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  1. I have the perfect plan to get players back into playing Heroes: Free Gifts!
  2. Yes. Sometimes, metaphors go over someones head. Are Swordfish Dolphin Paladins the good counterpart to Evil Laser Sharks? (I legit had a dream about this a week ago)
  3. Depending on the state; up to one year in jail, a fine usually around $1000, community service, probation, and a potential sexual offender registry. My uncle is unfortunately in this situation. He injured his arm at the last place he worked, and now he's unable to lift anything heavy. Even places like McDonalds and Walmart don't hire him, despite applying, because of this injury. The only way he earns cash is by selling model kits, which he can only do during certain parts of the year, and he only earns a few thousand dollars from doing so. That used to simply be a hobby of his, but know it's his only way of earning money. He was a Tank Commander during the Cold War, by the way. Still has a model of the tank he drove. *** Is it true that a light bulb only breaks when you turn it on or off, and if you left it on indefinitely, without any disruption in the electricity, it would never go out?
  4. I personally like that each class can only wield one weapon, so that you have to work with the weapons you do have. That said, I do agree that there should have been more sword-wielding classes. Also, how is being unable to wield swords in gameplay a plot hole? Mycen trained Alm up in Swords, yet uses lances in-game. It could be as simple as Rudolf knowing how to wield swords, but preferring/finding it more practical to use lances on horseback. Atlus should definitely have used one as a villager, and I do agree that an extra axe-weilding class would be neat. Time and resource constraints from making the class, as well as having to create a bunch of new axe weapons so it's not left in the dust (and thus a bunch of new combat arts along with them) are the main reasons I see for why they didn't do this. Eh I actually like the amount of healing options you have in this game. It balances out how spells and combat arts require HP to use, as well as how the number of dedicated healers you have can be counted on one hand. I find that unlimited healing is balanced out by giving much less exp this time around, so you can't quite abuse healing to gain quick levels like in previous games. Agreed on creating new maps for when the originals are repeated. Again, time and money constraints might have had a factor in why they didn't do this. I would personally add thin bridges to swamp maps, so the player is forced into the conundrum of moving their units through a fast but tight bridge or through a slow swamp. That, or just add more safe tiles in-between. The Desert maps had small patches of plain land to help your units get to the action faster, why not swamps? Also, while I like the idea of having an item slot to place shields and rings in, it may or may not have the potential to make units overpowered. Game testing would have to see how this idea would work in practice. The problem I see with this is that it would more micromanagement to an otherwise fast paced game. The player already has to predict which enemy would attack each unit and how much damage they would be dealt, so adding in having to predict the HP cost on top of that would add a lot more than one would think. Lighting automatically countering bows should have been a thing, though. Hmmm... I'd have to see this idea in practice to know whether I would like it or not. I do find it convenient that characters that learned a skill with one item/weapon could use it immediately if another item has the same ability, but that situation is admittedly rare. On the other hand, it means that if I had, say, two steel swords, under this system, I could have one blade whose abilities are maxed out while the other still has some skills to learn, ignoring how I could have switched the original sword between two units and they both unlocked all the combat arts. I'll give credit to the writers that the erratic behavior of witches has a reason behind it, but I do agree that there should be something more predictable to their movements. Having to rely on luck to avoid bullcrap situations (or surviving Sonya's map) isn't good game design. It's been a few months since I last played Echoes, but I believe that some witches become so voluntarily out of piety/pursuit of power, while others it was definitely against their will. Both Sonya and Delthea learn reward, so a remnant of this idea is already in the game. On a side note, show that some of the aracanists and cantors are personally controlled by Duma like witches are, and are just as mindless and crazy. It's just less noticeable because they don't warp around. This would help reduce the sexism, and maybe have Duma come off as a min-maxer who, after researching/discovering that he could cause females under his control to warp, didn't bother extending it to males, akin to how a strategy gamer might stop researching a specific tech field to focus on another one, regardless of the in-universe implications. Agreed Deen does have an interesting backstory in the Valentia Accordian, and while it's understandable why he doesn't bring it up (he pretty much lost everything that day), it would be cool if we at least got hints of it in the game itself. Also, he shows a savvy side in his final base conversation, telling Celica that regardless of whether or not she rules Zofia after the game is done, she shouldn't forget the mistakes that past royals have made, and that knocking out the bad guy and saving their deity wouldn't bring back any lost lives. It would be neat if this side of him popped up more. Hey, another person want's giant worms in Fire Emblem! And for the battle where you would face Deen and Sonya at the same time, and recruit both of them! Could even make sense storywise, because in an attempted flank with unexpected sandworms, Celcias army still came out on top, giving them the idea that they she might actually be able to defeat Desaix, giving them