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  1. Well, thank goodness I’ve cleared the challenge nightmare. I was close to losing yesterday, but today got with some time to spare thanks to upgraded facilities. in other news, got over 37000 wyrmites, 150 vouchers p, and 6 tens. Do you recommend me to spend some in attempting to get hot bikini dark skinned beauty? Or keep saving them for the anniversary? I was considering in trying to get bikini Verica, but since the anniversary is getting closer and closer...
  2. Indeed, pretty nice, and the look of both Eliwood and the lance are easy on the eyes, but I think, for now, it’s not as versatile as Brace Micaiah. She can rip apart two common and oftentimes bothersome units, she can tank magic, has absurd might, and can tank magic, pretty deadly weapons quite often
  3. Yep, Micaiah, voiced by Veronica Tailor, Ash’s original VA. Yep, I’m picking her
  4. Eliwood got a close second, but I’ve decided on my childhood idol: Ash Ketchum 😁
  5. Boy, I got over 35000 wyrmites, 135 vouchers, and 5 tens. I must get everything in the upcoming anniversary with all that and still have stuff left. I wonder what I’ll save for next? Maybe the Dragonyule rerun or another collaboration
  6. Other than my gatchas, Bloodstained. This is the first serious game I have been playing in a while
  7. I can’t decide between Eliwood and Micaiah. The former seems to have decent offense while killing two of the most meta units. Micaiah seems weaker stats wise, but she seems extremely versatile while killing two strong metas as well. Camilla seems decent enough, but hard to stand out due to Bridal Fjorm and Brave Veronica. Alm seems pure offense, those tend to me quickly outclassed, as crippling over specialization
  8. Woah, Brave Eliwood and Brave Micaiah look the shit. And while I’m still upset that Camilla won, credit were credit is due, as she looks like a powerful staff herself. I think Alm got the short end of the stick this time tho due to the HP toll Next year CYL will be interesting, due to Three Houses joining the party, and I’m sure there will me many characters in that game who will be popular enough to shake the play field of it. Hell, enough that it’s very possible for Marth to lose, AGAIN XD
  10. I’m looking forward the next event, specially for Summer Estelle. Estelle is my favorite character, and having a version of her that’s not likely being sucking is appreciated. I like her because thanks to some pony voice actor joke with her, made me try Dragalia Lost in the first place XD. I’m not investing in her banner unless is limited. I’d rather keep saving for the anniversary. I’m over 24500 wyrmites
  11. Funny how I can now breeze through High Mercury now
  12. Well, this banner with Cecilia, Roy, and Gwendolyn was quite lame... if not for the fact that I got another Surtr in my free pull XD
  13. Boy, got close in falling to temptation and summon in this banner. I must resist until the anniversary
  14. Boy, I got over 16000 wyrmites again. I hope to get all the good stuff the anniversary has to offer
  15. Yeah, rather scary how powerful those two will be :shudders:. Anyway, I think I’m rather well prepared. I’m planning to use Veronica against High Jupiter, and I got Marishiten, and the 5 star wand for her. Alfonse against High Zodiark. I’m not as well prepared with him, but I’m close
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