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  1. I knew I shouldn't pull on the TMS banner...I got a Mercedes. At 5*. With +Atk -Hp nature. I'm salty.
  2. A stronger example would be Reinhardt, but I feel his rise to fame is a one-of-a-kind case and it would be unfair to try and compare him to other characters. Still, if mid terms are still a thing this year then those in the top 10 (where Severa/Neph and others like them tend to be, although this year I suspect Lysithea is going to be the one to make that fight) have a good chance to rise up to 2nd place as long as their fans manage to convince others to join their cause. That's what happened with Veronica, after all. That goes back to what I said earlier, if the majority prefer to vote for lords over others then that just means the lords are more popular and that's why they take the highest ranks, and if the secondary characters don't get many votes despite the best efforts of their fans then that just means they aren't popular enough. That's how popularity contests work, and also why many don't enjoy those kinds of things.
  3. It actually was during CYL2 with Veronica winning 2nd place. She's prominent being the book I villain, but still not a lord. Obviously lords have a bigger advantage due to having more time in the spotlight but that doesn't mean that secondary characters can't give them a run for their money. After all, Anna almost got 2nd place last year (although that was fueled by salty people that were sick of her not having an alt 3 years into the game). I don't see a problem there? That just means the fans of said characters should be more aggressive and dump all their votes on that character instead of spreading themselves too thin by giving 1 vote to a different character each day. Obviously IS will prioritize characters that will give them profits, and unpopular characters are a bigger risk than big names. It sucks for the fans of obscure characters but there's not a lot that can be done there outside of hoping they get added as low rarity characters somewhere down the line.
  4. I don't think that's how it works. If you start reducing the available options then obviously the ones left will have an increase in votes (hence why winners of previous CYL are excluded to not hog more votes when it is already known they are that popular) but that doesn't mean they are more popular than the ones that were excluded for "reasons". Nephenee, Severa and others seem to be fine, though? They are top 100 or so in a franchise of 700+ characters so they certainly have a sizable fanbase. They may not be big enough to go toe to toe with the big names but they are well known and liked. As for guys like Nealuchi. Yeah, no. He has his fans and they love him but he is in no way, shape or form in the same league as Nephenee, Ilyana, Ranulf, etc. Being well written and having close to 0 controversy does not equal being popular. This is the case of tons of characters like Nix, Kent, Kieran, etc. They are well liked but they don't stand out to the general fanbase, hence they don't get many "Favorite character" votes.
  5. I don't think it goes that way. Rather than having a main actor in a supporting actors poll, it's having just a "Favorite actor" regardless of whether they're the main character, a minor one or just a background character that may have a throwaway line or none at all. I can see where people feel it is unfair to throw the little guys against the juggernauts but that's just how popularity contests are. Having to do separate categories like "Best supporting actor", "Best background character", etc, etc. to cover every concievable niche would make the whole "Popularity" aspect lose it's meaning. As for how that ties to CYL, those with bigger roles (Lords and those close to them) are going to catch more eyes than the minion boss you fight in a transition map during the campaign. Is it unfair to try to pit said mook against the MC and their friends? I suppose. Is it a good idea to give said mook an alt just because they appeared in the game? No.
  6. I think that banning certain characters is a slippery slope that will end with poor results. CYL is a popularity contest unlike VG, despite what some salty people argue so it stands to reason that more prominent characters are going to be the ones with a bigger number of votes. Lords get an extra push thanks to being the MCs of their respective games, and as such you are exposed to them throughout the whole game. I don't find that unfair, although I won't deny it can get a bit tiresome due to how predictable the outcomes become. As for me, I've been voting for Eirika for the past 3 years, soon to be 4. I'm not hyped about CYL4 because the 3H recency bias is certainly going to put Edelgard and Dimitri in 1st place while the 2nd place will likely go to a meme and Claude.
  7. Free pull: 3* Donnel. Not even a chance to get Ellie...meh. She'll likely appear on a 3 person banner one day so I'l wait for that.
  8. Now that the event's over, let's see how much progress I've made on that servant list: So far I've finished levelling 8. Not too bad considering I went on a QP wasting spree maxing Raikou and Ecchan's skills (although the latter only got up to 6/10/9 because I ran out of both Gold zerk gems and QP, the heal is whatever so I'm going to grind doors to max her 3rd skill).
  9. I haven't used Caeda in forever so she's going to be the star this time! The seals are self explanatory. Defiant to the garbage bin and max the other 2 ASAP.
  10. https://fate-go.us/news/?category=NEWS&article=%2Fiframe%2F2020%2F0120_Babylonia2%2F Unexpected ticket is unexpected but very welcome. Now what should I do with this one? NP3 JK Fox, NP2 Salter/Wu/Nito or get Parvati/Zerkerlot for Skadi memes?
  11. Hmm, using Mothman's ridiculous crit buffs to nuke everything seems like it would be fun but I have no plans to pull for him and I still lack one of the big casters, might as well wait and see if I'll end with 2 MLB 2030s one day. - - - The challenge quest was a joke. BB/Jeanne/Support Merlin/Mash ended it in 25 turns. Jeanne was the only casualty but it happened after Jalter was left alone so the battle was basically over by that point. It's funny how Jalter's high hit counts worked against when she NP'd Mash because that allowed her to fire 2 Lord Camelots in a row.
  12. During my failure to get Melt again I ended with my 3rd 2030 CE. I wonder if there's a team that would want to get 24 stars per turn at the cost of lower dmg.
  13. This was my reaction when I saw the trailer in my feed: "WHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!". I played TMS but didn't enjoy it that much so I'm just going to skip the banner and if luck allows it get pity broken by Eleonora in the future. Being impartial and stuff here's how I'd rate them in terms of fodder: Kiria>Eleonora>Tsubasa>Mamori Lull Atk/Res is too good for mages and a certain tiny handed man specifically so it stands to reason that's the best skill in the banner Atk/Spd Push 4 is still a great skill and is one of the only offensive options for healers, so there's that. Tsubasa only has her new A skill, it is niche but it can put in some work on flier balls or WoM comps in AR-D and 9 Atk/Spd is nothing to scoff at. Mamori loses hard because her A skill (while easier to trigger) is inferior to the Stance line of skills and their in-built guard.
  14. Tier 26 courtesy of W!Sothis soloing maps by herself. My defense was my meme Lyns so obviously it was nothing but losing lift. It was fun while it lasted, next season is going to be a bit of a pain but I guess putting Selkie on support duty with her Sabotage skill and a Ploy seal while Altina solos stuff is going to be the way to go.
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