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  1. 150 floors so far. I end up wasting too many servants trying to 3 man the raids, but I think I'll use a full team from here on out. It's not like it'll cost me that much when I kinda refuse to use SSRs for normal floors due to the hoarder mentality of "What if I end up needing them for later?". I think I'll be done with the event in 2 or 3 days at most. On another note I finally watched the Solomon movie. I liked it despite it feeling slightly rushed in some scenes and them not using some music from the game RIP Last Grand Order. It wasn't anywhere near as epic as it was during the game, not that I expected it to be when I read that most servants didn't even get a line while the game has almost everyone saying a line or two at the very least. But that's to be expected because it's not feasible to call so many VAs just to say a line or two and there's also the time constraints to consider.
  2. Day 3: Post TS Leonie. Being at the mercy of RNG can hurt sometimes, because I didn't like Leonie and her Jeralt obsession when I played 3H. But I decided to go all in for RNG choices until midterms, so I'll stick with that even if it chooses characters I'd never vote for.
  3. Getting 100 floors in 2 days isn't all that hard, although the Super Orion fight caught me off guard and he nuked the friend Scathach I tried to use. Yesterday I only did the CQ, which ended up needing CS revive because it seems you're pretty screwed if you don't kill both bosses at the same time. Kagetora is pretty good here because said bosses love to buff their Atk and Buster and she removes those buffs with her NP.
  4. Blame Anna the RNG gods, it was their choice not mine. Anyways, today RNG chose Elena. She's Ike's dead mom, right? Can't remember It's also worth noting that this year IS will tweet the daily top 8 in alphabetical order. I'd be funny if Azura got a lot of votes because some people miss the part where they say the list isn't in order of most to least voted.
  5. So it has begun, the yearly saltfest will start once the midterms arrive. Anyways, I decided to go for random votes for the first half and then I'll support whoever I like best from the top 5 that appear during the midterms. 1st RNG choice: Loki
  6. For the Beni CQ I used Ishtar to beat the Monkeys and then Super Orion to beat Beni. Those 500k+ crits are really nice to see. Foreigner CQ: Double Skadi+Kama (with some extra buffs from Wu Zetian) ended it in 3 turns. The boss was Charm locked the entire time so it was a breeze. My roster is a lot more developed than last years, so I think I won't have too much issues with the Amazoness event as long as I don't slack off.
  7. Triple Nailah, huh? Well, I'm not that interested in the remaining RD laguz characters after Vika and Lyre got in, but it's weird that Nailah got a 3rd alt (and this one looks almost the same as OG) before Volug got in. Someone at IS really likes her, it seems. Harmonic Azura feels a bit like bait for AHR, but a cav dancer that can do 2 dances in one turn is certainly very valuable. She'd be absurdly disgusting alongside Ninja F!Corrin, despite them sharing the same color and doubling down on being weak to red TA units (Henriette stocks may go up for AR-D). Azura & Leanne also pair well with Galeforce units for obvious reasons, but I still think they are tailor made to be Ninja Corrin's premier dancer. Karla's prf is very interesting. It's incredibly similar to B!Eirika's prf, but with less effects and the true dmg scales based on Karla's spd rather than the foe's def. From what I can tell, she'd like something like Close Call to Hit & Run just like B!Eirika does with her Canto, but that would cost her due to a lack of NFU. She seems strong on paper, but I feel her prf is kinda lacking in term of effects to let her be a top tier unit nowadays. In terms of Galeforce her Prf is just an Slaying Lance with 2 extra Atk so I'd bet that this Karla would end up as Odd Tempest fodder for Summer Norne if one was set on using an infantry lance as their blue Galeforcer. Xane is eh. Fatal Smoke staff offers good utility, but the same can be said of every other inheritable staff. The staff to bring will depend heavily on what a team needs and more often than not it's stuff that can only be found on Prf staffs like Flayn's or Sara's. Not bad, but very situational. So the TT+ unit will be Deen. Hmm...if he brings an inheritable weapon, it'll probably be like Xane's with Fatal Smoke. It'd be crazy if his Dagger had a weaker form of Karla's prf weapon effect, but I don't think that's going to happen.
  8. After Eirika's victory I have 0 stakes on CYL as any other unit I like enough to vote for isn't in the run to get an alt to begin with and are already in the game in some form of another (I was going to vote for Lyre to get her in, but she's in now so...). I'll probably split my votes between Tine, Syrene and Athos.
