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  1. Wait, did they change the voice actor of Euden? Gala Prince sounds different, and is credited with another guy
  2. Considering her counterparts in last arc not being treated as legendary heroes, I’m rather surprised she get to be mythic. Anyway, the rest of the roster isn’t of much interest, so skip
  3. Other than Chthonius, this banner is of no interest either. I may get lucky and get him in another banner. Good, so I can save for Megaman Well, it’s not midnight, but I need to sleep, so there
  4. Yes indeed, same as Legendary Tiki and Nagi. Now that we are on this topic, shouldn’t we have the banner announcement by now? We are at the final days of this month
  5. I’m likely to skip that banner as well. I’m only interested on the revived greatwyrm (he should get a high version as well), but the prince-look alike is evidently the freebie (that could be Alberius instead, if the greatwyrm is of any indication) I’m not a HUGE fan of Megaman, but played most main games, having only skipped the Zero series (for now, a collection is coming). Anyway, we have to wait until October first to see more details, because Megaman is a pretty broad series. It’s likely we’ll see the original series, but I think X fits better, considering the upcoming mobile game, and there’s more variety to pick from. The has Megaman, Roll, Protoman and Bass, but only Roll could be of any difference. The others are mostly interchangeable. X on the other hand has far more to pick from if the mobile game is of any indication, as they are willing to use Command Mission characters as well, and they fit the usual archetypes nicely. Only issue I see are X and AXL, but it can be mitigated with X using one of the Mavericks weapons or the Z-Saber and treat him as a blade unit while Zero could be a Sword unit, and keep AXL as wand. Marino dagger, Cinnamon staff, and Maximo spear. No much of a problem with roles to fulfill there There’s a future whatever banner coming, I think that will be raid, as there was a dark Euden lookalike and a dark Mercury look alike. Likely the freebies, as the corresponding banner doesn’t feature them
  6. Roll being either a lance or staff makes sense, but I don’t think Megaman will use his buster considering Protoman and Bass never used boss weapons (as far as I know). Those latter can take Megaman’s place as the buster user (wand), and Megaman could use one of the melee boss weapons, like Flame Sword. Though I think it’s easier if we get X characters instead. It’s easier to have different weapon users with those instead of the original. My main concern would be AXL, but they can easily bring a Command Mission character or two to fill the spot, considering they are returning in the mobile game oh, almost forgot:
  7. The Mega Buster could be treated as a wand weapon. But I agree, X fits better with Zero alone. I’m just not clear with the elements, but they’ll come up with something
  8. Damn, that was sweet, but I’m a little wary about the 6th mana circle and the high dragon weapons. I’m picturing those won’t be easy to obtain Also, that other banner... isn’t that man Euden as well?
  9. In about two and a half hours comes the digest, the good stuff however.... Be prepared, only 4 minutes left for the digest
  10. Unless is closer to Toon Link, I’m not picturing Link as a wind hero. The other options seems plausible to me, but it’s also possible for Zelda to be Light sword as well, as she wielding them appears to be more common. Same with Ganondorf using sword, but trident is better. Partly to differentiate further with the heroes, but it’ll be neat to bring an old classic as well I don’t see dragons in that hypothetical banner. Dragons never played a central role in Zelda, despite their decent numbers. FEH didn’t, despite being central in virtually all the franchise
  11. I’m also expecting Gala Euden, considering his new look at the end of chapter 10. I’m expecting this less, but it would be a welcome surprise a new collab, specially if it’s Zelda
  12. It’ll happen at 11 for me. Good thing I’m free tomorrow, assuming they don’t call me for work XD. Anyway, I’ve been saving since FEH event as well, and I can make about 42 ten summons with those alone This is definitely getting exciting. We’ll see good shit in less than 24 hours after so much secrecy, and well enjoy said good shit in about two days 🤩
  13. Dragalia Digest coming tomorrow, and the anniversary.... It’s evening now Two days left
  14. Oh, OK. If they serve no purpose, I won’t bother. So, excited for the anniversary? It’s just next week. They have been pretty secretive of whatever is coming, but saved a ton of resources to whatever banner is coming. I’m sure Euden as we saw him at the end of chapter 10 will be one of such characters. I expect him to be sword/light
  15. Well, we now know it took two goddesses’s sacrifice in order to preserve some game balance
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