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  1. Updated and logged in for the first time since April and Sharena gave me 20 orbs for my trouble. Wonder what the threshold is for absences before that triggers? 😉 Anyway, claimed my free Gatekeeper but a full circle of CYL gave me nothing. Hero Fest tickets gave me a Kinoka and Flayn (neither new). All the miscellaneous free summons gave me nothing. Finally, I spent the gift orbs, plus a few dozen farmed ones from normal story maps, to successfully snipe a Neutral Duo Hinoka. I've gotten everything I wanted out of the heroes added since I left (well, neo-Palla would be nice but truthfully the art is meh), so see you guys ...whenever next they give out free stuff.🖐️
  2. Spent entirely too much time trying to find some static images of the new units, when watching the entire video would have cost me just half the time, more fool me. ... Anyway, hey all, just here to claim my free Gatekeeper like I always intended to regardless of skill or art (and it is a bit weird), but the itch to play again has not even slightly materialised yet. (And I see IS released a new Palla and Hinoka while I'm gone because of course that would happen)
  3. One last dance. Farming Paralogue orbs as I go in order to afford the spark. 3* Tailtiu 4* Clair 4* Tailtiu 5* Ninian +Atk -Spd 5* CYL Eliwood +Def -Atk 3* Matthew 4* Kagero 3* Kaze 3* Reinhardt 4* Niles 3* Effie 4* Nowi 4* Shigure 5* Veronica +Def -HP 3* Kaze 5* Legendary Corrin +Def -Atk 3* Mae 4* Clair 4* Natasha 3* Cordelia 3* Azama 3* Matthew 4* Rebecca 4* Mercedes 4* Lachesis 4* Virion 3* Tailtiu 3* Florina 4* Roderick 4* Oscar 5* Quan +Atk -Res 3* Forrest 3* Jeorge 3* Virion 4* Sakura 4* Gordin 3* Maria 3* Oscar 5* Petra +Def -Atk 4* Ferdinand 4* Clarine So, that's it then. A good number of 5-stars but Quan doesn't really count right? Sparked Legendary Dimitri, so it all worked out neatly in the end: I got Seiros on her debut banner, Lyn was of course free, and then Corrin appeared as the only focus unit during this session. Now I have one copy of each unit on the banner and I was also happy with Petra showing up to ensure there was no dangling pity rate to break. Ironically Dimitri took me over the barracks limit for one last time, heh. This marks the end of my FEH journey. I might randomly read about updates now and then but I'm pretty confident I won't be actively playing again. Might drop in to grab the free Gatekeeper though. 😉 I'll see you guys around when the announcement for the next Fire Emblem game emerges.
  4. Did the customary first round. Got a +HP -Spd Harmonic Myrrh. Figures I finally get my first Harmonic after I've stopped playing any game modes at all. Will be back one last time next week to get my AHR spark, but come to think of it, maybe I should just go ahead and do the TT because it'd be easier than doing 40 story maps, hmm, even if they are on normal difficulty. (I need to grind out 100 orbs or so)
  5. A seasonal banner where you can design any class combo that could possibly exist. They come up with a Lance Cavalry. Bravo. Complete with dodgy art at that. Severa looks a good unit though, Olwen and Reinhardt rolled into one? Would hypothetically take her over the Harmonic despite my dislike of the character. Anyway, for the last week or so the only thing I've been doing is collecting login orbs (okay, and picking up the easy 5 orbs from Failanx) for the AHR banner for one last summoning session, so perhaps it's just as well this banner presents absolutely no threat to derail that plan.
  6. OG Reinhardt art is like the single most iconic piece of character art in the game, dunno why I'd ever want to change it. But nice that he gets something considering the continuing lack of a refine.
  7. Yeah, the trouble with that as mentioned is that Heavy Blade is the opposite of what you want. It's best suited to units who can reliably make multiple attacks, be that through speed, Brave weapons or some special ability that guarantees doubles. Quan might get a refine like that, but he might also get something else entirely, so it's a massive gamble to go through now.
  8. A good first step to improve accessibility would be to simplify skill unlocking - make all third-tier skills unlock at 4-star.
