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  1. So long story short, I visited my grandmother yesterday, and we met at a pizza transit place that had some 80's merchandise about. Anyway, there was an arcade cabinet that had a lot of 80's arcade games on it, and best of all it was free! I played 1943 out of curiosity, had a fun time (the music is simple yet awesome!), and saw this: I know it's a historical name, but make of that what you will. Ah, back when we didn't know that radiation had no positive affects and when it was easy to hide that certain types of science were unrealistic. For better and worse, you can't get away with that kind of stuff nowadays. Thanks for the link. I'll definitely be looking through it. Hmmmm.... Interesting. I may need to do research into sleep paralysis, to see what other kinds of stories there are. Possibly. Is there now a theory that Runan and Holmes promotions somehow caused Harvey Dent's coin to be marred in some kind of crossover butterfly effect? That... makes a concerning amount of sense. I remember hearing before that the enemies in Thracia are actually pretty weak. While I'm impressed that the game doesn't go the "give enemies higher stats" route for difficulty, I can't say that I'm a fan of them compensating through the mechanics. Thracia is still a game I'd like to try out someday, but being honest I'm not a big fan of stamina mechanics in a majority of games , and Thracia 776 doesn't sound like it will be an exception. I also have concerns about staves missing, considering how I tend to be sparse in using healing staves unless I need to (the exception being Echoes, because HP is easy to regain in that game, and recently Awakening, but only after you start getting cash because healing items are reasonably priced). Seeing them in action might change my mind, or it might not. From what I can tell, Thracia, Awakening, and Echoes/Gaiden are three games in the series that are best at making everyone viable, even though they accomplish this in different ways. Is there any game in this series that you haven't done yet? You're making me wish these will become actual, real life games. You are forgiven. ... I don't want to know. No, I mean that the coincidences are hilarious and remind me of the one I did with Blustone. For some of the more obvious jokes and a sneak peak of a shitepost I've been meaning to do for nearly a month now: I remember blanking on my original joke when writing that. I believe I originally intended to say that I slew him to prove that I was his superior in hand-to-hand combat, despite the fact that in real life, I have next to no actual martial arts ability. Yeah, Shadow Dragons are rather nice to look at. I see. May have to look at that later. ...Define "caught". I always do wonder how people are able to draw things on a computer and have them turn out nice. Without a drawing tablet, I mean. Somewhat unrelated, but searching up Code Lyoko got me thinking about another show that I also only saw once as a kid outside of my home. It was about this kid that was a bald monk that could wield the power of water but had a vastly different art style from The Last Airbender, so I knew it wasn't that. All I remember from the only episode I saw was that all this dudes friends were captured, one via bag of kidnapping (which, alongside Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland, traumatized me as a kid and gave me a fear of being kidnapped that way. Thank goodness it's an impractical method and thus rarely seen) by a ninja. The bald monk kid was the only guy to complete this challenge of taking a glass of water across a desert, and then saved his friends. For the longest time, I had absolutely no idea what the show was called. I believed it was on Cartoon Network, but previous attempts to look it up proved fruitless. Then one lucky day I noticed a trope on TV tropes that I thought used a picture from the show. I thought it was the show that I had seen so many years ago, but certain details and designs threw me off. I also didn't have any luck finding the episode that I had seen all those years ago, but after being refreshed on Code Lyoko and deciding that instead of asking the thread what that show was, I decided I might as well try to find it again. I did a bit more searching, found out that the show was called "Xiaolin Showdown", and after being a bit more specific with the search engine, I even found out the episode! It was called "Royal Rumble", and may have been an important episode because there was a villainous teamup, and apparently I remembered several details incorrectly (I thought a ninja had a snowmobile, but in turns out they were just running fast on the snow, I remembered the haircut of one character but forgot they wore a (cowboy) hat, and I thought one character was a larger jerk than what they actually were), but I was so glad to finally find something that I was questioning since I was a youngling that I didn't care! This has no relevance to anything. I just wanted to bring up that the last update was released so late partially because of a