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  1. Well, this banner with Cecilia, Roy, and Gwendolyn was quite lame... if not for the fact that I got another Surtr in my free pull XD
  2. Boy, got close in falling to temptation and summon in this banner. I must resist until the anniversary
  3. Boy, I got over 16000 wyrmites again. I hope to get all the good stuff the anniversary has to offer
  4. Yeah, rather scary how powerful those two will be :shudders:. Anyway, I think I’m rather well prepared. I’m planning to use Veronica against High Jupiter, and I got Marishiten, and the 5 star wand for her. Alfonse against High Zodiark. I’m not as well prepared with him, but I’m close
  5. Yeah, I think it’s time for a new event next time. Despite not needing it so hardly, Fire could use a facility event by now. I’ve refrained in participating in the event for now. Focused in attempting to defeat High Mercury again. I did it at last
  6. Yeah, I know RNG can be an ass sometimes. I didn’t get all the FEH characters by a little. I don’t mind this rerun, but I’m not as excited as this is the first even I could hold my own. I even completed the extra back then. Then again, I always welcome pathetic extra wyrmite or two, and the duplicated epithets are 150 wyrmites each. Great, now I got over 14000 wyrmites and now I’m wondering how much will I get once the anniversary hits
  7. Not only that, but finally a mainstream Zelda was not YET, ANOTHER, OCARINA, OF, TIME, RIPOFF. Seriously, leave OOT alone for once 🙄. However, this next installment couldn’t go wrong with actual Zelda flavors regarding the dungeons. I do admit the main dungeon were a weak part of BOTW
  8. I know what you mean. The first facility event I’ve played: the Annelie one, was much of the same. I think I’ll go light in the upcoming revival, as I played it when I returned and started going legit on this game. I’m not expecting to go beyond making the dailies and getting all Shishimais to get extra Eldwaters in other news, I’m glad for the update. About time we could exchange the coins, and a bigger facility cap is always a plus. I’m saving Wyrmites still for the anniversary. I’m almost 13000 of them
  9. New update has come. I’m excited for it
  10. It’s funny, it’s clear most VAs of the game are using aliases. I have to look closer to this “Michael Richards”, but his voice over as Xainfried gives me some Andrew Francis vibes (gotta check his other character), but this “Rae Hall”, after listening her Lowen voice, I figured out she’s actually Erin Mathews. Her Lowen sounds exactly like the kid Burtonverger, and Pac-Man XD
  11. Should I keep Laevetain, or should I fodder her skillz? Yes, I used a Z XD
  12. Well, I could say Twilight Princess and Mario Galaxy 2 -Twilight Princess: I think it tried too hard to become another OOT, to start, with some edge added, but I think it made it feel lifeless. Speaking of lifelessness, the world was too big, but too empty, and most characters had unmemorable, and most of the time, ugly designs. It started the take your hand nonsense in difficulty, and the tutorial was exceedingly long -Mario Galaxy 2: Mario Galaxy had it’s flaws, mainly the take your hand bullshit difficulty, but it had soul, and you know the world was built with care. I can’t say the same with this one. It was clear to be made as a cash grab, and some of the first game’s faults were accentuated, most notorious for me, the prankster comets. I heard the second journey with the green stars is much worse, but I was so mad at this game that I just bothered with the first 120 stars, and that’s it
  13. I got her in my first summon XD. Anyway, I’m thinking in skill inheritance her. Who? I dunno. I’m happy Laegjarn is there, hot, and has a legendary weapon, but I’m going after her when she appears in a legendary/mythic banner
  14. Well, just finished all the gauntlets. Had a hard time with light, as I had expected all the bleeding from the Hinomoto trio would suffice, but had to use a friend’s Aldis to help with the poison. Still, I won by the last second, literally. oh well, Nothing else to do. Good thing the Wind Facility Event is coming, as I’ll help me immensely against HM. Also, I’m saving wyrmites for the anniversary. God knows what good shit is coming there well, HM prelude and the wind facility returning are both here. Looks like CyGames wants us to defeat High Mercury now XD
  15. I don’t care if those games occupy part of a good chunk of the seasonals, I just don’t want EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM to have Fates Fates Fates and Fates like last year’s bullshit. I feel this year have gotten a decent variety of seasonals, I just hope for some Genealogy one day
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