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  1. I looked at the article again. They didn’t do a good job explaining they meant April 2020, not 20 as a date.
  2. I thought I read somewhere there another DLC drop set for April 20. Just wondering if you bought DLC is that included.
  3. Two quick questions: 1. Just bought the DLC. When the new stuff comes out at the end of the month do I automatically get the news stuff or have to buy again? 2. Starting my third time through. I hear the church run is a lot like GD. Should I do the Empire version first to make it different?
  4. I have a quick paralogue question. I am doing a GD runthrough this time and have found something very odd - I have Felix's paralogue, Sylvain's paralogue, Ingrid & Dorothea's paralogue, Hanneman & Manuela's paralogue, but....not Marianne. How are paralogues assigned? Just trying to figure out why I am getting recruited characters paralogues first instead of my original characters.
  5. I know it's not popular but Mercedes doesn't really change. If you are talking about development...she is who she is and the time jump does nothing for her. That said...she is someone I immediately went out of my way to recruit because as far as a healing attacker you can't top her (note: on my first GD run right now, so maybe Marianne will be better). I can agree with the Petra and Bernie criticisms...but to be fair I never got Bernie last time so this is my first runthrough and she is mainly at C going into B supports, so maybe that opinion will change. Also, in terms of growth/development Flayn doesn't change that much. Basically copy everything I said about Mercedes, minus being a good attacker and it is the same.
  6. I think Felix as a Mortal Savant is underrated. His magic doesn't blow you away, but it makes him one of the most versatile of the front line characters you can have instead of a pure assassination sword machine. It feels like overkill to say Ignatz, but I have had him straight up take out armored units on his own when properly equipped...and he wasn't even the best swordsman on the team by far. Just because I like things in threes (I could list more), I know Petra is well thought of, but I still think it is impossible to appreciate how versatile a unit she is. I didn't know any better and made her a Wyvern Lord after detouring through assassin territory, and she was still killing it, especially when she and Cyril were out there teaming up together as my OG wyvern squad (poor Seteth just watched from the sidelines). I think at the end of the day I like versatile units. I think that is what I appreciate about this game...you can make these crazy characters that shouldn't exist in this style of game if you want to put the work in.
  7. I am just curious if any of you change your classes for the same character each time you recruit. For instance, I ran Dorothea as a Gremory during my first run through. I liked her a lot so plan to recruit for my Golden Deer run and was thinking of going more the Mortal Savant track. I understand that different characters will function best in certain classes, but wondering if any of you run multiple builds for the same character.
  8. I am really appreciating this community. Y'all have been super helpful. I have another question though. I am about to finish my first run through and saw threads about DLCs. I am curious how these work. I am currently not on the online community, but could easily do so. If I am signed up for the online service are they automatic? Do you pay extra money? And is it just new characters or something else?
  9. I thought the combination of Micaiah and Dimitri was rare, so it is fun to see someone with the same favorites. Also, like you so far Radiant Dawn is my favorite, and this is my second favorite. For what it is Heroes is actually third and brings in my third favorite character Fjorm. What a beast! (I haven't played Heroes in over a year, so she may be outclassed now.)
  10. I am still on my first playthrough so I can say that I will definitely get the professors and Shamir as early as possible next time. A lot of you have a soft spot for Bernie, for me it is Ignatz. I will probably always recruit him first. I would assume I will always try for either Felix or Petra (because I don't know if the other sword users will match up). I also know that I will do the whole recruit Lysithea and then get Lorenz to give her Thrysus technique. It just makes sense. My plan is to do Golden Deer next and since the Blue Lions seem like natural allies I will probably try to cherry pick them all. For my third run I plan on doing Black Eagles-Edelgard (sp?). I hear I will need some muscle since they are mainly finesse.
  11. Thank you! That was the clearest explanation I have seen. I kept trying to do it through certifications and was getting mad. Now...5-6 chapters later I finally have my dancer.
  12. Quick question - I am now Chapter 17 or 18 in the game. I forgot to reclass my dancer when she first won the cup. Is it too late? Do I do it through classifications or is it a different process?
  13. I absolutely plan on it. I really want to complete the story and also want to take advantage of the starting a new story bonuses that I have read about.
  14. Ha! I totally meant Golden Deer. Nice catch. Claude just seems a bit more intriguing to me.
  15. I did. I made sure to do all paralogues before missions since they had an expiration date. And I agree it adds a lot to his character. It also has made me wonder about what to do for a tank. I trying out Gilbert since he appears at first to be better than Alois...and less annoying too. I like how much room there is for feeling things out here and making adjustments.
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