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  1. This reminds me of the older ogre games probably most famous for the tactics ogre games. Mostly because of the monsters since it was more of a battalion focused game.
  2. I thought that the psp version was never coming out because of translation issues? I don't think that's official though. We will probably getting that answer on release day I would imagine though.
  3. Quick question did anyone watch the nis america pax panel that was earlier today? What did they announce besides the alliance alive coming to PC. More specifically relating to anything kiseki.
  4. I know this is a little off topic, but I hate that some people literal take leaks as a reliable source of information when it comes to smash. I get it there generally isn't a lot of info on some games. It happens but that doesn't mean people should take it as bible. Looking at you game awards, and Grinch leaks that happened in one year of smash ultimate being released.
  5. If you have a psp I suggest you play persona 3 portable because you can control your units in that game instead of letting the Ai try to tell your units directions. On the other hand you lose the cutscenes from the original and it plays more like a visual model then a persona game. Also you get to meat Mandra so I guess that's a positive. LOl
  6. If the next game in the series is truly going to be remakes of fe 4, and 5. I would think that sakuri would add Sigurd or his son sorry haven't played Genealogy of the holy war. I could also see leif but he uses swords I believe. I am sorry if sigurd uses them to. If we are getting the binding blade remaster I would think we would see Lilina, we could also have our first villain in smash with Zephial or would could get an antaginst from genealogy or thracia which would be pretty cool. Movesets got me I don't enough about these characters to say anything about them.
  7. Generally I play whatever games I have that I have yet to complete and if I don't feel like playing them then I would play the original splatoon I would say 2 here but I don't have a switch yet so that's off the table.
  8. A little close to home but one of my favorite creatures that I have scene is definitely byleth. Byleth is a demon general in christian mythology depending on the source he was used for helping Noah's son write a book of mathematics (weird thing for a demon to do in my opinion) especially since he is known for giving people all the men and or women they desire. In other account the demon byleth is actually a women and will instead help whomever summoned them into marriage that they want. Yeah so this demon seems to be all over the place in description and powers that have especially since looking up byleth again I see he might also be a demon of incest.
  9. I haven't tried the demo yet but why is Golem a Brigand if he uses magic?
  10. Their are english patches for both ao and zero if you want to play them. Plus Zero is getting a new translation most likely by the end of the year into january.
  11. You get to control a cloud for a radius of 1 mile (1.61 km) but the windier the day the easier the cloud moves with the wind. If it touches anything the thing will have sword slashes on its body. Imperial Overdrive
  12. Calls in a tactical nuke out of no where. Flash drive
  13. I don't how good the other legend of heroes games are since I never played them. If you are interested in playing the older games couldn't you get an emulator to play these games.
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