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  1. Insta pull. Luckily I skipped on the 3H banner to see what's coming, and it was worth it. All in for Summer Eirika, let's goooooo! She looks gorgeous. Alright, bias aside let's do proper first impressions on the whole banner. So S!Eirika is the best and overshadows everything else has a stat spread of 39/39/42/25/22 which is not too shabby. Her Prf has Slaying, Spectrum +5, offensive half of NFU and Guard. Combine it with Moonlit Bangle F (same as B!Eirika except the Canto is only 1 space) and she'll nuke pretty hard. She doesn't have effectiveness or dmg reduction like her Brave counterpart so she's going to struggle a bit against DC users, in other words Bector is going to be a pain despite S!Eirika being green. Moonlit Bangle dealing true dmg based on Def is also a bit iffy when S!Eirika targets Res, but nowadays tanks tend to be quite bulky on both sides so she's probably going to be fine until she's faced with the likes of Micaiah and Guinivere. S!Nifl was easily guessed from the silhouettes. Still has her support capabilities from Domain of Ice. Her Prf is Slaying, NFU, +6 Atk/Spd and a Firesweep effect if she doubles her opponent. Simple but strong. She's certainly going to be annoying for Near Save units as they won't be able to counter her (unless they are of the Savvy Fighter category like V!Lucina). S!Lyon is the demote, and from what it looks like he's going to be a slow sword infantry like S!Helbindi. The guaranteed follow-up on his weapon is nice as it frees the B or seal slot from QR. And the Duo is Thorr & Loki. Duo Skill is Gravity Ploy and buff neutralization. Worldbreaker is still amazing so it's nice that S!Thorr keeps it. The prf has Slaying, the Spendthrift effect, CD reduction if she's close to allies, and a new debuff alongside Stall with the same condition as Riev's prf. The new debuff is basically that foes take 10 true dmg per hit, no conditions attached. Seems pretty nifty to deal with those pesky Hardy Fighter armors that like to live at like 4 HP. Being a blue mage is kinda eh, as that class feels a little oversaturated lately. S!Seth is the TT+ reward and he's going to have the same weapon as Lyon. Not too exciting when we have a lot of inheritable axes with more nifty effects.
  2. Aaaand, I whiffed Castoria. Guess that Kingprotea I got in 30sq really ate all my luck. So now it's going to be either fish for Skadis or get used to the idea I'll be stuck with Plugsuit Tamamo and Paracelsus with Kscope for farming.
  3. Last year the Protea fight took me like 100+ turns (I think it was somewhere around the 150s). It was fun because I liked it when the numbers got so ridiculous that everyone got full OC just by doing an arts chain. This time I 2 turned her with Kama. And some people say it's bad to bring her against Alter Egos because her class advantage only lasts 3 turns, lol. Unless they have 4+ bars she can easily nuke them before the buff is over, and even without the buff she can hold her own with her NPs charm. I also threw 30sq at the Protea banner and got her alongside NP2 Passionlip. I find stalling fun when I have the time to do it, and Protea seems to fit that playstyle pretty well.
  4. Elincia didn't get a prf...haah. That was to be expected, but it still bothers me. At least her bow is pretty powerful despite being inheritable, so her viability will depend on her Atk/Spd. This banner has proven me wrong twice already, so I'm not going to hope for anything and just wait to see what happens when the datamine arrives. Worse comes to worst, Elincia will be good fodder for Norne. The seals are whatever. Catch and Ideal 3 are not that great and tend to be outclassed by Solo and Form skills. I'd consider them as AA filler seals, but there's no need to go with lesser seals when you can have up to 20 pre-made teams with premium seals if you use the team lock feature.
  5. Harmonic Edelgard with Altina as the backpack...I'd have never guessed this pair would happen. So the banner is 3H lords and Micaiah, Elincia and Altina (sort of) as the RD representatives. It kept the 2 guys 3 girls (+backpack) format, but the picks weren't what I predicted. Everyone here has a Prf so I hope Elincia will get one too. The theme for this banner is Slaying+conditional brave effects. That's cool, although it seems some will have it tougher than others to meet the conditions. S!Dimitri finally breaks the lance curse and becomes an Axe cav. His brave condition is to have any kind of Bonus active or outspeeding his opponent by 10, and his prf also has Spectrum+5 and Canto Rem.+1. Combine Atrocity and he's going to be a really fierce unit to try to tank (although Near Save units with Hardy Fighter and Deflect Melee should have it relatively easy...as with everything else not called L!Nanna). S!Micaiah keeps her usual dual effectiveness, gets +6 to her Atk/Res. Her Brave condition is having 15 more Res than her foe, which seems kinda rough to meet. At least she only needs 5 more Res to double. Expect the typical Micaiah spread of high Atk/Res, low-ish to middling Spd and low Hp/Def. S!Claude gets Canto Rem and +6 Atk/Spd. His Brave condition is having a 12 point buff/debuff difference against the foe he's facing. He might need some Sabotage support to proc it reliably, but it's not the toughest condition to meet. S!Edelgard gets a Spendthrift-like effect and 40% dmg reduction on first hit. The Brave condition is kinda confusing, but most of the time it means it'll need 2 foes in the cross range to proc. It feels a bit inconsistent due to it depending heavily on the type of map, but it feels a bit more lenient than Micaiah's condition. Assault Troop feels like the evolved version of Armored Stride, but just like it's predecesor it's highly inconsistent due to how it can straight up do nothing if the map doesn't cooperate. There's also the thing of Player Phase armors being in a bad spot as an armor's role these days is being a Save unit, but S!Edelgard's brave condition is dual phase so that shouldn't be that big of an issue.
