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  1. I know many of you have probably already powered through for Loki and/or summoned copious amounts of times for new characters. What are your initial impressions? (Quick reminder - I am F2P so know I am lucky to have drawn two new characters on three draws.) As of now I have the 4* Loki and drew both Palla and Veronica. I have never drawn flying Nino or Hinoka. So, Loki and Veronica are just a ton of fun and fill a couple of holes in my barracks. I maxed out my 4* Loki ridiculously fast. Veronica is just destroying things. And Palla...is pretty great, but I think she will he forgotten after the current TT (but that is just speculation). So, again. What are your impressions? And is it worth it to draw one more time to try to get Bruno?
  2. I'm not the greatest at Arena. I am just curious for higher scores is it better to run four bonus characters, or one bonus character and three people with a higher rating.
  3. Weird question - It seems the time change (US) has bumped everything an hour later? I live in EST and Arena etc. ends at 7pm, not 6pm. Do we just shift for the summer? Do other countries (particularly Japan) not do time shifts?
  4. My question comes from a combination of having to use two characters for Arena Bonuses that I never planned to use, and an earlier thread (sorry on my iPhone and can’t link) about which characters had the best intitial skill sets/required least investment. Which characters have you been surprised by how good (or if you want to gripe how bad!) they are? It can be because you trained them, or you had to use them for a bonus or were grinding Hero Merit and discovered them by surprise. My two are Walhart and Velouria. This is mainly because I played the two Telos games and not much more, soI didn’t know them. Both were Arena bonus characters the last month or so and I have really enjoyed how easy they are to use in teams that I am only using for two week cycles. Who has been that way for you?
  5. So, I look at all of the recommended builds for characters and get a little overwhelmed. At the moment I have spare 5* copies of Vanguard Ike, NY Miciaiah, Halloween Niles, Axe Ephraim, Reyson, Horsie Mist, Duma, Eir, and Brave Veronica. I know many of you are geniuses. Are there any characters that are just begging for any of these characters skills? Or are there some that are just so generic or specific I should make them a +1? Thanks for the help!
  6. Howdy again. As I play, I frequently think of things that I find funny in the process of the game. I know there are better players than me and/or players who have just committed way more time. One way I think that demonstrates this is Hero Merit. I have been playing since nearly the beginning, but re-rolled twice and started over. As it stands I have only maxed out HM for 4. Just out of curiosity I looked and have 13 people with 0 HM, 31 under 10 HM, and 149 that have not reached 500. (I only have 206 of the 349 for the record.) Out of curiosity, where are you in terms of Hero Merit?
  7. First, I get this is a subjective question and depends on what I really want. I get that. But generally speaking is it worth the 20k feathers to promote Cordelia only to sacrifice her for Clair to have Galeforce. I know there’s a reason I see so many of those builds (and have used friend’s copies in different modes). I don’t have a 5* Cordelia yet and it feels a little sacrilegious (I kid) to promote someone I don’t have just to immediately sacrifice...but Clair with Galeforce...wow.
  8. I think I just have a different view than a lot of people here. Without the following four I wouldn’t be where I am, then a few others added that have been perfect. Fjorm - She’s just perfect as a defender close and far. Brave Veronica - Her immediate skill set doesn’t need much more. NY Micaiah - She dances and takes out armors and horsies at will. Without her I couldn’t have gotten past most levels. Plus, with no investment she one hits most Surtrs for me. Legendary Ike - Similar to Fjorm, unless you run into blue magic he can withstand a hit from about anyone. He also self heals. With those four, I get pushback; but there is a reason I maxed out HM with those four - they didn’t need investment and were easy to use. Outside of them, I agree with a lot of the above, except I don’t have them. I chose Brave Lucian, but wish I would have chosen Brave Lyn. Surtr has still broken the game. I hate seeing Archer Lucina and Flora on a map. Duma does a lot of work without investment. Like someone else said earlier Nino and Tharja are amazing because of bladetomes. Then round out with Eir, Tibarn and Reinhardt for obvious reasons.
  9. Thanks for your help! I have been wasting a ton of feathers converting characters to 4* just to merge or immediate use for inheritance instead of using manuals, so this is helpful.
  10. First, thank you. Second, a couple of clarifying questions: There is really no loss for converting some 3* units because I can use feathers later to their 4* kit later? I understand that you don't get the full merge benefit, but for example, I have a 5* Merric, and a 4*+10 version and still have plenty left. The only loss I get is that Merric cannot be 5*+#, but I can save his skill set in case, say Cecilia could use something of his? Whenever you have the option to do ten different characters at one time they are being converted into 10 different manuals, not a single manual? I think basically knowing about those questions sets me on my way.
  11. Is there a good thread about combat manuals? I haven't really done much with manuals, because even after reading tutorials, I don't fully get it. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. For full disclosure, I am FTP except for the Black Knight Starter package, so I know this answer may vary depending on if you invest financially in the game. That said, how many allies do you currently have (total number, not unique)? What do you think is a good number to keep? This question is A) the face value question, and B) leads to other questions like: do you keep 4* and 5* version of each character; do you use feathers to level up to 4* for fodder and +10 characters or to give people well-rounded kits through inheritance. So, all of that said, how many allies do you have? Do you feel it's enough?
  13. I just about cried. I only had Duma out of the four...…………..you can figure out who I drew without me saying it. Queue Vanderbeek crying meme.
  14. I was able to get all of the quests except Jamke defeats Jamke. Any tips on that? I can't seem to get Veronica to attack him without defeating him, or he glides around the flyer unit and one shots someone on the team.
  15. This may have been mentioned, but this seemed to be one of the easiest TT's to date. Outside of some character building runs, I think my original teams cleared all seven maps each time, which never happens for me. I always run into an odd map that perfectly exploits my team, and that hasn't happened yet...or I just ran a better strategy. What about you? Has this run seemed a little easier?
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