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  1. Thanks! Was just making sure since I have a couple of legendaries that can be better used.
  2. Are there going to be any more Blessed Gardens or can I "Re-Bless" some of my better units for AR Battles?
  3. I wasted all of my orbs trying to, and finally get Claude. I haven't ever used any of my trait fruits and wonder if it would be worth it to change him from plus HP to plus speed. Any thoughts? I would have another trait fruit cache probably by the end of April since I haven't been using them at all.
  4. So...I like Claude way too much. And I scrambled through all of my Squad Assaults and Gardens wasting orbs on the banner. I had one last five orb Blessed Garden and 30 minutes left on the banner. And it worked. I finally got him. I didn't get too much along the way on that banner and it drained me, but hopefully it is worth getting the legendary of my favorite character in the series. That said, he is plus HP so thinking of using my first trait fruit to correct that. Thoughts?
  5. As much as I too want Legendary Micaiah, I think the Claude choice makes sense. Having the three Lords all in just makes great sense. I think doing them in succession would have been better, but I get having to manage a lot of different titles. So...I like Claude. I want Micaiah. I honestly can't think of any two legendaries I would want more except perhaps Byleth.
  6. Thanks, so when you and @Humanoid say Eliwood, do you mean like the first horsie unit with the bad art (Knight of Lycia)? If so, that is cool to see an original unit still relevant.
  7. That is a great starting place - and I have already started a Reyson project because of everyone talking about his usefulness. Raven is someone with a ton of units I have so that could be great too. Much appreciated.
  8. Thanks again to @XRay and @Humanoid for your evaluations of my 5* ranks. I do have a follow-up, but will not list all of my units. From the general pool (3 and 4 star, not 5* exclusives) are there any units worth developing? I, like all of you, get a ton of copies of say Chrom, Seliph, Effie, Ilyana, Hawkeye, etc. I obviously would be able to quickly plus ten some of the units, but as a F2P player I want to invest my time and resources wisely. So, in short, are there any of those lower tier units that are worth investing in, besides making manuals and giving away skills?
  9. I am not sure if I a full 20, so here we go: Three Houses 1. Ignatz 2. Ashe 3. Dedue 4. Marianne (cheating I know) 5. Hanneman 6. Jeralt 7. Yuri 8. Hapi 9. Balthus 10. Constance Radiant Dawn 11. Brom 12. Tormod 13. Muarim 14. Vika 15. Volug 16. Skrimir 17. Rolf 18. Boyd 19. Lucia 20. Geoffrey
  10. Thanks again (I condensed your response for brevity). That was such a great comprehensive evaluation of my ranks. One of the coolest was figuring out how to use Mordecai who is one of my favorite characters in the whole set of games. Now, maybe, he can become one of my favorite units. I think my learning curve is going to be figuring out teams and how to use them. I think in my limited experience I haven't really figured out how to run specific teams (galeforce/firesweep/whatever kind of teams there are). I think it is time to figure out how to run teams to be more efficient and overcome my Level 19 Aether Raids/Arena.
  11. Wow. Thank you so much. Some of those characters are ones I have been curious about and I just got Henriette, Shinnon, Duo Micaiah, Flayn and Shamir in the last two weeks so they are very new to me. I will toy around with those on some of my squad assaults I am trying to finish.
  12. I am wondering if any of you have time to look over my 5*s and give a quick evaluation. I was going to do one quick section that are my "overused units," based on Hero Merit. I want to start using units I haven't in the past and so am just looking for units that are hidden to me as treasures. 5000-6000 Hero Merit Units - Brave Dimitri, Eir, Brave Edgelgard 2000 - 4000 Hero Merit Units - Brave Claude, Plumeria (Bow), Flying Micaiah, Peony, Flying Dorothea, Legendary Dimitri, Reginn, Reyson Other Red 5* units - Alfonse, Alm, Grey, Roy (Blazing Lion), Mia, Vangaurd Ike, Fallen Ike, Christmas Altina, Black Knight, Roy (Brave Lion), Xavier, Siegbert, Caeda, Christmas Kaden, Tiki, Sothis, Anna (Bow), Fallen Julia, Iago, Lysethia, Henriette, Liliana (Firelight Leader), Horsie Eirika, Leo, Plumeria, Aversa Other Blue 5* units - Sharena, Fjorm, Gatrie, Ferdinand, Horsie Dimitri, Seteth, Mordecai, Ninian, Fallen Corrin (M), Sothis, Lilith, Ronan, Felix, Duo Alfonse, Legendary Julia, Ilyana, Ophelia, Veronica (Festival of Devotion), Reimhardt Other Green 5* units - Anna, Osian, Dieck, Ike (BM), Anette, Hilda, Surtr, Kris, Hel, Baby Minerva, Jill, Christmas Kaden, Christmas Lethe, Shamir, Thrasir, Soren, Christmas Bernadetta, Flying Nino, Flying Tharja Other Colorless 5* units - Christmas Selkie, Legendary Alm, Shinnon, Raphael, Leif, Horsie Lyn, Bernadetta, Julian, Sother, Bramimond, Duo Micaiah, Sara, Sephiran, Flayn If you made it this far thanks!
  13. I know you are asking for one, but I want the Trio of Tormod, Muarim and Vika.
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