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  1. I'm only on team Altena because I had a recently-pulled level 1 copy in my barracks whereas for the other ones I'd have to rummage through the reserves to find a copy. That's worked out pretty well so far. 😛
  2. Hmm, probably not worth giving my Roy and Mareeta - both unmerged and with mediocre natures - any dew. And I'm committed to building Naesala as my blue beast unit (someday if/when I play properly again) so there's no incentive, so that rules out Panny and Mordy. Don't have Kjelle so Fjorm gets it by default, as faulty as that logic of someone needing to be refined is.
  3. Thanks, had a look and they're probably nothing I'd spend orbs on. Maybe the 3H Duo as a single-round gamble but there's something really off-putting about Caeda and Plumeria's faces. No strong feelings about any of the characters either and I'd probably rather have 2020's units even.
  4. I'm so used to LynCYL Eirika now that her regular look threw me off. Still looks a good unit, but neither she or the Duo unit are must-haves this time around despite flying mages being a class I like using. Will hold until I see what's available around the time the banner expires. I haven't even looked at last year's summer units and can't remember who they are since I wasn't around then so who knows if they're better.
  5. Freebie +Spd -Res Loki on the newer revival banner. Wrong busty healer and one I have no real use for, but free is free. Only going to have ~80 orbs for the second summer banner launch so it'll be an uneventful month summon-wise, though if nothing else interesting appears then it's probably worth a go in a few weeks time.
  6. Decided to try to break that 8.5% on the double seasonal banner. Aaaand, got it straight away on the very first summon of the session, with a +Res -Atk Duo Dagr. Yep, absolutely identical to the first one. Rest of the circle was a waste of orbs so the final damage is ~140 orbs for those dual duo Dagrs plus that random OG Idunn. Not great, but at least it yieled the equal-best unit on the banner (the other being Duo Chrom of course, he'll get his chance next time). And then I went to Gamepress to check whether she had Distant Counter in her default kit to judge whether Res was workable for her. Because I completely blanked that she wasn't a melee unit. /facepalm
  7. For so long we were starved of decent cavalry axe Galeforce options and then in rapid succession we got Gustav, Summer Dimitri and now Xander. I'm glad if it means they're actively considering stuff like that instead of remaining slave to canon. That said, I have zero interest in any of the eleven other units on this banner, so there's no rush to get him, especially as I'm not even bothering to level any of my newly acquired units lately. Not that I have any orbs even if I wanted to summon on the banner right now, I got thoroughly mugged off by the double seasonal banner. And of course a summer Duo hero is also just around the corner.
  8. Got a free Duo Dagr on the Double Seasonal banner, which is nice but +Res -Atk hurts. Then burned about 120 orbs (which is all of them) on trying to get another Red or Green hero from it, and only ended up with OG Idunn (+Def -HP, identical to my existing one), so that was a big mistake. Oh well, still time to break the rate over the next week and a bit if I can be bothered to. Not sure really, I'm not really active anymore, so much so that I think I've missed three entire days of the TT (and HoF) so far due to either forgetting or just not caring enough to play for the day. Oh god it's the last day of the TT and I'm not at 50k yet.
  9. I've "lost" a fair few orbs from barely playing lately, even if it's temporary like forgetting to do any of the Legendary/Mythic Hero Battles, which I had about 5 sets to do. But I couldn't resist having a flutter at the summer banner, and I'm glad I did, even with the caveat that I was pulling pity-breakers galore. Well, it's barely a pity break when I never got above 3.25%. Out of 26 pulls sniping Red and Green, I had no streak of more than five pulls without a 5-star, I got the following, all but one being new to me: +Atk -HP Dedue. My third copy, I haven't even foddered one off yet and here he is to deny me his boss. +Atk -HP Rhajat. Surprisingly new to me, but of limited interest. +Atk -HP Constance. The pull directly after Rhajat, and not the three identical natures, wow. She was one of my top two wanted units out of the AHR event so it's just as well now she didn't even place. Only my second red flying mage after Aversa. +Atk -Res Igrene. Y'know I've never actually looked at what she does, didn't even know she was a special spammer. +Res -Atk Harmonic Edelgard. Figures the one unit that breaks the +Atk run is the focus unit. Not going to bother fixing it as her main job is probably going to be to carry the armour team for the monthly 10th Stratum armour quest, red has always been my weakest colour for armoured units. I wanted Dimitri more than Edelgard here for the rare Axe Cavalry Galeforce potential, but I'm getting out while I'm ahead.
  10. I'm fine with this banner, great mobility everywhere including for the armoured unit. Don't care for Claude here as the demote, but he also looks weirdly young? I also get that Atrocity is Dimi's thing now but it's funny to see it not just on a pre-timeskip version, but on this version in particular. Is he committing war crimes while dressed like that, or is the outfit in itself the atrocity? If I do try for a focus unit I'll be sniping red and green (yes, me pulling for an armoured unit, miracles do happen), but I'll wait until the other summer banner pops up before deciding for real, especially since it'll presumably have a Duo unit.
  11. I'd be a little disappointed if we ended up with a Harmonic, but not overly so as it simply means the better banner will probably be next month. And we should know the lineup for that banner just before the Double Special banner (i.e. the Duo Dagr banner) expires, so there are options even if it sucks.
  12. At least Dimitri got kicked out of the top ten, not too fussed about whether we got Yuri (new to me) or Rhea (my copy is +Spd -Atk, worst possible combo). Duos being off the table meant the result was always going to be fairly unimportant.
  13. Didn't realise the next seasonal banner was that imminent, and I believe it should be a Duo one and not a Harmonic which means it's not an auto-skip. Probably not with only ~200 orbs though.
  14. Thoughts on the 10: Ashe - Eww, Duel skill, would be a nice unit otherwise. Bernie - Weird shaped head is off-putting. Byleths - I have spares as it is that I'm indecisive about. Dimitri - I think I might have one in the reserves, irrelevant unit. Gatekeeper - Happy enough with my lone freebie one. Hapi - Didn't know what her niche was until recently, not particularly versatile but would be nice to have, even if the art is mediocre at best (compared to the source material). Marianne - Already have a spare, and also eww Duel skill. Rhea - Got one from the anniversary free seasonal, but she has the worst possible nature of +Spd -Atk, so I guess a new neutral base would be decent. Yuri - I know he's the meta unit, but do I really want everyone and their dog to have a copy? So yeah, I guess I'd still prefer Hapi out of this lot, about even with Constance if she's 11th or so. Won't whine too much if it's Rhea or Yuri, will accept Ashe or Bernie. Would be pretty disappointed at any of the other five.
  15. Top 10 midterm results, but only in alphabetical order. I wonder if hiding the exact positions will be a thing for CYL going forward. No Edelgard but Dimitri is there, oh no. I haven't been voting as all the contenders are a bit of a muchness for me. Surprised no Constance though, only just recently looked up what she actually does and she seems more desirable than some here.
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