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  1. He becomes more powerful everytime you reset, yelling that you should beat the map like a man and accept the characters death. Unfortunately, due to a glitch, he mistakes turning the game off as you resetting, and he appears pretty late into the game, so you have to keep the game system on all the time or else he can become quite literally unbeatable. Doesn't help that he appears when you least expect it, and if you're bad enough you might even face him in the tutorial level! I wish that the soldier who rhymed in the beginning of Echoes became a meme.
  2. I've only watched the clip where the mom killed most of them. Why the heck is it a trend to try and get violent/adult content into "family" films? Says the guy that is overjoyed that Fire Emblem has blood and is hoping they go all out with it.
  3. Does Deviantart and 4Chan count if the most I know about them is TV Tropes and youtubers? The user below has successfully thrown a boomerang.
  4. Banned for asking WYR questions in the Stupid Q/A game.
  5. Each Question Summarized: While there are exceptions, most of the maps will be "rout the enemy" or "defeat the leader". That said, there are a number of special conditions present. The two mentioned in the video was a map where the other houses were fighting each other, and if you defeated more units than the other houses at the end, you got a special item. There was also a choice between defeating a super strong enemy or fighting everyone else first. Side note: There are Paralogues. The Frame Rate is solid. The only time it dips is in the monastery. Derrick admitted he didn't know if the game ran at 30 or 60 Frames Per Second. While auto-tutoring makes the process faster, you may not be able to get as many support points compared to if you do it manually. Derrick said it was unclear whether or not this was the case, however. Some skirmishes cost a unit of time, while others could be done repeatedly. You can potentially powerlevel your units, but eventually you'll reach a plateau, and it's not necessary. There are around 30 classes, and more unlock as you go up the tiers. It seems to be better to reach the 100% pass requirement than to risk, say, a 75% chance to promote. Save scumming didn't seem to work, even when it was around a 68% chance. You can reclass to whatever you want anytime you want after unlocking the class. Classes aren't weapon locked, even if, say, a mage would be better at using magic than they would a lance (although they could still become solid at doing so as they gain weapon experience and level up their skills). Soundtrack is excellent as always. It's up to personal preference as to which game has the best. It might be orchestrated. Derrick couldn't tell. It appears that it's possible to recruit every single character from the other houses except the leader and one or two other characters. That said, it does seem like you have to dedicate your skills and stats towards a specific area to recruit someone. Recruiting the professors is much easier since it just requires getting to a certain level. Characters make it clear what stats or skills they require in order to join your house. Recruiting everyone would require some serious powerleveling. The game is very accessible. It's very customizable, you can automate certain aspects of the game until you understand them better, and you can take your time about learning more about the characters and the story since you aren't forced to go form one map to the next one. The tactics are less complex than past games, there's casual mode, and the rewind feature returns. Derrick claims that Three Houses is one of the most approachable Fire Emblem games. Derrick hasn't gotten far enough to confirm if romance is in the game, but he did notice that only Byleth had S ranks, and even then it wasn't with everyone. He also didn't know if S ranks with the same gender implied romance or becoming close friends. Derrick did bring up that in one of the paralouges, a marriage proposal was interrupted because the man asking for one of your units hands in marriage was shady. Afterwards, two girls had a conversation along the lines up "I wouldn't mind marrying you" "I'd be down with that" which seemed to be played like a joke but not entirely. If romance is in his game, then Byleth does have a lot of options. The only time Byleth speaks in when they level up or change classes (or grunts in battle, if that counts). There are dialogue options, but Byleth doesn't speak them out loud, and they're still one of the least talkative characters in the game. This is poked fun at, but it seems like not having Byleth talk more often is a miss opportunity. The only thing you can customize about Byleth is their gender. Pair up is replaced by the adjutant system. Once Byleth has a C in their professor rank, they can bring in an adjutant. From what I can gather from it, if you have an extra slot open for a unit, you can bring in an adjutant. You can only bring one at first, but you might be able to bring more later. You might be able to have them join up with another unit and help them out. Support bonuses work as they do in previous games, but you can earn hearts with up to five characters depending on how you're situated. Derrick mentioned it was easy to unlock C supports. Ten seemed to be the common amount of characters you could bring into