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  1. I remember when L!Alm's Abyssal map was considered ultra hard and needed to be tackled in a very careful way because his Spd was monstrous and he had NFU to make things even worse. Nowadays we have this:
  2. Alright SS kids banner, I give up. Getting another pity breaker (Azelle) after 5% is too salt inducing, so now I'll just save for CYL. At least I got kid Eirika, even if it's at +0.
  3. I miscalculated and had to do a couple of runs to get the Golem and Insect missions, but other than that I got all the missions cleared as soon as the main story was done. The final boss was slightly annoying with their debuffs, but it wasn't anything too bad. As for the CQ, I had to do it twice because a certain Break Bar buff caught me off guard but afterwards I Kama'd it. Getting her to NP2 was soo worth it, she just disregards class disadvantage and nukes everything on her path.
  4. Kids banner still hates me. Up to 4.25% and now have to wait for some orbs. I don't care about the Fallen banner and still have to get 1 ticket, but I got CC fodder! I've been wanting that to complete Kronya for a good while now, so that's amazing!
  5. It's a bit sad that Barbatos QP drops are quite RNG dependant. Sometimes I get 2M QP on a kill and others I get 8k, at least it evens out with all the mat drops (I need A LOT of bones). So far I've gotten 120 kills, it'd be 200+ but the raid started on exam day so I was quite busy until now. Turns out Sanzang deals a lot more dmg than what the NP dmg calculator said, so I'll try changing the Plugsuit for Anniversary Blonde to make the clears go faster. EDIT: Doesn't work, Circe's dmg falls off a cliff and Sanzo leaves Barbatos at ~100k HP. Guess I'll stick with the Plugsuit comp, then.
  6. I spent the last two days running calcs to find a team to one shot the raid boss and I finally got a consistent way of doing it: Sanzang/Circe/Friend Merlin/Helena lets me do over 500k dmg even if both Sanzo and Circe do min-roll dmg. I'll put Sanzo with Black Grail on the ALL spot of the support list if anyone wants her, but it's likely people will only want Bella Lisa Skadi.
  7. I feel real meh about this guys, which is good news as it lets me keep trying to get kid Eirika with the chapter orbs. Regardless, let's see if these guys are F!Ike tier or not. F!Dimitri's prf description is weird as heck. It has Atk/Spd Solo 3 built-in, but to get the Atrocity-like true dmg he has to fight stuff that denies his doubles. I guess this Dimitri will be kinda slow so the effect can trigger often, but it's still wonky. His exclusive B-skill is pretty disgusting. Canto Rem and Sweep effect is really strong. Still, this guy seems to rely heavily on one-shotting the opponent, and if he follows suit with his other alts he'll melt to any mage. Meh, I guess Legendary Dimitri is still the strongest version of the character. The Morgans have the exact same Prf so I'll talk about both here. I think Male Morgan gets more use out of his due to being ranged, but F!Morgan should be the better tank if her Def is high enough to run Wyvern Flight. The prf is incredibly weak to units that ignore penalties (B!Hector) and is also easily shut down by Lull users. Well, it's probably better to consider this for PvE and there it'll be pretty devasting. Menace skills are here to show that Threaten 3 skills were a failure and F!Morgan brings the coveted Dive Bomb to the normal summoning pool, which is awesome! Still, neither of these two are breaking any new grounds for their classes so eh. F!Edelgard is by far the most unique here. So her Hegemon Husk is treated as a colorless beast armor and, as such, has a conditional DC built-in. Her Prf also has the standard in-combat debuff that B!Edelgard has, Wary Fighter and Raging Storm. It's a loaded weapon, but the Wary Fighter seems kinda counterintuitive when her playstyle seems to want to be a middle ground between her Brave and Legendary alts. Armored Wall is Special Fighter+, with healing after combat and that gimmicky first combat dmg reduction. At first glance it seems like F!Edelgard will be very hard to kill and will devast you with special nukes if you're not careful, but she's going to be weak to NFU users, those that have some form of Guard in their skillset and she'll crumble to ranged units if not on a Beast team or on her own. Funnily enough she's extra weak to the Byleths, guess IS wanted to keep it true to how it was in 3H. EDIT: The Raging Storm effect is tied to Edelgard being transformed, that makes her even more niche now. Heeh, Orson is the GHB, eh? Well, that's going to be fun.
