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  1. I'm so glad this is finally being undertaken, I wanted to play this for a long time now, being able to understand it helps immensely with my immersion and enjoyment. Now if only I can get more word on whether Vestaria Saga's own localization is progressing anymore from Kaga himself...
  2. I like when people say "We should do this thing to people" and not think about what comes after one tries to implement said thing. I know it was a hypothetical, but as long as the player union exists, there's not going to be player salary earning caps.
  3. Meanwhile I'm just here believing it's not coming out anytime soon and I'm expecting an excuse any day now as to why.
  4. I'm guessing the inability to stretch the map screen is the fault of SRPG studio itself. If you could somehow add the functionality, it would help me out considerably. I already use the stretched out battle screen.
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