  9. You're gambling on the refine being any good? Unless Quan gets some sort of automatic follow-up mechanic, I feel he's not going to be particularly suited to those skills. He's too slow to double much, and without being able to do that, HB4 isn't doing much on player phase. On enemy phase, it means you'd be locked to the QR3 seal assuming you can spare it. Pretty one-dimensional build though since he has no DC and no resistance, and the budget version of such a build isn't much worse. If he's a personal favourite then maybe you can get something to work, but disregarding that, he's not very good - don't be fooled by the merges which don't fix his more fundamental issues. I'd either wait for the refine to actually happen or look elsewhere entirely.
  10. Decided to venture beyond the spark for basically the first time ever, and at 3.5% was rewarded for it with a +Res -Def Dieck and a +Res -Atk Marianne in the same circle. To be fair I have the freedom to do it simply because I still have hundreds of unclaimed story orbs and my only objective past this banner is the Hero Rises one. So with that done, all that's left to do is claim my free Lynja early next week then put the game down until do one final spark on that final banner.
  11. Yeah, if sparks weren't a thing I'd have been driven batty ages ago. I find it extremely hard to justify ever summoning on any banner that does not provide me with guarantees. Even then, going back to my last few New Heroes banner, the spark has been required to get the one unit I wanted most: Current 3H banner: managed to pull my secondary target in Marianne, but failed to pull primary target Ingrid. Sacred Stones banner: managed to pull one secondary target Selena but not Reginn, failed to pull primary target Duessel. Previous 3H banner: managed to pull all the focus units ...except my primary target Shamir. Tellius banner: failed to pull both of my targets, Shinon and Jill, and so had to settle for just Shinon. CYL banner: failed to pull any focus units whatsoever, wanted all of them equally except Lysithea who's meh. Huh, that's actually even worse than I thought. The only time I managed to pull my most desired unit in any sparkable banner was getting one Duo Ephraim on his re-run (and then I sparked him anyway). So yeah, the last half year or so would have been an utter disaster without the spark. To be fair, in terms of non-sparkable banners, I went deep for Seiros and got her, and was able to also secure Duo Peony fairly easily. Going back further I tried for Duo Byleth and failed miserably, but did succeed on Duo Palla.
  12. Final batch for me. Tethys has been +10 for months but I never got around to posting here I think. I probably should have done this way earlier since I lost my only Blade horse in Cecilia - powercreep meant it was too hard for her to double things even with a Spd boon and Darting Blow so I relented and switched to her Prf instead (but I'm too attached to my original copy to merge her into a +Atk version). I actually do have some premium fodder available too, but no point doing it now. So then, my final +10 tally is a neat 20 units. I actually have 360k feathers still in the bank but I really have no reason to use them so I won't bother. If I was going to play on one would certainly be Plegian Kris. Who knows, I might come back in a year or three and find a use for the feathers, so I'll just leave it there.
  13. Documenting it old school because hey, it's the second last time I'm doing it. Sniping blue. 5* Guinivere +Def -HP 4* Sully 4* Nowi 5* Quan +Res -Def 4* Ilyana 4* Oscar 4* Jagen 4* Catria 3* Effie 5* Ranulf +Res -Atk 4* Boey 3* Soren 4* Cordelia 4* Hawkeye 4* Florina 3* Oboro 3* Sully 4* Florina 3* F Corrin 4* Oboro 3* Mordecai 4* M Robin 4* Effie 3* L'Arachel 3* Boey 3* M Robin 3* Shanna 3* Thea 3* Nino 4* Gwendolyn 4* Silas 4* Florina 4* Oboro 5* Marianne +Spd -HP 3* Legault 3* Cordelia 4* Mordecai 4* Hawkeye 4* Mathilda 3* Roderick Summoning in a nutshell. Started off excellently albeit with off-focus units, only one of which is any good. Then a long barren streak. I'll sort of miss this, but not really. Late redemption at least so that I could spark neutral Ingrid with no further thought. I'll take it.
  14. Yeah, I typed that as I logged off from work and rode home. And I've just logged in from home and... yeah, I went a bit early there. 😳 Her default kit is pretty strongly player-phase though?
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