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  1. Since starting Fire Emblem: Three Houses, I've been noticing small details ranging from gameplay to presentation from the 3DS games at least that were either retained or absent in this one. Some of the exclusions were understandable, while others were less so. One of the things I observed was that characters in Three Houses tended to speak less in battle when compared to the 3DS games. I can think of a few reasons for why this may be the case, although I am curious if other's share a similar opinion and/or if I simply haven't encountered many situations where the units do speak up in battle. Now, in Shadows of Valentia may have the most chatty Fire Emblem cast that doesn't include written dialogue. They comment on enemies missing, failing to hit themselves, their allies doing well or needing healing, and there are a number of unique quotes between units that were close to each other, such as Forsyth and Python, Mae and Boey, Luthier and Delthea, and so on. I wouldn't be surprised if the increased battle quotes were a way of compensating for the lower quantity of support conversations in Echoes, as well as how not every character would be active in the story after a certain point. In contrast, characters in Three Houses speak up a lot more in both the story and in side conversations such as during exploration, support conversations, group activities, and so on. Players can still get an idea of what characters are like even if they are outside of their class. Because of this, perhaps the developers though that having units talk a lot in battle would be redundant or unnecessary, and/or that there was enough dialogue in this game and they didn't want to risk going over-budget with the voice acting (which may or may not have been a reason why the support conversations in Echoes were so short. There are several potential explanations for that). From a different angle, while the characters may not have commented upon the enemy or themselves missing an attack, Awakening and Fates did have the pair-up system.This allowed units to say something before the battle, when defending their ally or attacking in a dual strike, and characters had a different set of quotes if their partner defeated the enemy. Meanwhile, the adjutant system in Three Houses rarely activates and I'm not certain if there even is any unique quotes for when it does occur. It is small, but it does result in there being less potential things for units to say, which becomes more noticeable when making comparisons. With that said, I am still on my first playthrough of Three Houses, and while there are several things about the game I can say for certain that I like or don't like, I am largely taking a "wait-and-see" approach towards the game. I don't know all the ins and outs yet, so perhaps the characters in Three Houses do pipe up more often in battle that I initially thought, and I quite simply haven't encountered situations where they would often do so. Again, I'm curious about what other peoples have to say regarding the topic.
  2. If we bring Eevee along when exploring, I'm positive that everyone will join our house in a heartbeat!
  3. As annoying as it would be, I kinda want DLC about dealing with the aftermath now, as well as exploring while fights are going on.
  4. I don't really know what the heck is going on around me, but as long as they aren't interrupting my casting time, I'm good. A month or two late, but thank you.
  5. Well, the madman actually put Byleth in and addressed some memes while he was at it. Fire Emblem Heroes is considered a mainline game, by the way. And there was a random lesson on binary. Never change your trolling ways, Sakurai. But seriously, we knew Byleth was getting in sooner or later, so I'm not surprised they decided to get it out of the way sooner. On the bright side, it eliminates them being a possibility for the next wave of DLC, so fans can worry less about another Fire Emblem rep. It also seems that Byleth appearing as the 5th fighter in the pass was more for development reasons than intentionally planning it that way, considering Three Houses only came out last year compared to every other character where from games that had been out for a while. Still, you could tell they had fun making this presentation. Solon's growing confusion made me laugh, as did Sothis's unique comments. The only thing that would have made it better is if other fighters appeared out of the Smash logo in the sky, making Solon even more confused and wondering if his plan backfired on him big time. That, or if Galeems beam zapped him away while his jaw was on the floor. Sakurai also seemed enthusiastic about discussing Fire Emblem while trying to avoid spoilers, which helped make the presentation more fun to watch. Anyway, Byleth! Not gonna lie that I did prefer the "pokemon trainer with the three lords" idea that has been discussed before on how to handle Byleth, but I don't mind their implementation here. Each weapon corresponding to a different direction is a nice detail, and while I don't see them becoming a "high tier" character or things like that, they still look fun to use. Garreg Mach being a stage is a neat idea, even if it does look to be on the simple side. I kinda want Three Houses DLC that deals with random fighters coming in and breaking the merchant stalls, tables, and chandeliers now. Visually speaking, does anyone else think that Byleth and the other students look a bit... off? I can't tell if it's because most of what we saw appeared to be part of an earlier build when they still needed to clean up the models, or if I'm just not used to seeing Three Houses characters in HD. Similarly, Byleths final smash looks like Sothis is a .PNG file, and I can't tell if that's a placeholder or the final product. I'm far from saying that the models look terrible, I just find them a bit odd is all, and I'm curious if anyone else feels the same. All in all, this was an okay reveal that entertaining to watch because you knew the people behind it were deciding to have some fun and Sakurai clearly enjoyed talking about Fire Emblem, but there wasn't much else besides that.
