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  1. Hey, these are really cool!! What did you use to make them?
  2. Really cool drawings! I think your Earth Dragon Seteth is especially neat, it's a really cool take on what he might look like. Are you going to color them?
  3. Banned because I think this thread is totally departed from its original purpose
  4. I too have played a really great game of D&D this year that actually started because of quarantine. I also got to spend a lot of time with my family and thankfully none of us have been dreadfully sick, so that's been nice.
  5. Those pairing looks fine to me. If you're looking plot stuff, Erinys/Lewyn has support in FE5 and either Beowulf or Finn with Lachesis also has support. If you want a more comprehensive guide that also handles inheritance, I'm putting a really solid one in the spoiler tag below. Good luck and have fun! Genealogy is pretty easy, so you'll probably be fine doing whatever.
  6. Very nice!! It looks great. The lighting is really stylish. Very interesting that that's what's under his robes lol
  7. Duo hero Dolph and Macellen break the meta with Armor March 8, allowing armor units with 2 spaces of each other access the entire map. Meanwhile the 3-13 Archer becomes the only viable bow unit in the game, due a number of exclusive un-inheritable skills. He's only available for summoning if you have FE Pass.
  8. Honestly they're all 16 or younger, it's silly for any of them to be in relationships during the show imo 😕
  9. I saw that 😁. You might try taking pallets (at least for skin tones) from other units in the game. FEBuilder doesn't restrict you to this (I don't think) but generally, the RGB values are multiples of 8 and stay between 32 and 248. Using colors from the game or other values with these constraints can make your sprites feel a little more natural and blend with the other assets in the base game.
  10. Well best of luck to you. It's super cool that you play Smash competitively!
  11. Sure, it's really nice that FEBuilder has that!! I just find that it's a little unwieldy sometimes, so I prefer to do color reduction in an external program, but either way works!! Hope everything goes well for you!
  12. I would say what is happening is your sprite is not fit to the expected template, and the game is processing it as well as it can. As far as I know, you pretty much have to obey the size and color constraints for sprites unless you're doing some serious back-end work. I would recommend either building your own sprite or resizing and recoloring the DS Jagen sprite with the 15 colors you want in a separate program. Then you can fit it to the template. To get a template from FEBuilder directly: go into the portrait editor, select any portrait, and click export image at the bottom of the window. You will then save a direct png of the portrait you picked. Once you have that image, you can fit the sprite you want to it in any image editing program and when it's finished, you can import the new image. Good luck!
  13. I understand how you feel. It's super easy to get sucked into a hole and then be too tired to do the things you want to do. You might try picking out the biggest wastes of time (youtube, social media, whatever else you want to cut out) and decide to only do them at certain times or on certain days. Recently I've been trying to play video games only on Sundays so I can work on other projects, and it's helped a lot. Maybe make lists too? I'm very guilty of making schedules and then not following through with them, but it can still be motivating to at least know what it is you want to accomplish on a given day. I also want to second the person who said to tell people your plans. That can be a huge help.
  14. Return bands you can give to anyone whose kids need money. I've never found them all that useful myself, but they're A GREAT WAY TO DIVERSIFY YOUR PORTFOLIO inheritable wealth, so that's nice. As for the rest of them, there's a really good guide here: It covers inheritance and pairing, but includes who should probably have specific rings. In the end though, FE4 isn't all that hard so you'll be fine whatever you do. Good luck, and have fun!! FE4 is awesome!
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