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  1. I'm not going for the guaranteed 5* for any banner just yet, but hypothetically I think I would start by sniping, the objective being to maximise the probability of ending up with a +1 copy of my desired unit after the ~150 orbs, since +1 is generally the goal for any unit I intend on actively using. If I got my desired unit early then I might switch to full rounds (sans the 3-4* demote colour).
  2. I don't want them to double up on infantry grey tomes, so it depends on her move type. If it's anything but infantry, go for it, otherwise I'd prefer healer since we don't have one of those for any move type.
  3. Evidently the system is robust enough to not let you vote for one hero paired with themselves. So Narcian and Virion it is.
  4. Had some good luck with FB points and managed to get all the tickets for just 3 stamina pots. So I'm going to go ahead and finish this banner right now. Plan is just to snipe blue on all 5 rounds, green as fallback. 4* Effie 4* Oboro 3* Merric 3* Est 4* Altena 4* Fir 4* F Corrin 4* Florina 5* Nils +Atk -HP (Figured I may as well spend the 7 orbs to finish the round and banner) 5* Rinkah +HP -Res 3* Seliph Woah, that went exceedingly well. 100% done with this banner, not going to try the 40 summon guarantee here since that'd basically take almost all my remaining 150-odd orbs.
  5. Freebie lord summon offered me 4 reds and a blue, which is one fewer red that I expected to get. Obviously I take the blue. It's regular Ephraim +HP -Res. Fine I guess, merging into my +Atk one, who now goes to +2.
  6. Cecilia's professionalism could be questioned however if she shacks up with Roy. 😮 I'm going to ignore the possibility of there being a material reward based on the winner and go with Titania.
  7. While I like Hans a fair bit better than Iago, I think choosing the red infantry mage over the green infantry axe for this generation is the correct decision. There are six such axe units with current BST, and only three red mages. Furthermore, two of the axes are, or will soon be available at 3-4* in Ross and Echidna, whereas all the mages are 5* locked. Save Hans to be the star hatchetman of the next generation units. As for the banner units, the timing of the banner before Golden Week means I can't justify more than sniping a single colour with the ticket rounds. And quite clearly for my purposes it will have to be Lilith. I don't actually know how powerful the effect will be in practice, but it sounds fun to use. Plus, y'know, flier.
  8. I got tempted into doing a full round on the revival banner, mostly because there was no news about a Hero Fest coming up so I figured there's nothing else coming up that particularly would interest me. Came up with a Nino and Lon'qu (meh), Cain and Klein (great) and a neutral Indigestion Fallen Corrin . Bonus, that worked out well. I have an existing +Def one, so decision time on which one to use as the base. About two hours later I realised that the FEH Channel was specifically about the 30th Anniversary and that the Golden Week stuff - and by extension any news about a Hero Fest - would probably be a separate announcement. If that had occurred to me I'd have pulled just the Nino and bailed. So lucky break I guess?
  9. Second half of August, running into September.
  10. The section of the video showing the auto-5* summon outright shows Feh summoning a 4* Forrest.
  11. I'm just glad Scarlet doesn't have red hair. That trope represents the worst in lazy writing. Same for the name Ruby I guess, or for black-haired people named Raven, etc. I hate that in fiction.
  12. I'm being pessimistic and assuming it won't even apply to seasonal banners, since it pretty explicitly says "New Heroes" and not "new Heroes". Would love to be surprised though since as a proportion of new unit releases, I tend to want more of the seasonal units.
  13. Frankly, if the only thing this FEH Channel announced was the filter, it'd already be a great one. Everything else is just gravy as far as I'm concerned. There have been a couple threads on most desired features for FEH over the last year or two and this was my number one wish with nothing else coming close. As for the other stuff... - Guaranteed focus 5* is nice, makes the overall 5* rate competitive with 8% banners I imagine, perhaps better, though with the downside of the pitybreaker pool remaining unchanged. Disappointed that no further units have been removed from the general 5* pool but at least Thea is out of there I guess. If it doesn't work on Special Heroes banners though, those suddenly become really uncompetitive and I'd struggle to ever pull on them, especially given they come with no tickets. - Altena remaining at 4-5* is really disappointing as she was a likely +10 project for me had she demoted (mostly because I lucked out on a few early copies). As it though, I'm statistically unlikely to get enough copies to do so at 4* only before she gets powercrept by another unit with next-gen BST, and who will likely debut directly in the 3-4* pool. So that's that idea gone. - All the other stuff is whatever really, including the free 5*. Setting my expectations low of course - five reds in the circle most likely, and then I'll pull Eliwood, the one unit there I've already maxed out at +10. 😛
  14. Was just going to do the freebie round, but was dissatisfied with there being three blues on it (Peony is a tough sell since I have to preserve the free one at +0, others are awful). So I skipped the blues and did a second round instead - and am glad I did. 4* Matthew 4* Nino 4* Wrys 4* Sheena 4* Eirika 4* Serra 5* Altina +Res -Def I guess I'll just merge her into the freebie, don't think she's a valid F2P strat unit anyway given her limited availability. Not the most wanted unit here - there are two greys and two greens that I'd prefer - but probably the best red I could have gotten. I'm most likely done, still hoping for a good Golden Week Hero Fest, and if that sucks, probably the May mythic banner (April's looks uninteresting if I remember right). By then hopefully the 3-4* pool will be a little less poisonous, since the state of it is has been dampening my will to summon in recent times.
  15. Bit unfortunate that I had a $2 Play Store credit expire a week or two ago. (Intentionally, as there was nothing worth buying)
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