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  1. Only the highest buff for each stat applies. If you're next to someone with Atk Tactic 3 and another with Hone Atk 3, you only get +6 Atk. This is for visible buffs only, where your stat is highlighted blue, and the skill is marked with something like "grants for one turn". Combat buffs, where the text says something "grants during combat" can stack infinitely. If you're near three units, all with Drive Atk 2, you get +9 Atk. The most common buffs you'll see are Hones, Fortifies and Tactics, which don't stack; and Spurs and Drives, which do.
  2. Neat, sounds like a winner to me, and the when I did my first battle of the night just now, Windsweep 3 was offered. I guess it's fate.
  3. Question of my own: I had intended to use for Forma Soul on Fjorm but I just completely forgot, so I still have it, and it's now or never. Last opportunity for me to use it is on this current event then, so Palla seems the pick, whether with bias or not. I can get her up to +2 with my current copy plus the manual. So what skills should I load her up with? Currently she has: Courtly Fan+ (Atk) Rally Atk/Res+ Ruptured Sky Mirror Impact Chill Spd/Def 2 Fortify Def 4
  4. I vaguely recall Hasechi plays on an emulator and unless things have changed since I did so (back in 2017 admittedly), text input might still not work. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for a rarity filter.
  5. It's well-executed but the edgy vampire look isn't for me. Admittedly I only skimmed the art when he was released, which is true of all resplendents. In terms of degree of improvement I'd call it middle of the pack, in terms of overall look I can see top half-dozen.
  6. Best one in a long time. Probably the biggest upgrade since Eliwood, and possibly the best one outright in terms of being a standalone artwork.
  7. Would like him as a unit if I was playing on, but a weak banner. It ends right as the New Heroes begins, so we should have the datamine out before this one expires I think?
  8. That's level-up SP, which is never multiplied. Only kill (and heal) SP is subject to all the potential multipliers.
  9. Level 34+, which is conveniently the level of enemies in the Special Training maps. But they'd only give 6sp each outside the weekends, and that's with the blessing. But there are a lot of enemies in it so you can take Eirika and 3 dancers to wipe them all out. It's more stamina-efficient than Forging Bonds due to the number of enemies, but then you get no other reward, whereas Forging Bonds gives a lot of feathers and miscellaneous other perks. So yeah, each of Blessings, Forging Bonds and weekends double your SP, and they stack. Sometimes there are special quintuple SP events, but only a few times a year.
  10. Give her any old blessing to double SP gain. With a blessing and while in Forging Bonds, the grind becomes almost tolerable at 12sp a kill.
  11. It's not due to any one reason. I've been operating with reduced commitments for over half a year now, first as a trial to see if I missed the game much, and then towards the end of the last year I had already decided that I'd wait and see what new things the anniversary might bring us. The anniversary itself was quite a bit better than expected so I've hung around for another month to try out the new stuff like the playable summoner and take advantage of the 4* special summoning changes, that kind of thing. They've been neat, but don't really fix any of my fundamental issues, so with that I'm just proceeding as planned after the short delay. If I were to enumerate some reasons: 1) Lockdown last year. FEH is something I've always mainly played during dead time at work - I work a fairly boring office job and have quite a bit of dead time to fill. FEH fit the bill well, being sufficiently complex to keep my attention while being something I could put down at the drop of a hat, which wouldn't be possible with a real-time time. But with lockdown and working from home, that reason to play FEH disappeared, and whenever I play the gane at home I always feel that it's out of obligation rather than it being the most entertaining thing I could do at that given moment. I'm now about 50:50 on working in the office versus working from home, but the realisation had long since sunk in. Even when I am in the office these days, I have more fun playing mechanically simpler but perhaps more intellectually stimulating games like FreeCell and Picross. I'm also considering buying Football Manager Mobile but that might be a bridge too far given how much time I'm spending at home nowadays. 