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  1. Have you tried resetting your game? Like using the in-game save feature then hitting the reset button on your emulator?
  2. In fog of war you can't see all the units so it doesn't show you how many units are left
  3. Should I pm her? (I know this is a double post but I forgot to quote so I don't know if you got a notification)
  4. I'm still pretty new to how this place operates. Should I pm her? Or...
  5. I think Lamia figured out how but I couldn't find any info on how she did it
  6. Technically anything is possible (within snes emulator limitations) with enough work. I just want to figure out how.
  7. So this is cool but how would I set it so other characters and classes have access to this
  8. I assumed as such. I'm just not quite that knowledgeable on rom hacking to pull that off and there are little to no tutorials on FE4 rom hacking
  9. Is it possible to make 3rd tier classes for Fire Emblem 4? If so how? I thought it could work well since levels don't reset in FE4 so the issue of having to gain extra exp in shorter games wouldn't be an issue it could work something like one of these: 1 to 2: Lv10, 2 to 3: Lv20 1 to 2: Lv15, 2 to 3: Lv25 1 to 2: Lv20, 2 to 3: Lv30 if anyone has any info at all on this please inform me
  10. Any tutorials for hacking FE4 would be greatly appreciated. I have been basically trial and erroring it along with the few resources there are. There are quite a few things I'm unsure on and there's probably alot of things where there is a much easier way that I'm unaware of. Also links to any existing tutorials would be gladly appreciated.
  11. I've done everything here and it all seemed to work but than i boot up the game in my emulator and nothing has changed and i cant figure out why
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