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  1. Thanks for clarifying. I actually have 65 5* units that are maxed out...I was just comparing weapon types of my barracks to the new units as a base for what I might need to fill the cracks. I have some (what I think are weird) pockets that are just over full like 10 of the 65 are green tomes, another 10 are swords, so like a third are tied up in just two of the many weapon types. I do like your idea of saving the free pull based on what I get and the sparks. That is pretty genius.
  2. Once again Thanks to you and @Othin. I did a calculation yesterday after the video and have access to 652 orbs...not counting any special events. That is just from the rest for the prologues, chain challenges, etc. I haven’t finished. I will likely get 2 if not 3 of the units, which is nice. It also helps that I got pirate Veronica so I can stop wasting orbs there. One quick question though, when I read about the event it seems to say that you can pull each unit at random as well. But then in another place it seems to indicate they are only available every 40 pulls. How did you understand that part? and thanks for the advice in PhoenixMaster. Great idea.
  3. So, this question is based on knowledge of the new FEH channel announcement. I am looking at what my barracks need -vs- what I really want and wondering what advise you might have. So, short list version based on the four units that are dropping: Infantry lance - Fjorm (+1), Sharena, Duo Ephraim Red Tome - Lorenz, Eirika, Summer Byleth, Ewan Notable Green Axe (I know, it is specifically armor, but here's who I have) - Brave Ike, Surtr, Legendary Edelgard, Hel Flying Bow - None (but I have Brave Lyn and Bernadetta) So, It seems like I need Claude the most, but as a first run Blue Lion, I want Dimitri. Anyway, I think I need Edelgard the least. Thoughts?
  4. I am listening to y'all and saving orbs for CYL, but had to try for Pirate Veronica one last time. And I got her!! Yay! With Atk-. Balls.
  5. I agree that Pirate Tiburn has has weaknesses. But for me he is also getting MASSIVE help by Mordcai smiting him and Reyson dancing for him. So, I get that he is not the best unit, but a lot of fun nonetheless. I haven't really even played much with Thrasir, Hel, Edelgard, Altina, Brave Roy and a couple of other new 5*s because he is also a bonus unit and most of my time is spent on TT at the moment.
  6. So....you are completely right on the money and Pirate Tibarn is totally my destroy everything everywhere unit. Sorry you hate him. He is like a dream to draw as a F2P person though.
  7. Wow...that is a beautiful resource. I have legit just being doing it based on rating, and didn't know that something like this existed. It makes me wonder if I have actually been missing points
  8. Before my question, a brief vent - I didn't know I was supposed to be afraid of Baby Caeda, until armed with Legendary Azura she destroyed my Arena team in two turns. Ugh. Now for my question, I finally made it to Level 18 in arena (I know most of you are probably higher), so I feel like I have to concentrate on undefeated (no death) scores. I am struggling putting my highest rated team out there (plus bonus) and not having at least one death per round of 5 matches. Should I drop one of my highest rated and add a dancer instead of going for highest points total?
  9. I guess this August 18th banner means giving up on Pirate Veronica. Time to store up orbs.
  10. Had one of my better pulls on my third Pirates attempt. I got Pirate Tibarn and 5* Ewan. I know nothing about that Ewan but a random 5* is cool. Overall pirates was good to me - 3 5* units out of 20 with the last being that Byleth I talked about yesterday. I don’t know if I want to try for Veronica or save for CYL.
  11. So, the most fun I have had in a while is running Reyson, Tibarn, Pirate Tibarn (I got really on my third summoning session) and Mordecai. Between Reyson dancing, buffing and singing and Mordecai just smiting for buffs and debuffs it was a breeze if you have these four even with just their basic kits and maybe a dance seal for Reyson.
  12. Ohhh...the Devs know what we want. I didn't have a colorless on either of my draws on that banner either.
  13. I was all set to be super pissy about the Pirates until, dang it, they didn't give me my first (F)Byleth that is +1 Att/Sp. And, I honestly just can't complain about that even with all of the 3* nonsense. That said, Tibarn and Veronica are a little too tempting for me so I will be trying to clear the Multi-Map battles finally to get some booty (bad dad joke).
  14. Finally get Bernadetta after too many orbs. Between her and Edelgard both being shy my orbs are gone. But I do have a question. I have two extra Hels, one extra Sothis, one extra Nagi and one extra Thrasir. What should I do with them? Merge? Any skills I should give to someone else? (This isn’t bragging...I spent a lot of orbs and honestly don’t know the best way to use my extra 5*s.)
  15. Laughs are 100% why that answer is there. Glad someone took it as meant. Sometimes these boards can get a bit heavy. And...I am glad you like the functionality of the manuals. I haven't figured out how to really use them well yet so just stocking them up.
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