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  1. Appearance wise, yes: kinda boring. I get excited for Brave Heroes because they receive a never seen take, either by borrowing from a close character, or a development not seen in their canon games. These CYL winners aren’t nothing they couldn’t be in their base game, be it appearance, class, and even weapons
  2. I wouldn’t mind her having a brave spot next year. But I don’t see the Ashen Wolves clicks as much as I expected. I’m still voting for silly Bernie tho
  3. Dudes -Zelgius (Tellius series) -The Reinhardt (Thracia 776) ladies -Silly Bernie (Three Houses) -Laegjarn (Heroes)
  4. Predictable, but happy Emperor Eldie is legendary. It would have been a pretty boring set of Brave Heroes if they have chosen her for it otherwise
  5. Well, the last year event is here at last. They took away the coop in the gate castle defense, but appears to be returning next week. And again, no information about the new characters yet, but they are coming the same day as well
  6. They can do a story a few generations forward tho
  7. Or an entry taking place in their continent. Sacred Stone’s world is the only one with a single entry so far, or at least the Pre-Awakening, and that one takes place thousands of years after Marth’s games
  8. I am considering in saving orbs and spend when Rinkah appears in a legendary/mythic banner. But god, giving Brave Ike distant counter and keeping his strengths is a must...
  9. Should I keep hot abs babe, or should I give her distant foil to Brave Ike? There lies the question
  10. Well, Sharena is the freebie. Lame, they are usually inferior, poor her. Anyway, I kinda doubt the new main OCs will be coming, both of them at least. Other than FEH OCs, I’d like my divine dragon Waifu there. If they got Marth, they can put her as well. I mean, focus on dragons in DL, and she’s can transform into one, and we have been introduced to characters with fixed dragon transformations...
  11. You may have noticed by now, but Dragalia Lost is making a return for it’s first collaboration event ever: FEH. This year, said event is making a return, plus the four featured characters: Alfonse, Fjorm, Veronica, and the franchise’s face: Marth The event is making a comeback in April 19, with said characters having their turn for a new feature that buffs them, and brand new FEH content once over. What characters can we expect afterwards? Share a seems a likely choice.
  12. Sothis lost, yet another chance to get her being dust. Oh well, guess I’ll merge Altina
  13. Silly Bernie, just when I thought you couldn’t be cuter
  14. That long since the last ND? Anyway, I’m kind of becoming impatient, as there are crazy rumors and I want them either confirmed or debunked
  15. Well, almost missed this daily banner, but got Amelia... AT GOD DAMN LAST. +def/-res. Not bad
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