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  1. To be fair, Medeus started out kind of on the humans' side. Or at least on Naga's side. He was the only earth dragon who did not degenerate because he was willing to assume human form. It was only after he watched the other manaketes be mistreated by humans that he went kind of crazy. 🙂
  2. Minerva with Altena as runner-up. Minerva is just neat. All her lines in Shadow Dragon are pretty awesome, from, "I've no stomach for these cat-and-mouse tactics" to her entire pre-battle conversation with Michalis. Plus, sweet armor.
  3. It's always nice to hear about people enjoying Shadow Dragon! I have never played H5 myself, highest I've beaten as of now is H3, but maybe I'll take another crack at it? I really love this game! Are you planning to give New Mystery a shot?
  4. Honestly I can only reiterate what other people have said, except to say watch out for Chapter 21. It's big and ugly and you have to do it within 30 turns to unlock the true ending. My first run of Binding Blade was single-handedly ended by this chapter because I had trained the wrong guys and couldn't promote some of them because of the dearth of promotional items. I don't recommend playing it blind. It's a good time and very manageable on normal once you know what you're doing, but it can definitely be rough if you're unprepared (or if you're dumb like me).
  5. I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned Chasing Daybreak. It's a really cool piece of music with the chorale bits, and nothing beats hearing it for the first time post-timeskip. Honestly I kind of feel like it's the reason the timeskip comes out kicking as hard as it does. That theme has a great sense of tone. Between Heaven and Earth is also really solid. That being said, my favorite track is probably Tearing Through Heaven with Paths That Will Never Cross in second because those are such bops. (Plus the title "Paths That Will Never Cross" reminds me of Minerva's dialogue with Michalis in Shadow Dragon Chapter 22 so THAT'S NEAT) The final map themes are kind of in a category of their own since they're so fantastic. Personally I order them with God-Shattering Star on top followed by Funeral of Flowers and then Apex of the World.
  6. If you're going to get it anyway, you can just get it whenever you have the funds. I'm waiting for wave 3 myself because that's when the new characters get added. As I understand it, it's just bonus quests and outfits right now, no paralogues or story stuff. Also, it seems like they don't have firm dates for the DLC releases (unless something has changed). They just have deadlines where each wave will be released "by" that date, but the second wave came early so who knows?
  7. Enjoy it, it's a great time! GBA era Fire Emblem is definitely some of the best (FE6 can be a little rough though). I really feel this. I enjoyed 3H a lot, but I'm not sure the whole calendar system was the best idea, at least not the way they implemented it. I feel like it made the pacing a little weird sometimes. On the other hand, it obviously lends to that feeling of a lot of time passing and I guess you can just skip it anyway.
  8. Despite the atrocious design, I think female Byleth makes more sense as the reincarnation/receptacle of the goddess. Those tights though.... Also, it's at exactly 24 to 24 at the time I'm posting this so that's neat.
  9. Thank you so much! It's only got the first 6 chapters, but that will be more than enough to start with. Thanks!
  10. Just wondering if anyone knew where I might be able to find an untranslated copy of the Genealogy script. I've been taking Japanese and thought it might be fun practice to try reading it, but I don't want to replay the whole game in Japanese. Thank you!
  11. There you go, let me know if this works FE6-TLRedux-v1.0.sav
  12. I'll do it, give me like an hour. Were you on or before Chapter 6
  13. The top of his head feels a little squashed. Trying moving the top of his hair up a bit and filling in what's left in the middle. Also, have you checked your palette to see how many colors you have?
  14. Snorran is the Sandman gone rogue. He has powers of hypnosis and dabbles in time manipulation here and there. He can cause hallucinations and dreams at will and his objective is to bring about world peace by putting the entire world to sleep. The Magnificent Markuse
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