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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a little late!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday, whoever you are

    Enjoy your 22nd though

    You've been offline for more than a year btw. What's up with that?

  4. Absolutely amazing. Job well done! I ended up watching almost the entire thing in one sitting. Haar FTW.
  5. That is amazing. I never knew that! I might just leave them on off and use the A button now. Thanks!
  6. I only leave animations on for the units I like. Especially Swordmasters and people with awesome skills. Usually, especially on long chapters that I hate, I leave on map or none. BTW: 5 hit Cancel Astra = one of the most satisfying things in life.
  7. Game mechanics aside, in Ilyana's case, it could be argued that she maybe "un-promoted" since she spent her time with the convoy guys traveling and not fighting, right? Jill, as far as I know, spent her time doing nothing until the Daein Liberation Army was formed. So maybe she "un-promoted" because she wasn't fighting before then. Or maybe she was? I mean, she would have to be doing something productive with her time; dragons don't feed themselves. Or maybe they do...? I think it would be more costly to feed Ilyana for three years than feeding a dragon for three years. Mechanics-wise, they wanted to give you a strong mage and a strong flying unit during part 1, but they didn't want to make them crutch characters. In that dimension, I kinda wish they had just made two more new characters and had Ilyana and Jill rejoin at a later point. For example, maybe Jill was traveling with Haar and met up with Elincia and pals during part 2. And maybe Ilyana could have just stayed with the GM group instead. It woulda been nice to have met up with Melty the forgotten Pegasus Knight or something. Who knows?
  8. Gatrie. If you had the choice of, in the beginning, getting one of the three Generals to start with, I'd choose Tauroneo, as his mustache is epic. I would have voted for him if you got him in whatever chapter Gatrie rejoins in, instead of Chapter 26 or whatever with Ena.
  9. What about Bonus Maps? I loved the PoR Bonus Maps. I wish I had the chance to roll my 20/20/20 units versus some non-dragon/non-elemental enemies. Supports irked me too. I think that's the general consensus. All of the GM guys I think were okay without developing them, since most of them were developed in the last game, even though some of them have clearly changed over time (Jill, for example). Woulda loved to have seen some actual DB supports. Especially Aran/Laura and Nolan/Fiona.
  10. Not to derail the topic any further, but I felt I should toss my ten cents. By all means, please study Japanese. It's a great language with good fundamentals. The learning curve can be somewhat difficult at times, since you're not only learning different grammar structures from what we commonly use in English, but also 2 new sets of writing characters which have about 40-65 characters in them, in addition to the fact that they use well over 2,000 Chinese kanji in "everyday" situations. But please don't be discouraged. With hard work, it's very possible to aim for fluency. I'm somewhat envious that it would be offered for you in senior high. On a side note, I'm curious about you, Vince. You say your proficiency is pretty low? I'm wondering what tools you use, because your translations are pretty good.
  11. I used him in my first few playthroughs and he was amazing, aside from his tendency to try and avoid getting DEF points whenever he can. Green hair wins it too. Also, I like how he has a relatively normal build size in PoR, and then beefcake's in RD.
  12. Actually, it's pretty easy to get all of those folks to promote on Normal mode, with proper boss abuse and stuff. If you're talking without that kinda stuff, probably not. Getting Laura to Saint in P1 is possibly the most amazing thing ever. Also got Fiona really close to Silver Knight with Paragon and Bronze Weapons.
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