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  1. Milking the last of my November luck. Picked up a free +Spd -Atk Blue Hector (just a merge) during the week, and lucked out with a +Spd -Res Triandra on the one and only (full) round I intend to do on this banner. Having not paid attention at all to what she does, I'll just assume that's a good pull.
  2. Spending all the tickets and 60-70 orbs on top netted me Ingrid +Def -Res (merge into my +Spd copy) and Fjorm +Atk -Res. Both turned up in the same circle. This is acceptable I guess, even if the unit I really wanted was Duo Byleth for obvious reasons (no, I'm not talking about the four reasons...). It's a good banner but I don't think I can justify going any farther, though if the early December New Heroes are as disappointing as the latest batch then maybe? At any rate, it's a decent end to what's been a very good month for me. In terms of going again, I typed up the below then realised it's probably best I don't get baited into sinking more orbs into this. There's only 1.5 colours left to snipe on really. Red - Happy to get either hero, who would be a new unit either way, though Byleth is significantly higher in priority. Blue - I want a Palla merge but am now content with +1 Ingrid, so eh. Not a huge priority since Palla is already +Atk. Green - I skipped green as it is, unless it would have cost me 3 orbs. Grey - Eh, I'm happy to take the one Fjorm really. Dotty doesn't strike me as being exceptional in any way, though I wouldn't say no.
  3. Yeah, Nagi is the number one culprit for decision paralysis in terms of skill inheritance. I have three and ended up doing absolutely nothing with them, and now it's too late. If I go back to playing next year hopefully there'll be a better F2P-friendly candidate than Flamie Empie to fodder her off to. The other candidate would be Slaying Sword BK I guess, but he comes with the extra disadvantage of low BST and losing the benefit of any potential Alondite refine. Maybe it's time for a new BK alt. First we got a fully armoured version, then an armoured one without the helmet, so naturally what should follow is a version where he wears the helmet *and absolutely nothing else*. 😉 Also in the decision paralysis pool (level 1 five-star units I've had for what feels like forever) are two OG Ikes, two Hardins, Amelia and two Bride Lyns. Two new units have recently joined them in Indigestion Corrin and Leila. They'll probably still be there this time next year...
  4. I'm taking a lazier approach now where T18 is an acceptable outcome. Essentially: - If in T20, I'll just get the 5 wins on Beginner and accept the demotion. - If in T19, I'll play 5 matches on Advanced, ideally promoting back to T20, but if I fail to get perfect wins, I'll get demoted to T18 instead. I accept it because it's still 4 orbs either way. - If in T18 I ensure I play well enough on Advanced to promote back up to T19, since a further demotion would result in a lost orb.
  5. It's Legendary Leif and it isn't even close. I mean, sure, I almost always use him alongside Legendary Azura, but she could be replaced by just about any dancer, she's a distant, distant second.
  6. I no longer do the daily arena quests but have amassed 83000 medals somehow. Granted I have 2900 refining stones, but if I used those all up (plus the amount spent on dew refines which is much lower), I'd still have ~-40-50k medals. 2900 stones = 29000 medals 1100 dew + 2900 new dew = 4000 dew = 10000 medals Yeah, I don't think I'll have to worry about medals before FEH shuts down, even with my only doing 5 battles a week (and indeed 5x beginner on demote weeks). Yeah, I'm a bit of a hoarder based on that evidence, but it's probably a reasonable approach to save all my resources for now - they'll be more valuable later if and when I decide to play "properly" again. The available refines, 3-4* demotes, grail units, dragonflower candidates etc will be better.
  7. Got the tickets finally and my good run continues: (Previously on the free round, 4* Clair and 5* Dieck +Res -HP) Ticket 1 - 4* Mae, 5* Melady +Def -Res Ticket 2 - 3* Est, 3* Clair, 3* Mathilda Ticket 3 - 5* Lugh +Atk -Def Ticket 4: 3* Cherche So yeah, three 5-stars in the 9 total pulls I made on the banner, can't complain about that. I'm not actually going to use any of these units (Ginny was the only real attraction after all) but all are new. It feels like the game is bribing me to stop me from quitting, but that won't work, it's been a couple months now since I've gone into low-activity mode and with each passing week I actually end up wanting to play even less.
  8. 'Lil housekeeping since my last post here, nothing too interesting since I sparked on the 3H banner ages ago. I went 20 pulls deep into the 3H re-run banner and got 5* Shannan +Def -Res, and 5* Leila +Res -Def. Didn't spend any orbs on any other banner, and got nothing from their free pulls. That changed today though, when the daily banner gave me 5* Eyvel +Spd -Atk (which is fine, I have a +HP -Atk original I can merge into the new one). Then my second summon on the FE6 banner after a 3* Clair was a 5* Dieck +Res -HP. No tickets yet and my barracks is full after that anyway, so the four ticket sessions (in which I'll pull all blue + green) are still to come. Definitely not going any farther than that, especially given the rumours being spread around by SockPuppet above. 😉
  9. I would have preferred zero-move tent Merlinus - like an extreme version of Mila with map-wide support and extreme tankiness - but I'll take what I can get I suppose. And by that I mean I'll take him as a 3-star after the banner is done. There's really nothing else there for me, Ginny is nice and all but is a trap since my need for Melady is zero. Dieck is just there.