battle. Derrick played on normal (because it's hard to tell how difficult normal and hard will be in Fire Emblem) and with permadeath. He claims he only lost one character early on, and he was able to rewind it. Byleths name is customizable, but characters either refer to them in a general sense or call them professor. Every single character can be given a sword, thus everyone can be an "Anime Sword Fighter". The maps themes and visuals are pretty similar to each other, with a town and a volcano being the exception, but Derrick feels that that's because he's still in the early parts of the game and that it might be changed up later on. He also said that it was mostly big open fields, and there weren't faux multi-levels (he mentioned how Awakening had a map where it looked like you were climbing up a mountain, even if gameplaywise it was flat) yet. There were five or six animated cutscenes eight chapters in, and they highlighted big events. There are a lot more in-game scenes with characters interacting with each other. Each chapter/month, there was a stained glass like painting that goes over the history of Foldan and what they do for each month (such as preparing for winter), which aids in the worldbuilding. Enemy recruitment doesn't seem to be a thing in this game. Being able to re-watch support conversations was available from the beginning, and Derrick said that he recognized all of the names from the monastery. Story Question: This is probably one of the best Fire Emblem stories so far. Unlike past games, where the protagonists have a clear goal in mind, there are a ton of mysteries in the game. Why are these uprising happening, or why did this or that happen? There's something weird with your dad, and you don't know why. There's weird things about you that you don't fully understand. You don't have the full story for some of the conversations Edelgard has. Each of the introduction to the leaders of the Houses hints that they're darker than they appear. Characterization is also solid. Apparently, characters react when they take a life for the first time. Some of them panic, some find it great, some are just glad to have their training pay off, and so on. While he doesn't know if these mysteries pay off yet, the set up is fantastic. Regular amiibo give you items, while Fire Emblem ones give you some music and some items you wouldn't get from other amiibo. Byleth would be the most likely to get into Smash, and their chain sword would make them unique, but all of the house leaders have a high chance. The graphics aren't a visual showcase, but that's a common complaint with Fire Emblem. The graphics themselves are okay, but the little details in battle and at the school are pretty neat. As far as they can tell, there are no children in the game. There are Calm/Ablaze variations to the music, but it isn't as noticeable this time around, and it may not apply to every song. You can't replay missions, but there are skirmishes. If your professor level is high enough, you can do more maps at once (I believe he meant that you could do two or more battles in a day). There are quests in each month. Derrick never felt the need to grind. He did mention that his units were at level 17 and 18 while the enemies were at 15, and he only did one grinding battle to test out how skirmishes work. On the day off, you can choose to explore and talk to people, or do a battle, or hold a seminar to teach both the teachers and students different specialties or take a rest. An online feature shows what other people chose to do over the weekend. There is the option to buy or sell special items to other players, but it's not necessary. Anna may appear post-timeskip. The weapon triangle isn't in the game, but effective damage is still present, and certain combat arts do effective damage. Skills like swordbreaker and lancebreaker are still in the game and are unlocked by reaching a certain rank with a weapon. He doesn't think there's an "objective best house" yet. At least, not without trying the other houses yet. You really only use 8 days of the month for exploring and battling. The rest are spent on tutoring. Days last as long as you want them too. He mentions spending an hour exploring to talk to everyone and view on all the side quests, but another person could spend 10-15 minutes dashing to do a specific task. Battles included, it usually took around three hours to get through each month. There are around 10 save files, including an autosave function. Only Byleths gender, name, and birthday can be customized The voice acting is very solid, and there are some high quality voice actors in the game. Derrick doesn't know exactly when the time skip occurs, but it happening after 12 months of the school stage is his guess. You can skip things like side missions and tutoring and head straight to the main missions. You will miss out on worldbuilding, character interactions, and making your units even stronger, but it is a viable option. Byleths hair style is not customizable, but Derrik didn't rule out an update or DLC giving players that option. The lords are probably romancable, but only if you are in their house. Again, it depends on what S supports refer to. You can switch over to the Japanese dub if you want. Manuela is the worst the fanservice gets. Even though some of the classes show skin, they aren't super revealing. If anything, the dialogue in