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  1. The CQ was pretty fun, and quite easy thanks to the dmg CEs. Instead of doing the usual cheese I went with a friend Tamamo, Sitonai, Paracelsus, Summer Nero, Helena and Mash. Para, UMU and Helena were GGPG fodder while Sitonai wrecked havoc on the bosses. It worked pretty well even when I just fired Tamamo's NP once at the very end of the CQ. Sitonai getting up to 80% refund from Para, Tamamo and her own buffs feels like a preview of what she'll be able to do when Castoria arrives on NA. That's going to be lots of fun.
  2. Welp, there goes the Eresh luck again. Sitonai and the Tomoe CE for 36 SQ is crazy lucky, but I don't have enough embers nor QP to max her out right now. I'll get the embers from the shop and the QP will wait until Quetzmas, I guess.
  3. I'm not surprised that this FB is lackluster compared to the previous, non 3H ones and it's exactly because this is a 3H [the newest and hottest FE game made by Tecmo Koei ISTM for Nintendo Switch] Forging Bonds. Wanna know more about this characters? Go buy Fire Emblem Three Houses *repeat what I said between brackets*. IS is really inconsistent when it comes to new games, they reveal stuff like Flame Emperor's identity or Nemesis without a care in the world but when it comes to giving the characters some convos that explore a few aspects of their character they refuse to do it because the game is still new. Guess this show IS gives supports and the like more weight than whatever happens during the main campaign. They'll probably ease up on this whenever they announce the next FE game, whatever it ends up being.
  4. +10 Myrrh with complete NFU+QR is something I'd be very scared to face with a standard team. If it weren't for the red Blade tomes I'm sure she could've solo'd the map. That's how strong she is now. NGL, seeing Eirika take so much damage felt a little weird for me but I guess my perception is too warped with how min-maxed mine is. That aside, the clear was really great, Myrrh showcasing how much of a powerhouse she is now, Eirika being a good tank while L'Arachel and Tethys provided the buffs for the team and also had a nice part in the action (with Tethys getting the last hit, too). Very nice! - - - I don't have anything too show for this. I cleared the Tiki Abyssal battle with Eirika when it came out (meaning no Summoner Support, no Kaden, no Peony, no L!Azura, no NFU and no Spd Tactic) and the Limited battle was basically the same clear but faster due to new skills and mechanics, so yeah.
  5. So church route this time, that's nice as they tend to be overshadowed by the students. Catherine is a Player phase monster with her Thunderbrand giving her NFU and a Dive Bomb-like effect (more like pure Adept at this point) and her inheritable skills show that she's really about initiating. Sadly she's a sword infantry so it's not going to be easy to stand out even with Gen 5 BST because the class is too saturated at this point. Flayn is disgusting (in the good sense). Her Prf is a unconditional 30% dmg reduction just by having her around, like WHAT!? Pair her with a B!Ike/Repel user/F!Lyon/etc and watch your unit be unkillable as long as they're using a healing special. Luckily she's going to be a rare sight so it's not like Deadeye suddenly became a must have (and even if it ends that way one day, my Norne already has it). Seteth is the demote but he comes with a Prf making him already quite valuable. His skills are meh so I'll only focus on Spear of Assal. So the weapon has a drive range and offers Joint Drive Atk/Spd for teammates and Seteth himself gets a semi Lull effect (more like a Dull but for Atk/Spd). The focus on Atk/Spd tells me he's not going to be all that bulky so he'll probably be a Player Phase unit. Shamir's art is awesome! Her skillset is loaded with a focus on going solo (like Shinon), but unlike Shinon she's all about initiating while he is more mixed. Shamir seems like Eleonora 2.0, green edition. And that's Shamir's biggest weakness, being colored as a bow is a bad thing more often than not so I don't see Shamir being in the same tier as Shinon, which is a shame. And Nemesis is the GHB, huh? Welp, I already killed my F!Byleth for Ruptured Sky so no double Byleth meme clear. I don't care too much about Nemesis as a unit, he's likely going to be a bulky Sword infantry, which is a relatively rare niche within the class but not one that's requested when Repel/Close call/Spurn already do more than enough to make the speedy ones quite tanky.
  6. Whew, between classes and GI I had to rush the event for the last 2 days because I left it at 45 missions. Luckily it wasn't all that painful as it only cost me like 10 Silver apples and I managed to clear like 80% of the shop along the way. I didn't even bother to try a fun comp for the CQ, I used Parvati+Double Skadi to be done with it ASAP. It took 7 turns and 1 Skadi died but at that point I was already done with the battle.