  10. It's Valentine's Titania. That said, I will maintain that Ippei should be given the next mainline Fire Emblem game no matter what.
  11. Haven't been around much but I figured I should at least give the new mode a go. I feared the worst after seeing the novella-length instructions but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by how relatively intuitive it is (compared to say, ARs), and I was able to at least hit 9k after a few attempts, which is apparently in the ballpark of what a decent score is, and that was before learning about the incidental features like refunding units. I'm also happy enough that it isn't an active battle mode because some of the existing ones need to be culled before adding more. That said, I absolutely agree that it does drag on too long with the cumulative score mechanic, and I'd be happier to see it just be a "try to get a high score" mode instead like ABs and RBs. Playing a minimum of three, maybe six times (because of the daily bonus) over the three rounds sounds a lot more reasonable, absent any sort of autobattle mechanic. Given the extra incentive of the event opening quests it doesn't feel too bad, but in future editions of the event where we only have the single orb quest three times, it doesn't seem a great return for time invested. And it it just time given the infinite attempts - outside of getting a high score it devolves into a mindless clicker to get the 200k points. As for the resplendent art drama, my only comment is at least the units who have gotten bad new art are ones who have had good-to-great art to begin with. I'm worried that inevitably a unit who already has bad art will get bad resplendent art and thus be doomed forever. EDIT: I haven't fought in round 2 yet but by the sounds of it I may have spoken too soon?
  12. Huh, didn't notice or remember that the trailer was today until I logged in just now. Dimitri's fine I guess - at least in the context of the inevitability of him being the same class as his CYL variant. Hell, if I had both versions it'd probably just confuse me so maybe I should leave him alone. I have no feelings one way or another about Dimitri as a character, as I only played the Claude route which has effectively zero interaction with Dimitri. The picks on the banner in general are pretty obvious, though still flawed. Red and Grey are so bad that I might not even open them on the first round, while blue and green have one filler unit apiece in the form of Corrin and Thrasir - inoffensive but uninteresting. Not that any of it matters though, I'll barely have orbs for a single round. Until/unless I can build up a stash of at least 300 orbs again (which might never happen) I'm going to sit out all banners without a spark available.
  13. Sadly no extra 5-stars on the final stretch to the 3H spark but can't complain about the full house in the end, even if I did end up going a few summons over on impulse because the first circle had 3 blues when I needed four summons to get the spark. 3* Forrest 3* Athena 4* Legault 4* Gaius 4* Palla 4* Catria 4* Shigure Took Shamir as planned for the spark. So 43 summons done all up, for eight plus one 5-stars, a pretty healthy return. Two Catherines, two Seteths, the sparked Shamir, one Flayn, and three off-focus pulls in Claude, Lilith and Helbindi. That wraps up my serious summoning for the month, possibly for the year, as I go back to power-saving mode3. BHB banner: 3* Norne 4* Gordin
  14. Took a few days to compile the orbs for another full circle - the penultimate one of this banner - but the luck train doesn't stop. 5* Helbindi +Atk -HP 5* Seteth +Spd -HP 4* Tethys 4* Seteth 3* Ares Helbindi ain't Shamir, but he's new so fair enough. Seteth showing up twice at 5-star before his first appearance at 4-star is remarkable and I now have the choice between Atk and Spd boons. After a barren two first circles, my last five circles on this banner have yielded two, two, one, one and then two 5-stars in them. It's almost a shame that I'll be getting the spark and thus ending this chapter after the next round, heh. Might stretch it out to two circles if more than one blue appears next round though, as +2 Seteth is more than I needed.
  15. The run continues. 4* Olivia 5* Seteth +Atk -Spd 4* Laslow 4* Fae 4* Hawkeye Pretty happy with that given the nice boon even if he's the demote. Still don't have a 4-star one so I'm not sure whether to keep opening blues or just leave it until I get him "naturally" from the general pool. Anyway, that completely drained my orbs and my orb-granting quests so I'll have to wait until the next major orb-giving event before doing the final nine summons for the spark, which will almost certainly be Shamir as she will complete the set. Even if I do get a Shamir before the spark it'll probably still be her to make both of the BFFs +1 each. Another nice thing is that as I'll end up with a 3.5% rate by the spark at worst, there is now zero percent temptation to go beyond the spark.
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