the game is the most suggestive part. Manuela and Dorthea flirt quite a bit (with the former even mentioning wanting some "alone time"), and apparently there was a moment when a character was using a blue cloth as a sweat rag, and later Dorthea was asking about missing a piece of clothing that was blue. Draw your own conclusions. Little jokes like that seem common in the game, but it never gets incredibly risque or fanservicy. The tea minigame was brought up, and if you do well enough you can move the camera around to get a better look at the character. Derrick didn't find this creepy, but you also have to pick the right dialogue choices in order for this to happen. The game can be a little overwhelming at first, but it gives you time to adjust to the mechanics. The side quests help in easing one into certain aspects of the game (such as fishing, cooking, giving advice, and so on). By the second chapter, Derrik felt he had a grip on the mechanics. Magic works differently in this game. There are no buyable tomes. Instead, characters learn new spells as they level up in a class or as they level up their reason and faith magic. New spells with have limited uses, while older ones will increase in the amount of times you can use them. The example he gives is that a character can only use the heal spell five times at first, but as they level up, they gain physic and restore, and heal can be used 15 times. It seemed to go from five uses to ten and similar increments. However, while Edelgard had some magic spells, she wasn't able to use them. Derrik didn't know if he had to reclass her into a magic-based class first, or if she would only be able to use the spells in a magical class. He admits that he hasn't tested that feature out a whole lot. Magical classes can still use physical weapons, just not as well as other classes. Edelgard>Claude>Dmitri, although he admitted that's only because he knows more about Edelgard than the other two at the moment. Claude came off as a trickster and someone who plays the system to his advantage. He doesn't seem to be a bad leader, but those qualities do make him an interesting one. Dmitri is a stick in the mud and very concerned about his role, but his backstory is interesting considering the events that happened in his kingdom. Both gave off the impression that there was more to them that met the eye. Edelgard is also a stick in the mud, but was more willing to throw out barbs than Dmitri was. Her personality didn't open up and become interesting until later on in the story. TL;RD: The main map objectives seem to fall into "rout the enemy" or "defeat the leader", but several of them do have special objectives to fulfill. Visually, the maps are pretty open and flat (contrasted with, say, how some of Awakening's maps looked like you were climbing up a mountain even if the map itself was technically flat). It's better to reach the 100% requirement than to risk a lower pass percentage. You can reclass to any unlocked class at anytime, and every class can wield every weapon, even if some are better at using certain weapons than others. There are around 30 classes in the game. The game is very accessible, and does a good job at easing a new player into its mechanics. The only thing customizable about Byleth is their name, gender, and birthday. Characters either speak in general terms or call Byleth professor when referring to them. Byleth is silent, and the only time they speak is when leveling up or changing classes (and grunting in battle, if that counts). It is possible to recruit every character except for the house leaders and two or three other characters, but the requirements for doing so are pretty high. It is much easier to recruit professors. The story is very mysterious, with several things happening that make you wonder what exactly is going on. There were 5 to 6 cutscenes 8 chapters in, and they highlighted big events. Every month, you see a stained glass window painting that depicts what Foldan does each month as a method of worldbuilding. The setup for these mysteries is fantastic, although it's unknown how well they pay off. Characterization is solid, as is the voice performances. Each of the three lords seemed to have more to them than what first meets the eye. S-supports may or may not imply romance or just becoming close friends. Byleth is the only character to have them. Regardless, Byleth has a lot of options in this game for S-supports, even if it does not include everyone. The game really lasts as long as you want it to. You can either explore the monastery, or dash to complete certain objectives. You can even skip to the end of the month if you want to, although you miss out on much by doing so. Magic is handled differently, where some spells are class based and others depend on the characters skill level. As it increases, new spells are unlocked, while old ones increase in the amount of times they can be used. Magic classes can still uses physical weapons, even if they are not the best at doing so. It seems that skills are unlocked both based on classes and weapon experience. The fanservice is heavily toned down. However, suggestive dialogue does seem to be common without getting too risque, and is more often than not played as a small joke. Music is great, the calm/ablaze formula is back though not as noticeable or frequent, and you can switch to the Japanese voices if you want.
