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  1. In my opinion, usually well-liked characters are well-written ones.
  2. Where did Veronica come from? wouldnt make sense if she got a brave version before her original, though, as someone mentioned
  3. We are not starting this no pineapples on my pizza
  4. I think I see what you were going for, but aside from certain seemingly useless support conversation changes, I didn't mind the localization of FE Fates, so I'm in for the FE Switch train. Censorization and changes made in localized versions usually have their reasons, such as Corrin supposedly spiking Soleil's drink, Soleil going through a 'phase', etc. that wouldn't simply work out for the consumers in different countries and can only be culturally accepted in Japan or some other countries.
  5. Favorites: JRPG, VN, Bullet Hell, FPS (unless it's one of those ones that give me nausea) Least Favorites: "Educational" Games (did anyone even mention this before), puzzle (except for Prof. Layton series), racing, most fighting games, most platformers
  6. Really depends on which game it is. The creator might want to mix in fantasy aspects into it, and that already makes the game historically incorrect. Sometimes certain games will preferably have correct historical facts. Which game are we talking about, really? Lets not talk about Fate. Florence Nightingale the Berserker
  7. English Virtual Console releases of older Fire Emblem series. I'll definitely get it, and I believe it will appeal to newer fans as well.
  8. I never really used both of them but I loved seeing those memes on splatoon, me being a living dank meme and all. miss you, miiverse :/ I don't care much for miitomo though
  9. I can't even start to properly farm and ascend before I have a 5* unit. My 4*s are pretty much trash statement brought to you by gacha salt.
  10. I think someone already mentioned it, but it's probably just because that way the more important characters stand out. Happens all the time in the animes I watch.
  11. I place my bet on Tharja and Camilla, as much as I dislike them. I don't think Chrom will make it, honestly. Maybe Hector? I honestly have no idea for the male selection, but probably those who scored high last round. (how about we vote for f.robin and soleil)
  12. Ah, it's time for this again, isn't it? Fanservice/the-fates-crap. Just no. I don't think I need to explain that. Clones. No need to explain that one either i believe. 2nd gen. Unless they are completely necessary for the story, no. Juggling multiple unnecessary arcs. Looking at you, Awakening. The Valm campaign was pretty much pointless. They could've connected Plegia arc and Grima arc altogether. And I just hope they have an actually good story and learn from how Fates went down.
  13. I first saw the left one as Lissa, but it would make sense if it was Peri? I honestly have my doubts for Tharja and Robin... maybe chrom. Probably no new character will be added to Heroes through this, if there will be Morgan then I'm expecting a separate banner with the Awakening children. I think I might skip this one unless they have really good designs? I'm starting to wonder if I should have not summoned my 2 Siegbert with 80+ orbs. I should have not.
  14. No, please not Tharja... I already had too much of her, I don't need any more. I guess it really can't be helped though, she's really popular for some reason. Both of them don't really appeal to me, so I'll probably just summon a few times and probably save up for other banners. I'll just wait for the other 2 characters.
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