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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't it start in late 2012/early 2013, back when Assad was accused of using chemical weapons on his people? That openly breaks Chemical Weapons Convention, which I'm pretty sure Syria has signed back in 2013. We can't have tyrants openly breaking laws like this and getting away scot free, in my humblest of opinions. While yes, the idea has been tainted along the way by greedy outside forces looking for personal gain, the original thought about us needing to stand up for what is humane can't be tainted, and I think we should all be willing to do what we can here; and yes, that does include the recent bombings. but this is all just my ramblings ignore it if you want ig
  2. A bit of a cop out, but any unit I've got before. I nearly died when out of the six 5*s from the last Fell Robin banner (think it was Hero Fest idk, correct me if I'm wrong) only one of them was a new unit. I'm just happy I only have doubles; my heart goes out to anyone with the same unwanted 5*s multiple times over
  3. It's probably because it works in size order. Smallest amount of time obviously being the day, fowllowed by month and then naturally the year. Smallest to biggest just looks better aesthetically than going medium - smallest - biggest; you can't argue that, that's just a certified factâ„¢
  4. Please, that'd be so helpful. To make everything easier, yes, I do have Android. Ready when you are
  5. Sorry if I seem incredibly stupid here. I hate having to ask for help from people online, but I wouldn't do it unless I have to. So here I am, kindly asking for someone to help me with downloading the game to my phone. I've been trying to understand what I have to do for the lesser part of two days now, and I still can't make heads or tails of what I need to download, where I need to put everything, if they need to be renamed, etc. I probably look incredibly unintelligent now, I'm guessing. But hey, if someone can kindly take the time out of their day to give me a tiny step by step guide to downloading to my phone this, it'd make my day a whole lot easier, and probably others that are in the same perdicament. So if you do decide to help, thanks a ton in advance.
  6. No love for the quirky Yumi wielders of Fates? Does no one appreciate the Merchant, Apothecary or the Mechanist as much as I do? Sure, they may not be the best at combat -more likely far from it- but they were fun to use, they were more interesting than all these generic classes such as Fighter or Mercenary, and they brought some new things to the table. I personally love the Mechanist class especially, as riding a self made robot that can launch streaming arrows and shurikens on command just seems amazingly cool in my eyes. I've used a Mechanist in every play through of Fates I've done, and each time their high mobility and stellar skills range have came in clutch to save me. While I can't praise the other two classes just as highly, I still hold a small place in my brain for those three classes that are supremely under appreciated.
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