busy week and partially because I got distracted by the videos I linked, TV Tropes, and finding a show I had not seen in years. By the way, I saw Toy Story 4 today, which is why this reply came out later than planned! It's a habit. Partially because I don't give a damn about gender, and partially because I know someone is going to be hounded by SJW's for making that mistake. I have my gripes about the whole issue (namely, that not giving a damn about the differences because they really are insubstantial will solve the problem more easily than providing more choices, which needlessly complicates it), but that's a discussion for elsewhere. *Inhales* WHAT THE HECK IS THE WHITE CLOTH THAT I SPECIFICALLY SPECIFIED WAS AROUND HIS WAIST?!?!?! Holmes was the perfect stand-in. I forgot where I found that, but yeah, it was the only one available, and I thought it was fitting for the joke. Fair point. Yeah, I didn't plan on you responding that way, and I didn't think the whole joke through, so... 0/5 Is that an arrow or a laser from an atari game? I see. Unrelated note, but I occasionally forget that some characters are promoted due to the lack of differences between the promoted and unpromoted sprites. I don't really see God used much in fiction, honestly. Or at least in that way. Not hard to see why, though, given that it's hard to use Him without resulting in increased scrutiny from readers and critics alike. Not really? You can get get your arm, hand, leg, etc. chopped and slashed to ribbons, but still be attached to your body and be identifiable as an arm. So Lentz's eye could be ripped and in several pieces but still be identified (and maybe function) as an eye. Ouch. I just remember it taking a while before I was willing to swim in a deep end and dive underwater. I have a hard time holding my breath underwater, mostly because I breath through my nose, and I found out later in my life that I don't have a large lung capacity. Thought so. Watch as Kreiss sufferes a groin attack as retaliation/karma for castrating Maerchen Seriously, what the heck was Kaga thinking when he wrote this entire sidequest? It started out okay. You had to go out of your way to continue it, but how many other videogames are guilty of that. Then it started taking nosedive after nosedive.... Hence why I said it was the right kind of anticlimax. Lentz didn't deserve a flashy death. It may as well be "every time Eugen walks in a room and opens his mouth". You could maybe make a counter about everytime Eugen fails at tactics, though. On the one hand, I am sad that I didn't see Eugen with sunglasses. On the other hand, this badassadry more than makes up for it. I would say that every scene with Eugen deserves having an explosion now, but that would probably do more harm than good for the story. Huh, guess my RPG joke was actually relevant. I forgot the Guardians of Ga'Hoole. I take it that none of the enemies in the next update will show a semblance of personality? It was? ...Well, I stand corrected. Runan really doesn't have any glaring issues in it's plot. Aside from the slaver, but that problem is shared between both routes. That's a pretty good way of handling it. Probably comes with some snags, but they can be mitigated by planning around them, which I assume Berwick does. In other words, Eugen was one of the few people okay with Shadow Dragons Gaiden mechanic. In other words, Arkis respects her for saving his life. I can see that. I can also see Arkis saving himself from that situation if he used the little he had of a brain. So... there's not even any moments for Gaurdians of other media to comment on or for minion misadventures? Man this level is lame. At least I can say that it visually looks nice. There's absolutely no challenge to this map aside from massive RNG screwage, then. In other words, the maps with the least interesting battles also have the most prominence, at least on the world map. Guess he thought that he was the protagonist of this story, and that Holmes and co. were just interesting NPC's to add flavor to the world... ...And then he quickly learned his place in this universe, and decided to take his second chance. Sigh. You again. You hairy ballsacks are even more ugly up close. And now I have to get my hands dirty with a sword. What did I do to turn my luck so south? Okay, you know what? I'm actually pissed by how this week has been going. Why don't I practice on you! It looks like he's dragging his sword along the ground while running to create those sparks. That, or his sword is on fire, and he's having an angry staring contest with a giant eyeball while trying to put it out. Okay, now I'm confused. The first picture looks like he's doing a backflip, but the second looks like he's doing a front flip. Actually, it looks more like he's running on the spherical surface of the monster in the second screenshot. Who knew that Holmes could nail a superhero landing so well? Ah, so there was a reason you were sticking by him all this time. Aside from Garo turning out awesome, that is. Definitely give him the move potion. He gets my vote once more! It