  6. Should know that I'm using Arthur entirely because of his voice clips.
  7. Also, I'm borrowing my cousins copy of Conquest for a few months (her "borrowing" my copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising for five years may or may not have anything to do with it). Some short first impressions: Story: Gameplay: Other Things: Also This is the opening cutscene of Three Houses, and I hope the rest of the game is this violent great. For better and worse. The Letena event will only get worse and worse, won't it? I remember I was going to bring that up originally, but thought I spent enough time writing the update as is. I'd expect a remake would remove the "can't field a fatigued unit" aspect, albeit they would probably be useless for anything other than recruiting the other unit. I thought that that would be the case. It seems like it would be a pretty crappy mechanic for having healing staves to miss often. I tend to react like the guy in the hat to spiders in real life. *Inhale* WHAT! IS! THE! WHITE! CLOTH! THAT! MARCEL! IS! WEARING! THAT! APPARENTLY! IS! NOT! A! SKIRT! OR! A! DRESS! YET! IS! NOT! A! CAPE!?!?!? Exactly If you committed a monetary crime relating to America in some way, then the FBI would be upon you. Just like the Mail Delivery Service WILL deliver the mail, the FBI (and IRS) ensure that the American government WILL get their tax dollars. I did not need to know that, but it's an... interesting fact none-the-less. The only thing I remember from health class was that temperature affects that organ, and that's entirely because I might use that face in a survival situation. That may have been a rhetorical question. And I didn't want to leave that fact as is. What if Jean Luc Picard tells you to Tried looking through it, but my internet has been acting up recently, and it's not always displaying the alt text. Still, it's interesting to see how much the format has changed as the Lets Play progressed, and how much has stayed the same. Well, Gaiden had surnames, but considering both of those are spoilers, your point still stands. Truer words have never been spoken. With the exception of Attom dying, that is. I know I would watch it. I still remember that rick-roll. I've been meaning to comment about that for a long time, but that was the first time I fell for that joke, and it was marvelous. A solid explanation. It kills three birds with one stone. I wish I understood this joke. All I know is that one is from final fantasy. I don't think I want to know what the other one is from. I would have done several youtube clip jokes, but those don't work as well in text format as they do in videos. Even a quarter is being generous, but you are right that I don't need to know anything more. Fair enough. Y'know? The Holmes tripping joke would fit right in as a theory for why Eador is broken. It's not out of place as the other tales Zarr provides. Dwarves believed the world was broken by kin who betrayed them, and they began to live in the woods, their ears became pointy, their beards fell off... Or the story of the orcs, where one orc didn't like another orc, so he banged his drum hard and loud enough that it cause the other orc to shatter into pieces, along with the rest of the world. Or the Goblins theory, where a Goblin hired a demon to work for them, but skimped on their payment, so the demon destroyed the world out of spite. The writing of Eador: Genesis is great, by the way. And the fact that you can either be the straight man to Zarr's wise guy or engage in battles of snark just makes the exposition more enjoyable to go through. Although it's not a game I'd recommend to someone's who's never played or beaten a 4X game before. It expects you to learn its mechanics, learn them quickly, and have macrostrategies upon macrostrategies while also dealing with tactical battles. Impressively, a large amount (not all of it) of the game was made by one guy. And know I want to see someone throw Holmes into Guenchaos as a ranged attack. I was commenting more on the attention to detail and how nice it looked. I see. Again, the hand motion was throwing me off. Not entirely, but I get the idea. Thank you very, very much! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THANK YOU! That is AWESOME!!! And swordsmanship in general. The first battle was to get everyone disappointed, so that his return would be all the more impressive. Aye, it is. Although Incognito in Sid Meier's Pirates! also lacks a parrot (and an eyepatch. And a hook hand. And a peg leg...), and is the most badass pirate in existence, so it's apparently not a requirement. Also, few pirates parrots can be called mighty: I remember the fact that chickens have better reasoning ability than five year olds, and they actually have a complex social structure. So yeah, Holmes is an insult to chickens. It's... a surprise. Uh... Er... Um... Yeah, I don't want to do another joke about that. Too far in a public area, I mean? Without seeming like someone hacked my account. It's... better than nothing, I suppose. ...Much better than nothing.... Why, you! But seriously, thank you for the opportunity to do that joke. Thank God! And you made me more curious about what lies ahead in the update. I always find it interesting how people respond to that question. Hahahahaha! I forgot about the Obi-Wan spin! Man, when it be common knowledge in Hollywood that spinning in battle is only practical in a small handful of situations. Well, I'll take him alternating between the two extremes than finding a boring middle. It makes it all the more entertaining. I hope this gif seems much use throughout the Lets Play. Nah, I was expecting to get rick-rolled, and I kept my volume low. That, and my laptop's sound seems damaged (my laptops seems to live a dangerous life barely three months in and parts of it are already bent). Unfortunately, no. Although they would have found the context funny since my family is Indiana Jones fans. Still, talking instead of fighting! Thank you for