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  1. Want to say: "Finally, another non-lord Avatar. And with dialogue options? Hell yes!" "Nice, they brought back the amiibo support from Fates, with added supports!" "Man this soundtrack is sick, I hope the whole game is like this." "Oh man, they got Hidari back?" "Oh this map design is really good! Not too difficult but not too easy, that's awesome!" Don't want to say: "Oh god that little girl is gonna end up being like 3000 years old, isn't she?" "Great they took away casual mode..." "Why are her boobs so massive?" "Skinship 2?" "What do you mean Fire Emblem isn't here?" "What do you mean delayed??" Expect to say: "Oh look, the Avatar is the lord again." "Kozake isn't bad I guess." "When does the special edition come out? I want it regardless." "Excuse me, HOW much is that Season Pass?" "I can't believe the new character was just revealed and they're already in Smash..."
  2. Yep it's that one! My only issue with using Camilla is Lucina who eventually spawns in the upper part of the map, but if I ignore major captains like Azz said, maybe that'll work.
  3. Thank you @Florete! I'll be sure to try that! In addition, is there any tips anyone has for S-Ranking the 3rd Timed Attack at the bottom of the Invisible Ties history mode? It's the only thing left for me to do to unlock the mission that gives Yato's scroll. I can't even come close to doing it on my own, but when My girlfriend came over we were only a hundred off with our Lyn/Niles combo. Is there anyone I should be using that'll allow us to actually complete this within 7 minutes, or anyone I should be using to do it in 7 minutes solo?
  4. I'm working on unlocking Celica and I hit a major roadblock in the bows only map. I have three bow users, those being Takumi (Lv 76), Sakura (Lv 50), and Niles (Lv 50). So far, this map is IMPOSSIBLE, and looking at the enemy units, I can see why. Everyone does very little damage, even with a block breaking blessing, and I just can't seem to beat it. From what I've gathered, I need the Topsy-Turvy skill on Sakura's bow, but the issue with that is it seems like the Conduit Bow is the only way I can get this skill on her, and I'm an idiot and sold it without knowing I needed it. Is there any other place this weapon can drop, or is there any way I can put the same skill on a bow from another weapon? (I have it on an axe) I could always grind and overlevel them, but I still don't know if that'll work. Am I just screwed?
  5. For the Danganronpa one, I got Naegi. I guess that's accurate. The Pokemon type one is COMPLETELY inaccurate though. I got Poison. "Cunning, sly, ambitious, driven, disloyal, power-hungry", none of those are ven remotely close to me. In fact, I'm a little offended by it, since its the exact opposite of my personality.
  6. I'm just saying that forced permadeath isn't a concept a wider audience can get behind. If it was truly something audiences didn't like, it wouldn't be around now. It adds an extra level of difficulty, but doesn't make the game difficult in itself. Also, "hand holding" in games isn't that much of a problem, even in shooters (one that comes to mind as not holding your hand is Overwatch). Games are made for all audiences now. We are no longer in the days when the only beta testers were developers who knew the games inside out, and made them much harder because of how well they understood them. Games aren't like the days of the NES and SNES because they caught on and got much bigger audiences, so they slowly became easier. Side note, I've never played a CoD game, please explain to me how it holds your hand.
  7. That sounds too ridiculous, especially the idea of deleting the file if your lord dies. Fire Emblem should be difficult at times, but not that difficult. We don't need to make it the next Dark Souls. Even forced classic is a bit too far, because it'd severely limit getting new people into the franchise. If I wanted this theoretical game as my first FE, I'd get extremely turned off by its difficulty. Casual mode is important because it makes the games and stories within them accessible to a wider audience, such as younger people who could get easily frustrated and those who aren't interested in permadeath but want to try the series. Imo, classic mode is something you work your way up to. You play casual for a file, and if you think it's too easy or want to play it again, you try it in classic after, or try one of the older games. Realistically, classic and casual work in tandem to please both audiences to the franchise. Casual appeases the casual audiences who aren't interested in such a level of difficulty, while classic sates the veterans and hardcore players who want to have a bigger challenge on the first run.
  8. +1 LunartailSteffi Everything came in fine and you put up with my lateness and stuff, thank you!!
  9. Quiz 13: I got The Lovers. I guess It's accurate, I do have a lot of big decisions to make lately... Also, I recently went to a comic con and met my childhood heroes, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! So out of nostalgia and stuff, I propose this: Which Power Ranger are you?
  10. How do you get the System Voices? I don't mean the Japanese voice pack, I mean the different heroes as the system voice.
  11. im breaking the topic to volunteer to be dodgedusk and arcanites maid of honor EDIT: screw you doge, marry me or whatever
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