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  1. Is it possible for brawlers to use magic, or for mages to learn unarmed? The reason I ask is that since I’ve heard maddening constricts your budget, I would cut down the need for weapon maintenance by rocking an army of mystic monks so I can devote my funds to bigger things. Only problem is I’m worried that Nintendo foresaw this and nipped it somehow.
  2. How about an AU instead: Jezrita and Mercedes are Edelgard’s children form the future where the war fucks up everything to the point they have to go back in time to prevent the dystopian future. Upon arrival to the past, the two children invent false backstories that they were part of a fallen noble house to hide their true identities. However, the two children have clashing philosophies when it comes to how they’ll save Fódlan. Jez believes a unified Fódlan without the burden of the feudalist crest system is inevitable and beneficial, and sides with his mother to help bring about her goals more efficiently before Fódlan is destroyed. Mercie on the other hand believes her mother was wrong to start the war in the first place, and seeks to prevent its happening. The two children separate due to this disagreement, and when the war phase starts Mercie is left with little choice but to help her mother’s enemies defeat her in order to bring peace more quickly. Both children would play as the oracles for CF and AM respectively, and it would eventually become clear that they’re playing seer chess against each other throughout the war.
  3. I’m gonna be honest, I expected Claude and Dorte to be number one.
  4. So, I’m thinking about writing a fanfic where Byleth is an assassin of the Western Church, but I don’t know how they differ from the Central Church other than their association with TWSTD and their xenophobia. Is there anything more about them to learn about? Thanks!
  5. I plan to make Sylvain a dancer to help him out with the ladies.
  6. So to celebrate 3H’s release, I have decided that my fanfic will use the world of Fódlan as its base. The problem is that I have two ideas for one swirling in my head, and I’m really conflicted as to which one to do. Both of these are going to be AU novels that put a big twist on things, because a plain novelization of the canon game wouldn’t be worth the effort to me. Yes, they are both very ambitious, but I will be sure to stick to the lore and only change what’s necessary to make the story. So the ideas are as follows: Wanderer: What was supposed to be a spar with Hubert turned into a terrible “accident” that left Dimitri frozen solid for over 200 years. When the Prince finally thawed awake, he found himself thrust into an alien Fódlan where dark magic has destroyed the civilization he called home, and maintains an iron grip on what remains. This fic sends Dimitri on a Breath of the Wild esque adventure with a new setting, political issue, factions, and yes, cast, as he strives to find his place in this new world. Only question here is: Should his memory be fuzzy from being frozen for that long, or remember everything of the past world? Zealot: Byleth was very close to his mother as a young boy, so when she died Jeralt took his son to a priest to console him. He did not expect that priest to proselytize him. What’s worse is that Byleth’s recent visions of Sothis have convinced him that he is the “Chosen One” of the Goddess. While he may technically be right, it doesn’t quell the massive hubris he develops that others learn to fear. Church route, but Byleth has an almost Yandere obsession with serving the Goddess, and gets ill with anyone who doesn’t share his devotion. May you be preserved if he deems you a heretic or an infidel. So, that’s about all I can think of right now. Both ideas sound cool to me, which is why I can’t decide between them. Tell me what you all think! Oh, and try to keep things light on spoilers if it can be helped, obviously. Thanks! And please, consider giving your thoughts on the two ideas below. Thanks again!
  7. Doesn’t surprise me at this point that they would want to scale back on the Waifu Emblem stuff. Disappointed that you can’t customize Byleth’s appearance, but otherwise this seems like a solid move.
  8. I’m going Blue Lions and making everyone swordsman in the first playthrough. Second will be a bandit-ish Golden Deer army.
  9. Eh. There are some things like being trapped in a school that I’m not too fond of. But, I’m not going to judge this game harshly until it comes out.
  10. If this is true, then I’ll go out on a limb to say that IS is actually learning from their Fates and expanding instead of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. They’re already in the right direction by not having an obvious contrast with the kingdoms. Now there are three things they need to do to make the story better than Fates by default. 1. No convergence path or “everyone lives happily ever after” ending. 2. Relegate flatline “evil for evil’s sake” villains to more minor roles. 3. Make the three paths’ plots consistent with each other. This should be easier without a Revelations to stick a bunch of plot holes into the other routes.
  11. I’m seeing a lot of narrative emphasis on “Choose your house/path” in the advertisements which makes me doubt that the paths will be merged by default.
  12. Hmmm, there would need to be a damn good plot reason to justify it without it looking contrived for the sake of horseshoeing in children.
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