linking this. I will be giving it a listen in the future. This isn't the first time Pengaius has stolen something from me. Somewhat related, but do you mind if I ask the second half of my interview questions? I created more after the first re-interview, and I never asked you them. Or killed or kidnapped her, but I don't think even Holmes would stoop that low. Yoda is going to be the ultimate thing keeping Holmes in line the rest of this game, won't he? Oh I suppose I should've know you weren't that selfish. This is why you don't play the backstabbing game. And this story continues to alternate between being joyus occasions and tragic ones. Looks like Footballman parting words are a heartfelt attempt at being hip with the kids. It's late, but we have a solid explanation for why Holmes is into privateering beyond treasure hunting and spiting his dad. Once again, Holmes can't say anything positive without adding something that makes him look worse. I have to agree. This is canon. Also, are those actual portraits of Runan and Holmes as children? I think he meant to say something along the lines of "somehow, people don't want to overthrow you despite being a questionable protagonist at best." That, or it's in-universe acknowledgement of skills. How is it a low blow? The implication I got from Holmes is that she got sand everywhere when looking for treasure, and a free bath would be a way to wash it out. Then again, I don't give a damn about race, so maybe that's why I'm missing something. I think this is why Holmes sticks around with Shigen. It's easy to be an @$$ to someone when they're one back, and they both have tough enough skin that they can insult each other without damaging their friendship. Meanwhile, Holmes attempts to be kind always seem to backfire, so I can see why he gives up for long stretches of time. The alternative was that Katri would turn into a dragon. Meaning that either the house would be destroyed and a lot of people would needlessly die, or Guenchoas's men would just wait for her to transform back into a human, and then kidnap her. The latter would be a humorous scene, but the only real "win" in this situation would be for Katri to destroy her attackers before anything happens, which we all know Kaga wouldn't allow. It's hard for anything related to murder memes to be sincere. Is that the Runyfrown? Just like the Runysmile, it's only a few pixels off from his default expression. Few people can walk into one of those kind of scenes and come out without looking worse. Eugen is one of those people. ... ... ...Look, I know that our last meeting went... less than well. But I really am here to meet with Runan. Do you know where he is? I promise to lay off the insulting remarks. Or at least intentionally. Hmmm.... He should be in the throne room. Think twice before you speak. He's been distraught recently. Huh. Thanks old ma- sir Eugen Hmmmm.... What's gotten into the boy? It's not like him to hold his tongue like that... Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. Or in my case, doing 99 damage every other attack. Well, I was busy at my job all week. And was almost shocked when wiring a PLC for the first time. And Fire Emblem now has blood. But other than that, nothing is different. It seems that Ruran is the only person Holmes can be nice to without it backfiring in some ways. No wonder he kept running away. Even his description of his father is less hostile than usual. I am curious to see where this will lead. Ah, dramatic irony. How we both love and hate you. One last point. Remember that, as I said, the right direction leads not only to peace but to knowledge. When a man is getting better he understands more and more clearly the evil that is still left in him. When a man is getting worse, he understands his own badness less and less. A moderately bad man knows he is not very good: a thoroughly bad man thinks he is all right. This is common sense, really. You understand sleep when you are awake, not while you are sleeping. You can see mistakes in arithmetic when your mind is working properly: while you are making them you cannot see them. You can understand the nature of drunkenness when you are sober, not when you are drunk. Good people know about both good and evil: bad people do not know about either. - C.S. Lewis "Mere Christianity" Outside of Shigen becoming an adviser and having an edgy shopkeeper, has Holmes route actually improved anything? He must have a really punchable voice or something. I'm grasping at straws here, because there's more reasons to give the guy a hug than to be mean. In other words, he visited the Fire Emblem Heroes Meme page in its early days. I recommend joining a men's group, or just talking with someone you trust that can keep a secret but can also keep you accountable. Keeping those things private for too long can do more damage than good in the long run. Is... this canon? Because I am now interested in at least one healer having this kind of past A good note to end this on. It quelled my earlier fears. Hoo boy. We're in for a ride there, aren't we? It's always nice to see interactions like these. I feel like he's been mentioned before. I'll have to scour through the updates to remember who Liz is. Maybe Eugen got enough hints from Runan to save his insults for the enemy. These descriptions are awesome, but I'm tired enough with the week and replying so late that I'm beginning to skim through these. I'll probably comment when I have more energy. I think it's supposed to be chi. Which in some games is another way of saying "magic". These two images feel so exploitable... Huh, so there are multiple ways to die in that game. I remember playing the... remake? Remaster? A year ago, but didn't get too far. I need to play that game again, but I also have a ton of games I need to focus on completing as is. He's calling the goddess ma now. I guess you've donated enough money that you're on those kind of terms with them. And I'm okay with your choices on who goes where.
