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  1. Boy, feels like I haven't done one of these questions in over a decade. Time to change that. Got stumped by the Harry Potter question as I know absolutely nothing about that world. Ended up as ...Marianne. Doesn't seem right to me but it is what it is.
  2. Missing out on the only potential candidate for a Mythic brawler in Seiros would be a tragedy.
  3. I figured I may as well open all the reds and greys on the BHB banner since I'd be happy with either. Natually there was only one grey and no reds. 4* Maria No greens on the weekly banner either. 3* Mae. Good news though is that as a result of that, I'm above triple digits in orbs again for the first time since the July legendary banner.
  4. Oh, I know, I'm just mocking the very idea of save slots, some thirty years after they should have been put out to pasture.
  5. It's why I say it's a bit bumbling. Sometimes things don't go to plan, especially if you're rushing. Could have simply been too slow instead of intentionally waiting. Dramatically failing by just a few moments is a well established fiction trope after all. 😛
  6. I don't mind so much if the change is to address the complete lack of relationship between the dialogue and what is actually being portrayed. That nonsense is really bad for immersion. On the other hand, if they did this every time the rubbish animation system failed to line up with the script, they'd be overhaulting at least half the supports in the game. Don't write cheques you can't cash, folks.
  7. Probably simple inertia. A lot of what Nintendo (and particularly the FE franchise) does seems to be because of a "that's how we've always done it" attitude. God, I remember playing early Microprose games like Civilization and Railroad Tycoon and they only had four save slots on the hard drive. Buuuuut, it also had a drive selector so you could use any number of floppy disks and save four games to each of them. Maybe one day Nintendo will discover the wondrous benefits of this type of technology.
  8. The early war declaration is dictated by circumstance, the whole thing seems rushed because it is. The abdication, the political purges, the somewhat bumbling attempts to halt the ritual - all likely only happened as a direct response to the Byleth incident. If that had not happened, it's easy to imagine the events being far more spread out instead of being compressed into the space of 2-3 months. The entire timeline of the conflict could have been moved back by years. The point here is that the smart move is the minimise your chances of losing, even if it makes winning more costly. For all she knew, Rhea succeeding in her ritual may have resulted in a guaranteed loss. It's a similar logic to the persistent question why she doesn't try to get Claude on her side before the sneak attack. Even if Claude was odds-on to agree, the outcome if he refused would have been disastrous - the entire element of surprise would have been lost and it's not hard to see the situation spiral into guaranteed defeat as a result.
  9. Just like there are no flying dagger units in the mainline titles? 😛 It's a wholly unnecessary restriction in Heroes given that no other weapon type is restricted.
  10. Best thing about gauntlets being added would be in reducing the number of pointless generic healers like Mercedes ending up as filler/demote fodder. I could maybe see an infantry brawler and an armoured one being added just to introduce the type. Or perhaps one on a New Heroes banner and one on a concurrent Mythic banner? There's a decent mythic Brawler candidate where I think their talent for brawling is more unique and interesting than their alternate nature. I would also have no problem with them being mounted eventually, even if it has to be on seasonal units. I'd much rather have that then the first four being two infantry and two armours.
  11. Generally I don't feel anything for video game music unless it's from a genre really out of the ordinary - think something like Interstate '76's funk revival or Monaco's intentionally slightly-off manic piano whenever something went wrong. Standard fantasy orchestral stuff (even if you say this time it's more electronic) certainly isn't the least bit memorable to me. I mean, it's there, it's fine, and it serves its purpose but I doubt I'll remember it after I'm done with the game. I mean, the only two FE music tracks I can readily imagine in my head are the main theme and Together We Ride, and those are mostly because of memes. That said, I was kind of annoyed by the sad music lasting an entire month when the spoiler happened. I got it the first time, enough already.
  12. Copied the tables from the main SF recruitment page below for convenience. You can check whether your support is C+ instead of C (or B+ instead of B) by looking at the unit in the dining or choir menu. You can see that Ferdinand and Caspar only require a C skill and 10 in a stat to join if you have no support whatsoever with them, and this reduces to D+ and 6 when you have C+ support. Lysithea's requirements are a bit higher in that she wants B in Faith and 15 Magic. However, a C+ support reduces this to C in Faith and 9 Magic. Going further to B+ support means her requirement is reduced to D in Faith and, uh, 3 Magic. ____________ Support Level Skill Level required None D C B B+ C D C C+ B C+ D D+ C C+ B E+ D D+ C B+ E+ E+ D D+ A Any Any Any Any Support Level Level or Stat value required None 10 15 20 25 30 C 8 12 16 20 24 C+ 6 9 12 15 18 B 4 6 8 10 12 B+ 2 3 4 5 6 A Any Any Any Any Any Ferdinand Noble 2 Need 10 Dexterity and C in Heavy Armour Linhardt Noble 2 Need 10 Magic and C in Reason Caspar Noble 2 Need 10 Strength and C in Brawling Bernadetta Noble 2 Need 20 Strength and C in Bow Dorothea Commoner 2 Need 25 Charm and B in Authority Petra Commoner 2 Need 10 Dexterity and C in Riding Felix Noble 2 Need 15 Speed and B+ in Sword Ashe Commoner 2 Need 15 Charm and C in Lance Sylvain Noble 2 Need 25 Charm and C in Reason (If protagonist is female, automatically joins) Mercedes Commoner 2 Need 15 Magic and C in Bow Annette Noble 2 Need 10 Magic and B in Faith Ingrid Noble 2 Need 15 Dexterity and D in Flying Lorenz Noble 2 Need 20 Charm and C in Reason Raphael Commoner 2 Need 20 Strength and C in Heavy Armour Ignatz Commoner 2 Need 10 Dexterity and B in Authority Lysithea Noble 2 Need 15 Magic and B in Faith Marianne Noble 2 Need 10 Magic and C in Riding Hilda Noble 2 Need 30 Charm and C in Axe (If leading the Black Eagles, cannot be recruited until Chapter 12, after Leonie Commoner 2 Need 15 Strength and C in Lance
  13. Is it just as much of a mouthful in other languages I wonder? I don't even bother typing the initialism for them because I'd never be able to correctly order the letters. I'll have to content myself with calling them THE ENEMY.
  14. You're overestimating the requirements here. Assuming you've maxed out on pre-timeskip supports with both units: Ferdinand asks for D+ Heavy Armour and 6 Dex. Caspar asks for D+ Brawling and 6 Str. With two months left, this is plenty of time to accomplish both. Bear in mind you have until (and including) March to recruit them, despite the various paralogues expiring in February. Both of these units paralogues are post-timeskip however so you don't miss out on anything by recruiting them as late as possible. Small caveat in that March is only half a month, you only get two weekends and one teaching session in it. EDIT: If you get really desperate, I believe you can save scum the Faculty Training to get Greats instead of Goods.
  15. Definitely something to shake up the tedium of the weekly grind, and something to make multiple playthroughs more mechanically varied. 1) Replace Battle Points with Weekend Points. Allow us to mix and match battles, seminars and rest. e.g. at A+ professor level, you can still do 3x auxiliary battles like now, or you can do one battle, one seminar and one rest, etc. Explore probably has to remain its own thing though. 2) Allow manual selection of Byleth's skill strengths. Choose up to four. 3) Have the above selections passively modify Byleth's stat growths, e.g. choosing Brawl increases Strength growth.
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