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  1. That weird semi-circular cutout on the front of the cloak still weirds me out. On M Robin it made him look like a Teletubby (or Grimace). On F Robin it kind of looks like she's pregnant...
  2. Ah, another Bowlyn counter from back in the day. Irrelevant unit now but certainly one of the units most wanting better art. Not my favourite rendition of her overall, but probably the best non-evil one. I was sort of considering a month of FEH Pass, but Ninian - Sigurd - F Robin - ??? is not a lineup at all relevant to me. Well, unless ??? is someone I want, of course (and assuming I pull off the four-resplendent trick again).
  3. Looking at his borderline psychotic face and some of his lines, I'm quietly surprised Saul isn't a villain. Huh.
  4. Looked up the other infantry archers of this generation to compare: Kiragi 38+/43+ Eite 45/40+ Rebecca 44/45 Dorothy 46/43+ So yeah, stacks up very nicely. That said, we're two months away from the next round of stat inflation...
  5. So I was in one of those funny moods, where after opening the first round of the New Heroes banner, I saw there were two reds and two greens and got baited into opening all four. Nothing, as expected, but I got kind of annoyed at myself for being ill-disciplined with my orbs. After all, I would much rather Hinoka than any of these rubes, so what the hell was I doing? In disproportionate response, I decided to be even less disciplined and just go all the way from 16 to 40 pulls on the Legendary banner. I don't even have FEH Pass, but maybe I'll feel generous tomorrow and sub for a month, even if only to get sparking access to both summer banners in addition to getting Hinoka. On pull 24 I got my fourth Rearmed Ophelia overall (first of this banner). At least it isn't another Nanna I guess. On pull 25 I got ...Legendary Nanna again. Fourth of this banner and sixth overall, you've got to be kidding me. In essentially the blink of an eye, she's become my most-pulled Legendary Hero of all time, pulling ahead of Ephraim and Leif (five each). Was kind of tempted to abort this operation and end it there. But I forged on... Whole lot of junk until the very final circle, where on pull 39, it happened, and I got my Legendary Hinoka. She's even +Atk -Def, and therefore a very tempting target for a Florete (especially as I picked one up yesterday from Elincia meaning I'm now sitting on 11 unused). So yeah, I'm all cleaned out, 6 orbs remaining after doing all the Mid-book quests (and getting 20 orbs on top because the quests made me do story maps that I hadn't done yet). I have three tickets left for the New Heroes but will sit on them for a while while I decide whether it's worth burning a few extra orbs when spending them. In the end, I can't complain about the haul from this banner which has been very generous in terms of 5-star rate: 42 pulls total, 4x Legendary Nanna, 1x Rearmed Ophelia, 1x Legendary Hinoka, 1x Ascended Elincia, 1x Tibarn and 1x OG Lysithea.
  6. July tends to be a real graveyard for banners given that it follows hot on the heels of both summer banners and is followed by CYL (and the accompanying next-gen BST I suppose). I guess that makes it fitting for Engage. 😛
  7. I'd like to see the next Engage banner have four seemingly random characters on it, only for the theme to turn out to be "we have the cheapest voice actors".
  8. A nice little boost to the Squad Ace seals, starting with Squad Ace BS (hoho). +5 HP +3 Atk and +3 Spd, pretty decent filler. I might finally grab one of these seals for the first time since Squad Ace J, many, many years ago.
  9. Had another flutter on the Legendary banner now that the trailer for the (awful) New Heroes banner is up. Figured I'd pull until the next 5-star. Which I got, and was... another Legendary Nanna. So that's 14 pulls total on that banner, for the haul of three Nannas. Can't complain about that 5-star rate, but geez. None are any better than my old neutral +1 one, so I'll consider who besides Rearmed Ophelia wants Push + Menace. (Ophelia is getting it so she has something useful to give to non-Infantry red mages besides her weapon) EDIT: Had another go after the reset and was offered no reds. Opened the one grey in the hopes for my second-most wanted unit here, Ascended Elincia. Somehow those hopes came true. +HP -Def, I'll take definitely take that. 15 pulls in and four 5-stars, I'll have a think about more pulls closer to the end of the banner.
  10. It's really impressive how they're able to make the worst possible choice at every turn. Sword infantry. Lance cavalry. Foot archer. And of course the spot wasted on a Mythic, I've never liked how they do that. I assume Saul gets the Elice treatment. Oh how I wish this banner was mid. Okay that's not being completely fair. Moodock is great. And I admit having never really played through FE6, so I'm not about to make any claims about what the banner should have contained. (I tried a few chapters of FE6 but after doing 7 and 8 I felt all GBAed out) I'm not saying it shouldn't have been an FE6 banner of course. I'm currently making my way through Engage (13-14 chapters in) but frankly I wouldn't really care if it got the TMS treatment and was never seen again in FEH. I basically just zone out whenever any of the characters opens their mouth and I feel I haven't missed out on anything of value. How everything is set up is just so incredibly contrived: four kingdoms, each with a widow(er) monarch, two teenage kids with two retainers each. Colour-by-numbers.
  11. Third consecutive CYL Claude as the weekly arena freebie, hah.
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