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  1. 11 free summons for the Hero Fest banner. I'm gonna try to get Flayn and Guninivere so let's see how it goes: 3* Matthew. Trash +Spd -Def Flayn. Excellent and perfect nature! Let's go! 4* Kaze. Good fodder 4* Catria. No colorless this circle, but Luna is always good. 3* Effie. Trash 4* Valbar. Trash 3* Florina. Trash 4* Forrest. Ok-ish fodder +Atk 4* Tatiana. Nice merge, although I don't really plan on building her. 3* Natasha. Meh 4* Oscar. Lancebreaker is welcome.
  2. So now we can get servants up to level 120 and it's going to need 10 grails, a bunch of new gimmicky currency that will probably take as long as Gold Fous to get and a disgusting amount of EXP. I'm still going to get Eresh to that tier because she deserves to be at the top of the top. Oh yeah, it also seems the new currency unlocks some new passives and one is a flat 20% NP charge at the start of battle. That means a MLB Kscope is no longer needed to pull off some looping setups without being forced into using the MA uniform. Not bad at all.
  3. I don't know about the Crusaders being more fitting as Mythics than the Heroes OCs, the Crusaders themselves are practically OCs as the only thing they have outside vague mentions is an old-ass picture from a guide book or something? Hel/Freyr/Freyja are gods so no arguing there, in most types of media fairies are considered as mythical creatures so they fit too regardless of how seemingly out of place they seem at first glance. The dubious OCs are Líf/Thrasir/Reginn, the first two kinda have the excuse of being powered up by Hel, but the latter should've been a Legendary as she's only a princess, imo. As for Nótt and Dagr, well they are of the giant race so they aren't really human/beorc, but I don't know if that's enough to call label them as Mythics. Talking about who should or should not be a Mythic aside, let's see how Ulir fares, shall we? For starters it's rough. She's an offensive Light Mythic, and we all know those aren't really very good compared to the supports. As a ranged unit she can't help on Galeforce strats and is going to be deadweight against the ever cancerous L!Sigurd+Nótt cav lines. She's meant to counter F!Edelgard, but she isn't all that common on AR-D. Seems more of a PvE unit, which isn't all that great when you can use practically everything there. 4/10. Nice design, though. The rest of the banner doesn't seem all that appealing to me, so I won't go over it.
  4. Got a +Spd Orochi from the free pulls. Her Spd is garbage, so I'm not too amused with this, but I'll take it. The S!Freyja banner is mocking me, now at 4.75% and counting....
  5. I meant that as in the usual number of slots you have available for blessed units. A normal AR-D team uses 2 Mythics, which reduces your free slots to 4 (5 if you use a Mythic that enables the 7th slot). Most AR-D teams will use at least 1 dancer, and that reduces your free slots to 3 (or 4) unless you got Mirabilis/Triandra to compress roles, and even then many like to bring 2 dancers so your remaining slots are still only a few. You always want to bring the max number of Def heroes you can into a team, but if you care about AR you'll be thinking about who offers you the most amongst the 600+ cast, and Nifl has pretty hefty competition in the blue cav category from the likes of Reinhardt/Selena/Ingrid because you don't want to have much color overlap for your team. If Nifl was an Anima Mythic her competiton would be Seiros/Mirabilis/Líf/Thrasir/Duma, and of those she only loses to Mirabilis (and maybe Duma on specific maps) because the others offer no utility.
  6. I was hoping she would be Anima, as Fjorm is Ice yet Gunnthrá and Hríd are wind so it'd make sense Nifl could use two elements at the very least, and I think Anima represents elemental magic (Fates and 3H considers all non healing magic as Black magic, but they are outliers). Eh, it's a mixed bag. Being free to be blessed wherever is a boon for Nifl as it makes her more flexible and makes her more sturdy overall, but in Arena she needs a B Duel Cav 4 to score well (and that skill goes better with a ranged cav like Reinhardt). She doesn't fare too well in AR-O because she can't use Galeforce, and her Flash effect might end up being detrimental to her teammates if they need to take a hit to proc a special. She's kinda built for AR-D, but it's hard to fit her into a team as the mode only gives you 5 slots (6 if you like to play high risk-high reward) and those favor a mix of Dancers/Ranged cavs/Far Save armors; and even if you can fit a non L!Sigurd melee cav into your team she's in direct competition with Ingrid for the slot.