certainly caught me off guard in a good way, to say the least. Not a bad way to make up for missing the screenshot. He looks like the Dojo man from earlier. But when comparing the two, I noticed several differences in the hair, clothing, and face. And Yoda has a sword that's barely visible in the portrait. I have to give some props to the artist for making the differences subtle since at first glance it looks like another pallete swap. He may not have the green skin, point ears, and small height, but I do not mind this Yoda at all. I'm going to go the route that Holmes was still "recovering" per se of meeting his father again, and him seeing an actually good father-son relation that he never had didn't help his mood, leading to him responding in a typical Holmes manner. Also, I don't know whether Yoda gains or looses points for teaching Julia a skill by pretty much having her be at the receiving end of it. Guess it depends on how the scene is handled. Building off the above, Shigen probably understands that Holmes is ticked, and is either apologizing because he knows that those kind of wounds take time to heal, and Holmes seeing them talk without spite probably didn't help in said healing process, and/or it's so the conversation is dropped so that a pointless argument is avoided. Maybe as others have said and Holmes doesn't really have anyone legendary on his crew, so this is a new experience for him? Or he doesn't know what to think about having a guy he backmouthed earlier that (if Julia was here) nearly cut another person to shreds as a lesson deciding to join his army. In other words, it's a staring contest that turns deadly. Or it's how the original gaiden handled skipping animations. That's... a pretty pitiful wound to die to. Unless she was stabbed in the face and it went all the way through. Then it makes a bit more sense. Or he just walks away like a badass, leaving Arkis to die via the resulting explosion. Anime color hair puns! They're actually pretty rare, now that I think about it. So in this alternative universe, Eugen is a stoner? ...I have many questions now about what else is different in this alternative timeline... If the both die, then the old man knows that Runan is 'ex' and Runan decides to address "the". Perhaps Runan has a codename in this AU? Or The Roger lacks The "Roger" part of The Roger? So many questions! Right, I forgot to comment on this guy last time. I'm curious who this new guy is. Also, there are two Part 57's. Okay, even if this guy didn't appear earlier in the story and I was just jumping in right now, these responses are epic. Ah, it's a device instead of magic. Interesting...
  2. Because there is something appealing about seeing something as ridiculous yet realistic as giant robots armed with every kind of weapon known to man duking it out in some kind of sci-fi futuristic or modern day setting. Why does nobody mention what happened to Sigurd's horse?
  3. The game is trying to tell you not to rely on offensive strategies to win the day. Why did early superheroes have such strange and counterproductive ways of gaining their superpowers?
  4. The only thing that is added is swords that are only effective against dragons, but because they don't add dragons to the game, it causes the game to glitch and bug out, eventually corrupting the computer as a whole, which leads to the internet being taken over, which results in robots conquering the world and humanity being wiped out. I wish that there was a cowboy themed banner in Fire Emblem Heroes.
  5. If you go to bed at a good time, possibly probably. Why does everytime I try to get a non-online emulator to work, it ends in confusion and failure?
  6. In general, both are important, but it depends on the kind of story being told. Aesops and Fairy Tales, for instance, can get away with having some nonsensical plot structures because the lesson is the most important part of the story. Meanwhile, simpler videogames can have some pretty strange or nonexistent themes, but the progression to get from the staring area to the end of the alien base or the dark lords castle can intrigue players enough that they invest time and effort into completing the game. Movies, books, TV shows, and some types of videogames generally have to balance the two, since without a theme the story is shallow, and without structure it will be boring and/or frustrating for the audience. Execution is also important. A story can provide excellent and thoughtful lessons, but bad pacing, laughable dialogue, and forced moments can make the experience of getting to those lessons frustrating, boring, or entertaining for the wrong reasons. Meanwhile, even a story with excellent twists, strong characters, and natural progression can end up having its theme be summed up in a single sentence ("Friendship is Important", "Revenge is Empty", "Stealing, Lying, Murder, Etc. is Wrong," take your pick), or even do more harm than good by presenting a harmful and dangerous Aesop in an intriguing fashion. A good story handles both aspects well, and tries to weave the two together when it can.
