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  1. ##Vote RADicate
  2. dust blowing, birds chirping, no one posting...
  3. oh god this site on mobile is.... oh god..... confirming
  4. Blegh, idk this game feels like it's so punishing for screwing up, like I think I played ok until d3, then a whole bunch of bad stuff started happening and I panicked and the game slapped with with a wet roleblock... ack. GGs though, was more fun than anything on PS for sure lol
  5. OK There's nothing specific that disproves Me/Fable, but there's a lot of stuff that proves Junk/Someone, and I don't think I need to disprove Me/Fable to prove Junk/Someone. Fact stands that Junk/Someone is far more likely than Me/Fable. So you admit it's a tunnel, are you still gonna stick with it?
  6. Dude did you just suggest Junk/Me as a possible scumteam? If Scum!Junk appears in 10 more worlds than Me/Fable, then it happens in 100000 more worlds than Junk/Me
  7. """almost immediately""" """without waying other options""" maybe because the other option is you being scum and that idea got shot straight down and its corpse burned with fire. Maybe I'm more confident because I think I'm right on a read for once as opposed to being on PS when I need to consider if someone's scum or a potato? RAD you have the best knowledge of my meta here, arguably moreso than Fenrir, and you know the pain of separating potatoes from actual scum. My "confidence" on Junk comes from the fact that he's actually scum, both behavior-wise and relations-wise, and that he's probably not a potato. As for Me/Fable being a possibility, lemme look through the interactions we had and show you how Junk being scum with Fable/Zeo happens in 10 more worlds than Me/Fable does. PEdit: Yeah, all the arguments for him being Town can be stretched to fit my scenario, and I don't think it's fair for you to tunnel me either. Argument invalid.
  8. And what makes you think Junk is town RAD? Let's look at the votes: Junk has consistently avoided both Zeonth and Fable, and only after the flaws in their argument being pointed out they vote Fable. Fable panic votes me when he was in danger, but he switches back to Junk to tie the wagons right after I told him to. This puts Fable as either scum or sheepy Town (not very likely). But for Junk, he can be with either Zeo or Fable. I don't know why me not believing your claim put you so on-edge, but my logic beats out Junk's logic every time, and he's far more likely to be scum.
  9. Zeo as much as I think the scumteam is Junk/Fable, I'm not leaving out the possibility of Junk/You (leaving out Junk/RAD because RAD goes batshit crazy everytime I bring up the possibility of him being scum). From my PoV, Junk is basically confed, and from yours he's very likely scum too. I'd much rather a Junk lynch today unless DL rolls about, which is in like, an hour
  10. z RAD is probably hardcore tunnelling me, I'm not an option today and your cases on me are as weak as you claim my case on yours to be. Regardless of whatever you're saying, Junk is scum to you. Vote them. Unless you're telling me you see a Zeonth/Fable scumteam, which I believe you stated that you don't.
  11. RAD so let's take it that I think you're Town. That still leaves Junk as being scum. Point still stands, vote Junk. also Fable get back on Junk just stop posting if you feel triggered, not hasten the end of the game...
  12. Z at not seeing the post, ignore everything there
  13. So why not vote Fable? In a world where Zeonth and Me are townreads to you, you vote the non-Townread out of a PoE. Junk/Fable seems a lot more possible now, finding a weird reason to TR Zeonth and then put a vote on a "95% Town Read' (I will keep quoting this for as long as it goes unexplained) instead of the remaining player in your PoV just makes me go eugh
  14. In fact, if your reads are shifted so easily by interactions, how did you even get a "95% TR" on me in the first place? If you did indeed "95% Town Read" me, and Zeo/Fable is impossible, doesn't that make the lynch you aim for Fable? Me/Fable is the scumteam you claim to see, and you've expressed a TR on me but not on Fable. Yet you choose to consolidate on me? I don't think that's how "consolidation" works. @Mackc2 There's 2 votes on me, and 1 vote on Junk. If both you and Zeo are Town, you vote Junk here, or you'd have to take the chances with the RB after I get mislynched and have fun in the remaining 3v2.
  15. Junk, I asked why does one interaction make Zeo more town than your "95% Town Read". I know you decided to switch to me for "consolidation" but that means you end up SRing me more than you SR Zeo, which begs the question of the power of that single interaction.
