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  1. @mcsilas That was a very nice theme! It surprised me to see Gerome as nothing but a tank (and taking quite the hit from the flier despite his high base Def) but he performed the role of a shield perfectly while the others went and took out their opponents. Owain is quite the beast with those Blue Flame procs but Cynthia isn't too far behind with her high damage. - - - - - I think Mamp's going to enjoy this one.
  2. It really sucks when you write a bible of comments for each video during 40 minutes only to have your computer glitch out and have all that work dissapear in 1 second. I kinda lost the drive to do that again so I'll just put something short here in general. I watched each video and all of them were amazing in their own unique ways. I apologize beforhand for taking so long to answer but my time has been diminishing because I took a Summer course to finish College a little faster and also because I've been using a lot of my free time playing FGO and Epic Seven so I couldn't find the right time to watch the clears (until today).
  3. @Zeo Welcome back! It's been a while but neither you nor Matt have lost your touch. The map just bent backwards against Matt's extraordinary bulk, the most impressive moment was when he tanked Eliwood's AoE bomb and he wasn't fazed by it. Ending it with a Regnal Astra was certainly the cherry on top. And don't get me started on the music, those two songs were very fitting for the triumphant return of a legend! About Eirika and her new skills, Pulse Smoke is very recent with it coming during the bridal banner (so 1 month and a half ago I think having to kill Pent for it still pains me). So far I'd say there hasn't been too many crazy skills since Sturdy Impact/Null C-Disrupt so old stuff is still pretty good.
  4. WoM is a big No-no (Nowi?) for me. The first thing that comes to mind is a WoM+Special Spiral Ophelia which would be absolutely disgusting to see in AR if coupled with a Seliph or something with insta Miracle. Then we get into teleporting Bold Fighter armors and...yeah, no. I'd prefer a ER seal as that one is based on your units health rather than the allies making it more balanced in my eyes.
  5. I wouldn't say her kit is completely worthless, it's just very primitive. Her 3rd skill can be pretty clutch if the game throws you a bad hand (BBBQQ despite having a team with 8~9 arts cards, it'll happen at least once during stall battles) when the enemy servant has their NP charged while Jeanne's isn't. Her 1st, while outdated, is a nice boost to her NP gain because 9/10 times she'll have the highest star gather rate in a stall team and you really want to have her NP up every 3~4 turns so the crits are appreciated. I know 2030 is superior but in stall teams using CEs that give NP gain/NP charge is better in the long run, which is the main reason I'm so happy to have my own Jeanne now, every support Jeanne has either 2030 or other crappy CEs instead of something like Magical Girl of Sapphire/Divine Banquet/Prisma Cosmos which is infinitely more useful. Her 2nd skill is trash and needs an strengthening ASAP, 30% NP dmg down is laughable, if she could get a NP charge or 3 turn Atk down on that skill it would be great.
  6. Normal Classic for the first one. I'm not too fond of playing on harder difficulties blind as I need time to grasp the unique mechanics of the game before I start tinkering with stuff. It also helps me by being able to use whatever unit I fancy in whatever class I feel will look good on them without too much problem. I tend to get obssesed over growth rates and class optimization (still keeping some sort of class variety of course, going full horse emblem is super boring for me) so it'll be better to take it easy for the first run. Every run after that will be on Hard/Lunatic Classic with my stat min-maxing mindset ruling over my wants of doing wacky builds.
  7. I finally got her, those tickets were a good investment! Extra happy because I've wanted her for the longest time.
  8. I'm glad you're having tons of fun with Matt's refine. He certainly can become a behemoth now that he can keep his bulk while also dealing Nino-like damage. I think he'll be fine without Flashing Blade, after all if he gets a little worn out Genny's right there to patch him up and let the slaughter continue. Eirika and I look foward to it, I still think she might pull ahead by a little due to her higher Res and the whale tier skills I gave her. Then again, Matt's a better team player doing dmg, debuffing and tanking for his teammates while Eirika is either full support or extremely selfish with a team built around her so it evens out.
  9. IS did this to spite me. I remember saying in the Pull topic that I finally got the whole Lyn collection after getting OG!Lyn from the rotation banner but nooooo, of course they release another one that I'll need to pull to calm my OCD. That aside the banner is relatively meh. Brazen Atk/Spd 4 is not much of an improvement over it's lower counterpart and the weapons are pretty gimmicky overall. Ruse skills sound good for arena cheerleaders but not much else, and it's not like they are some kind of must have skills. It's funny how Lilina's dagger is Gunnthr√°'s Blizzard but inheritable. It looks fun but still gimmicky. Lyn's weapon is a powercreep version of Gleipnir/Ivaldi, which means even if it's better than those two weapons it isn't all that great. Objectively Summer 1>Summer 2. I'll still go for Summer two because I need that Lyn.
