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  1. Daemon X Machnina has free DLC to add Geralt and Ciri from the Witcher to the game.
  2. Then Shadow Dragon came along and allowed you to do it with every weapon!
  3. My timing is truly something to behold. Probably a joke about how Ryoma won't attack you until 25 turns have passed (20 on Lunatic) on the final level you face him in Conquest. While not as bad as some other examples in the series, I would call it one of the few "bullcrap" levels in Conquest, as the only unit that can cause a game over is parked right next to the guy infamous for being able to solo Birthright (which on a side note a Ryoma-only challenge run is something I will absolutely do in the event I ever get Birthright). Sure, you can oneshot the guy if Corrin turned out godlike, but if they turned out average or were RNG-screwed or you decided to make them a class that uses axes in a game where the weapon triangle is far more important, then you'd better hope the rest of your army is strong enough to defeat the other two bosses on the map and reach Ryoma in time. Oh, and on Lunatic, this is the level that introduces Inevitable End, which causes stat debuffs to stack, which means that even the toughest of units can be reduced to having the durability of a piece of paper if they get hit enough. Again, it's not as bad as some other levels in the series. A weak Corrin can be compensated by having a strong army and vice versa, the time limit gives you enough time to reach Ryoma, and there's very little outside the players control that can screw over the map. I just don't like that they put the game-over unit right next to a beast of a unit, and how getting RNG-screwed can make this map harder than it needs to be. ...Not sure why I went on that rant, especially since there were maps in Conquest I disliked more. I suppose it's because the ones I hated had good ideas and execution, they just weren't fun to play through and/or could have been even better (I actually wouldn't mind seeing the wind mechanic appear in a different Fire Emblem game, and beastbane+pass would have been a nice twist on the illusion gimmick if it had appeared in an earlier level), whereas the difficulty of Ryoma's chapter can be reliant on whether Corrin got RNG blessed or screwed. Again, Awakening is a fun game with an impressive amount of freedom, just don't go in expecting everything was well-designed. There are a lot of broken things in the game, but you can ignore or exploit said broken mechanics, if you catch my drift. Also, while I personally think the games cast is more well rounded than people give it credit for, do know that it pulls the "looks like a one-dimensional trope at first but is later shown to be three dimension" trick. While this makes it more satisfying to unlock supports, it also means you're going to have to deal with a questionable first impression for a while. I might check it out someday, then. Maybe when I'm not juggling 12 games at once. That wasn't a criticism of your LPing skills, and more of an observation that it is probably a mechanic that is easier to grasp by playing the game yourself than by watching someone else. In Greek, it means "monk or dignitary in charge of ten others". In Anglo-Saxon English, it means "Valley". In Hebrew, it means "Law" or "Justice". The dictionary definition is "the head of a college or university facility or department". ...Yeah I don't know how the name became associated with edgy characters in Fire Emblem games. Thanks for the warning. I'm fine with something being dark as long as it doesn't go overboard. Don't know, since they're all great. Maybe later I'll come to a decision on my favorite. If I remember correctly, it was one of the examples the guy gave that wasn't niche in some way. Or it was the easiest to screenshot, one of the two. Doesn't help that despite MyCastles flaws (there were some buildings that were largely useless or limited mechanically, and while I can buy the explanation storywise, you can tell that it was mostly a gameplay excuse than anything else), it didn't overstay its welcome, it was a lot more clear when you did everything you could, and there was a strategic element to which buildings you added/upgraded since for they most part you could only do so once per chapter (such as deciding between adding more weapons in the shop or making the mess halls food bonuses stronger and so on). The Monastery addressed my complaints about the story implementation and how some facilities were useless, and then took a step back everywhere else. It's a pretty good adventure game that successfully executes stealth and racing mechanics, and Jade actually knows most of the NPCs and they know her, giving the world more natural exposition than "press A and the NPC will repeat the exact same response every time". It's not flawless, seeing as any gamer will know how to defeat the bosses the moment they appear (although the final boss pulls some neat tricks, and the second-to-last one is a lost Star Fox boss) and it's on the short side, but overall it's a well-made game that I can't think of a reason for why it didn't sell well or why it's not discussed more. Again, it only affected a small part of the game and I don't mind that the next few games didn't have it (especially when Fates had the same mechanics and then some) but it was cute and something to look forward to when recruiting another character. Oh... well then... On the bright side, I am now encouraged to pay even more attention to character and place names. *Internal Screaming* On the bright side, I don't have plan to attend any college classes in the near future, so with hope I won't be (as) distracted by real life as much as last time. Coulda phrased that better on my part. I meant that the game got me thinking more about how each one of those gravestones was a person that had parents, maybe some siblings or children, and lived a long or short life. I've thought of those things before, but it got me to think about those kind of things more deeply I suppose it what I was trying to aim at. I mean, she just took out the boss. Everyone else fell by your armies hands. So much so you named his portrait "grandpa". I remember seeing this place before. It is rather majestic yes. Also, that's a large curtain in the background. If you bet on multiple horses and one of them wins, can you say "called it!"