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  1. You may have noticed by now, but Dragalia Lost is making a return for it’s first collaboration event ever: FEH. This year, said event is making a return, plus the four featured characters: Alfonse, Fjorm, Veronica, and the franchise’s face: Marth The event is making a comeback in April 19, with said characters having their turn for a new feature that buffs them, and brand new FEH content once over. What characters can we expect afterwards? Share a seems a likely choice.
  2. Sothis lost, yet another chance to get her being dust. Oh well, guess I’ll merge Altina
  3. Silly Bernie, just when I thought you couldn’t be cuter
  4. That long since the last ND? Anyway, I’m kind of becoming impatient, as there are crazy rumors and I want them either confirmed or debunked
  5. Well, almost missed this daily banner, but got Amelia... AT GOD DAMN LAST. +def/-res. Not bad
  6. Well, I’ve used him plenty of times before starting recruiting other students in my firth playthrough. Over half of academy fase. He was my biggest deadweight because he got constantly doubled. Having found out about the Scythe of Sariel outside CF, tried training him again... he got the same problems yet again
  7. Fire Emblem has plenty of gorgeous ladies. I like the fanservice, but I can live without it
  8. I also think Euden should be in Smash. Too bad my dreams of having Vincent Tong in Smash are shattered T_T
  9. Well, I suppose this is a good time to speak about this game again as some interesting changes have taken place. No, it’s not the Monster Hunter collaboration taking place now, but mainly about some life changes for the better regarding HDT and the Agito Namely, the new Mentor system, which rewards players who participate in HDT standard and expert difficulties with at least one team member who hasn’t finished the boss battle. Makes sense to implement this system, as it has gotten hard for many (myself included until not a month ago) to find a good team to help. Making them stuck in standard with no chance to even attempt expert. They also increased the time limit to 10 minutes Another helpful life-changing introduction is the revival. You can die up to three times. Not only that, but you get extra rewards the revives you use, on top of what you already receive on drops and weekly rewards. This is useful, as these challenges are rather unforgiving with the mistakes. It’s no fun to die regardless, as on top of losing some extra rewards, you revive with a quarter of health, and lose all your previous skill charges. Forcing you to charge again. It’s still better than killing the whole battle Another that’s older, but hasn’t been mentioned here, is the Agitho. These are challenges on a higher level than HD. However, I’ve finally attempted the standard that’s on currently, and zi didn’t find it unforgiving. I defeated him from my second attempt onwards. You can only revive once thought. I’ve already made my first 6-star weapon. I have yet to see how tougher is expert, but I can tell is more unforgiving
  10. I do not enjoy it as much other than the occasional not seen before alts, specially legendaries and brave, but it doesn’t mean I want this game to be shut down either. But if things stand as they are, I sadly don’t see it going past next year
  11. I don’t think the lack of Awakening and Fates is a main factor of the player base leaving. I think it’s because many other problems plaguing the game. Incessant powercreeps, inability to keep up with constant new heroes with new skills necessary to stay on game, not updating the below 5 star pool nor removing the old and practically useless characters, focus on multiplayer, and basically the huge amount of grinding and attention required. is Dragalia Lost among the mobile Nintendo games that lost player base? Because that game has MANY things that makes it more friendly that FEH
  12. If you can’t tell from my profile picture, I love my ponies. That’s pretty much what I’ve watched these past few years. I don’t really watch TV these days
  13. Called it, FEH’s existence wasn’t to be taken for granted. Over 30% drop is huge. I haven’t been playing this game as much lately for one reason or another. There are many things that need fixing ASAP. I remember when the delevopers listened to player feedback in the beginning
  14. Oh boy, FEH channel in less than 3 hours now
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