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  1. Despite the atrocious design, I think female Byleth makes more sense as the reincarnation/receptacle of the goddess. Those tights though.... Also, it's at exactly 24 to 24 at the time I'm posting this so that's neat.
  2. Thank you so much! It's only got the first 6 chapters, but that will be more than enough to start with. Thanks!
  3. Just wondering if anyone knew where I might be able to find an untranslated copy of the Genealogy script. I've been taking Japanese and thought it might be fun practice to try reading it, but I don't want to replay the whole game in Japanese. Thank you!
  4. There you go, let me know if this works FE6-TLRedux-v1.0.sav
  5. I'll do it, give me like an hour. Were you on or before Chapter 6
  6. The top of his head feels a little squashed. Trying moving the top of his hair up a bit and filling in what's left in the middle. Also, have you checked your palette to see how many colors you have?
  7. Snorran is the Sandman gone rogue. He has powers of hypnosis and dabbles in time manipulation here and there. He can cause hallucinations and dreams at will and his objective is to bring about world peace by putting the entire world to sleep. The Magnificent Markuse
  8. The Analects of Shanty Pete is required for all Pirating majors during their freshman seminar, PIRT104:The Pirate in You
  9. After Solveig's Song from Peer Gynt. Solvaij is another spelling of Solveig.
  10. Realistic and mature can mean different things. I think you can handle very mature themes in worlds that avoid the grimdarkness of things that claim to be "realistic". Look at Gurren Laggan or Fullmetal Alchemist--anime nonsense abounds, but the writing is there to keep things grounded. They deal with loss, trauma, ect. "realistically" and that's why it's good and mature storytelling. But it's not like those are gritty and realistic in the HBO sense. I wouldn't hate more of that sort of realism in Fire Emblem as long as the writing kept up, and they don't just dump in violence for violence's sake. Also in general I personally prefer my fantasy to be a little more lighthearted which is why I am not a Game of Thrones fan, and I would be kind of sad if FE went that way but like, I get it, as long as the writing is still good I guess it's fine.......
  11. I think Tomas was taken? @coonrat1 I think this is what's left: Rickard Arran Samson Est Lorenz Elice
  12. Guess that leaves me with Tauroneo since I have no intention of drafting Bastian and Lucia lol @DarthR0xas
  13. Don't worry about it, I probably would have reacted the same way lol, I know I was absent for a long time
  14. Really sorry guys, family member ended up in the hospital Monday night and I had to drive 14 hours Tuesday to visit, followed by sitting around in the hospital Wednesday and then Thanksgiving stuff and driving back home. Thanks for randomizing, and it shouldn't happen again.
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