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  1. The fabled Saber Wars II has finally been announced. The event is likely starting either Friday or Monday of next week. Kinda hoping it's on Monday to get a chance of using the November tickets on the Space Ishtar banner.
  2. My free pull was a Reyson (I have like 30 manuals of the guy now). I decided to use a few orbs because there was 2 green stones and I wouldn't mind getting Rhea. Got a neutral B!Micaiah instead. That's a cue to leave this banner and save my orbs.
  3. Sophia is the TT+ unit!? I never saw that one coming, but it's not out of place as she does have ties to dragons. As for the banner, it seems a bit...boring? Maybe it's just me. M!Grima's prf is very similar to his female counterpart. It trades DC for Slaying and a Spendthrift-like effect. A/R Near Save is worse than A/D for obvious reasons, but a Save is still a pretty valuable skill so it's still amazing. Rhea has great art, I really like it. Her Prf is an improved version of Seiros prf because this one isn't tied to phases, instead it focuses on her own HP and the opponent's HP. Kurthnaga is ok. He has good stats at 45/39/27/36/35 with a likely superasset in Atk. Fodder is ok-ish, Even Pulse Tie is niche but it can serve for certain teams. The new inheritable breath is pretty cool for tanks. A smaller Spendthrift effect and Guard is nothing to scoff at, and Kurth makes great use of it thanks to his good mixed bulk. He's gonna need all the merges and a kit revamp to work at his fullest, but as a demote he's pretty great! Duo Sothis being paired with M!Byleth isn't surprising considering the VA theories that are actually pretty credible, IMO. Her Prf isn't very impressive despite all the good effects. +5 to all stats, DC and Slaying is a killer combo, but I don't like how the weapon needs the foe to be >=75% HP to work. Granted, the weapon always works on enemy phase but that means little when fliers don't have many options for tanking and Duo Sothis doesn't have a min maxed stat spread to make the most out of her weapon. 40/36/42/31/34 isn't very impressive, but I guess that's where Dragon's Wrath comes in. If I'm reading it correctly, rather than giving True dmg it gives a dmg boost similar to the one V!Catria or Duo Alm's prfs give. The dmg reduction is too minor to matter most of the time, so meh. As for the Duo Skill. It's pretty good, actually. It's NFU and Time's Pulse for Sothis and her allies every other turn.
  4. After that crappy Jeorge I got a Legendary Celica merge and Otr from the Mythic banner. I needed Otr because I never got Seiros, so that's cool. He's -Atk and I don't plan on using Trait Fruits on him as he's just a 7th slot bot so it still counts as a win. I also got F!Kana from the 4* special rate twice in a row for whatever reason. She went from +1 to +3 in a couple of minutes, which is pretty funny.
  5. @Landmaster It was funny seeing Otr being totally helpless when OG!Elise forced him into armor tier mov. He's certainly bulky in Abyssal considering he didn't fold to Elise's sheer power in one round, but he fell just as other Legendaries/Mythics have so Elise Emblem still shows that it can deal with these maps easily. - - - - - - - - Short and cheesy. I think it's the first time I've featured little Eirika on a video, so that's a plus. OG couldn't do this because she needs to choose between NFU or Dodge, while the little Eirika has access to both. I think Brave Eirika can also do this if I gave her DC and Sol, but I don't have any DC fodder flying around atm to try that idea.
  6. I wonder if I had any troubles with the raid last year. This time it's a breeze thanks to Kama one shotting the boss 100% of the time. It's a bit annoying that the raid started right in the middle of the week rather than the weekend, but oh well. I'll try to get as many eggs from this as I can.
  7. I don't care about this guy but might still try a bit for him because I never got Seiros and my Anima defense is pretty bad. Anyways, let's check Otr's skills. His Prf changed from having an Impact effect to an Auto follow-up. NFU users don't care about either effect, and when facing Save tanks I think the follow-up is better thanks to Flow Refresh denying stuff like B!Hector's follow-up denial. Pre-charged Luna is really nice, even if Otr ends up killing himself he should at least do some hefty damage to whatever tank kills him, and in a properly setup AR-D team the others should finish off the job. GDC4 is amazing fodder for Gunnthrá, so that's valuable for anyone that has her at high merges. I don't feel Otr will be all that great on AR-D, but at least he's an improvement over Seiros not that it is hard to be better than her. As for colors: Not really sure this time. Green has the best fodder and L!Byleth is a great unit to have, but the other two are of dubious value. Otr is an improvement over Seiros, but not to the point you should go for him if you have her. I adore L!Celica, but I'd be lying if I said she's easy to use when she requires setup to enable Soul of Zofia and start her rampage. Colorless also has amazing units, but in terms of fodder it's just Shinon and Claude because Leif offers very little. If one cares more about Arena then this color is the best of the banner. Red is eh. L!Eliwood is kinda outdated, but his Bonus Doubler Opening is still a great skill. Altina does nothing and has 0 fodder. V!Palla is a great unit and is top tier fodder for Aversa, although Aversa's usefulness nowadays isn't all that great. L!Chrom is hard carrying blue from being worthless. Marianne is nice, but she is in direct competition with Guinivere and I think the latter is the better blue mage. Zeke is fodder, if you need a tanky lance cav go with Duessel, otherwise B!Eirika/B!Eliwood/L!Ephraim will cover your needs.
  8. I got a -Spd 5 star Jeorge from the VG banner. I couldn't even try for Igrene because of course there's no red orbs on the circle. Ehh, I'm keeping him around to feather hunt during the VG, then he''ll go into oblivion in one of my reserves.
