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  1. Each unit has a type. For example, Celine has Mystical i think, so she ignores Terrain with Magic Ivy has a Tamer type, so she doesn't Or that's how i understood it
  2. Also seems that not all magic ignores terrain, but only those with Mystical type
  3. Zzzz... Bloodbath. Tunisia facing the big fav. while also hoping for a Australia Denmark tie Objective for all: Evade France. Except Mexico, they will have to face France if they advance rip Croatia and Belgium fighting to send each other to Retirement, while Morocco just needs to not fuck up. Memes Rip Korea Baklanitics: the Prelude 2?
  4. On world cup stuff... This Brasil squad is pretty damn solid. Best since a loooooooooooong time. Can see em winning this.
  5. https://noisypixel.net/the-legend-of-heroes-kuro-no-kiseki-ii-crimson-sin-best-toilet-2022/ Bwahahahahaha
  6. I think he will also love Sigurd when he get's to Ponyriding Simulator
  7. Biggest problem: Corrin is a blackhole that get's praised for everything and everyone follows them no matter what. Also they never grew out of their naivety. They aren't the worst case of blackholeness i saw, but it's a pretty bad one
  8. Finally the Gen7sweep is happening The only real problem i had with Gen 7 was the handholding tbh, otherwise i found them pretty damn strong. Especially since Totems battles were quite fun, and we finally got rid of HMs
  9. That's extra funny lol Time for Captain Tsubasa? Yeah we ain't getting that 8 goal difference closed
  10. All that said, Japan is the biggest loser today. If they didn't choke against Costa Rica like this they would've qualified. Now i give them the lowest chances of qualifying ngl. Spain is not impossible, but it will be quite hard for them.
  11. Scenes when Japan and Costa Rica win their next games and kick Spain and Germany out lol Seriously tho, now we need Spain to beat Japan so we can advance...which i am not 100% sure will happen lol That's how i feel with the other groups XD
  12. Good news: Spain not as good as expected Bad news: Spain not as good as expected
  13. Wow people on TV are hella optimistic OK Where is that coming from XD
  14. 0 hope Well, Who knows with this world cup and thanks to Japan fumbling today, we still have a chance even if we lose
  15. Rip in pieces Ngl, the team has potential, but hella inexperienced and an awful defence
  16. CR and Japan advacing from this group for ultimate memes Didn't CR lose to BR in 2014 quarter i think? Edit: Nope they lost to Netherlands
  17. NGL the games today so far did give me hope for a Germany win lol Then we choke against CR
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