  7. So I've been playing Fallout 1 lately (fun game, even if it's bit more savescummy than I'd like), and I'm reminded of how much I like the idea of traits. For the basics of what they are, when creating a character, you get to choose up to two traits. Some are mutually exclusive, but they all follow the same pattern: They provide a positive effect and compensate with a negative one. Examples include Gifted (you get more S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, but all your skills are reduced), Fast Shot (Firing a gun takes less action points, but you can't target specific areas), Good Natured (reduces combat skills while increasing skills like doctor, speech, bartering, and the like), Jinxed (Everyone suffers from more critical failures, including you), and so on. While not perfectly balanced, I find it to be an interesting concept, and that it could work in Fire Emblem rather well with some tweaks. Note that the ideas I give here are based on the presumption that they will be picked when creating the Avatar unit. Partially because forcing a player to adjust to a certain trait on a normal character would be questionable game design, and partially so I can use "you" when writing the flavor text. Also, It's pretty obvious which ones are mutually exclusive, so I won't bother bringing that up. I aimed to make the skills able to broadly fit any game, although there are times when it's clear it works in one game better than another. Hard Hitter Flavor Text: While war is uncertain, it is unwise to rely on luck. You ignore all the fancy spins of your peers and instead focus upon delivering strong, reliable, and damaging strikes. Effect: Increases Normal Damage; Reduces Crit Chance and Damage Finesse Flavor Text: Every opponent has a weakness somewhere, and you aim to exploit it any way you can. You're good at ending fights quickly with a masterful stroke, but struggle with dealing damage any other way. Effect: Decreases Normal Damage; Increases Crit Chance and Damage Close Combat Flavor Text: Even though you can attack from a distance, your enemies will try to close that advantageous gap. You prepared for those days, and thus are more competent at engaging an opponent one-on one rather than far away. Unfortunately, the subtle differences between hitting someone at point blank range and from several yards away are great enough that you struggle with the latter. Effect: Allows Archers to counter at 1 range. Increases Hit/Avoid when attacking/defending at 1 range for 2 range (and above) weapons; Decreases Hit/Avoid when attacking from 2 range and above. Guardian Flavor Text: You focus on everyone getting out alive rather than on personal glory. Many have been saved by your dedicated defense, even if it's at the sacrifice of a lower kill count. Effect: Increases Dual Guard Chance/Activation; Reduces Dual Attack Chance/Activation/Damage Synchronized Partner Flavor Text: The flow of combat between you and a partner is almost seamless, even if you've never worked with them before. Delivering one strike after another has felled many a strong foe Effect: Increases Dual Attack Chance/Activation/Damage; Reduces Dual Guard Defen Renowned Flavor Text: Whether through legend, actions, speeches, nobility, fame, fanservice, you have a mighty presence on the battlefield that cannot be ignored. Regardless of the reasons, fellow soldiers, even those farther away, are inspired to fight stronger than they otherwise would. As with what happens with most great figures, however, your deeds outpace your character, and inspirational legends can only go so far. Effect: Increases Support Effect Range; Decreases Support Bonuses Close Supporter Flavor Text: You are good at noticing the depths of others and bringing out the best of them. While you may not be able to inspire large crowds as some others can, the people you do support benefit greatly from your encouragement. Effect: Increases Support Bonuses; Decreases Support Effect Range No Kill Rule/Combat Pacifist Flavor Text: For one reason or another, you have sworn to never kill another human being. While many would consider this unwise in war, in truth your abilities were only sharpened as you learned how to pull punches, exploit weaknesses, and capture foes without an issue. Effect: Reduced/No Penalties for Capturing; Cannot Kill Enemies (except maybe monsters/terrors. Can still damage opponents to a minimum of 1 HP, however), Cannot Crit. Valentian Weapon Techniques Flavor Text: In a foreign land called Valentia, swords and lances were so common that instead of having an advantage over each other, they fought on even ground. Intrigued, you studied and applied these techniques. Regardless of what weapon you wield, you are never at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, you never have the advantage, either. Effect: Weapon Triangle is ignored, regardless of weapons. Weapon Preservation Flavor Text: "Whether because of the lack of funds, the sentimental value, or simply because you've been in combat so much, you've learned several tricks and techniques for keeping a weapon at prime condition far beyond what many blacksmiths and shopkeepers expected. Indeed, some of your weapons have lasted entire wars, while others saw theirs break in their hands and had to replace them. What you didn't learn was how to preserve your weapons durability while also being able to skillfully utilize combat arts without reservations. Effect: Has a high chance of not using up a weapon use; Lower Skill Activation/Higher Combat Art Cost. So what are your ideas if such a mechanic existed in Fire Emblem?
