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  1. SD!Linde Sonya Rebecca Eliwood L'arachel Afaik Miriel isn't highly ranked Orochi Probably some more
  2. Alm: Royal Sword/Falchion/Killer Bow Celica: Beloved Zofia/Zweihander Kliff: Mage Ring Mathilda: Rhomphaia Palla: Gradivus/Rhomphaia Faye: Dracoshield Tatiana: Dracoshield Silque: Silver Shield Atlas: Zweihander Tobin (BK): killer bow
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=90&v=e579wa7BWZg The relevant stuff happens from 1:30 (feel free to just pause it there, since the only relevant part of that video is the enchanced silhouette(?) Same case as when we found out Flying Olivia . I compared this new silhouette(?) with Azura's sprite, mostly to see if we would get another alt of muh waifu. : Something that the units in those portraits have in common is that if they have long enough hair, it can be seen on the edge of their portraits there (ie: Olivia's ponytail, Lewyn's hair, etc.) There's no blue color on the central bottom part, which pretty much discards anyone with long hair. However, if you pay attention to the red circle in this pic, you can see a blue strand, which seems to match with Flora's hairstyle. The other marked parts focus on Flora's hairstyle and what seems to be her eye, which as I mentioned before seemed to be grey/blue in this pic. Here are some pics of Flora, so you can compare: Thoughts?
  4. Yup, same for me Pent is my one of my most favorite units (second only to Ninian) And I still bother training Rebecca, because I enjoy her character and she's cute (except in Heroes)
  5. This makes me remember of the days when I thought that Lyn was high tier and prepromotes should be avoided like the plague
  6. I try to main Marth in Melee Yoshi in Sm4sh, with Kirby, Shulk, Marth and Robin as secondaries. And Shiek as a pocket
  7. Can't I get another reward for Infernal, instead of a rehab!Lloyd?
  8. Cobalnite


    So... just joined Serenes, started with Awakening. GFaqs got stale, so here I am hoping that there's more gameplay disccusion here than "Rinkah/Clive is shit", and "Hurr Xander breaks Lunatic!CQ in half" Futaba is smol Rowlet is a messenger of love and friendship Azura is bae And crits are basically in a love/hate relationship with everyone
  9. I just hope it adds Magvel characters or at least just L'arachel and L00t
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