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  1. My cunning plan to bait IS into releasing a Palla alt has unfortunately failed.
  2. So today's first ever lot of three revival banners gave me my first ever Ryoma, finally giving me the full set of launch units. I can now properly quit FEH with no regrets. See you in the next game folks!
  3. I actually quite like the approach of creating these alternate Tier 4 skills to existing skill trees. Way, way more player friendly in terms of inheritance than creating entirely new skill trees. They should have made things like Prime branch off Bond, Clash off Catch, Finish off Ideal, etc.
  4. Some New Heroes banners having multiple Asset hero types at the same time really takes the gloss off the Fallen banners, which really don't feel special at all these days. This is especially true as it'd be really hard to make full use of Lumera's SI regardless of breath weapons being fairly niche in the first place. Not that it was particularly relevant anyway with me having all but quit in recent times.
  5. Which three schmucks would accompany Virion in our tutorial team then?
  6. While I don't like Loki as a character, I cannot possibly argue against her inclusion as a Mythic. Hell, if there were only, say, half-a-dozen Mythic heroes total in FEH, Loki would easily be justifiable as one of them. (Askr, Embla, Hel, Thorr, Loki and uh, one of the goats?) If? EDIT: Uhh, that wasn't supposed to be a pun.
  7. Seeing another super premium Azura after bumbling around with my OG 4*+10 Olivia for the Kvasir/Gullveig LHB makes me sad. 😞
  8. I failed to spot Freddy's axe blade at first glance and it made it look like he was a conquistador holding a gun. More guns when?
  9. Did the customary full-round (sans green) on the kid banner and got a +Atk -Spd Duo Robin, figures. Desire sensor successfully fooled? I wrote them off and don't even know what they do, heh.
  10. I'm usually disinterested in the child banner at the best of times. This year is ...extra uninteresting. It's a combination of everyone being foot-locked, and the art. Take the Freddies and run.
  11. Finishing the AHR spark and what a poor finish it was. No 5-stars from pulls #26 to #41, at which point I sparked Peony. Then I decided to break the 3.75% pity rate and did so on the very next and final pull. #2: +Res -Atk Dimitri #3: +Spd -Def Peony #11: +Atk -Def Dimitri #14: +HP -Spd Claude #17: +Def -Spd Claude #18: +Def -HP Claude #24: +Spd -Atk Alear Spark: Neutral Peony #42: +Atk -Spd Peony This means I have eight Peonies in my barracks, and haven't even started using her for skill duplication. I also, uh, pulled a 5* Neutral Chrom from today's TT banner. Yeah, thanks game.
  12. Oh. How ordinary. Even with my free pull I'd probably pull green here.
  13. They won't do Subaki because QR3 is clearly too premium to hand out at 4-star. They won't do Setsuna because the Brave Bow+ Quadsuna meta is clearly OP.
  14. I interrupted my AHR schedule to do a full round on the returning heroes banner, and in doing so picked up my fifth Rearmed Ophelia. That's likely more Arcane Eclipses than I'll ever need, and I haven't even used a single copy yet.
  15. Advanced to 25 pulls. #24: +Spd -Atk Alear New base for my +HP -Def copy. I'm now just as done with Alear as I am with Claude. Dimitri is worth slightly more than them but I'm not too fussed on getting more of him either, so I assume I'll spark Peony. Current totals in my barracks: 6x Peony 4x Claude 2x Alear 2x Dimitri
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