a reason to change sides. Don't know if I would want them to appear as reinforcements, though, but being fair that's just because I dislike the mechanic in general, and I'm glad that Gaiden/Echoes uses the more predictable cantors instead. Sure Agreed Never really used dancers in previous games since I don't build strategies around moving twice in the same turn, but seeing as Echoes allows you to field everyone, I think they get more use in this game. And yeah, they would help make the desert/swamp maps more bearable. Considering the mercenaries had unique spell lists in the original game, the Dread Fighter Loop was intentional. I do agree that it shouldn't be limited to just one class, though (even if I do like the explanation that the Valentia Accordian gives for why Dread Fighters can become villagers). The Nosferatu Easter egg isn't something you do out of practicality, so there's no harm done in keeping it. There are other things I would make memory prisms out of. Seeing as I still have to play Shadow Dragon (why does this game only seem to appear in stores when I'm not interested in buying it?) I can't comment on Gotoh's actions here. What happened to 16? Did you poison his mutton? I want my tragicomedy of Valbar, Leon, and Kamui first, but I wouldn't be opposed to this. I also want my expansion pack that shows what happens immediately after the game ends, because I'm curious about what Alm and Celica's rule is like, having cross-party interactions we didn't get in the base game, and seeing the rebellions and other issues they have to face and address issues people had with the original games story so they will finally shut up about them. As much as I dislike how the big twist shoots itself in the foot narrative, I can't help but be intrigued by how people in-universe would react to the turn of events, and I see the potential for an interesting story there. Agreed. Personally, I would have had Jedah make it clear that he's willing to hand over Mila in exchange for Celica's soul, and that it could be done without any bloodshed if she comes peacefully. However, he won't take no for an answer, and that if he has to use force, it's because Celica is, and the longer she resists, the higher the body count will grow, so all the blood will be on her hands. This would make Celica's conflicted feelings even more understandable, and explain why the Duma Faithful still attack you. I would also keep and expand upon the Necrodragon threat against Alm, because while it's brought up, it doesn't quite have the impact it should. Have Duma said he will keep sending necrodragons after the Deliverance until Celica gives up, and he doesn't care if it takes days, weeks, years, or even centuries for all of them to die out. This would hit Celica in two soft spots, and make her decision rash but understandable. Eh, wouldn't care either way. Maybe Alm could use both, depending on how formal he wishes the conversation to be. I'm fine with Valentia, although I don't see myself complaining if they decided to name it Valencia.
  5. Behold, my first Awkward Zombie Comic Edit: Took about 20 minutes to make. Original Comic: http://www.awkwardzombie.com/index.php?page=0&comic=041116
  6. It helps that Shadow Warrior actually has chainsaw katanas: Three Houses DLC better add futuristic weapons, since it would be such a missed opportunity not to.
  7. Somehow, a dream about the lack of clerical magic in Fable causing trouble at a temple led to a dream about Elan from Order of the Stick leading a party of adventurer's through a series of rooms with Indiana Jones inspired traps in them which led to a few Unidentified Flying Objects (not the alien kind) floating in my backyard which led to Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior grabbing a chainsaw katana and stating that he was going to the land of Foldan to show Rhea that past and future technology can go hand-in-hand and TWSITD that they should have made some modern legendary weapons. And then he started walking there on foot. From my backyard. Did I mention that all these dreams were directly connected? I also had a dream two days ago about Hubert attempting to lead a youth group from my backyard. It went... Interestingly, to say the least.
  8. Was shown the company car just a few minutes ago. It seems pretty safe, has a built-in GPS, and I got the seat all adjusted and I know where the lights and windshield wipers and all that are. Andrew mentioned that he didn't go through any of the heavier traffic areas of Chicago when he went.
  9. Being a non-sexualized character when they could have easily made her one, fire memes, and being a great candidate for a non-fanservicy dancer that isn't an alt in Heroes are about the only reasons I can think of for Rineas "popularity". She could also be considered a subtle foil to Celica (both detest violence, but Celica doesn't back down if fighting is the only option, while Rinea leaves the scene when it looks like things will get bloody at Zofia castle. Celica also wasn't afraid to confront Alm when she disagreed with him taking the war route (even though he wasn't really in a position to end the conflict peacefully, but that's a discussion for elsewhere), while Rinea is passive about Berkut's outbursts to the point it leads to her death) but I don't see that aspect brought up much. Never underestimate a great performance! Good acting can take the most corny or ridiculous of lines and situations and make them work to great effect. While "sympathetic" is a stretch I agree, it's not hard to see why people consider Berkut's situation tragic. His entire world did come crashing down in a very short timeframe, after all, and most of it was outside of his control. His act of desperation only leading to more loss does add some additional sadness to the whole situation.
  10. Byleth gets revenge on their fathers murder by doing some R-Rated stuff to her. I wish that there was futuristic looking legendary weaponry in Three Houses.
  11. She rarely has her phone on her. Why put Chi plasma tech into a bow?
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