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  1. TERFs don't deserve to call themselves feminists. Can't see how any sane person would put those ideas under the umbrella of feminism either.
  2. Yeah, it was basically a "I guess I'll hold onto them if they ever add another one of my favorites as a GHB/TT unit" thing. The effort to collect them (specifically playing my best in AR daily) was one of the most burn-out inducing things I've experienced in any game.
  3. It's why some people dodge the draft (see Trump and George W), but for many it's about protesting a given war itself on moral grounds. The US were not the good guys in the Vietnam war, and being sent there to fight could have meant giving your life up for no good reason (and probably taking innocent lives as well). Slashing the military budget is really about cutting back on things like expensive new stealth bombers or missile systems, or mismanagement. The US outspends all other nations on military budget: Notice how many of these countries are our allies. One of the biggest criticisms of military spending is that much of it goes to weapons manufacturers who have lobbied to get contracts for new weaponry. Another criticism is tied to how we choose to use our military and arms production to violently interfere with the affairs of other countries for our own benefit (or more accurately, the benefit of a given administration and lobbyists). There's no sound argument against spending more for veteran services, especially on the grounds of a lack of funds. Yet, we choose to spend an overwhelming amount of money on being the world's top imperial power, to the benefit of a very specific few, and at the expense of literally everybody else on the planet.
  4. Thanks! Incidentally, before quitting I had nearly enough grails to +10 another GHB unit, and I'd have earned it all back again in the time I've been gone. Thing is, I wasn't super excited about the units (maybe Zephiel, Narcian, Clive, or Lyon), so continuing to get grails felt more like a chore that depended on the "but what if I neeeed them someday" feeling.
  5. By necessity, it's ok to not tolerate intolerant behavior, even if that sounds like a contradiction. Figure that a homophobe can admit they're wrong and change their ways, and people will generally let them go about their life. Conversely, for gay people, nothing short of not existing will appease homophobes. Homophobic behavior is intrinsically harmful behavior because the natural conclusion to their line of thinking means the eradication of gay people, one way or another. Consequently, tolerating homophobia means tolerating the erasure of gay people, and thus being intolerant of homophobia is necessary to protect gay people.
  6. Haven't played in a few months but I saw the Rutger GHB battle was back, so I decided to finish what I started Don't even know what's new to the game but at least I won't have to spend extra grails if I ever come back
  7. I've seen people who genuinely believe that everything we know that is negative about Trump or the GOP has been completely fabricated. I don't mean just Ukraine and Russia stuff, but even things going way back well before 2016. You literally cannot discuss anything with them because any source you provide is dismissed as fake. They are happy to go down with the ship. edit: Almost forgot that Yovanovitch testifies tomorrow, so a decent chance we'll learn some new stuff
  8. I do have a Switch, actually, and 3H for that matter, but I haven't started it yet. Nonetheless, I think it lists anyone I had added from Heroes on the recommended friends thing, so I can add ya there. And yeah that was my intention with the chicken fingers and such haha
  9. Not exactly legal immunity per se, there are some limitations as outlined in the Constitution that would warrant removing a president from office. Not to mention, executive privilege ends when a president leaves office, which is an inevitability one way or another. The significance of Congress using the Capitol Police is that they can bring in anybody else without needing the authority of the Executive or Judicial branches, and in a situation like this, that's what would bring him down.
  10. Yeah, this whole thing is almost certainly going to depend on whether or not the House Dems actually use that power to enforce their authority. Otherwise, it would only work if they got their hands on an incredible amount of valuable testimony and damning evidence (like the full recordings of the calls). edit: relevant article: Two Giuliani Associates Who Helped Him on Ukraine Charged With Campaign-Finance Violations
  11. The actual vote for articles of impeachment hasn't happened yet-- having them this early would undermine the investigations, for one thing. But the inquiry itself is very much within the articles of the Constitution, as well as the House's own rules, so dismissing their authority can result in the subjects of the inquiry being in contempt of Congress. And yeah, the White House has zero say on the matter. The letter about refusing to cooperate has the legal defense strength of a roll of toilet paper. If Congress issues subpoenas, ignoring them can result in being arrested by the Capitol Police (the legislative branch's law enforcement agency).
  12. The significance is that the Rockets were the team that signed Yao Ming, who was the first Chinese player in the NBA (first Asian, for that matter). This was the start of China's interest in basketball, and I guess they have their own league over there too, with a sort of all-stars game they'll host where they invite the Rockets over. I'm sure someone else can explain all this better than I could, but the point is that people in China pay attention to the Rockets.
  13. Haha of course you didn't scare me! I just have avoided coming here as a way of preventing myself from getting lured back into Heroes, and I guess avoiding potential spoilers for Three Houses. Glad Grima is helping though. Incidentally, your Titania the MVP of all MVPs out of anyone on my friend list, and that includes my twin brother who I could have swap in whatever I wanted. It might not mean a whole lot coming from someone on the internet, but if we knew each other in real life, I'm absolutely sure we'd be friends and doing stuff like ordering an absurd amount of chicken fingers.
  14. It warms my heart just knowing you're doing well, doubly so that everyone here has been supportive. The world has a lot to learn about how to treat trans people with respect, so I initially feared something terrible had happened when I saw the thread title. Even if it feels a little mushy to say so on the internet, we all love you.