  6. Yeah, it's Claude and Micaiah almost guaranteed (unless someone's art has a random bird because reasons). So the first summer banner is likely going to be a mix of 3H and RD. If they want to go for a 2 guys 3 (+backpack) girls banner then there's a non 0 chance of getting a Summer Sothe as a TT+ reward or banner demote, although I wouldn't really bet on it. This is just a random guess, but I could see the Duo being Elincia+Lucia.
  7. Got a +Spd -Def Letizia from the tickets. That's a pretty bad nature, but she's not -Atk so I don't feel the need to use Trait fruits on her.
  8. A!Florina is alright. Having a reverse WoM opens more options for Galeforce sweeping teams that don't need to run WoM to keep the chain going. She'll do decent damage, but that's about it. Sain is strong, and his movement shenanigans can make him a nasty AR-D unit. I've seen some people praising his up to 7 mov, but that's not as helpful as one might think with small maps and tons of obstacles that will end up wasting part of that extra mov Sain has. Still worse than B!Eirika Kent has a good statline. He'll probably do fine with a Ninja Katana build. Letizia is deceptively annoying with all the in-combat debuffs she applies. The increase of NFU via Prfs and skill variants means she's not going to be KOing as much as she'd like, but her deceptive bulk can caught people off guard often (I know from all those Light Blessings I've had to use because I underestimated her). I'll use my tickets on Letizia because I like her art the most, and if no green orbs show up then it'll be A!Florina>Sain. The banner is a bit underwhelming, but the first Summer banner is next and those tend to be pretty nice.
  9. Went with F!Rhea because she gives easy wins.
  10. The banner doesn't seem very impressive. Still, the best colors are Blue and Green with Colorless a little behind. Red sucks. As for L!Myrrh. She's ok, will probably end up slightly underrated but won't be OP just like L!Caeda. Her exclusive C-skill is pretty good, it has the more unique part of Detailed Report aka stopping Teleport shenanigans and stops the follow-ups of her foes. It is a status effect so she'll be stopped by Elimine if one tries to use L!Myrrh on AR-D during Anima season, but she's probably better on Dark season alongside Medeus. Her Prf is kinda meh, Slaying, -5 stats in-combat to her foe, follow-up attack, adaptive damage and 30% dmg reduction if she's near allies or initiates combat. Those are good effects, but her class really hampers the tank role her base kit makes her out to be. I think L!Myrrh might work a bit better as a H&R unit using a Trace skill rather than trying to be a tank.
  11. Pokémon, hands down. I've always loved this IP since I watched the anime when I was like 3 years old. Pokémon Gold was my first video game ever, and since then I've had at least 1 game for each generation. The games being the epitome of easy (except for maybe USUM and BW2 Challenge mode, although they aren't anywhere near close to hard outside of a battle or 2) is a plus for me because that makes them a chill game where I can turn off my brain and just see all the creatures the game has to offer. Shoutout to Majora's Mask and New Mystery because those two are some of my favorite games of all time and easily surpass many Pokémon games, but as a whole I'd still give it to Pokémon.
  12. I like the games I've played in general (everything sans the first 3 and Thracia). The ones I love are Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, New Mystery and Blazing Sword. The ones that give me mixed feelings are Three houses (mostly due to the monastery bloating and heavy map recycling that burned me out because I had to play the damned thing 4 times) and Fates (very fun map design and tons of replayability, but trash story).
  13. Weekly banners gave me a Hinata and my first Cath. B!Cecilia really does not want to show up. I got a -Atk B!Lilina on a circle where the red I got was OG!Roy (I knew as soon as I saw the boy that the blue orb at his side was Lilina). Then I got Fallen M!Morgan. I kinda have the feeling I'd see B!Sophia before Cecilia. EDIT: It happened, lol. I got B!Sophia before Cecilia despite the latter being more common. To rub salt in the wound, I summoned on another red orb and got a +Spd Priam. It's raining 5* units but I can't get the 4* to save my life.
  14. Tried 2 full circles for B!Cecilia, she didn't show up but I got a +Hp -Spd Constance. I had a -Atk +Spd copy of her, so the merge was appreciated to get rid of the bane.
  15. So they are implementing the Servant Coin system early on NA. Man, it's going to take me forever to get Eresh to level 120 but I'm gonna do it yes or yes.
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