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  1. I've run into some frustration while farming characters' silver materials: Chapter 20 from the story gives the opportunity to obtain 7 character materials in all. Alas, I average 2-3 gold materials on every run. I'm using Divining on every weapon, and I am not using the Rare Materials blessing. My question is this: if I remove Divining from my weapons, will I run into the possibility of obtaining no materials whatsoever upon defeating a character? As irritating as another gold material is, I would rather have that than a weapon. I'm guessing that without a blessing for weapon drops, the maximum number of weapons I can obtain in a battle is 5. Why have I not tested this myself? It's because I don't want to go through the trouble of removing (and later adding) Divining to the weapons of the characters I'm grinding only to maybe find "hey, these runs are now yielding less of what I want". An alternate way to word my question would be: are my only choices "silver and gold drops" vs "silver or nothing" with regards to fighting character enemies?
  2. For Kana, are you looking for Female or Male? I won't be able to help with the latter. I have these on display for you now: Corrin: Seal Strength, Seal Magic, Seal Defense Female Kana: Axebreaker Peri: Axefaire Soliel: Nobility This combo is now ready to roll in my castle.
  3. My castle now has him ready to go with Rend Heaven.
  4. You can count on me to be more late every time. Thank you for all the skills! I'm sorry for not getting back to you earlier. My Shura now has these on display for you: Renewal, Amaterasu, Lifetaker, Profiteer Obligatory once-per-page out-of-signature address: Castle Address: 08515-28180-60331-86514 (Court of Skills)
  5. I feel bad about getting back to you later and later, especially since you put a lot more effort into this than I first thought. Thank you, and thank you for keeping your latest display up for as long as you did. I have these Shura skills waiting for you: Gentilhomme, Malefic Aura, Swordbreaker, Tomebreaker, Quixotic New page, new iteration of my list. I will update it later to incorporate what I just picked up. Everyone, I am looking to buy all skills on all characters. I have a very long list of what I am missing, sorted by character and then by skill order. I have omitted the characters I have completed or do not have. If you take the time to glance at my list, I would be grateful.
  6. That was an interesting pair of threads (this and the one linked above). Clearly IEatLasers is quite Skilled at thread creation. After seeing plenty of evidence to the contrary, I have unlearned what I "learned" earlier in this thread. ...And none of it ever changed the fact that I don't give a wooden nickel about any of it.
  7. I'm sorry I'm late! I have picked up what you had posted and I'll grind to buy them when I wake up. I now have these Shura skills on display for you: Life and Death, Death Blow, Swordfaire, Bowfaire, Defender
  8. Thank you for the skills; I haven't picked up today's load yet, but I will when the game lets me...in 4 hours. As for Shura, mine currently has Seal Speed, Seal Resistance, Miracle, Counter, and Quick Draw on display for you. Afterward, I can provide any of the following skills for Shura: Draconic Hex, Life and Death, Death Blow, Swordfaire, Bowfaire, Defender, Gentilhomme, Malefic Aura, Swordbreaker, Tomebreaker, Quixotic, Renewal, Amaterasu, Lifetaker, Grisly Wound, and Profiteer Gunter with Tomebreaker is ready to go!
  9. "I'm afraid that's not possible" I am usually a fan of magic-wielding antagonists (see Gharnef, Riev, Izuka, etc), and I am on the fence with Iago. I enjoy when a character tries to pull someone else's strings and generally act like a jerk who's barely out of everyone's reach (sucking up to the king helps). Alas, the writing made him stupid in a few places. I would have preferred Treehouse kept the name Macbeth for him. I like the design for Garon, but Fates' antagonists overall felt bland. I will admit I am much more accepting of "I'm evil because I'm evil" when the character in question can give me a display of magic. Most consumers want some semblance of complexity in antagonists, which Fates all-but-fails to deliver on. Iago comes the closest with his one "what the hell??" moment when he overhears Garon, but when the moment passes it ceases to matter for the rest of the story as Iago makes a full shift into giggle-and-make-you-suffer mode. What I'm saying is I want to like Iago, but he's not good enough for me.