? How has this guy not been assassinated yet? Did he earn a medal in Fidel Castro's "surviving assassination attempts" Olympics? Or is it just because the enemy doesn't have a good navy? She may not appear as often as Eugen, but she's already on her way to filling in his shoes. I would legit not be surprised if they were related somehow. One day that will be the end of Padolf, won't it? He's not right in the head, is he? Why is it that no matter the government, someone crazy can always end up in charge? Well, except in anarchy, except he could still participate in his own way. If is evil looking collar didn't spell out that he was a bad guy, blaming the hero for someone else's actions is. Wonder what benefit he gets from Volcens being in charge. Self-Control! It adds a lot to a villain. A ridiculous scene that sets up that the people in charge are either crazy, incompetent, have their own agendas, or are actually heroic but have to deal with this crap. I'll get used to it, but these dialogue scenes updating one at a time while both are on screen has led me to read both of them continuously. Point being I was confused for a short while as to why Reese would go from "Not at all!" to "come again?" before rereading. Not too unusual in real life, even if it tends to backfire at some point. I'm surprised that you didn't comment on Three Houses regarding corruption in the church. Still, this is a pretty intriguing case of grey morality, and probably one of many throughout this game. I remember you mentioning that Berwick Saga focuses on how peoples lives are affected by war. Interesting choice not to have the game focus on the "important" battles like many other games do. And if she channels Eugen's wit and snark and weaponizes it, this war would be over before the first chapter ends. This got a huge laugh out of me. All that's missing is King Arthur. So they're more or less ronin. Or black knights if they painted their armor black. I keep misreading Luciana as Lucina, and it doesn't help that both of them have longer hair that's blue. I take it that the church and religion of this game will be expanded upon later? These are already pretty unique setups regarding the topic matter, at least for SRPG's. What a twist! But seriously, I'm guessing that some enemy soldiers are attempting to poison an allied army and this ended up being one of the logical though terrible consequences. Especially since you stated earlier this wasn't a bandit chapter. We don't even know her stats or skills yet and already we know your opinion on her. Now the question is whether or not she's Saint Rubenio Let's Play "I'll Still Use Them" bad. Sounds too good to be true. Aside from the "no horse and have to pay" part, Is there a catch somewhere? Or do you love her so much because there is no catch? Does some offscreen adventurer ever buy what you put in the pawnshop, or do the items remain there permanently? Makes sense. Trees are mightier than men, but they don't dodge. Then Shadow Dragon came along and allowed you to do it with every weapon! Then Awakening automatically filled the weapon to full durability even when you didn't want to, Fates used the Shadow Dragon method for staves but everything else didn't break, Shadows of Valentia had competent blacksmiths but no shops, and Three Houses brought repair back. Yay? I'm kinda curious what Saut! Jed Veal, Orange Rabbit, Chicken Fricass! Je, and Papillote Shrooms are now. Not that I'd like to eat them, mind, but I'm curious what they're made out of. Kaga Did It First
  4. Excellent point. Now that I think about it, I can't think of a single game where food was present and it didn't do something mechanically. So IS copied Kaga's homework and then crayoned in different hair-colors and dialogue? I mean, technically Kaga did it first in TRS with Maerchen and his brother, but you could recruit one and the other came off more as a parody than anything, so it subverted the trope before it even became one (for Fire Emblem, anyway). That got a chuckle out of me as well. I really like your description of the goal. That's a pretty badass line. Seems Kaga really stepped up his game with showing rather than telling important aspects about Berwick Saga. Do Axel (who I thought was just Axe the first time I read this line) and the bandit have the exact same sprite, just different hair/headgear? I was suspecting that it came back, but it's still cool to see that there are different sprites for each weapon as was the case in TRS and the SNES Fire Emblem games. The simple mustache change got a bigger laugh out me than it really should have. I can see why Axel is one of your favorite units. Pulverize alone looks fun to use. A Very Saint Rubenio Let's Play result, I must say. There's a charge bonus? And it's lost on the second strike? ...That's a pretty neat attention to detail that has some strategic considerations. From the little else I know about Berwick, I'm expecting this will be the tip of the iceberg of such examples. I don't know why, but I find Christine kneeling down to fire with a crossbow to be a neat detail. I'm expecting some nastier enemies with this skill to appear later on in the game. So knives are weak, but annoying? I see Fates