  8. Huh, I did not know of that story. That's actually pretty interesting. So what's the connection to pumpkins? Interesting. Out of question, is that online online somewhere as a PDF or something? *Looks it up* Yeah, I can see how that can be considered scarier. I do not blame you in the slightest. I am both honored and concerned about getting my own character slot. Was Arkis being a girl intentional or did you forget to change the gender? It's a genius name that works regardless of context. Reminds me of the first time I did the Hunger games simulation. I chose Blustone characters, and there were coincidences that I couldn't make up if I tried. That reminds me that I actually thought about posting the highlights as a FftF topic, but that happened around a month ago. Might get to it when erratic posting gets to it. Or He's Eugen in the timeline where he was elected president, and put into practice the belief that everyone should die in battle. An important rule of combat: Always observe and use the environment. And maybe don't have knife fights near cliffs. He never was. And Indy's name continues to produce hilarious results. Looks like their fates were joined. Mel entered the Oregon Trail by accident, and forgot to rest for 4 days. Well, I strangled him for no reason at all. In truth, it was to prove that I was the superior player of The Emperors Tomb. I looked at the code you linked at the end. Turns out, I was actually quite diplomatic throughout most of the game. Guess I failed my speech roll at a critical point. That's a sentence I never expected to read. This whole thing is gold. Maybe Runan was so lost in his imagination about how gorily Arkis would die that he forgot how to set the mine? Welp. Guess that was a thing. On the bright side, maybe this will make it up to Butterman after Arkis failed to level up. I'm just happy that the door is open for Lords to have beards in their own game. Within time, we'll reach the point where the phrase "it looks like a bear crawled onto his chin and died" will appropriately describe an FE character! If they're a bright spot in this, it's that the menus look great, you can finally free roam the battle maps, and the next game will probably be a significant improvement in this area. Several things: - How did you make that a gif? - You thought you were subtle, but I saw through your trickery! You want us to play Berwick Saga! - The sun joke is great. - I hope you have soft shoes or a safety net or something down there for the cat to safely land on. - No wonder you lost control of casting spells. Your hands and arms are in the middle of your torso, and they don't have any fingers or opposable thumbs. I looked it up, and now I'm wondering if I've seen it before. Nothing more than part of a single episode, but the combination of 2D and 3D animation, and having there be both a real world and a computer world, seems very familiar to me. I don't remember where or when I first saw it, either, but thanks for jogging my memory for something that happened over a decade back. Maybe I'm just so conditioned to seeing anime characters with ridiculous hair that I no longer notice. Depends on the game, honestly. Sometimes, it works well. Sometimes, it works very well. Other times, well... Didn't you say that I could use it free of charge earlier? The idea came the moment I saw the name. Besides, I need more practice on Paint.net anyway. Light spoilers for a joke I'll do a short scroll down. The Faye joke was about how mercenaries promote into myrmidons in Echoes, yet despite being a villager, she can't become one. As for Marcel, okay then, what is the non-metal cloth that is hanging around their waist that extend to past their knees? Actually... Since it's later... Girl, bring out my old sword and armor so I can give them to my son. It's time you stopped playing archer and took up a real weapon for once. They won't be necessary. In truth, I never wanted to become a sea captain. Or an admiral Or even an adventurer. What?!? I wanna be a plane! WHAAAAAT?!?! ... I spent my whole life... learning how to fly... And then this dastard becomes a Stealth Hunter without even trying! Why did you promote me, Ruben?! Hey, I held a funeral for your plane pose! And it was either a promotion or you joined the bench alongside Alician! It's honestly a shame that the OVA isn't referenced more in the series itself. Sure, I don't want it to acknowledge memes to the point it distracts from supports and story moments, but throwing this dog a few more bones would be nice to see. It is extremely difficult yet somehow possible to picture such a thing existing. I'd beg to differ..., but yeah. That would really only work in a weird and creepy series where body horror and grotesque things are common. This is one of those moments where I forgot to think the entire joke through. Lets just say that I learned the hard way that I should take TV Tropes seriously when they say that a single trope is very constant, that I should really stop looking up random games online, and that a plot being interesting and the things you can do in it can be two very different things. Thankfully, I stockpiled a lot of brain bleach. Speaking of which, how's the gameplay of Thracia? I know that you've talked about the game before, but I'm curious on your thoughts about the unique mechanics and difficulty and the like. Fair point. Being preoccupied with classes and job searching doesn't help. Right. ...Man, I need to check these things again. I mean, I did a few days ago when rereading past updates, but still. I know. But it's fun to joke about when in still-frame. 