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  1. I actually wouldn't mind some of my most liked 3H characters being "Charlotted". Talking about the ones in the most oversaturated classes, particularly sword infantry and lance flier. I mean, I like Catherine in 3H for example - I married her after all - but I have no interest in pulling her in her canon form. That, plus Thunderbrand is probably the most idiotic looking fantasy sword outside Squeenix games. Now add her as a seasonal with a silly weapon instead and I'd be quite a bit happier. Same goes with Ingrid, while Seteth can stay canon as long as he's not slow, and Shamir if she turns up on a horse.
  2. I've pulled three regular Hectors ever and they were all neutral. 'Twas weird.
  3. Too late, already had my heart attack. Would be sorely tempted to just set up the auto-tapper in an emulator to just spam tap the bottom of the screen. Would've been super confused too because I've had music off permanently for like two years.
  4. Oh boy, if all the new DLC characters get in before some base game favourites I foresee some epic meltdowns happening. One representative from the DLC would be fair enough I guess on a four-unit banner. Besides, until gauntlets are in, it's best to wait before introducing certain characters. I don't plan on buying the DLC anytime soon given that I was done with 3H after one path, so those characters may as well be TMS characters for all I know of them.
  5. Gauntlets don't have to be Brave weapons in FEH, there's no particular reason to replicate 3H mechanics one for one. Besides, they could make a post-hoc justification by making some non-Brave gauntlets in the next mainline FE game. To be honest I just want them for symmetry in weapon types between all four colours.
  6. Was also in the boat of hoping for all Duo heroes, which is probably the only circumstance in which I would have summoned on this banner. BUT, that's a completely different thing to saying this banner is bad. It's not. I may have no interest in playing TMS or listening to J-Pop, but despite all that, I *like* that they were bold enough to do this. Sure, the unit typing is pretty boring, but the art is visually distinct compared to recent New Heroes banners. And I hope it opens the floodgates for more off-the-wall banners. Look, I'm not blaming the artists of the previous banners as they had precious little to work with given the units were super generic-looking in their source material, but it was getting a little too samey. I hope to never see the armoured crop top over plain shirt look ever again. That said, I'd like to have seen these TMS units casual outfits included in some fashion but oh well.
  7. The cynic in me believes it's just someone to kill offscreen once they decide to get serious in this book.
  8. This one particular map is horrific. Most weeks kiting isn't too bad with a flier-heavy team but this week is pretty much hoping for the right spawns to happen so you can make it to the other side in one piece.
  9. I was on holidays for most of the event and no-lifed it enough to get top 5k for the first time ever. Would still need to double my score to get top 1k so glad I didn't bother. Doesn't quite make up for missing out by under 100 ranks on the Christmas one though. >.< Well, actually if I count the extra HM from fielding a fail beast team (seriously, they failed like a third of the time on level 30 autobattle) instead of my fail-proof Aether dragon team I guess I did make up for it.
  10. Same with Legendary Celica. After merging up my Raven I decided to make a late run for T21 and tryharded with optimising SP with big specials and dual rallies (old hat now I know) for the first time since 2018. Only need the one movement assist in the entire team for Celica to kill everything safely, it was completely trivial to do a run of 5. Crushed my high score with only some mild fishing (like 3-4 crests) for 742+, ending with 3774. I trust that'll be enough, currently 1485/2609. It'd be just my third crown ever. The cheersquad for what it's worth is Oscar, Raven (both Fire blessed and Galeforce specced) and Nowi (just the highest scoring of the remaining units, Earth Nowi just outscores Fire Lilina). Feels like the only time T21 is possible for me is if I pull two copies of the new Legendary for any given month to power my score, heh.
  11. It was hard for one week for me, when I tried sticking to a standard unit composition that got me into T21 in the first place. My GHB-like strategy of staying out of enemy range was just too unreliable and I had maybe a 1/3 win rate that week. However it should be noted that was during Astra/Anima season and at the time I had no Astra or Anima hero at all. It should be significantly easier with at least one I imagine. That said, I still don't have an Anima hero and I can't be bothered using (or indeed levelling) my one Astra hero in Naga, who is still level 1. However I now employ a faceroll Legendary Leif team and have not come remotely close to dropping since. I don't even exhaust my ladders at all anymore. Leif has essentially saved this game mode for me. Without him, I think I would have just quit the mode cold turkey because it was just that unfun.
  12. Ugh, just looked up last year's timeline and the hero voting results weren't out until about a week after the legendary banner ended. If the event runs again, there'll be no way to intelligently decide whether to spend orbs on the January banner or to wait for the February Hero Fest. Hopefully they do away with that nonsense and just do a plain ol' Hero Fest with the units announced at the very start of the anniversary event. Early feel is that I might go all-in on January if it's Camilla and Nephenee, but spend much more conservatively it's Silque instead. For February, Julia and Azura are fine if the third unit is Laegjarn or Eliwood. One and done if it's any other candidate (Lukas, Berkut, Petra, Sirius). EDIT: Come to think of it, the Hero Fest might just be a CYL3 re-run, in which case Camilla might sit out the January Mythic. Might be an early hint once that trailer is released.
  13. Hopefully gauntlets are in by the time Byleth wins, whether that be this instalment or in future ones. One Kung Fu Byleth in the hideously garish Transcendant One outfit please.
  14. Not at all. But it's also not wrong to not want him. If he wins, he wins a fair victory. All I am saying is that it's a factor that might convince some people to choose not to vote for him, however small those numbers may be.
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