ran with the same design philosophy, albeit in a different way. So a magical weapon would deal both physical damage and magical damage, or just the latter? I'm fine with Fire Emblem just having magical weapons deal magical damage due to being streamlined, but if Berwick Saga's does both, then that's a pretty interesting way of handling it. Berwick Saga had some really damn good background artists. On the bright side, we now know that Berwick Saga's notifications fade from view instead of just popping out of existence I got that impression from the previous screenshots, but it looks like a fun way to dodge things. Oh, wow. The game actually accounts for provoke. Or he says that when you attack him, but it's neat nonetheless. Even earlier, it always looks like the pirate is staring at the thing that almost stabbed them. Fights between pirates where both of them just hop around must be silly to watch. Now it looks like Dean is about to shoot his foot. I'm sorry, but I can't unsee Dean's axe as a gun from some of these angles. Wait, did you recolor his vest? Are those lines in his chest supposed to be arrows? They look kinda like the strings from his coat got caught in his wound, honestly. Reminds me of how your army or the enemy can disrupt birds in Battle Realms which gives away their inexact position. Certainly seems to be an interesting way to find out where hidden enemies are. ...Man, I really need to play Battle Realms again. It's one of the few RTS games that I was competent at, and the way you upgraded units was pretty interesting. Yet I never got very far due to life distracting me, and then another game caught my interest. Looks like she modified her crossbow to launch flashbangs. It seems archers really did advance great leaps and bounds after TRS. I remember one of the videos you linked that showed Berwicks awesome animations was a level were you were tasked with capturing people (with the comments implying the mission was pretty suspicious), so yeah it does look solid in motion. That... is one really incredibly risky yet clever way to make someone interested in hiring you. And it seems to be working. Ey, a new addition! I can't wait to see what the highest record will be!
  5. I still recommend Awakening, but I would warn to go in expecting a fun but flawed game. The difficulty is wonky, the handling of the cast was a double edged sword, and balance is laughable. Yet I'd say it's the Fire Emblem game in which you have the most freedom in how you want to play. You can exploit every game-breaking thing in the game, or you can ignore them entirely. You can use your favorite characters, pick them based on efficiency, or just see where the RNG goes. There are so many different ways to play the game that it's one of the main reasons I keep coming back to it, even if I wish the difficulty was more consistent. I also think you'd actually enjoy the gameplay side of Conquest, though on the writing side of things... let's just say that knowing going in that it's not very good helps a lot more than you'd expect it would. The economic aspect of this whole thing has made me extremely suspicious, to say the least. It's called COVID-19 because it was discovered in 2019 and China closing down would have some obvious economic consequences, yet very little was done to limit the damage and the quarantines measures are being taken in steps, rather than jumping to the most efficient courses of action. I have a few conspiracy theories about how politicians will twist this whole mess to suit their own agendas, but I'll wait and see before jumping to conclusions. I'm still working, by the way, although I'm prepared to work from home any day now. The company I work at indirectly creates parts for medical equipment and the like, thus making them "essential", and I deal with enough electronic forms that I'll have something to do. Awakening and Fates S-Supports could be viewed from a pure gameplay angle due to the child mechanic, which was the main reason I was okay with its existence. I have no idea why S-Supports are a thing in Three Houses, since as far as I can tell, they don't even provide any exclusive support bonus during battle. I honestly wonder what your opinion on Karl Steiner from Blustone would be. He gives off the impression that he's an edgelord, and he most certainly has the looks and backstory of one (his team was massacred and he was the sole survivor). Yet he's more confused than anything when someone calls him by his first name, apologizes when someone complaints about his pet making a mess, and completely doesn't give a crap about a younger swordfighter asking for Karl to train them and then later calling him slow and the practice pointless. Even 9 months after not playing the game, and I still want to talk about Blustone. I'm seriously tempted reinstall it despite the recent questionable decisions (making 4 star hunters regular summons when previously you had to unlock them, most of said 4 star hunters are female, they added swimsuits as cosmetic costumes (better than Fire Emblem Heroes in that case, but still), and a few other gameplay related changes) due to the story being completed, they probably added more lore, and Clint Eastwood is a playable character. Yes, really. *** I don't know much about Vestaria saga. It's one of those games I think I'll try eventually, but there are other one's I'd like to play first. Forgot about Thracia, although it seems like most Fire Emblem games have a bandit chapter at some point during the earlygame. Which make made me surprised by how Fates of all games bucked that trend. Mechanically, I would argue yes. Everything else, on the other hand... I get the general gist, it's more understanding that while it's happening. I get the impression it's easier to grasp seeing it in motion rather