  7. Looking at Xane again, he's gonna be pretty meme-y. Like put him with a 1* unmerged Olivia and you'll get a pathetic unit but put him alongside a +Spd +10 Mareeta and a +10 B!Edelgard and you get a monster of a unit that can potentially demolish entire maps on his own (he'll need a skillset revamp, CC/Aether/NFU/Smokes/etc). At least that's what it looks like in theory. I wonder how useful he'll be in practice. His team requirements are extremely demanding because he's gonna need at least 2 min-maxed allies to reach his full potential and those types of units aren't what I'd call reliable supports, he gets 0 benefits from field buffs but I think in-combat buffs still work so he'd benefit from the likes of Kaden/M!Corrin/OG!Marth/etc but none of them have good enough stats for him to copy. His Prf also has the caveat that he's never going to get free extra stats like many units do nowadays so a B!Edelgard will still surpass him on the Atk/Def/Res side of things because she inflicts -6 Atk/Def on foes due to one of her skills (forgot if it was Hauteclere or BER) so yeah, he's going to be a bit more restricted than what it looks like at first glance.
  8. So this year is full dragons? Not bad at all, although dragons are in a very bad position nowadays automatically making this banner an easy skip. For the units themselves: Halloween F!Grima: Seems to be F!Grima+ but extra weak to Falchions. Her Prf is similar to B!Claude's, which makes her pretty great with Moonbow/Glimmer (yeah, replace Noontime). Dragonscale is nice, if I read it correctly it is stat reduction+Missiletainn which is pretty nice. Dragon's Ire is half QR and half NFU for dragons, not bad but normal NFU already laughs at this so only use it on fast dragons. Xane is interesting. Basically his stats don't matter as long as he's with beefy allies, a little niche but it can get pretty crazy if used properly. His skillset is meh. Deghinsea looks badass as hell! Gen 5 BST means he'll be very competitive to the likes of H!Myrrh and Idunn but the lack of a Prf will hurt a bit. His inheritable breath is a Solo Lull Atk/Res 4 or something like that. His fodder is excellent, the new fighter skill is pretty nutty with penalty nullification and QR, but as always NFU says "Don't care, die!" so be aware of that. So the harmonic hero is Y!Tiki+Ninian this time, eh? Y!Tiki is the main part of the pair judging by the Dragon effective prf and With Everyone. That Prf seems disgusting at first glance with the parcial Blade effect it has (only Def and Res bonuses) but if Laevateinn taught me something is that melee Blade is nowhere near as good as ranged so yeah. The Harmonized skill is ridiculous, a free Dance for even dancers can allow for extremely disgusting strats, at least it's just once per map instead of a rechargable thing like the others have. Ena will be the TT+ freebie, she'll probably have the same breath as Deghinsea which is pretty awesome for Nowi and Fae.
  9. Wish I could've gotten this one earlier, but I needed time to make my strat work. Anyways, comments first! @Diovani Bressan Wow! Seeing your Est getting to exactly 50% hp at the beginning of the map already told me this one was going to be a good one, and it certainly was! L!Leif made easy pickings of that Iote's Flier and then went to tank the Lull cav like a champ, and B!Celica really seems to have become the premium unit she was meant to be at release. It was really cool! @SatsumaFSoysoy What a massacre! B!Celica just cut through them like butter and no one stood a chance, even when at the beginning it looked a little dicey when Celica tanked that TA mage and Veronica ate an axe to the face too. I mentioned it before, but it seems Celica really got a power spike with that refine of hers. It was really cool! @Landmaster Wow, using the Fafnir's Reposition to avoid getting swarmed is something I'd never have thought of in 1000 years! It's genius! The Elise squad obviously had more than enough firepower to make mince meat of the foes but having no dancer meant that you'd need to take it somewhat slowly to not overstep your bounds considering how fragile the Elises are. But really, abusing the AI like that left me speechless, it was so awesome! @daisy jane Duo units certainly are in their category of power, Alm & Celica tanked the northen part of the map like it was nothing and didn't even need the heal from their Duo Skill. Micaiah & Sothe went all out nuking everything that had a ! on their face, it's quite the awe to see such units cleave through this map like nothing. Norne wasn't a slouch either, while her kill count was lower she made an impressive performance by taking out Plumeria in 1 hit and then tanking that Cleaner ninja like it was nothing! Great clear! - - - - - - This map was a little tough for me, not in the sense of me getting wiped out easily but rather that the map got pretty claustrophobic quickly when I tried to tank stuff like usual. The Abyssal corps aka Police team took a break for this map as I wanted to showcase Eirika's new ceiling of power. Turns out even for Eirika going the tanking route was a no no, so I had to get a little creative and ended with a clear like this: After seeing some clears it feels like I was using a bootleg B!Celica, but if it works it works right?
