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  1. Would it be worth investing in Linhardt for Arena? I have enough copies to x10 him if I get the feathers, but don’t know his starting BST and if it would be worth it at all.
  2. So, I am thinking of a previous conversation about arena builds, and +10s, etc. so when the legendaries come back around under “Special Maps,” you can only earn orbs once. When GHBs come around a second time can you earn more copies of the unit? For example, will I ever be able to get more than three Holsts from GHBs (since he is current).
  3. So, Rinkah is such a fun unit I haven’t even taken Mordecai out for a test run yet. She is just a beastly unit and will probably earn a place in my regular rotation.
  4. The legendary banner was awful to me. Less than 4%, and no pity breakers. Somehow the fire banner today…I got Rinkah on my third pick. I didn’t really want anyone specifically just someone for bonus while I got Mordecai, so was glad to use 8 orbs (and the free summon) for that.
  5. His primary tome is fire. That’s basically all I was getting at. I know there are other better fire users, but since he hasn’t been introduced and they were using a Tellius character, it worked well. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mordecai, but just thought if that was the direction they were going (a Tellius character) then Tormod fits a fire theme better than Mordecai, and we get one more character that hasn’t been in a game. And…he was in both Tellius titles.
  6. I mean…fire festival and we still decide to ignore (the absolute perfect way to introduce him into the game) Tormod?
  7. I feel like this legendary has been awful luck. I am 35 picks in and I have Seliph. No pity breakers. Over 10% for the second time. Also, my last four 5* units have been a weird set - Legendary Seliph, Brave Seliph, Catherine (Hoshido banner, was pulling for Micaiah) and Silque. Outside of Hoshido I wasn’t pulling for reds, they were just the only reason new throwing red stars…besides Silque. She just has shown up like three times lately.
  8. I am 20 pulls in and have … one Seliph and not even a pity breaker.
  9. I don’t always use the right names. Since he came from CYL, I called him Legendary.
  10. So, I have only played Radiant Dawn and Three Houses. That makes me think Marianne or Gatekeeper, but dang it if Chrom hasn’t grown on me between this iteration and Valentine’s.
  11. While we are waiting for chapters I am mining for orbs and hero merit, which leads to really weird teams. Next up on the list were both Ascended Celica and Legendary Celica. First, I will admit, I am not particularly excited about either unit. This could be I really like Brave Micaiah and Summer Micaiah. But to me, and this is particular to Ascended Celica, something just doesn't feel like it hits how it is supposed to. I honestly don't have a single reason or way to explain it, but for what are supposed to be two great units, it just feels like they both lack something. Do any of you feel that too? Am I just expecting too much from those units? Is it that the Micaiahs are just that much better? On the flip side of things, I am honestly blown away at how much better Legendary Chrom was than what I expected. I pulled him and Byleth along the way, and am currently heading to spark a third unit (and hopefully pull the fourth one on the way). When I remember to use A Fate Changed! He is basically my new favorite unit, particular alongside new Xander and Sigurd.
  12. So, I have never actually used a Forma. And both Lyn and Eliwood intrigue me. Are either unit actually worth investing in? Also, If you merge them do you get the plus ten or just the maxed out unit?
  13. This Duo Heroes has been a weird banner - 3 out of six pulls were 5*, but two were Mikoto and Sirius (the other was Sonya). And I pulled a dead Gustav on the CYL. Overall, a weird day of summoning.
  14. Not the DuoCharacter I was going for, but for only doing 1 pull (and not getting a colorless option) at least I DID get Sonya as opposed to a 3*.
  15. I was going to ask for some help with underutilization of characters, but that feels like a big ask, plus typing all 100+ characters gives me pre-carpal tunnel. So, instead, I am struggling with Lif and Limstella. I actively avoid using either unit because of their friendly-fire chip damage and I don't tend to run many lone ranger teams. That said, do either of them have any specific utility that I am missing out on? Maybe they are great for a vantage teams since they get allies their more quickly?
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