than through screenshots. Or a Myrmridon! Also, I found this when searching for the other Dean: It's an X-COM joke about how the original games allowed you soldiers to either aim their weapons for greater accuracy to take a snap-shot, which cost less time units but is also less accurate. Considering the low hit rates in both X-COM and Berwick saga, it seems like most units don't care about trying to actually hit something. The repetitiveness of the GBA animations is one of the few complaints I have against them, but considering that's the case in all three GBA games, it makes me wonder if they were never added due to space/memory reasons rather than general laziness.. One the one hand, that makes me glad that this game won't pull anything of that awful caliber. On the other hand, that situation happened on the first level, and while the Slaver set an extremely high bar, there are still several terrible things below it... That's the impression I got, which is why I didn't end up using the picture as I planned. I remember people mentioning that they liked the battalion mechanic of Three Houses simply because it actually gave the impression they were leading an army instead of a group of 15 people. Honestly... that never really bothered me in any of the previous titles. Either the player and enemy forces were even enough in power that I didn't really notice or the story specified that the level was more or less a strike mission against a specific installation instead of a brawl with the whole might of the enemy army. The only time I did notice was with Fates, and even then I'd chalk that up more to the wackiness of the cast and how the overall war can come off as a background element far more often than it should. It's to early to tell how Berwick Saga handles your invisible army, so I'll just wait and see before giving an opinion. I noticed but forgot to mention it last time, but I'm glad to see the .png images still have unique names. Don't remind me of that fishing minigame. It's so damn boring, yet the rewards for a higher professor ranking are too good to pass up exploits to gain experience faster. No joke, the monastery stuff is probably the single biggest reason why I still have to beat the game. It makes me seriously hope that a future update gives an autofishing option and a way to access all the facualties from a quick-menu instead of having to fast travel everywhere. I'm taking a guess that it's possible to add cosmetic junk here to make it look prettier, with only a handful of furniture/paintings/whatnot actually affecting gameplay? So is there any point to capturing bandits, then? Aside from stealing their items? I was wondering why there were so many shops selling different weapons when they could have just combined it into one or two larger stores. I also appreciate it when videogames give some flair and personality to their shopkeepers. Even though after playing Resident Evil 4, nothing will beat that games Merchant. Pejj is just a letter off from Peyj, and now I'm reminded of Beyond Good and Evil, another underrated videogame that didn't sell very well for reasons I can't fathom. An idiot or an extremely desperate leader, that's who conscripts blacksmiths. ...Oh God. Now I can't unsee the second frowning mouth on his chin. I'm expecting it to open up and start talking any moment now. Hah hah hah hah... I can't wait to see how meta and potentially mind-screwy this can get. Why am I immediately reminded of Mount and Blade? And now I'm reminded of the material gathering of Dillon's Rolling Western and the weapon combining of Daemon X Machina. Two games that I have coincidentally just bought around a week ago. This sounds hilariously exploitable, but then again I don't know how much vendor trash Berwick Saga has. Called it! Though for some reason, I'm reminded of the Barracks in Awakening, where almost every character you recruit adds something to it, such as more books on the bookshelf or another weapon on the weapon rack or they hang up a tapestry or add a rug and so on. Small things, but it was kinda cute. Anyway... ...I can't tell if Fates stole this, or if stat-boosting food is so common in videogames it's difficult to think of one that doesn't have some. While not something I would want to become a series staple, this is a mechanic I've been interested to see Fire Emblem try out, and now I get to see a good example of how to pull it off right here. Is it from Tear Ring Saga? I have a feeling it's from Tear Ring Saga. I really hope I don't loose track of the story this time around... Even after centuries have passed, some memes will never die. Potential lore? Please tell me this provides potential lore... So it's like XCOM, then, except generic damage won't send them here. A cemetery is something I've been wanting in Fire Emblem for a while now, though I'm fine with them not having it due to how much you travel about in each game. Burying every fallen unit in the same place under that context could get a little corny. I still wish character endings had epitaphs if they fell in battle instead of the generic "they died on X chapter". Also, this reminds me of Cannon Fodder, the game most responsible for making me choke up at gravesites. Not a bad way to teach this lesson, honestly. After all the things you pointed out in the first chapter, I'm curious on seeing what else Berwick Saga does to prepare the player. Ah, that explains it. I was expecting something akin to this. That is a pretty versatile skill set. I can see what you mean by Axel being your favorite unit and how skills can be more important than stats in Berwick. Will there be a limit on how many side missions you can do later on in the game? It seems like there is some interesting potential here. *** Update 2 down, one more to go before I'm all caught up!
