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  1. Slapped Seal Def 3 onto Cain for bigger numbers, since none of the B skills available to cavalry are necessary, especially with Mia around. As much as I love GC, this is nice being able to play more casually and not having to think much while still getting the max rewards.
  2. What's motivating you to join? Doesn't sound like you'll feel like you belong there
  3. Once I figured out a good setup, I've had no problem maxing out on my runs and easily took first place. I used a couple axes cuz I figured I would need too, but even without what they added I've been really far ahead. I'm sitting at 1.4 mil and the next highest person is like half that, doesn't feel anywhere as competitive as GC, unless everyone is used to waiting til the end to blow through their stamina Not sure the exact multipliers, but it seems to apply like those units are actually attacking-- any blue TA and cavalry effective units I've seen have done a flat 200,000 damage when they zip by to hit Eirika, compared to a more random looking numbers. For the sake of our own scoring, I don't think it matters much, since finishing off a Rokkr just nets you a small prize and sets up a new one. I think it'd be a bit more helpful if they were set up to do more damage to Klein though
  4. With this week being Wind as well as next week, Wind is the primary element Ah, didn't see that, thanks. Good to hear too since it's Wind season, ensuring her score/stat boost, synergy with Hrid, and that the Legendary bonus unit list will repeat. After Gunnthra it should be either this new hero or Legendary Ike for that slot.
  5. Minor thing, but next week is Wind+Earth, which heavily backs up this upcoming hero being Wind. Also
  6. Huh, I don't even have 28 sword infantry units at 4 and 5* combined. Ever thought about doing all 7 fights with one character each? I guess it could skew the difficulty a bit though
  7. Yeah, I feel ya. There are a few units I'd like at +10 but not enough to dedicate the resources towards them. Gonna hold on to what I have and see if anyone that really sparks my interest appears down the road.
  8. Treehouse segment, with a few minutes of the classic version and a lot of early game footage of the new one: Remake has the following things to note: No multiplayer apparently, due to the new engine. This is a massive loss for me Mini-map with objective markers Entire areas are on the same screen rather than regular transitions. The camera can be controlled as well. Jumping and aerial combat More basic attacks & combos, including some charged attacks and wide-area swings. There's also a dodge action Large area attacks can also be avoided; in the fight against the Fullmetal Hugger, they were able to avoid an attack where he jumps in the air and crashes down on the party. Bosses seem to have weak/strong points now, Fullmetal Hugger's weak spot being his eyes Little bonuses for how you beat enemies (taking no damage, fast kills, etc) Lots more treasure to find if you explore. I can't remember Music sounds very faithful to the original
  9. WoM baiting is one of the more reliable tactics for Defense, with Seliph being one of the best choices for it since he can trigger it with dual phase and without outside support. Seen a few Pannes and Sturdy Impact users attempt it too though
  10. I'm not well versed in their characters at all, but they did have at least 4 female heroes they could have used, right? Looking at their Final Smash makes it seem like every lead in the series is a Toriyama sameface guy.
  11. Happy for DQ fans. Only thing that bothers me is that they didn't put any of the DQ female heroes in there, which I know a lot of people were hoping for. Banjo is A+ and I'm glad it wasn't something stupid like the guy from Minecraft or the guy from Halo.
  12. I could never! But at this point, it would be shocking to see her added unless they did further DLC or something. With two slots left, the other 3 DLC characters being 3rd party, and her being in as a spirit already, the odds are as slim as it gets. I doubt there will as well, but I guess it's really up to Nintendo doing a CBA between working on DLC or the next game. Something like an Echo Pack sounds a bit more realistic, if still overall unlikely.
  13. Yeah, the dialogue was something along these lines:
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