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  1. Against the odds, I'm at 10917 lift with one day to go, and 30 stamina in the bank. That means either one boosted or two normal battles to make up at least 83 points, and probably 138 once taking into account a probable 55 point loss through my next defense defeat. My offense wins are worth 123 points each, 246 with the boost. I have no ladder uses left. Hard to tell whether it'd be better to go all in on one battle and hope for the best knowing defeat is certain failure, or do two battles instead and hope the average score between the two is sufficient. Decisions, decisions.
  2. Not disappointed that it's an FE6 banner but pretty disappointed in how the units turned out. I don't mind if Farfetched is ditched as a concept as it's not particularly relevant or interesting anymore. - Poor Tethys, it's like Larum was made specifically to powercreep her two weeks after her introduction. - Another lance cavalry in Perceval? Seriously? - Axe infantry is another direct repeat of the previous banner, but this one is forgivable provided she demotes. - Igrene is the only real unit worth a damn here though. Still not all that interesting, though sexed up to the nines.
  3. That generally happens when the Rokkr is at 1hp remaining.
  4. As someone who has cooked a grand total of one Fried Egg since this mode was introduced, I currently have 26 regular eggs and 27 meat. That means once the one I cooked is accounted for I've gotten them in perfect balance. However, I only have 2 quality meats compared to 10 quality eggs.
  5. T20 is the highest you can realistically go without doing any defense (which is what I choose to do), so I guess that's a natural milestone of sorts. You'll need Defense Fortress 3 to unlock Offense Fortress 5, but those are a fair ways off considering where you are currently.
  6. Can't for the life of me figure out how they determine the default units to send out. Set 1: Olivia and Odin Set 2: Cynthia and Eliwood Set 3: Aversa and Nanna
  7. So, uh, I didn't realise until reading the post above that Duo heroes have different activated abilities. Guess I glossed over the announcement trailer with that assumption in mind.
  8. Nothing much. The last special event was the Harvest Festival stuff but that was mostly just the same old rewards. Some controversy about Duo Heroes. Farming in the Aether Keep which amounts to 10 extra Dragonflowers a week. In terms of the immediate future, Book 3 just ended so we hopefully get a freebie new 5* story character next month. Can't see much happening until the 3rd anniversary celebrations otherwise. EDIT: Couple other things - new mode called Hall of Forms which is a glorified Training Tower and the Book 1 Revival banners restarted.
  9. This thread is cool because it's the only way I'm reminded to do my weekly harvest. It's been over a month but I'm still not used to adding this to my usual weekly post-reset to-do list.
  10. It's driven by normal arena scoring, except without the RNG so you don't have to fish for high scores. Your team value (as determined by normal arena rules) is your team value. Then add bonus points, up to 150, for the manner in which you kill the enemy. Then you add the Synergy bonus, your friends bonus and the quest bonus to determine your final score. Those last three you have no real influence, so you can consider them a flat addition. For example, me this week: 726 base team score + 150 bonus score (the maximum, being 100 points from killing all 10 enemies using WTA, and 50 points from killing them all with paired units) + 24 friends score (it will always be 24 as long as you have even an average friends list) + 25 quest score (as above, it's essentially guaranteed as it just asks that you and your friends altogether kill the listed target 25 times) + 31 synergy score (one for every week I've ever participated in this mode) = 956
  11. I was able to replace Elroy+0 and Nowi+10 with Lleif+1 and Lazura+2 for no net point loss (which was a big surprise to me), team score remains 726. So much easier now to extract maximum bonus score. (The other two units remain Palla as a tank/reposition helper and Oscar as the 4th slot friend pair-up)
  12. One thing I'm wondering about in the context of my own enjoyment is whether the current boom-bust cycle of engagement is a good thing in terms of maintaining my interest. At the moment, my involvement is mostly a lot of "down" periods of saving followed by a burst of activity whenever a Hero Fest or desirable legendary banner appears. On the one hand, it kind of is a self-regulating system that keeps me from playing too much and burning out too badly. On the other, it's a constant reminded that I'm not genuinely enjoying the actual gameplay all that much. I will say that I'm somewhat glad the game is more "stable" now than it has been at any point in its lifecycle - it seems to have things like its event scheduling, currency distribution, unit releases and such in a stable, predictable state instead of it seemingly being made up on the fly like it used to be. As for IS, I don't really feel strongly about them one way or another. As a relative newcomer to the FE series, they're largely "just another game developer" to me and I attach no real sentimental value to the company. __________ As for specific points: - On lootbox regulation, I am generally towards the side of supporting more restrictions on how lootboxes are handled. Mostly I am concerned that games exist in some sort of grey area where they exploit the same kind of psychology as gambling, but are somehow not subject to the same regulations. I stress that I am not against gambling in anyway - I have the odd flutter myself - but I think the same laws should apply. Obviously this is a country-specific thing, but I'm thinking something like user registration being required before any real-money transactions are available would be a bare minimum. - I'm pretty much the least competitive person in the world and really don't like it when games shoehorn in competitive PvP modes. I get frustrated at the idea of people trying to ...well, to frustrate me in modes like ARs and dislike that that kind of competition is incentivised. To avoid being a hypocrite, I ensure that my own defense is trivial and has no chance of frustrating anyone.
  13. New Power offered no greens - just a blue and four reds. 4* Sully. Back to the SS banner. Ticket #2: 4* Oboro 3* Mae Ticket #3: 4* Oboro 4* Florina Ticket #4: 3* Libra So nothing really. The saving begins in earnest.
  14. Not the rate as such, but you can see the median orb cost for any unit on a custom banner, including single-focus banners, using this simulator. EDIT: The sniping rate for a hero is the chance of that hero appearing, divided by the chance of an orb of that colour being generated. Let's say there's a new red focus hero, on a banner by themselves. The chance of that hero appearing is exactly 3% for obvious reasons. The harder part is calculating the chance of a red orb appearing, so for this example I'm just going to approximate it as one-in-three. The chance for the new unit when sniping red is therefore 3% / (1/3) = 9%. If the example unit was green instead, and we estimate the chance of a green orb appearing at about 20%, then 3% / 20% = 15%.
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