  10. The only class(es) capable of reaching rank S with staves are Maid/Butler. Assuming you have Elise as a Strategist, she will not be able to use the Bifröst. Who are the components of my best army? My Revelations army is my best, but all I use them for is farming gold at this point. I'm still too lazy to beat the final chapter(s). Even then, only 10 units have earned a solid place on this list; the last 5 are more along the lines of "I have used these as part of my 12 farming units at some point". All mentioned unit pairs have S-ranked each other. -Hana (Swordmaster) is the first and and greatest of these. She is joined by her pair-up bot, Brolaf Corrin (Swordmaster with speed talent), because evasion is the king of all stats. With a souped-up Sunrise Katana, she is nearly untouchable. If ever I must break though someone's annoying castle to buy a skill, I use these two as my only units. It may take a few tries, but they can overcome almost any castle. Through the magic of favoritism, she received two boots. -Kana (Swordmaster) uses my next-best Sunrise Katana until it will finally be time to upgrade Hana's. She is joined by Kiragi (Sniper, Oboro's son), though neither unit is strictly the pair-up bot of the other. The only reason Kana's evasion is equal to Hana's (rather than above) is because Kiragi wasn't designed to maximize someone else's evasion. -Camilla (Wyvern Lord) and Ryoma (Swordmaster) hit hard and reach far, by virtue of flying or wielding a broken strong sword. Neither is the dedicated pair-up bot of the other. -Xander (Vanguard) is head of the weakest pair in my top 10, but this is mostly due to his ~75% chance to hit master ninjas with Siegfried. He is joined by Charlotte (Berserker). On occasion, the latter will be used when I want this pair to land a guaranteed hit on a master ninja, but she is mostly here to speed up Xander and make him hit harder. (Her 60+% critical chance with a forged Killer Axe is gravy) -Mozu (Sniper) and Kaze (Master Ninja) are the primary ranged pair on my team. I have been too lazy to acquire Point Blank for Mozu, which is why I will sometimes need to let Kaze take over for combat. -Asugi (Master Ninja, Kagero's son) and Mitama (Falcon Knight, Hinoka's daughter) are my current "don't give them replicate but still use them" pair. They function like a softer version of Camilla and Ryoma for me (can't hit as hard and less durable). -Velouria (Wolfssegner, Peri's daughter) and Siegbert (Berserker) were the pair replaced by Asugi and Mitama. Siegbert is mostly a pair-up bot here, though I will sometimes think "I want to watch someone take a guaranteed critical" and let Siegbert swing a forged Great Club. I replaced them largely because I wanted a pair with more mobility for my farming runs. -Percy (Lodestar, Azura's son) is another unit retired from my farming team. Like Hana and Kana, he filled the role of "poke someone in melee range with a sword, then dodge most hits". I would like to remind everyone that a +7 iron weapon makes almost any character hilariously broken. Why do I not have a magic user on my list? It feels like magic is weaker in this game than in most others. You also can't generate magic weapons with the Salvage Blow skill, so my strongest magic weapon is sitting at +4. There are few problems a +7 iron bow can't solve. I am disappointed that I have no real challenge for my units to overcome, but I still want to continue buying all skills for them. Back to grinding unto infinity!
  11. I have picked up everything you have posted so far. As always, thank you.
  12. I would love to see another 3D installment of Custom Robo. The one for the Gamecube is among my favorite games. I enjoyed Custom Robo Arena, but it felt like a step backwards in a lot of ways. I understand that the latter was portable and allowed you to battle over wifi, but everything else felt downgraded (yes, the Gamecube has a lot more power than the DS). I'm not sure what a new game could do to be a mechanical upgrade from the Gamecube game, but I would still pay for a game that's mostly just "more of the same but now with Switch graphics". On a similar note, give me another Metal Walker game. I can't be the only one who enjoyed playing billiards with robots while collecting all the upgrades and scanning every enemy.
  13. That...explains something about me. I am confused and shocked to have learned something about myself in this thread or this site. This thread was a success.
  14. Gen I: I have played Red, Blue, and Yellow enough to have chosen all starters (yes, I know Yellow doesn't count towards this), but my first and favorite was Charmander. I never finished Yellow. Gen II: I have played Gold, Silver, and Crystal enough to have chosen all starters, but my first and favorite was Cyndaquil. I never finished Crystal. Gen III: I have played Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald enough to have chosen all starters, but my favorite was Treecko. I can't remember whether I chose Treecko second or third. Gen I, round 2: I chose Bulbasaur for Leaf Green. Gen IV: I...can't remember whether or not I ever chose Chimchar. I remember taking Turtwig for Pearl and Piplup for Platinum, but...I think those are the only two runs I did this generation. Turtwig was my favorite here. Gen II, round 2: I chose Cyndaquil for Soul Silver. Gen V: I chose Snivy for Black and Oshawott for Black 2. My favorite here was Snivy. Gen VI: I chose Fennekin for X. Gen III, round 2: I chose Treecko for Omega Ruby. Gen VII: I chose Rowlet for Moon. I am unsure about whether or not I will buy Ultra Moon. If I do, I think I will start with Popplio. What does this say about me? Water is Wrong and Bad. Team Magma would like to remind you that water makes the world worse for all those adorable Charmanders. I still liek Mudkipz.
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