  9. I only cared about Triangle Strategy on the Direct, although I still don't like the whole "represent the group's future decisions with a magic balance" aspect. Leave the discussing, voting and stuff, but the balance itself is too silly for me. Still, I can live with it even if they keep that stuff and with no FE in the near future I need another game to quell my thirst for a SRPG so I'm buying this thing week 1. It was only like a minute, but it's nice to see Rune Factory 5 finally has an English release date, although I've heard the game has some performance issues that can make it a bit of a slog. Eh, I liked 4 a lot on the 3DS despite the slowdowns it had every now and again so I'll probably get this one. I'll wait on reviews for the card game from Square Enix, it has Yoko Taro on board so I expect the story is going to be some trippy yet amazing stuff, but I'll wait to see how it fares as a game because it can end up being fun like Nier Automata or some weird thing that isn't really fun to play through like Drakengard. I had no expectations for FE showing up here so no disappointment there.
  10. RIP the Duo Sigurd dream, got pity broken by Larcei. At least she's a pretty good sword infantry and I like her well enough so merge it is!
  11. Only managed to get up to 65 boxes due to some RL issues. It's a shame because I would've loved some extra Hero's Proof because Zerkersashi ate my stash. EXP wise I finally levelled all my old welfares (sans Shuten to take advantage of the 2x EXP she'll get on the rerun) and only have some summer servants and the 3 stars without an interlude. Summer Kama on JP is looking REAL nice, but 2023 looks like a rough year to pull with all the great servants it has released. Oh well, right now I need to worry on how my luck will fare next month (Space Ishtar vs 90 sq) and leave the future banner worries to 2023 Alexmender.
  12. I tried a bit on the dancer banner to get Duo Sigurd, but for some reason I keep getting 4* special rate units. Mia, Katarina (new unit despite her being so old) and Eldigan back to back. It's kinda funny.
  13. I was talking about the late 2019 AR meta, and Spurn didn't exist during those days. Not like it'd matter because Brave Ike isn't fast enough to make use of Spurn when facing a Blazing nuke without sacrificing too much bulk. I do not recall seeing Blazing nukes as the primary Infantry Pulse archetype, and I was a mainstay in tier 21 on AR before VoH became a thing. Dogpiling on B!Ike meant little when he was always paired with Brave Lucina, and she allowed him to retaliate with Aether to heal off the damage from the blazing nuke so he could continue tanking the rest of the defense team. Brave Ike is suceptible to Flash, but healers with the staff became more widespread when Cav lines started gaining traction as the most reliable AR-D archetype and most Infantry Pulse teams didn't had the space to slot a cav healer with Flash as people don't like to invest on infantry healers. Infantry Pulse teams had 2 Blazing nukes at best and mostly focused on having pre-charged Ignis/Glacies. Nowadays Infantry Pulse is not even considered due to the lack of threat range and that straightfoward nukes like Duo Líf, FE8 Selena and some others have more than enough killing power while also disabling any tricks the offense team could use against them (Lif with partial Dodge pierce and Selena with NFU). I found that Far Save armors and Fallen Edelgard survive the Blazing nuke too often even when Lysithea reached more than 80 visible Atk and then killed her on retaliation, making all the setup useless. There's also cases where the Blazing special leaves the tank at 1 HP but afterwards they're dealing 0 damage (often seen when facing V!Henriette). Those types of units aren't rare in VoH as those tanks cover both Blazing nukes and Galeforce. The problem Blazing nukes have when dealing with damage reduction is that the more damage they do on hit, the more damage is reduced and you end up missing lots of kills you would've gotten by running a standard special like Glimmer/Luna/etc.
  14. Putting Safety fence in the middle is just asking for it to be destroyed, hence why I said put the Catapult/Duma properly (lanes 2 or 5) which is where most Safety Fences are placed. I've seen many catapults in Lane 2 in VoH for that very reason, not to mention having the middle lanes free to enable Smite strats is more valuable than having the Fence cover the whole row. During the Ophelia and Sothe AoE spamming era, Pulse Smoke was a super rare skill that was only available on Groom Pent, and his banner wasn't something many pulled on so the skill was a rarity to see outside of super whale teams. What started to shut down the strategy was Brave Ike's refine that gave him great amounts of damage reduction to let him live almost every AoE hit, and shortly after other anti AoE units like Nagi were released (although the latter ones ended up being too niche and, as such, not very relevant for the AR meta). As the CYL1 winner he was a more widespread unit amongst the playerbase and that made him more splashable in AR-O teams as the main tank. It wasn't until Igrene's release that Pulse Smoke slowly started becoming more widespread, but AoE nuke defense teams had already fallen out of favor thanks to B!Ike and the skill only served to seal their fate. Spd based Dodge is unreliable at best and useless at worst against AoE nukes as those are going to have really high speeds by using Life and Death to maximize the output of their special, so I agree with that point. However, the unconditional type of damage reduction on bulky units is what throws a wrench on AoE nukers, and like I said before that started with Urvan's refine and has only gotten even more widespread as time went by and newer units were released with unconditonal dmg reduction on first hit. I feel Leila is slightly better than Yuri at performing both the offense and support role at the same time because her Prf having a semi Foul Play built-in means she doesn't need to choose what role to take, while Yuri is superior at either of them due to better BST for offensive roles and having both the swap and Canto for support purposes. The thing is that in terms of pure offense there's little reason to use Yuri over Ninja Lyn, who is at the top of offensive daggers at present, so it'd be better to focus on his unique support capabilities. But maybe I'm just biased against using AoE nuking on AR-O because I tried to do that with high Atk units like OG!Lysithea and Ophelia herself, and the results in VoH were less than stellar compared to straightfoward offensive teams like Lynjaforce and the like, so I'm probably undervaluing Yuri's effectiveness in said role.
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