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  1. Starting on 33/40. 3* Merric 3* Forrest 4* Gunter 3* Titania 4* Kaze 3* Sakura Stranded at 39/40, figures. I was tempted to open that last blue just to get this all over and done with, but nope, I'm keeping the 3.75% alive instead. Down to 7 orbs so it'll be 2-3 days before I can actually spark, grr. P.S. 4* Cherche from the weekly revival.
  2. @Sunwoo Thanks, I appreciate the effort but to be honest I don't even do Abyssals when the unit selection is not limited due to the amount of feathers and SI required. Spending 60k feathers for units I'd probably never use again is pretty unpalatable considering the meagre reward. No Camilla either.
  3. Only remembered to do Marth just now. For all the ado about Fates representation, my Fates lineup is really rather wafer-thin. There's +2 Legendary Azura, +1 Indigestion Corrin, +1 Summer Corrin, and +1 completely unbuilt Ophelia. Managed to do Infernal with them but had one look at Abyssal and noped out of there. Just sort of bum-rushed the top of the map then worked my way back down, with Corrin needing Noontime to hold down the fort.
  4. Every time I get to 20 orbs, the next circle ends up only having a combined total of one green/grey orb. Frustrating. 4* Raven 3* Priscilla 4* Setsuna 33/40 pulls to the spark. Completely mined out of quest orbs now so I'm completely dependent on daily income. It's going to be a slow crawl at one summon per day until the spark isn't it? Also 20k feathers short of +10 Tethys, everything I want is just so tantalisingly out of reach.
  5. The only dance an armoured dancer would be able to perform is the robot.
  6. Only have ~100 orbs so the spark ain't happening today, but my summoning finger is itchy so I might as well do this piecemeal rather than all at once. Sniping Green and Grey mostly. 3* Libra 4* Tanya 4* Lissa 3* Brady 4* Florina 4* Legault 5* Leila +HP -Atk 4* Clarine Rubbish nature but not a bad start all-in-all. 4* Emmeryn 4* Boey 3* Gordin 4* Legault 3* Reyson 3* Saizo 4* Tethys There's the Tethys for my +10. Pity I just spent 40k feathers on making 4*+10 Bartre and Hana perhaps, but my lack of feathers baited the RNG gods into giving me this I suppose. All tickets gone now. 3* Azama 3* Lachesis 4* Fae 4* Klein 4* Nanna 4* Lachesis 5* Mamori +Spd -Def Another decent unit with an awful nature. Carrying on... 3* Mercedes 3* Jeorge 3* Soren 3* Cecilia 4* Arthur Needed to mine a few quest orbs here. 3* Virion 4* Bartre 3* Ross Down to 15 orbs with only Training Stratum quests left to do so that's it for now. Exactly 30 summons in, so two 5-stars is about the expected number. Happy enough to get Leila though I'll need another copy to fix her Atk bane. Mamori is whatever. I'll probably keep going after the spark to get one last 5-star, hopefully it'll be a focus one so I can have each of my targets, but not particularly optimistic on that. If the spark arrives first then ugh, it's tricky. Maybe Shinon because being grey he'll be harder to get in the future, especially since I'm now done with my only other grey target in Tethys.
  7. Shame there's no Killer effect on Petrine as I'd probably go ahead and replace Oscar with her if that were the case. Still a good niche though and probably puts her just about level with Ashnard and ahead of Flame Empie as my leading grail merge candidate. Besides that, confirmed no interest in blue. Female Jill looks to be my Spring Fir and Michalis glued together. Male Jill Alm and Takumi? I think I'm comfortable sparking for them even if it'd cost me towards the upper bound of the minimum orb cost due to the sniping of rare colours.
  8. Did the four today while waiting for reset. Aversa: Nino with Nils hold down the right flank while Blue Hector and Eliwood clear the left. Tiki and Nowi: Leif and Reinhardt sniping from behind the trees, hard-e-har-har. Gharnef: Bit of a tricky one, ended up with Legendaries Alm and Celica picking stuff off with Rinea support while Mila bodyblocks. Seliph and Julia: Lif mostly solo, Veronica standing near-ish might have helped.
  9. I didn't get around to it much before it was over, never even finished the quests for the shields, and finished rank 120k or so. Haaah, guess that's my punishment for procrastinating. Still, I like how little involvement is required, more modes like this, horribly balanced as they are, and no more actual combat modes without removing existing ones and there'll be no complaints from me.
  10. As for the others: Cuboon: With a total of one defensively-minded player and a keeper prone to going walkabout, this team is simply going to get the stuffing kicked out of them. Kita: Entirely predictable with all their attacks coming down the right, crossing to ...the isolated small forward. That's not going to end well. Maeshima: A solid backline with a complete powder-puff front three that's neither a goal threat or even much good at holding the ball. Will find themselves under siege for the full 90. Mayo: Looks like a bunch of preening Carlos Kickaballs with not a one interested in playing for the team. Will disappear the moment things get tough. Meka: A bunch of triers that are either undersized or simply lack the talent to succeed in the top leagues. The definition of a yo-yo club. Penekor: Very one-dimensional midfield will struggle to link up with the forwards and I suspect will end up resorting to taking pot-shots from range. The keeper tends to go missing too. Suekane: A solid team, probably the second most balanced overall, but rather lacking in real star power, except for the primadonna at right back who will dazzle but cost his team over the course of the season. Plenty of goals from mid-field, but vulnerable on the counter. Tobi: Playing for penalties from kick-off.
  11. Izuka FC easily have the most balanced team as well as being only one of maybe three with a defence worth a damn. The selection of Luke at DM is surely an error and he's meant to be the number 10 playing off the big lump up forward. Four-four-fackin'-two, two big centre-halves, full-backs that actually run both ways, real steel in the middle, flying wingers, that's right proper Brexit football.
  12. @[email protected] I did a quick test out of curiosity by using Duo Alm and Echidna, both 172 BST, stripped both completely naked and was shocked to find they scored the same. Then I fiddled around a bit more and found out the calculator hacks the Duo scoring boost by attaching it to the A-skill, no matter what it is. This can be verified by changing them both from a blank set then giving them something straightforward like Fury 3. Worth 200SP, it gives Echidna the expected +4 score, but gives Alm a whopping +10, reflecting the 3 BST bin upgrade from going to 172 to 185.
  13. Fair enough on the voice. I've had the audio off for years so I'd never have even considered that. I couldn't tell a difference between these two images as far as the wyvern was concerned so it must be something in-game only.
  14. Second Titania looks like she just got out of bed is all. 😉
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