  10. Whew, I'm late to this one but this time it was on purpose because I wanted to answer to everyone in one go. @Landmaster Clearing Abyssal without a dancer is super impressive! Those links really came in handy at times, and using Elise to tank the blue cav was very clever, not to mention how she easily dispatched of Eliwood with that wolf tome. It was nice when you started playing with the AI so your team only had to face the dragons you wanted instead of getting bombarded by enemies from both sides of the map. With all that being said, your Nah is really awesome! Tanking and power combined into one is a winner combo! Thanks! So you also used CA here (during Infernal, of course)? It is quite niche but it can really come in handy when annoyances with Gem weapons or TA appear. @mampfoid Thanks! I wish he was, Pent's nature wasn't all that great (it was +Def -Hp/Res) but it wasn't bad either. Sometimes we need to make hard choices in order to make the most out of our favorites... I welcomed the challenge even if it got annoying fast. After all I wouldn't be happy if every map was just on Naga's level, that one was just a rolfstomp and while I like to show that Eirika can reach monstrous levels of stats it's fun to have to get a little creative at times. I just hope IS doesn't give the next big hero a Dull everything skill, that'd suck haha. @mcsilas Thanks! I wanted to save the music for an eventual Nergal battle but this map was too extreme to not use it. Guess it won't be a surprise if I recycle the music when/if the Nergal battle happens. I'm not that much of a collector but it hurts when I have to sacrifice characters I like, hopefully Pent will come back easily soon. Wow! Team Harmony is really something else! I love how B!Ike and Silas just shrugged off all the enemie's advances, and it gets crazier when you left L!Eliwood alive for so long! Tanking enemies buffed by Bonus doubler is no small feat but you pulled it off. Silas taking 0 dmg from basically everything is nuts! Yune was certainly the MVP for the second clear, she just nuked every mage and dragon into oblivion and only needed a little help from Siegbert/Ophelia against the cavs and archers that were a little too bulky to die in one hit. Just like in the first clear you showed the prowress of your team by leaving Eliwood alive until the very end of the map, making it that you had to fight a ton of enemies at full power, impressive stuff!
  11. @mampfoid Cool as always. Going full flier this time works with how many water tiles there are on this map. It was a nice showcase of Armored blow, although I still think that skill is pretty bad unless you're trying to do some sort of shenanigans with H!Myrrh. - - - - - I was going to do the classic Eirika run, but once again the map proved to be too easy so no need to bring the heavy hitters (guess we'll have to wait until the 3 houses GHB or the next Mythic). I'm sure if Medeus was in someone could make a FE10/11 villain theme with Gharnef/Medeus/Hardin/F!Tiki?. Regardless, I'm just rambling at this point so I'll let the clear speak for itself.
  12. Talk about responding late... @mampfoid Thanks! She came in ~30 orbs or a little less than that. I got pretty lucky that she came so soon. @mcsilas Congrats! So many good units, Ayra/Celica I'm so jealous that you got her with that awesome nature, that's awesome luck! It's tough when everything you want just comes one after the other but they'll come back again another day so it's wise to save for them. - - - I gave the Summer banner another shot to see if I could get some eye candy Gunnthra but there were no colorless orbs so I went for blue and got a -Spd Sumia. She'll stay in the bench forever because she doesn't offer anything but I like her too much to fodder her.
  13. Oof for Nobu, even after getting her 5* variant she's still a meme when compared to Okita. At least Okita doesn't have a summer version so that's a win for Nobu. Her art is hot af though, so she has that going for her just like Yu, super pretty but super crappy. I like totally-not-Jalter Kenshin, everything screams that she's a better Li Shuwen (he might have higher burst dmg but it's only for 1 turn and his CD are too long for what they offer) which makes her the best ST Arts Lancer, although that's more because the archetype barely has any servants rather than her being OP. Regardless, she'll be a welcome addition to my Chaldea in two years. - - - - On NA, having the Memorial quests back is nice. Because I did my fun runs last time, I decided to just cheese them with Raikou/Euryale. Salter can't be cheesed like this so I'll just go back to stall strats with BB/Mash/support Jeanne.
  14. Ayy it's time for Bunyan. Sadly she's just going to stay at level 1 for a loooong time because my zerker resources are at 0. Super fast NP is tempting but that's only needed for intense farming (aka Christmas as I don't have enough time to play a lot during Nero Fest) and I think MHXA and Raikou will both reach 10/10/10 by that time. What I'm looking foward to is the free 4* ticket. People are saying it might come somewhere around September but one never knows if it'll end up coming sooner. From a gameplay perspective I should be using it for Lalter because I'm really lacking in AoE lancers and she's storylocked which means I'd get more value out of it but I'll probably use it to get Suzuka because I fucking love the JK aesthetic she has even if gameplay-wise she's worse than Salter outside of gimmicky teams.
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