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  1. Open the door, see their element, go back inside, put on my winter gear, and then great them.
  2. Work, school, videogames, and other aspects of life take up our attention, leading us to focus on more immediate matters, meaning that later on in the day, when we have time to relax, we forget those idling thoughts on how to continue a forum game. But seriously, though. That happens to me a lot, and I find that writing them down occasionally helps. ** Is there a trope (name) that describes characters who are calm and stoic in personality, yet are energetic and bouncy in their actions/movements?
  3. https://fireemblem.fandom.com/wiki/Loffaru
  4. If there's a ping pong table, this: Otherwise, discussion both great and small, philosophical and casual, long and short, will occur between the two people. And they'll play rock-paper-scissors, thumb wrestle, and arm wrestle if there is nothing else in the room. And die of dehydration if they are not provided food or water and they don't resort to cannibalism. *** Why is there a character named Loffaru (also known as Raphael) in Tear Ring Saga?
  5. Wonder if they're a manakete and equipped a different stone given how fast they changed forms.
  6. I think I'm in some kind of dark fantasy work. Considering the recent trends... I don't know what to make of that.
  7. Since we've had several recent complaints about employees getting lost on the way to the restroom, we are now posting instructions in every section of the workforce. To make sure everyone knows where they are, we will also provide them verbally. Now, if you work in the statistics offices, head west, turn right... ....If you work in the reconnaissance corner of the base, turn left, left, right, left, skip the next three caves entrances, and go right. It should be on the right... ...If you work in human resources, go right, right, left, left, straight, past the statue of our Dark Lord (I'm told it will be finished in about a month or two. Remember to grab the free ear plugs if you are sensitive to noise), left again, the restroom should be on either side... ...As for janitorial, just clean up after yourself...
  8. If this rumor is true, I'm placing my money on a Binding Blade remake. The director of SoV expressed interest in remaking it next, it's a very "rough around the edges" kind of game with several near universally agreed upon improvements to make, and it was originally on a handheld, so the transition to the 3DS would be a natural one. I wouldn't discount the Judgral games as a possibility, but I think the large maps of FE4 would be more fitting for a console game than a handheld title, and both Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776 have several gameplay elements that are a tricky debate of what should be changed and what should stay the same. I'm expecting that they'll be remade for the Switch eventually, but later rather than sooner. As for another possibility, I'm curious if IS was planning on making a "Game of the Year" edition of Awakening. It's been over five years, the sequels have improved vastly on the animations and graphics, and the game is well known for having quality DLC. I wouldn't be surprised if IS wanted to make a quick buck by remastering the game and providing some extra content that would be appealing to fans, but decided it was too late in the 3DS's lifespan for it to be profitable. That said, I do think that "remaster" or "re-release" would be better descriptions than "remake" if this were the case.
  9. Funnily enough, I actually dislike Sereva's paralogue, but not so much due to the reinforcements (although I still hate those, don't get me wrong) and more because I find the enemy composition to be a pain in the butt to plan around. Not as bad as some of the other paralogues (looking at you, Yarne and Nah! They may not have ambush spawns, but the tricks they do pull work more or less on the same principle), but it's still not a level I look forward to playing. Anyway, to an extent I do agree with your point about reinforcements being more bearable when they appear further away from the player. I recently beat Shadow Dragon, and I noticed the times I minded them the least where when they showed up close to where the player started the map, at a point where my units were already some ways into the level. I was still annoyed that they arrived without warning, which is my biggest issue regarding reinforcements, but I did have enough time and room to react to their sudden appearance. If IS brings reinforcements back yet again, I would rather the map design be handled like that rather than having them pop up all throughout the level (or replace them with Cantors. As annoying as they could be, at least they were predictable and I could take a more active stance combating them, rather than having to resort to a guide to know when and where reinforcements would appear). I see and to a degree agree try saying that five times fast with you regarding hiding growth rates. I didn't mind not knowing them when playing Awakening and Shadows of Valentina, since everyone is viable in the former, and being able to field everyone in the latter allows even RNG screwed units to contribute. Meanwhile, they would have been nice to show in, say, Shadow Dragon, as the game has dynamic growth rates that fluctuate constantly. Revealing a growth rates could also help resolve the confusion that can occur of how character growth rates and class growths combine together.
  10. Haven't played the game myself, so I can't comment on the handling of the level and how well it fits into the larger story. I can say that is that it makes me wish Three Houses had weapons that were a combination of futuristic and medieval. Kinda like this: Of course, DLC can always change that.
  11. Open the door, go back inside, grab a fire extinguisher, and call Hiccup so he knows there's another dragon to train.
  12. The noise doorbells make. E is for Evangelion.
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