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  1. Oh please, not those two. I had enough of them, and they’re out of place 😒
  2. So would I, despite not caring much about her. I just think it’s about time for a FEH OC to make it through CYL. I find it surprising we only have Veronica so far
  3. After focusing on ladies these past CYL, I think I’m lending my support for Zelgius this time
  4. Man, pretty difficult who to vote this time… I think I’m supporting Silly Bernie. Gullveig is… I don’t know, at most I can say about her is she having a cool concept and design, but that’s it. Freya makes more sense since her arc is over, but since Gullveig is on top 20, it’s possible she’ll pull a Veronica dark horse victory
  5. Yeah, the main reason for CYL is having the winners as you wouldn’t expect them or even being able to see them as in their base game. It was severely disappointing having the three lords don their final personal classes and the Fodlan Shadow Dragon Regalia, and Lysithea as grimoire and dark spikes. They may work as characters, but the lack of creativity made it easily the worst CYL (yes, even worse than “THAT” one 😒)
  6. Woah, I was expecting a boring full Engage CYL this year. Well, preparing for disappointment next year as we’ll likely see a creatively bankrupt CYL winners just like Three Houses a couple of years ago anyway, I’ll stick with Rhea, again, unless Laegjarn has a surprising chance to win, or there’s an unexpected underdog like Gatey Keepie, or some other badass, like Zelgius
  7. I don’t get it either. Camilla has more reasons to be hated than her. At least Dorothea has a personality and a goal
  8. Took them long enough to give Zelgius a silly seasonal alt 😒
  9. Problem doesn’t lie on them being busty, or if they have moments to show their assets, but the problem lies the character is nothing more than fanservice, is where I draw a line.
  10. I’m what ways? Laegjarn is leagues different than Camilla
  11. All of my rounds went about Camilla. I just wanted her to lose
  12. Well, I’ve put up a fight, but the real waifu lost 😞
  13. I don’t care who wins, as long as Laegjarn beats Mrs Tits 😒
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