  6. Funnily enough, this was the first video where I learned that Bad Apple was a thing.
  7. Was looking for a specific section of a Let's Play, and found this instead. Two more things I remembered:
  8. "Time to-" [Life] [Playing around a dozen games simultaneously] [Work] [Spending time with my family] "Um..." I keep thinking of great jokes to edit with this comic and Awkward Zombie, but the format keeps ruining it. Anyway, Berwick Saga! I've heard nothing but praise for this game whenever it is brought up, and now it's time to see how it lives up to the hype! I'll also try to keep my replies on the shorter side compared to last time. It already took me around an hour to read the first update, and I haven't even touched the second yet, so taking that advice seems like a good idea. Once again I am reminded of Berwick Saga's awesome opening cutscene, and once again I wish that there was a full length feature film that heavily used sprite animation. Also, where did Kaga get the money and resources for this boost in production values? Did he time travel to the future and stole the budget for Three Houses? Eh, I disagree with Fates and Echoes at least. The models may occasionally have rough edges, but the animations are amazing to watch and it is impressive to see how much they improve with each game, especially since only a small handful are reused in-between games. That said, I would have no complaints if Fire Emblem went back to 2D. Both sprite and 3D animations can look awesome. Just don't go overboard. Hearing "Three Houses sucks!" all the time will get old fast. I'm expecting the purple haired guy, though I wouldn't be surprised if Kaga messes with the cliche and has the king be really old, making the mustached guy be the prince. I can see him either being a really helpful good guy, an entertaining and/or vile bad guy, or something inbetween. Your favorites list has quite a lote of varied personalities, so it'll be interesting to see which category this guy falls into. Guess I was right about the purple haired guy being the prince. Since when has anyone in Fire Emblem had a strong navy? Even Walharts fleet in Awakening focused more on how the boats were filled to the brim with soldiers over how well they would do in a naval battle. The bandits being deserters is a nice change of pace, but I still find it odd that the only games that don't start off with a bandit attack are Sacred Stones, Tear Ring Saga, and Fates, and the former two have bandits in the next chapter. Actually, now that I think about it, Conquest really only had one bandit chapter during the main story, and that one made more sense than most; Corrin and co. were tasked with guarding the war treasury, and the maps gimmick was that thieves stole part of it each turn, reducing the amount of money you could get after beating the level (and considering how strapped for cash you are in Conquest, beating the map quickly is especially appealing). It's helped by the boss being revealed to be a former ninja that was once tasked with important missions before his country was destroyed and he had to resort to banditry, so he had ability to pull off the heist. Of course, Fates then gives you the choice of whether you want to recruit one of the few characters that has a backstory relevant to the current war, or kill them because they have some nice boots. Fates had some remarkably good ideas and some horrendously bad execution. I remember you mentioning that Ward was like a second Lord in the previous Let's Play,, so my curiosity has been piqued as to how this will play out. Luckier than most of Archenea's cast, though it seems they still got the short end of a stick. That... wow... I'm currently playing through Blazing Sword for the first time, and I personally find the handling if the convoy is one of the strangest things about the game. Yeah, the lord carrying all the equipment is kinda silly, but I'll take that over having to discard an item you didn't plan on getting. Especially since I'm the kind of player that makes sure everyone is holding five weapons/items all the time. Bags sound both limiting and overpowered due to that simple fact. As someone with that has hoarding problems, this system would probably make me paranoid, although I do believe you when you say it's not as bad as it sounds. I never thought I would hear the day that a lord would have bad availability. I'm taking a guess Reese won't be present on every level? I've seen Sherlock mentioned a number of times during conversations about Berwick, so I'm curious how relevant he will be in the story. While there are still several differences between Berwick Saga and the other Fire Emblem games, I do find it interesting that Fates, often considered to be the best Fire Emblem game mechanically speaking, also has surprisingly few RNG-based skills. Now I do believe this was less copying Berwick and more addressing the criticism over how many things were percentage-based in Awakening, but I don't believe the similarity is coincidental. I'm also curious on seeing how well the cooldown times work in practice. I've had a similar idea for a while now to have such skills be cooldown/build-up based instead of random, but I keep thinking of the issue with enemies