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  1. Decided to give a go to the finalist banner for another shot at Seiros, as the one I got during her debut has ass IVs. Funnily enough, at one point close to my 40th summon, I got TWO in a single session
  2. Picking Seiros. Mine got a speed boon 😒
  3. Sure, but the point was, if BH, and Brave Lyn as well with Pathia, we’re granted their respective weapons despite not appearing in Blazing Sword, the argument of Marianne not getting her weapons because she didn’t get it during academic phase holds no water
  4. It may. Brave Hector uses Maltet. A weapon from his world, but as far as I know, doesn’t appear in his game at all
  5. I’m excited for the winners this year. Marth and Eirika could go anywhere. Marth is likely to keep Falchion, but even more buffed. But what Brave Marth story and outfit would be is a mystery, as a hypothetical future king self of his is already in game as Legendary Marth, so is pantsu and rapier are checked with his younger self. Eirika is another mystery. Ephraim took the father and mentor route, she has a Grado homage alt, and her promoted form is covered by legendary as well Marianne is not exciting to be honest. If last CYL is anything to go by, they won’t do anything she couldn’t become already in 3H Gatey is exciting for whatever story they could do to him. But it’s also possible he would be left the same... nah, can’t be, he’s an NPC with a generic model for his class. They must reveal his face at least. Not to mention BHs overcame challenges themselves and became experienced.
  6. I was watching FEH channel in my car. Once I saw Gatey making it among the winners, I’ve literally screamed because I couldn’t contain my excitement
  7. Kinda similarly of what happened to Veronica back in CYL2
  8. Well, got a pretty bad IV Serios. Guess I’ll try next leg or myth she appears
  9. Funny that she just showed up as a new Mythic Hero.... as a manakete Seiros, but definitely throwing my orbs for her
  10. Not sure about Marth or Eirika, but Byleth with Sothis regalia as staff, and Gatey as a Holy Knight with a surprise crest or something ...... actually that sounds unlikely with Gatey. I want him to win just to find out
  11. It sure what they can do with him, but that’s why I’m voting for him just to find out. Really, he’s a crazy choice. He must be the first unexpected character with good odds for winning after Veronica way back in CYL2
  12. I made the mistake of giving my first vote yesterday before finding out we already got the mid term results and wasted it in Rhea. Gatey Gatey, you got my votey 😉
  13. People seems to be pretty pissed off an NPC like the Gatekeeper is in second place mid CYL for dudes. They are even harassing his VA 🤢. Geez, and I thought Camilla hate was bad, AND I WAS ONE OF THEM 😂
  14. Well, I must say that’s a disgusting behavior 😒
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