  10. If one cares for AR Plumeria is a must considering Altina and Naga are really subpar when it comes to support duties (Naga sorta has a niche for dealing with Duma, but it's mostly not worth it when Thrasir is far more common). If you don't care about AR then let's check out fodder. Atk/Res Push 4 is ok, although it seems like a skill more geared towards slow healers like Lena and the like than for offensive units that'd get more out of Fury 4. Sabotage Spd is a very nice support skill but still more on the niche side of things when compared to something more threatening like Sudden Panic. That leaves Atk/Res Rein, which is a pretty nice skill for slow mage fliers like Spring Camilla or F!Morgan, for faster ones it's better to wait for Spd/Res Rein. As for the rest of the banner: Red has nice fodder overall with 2 chances at DC and Lif also having Time's Pulse. Unit quality is below average with Plumeria carrying the color on her shoulders as the other two aren't really great. Blue is wack. Lilith has an interesting niche and great fodder in Joint Drive Atk, L!Lucina still has a niche thanks to Future Vision but she's not very threatening nowadays and L!Ephraim brings down the color hard as he has neither fodder nor combat usage. Green is good. Yune and B!Micaiah are a little redundant imo but both of them still perform their roles pretty well and L!Celica is still disgusting with that True Dmg her Prf offers her, although Soul of Zofia's activation condition makes her a little tough to use at base as she needs Fury 4 to work at max potential. Colorless is mixed. Duma offers nothing outside of Upheaval shenanigans for AR-D, Julian is prime fodder and is also pretty strong as a unit but the lack of a Prf hurts him and L!Leif needs no explanation, dual phase prf Brave Bow and mini GF is a disgusting combo and make him one of the most dangerous units in the game. So I'd rank it: Red=Green>Colorless>>Blue.
  11. I'm building Ilyana with plans to +10 her but I'm a little stumped in how to build her considering she's pretty flexible. So far I've just slapped some random stuff that I had lying around (and a +Spd Gatrie I got along the way) and have this: The Rally+ and Sol (just a step stone towards Aether) are for arena purposes, she'll be using Iceberg/Glacies for most builds. Drive Atk 2 is another incomplete line that'll end with Joint Drive Atk. What I'm mostly stuck around is what to do with her weapon/A-slot/B-slot. Fort. Def/Res and Sabotage Spd make for a great support build considering Ilyana's gargantuan Res stat but that makes Blárfox kind of a waste as a support unit would focus more on Enemy Phase than Player Phase. If I were to make the most out of the Fox tome then I'd be better to go with something like Fury 4+Desperation/NFU but I already have F!Delthea to cover that kind of role. TL,DR: What tome should I give Ilyana for an EP build (excluding Serpent as I don't plan to fodder F!Morgan) and what non-Desp build could work to make the most out of her Fox tome?
  12. The last CQ was a joke compared to all the other hellish stuff (looking at you Taiga and MHXA). It took 2 tries because 1st try I tried to zerg it with Skadi and ended up running out of steam with the Sure Hit and Triple guts on the foes. 2nd try I went with good ol' reliable BB/Jeanne/Merlin/IDK carriers and it wasn't even close. Bride's NP dmg nerf meant nothing when I used BB's NP for the buff resist down and NP charge for the other two, after all she has enough killing power with the dmg CE, Self Modification and Merlin's Hero creation so killing those guys one by one was a non issue. It took exactly 30 turns, not bad for a stall team.
  13. If you wish I can put the Dmg CE on my Jeanne so she can last longer during the fight (I can also put her with Prisma for NP spamming), she's NP2 and her skills are at 4/4/10 so the Stun should be reliable enough.
  14. I really underestimated the MHXA battle, here I thought I'd be a cake walk by stalling with MHXX/Jeanne/Merlin and having stuff like George and Mash in the back to buy a couple turns. That team ended up biting the dust to crits when I had every source of invincibility and stun used up and me with 0 CS because I wasted them all trying to make that comp work. Then 10 tries later I said meh and went with Ishtar/Jeanne/Merlin/George/Mash/OG!Nero. Despite being AoE, Ishtar does a great job at taking the high HP mooks with strong buffs for herself and with Merlin's crit buff she can nuke even the Spriggan (although I didn't do it because bad card RNG). MXHA gets annoying when she gets the Buff removal per Atk which led to a 1 vs 1 against UMU, I was extra scared of her Guts getting removed but she pulled through and even finished Ecchan with an NP. The battle itself isn't BS like Taiga's but it's a bad idea to think it's a free ticket just because you have good stallers.
  15. The Sheba quest wasn't that bad, although I got stuck twice because RNG screwed me over and I got spammed with NP down and Atk down debuffs while Sheba got a ton of Def up (thanks for not dying when you should've Mash). The winning team was Friend Ozy/Jeanne/Mash/George/Ridertoki/Skadi. Skadi never saw action and only Mash and George died so it was ok, it took 28 turns which is quite a bit but nowhere near close to the 50+ of memorial Salter.
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