  8. Got some free time now, so let's do some comments! I wish I had the time to answer to older clears, but guess RL doesn't work that way, haha. @NSSKG151 Wow, the Anna team really went and 1 turned this map like it was nothing. I still can't believe that Heroes Anna can put so much work despite having no access to merges, but here we are. Great clear! Also, you tagged me instead of Landmaster by mistake, haha. @Landmaster Sigurd's trick was demolished by OG!Elise, and in turn his map just crumbled to pieces in a second. The Elise squad is as deadly as ever and made this map look like a Hard BHB. Amazing! @Unknown Gamer11 Your Ewan & Tethys are really amazing! I didn't know Tethys could deal so much damage without Broadleaf Fan (and she has Fortress Def Res to boot!). Ewan is surprinsingly really tanky, he took a hit from the fridge like a champ and then blew Sigurd away like nothing! @Diovani Bressan Slaying Hammer GF Duo Alm, now that's something you don't see everyday. Petrine tends to talk about charred meat or something and well...guess she'd get along with Arvis seeing how easily she destroyed Sigurd. Even without the transformation, Freyja finished the last 2 mooks easily. Great clear!
  9. The Mecha Eli-chan fight really showed me how bad I am at handling Rulers with Break Bars. I had to do that quest like 5 times and only won by stalling with Jeanne/Merlin imgaine losing with the ultimate stall core after removing the Pierce Invul with Medea. That aside, this event goes really fast. I went from 30 cleared missions to 64 in like 10 minutes. It feels a lot better than the endless grind in GudaGuda 3.
  10. 60 quartz and 6 tickets got me...A 4* CE and three copies of the 3* one. Oh well, it's not like it matters all that much when I got that NP2 Kama a while ago. I'll probably use the tickets we get from the event, but that's it. I need to start saving for a NP2+ Space Ishtar.
  11. The legendary banner gave me a Draug, meh. On the child banner I keep the pity breaker streak. Now it was a +Def Say'ri. IS needs to release Kestrel Stance 2 on a demote soon, as I have a few ideas on who to give Kestrel Stance 3 and Close Call to.
  12. Way too easy. There's also a cheesy clear with the usual Duo Suspects
  13. Gah, used the arena + allegiance battle orbs on the FE8 kids banner and got a +Spd Keaton. At the very least his fodder is pretty neat. He'll live for now so I can SP grind Leanne, but afterwards he'll be Special Spiral fodder.
  14. It was a fine game, but having to do the same school phase 4 times got old quickly. You can circumvent it for two routes by saving before a split, but due to my own way of playing (house units only for VW, AM and CF. Recruiting everyone for SS) I had to do it the long way. Difficulty wise it was on the easier side, but I never touched maddening so I'm not the best to ask about how tough the game gets at it's hardest. Compared to the other FE games I'd put it in the lower mid alongside FE11 and FE6. Mostly because this game feels really repetitive in many aspects like: Low map diversity, having Garreg Mach Monastery as the base for all but 1 chapter, only 2 types of objectives on all maps (route or kill the boss with turn limits here and there to give the impression of spicing it up even when that's not the case).
  15. So many pulls. I'll order them per CYL banner to make it easy. Also note: I got a 4* Ares from the kids banner. CYL 1: Fodder, -Spd B!Lucina (will probably keep her just to stop having to change my current B!Lucina's blessing every season) , fodder, fodder, fodder, fodder. CYL 2: Fodder, Leo, Fodder x4. CYL 3: Fodder x5, +Spd B!Camilla. This one's the best banner for me, Camilla is the unit from CYL3 that aged the best and can create some disgusting Restore traps for AR-D. CYL 4: Fodder x6.
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