  6. Add my congrats to getting into Smash, and ask if they're using the Eevee spirit.
  7. Eh, I imagine it depends on the context. I can see the phrase being used as both a playful jab about someones age or as an intentional insult to an older generation. I've only seen it used in memes, but then again I tend to end up in a meaningful discussion whenever I talk to someone older than I am, so I've never really been in a situation were snark like that would be expected. Seeing it compared to the n-word made me facepalm, though. There is an actual historical basis for why calling someone that is derogatory, while "ok boomer" is just a meme that can be used in lighthearted or mean-spirited ways. Unless something goes downhill very quickly, they aren't comparable.
  8. Tell them that no, I'm not interested in being recruited into their army.
  9. I would argue that Conquest's map design is the best in the series and that most of the games gimmicks aren't bullcrap as the player is given the resources to plan around and even exploit them. The vast majority of the time, it is still the players fault for loosing a unit and/or finding themselves in a bad situation, instead of the game doing something outside of the players control (and things like high hit rates missing at an inopportune time or enemies critting can be found in every Fire Emblem game). That said, from chapter 17 onward is when they start consistently becoming more frustrating than fun to deal with. And it's not like all of them are bad ideas. I could see the wind chapter making for an engaging level in Echoes or Shadow Dragon, for instance, but because it's in Conquest, a game that can and will kill you if you don't pay attention, it just becomes another thing to keep track of, which ends up making the level a slog. I also think the illusion gimmick should have appeared in its own level first, so the player would understand how it works and how to plan around it so that when it reappears on the kitsune map, the player knows how the illusion mechanic works, but beastbane+pass puts a twist on their previous strategies. *** Some unpopular opinions about Three Houses: - The battle animations are really lackluster, and battalions in particular look unpolished. - Visually speaking, the brawler and especially grappler classes have the worst designs in the series. - While I understand why this was the case, Byleths lack of customizability does hurt how well they work as an avatar. - This one may change when I start learning more about her character, but I found Petra's direction to be hit or miss. Sometimes she sounds like a foreigner still learning how to speak the language but is confident enough not to stutter, other times she sounds like she knows English just fine and just needs a thesaurus.
  10. Does renown spent on Saint statues carry over from game to game, or is it a better idea to save up renown for New Game +? Thank you
  11. I am! I love the amount of freedom you have in this game. It's almost always rewarding to go out of your way to explore something interesting I see in the distance, even if I end up a fair distance away from the objective. It reminds me of the best parts of the Elder Scrolls series, except Breath of the Wild has a climbing mechanic. The moment I heard how they were going to handle classic mode in Ultimate, I already knew what my sentiment towards it would be. That sentiment remains largely unchanged, but the speed of the fights makes it easier to dash through classic mode with each character. It is also a nice change of pace when I want to do something other than smash fights or spirit mode. I am enjoying the game, although I am taking a cautious approach towards it. As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of aspects about this game that I can see becoming even more interesting later on, but just as easily I can see them ending up as missed opportunities. I've seen several varied opinions about Three Houses, and I'm curious what mine will turn out to be after I beat the game.
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