  7. That's true, but I've also faced quite a few maps where the only physical units are the Mythics while the nukes are all mages. That means Nix is niche, but she'd do ok against those all mage teams. She'll probably want a Near Save armor in case there's some stray melee unit that can ORKO her. Then again, L!Sigurd cav lines are the most popular kind of team nowadays and those can only be dealt with using Galeforce or Saves and Nix has no place in either of those teams. I don't really count Fatal Smoke as a negative because that skill alone makes 90% of the usual tanks unviable and is better dealt with by going on the offensive.
  8. Nifl isn't a Mythic...what the...??? That doesn't sound right to me at all, but here we are, it seems. Well, now that I know she isn't a defense Mythic the value of this banner has gone down the drain for me. It's still good for those that like any of these characters, though. Let's see how these units fare, shall we? Charlotte is in a very competitive class, and it seems she'll be in direct competition with Ninja Hana and Dieck as a speedy infantry axe. Her kit is focused on one shotting things, and if that fails she'll probably live one hit and start making use of her B skill. That Prf is pretty sweet with the (I assume) true damage, even if it is a little simplistic. At first glance Nix seems the fodder 5*, but I think she's the star of the banner (Nifl aside). That Prf is amazing, extra stats for free and a partial Ice Mirror built-in is nothing to scoff at. She'd make for a wonderful tank in AR, as that mode is filled to the brim with mages. Just like in Fates, I expect her to have atrocious Def and above average Spd. She's lucky Skill is not a thing in FEH. Orochi doesn't seem good. Her Prf is Panic Smoke and Atk/Res+6, her fodder is meh and she's likely to have a mediocre stat spread that leans towards Res. Eh, at least we're getting more green mages and Orochi fans will be happy that she's a demote so they won't have to suffer much to +10 her. I wonder if Benny will have lower BST like the old auto-demote units we had, or if he'll be on par with this gen because soon we'll be seeing Gen 6 BST. Now Nifl. Personal disappointment aside, she's actually a pretty good unit for AR-D, if a little flawed. Her Prf is very similar to Kempf's as we all know from the TT+ and the in-combat debuffs are going to make her deceptively bulky so that's a plus. Her exclusive C-skill is a double edged sword, it will stop any attempts of pulling off a PvE strat on the defense team she's in, but the Drive Dmg reduction can backfire when facing high Atk Galeforce units, as that skill will let them connect the two hits they need to proc the skill and demolish Nifl's teammates. The tier 4 AR-D skill is just a very minor improvement over the 3 version but it's still a pretty strong skill.
  9. I cannot believe that this defense is working so well: It says a lot when the best option for a defense team is to replace Thrasir with Nótt even if she's out of season. There's still many improvements I can make to this team as I'm just testing the waters this week (got kicked out of VoH due to getting a bad streak facing only L!Sigurd teams), but so far I got 2 wins and 1 loss with 3 kills.
  10. I'm pretty sure you have a small window after Anju & Kafei's quest to reach the top of clock tower. I did a run where I tried to help as many people as I could in one cycle and managed to get to Skull Kid after the quest was done. It needed the Inverted Song of Time and the Bunny ears and even then it was close, but it's possible. The only quest I couldn't do was helping the granny from the bomb shop (doing that blocks Anju and Kafei's quest, which does help quite a few people). I also skipped the dungeon fairies as those require really precise timing and I'm not good enough at the game to pull that off.
  11. Da Vinci is a god sent for farming doors. Now I can run those meme CEs that give 2020 and 2021 extra QP alongside Mona/Bella Lisa rather than wasting slots on Kscopes. It also helps that her farming has less button presses to make things faster despite her long-ish NP animation. I've also been trying to use Chen Gong because everyone hails him as a god tier servant. Not impressed so far. He's as good as your support line up, aka you need 4 top tier support Casters to enable his ridiculous damage (3 of your own and a friend's). I only have Skadi so you can imagine how much mileage I can get out of him right now. At least the free Waver SSR ticket will make it easier to let Gong do his shenanigans. At least the level 1 Gong strategy to enable solos is extremely solid, although I'm not one for doing those types of runs in this game.
  12. Up to a bad start on the summer 2 banner. Went up to 3.75% and got pity broken by Sue on a circle with no Colorless stones...ugh.
  13. By this point there's no need to spoiler tag, so I won't. The map and boss theme for this TT+ is pretty cool. It has a 3H vibe. As for Nifl, she's actually quite tough to deal with in Lunatic 7. I've never seen something double my +10 Ninja Hana with her solo condition and Joint Drive Spd active, but she does. Well, that's just for the novelty. I'll probably just go "Unga bunga double F!Edelgard kill stuff" on Lunatic 5 to speed up the farming.
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