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  1. So it seems Seiros wins? I'd rather Lynja winning because AR-D is certainly going to get more annoying with Seiros winning. I also don't want to revamp my Anima team, but it seems I'll have no choice if I wish to remain relatively competitive. Anyways, I threw the last 800 flags for Lynja and will hope for a miracle even if the odds say it's over.
  2. IS really doesn't want to use the remaining Echoes characters, eh? Anyways, more 3H students. Not too fazed about this banner but let's check it out anyways. So Ingrid's Prf is like the refined Giga Excalibur+++, it has the same Spd based true dmg, it grants extra Spd, has a conditional Firesweep effect and Slaying. It's a loaded weapon and really strong, guess this makes Ingrid one of the prime Lunge users for AR-D if one cares about that. Fodder is incredible, too. 9/10 Dedue is the token "More fodder than unit" of the banner. Expect High Atk/Def alongside his huge HP but garbo Spd and middling Res. The new inheritable Axe is real nice for AR-O with the penalty negation, and Dedue's skillset is really optimized for Def tanks. Not much to complain about outside of him never reaching B!Edelgard tier. 6/10 Linhardt's weapon says it all. Garbage to clutter the colorless pool. 1/10 And the star of the banner, Marianne. If you ask me, she isn't as great as it seems at first glance. Her Prf grants her extra Atk and bulk, but as a mage she's certainly going to be fragile in the Def department. Then she gets healing per hit and guaranteed follow ups if she's close to a Horse (nice reference to Dorte). This tells me she's going to be kinda slow, which isn't that far of from her growths in 3H. Fodder is middling, the Lull is great but the Duel skill is blegh and Joint Drive Res is one of the most niche Joint Drive skills. Also, those skills point to her being slow, and in a world where NFU is getting more and more common that's a bad thing. 6.5/10
  3. Event clear! I don't remember how I did last time, but now Sitonai just rampaged through the Shikis very easily. Sitonai helps me cope with the pain of throwing 180 SQ at Melt and getting nothing. The shop's practically done too, MP aside but I don't want to farm for those. As for Kiara, I beat the ultra nerfed version to be done with the story. Last time I did the No Whip version so now I'll try the Whip only version...although that one's pretty scary with all the buffs she has and my only strong buffer is Skadi.
  4. RIP the dream of sparkable Freyja, well guess now I'm free to ignore this upcoming banner and start saving for B!Eirika. As for who I'd like to win, I don't have Seiros and Corrin so either is fine. Personally leaning towards Corrin because I don't want that 7th slot on AR-D to become the norm and Seiros has niche fodder while Corn brings universal goodies in DC and Joint Drive Atk. But I'm ok with any of Lyn/Dimitri/Corrin/Seiros winning, I can get a use out of 3 of them and the last one is excellent fodder so it's a win/win. Thank goodness Distant Ward lost, that skill is garbo.
  5. Phew, I almost forgot to this battle due to reading a manga P.D> Can't believe Umineko made me cry, it's quite the story I tell ya. It's still day 1 so I'm not very late, I think. Anyways, let's start with some comments! @NSSKG151 Wow! NY!Anna really ravaged this map like it was nothing. Honorary Anna opened the stage for the MVP, while Heroes Anna closed the curtains. What impressed me the most was that the TA blue flier did nothing to NY!Anna, for me that one was quite the pain, haha. The 1 turn clear gave me some ideas that I can use in the future, so thanks for that! LnD9 Raven seems fun to use, NY!Anna still destroys everything in her path effortlessly and Cordy is also a wrecking ball. Great clear! @SatsumaFSoysoy Guess we tend to coincide a lot when it comes to clears, haha! I also used Ninja Hana with practically the same skillset minus the special. B!Celica really has come a long way since those days she was called the worst of CYL2, now she's amongst the best of the best in terms of sword units! W!Hilda+10 was quite the surprise, even more when she has to rely heavily on Repositon and Azura's Guidance to get into the fray very fitting that she'd drag her feet to not do anything, lol but when she did she destroyed whatever got in front of her. It was a great clear! @Landmaster The Elise squad is still going really strong. It's really impressive how OG!Elise can double practically every unit on the map even when some guys reach speeds on the upper 50s, of course the other Elises don't fall behind as they are all very scary nukes that can demolish anything in their path! Excellent clear! - - - - - - - - At the beginning this was going to be the only clear I made, but after seeing Landmaster's Elise rampage I decided to go with two clears instead. To open up the show we have a team that is very unlikely to come back again in the future as it was brought together by how specialized this map can be. If you have questions about the +9 unit, that's on me for lacking 100 grails due to all the Linus fodder I bought, haha. For our second clear we have an old classic. It's been a while, huh? When I first tried to tackle this map I just cheesed it with W!Altina+Bride Micaiah, but that's cheating. I then tried to use Eirika in a similar fashion to Altina but she got obliterated, I thought Powercreep finally reached her as she was doubled by L!Claude. Turns out I was approaching the map on the wrong way, after taking it slowly it crumbled like every other Abyssal map Eirika has faced. Guess you really need more faith and love to reach your Golden Truth. Anyways, ignore my ramblings and enjoy the show!
