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  1. I like Conrad the best but I feel like going for feathers this time so I'll wait and see how it goes. I'll probably start with DK because there's no way he'll beat BK outside of multiplier shenanigans.
  2. I got a +Hp -Res F!Byleth from my first ticket (still have 3 more to go!). Just like with M!Byleth I'm not the biggest fan of her art and her nature is eh. I have no one in mind to fodder her off to so I'll just keep her around and maybe do some shenanigans involving both Byleths if I feel like it.
  3. Yikes, chance for Hilda's banner to be revived when I'm outta orbs...not if I can stop it! I'm going to vote for Duo Ephraim's banner just to give myself some time to gather a few orbs for Hilda merges.
  4. Both work pretty well for Norne, I just decided to go for Atk/Spd because I want her to be absurdly bulky when coupled with Spenthrift Bow and (whenever it becomes a seal) Bracing stance. Spd/Def strikes me more for a Player phase build with Slaying/Firesweep/Brave, which is pretty good in it's own right but I wanted Norne to be a tank. - - - As for pulls, nothing yet. The weekly banner gave me a Sothe.
  5. I had to free pull F!Julia thanks to that annoying Leif, but at least I have her now. I'd say that I'd stop summoning for the forseeable future, but I need that Lull Atk/Spd fodder to complete my Norne build so that's up next. I just hope it won't take very long.
  6. It's been a while but I think you'll face him a second time (albeit a bit weaker). If you want I can put my Euryale in the ALL spot. She's grailed to 90 and 10/10/10 so she'll make mince meat of the Gorilla.
  7. I got a 4* Clarine from my free pull. Eh, not a big deal. What's a big deal is that I got pity broken on the Fallen banner by a Leif! Ugh...I don't even use the guy nor I want to, and he has no fodder so my only option is to merge him onto that +Atk copy that's been sitting on the bench forever...haaah.
  8. You're right, my bad. Then it's a Missletainn effect when buffed. I can see it doing good for some armor builds then.
  9. So the only ones with Japanese clothing are Oboro and Hinata...I feel disappointed, and yet relieved because this is an easy skip. That being said, time to try and grasp how good each unit is! Nailah is meant to work with perma Moonbows/Glimmers/Noontimes combined with her Wo Dao effect. Seems like a good Vantage sweeper to me, but there's like a dozen of those already so nothing crazy. Her dress is pretty unique, but it doesn't really suit my tastes. Oboro has, imo, the best outfit here (must be that I'm bored of the usual wedding dresses that these banners bring). She has good fodder, although nothing really crazy. The conditional guard effect +stats on the weapon can come in handy but I think it pales in comparison to the normal Guard weapons. Rafiel is a surprise. It's funny that he's infantry, I expected him to be an armor with that disgustingly low mov he had in RD. Either way, he trades 1 CD reduction for the ability to sing, which means he's like a sidegrade to Velouria. Eh. And the obligatory duo hero is here...and I don't really like it. I know it's canon and all but I never liked that Micaiah married Sothe because she basically raised him...I don't know, it feels wrong to me. Regardless, they're strong and being colorless with dual effectiveness already puts them up there in terms of strength. The duo effect means that everyone has a 1 turn Broadleaf fan...it sounds OP on paper, but practically I believe it requires too much setup to be truly functional. Still, it can end AR maps in one turn if used properly (just take care of those Aether pots before setting it up). Hinata remains a blank, but it's guaranteed he'll have the same weapon as Oboro just in other category. Hopefully his fodder will be good.
  10. It certainly has a more eastern feel this time, but it still fits on the whole wedding theme. For example, this character is Takao from AL, and these are the clothes she wears if you "Marry" her in that game. The character on the right gives me similar feelings to the image above. As for who's in the image. No idea, I can't really think of anyone outside of a surprise Say'ri.
  11. @mcsilas That was a really neat use of Laslows refine! I still find myself a little baffled to see a fully buffed Odin deal just high dmg instead of going overkill tier, but as long as he gets the kill all's well I guess. Fallen F!Corrin refusing to go down must've been a pain. - - - - So IS is trying to discourage tanking strats by using 0 CD specials, huh?. Welp, too bad because no amount of pre charged specials is enough to stop my godly tank. Pulse Smoke is kinda dead now, so I'll revert back to Atk Smoke from now on
  12. Sounds like having a support version of Arash to make my DPS go nuts fast. That's real nice, although I'm seriously lacking in supports because they hate me and I can only summon offensive servants so it's not like I'll be the most out of it. At the very least it'll help to make my stall team work slightly quicker by having Liz buff BB and then go "BOOM". Now that I think about it, that CE may be the key to allow me to use Raikou on gauntlet type CQs. She melts as fast as she can deal dmg, but having a buffer with this CE and then bringing Mash/Leonidas/Georgios from the backline is the same as having a 8~9 turn invincibility on Raikou (buff removal and AoE NPs aside). Heh, now I'm starting to like GGPG more. - - - - So, they announced the Engine update. I'm glad about the shorter load times, and I hope this will also make Lostbelt 1 bearable to play. I had to stop playing it halfway through because I couldn't stand the lag provoked by the eternal snowstorm (the game even freezed during a fight if I didn't put it in slow mode).
  13. The Okita banner took me by surprise! I have Mordred at NP2 but having a Quick Saber wouldn't be bad...is what I thought. I got a GGPG copy (very awesome CE, although I don't really now how to use it), NP2 Yuri Pirates and Zerker Nyanta. The pirates are ehh now that Ridertoki is a thing, but I use them every now and again to recall the good ol' times when I was a newbie and they were my best Rider. As for the angry cat, her design is top tier but I'm already overloaded with Zerkers that I need to level up so she's going to stay in the bench for a good while.
  14. Let's see: The E&E BHB was a joke once I decide trying to brute force it with the Askr trio. Seeing them struggle with an easy map is kinda sad, but at the same time that's on me for refusing on giving them any top tier skills. I used the Nifl royals (Gunnthr√° was her New Years version because I don't have the OG) to clear it. For Saias it was basically Summer F!Corrin+L!Azura destroying everything in their path. I had NY!Selkie just in case and the 4th slot was some filler unit. And for Ninian/Hawkeye I just threw W!Cecilia at them and the map melted in one turn. I used Summer Lilina for her Sabotage Def and Atk Opening to make Cecilia end the map ASAP, a 3* Bartre to Smite Cecilia into the fray and the 4th unit was some 3* filler that did nothing.
  15. Oh yeah, Thrasir can really do a number to her. Although I kinda found two answers for her. 1) Use Naga as bait to make Thrasir move far away from her friends while W!Cecilia takes them on (doesn't work for maps with overlapping ranges). 2) Give Cecilia the Hardy Bearing seal. I find option 2 more reliable because Broadleaf W!Cecilia's niche is one shotting stuff so she doesn't need the QR seal. It kinda falls flat for ungodly maps with 3 Dumas and 70+ Hp enemies and B!Ike, the former is pretty rare and Altina can take care of the latter. Sadly, Cecilia is going to be almost unusable for the next 2~3 weeks with F!Lyon around.
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