simply spamming them every opportunity they get. Especially since the AI of Awakening and Fates was very good at exploiting how the players units would have to last them the whole game while the enemies were expendable. Hexagons! The solution to avoid diagonal traveling on squares! On a more serious note, I'm fine with either hexes or squares in strategy games, so it'll be interesting to see how Berwick Saga handles them So... is there anything preventing the player from just using the same units every turn (aside from keeping them away from danger and the like), or is there nothing prevetning the player from This... reminds me of economics, honestly. In the sense that I understand the concept just fine, but have difficulty actually putting the theories into practice or recognizing them play out. Odd comparison, I know, bu with hope, I'll get an idea of what the heck is happening during the battle screenshots. Hello, Dean! I see you have both your eyes this time as well as an "a" in your name. He sounds like the protagonist of a hack-and-slash game. They're mercs. I know of this mechanic at least. Once again, I'm curious to see how Berwick Saga handles it. Why does Dean have a gun and is trying to aim at the deserters leg? Is he trying to end this adventures career, but didn't have any arrows? Your remarkable timing makes it look like they didn't bother to add a spinning animation to handaxes, and just had the sprite move across the screen in a straight line. That, or they really didn't add a spinning animation to handaxes. A simple but neat effect. Out of question, what are your thoughts on the critical animations of this game? I've noticed it later on when reading the update the first time around, but it's pretty cool how the sprites have an animation when they block with their shields and how they actually drop their equipment visually. It's simple, but it could have been something they could have easily cheesed around yet they didn't. Thank God! Goddammit! Considering there were one-off NPCs in TRS who had portraits that could pass as playable characters, I'm not surprised. In a good way. As you said, it helps the world come of as a living, breathing place instead of only being relevant to the player. I'm kind of surprised Fire Emblem has never attempted side missions like this before. We've had gimmick maps, levels with side objectives, and ones that (often annoyingly) change the goal, but this seems like such a simple yet effective way to add something more to do during the chapter. It looks like someone smashed the guys mouth against his armor, which makes me wonder how many teeth he just lost. Also, the bloody portraits are back! Yay! I read this three times over to make sure. I think I have an idea, though I'm still expecting these sentences to shine a ton of lightbulbs in hindsight. Which implies that most attacks in this game are snap-shots. No wonder accuracy is so atrocious. Yep. To be fair, it's not a bad set-up. Three Houses just comes off so weird by making it seem like every important battle in history came at the end of the month and every other bandit or monster attack comes on the weekend. I'm fine with the gameplay-story segregation, but it gets a lot more unintentional laughs out of me than it should. I'm okay with the convenience of the turnwheel; They just need to lower the amount of uses you get for it. If something like Fates MyCastle ever returns, I would make it a building so the player can choose whether they want to get it or another facility first. I never actually used Shadow Dragon's save files, but then again, I always ironman the game, so I suppose that's why I never used them. The world of TRS has advanced in their bow firing techniques! A circle is a new yet nice way of keeping track of experience. I'm fine with the whole "two portraits talk to each other" setup, so I don't mind that Fire Emblem didn't steal this. It is a nice change of pace, though, and I am intrigued at how much mileage Berwick will get out of them. Ah, the number of jokes that can be made from such a simple skill. To be fair to the GBA, you are comparing the capabilities of a handheld to those of a console. Berwick Saga's Sprite animation is still a sight to behold, though, and is severely underrated, just like the rest of the game. His axe can turn into a sword? Maybe that's what a swordreaver looks like? Not quite as bad as the slaver from the past LP (thank you once again for sending him to the depths of hell, by the way) but this raises several concerns about what the darker parts of the game will look like. That's a nice picture in the background. Although now I wonder if every house in the game will have it. Are flashbangs an item you get early or late into the game? I wanna know if this is another sign that Ward is late-game ready. *** Whew! That took longer than I thought it would. Still, this game looks interesting, and you've definitely caught my attention. I'm excited to see what the rest of this game is like! Also, I was planning to use this sometime in the update, but ended up at least comprehending most of the mechanics and didn't find a good spot to put it: I actually don't mind Metal Gear's controls, though I understand where the complaints come from.