  6. It's interesting and I can see it having quite the lore (maybe it'll reenact some of the myths you find in the Canalave Library?). The only thing is that I don't know if it's always gonna be the MC vs Wild Pokemon or if it'll have any sort of system for including other trainers...then again, maybe Pokemon Trainer wasn't a thing during that era so it'd be silly to think about that. I'm excited on how they're gonna tackle Mt.Coronet, in DPPt that place is a maze that is incredibly difficult to navigate (hence needing like 5 HMs to explore it fully) so seeing it in it's full glory should be quite the sight. I kinda wonder if Spear Pillar will still be a ruin-like place or if it'll be relatively recent. As for the DP remakes...well, they look nice but I am slightly disappointed that it's most likely going to be the originals with improved graphics/engine. They didn't even give Lucas/Dawn new clothes and that was what I was looking foward the most...at least with the use of chibis they aren't going to nerf Sinnoh's map into corridors. Gameplay wise, I'm wondering if they're gonna keep Dynamax or if they'll go full classic and add nothing to the remakes to keep them faithful to the originals.
  7. So L!Claude this time, well it was a matter of time with the other 2 already having Legendary alts. In terms of color I'd say: Colorless>Green (Annette is a bit of a dud, but she has good fodder)>>Red (if only because Altina drags it down)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Blue (garbage, tons of garbage). So, L!Claude himself. I'll disect it by pointers to make it easier. Prf: Slaying+Free stats+NFU. Bonkers. New A-skill: Horrible synergy with Duma/Bolt Tower/Savage Blow/etc. If you don't use any of those then it's free +7 Atk/Spd and you get an extra +2 if the foe has debuffs. Really cool, but it's not strictly better than Atk/Spd Push 4, it might be better than Swift Sparrow 3. Exclusive B-skil: Seems bonkers at first with all the Dmg reduction going on, but I don't find it that crazy in practice. I may be wrong, but Fallen Star's 2 dmg reduction conditions don't seem to be able to stack with each other without Dancers. This means he'll only have 80% dmg reduction (yeah, still crazy) on the AI hands, and the "First Combat" condition means L!Claude isn't meant to tank the world. Still, for at least 1 combat per Player Phase he's practically invincible which is more often than not enough to decide if you win or you lose. PS. Deadeye stocks are increasing like crazy Thank goodness my Norne has it, so I don't fear this guy at all. Oh yeah, W!Altina also stomps this guy pretty hard. I'm pretty sure L!Claude is going to be relatively fragile statwise, which his B-skill compensates for. Guaranteed he'll be horrible to face in Arena where you don't get many options for dealing with his Dmg reduction unless you want to take a score hit.
  8. I'm going with Freyja, as long as she gets in the banner I'll be happy because Legendary/Mythic banners are horrible (got like 3 Hels and 0 Freyja's on her debut). I don't like Legendary F!Corrin's art, but I don't have her so I won't mind it if she wins. As for the others, the only other unit I don't have is Seiros but I'd prefer Lynja to win so I can use the free copy to cover both AR seasons without having to change Blessings every week. The other units (sans B!Edelgard) are fodder.
  9. Thanks! I also tried mega buffing with a Quick Crit chain with MHXA, Double Skadi and Liz but they came 500k dmg short of a 1T kill. Then I blew my CS trying to use a friend's QSH+Taunters which also failed. As for the full NP per Arts card, I think the debuff Protea gives herself also increases each card effect by a bit (or it may have something to do with the huge numbers you're dealing with after Turn 50). Around turn 50 you get 50% NP gauge on the 3rd Arts card when inflicted with the NP gain down, and with the Def down you get 100% NP charge. After turn 80 or so, you start hitting Overcharge levels when hit with the Def down and after turn 100 you get Overcharge even with the NP gain down. I may be off with the turn numbers, though.
