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  1. Hopefully it runs long enough so that we know the units on the late July banner before deciding which of them to spark. Would be disappointing if these re-runs had a shorter duration than a normal New Heroes banner.
  2. Incidentally here are actually only four magic horsies with current-gen BST. Selena 37/37 Halloween L'Arachel 36/34 Forrest 32/26 Silque 28/22 Literally all the other ones have launch-equivalent BST. Dunno why IS is obsessed with making all the new ranged cavalry green or grey. I think this banner will mark a full year since the last time a red/blue one was added.
  3. Yeah, Ana used neutral just for the sake of comparison to other horse mages I think so we're working on that assumption. @daisy jane To add to the comparison, bows and daggers actually have higher BST than mages - current ones have 156-157 versus mages at 150-152, so it looks even better for Sylvain if he has the same offensive statline as Python despite 5 BST less.
  4. No, each merge adds +2 stats, so you gain a total of 20 points at +10. Since there are 5 different stats, that means each is raised by 4. The first merge on a neutral unit also adds a further +1 to the three highest stats (in Sylvain's case, the three highest are HP, Spd and Atk respectively) since there is no bane to eliminate. So in total, the ten merges gives him +5 HP, Spd and Atk; and +4 Def and Res. This is before +1 to each stat from Dragonflowers, which will be gained in the order of HP, Spd, Atk, Def, Res.
  5. He'll have 37/40 at +10 without flowers. It's +4 every stat, plus a further +1 to HP/Atk/Spd from the first merge since he's neutral. 38/41 with flowers.
  6. Same attack and +10 speed over Cecilia, I'd be all over Sylvain if he were in the general pool. 152 is the highest BST we've seen from a horse mage too, so any merge takes him to the 155 bin, which is impossible for anyone else except a +Def (hah) Halloween L'Arachel.
  7. The analytics for stuff like this is fairly sophisticated, whether it be by the bank or by the payment processor (Apple/Google). There's still a fairly sizeable gap between someone trying to use your card in Nigeria or what they might think might a little kid getting their hands on their parents' phone and spamming a bunch of microtransactions. And if it's a credit card and not a debit card, then technically it's still the bank's money being spent, so it's them protecting themselves as much as protecting you. And that's the thing about credit card protections: if it does turn out to be a fraudulent transaction, it's not the customer who ends up out of pocket so it's a much higher risk of loss to the bank than if someone was spending their own money via debit, bank transfer, cash, etc.
  8. As with most years, the second summer banner is clearly the superior one. A little disappointed that Ingrid is a lance flier, and also that Byleth is the face of the duo rather than Rhea, but I have to admit they look good. Sylvain looks fine too, but Dorothea looks off. I'll just open the reds and blues on the freebie round and leave it at that until the double seasonal re-run.
  9. I was bogged down through chambers 19-21 for what felt like a week (probably only 3-4 days in reality) but then chambers 22-25 were all done today in a pretty lucky streak of winnable matches. Tana pretty clearly MVP, though her high merges are mostly due to a continual failure to get a useful B-skill. I never keep playing after finishing the last chamber so this is my final line-up: Eirika +1, Trilemma+ [wrathful], Restore+, Earthfire Balm+, Atk/Def Push 4, Dazzling Staff 3, Joint Hone Atk, no S slot. Ephraim +5, Festive Siegmund, Swap, no Special, Distant Counter, Bold Fighter 3, Spd Tactic 3, Atk/Res Bond 3. Tana +7, Raudrfox+ [spd], Rally Def/Res+, Ruptured Sky, Fury 4. Chill Atk/Res 2, Joint Drive Atk, Atk Smoke 3. Innes +5, Wo Gun+ [spd], Draw Back, no Special, Atk/Spd Push 4, Chill Atk/Spd 2, Fortify Res 4, Atk/Spd Bond 3. The most frustrating thing was not once getting offered a decent special for the lads. Not even asking for Blue Flame or Ruptured Sky, I'd have been perfectly content with Moonbow, Glimmer, Bonfire, Luna, or whatever. Instead it was AoE specials or Vengeance 90% of the time, with Glacies occasionally thrown in.
  10. I'll be happy if it's Ingrid. I'll also be happy if it's Titania, Petra, Tethys, Louise or a sparkly Duma. But Ingrid in particular works well because her base form would probably be yet another lance flier and that'd be a tough sell, so I actually prefer her getting the Charlotte treatment in this case - especially if she, like Charlotte, is an infantry lance. Doesn't mean I'll summon for them, of course, but I'll be happy to see them reappear in a future double seasonal.
  11. Even as a pessimist I don't really see any reason why it wouldn't have the spark system. CYL banners have always been pretty terrible value propositions since they're just standard 3/3% banners which will almost inevitably be re-run as a Hero Fest within a year, if not half-a-year, so incentivising people to summon on its debut is presumably an outcome they'd want. Personally I've never gone more than a couple rounds into any CYL banner due to the above factors, and am looking forward to doing so for the first time this year. The Fallen Heroes banner is probably a good parallel - a set of four highly desirable premium units and they still deemed that worthy of being sparkable, so I see CYL as essentially the same thing. Unlike seasonal banners, there's no FOMO aspect encouraging summoning as the units will end up in the regular pool as well as being on comparatively more banners in future. That said, if they were to vary the rules for CYL, it'd be a massive dick move to not pre-announce them, especially given the likelihood of an early-August Hero Fest. If it's a good one, and there's no sparking mechanic on CYL, then I'd certainly be tempted to burn all my orbs on the Hero Fest (though not on Sothis specifically). On the plus side - checking it just now - CYL3 event was announced in the FEH Channel at the very beginning of August, so assuming they do that again, that should tell us enough for each person to make an informed decision on whether to focus on CYL, the Hero Fest, or indeed the July Mythic banner which should still be running at that point. (And yes, the video explicitly talks about the free CYL summon)
  12. Now that she's vomited out whatever was obstructing her throat, her persistent cough has been cured! Praise be!
  13. Both, just like Eliwood has access to both versions of Durandal and their respective refines while Roy just has one.
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