2) The game itself running out of steam, in more ways than one. New game modes feel like a case of throwing stuff at the wall and seeing if anything stuck - except the walls seem to be coated with Teflon. Competitve modes slowly fell out of my reach because of a combination of powercreep with my "no summoning for fodder" policy. And no offense to fans of the particular units, but New Heroes banners (3H aside) seem to be mostly scraping the bottom of the barrel these days, at least for non-hardcore fans of the mainline series, and focusing on seasonal banners is punished by the absence of one of the best mechanics the game has introduced in the last couple of years: sparking. 3) Annoyance at the cynical increase in daily instead of weekly content, so I increasingly felt punished for missing days. It probably started with Aether Raids? But then it's continued through the ridiculous timing of Mjolnir's Strikes, the harsh and unnecessary nature of Limited Hero Battles all expiring at the same time, etc. I get the (cynical) business logic behind trying to increase "engagement" by incentivising people to log in more frequently, for for me, it just further contributes to burnout. Blessed Gardens were permanent, Squad Assaults still are, first and second year GHBs are on constant rotation. Why the change in policy from something that worked so well? 4) Just the natural progress of time. It's been over four full years now since I started, albeit with some breaks of a few months. Four years is way more than I could have expected of a F2P mobile game, so I'm satisfied that I've gotten full value of it. I mean, I've spent about $100 on the game over that time, almost all of it in the first year. And while I might regret that spending that turned out to be mostly pointless, I can't say I haven't gotten $100 of value from the game. For what it's worth, I also quit WoW for good a couple of years ago, a game I'd be playing on-and-off since 2005. To an extent I find my experiences with FEH and WoW comparable in that by the end I was still playing mostly because of inertia than anything else. There are also more tangential factors like recent mainline games being relative disappointments for me and therefore failing to rekindle my interest in the series (Echoes was terrible for me, and while I was okay with 3H, I burnt out 3/4 through my first route and after finishing it I never contemplated playing another campaign).
  12. Used to get irritated the ranged Rokkrs but yeah, these days at Intermediate it's fairly trivial to take three Galeforcers with one Physic healer to keep them topped off and just back the Rokkr up against the edge of the map. For this purpose I used Eliwood, Oscar and Raven, the latter two with Brave+ weapons and Guard 2. With 2-movement melee Rokkrs it's fairly easy to run two Brave users of the correct colour, who I then give TA to make sure, alongside two dancers, one being Reyson to keep them topped off. With cavalry Rokkrs it's a bit more of a hassle in that I find it easier to take a third unit to completely contain the Rokkr and keep the dancer safe. So round 1 was Raven again, Cherche, who I'm too cheap to give Galeforce to and who receives all the dances instead, and Titania who doesn't do much damage but was just there to block and not take damage with the Emerald Axe. It's weird in that this is the only mode where I used to mindlessly autobattle it, but then figured that it was less effort to inherit a couple basic skills and roll over it manually.
  13. Bugger, I was hoping it'd be early March because I've delayed my exit long enough as it is. The timing seemed perfect, the end of the anniversary event and the final set of freebies, plus one final New Heroes banner. But I guess things rarely end cleanly - I'm still going to use the 6th of March as a drop dead date and maybe just claim the freebie and final spark as a one-day encore at the end of the month.
  14. Spanner well and truly wedged. It's a case of the compromise bracket for my purposes. It's good that at least one Duo will make it into the banner, and good that one of Dimitri or Edelgard will be eliminated. On the other hand, odds are there'll be just the one Duo hero surviving, and at least one of those lords are guaranteed to be on it. That said, the only pairing I have any real skin in is the first one, where I'd really want Micaiah to beat Seiros. The other three are not impactful in terms of my preferences.
  15. @Sil/phire 1) Correct. 2) Reposition is by some distance the most versatile of the movement skills, in that it's the one that can easily be used both defensively (for hit and run tactics, like Draw Back) and offensively (like Shove/Smite). Rallies (the ones better than the base single-stat, single-target Rallies at least) are commonly used in competitive modes, both because they are worth much more SP and therefore increase your score, and because they can be manipulated in terms of how the AI uses them in defense to create "Rally Traps", which you can look up. 3) Yep.
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