Let's start with some comments because it seems I can't get the right time to do them nowadays. @Landmaster Keaton is OP as always, once he reached Vantage range, it was game over for Thrasir and her mooks. It was a clever idea to use S!Elise as a chill magnet with LnD and B!Hector really did a number on those pesky reds. Then we have the music, funny how it is the theme for the only 3H route I haven't played yet (I got a little burned out after doing the school phase 3 times in a row) but the theme made the clear feel mythical which fits incredibly well for a MHB. @mcsilas Wow! You managed to clear this annoying map with just a base F!Berkut! That's really impressive, the fallen theme really fit in this map and seeing the full control you had over the AI was a sight to behold. Despite having units with mostly base kits it never felt like they were in danger and instead it was Thrasir's army who needed to fear the wrath of the fallen heroes! @SatsumaFSoysoy No need to deal with Thrasir's shenanigans if she's gone at the beginning of the match. Smite is very useful on this map and all the GF+Teleport shenanigans Kagero and Celica did were on point! They just went and demolished the map in the blink of an eye. That was an awesome clear! - - - - - This time there's two clears to make up for how late I am this time. First we go for a classic Eirika solo. This one was quite tricky because it was very hard for Eirika to double Thrasir well done me, changing her nature to +Atk just when she needed the Spd the most, and after getting to the Spd threshold I found that she was lacking in damage. Actually, the initial clear was a semi solo because Kaden took a hit but I always thought I could do better, and after an hour of trial and error this clear came to be. For the second clear I'll put the silly context inside the spoiler box.
  14. I liked the AR stuff, it's mostly silly fun but that's what the mode has been since the beginning so I'm glad they keep expanding on that (and the extra feathers from the dining hall are a nice plus). The Halloween banner is super enticing. That Hector/Lilina duo is sooo cute (I stopped caring about PvP modes a long time ago, as long as I can remain in tier 20.5 in arena and tier 21 in Aether Raids I'm good, although that Bolt Tower-like effect they have is a little too much if you ask me.) and crazy scientist L'Arachel feels sooo right, not to mention her art is stunning. Sadly I don't think I'll pull from the banner, I'm practically broke from the Thrasir banner and have gotten 0 focus units so far and I need to have a reserve for Hilda's eventual return. Bummer, I'd really love to have any of those two units in my barracks. Free orbs is always welcome, even if it isn't as exciting as it used to be during year 1. I'll hold judgement on the new mode until it releases but I personally don't feel like it'll be all that great. I play FEH to make my favorite Fire Emblem characters into overpowered beasts, not to try some Battle Factory-like units. It could end up being pretty fun so we'll see.
  15. Yup, at -Atk but that'll be fixed when the rerun comes. I don't use her a lot because of the bane but she's a pretty good support for Hilda. A banner with those three sounds really nice, a nuke/BD fodder, super support/DB4 fodder and GF cav/DC fodder is a lot of value. If it were paired with a blue lineup of L!Julia/L!Lucina/Naga it'd be a bonkers banner.
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