  8. Cool wings. Especially if they can be used to block attacks and/or be used in combat. And I can potentially fall with style depending on one's definition of "fly". WYR have the plot of Three Houses spoiled for you put none of the supports or character interactions, or know nothing about the plot but see all the non-story related conversations the game has?
  9. I see. I thought that it was odd that some of my units were at such a high level, but considering how important skills are in the game, I wasn't too surprised. Thank you. I haven't gotten too far into the story, so I'm willing to give it a chance, even if I admit that my hopes aren't very high. I'll try to pay attention to the themes to see how well they're done. I'm also curious if outside factors affected the games quality. I get the sense that part of the reason cliches are used so frequently is because they bit off more than they could chew with having to create three separate plots, and thus didn't have enough time to go in-depth with certain tropes as they could/should have. I know when replaying Echoes several months ago that I noticed how it seemed like the writers wanted to improve certain aspects of the games story, but lacked the time and resources to make edits, since voice acting added an extra cost and complication that wasn't present in the previous games. I wonder Fates is a similar, if different case of this.
  10. Since other people have commented, I have something I want to ask: I've noticed that a lot of my units are near level 10 despite only having them for a short time. Is there a recommended time to promote or reclass? I probably won't do it for a while, but I'm curious if it's wiser to do so earlier or later.
  11. Granted, but you're tricked into lifting a 1200 pound piece of machinery for a few bucks. You permanently injure your back, the people who set up the bet run away, and you don't get any of the money, (No joke, this actually happened to one of my machinist instructors, and while he's still in the industry, his shoulder never completely healed. He also survived almost being sucked into a lathe because he was able to bench press 400 pounds at the time and stopped the machine by pushing against it. His jacket was completely destroyed (as in, only a single sleeve remained) but that's better than most encounters with a lathe. Don't look up lathe accidents. It's one of the few times google doesn't hide gore). I wish that I knew why all my dreams the featured the Taguel also coincidentally had trampolines in them. And why the combination of the two are getting more and more creative as time goes on.
  12. Replace unicycles with motorcycles and I want to see this become an actual thing. There is a high chance for the unit to fall over, causing some damage and wasting their turn. It also greatly reduces the units defense and avoid, so the enemy has an easier time killing them. The animations are goofy and humiliating, and their movement is worse than knights until they gain experience with the unicycle, which only increases by 1 experience point every time they take damage, regardless of the amount (except for 0. That doesn't count. Nor does Echoes "1 damage if hit" mechanic). Promotion actually makes the unit worse since now they wear a clown costume, causing the enemy to target them more often and gain increased damage and crit rates against them. I wish there was a New Game + reward that gave every single character sunglasses for the entire adventure.
  13. Now all they need is to implement Mount & Blades blood system into the game, and I'll be extremely happy. Seriously though, this is a great cutscene. Sure, it has a ton of prerelease footage in a single scene, but what Fire Emblem game isn't guilty of that to some degree? The fight was brutal and a joy to watch, and I was pleasantly surprised by the short bit of hand-to-hand. I hope the rest of the games cutscenes that have battles are like this. AND BLOOD!!! YES!!! THEY AREN'T HIDING IT AND THE ESRB RATING ISN'T LYING!!! PLEASE KEEP HAVE IT THROUGHOUT THE REST OF THE GAME AND NOT IN A FEW SCENES!!!!! I think something might be wrong with me. And because there wasn't blood when we first saw the scene... Also, since Seiros mentioned her mother... Speaking of Seiros, I find it a lot more believable now that a monastery also houses an officers academy, and why church militants are an enemy faction. I can also see how the church has a "darker side" beyond simple corruption.
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