  10. That Kingprotea battle is hell. I died like 6 times before resorting to the ultra stall team of Merlin (I'd appreciate it a lot if anyone could put Prisma Cosmos on theirs, all I see are CEless Merlins and a ton of Tamamos)/Jeanne/Irisviel/DPS/Buffbot. My recent run ended at turn 47 because RNG said Protea will crit everything and Jeanne was like 2% shy of using her NP... Edit: I found a Merlin with a MLB 5* Gacha CE and managed to beat Protea after 3 long hours. This is the closest I've felt to losing my sanity for stalling the fight so hard. This clear went full degenerate when each arts card gave full refund (yes, even Iri with her trash NP gain got to 300% in one hit) and the team was practically immortal. Like, I made a ton of mistakes after turn 100 and the heals were outpacing Protea's dmg. I don't know if it's common knowledge, but I found out here that GoA has a limit in how many stacks you can have at once (it's like 3, afterwards it erases one stack with the new one). I also got a strange music bug where after Iri's NP the music stopped completely and it didn't came back until I used Iri's NP a second time.
  11. I consider it a pretty good thing although I've only gotten Bold Fighter fodder F!Hardin out of it. It strictly increases the 5* rates to 9% at base which is pretty cool, and it has no effect on pity rate which gives the feeling of getting a little extra bonus on the way to the desired focus unit. Summoning is still a painful experience with all the trash fodder you get from the 3~4 star pool, but I guess we'll get small improvements to those in a couple of years. Hopefully.
  12. Well, that was underwhelming. I only cared about Skyward Sword HD (Kinda salty that they didn't mention a left handed mode, but I can do with the joystick controls) and sorta the Triangle something game which reminds me of FF Tactics. The Detective VNs looked interesting but I'm not into that type of media, I'd rather read a novel or manga as those take less time. Shoutout to that Super Girls game for making me feel physical pain due to how much cringe it gave me (Knockout city came close to it, but it wasn't enough). I knew there wasn't going to be anything for FE or Pokemon, but it's still a bit of a bummer.
  13. Bruh, the worst Edelgard survived, the Legendary one would've been fine as she's quite rare and her triple Galeforce build is pretty fun to use but I guess people prefer the one that needs a skillset revamp to shine. Well, if she goes against Lynja then it doesn't matter as she'll be crushed by those that want one of the most OP units as of right now, who knows who it'll be in 3 months in the game. I'm still going to go with Freyja for selfish reasons (want pretty Goat) but I'll be fine with anyone that isn't B!Edelgard. I don't have Seiros/Corrin/Freyja so that's another new unit for my barracks, and the others are a free merge or a second B!Micaiah/Lynja for AR.
  14. So FE4 Gen 1 this time, huh? RIP Echoes (not that it surprises me when there's so few units left, and most are red swords to boot). In general this banner is a disappointment fodder wise, but let's check each unit either way. So we start with an NPC (a very good looking NPC, but an NPC nontheless). Annand is the token "more fodder than unit" of the banner, kinda wish she was a GHB instead. So her weapon is akin to those from the Pirate banner which is pretty awesome with that Solo Lull, Sturdy Impact is nifty to have and Guard Bearing is kinda niche but has potential for certain builds. Sword Fliers aren't all that common and Annand strikes me as having Caeda's stat spread but with Gen 5 BST. Tentative 6~6.5/10. Azelle is a character my sister loves, so I'm sure she'll be happy to know he's in FEH now. If I'm reading correctly, his Prf is like Freyja's exclusive B skill in that it punishes buffs, or maybe it's more akin to Legion's Prf. One of those two and it's pretty strong for AR-D and Arena where visible buffs are the norm. So Duel 4 skills are now a thing? Still garbage, if one cares about scoring they'd be better off trying to +10 Duo units that have 190 BST scoring and can run deadly builds instead of gimping themselves, and they can also be blessed. Joint Hone Spd is eh, the Rally Up+ and Ruse are nice. Tentative 7/10, fodder is 4.5/10, tho. Lex is interesting, he comes with a Prf Axe (RIP Finn fans) despite being a demote so he'll do fine for a while in arena. He's guaranteed to be min maxed to hell with no Spd/Res and incredibly high Atk/Def so that's cool. Accesible Axe cavs are hard to come by so he's a welcome addition to the normal pool. Tentative 5.5/10 because Res is a big deal and Lex's Prf hurts him bad in that respect. And lastly we have Lewyns most likely wife (if one isn't going for speedrun strats with Artur). Fodder wise she offers Harsh Command+ and Atk/Def Rein because Duel skills suck and dual Chills are a waste of the B slot. Her Prf is pretty nifty with that easy to trigger Brave condition, although it would've been better if it had the Slaying effect instead of Atk+3 for easy Galeforce procs. Oh well, you can't win them all. Lance Flier is oversaturated and Erinys doesn't seem to bring all that much to the table. Tentative 6/10.
  15. Oh, so that's why Ridertoki only got hit with the Star drop rate down. I see, well that certainly encourages blizting the CQ with him, double Skadi and an AoE Offensive Support to deal with the books.
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