  15. Byleth recast! Hell yeah! Get fucked and go broke, old dude, and welcome new guy!
  16. Yeah, it's a pretty solid grouping if it ends up like that. Still, I personally will hold back unless the new hero is Astra.
  17. I'm still baffled that "my friends" was never an option
  18. Very good chance of that happening. It's a bit early to say for sure, but next month is probably going to be something like: Legendary Ike Legendary Roy Valentine Ike Gunnthra Valentine Greil (or Mist if Greil is on July's banner) New Legendary Hero (Water/Pair Up - my money is on Corrin) Naga Legendary Tiki Valentine Soren Duma Legendary Robin Caineghis (unless he appears on July's banner, but that's looking much less likely now)
  19. Yeah, pretty much anytime someone with a long history of bad behavior is caught and immediately apologizes, it's just for damage control. If they had a genuine change of heart, it's more likely that they'd come forward about it on their own. Hope they recast Byleth and replace his voice work. Dunno how much is in Three Houses for them to replace, but I know it takes very little time for them to record FEH stuff.
  20. Back from a week long vacation, and yeah Byleth being on this banner strongly implies that the new hero will be colorless. I would suspect also that it means the hero will be either Dark or Anima to mix it up a bit, but then who knows. It's looking like: Legendary Marth HS Elise M Byleth Legendary Hector Legendary Lyn Valentine Mist Fjorm Legendary Azura HS Ryoma Eir Legendary Alm New Mythic Hero - whatever
  21. Yeah, definitely worth it. Hrid doesn't really need anything special since his default kit is so good, and Fjorm really just needs some minor things like Atk Smoke 3 and an A skill that doesn't depend on others being nearby (since you won't always have the option of keeping your allies close). I gave my Fjorm Mirror Stance 2, which comes from 4* Gharnef, so no real loss of investment there. Mordecai and Bartre are especially great to save for when you need a bonus unit and all you have are free units from TT. Give them Smite and either Fury 2 or Atk/Def Link and you've got yourself a helpful party member who can either buff allies on Smite or, in a pinch, actually fight. Fury is nice on those bonus units if they have a stat that's really high since they can be the target of Chills, which is a big help for the rest of the team. I'm not a Corrin fan, even with his powerful Support boost, just because so many maps are designed specifically to punish baiting from a safe distance. Put a soft support unit too close and an Ophelia or whatever will get Dance'd and warp over to kill them. If you can't get Corrin (or Marth or Kaden) close to your tank safely, then you're better off bringing someone else.
  22. @Anacybele An alternative solution to most of these suggestions is to just focus on a few specific Legendary heroes like Hrid, Fjorm, etc. That's what I do anyway. They don't need special investment to make functional, and pulling extra copies isn't usually necessary (it sure helps though). It's great since you won't have to use extra Light/Astra blessings either on new units or rotating out the most solid units. In my experience, the most valuable skills for AR are Atk Smoke 3 and Smite. I'd say the minimum requirement is just having good Def and Res. My Fjorm uses Shield Pulse for her B slot and she can usually take on entire Defense maps by herself. Before Naga was added, I used my Hawkeye quite a bit too and he'd regularly wipe out entire Flier teams.
  23. I think you'll make it, and even you don't, it sounds like you've learned a lot from this week. You're definitely getting better at this. One thing that could potentially help make your final runs easier is if you take a look at your Rematch options from Defense Results. Though you only get to see the enemy's first unit, sometimes it's possible to gauge what their map is like based on that unit's skills. Here's a few things to consider: Units who attacked earlier in the week might be a bit easier, especially if they had a hard time with your map. The idea here is that later challengers are probably closer to your score later in the week, while anyone who struggles or doesn't put in much effort would not likely keep up with your score, and thus probably not face you so late. Don't rely on this though. If their Offense Fortress is relatively low, then their Def fortress might be high, so avoid foes with low Offense forts If their lead unit has Infantry Pulse, don't challenge them, because you know what the rest of the team is gonna look like. Likewise you might see something similar with Legendary Hector, so be wary of him as a lead. Brave Lyn, Veronica, or any Firesweep units should probably also be skipped. Might be setting yourself up for an onslaught of foes you can't counter Seliph, Lilina, and Ophelia should probably also be skipped. Those setups are pretty much the same sort of devastating offense (in Seliph's case, Miracle + WoM baiting) If it's Legendary Azura, I'd be wary of them, especially if they have a Dance seal (like Earth Dance). Likewise, if their lead unit has a Rally skill, I'd say skip it. Rally skills are usually used on high offense units as a way to not suicide on tanks and also punish baiting A flier with a goad or ward skill tells you it'll be a Flier Ball map, which are very dangerous, skip those too Yune as a lead is usually a good sign, since she's very frail and has a hard time using most of her skills. I see Yune-lead challengers as easy wins since Hrid will always kill her in one shot, even if he's debuffed and she isn't If their lead unit is lacking a seal or other major skill slot (not counting assist), that's often a sign of a careless map build. It doesn't guarantee it's easy, but it does show that the player might not care about their Def map or goofed and forgot to Lock their team. Awkward skill/seal choices are also worth noticing. There's a guy on my rematch with a +10 Jeorge using Cupid Arrow (not very threatening) and Blaze Dance seal (does nothing for Jeorge). I could be wrong, but I doubt this guy has any tricks up his sleeve. If the main unit is weaponless, that's probably a free win, lucky you
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