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  1. So, the January calendar seems completely off, but there is a special heroes banner coming up (or is it already here?), do we know anything about that or the mythic banner to know if it is worth chasing down the new Peony and Katerina? Or do I just store up the orbs instead? And Peony should come back around correct?
  2. Was obviously quite surprised by my third draw. I think I am done with the banner because I don’t know if Katerina is worth the orbs and I somehow got Dorothea on my first draw.
  3. So.... I am feeling quite dumb asking this question, but, I decided to roll until the first spark or until I got Sara. (I don’t have an attacking mage yet.) I had to spark her, but now I can’t get SP. do i have to equip a lesser healing spell to get SP until she can get enough to attack? Is that the only was since Return+ doesn’t give SP?
  4. I mean this in all sincerity - is it better to look at tier lists and invest in better units...or just use whoever the heck you want and make them better? I have some feathers and want to make Ferdinand and Seteth 5*, but see on the tier lists...they aren’t great units. So am torn between saving the feathers or doing someone like Nowi instead of the characters I want.
  5. Probably the best summon I have ever had if I am honest. 3 5*s I didn’t have, and one a focus character. I have had two amazing 5*s (Claude and Dimitri), but this was a surprise.
  6. Let’s pretend. The developers of FEH have decided that they want a guide of their own to compete with all of the websites making money off of ads telling new players what to do. They have decided that there is no one better for the task than you. They want a clear, concise guide that will help new players get into the game. What are you going to tell these new players to do?
  7. I tried and tried to upload an image, because (people lie) it is hard to believe, but on my first draw got Bernie and Altina! I had enough orbs to do a full 40; picked up Hilda along the way, and was able to use the free pull for Sepharin. I have quit and restarted so many times, so was glad to get all four and still save orbs for the Legendaries coming for Christmas.
  8. Thank you! That is good to know. Since I started over I have just been saving orbs for that banner and the special heroes.
  9. Hey! I looked on the calendar and expected a new log-in bonus and summoning focus and had neither. Just curious if I don't understand the time difference or if it is not appearing for anyone else either. I had quit and am back on the juice since my wife gave birth to our second baby. FYI - this is a great game for middle of the night feedings. Short game play, but still keeps you awake. Perfection.
  10. I am having a bit of a statistical anomaly over here. I got Fallen Ike very first pull. Which is nice...I didn't have him. And since then........nothing. I am 10% so hoping for a double pull anytime soon. But I am just shocked how much crap I am getting from this banner. I literally don't have anything from this banner so was pretty excited.
  11. Thanks for this. A raspberry pi is basically a retro gaming machine where you can get old titles from all of the platforms to play at home. So, basically it doesn't matter if Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft, you can play.
  12. Sorry to ask this here, but I have been going in the general area with no luck. Setting up a Raspberry Pi and want to get all of the games. There is no specific order really outside of the two Tellius titles right?
  13. I really wanted to be excited for this banner. But outside of Spring Idunn I just don't feel like there is a lot worth spending for. Anyone else feeling that way?
  14. Hey! I am struggling with Armor Emblem. I have Idunn, Kjelle, Surtr, Legendary Edelgard, Brave Edelgard, Nagi, Fallen Tiki, Draug, Zephiel, Valbar, Wendy, Effie, Sheena, and have only bought Batman and Kronya, so have plenty of trophies to spend. I know it is just one orb a month and potentially higher Arena scores, but I just am not making this work. Maybe I need to do some skill inheritance? Maybe I need to get one with Heroic Grails? To be honest - Draug, Zephiel, Valbar, Wendy, Effie and Sheena are all completely undeveloped and just sitting on the pine at 4* level 1. Thanks for the help - Infantry has never been a problem, I have done pretty well with horsies, and Claude and Pirate Tibarn helped round out flyer emblem, so this feels like the final beginner phase.
  15. Thanks! Where I didn't know if they were stackable was something like Dimitri's Atk/Def or Joint Hone Attack making them both just absolute monsters. If I am not mistaken, unless a skill says "Does not stack," the Ally Support bonus should stack onto the already enhanced skill, but have never been certain.
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