  9. I got a new phone and can play FEH again, so I gave this mode a try. It's fun at the beginning, but getting to 1k is certainly a slog when the max you can get is 20 points per win and more often than not I get less because my opponents surrender quickly. When I checked reddit people were complaining that Yuri is quite an unfair unit, but so far all the Yuris I've faced have been pretty easy to play around. Then again, I'm abusing Canto like nobody's business because there's no way I'm not going to use a sweeping team with B!Eirika and Ninja Corrin.
  10. So FGO finally got a real pity rate, huh? 900 SQ for 1 SSR copy is kinda steep but at least it's 100x better than the USO thing. The New Years servant is...eh. I don't know about what happens in the story at all, but I'm not a fan of getting the same character twice for both anniversary and New Years. Guess 2024 will begin with me saving quartz, lol.
  11. @Diovani Bressan That was a really cool clear, it makes me wonder how L!Lucina will work after her remix. @SatsumaFSoysoy Nice 2 turn clear. I'm kinda jealous of your Harmonic Caeda, I tried to get her during the double special banner and only got Inigo after Inigo, it was a pain. Celica showing that she's still in the top 5 swords even after Alm got that monstrous refine. As for my video, sadly I'm on a forced Feh hiatus so no video from me. Yep, my phone is too old for the game and it's already falling apart, lol. I ordered a new one, but it probably won't arrive until the Legendary banner's over (and same for the LHB).
  12. The event's CQ was really easy. Valks/Double Skadi/Hans/Mash/Eresh got it 1st try. It took 9 turns, so like an average non-looping run on a node. I was kinda worried about the lotto node because my zerkerlot is NP1 and he'd end up missing the kill on the demon. Luckily Summer Musashi can loop this easily with a support Tamamo, Paracelsus and Asclepius. The only annoying part is trying to get Tamamo in a sea of Skadi/Waver, but that's to be expected when she's very niche and the other 2 are staples for many farming comps.
  13. Started Atlantis like 2 days ago because I was extremely busy with finals stuff. Kinda regret a little doing it before Olympus released because turns out Losbelt 5.1 ends on a pretty big cliffhanger (not to mention the whole deal of the story was reaching Olympus). I'm gonna give this one a re-read before LB 5.2 releases because it really feels those two should be played back to back. Fights weren't very hard. I used CS to NP spam the final boss into submission. Funnily enough most fights ended up with Eresh soloing the last bar of whatever boss I was facing, which is a plus for me. I decided to roll for Orion after finishing the story because, while I don't need him gameplay-wise, he's such a cool character and I'd surely regret it if I didn't try to get him. He appeared on the first multi alongside a 2030. Bad news is that I'm almost out of Hero's Proofs and I can't max his skills, so I'm likely going to be stuck grinding them in Okeanos while there's no events going on.
  14. Let's go point by point. I'm not really feeling the new OCs, but I look foward to see if this book is finally going to put an end to Veronica's curse thing. Cow Girl is trying too hard to fit into Freyja's beast girl niche, and I still prefer the latter's design by a lot. The new guy is going to be a flying bat, he gives me some Ghirahim vibes but I bet he won't be as cool. The quests are giving a lot of Divine Codes for some reason. I haven't touched those in a long while, but it'll be nice to have a buffer in case I need to complete a path ASAP to do a certain build. I don't feel very strong about any of the Awakening units, so that's an easy skip for me. At least Yen'Fay seems like a cool GHB, which is welcome after the trash fest of book V GHBs. Mixed feelings about PVP mode. It seems like it'll be sorta similar to Fates PVP mode? I never tried that one so I can't really say. If this mode is slightly balanced it'd be fun to fight with friends or hold some tournaments and the like. On normal mode at least you still get points even if you get bodied, so anyone might be able to get all the rewards by spamming Auto battle if they dislike PVP. Profile card is ok. I'm going to hide my number of golden chairs because I have less than 10, lol. New sorting options are nice, although I doubt I'm going to use them all that much. Guess that's about it? Kinda light this time, although the PVP thing is certainly going to cause some headaches to some people.
  15. Got 2 Inigos on the Double seasonal banner. I'm salty about the Inigos. Why couldn't one of those be Harmonic Caeda for my GF teams?. Not to mention I have no use for GDF4 because Ninja Hana already covers the green slot for Arena. At least I can make something out of his Rein skill. After the saltfest I summoned a bit on the Legendary/Mythic banner. Got a +Atk -Hp Eitri. Would've preferred Thorr, but Eitri's got those meme expressions and she's a pretty good PP nuke so I'll take it.
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