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  1. I don't how good the other legend of heroes games are since I never played them. If you are interested in playing the older games couldn't you get an emulator to play these games.
  2. Not until about 52 weeks from today.
  3. Why can I see this happening? Eliwood would not say this to his son though. Maybe Marcus or Merlinus would say.
  4. I would want a full fledged squeal or prequel game for the previous wars mentioned here because I feel like that it could explore the world of that time better then with just DLC can provide.
  5. That's the first game in the series though so of course people will pay for that. If three houses were the first home console game then I could see that happening. Not saying that Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn aren't good though.
  6. Quick question can anyone help me put the evolution voices in first chapter. If it makes anything different I am using GOG
  7. Cure Naga


    Hope to see you around!!
  8. Cure Naga


    Hello hope to see you around the forums here! I wonder what this project is? Probably can't help sadly though. ­čś×
  9. I have two questions 1. Why ask a bunch of random people on the internet about this kinda important question? and 2. Do you know anyone who has taken Spanish that could tell what you need to know for the class?
  10. Personally I do not like these two games but you might enjoy them. Disgaea is a game series that is more grindy and focuses on leveling up equipment for your characters. I heard it was a good idea.
  11. And here I thought that I was the only one in my age range they didn't like High School Musical. The plot seems pretty interesting so far. I wonder if Joker was the one who set fire to the school? Or maybe Maya has something to do with the fire? I thought that SMT where supposed to be difficult? It looks like you had a pretty easy time with it.
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