  9. May as well give this a go: Character Name: Hawkwing Forum Name: Hawkwing Class: Preferably Thief/Assassin, although I don't mind being a Bishop or Knight/General. Affiliation: (Optional) Antagonist Main Appearance: Feel free to pick as needed Portrait: This was made for me during a rom hack project a year or so ago that sadly didn't get off the ground. There was a better version of the portrait that had the shoulders less spaced out (they were moved to be under the cape), as well as some other refinements, but unfortunately I don't have access to it. Feel free to make any edits that you deem necessary. Other pictures that could be used (you may need to adjust the size for most of these) : Other Notes: A quiet and serious, if eccentric, thief (or whatever class I'm in) that's kinda just there. Tends to take the non-lethal route and sneak or talk their way out of conflicts, but can be surprisingly bloodthirsty if combat does occur. Asset is Defense, Flaw is Luck. No preference for weapons. I'm fine with being an optional boss, a reoccurring boss, an optional reoccurring boss, a one-off boss, or an optional one-off boss. I'd prefer to be optional and reoccurring, but I understand if that won't be the case. An idea would be to be a optional boss that tries to use the chaos of the conflict to steal any treasure on the map. They'll try to avoid fighting, but aren't afraid to resort to it if someone is in the way. If that won't work, then I can simply be a mercenary that's only fighting for the bad guys because I'm being paid to. Admittedly, I'm not that familiar with the specifics of the story, so if you have any other ideas for the level, feel free to use them. I could also potentially have some boss conversations with some of the characters.
  10. From what I can remember: - I once attempted to set up a bet among my friends that I would puke in health class. None of them took me up on it. In hindsight, I don't think they wanted my money if I lost, and if I won, I would be the sole benefactor. - I convinced my teacher to use iCivics in, well, civics class. - I found out that the Battle of Wesnoth website was for some reason not blocked by the school computers, so I read the strategy guide during my free time every now and again. Despite this, I still kinda suck at the game (or I just don't play it enough to develop good strategies). - I took a book to every prep rally I that I could. - I tried to talk my band director into letting me bring a book to the football games, but I could never convince him. - During the same year I had my back surgery, I was exempt from marching practice during band camp. Instead, I would practice playing and memorizing the music. In the freezing cold band room while wearing summer clothes. I joked that while everyone else was dying of heatstroke outside, I was going to get hypothermia instead. - During percussion band camp, our percussion teacher once played "The Count Censored" video and the Darkwing Duck theme over the band room speakers. I'll give more if anything else comes to mind.
  11. Link: https://www.awkwardzombie.com/awkward-zombie/childish-support A week late (blame simultaneously playing 12 different games for that), but here's another contribution from Awkward Zombie. I'm pretty certain every game has at least one support like this.
  12. So it seems that Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones are fine to Ironman blind, while Binding Blade is less friendly to do so on the first playthrough. Thanks for the replies! On a side note, should I attempt to get the true ending to Binding Blade my first time through, or is that something that's less of a hassle the second time around? So far, I'm enjoying the game! There are some weird elements (the handling of the convoy and how the funds ranking is determined comes to mind) and a few quality of life improvements I'd like to see, but overall I'm having fun and the game overall is pretty solidly designed. It's a bit on the easy side, but that just makes me curious what the later levels and higher difficulties are like. I've had some close calls, but the only casualty so far is Sain. I lost him on chapter 16X due to the paladin coming out of nowhere and moving on the same turn they appeared. It was partially my fault, as I jumped into the fray to fight the pirates despite the game warning that it wasn't a good idea, but still, it was annoying that the first death came from something I couldn't predict.
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