1/5 "I can tell it's an arrow". Really? Then why does... Eteth...Enteh, right? Have a long dress? Magic; The plot device that mends plot holes as easily as it creates them. Vikings who want to go to Vahalla, people wanting to die knowing the limits of their strength, Eugen... I have/shall! Or his eye was chapped up, but still intact? I've heard about someone getting a paper cut in their eye before, so it's not too far fetched. Right. I believe we saw that animation before. Right. Well, still goes to Garo. Tom has Ballista and bow options. That's the problem with Morgans. They can blend in together if you don't pay attention. I looked back, and you are right that she has very limited availability and usefulness. I feel like I'm missing something about her having to die, though. Except the slaver. "I mean, somebody has to take the money away from evil overlords."- Golgotha Nah, I mean Julia killing him with absolutely no effort. Even better! Add an extra Dead! The moment I saw that his arm was missing, I knew I had to put that joke somewhere. We all are. He'd karate chop Arkis's head off if needbe. A few sentances in and this is already rivaling Eugen punching Holmes. Runan would probably intervene. He probably thinks enough blood was spilled regaining their home, and killing even a deserted soldier isn't worth it. The small detail about his sword being unsheathed adds so much. He would, but it seems that this grumpy shopkeeper bought it first. To bad he didn't learn his lesson in patience. Also, insert *If words could do damage, Eugen would break the game* jokes. I would not be surprised if Kaga gave Lina crappy growths just to make this joke. All that's missing is sunglasses and an explosion. Promotion time! Except for the swearing you took the words out of my mouth. I love (naratively anyway) the comparisons and contrasts between these Holmes and Runans promotions and speeches. Really does seem like they're two sides of the same coin here. Also, that was a great speech. Looks like Runan actually has some points in Charisma (and Intelligence, but we knew that already). It is a good song I agree. The Guardians of the Galaxy? The Guardians from the Rise of the Guardians? The 16 Colossi? The Newspaper? Oh Well, Runan's route has Zach disappearing of the face of the planet, but yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if Kaga learned from these mistake regarding character deaths affecting the story and planned ahead in Berwick Saga. Maybe it's an in-universe confusion? I mean, the Elder Scrolls has books that intentionally have contradictory facts and events when compared with each other to give the world a sense that something was rewritten for some reason and that just like in real life, you cannot know the full story of events you did not witness. I'm trying to think of something fancy to say, but it keeps eluding me. I really like Shigens line right here, for some reason. I suppose they were looking for cannon fodder instead of elite soldiers at the time. *Beest* The Lee puns are starting to affect even unrelated things... That he was fighting in a war and thus logically couldn't see his fiancee until they were on the same continent. Guess it's Arkis's turn to be the punching bag. And for people to turn his own words on him. Are we certain that Arkis isn't a half-brother to Holmes? This is either a hilarious coincidence, or Kaga saw into the future, knew that a kid would love both butter and Arkis, and decided to make him a sucky unit out of pure spite. What's the difference? Well, that explains the cells at least. Outside of Lina, they were kinda just there otherwise. *** Man, I really shouldn't have put this off for so long. Life got busy, and everytime I sat down and started writing, I realized early on that I wouldn't have time to finish.
  9. I would not be surprised if Kaga gave Lina crappy growths just to make this joke.
  10. People have to keep themselves awake to party the night away somehow. Why do people claim that Ricken's only character trait is that he doesn't want people to treat him like a child, despite the fact that only some of his supports bring that up and even less make it the focus of the conversation?
  11. To remove the skin and muscle. The proper way to watch a superhero fight is...
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