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  1. I hope people who are disillusioned with Biden at least go vote for whatever Senate, etc elections there are, instead of staying home thinking only the presidency matters.
  2. "Fake" is kind of a vague descriptor, it's more accurate to say those groups are astroturfed.
  3. Something to consider, though it might not be a major thing: Any combat where she can deal at least 5 damage in combat (includes doubles, but doesn't factor specials, damage reduction skills, or if she'll die first) will have her AI attack instead of Dance, so a weapon that isn't as powerful might be more ideal to your setup. Armorsmasher is worth considering for sure, but it may give some teams an edge if it pushes her damage output over 5 HP. With that in mind, I personally think her best weapon is something that makes her harder to kill like her default Barrier Blade. I also think Fortress skills are good for her A/seal since they'll lower her Atk further, though some people also prefer HP+ to prevent Bridal Fjorm from stopping her.
  4. Ah, since my field deals with environmental protection (endangered species, oil spills, etc) and emergency management (stuff like COVID or a hurricane), I teach them using specific scenarios and even a bit of role playing in positions like mayor, fire chief, hospital chief, etc. It'd be harder to make the materials not relevant. Just as an example, one assignment has them model the blast radius of an overturned tanker trailer filled with explosive chemicals somewhere in their town, and determining approximately how many people and what systems would be affected.
  5. Is it something everyone says and does? I guess I'd be surprised cuz the other professors at my college don't teach that way. I'm way more laid back than any of them and tell my students things like to just go back to bed if they're too tired to get anything done (especially since they can come to the afternoon class). The thing about memorization is that unless your work deals with emergencies, you shouldn't be expected to memorize everything, so long as you have a way to get the information you need. So, all my tests/etc are open note, open book, open computer, and I give the long questions out a week beforehand so they can take time to think about/discuss them.
  6. As a college professor, I have complete freedom to teach however and whatever I want. Most people, including my department chair, don't even know a thing about my subject matter. I do stress to my students that the bottom line of every class isn't necessarily about knowing facts, but about problem solving. This is why I don't require they memorize anything, because anything they need badly enough to memorize will stick with them inevitably anyway.
  7. His bringing real leftism into the spotlight has helped sow the seeds for future generations to put an end to neolibralism in the US
  8. I'd figure things like resource control/deprivation and interfering with technologically dependent systems (whether through hacking or infrastructure destruction) would play a bigger role in a rebellion than having individuals armed for direct violence.
  9. Not to say it's the same guy, but I can't help but be skeptical about someone's intentions when they join a Fire Emblem forum to overwhelmingly post in one specific serious discussion thread.
  10. Thought we got rid of the gun rights troll, is this a new one?
  11. Yeah, but does anything prevent out-of-combat status effects? Legendary Chrom still has to watch out for Ophelia if he's hit with Panic and stuff, after all. I'm not sure the distinction matters because I don't think that's what's separating skills like Atk/Res Bond 4 and Fimbulvetr-- notice that the ones that ignore Blizzard, et al, negate all penalties, whereas the others only cover specific stats. I think the flags are just different between those sets of negation skills, and the Blizzard group of skills is coded to not even bother checking for penalties when the Fimbulvetr group is actively in play. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a coding oversight that skills like Atk/Res Bond 4 don't provide protection from Blizzard skills. Dunno, I guess it comes down to you wanting to sum it up in a word or two when even you or I, who understand this stuff, need to use at least a sentence to explain it. I guess to think of the Blizzard group of skills is "penalty exploiting skills" (PESs), Atk/Res Bond 4 group as "partial penalty negating skills" (PPNSs), and Fimbulvetr group as "total penalty negating skills" (TPNSs). Then there's stuff like Gjoll which is "penalty checking skills" (PCSs). Unless we can confirm some discrepancies, what we know seems to stand as follows: Partial Penalty Negating Skills (PPNSs) will prevent reduction to a unit's specified stats in combat (including from Panic'd bonuses). They do not negate the stat bonuses gained by foes using Penalty Exploiting Skills (PESs). Total Penalty Negating Skills (TPNSs) will prevent reduction to all of a unit's stats in combat (including from Panic'd bonuses). They negate the stat bonuses gained by foes using PESs. PPNSs are safe from Penalty Checking Skills (PCSs) if the only penalties they are suffering from are stat penalties they negate. All other penalties or negative status effects will trigger the PCSs. TPNSs are safe from PCSs if they are hit by any stat penalty, but not from negative status effects (including Panic). I'm not attached to these names, of course, feel free to come up with something better and even neaten up the bullet points.
  12. Uh, sure, if it's easier for you to understand it that way. I think your wording is making it more confusing than it is. Any bad status/penalty will flag Gjoll's effect unless the target has the ability to negate the bad status/penalty in play.
  13. I think it's less that he's surprised by how people act, and more that attributing it to "human nature" is vague when there are more precise ways to describe and look at why it all happens. Like, we all know companies want more money and will lobby like hell to get laws that enable exploitative practices, but saying people are greedy isn't as looking at what stimulates greed. Consider that capitalism relies on constant growth, which itself is led by the notion that left alone, everything depreciates in value and therefore if your company is not growing, it's dying. If the measures that company takes (like say, over-extracting) are exploitative and bad in the long term, they try to justify by saying that technology will inevitably grow to handle the problems of tomorrow, or that resources they're not taking advantage of today will be taken by somebody anyway, might as well be them. There's a mix of the human tendency to convince ourselves something we know is bad is actually maybe probably fine, or that it's every man for themselves, combined with the pressure of a global economic system that no one person alone can change. @Lewyn Side note, you might enjoy reading A Civil Action. Wasn't until around the 60's that we began to understand how groundwater works, so a lot of chemical dumping was done because people didn't know it'd end up in the drinking water. They figured it was fine as long as you weren't dumping directly into a body of water.
  14. Playing around with the following: Spring Bartre (Carrot Cudgel) Brunnya (Fimbulvetr) Legendary Chrom (Randgríðr) Brave Micaiah (both Atk/Res Bond 4 and Light of Dawn) Gunnthra (Blizzard) Saizo (Saizo's Star special refine) Claude (Cunning Bow) Hrid (Gjoll) Panic and debuff combined (whether effects stack or if it picks highest value) Based on the numbers I got, this is what I saw: Carrot Cudgel and Atk/Res Bond 4 did not prevent the effects from Light of Dawn, Blizzard, Saizo's Star, and Cunning Bow, and any stat bonus to those skills adds the effects of normal stat penalties with Panic (eg: Gunnthra will get +20 Atk from a unit who is suffering -10 in normal penalties and -10 in reversed bonus stats from Panic). Fimbulvetr and Randgríðr ignored all effects from Light of Dawn, Blizzard, Saizo's Star, and Cunning Bow, even with the effect of reversed bonus stats from Panic. Additionally, with Panic, bonus stats are simply nullified in combat instead of reversed. Gjoll will not work against skills that negate specific stat penalties (eg: Atk penalty on unit with Atk/Res Bond 4), but will work when those units are hit with any other bad status effect (Panic, Gravity, etc). I'd test more but this is all I have for units with penalty related skills.
  15. Unless I'm mistaken, that C skill basically lets him ignore outside buffs (Drives, Goads/Wards, Lucina's lance, Yato, Peony's tome), I think a lot of people are going to be surprised how effective he is for Defense teams against common strategies.
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