  16. @RADicate I'm finally on, fwiw. Junk cannot be Town here. His "Jordan is 95% Town" followed immediately with "Oh Zeo said he's lynching Fable, he's townier than Jordan" makes no sense. Is this one statement to you that much more powerful than your "95% TR" on me? Your switch is way too easy, just seems like you're keeping your options open. For example, you revoked your TR on me because "Come to think of it, me voting Evan could be distancing". But the same could be said for Zeonth, no? You're cherrypicking parts of an argument that lets you keep your options the most open. When people call me "probably Town" and then totally 180 in the span of one or two interactions, it just doesn't make sense imo. Like, okay, you think I'm Townier than everyone else because of my entire interactions I've had over everyone else, then you interact with the someone else once, and suddenly they're that much Townier than you? I don't get it. So if I am to believe RAD's claim, Junk's still scum, he stands to gain the most from this as scum. His partner could be one of Zeonth/Fable, since his interactions with them is uh, let's see: TR on both of them over a "95% TR on me" because of a single *yLo interaction where one states they want to vote the other. Zeo/Fable are confirmed not to be partners because they just hammer me now and win. If there's a scumteam in the Zeo/Fable/Junk pile, it involves Junk 100% of the time, not even considering the Scum!RAD theory, which my mentor tells me is normal for Town to get an investigative (dammit PS ruining my ability to setup spec). Mackc2 is also pretty much near conf!Town at this point, so that even further proves Junk being scum.
  17. Junk is like, scum. Regardless of RAD's alignment, there's no universe where Junk's town. Let's see this for a while. He 100% believes RAD's claim and goes with it, and he doesn't respond to my question as to why he laps it up so quickly. Then, he flip-flops around Zeo/Fable while saying "Jordan's 95% Town". And then RAD goes "yo your reads don't matter, consolidate on Jordan", and he just complies, just like that. Like, ???, if you TR me """"95%""""" and you don't think Zeo/Fable is partners, I've literally pushed the possibility of scum!Rad fakeclaiming Cop, yet it just goes ignored like that. Also, consolidating on a TR is just ??????? and I don't think that's how "consolidating" works. I've literally 2 votes on me, one was Junk being ordered around by RAD, and the other is RAD himself. And these votes happened, well, right after I brought up the RAD scum possibility and started pushing it. In fact, lemme bring up a whole bunch of quotes to back up my point before someone tries to spend these last 2 hours stalling for my lynch. ##Vote @Junk I had doubts on RAD, I had doubts on Bart, but this slot is the one slot I can never see as Town.
  19. I wouldn't assume there'd be a Town Investigative, and as I said, if you're Town you know you're an RB and there's a flipped 1-Shot Vigilante, which brings us back to my point on setup spec; how likely is OS Vig/Cop/RB in a 3v10? I can't really rebut the point on clearing you, but I wouldn't see that as a big enough reason against my own points, he could have 'inspected' anyone and he picked you.
  20. My question was not rhetoric btw, I actually want to know why you all accepted RAD's claim and played around it so easily
  21. Day 1 Wagon has Junk on Satsuma, Zeonth on Makaze and Fable on EvanManManMan. None of them are voting together, and 2 of them are on vanity wagons. 1 of them are on the lynch of the day at 6 votes. Day 2 Wagon has Junk on Bartozio, Zeonth and Fable both on EvanManManMan. Zeonth and Fable are voting together, and Junk is alone with Mackc2. 2 of them are on the lynch of the day at 5 votes. Day 3 wagon has Junk and Zeonth both on Bartozio, and Fable on RADicate. Junk and Zeonth are voting together, and Fable is alone. 2 of them are on the lynch of the day at 5 votes. The wagonocomics imply that if RAD is Town, the scum have really wonky voting patterns. Day 1 implies that none of them want to associate with one another, but then Day 2 has 2 of them on the scum lynch of the day, with Fable sticking there very early and Zeonth "self-preservedly" shifting to Evan. Then Day 3 has Fable alone on RAD, which devalues the RAD/Fable theory I had above, but Junk and Zeonth both voting Bartozio together after Day 2's seperation makes me feel like something's off. So if RAD is Town, Fable/Zeonth is probably the team, with Fable/Junk being the next best possibility. As opposed to Scum RAD, which would make Junk being scum much more possible, as Junk's already hurt by Evan flip and the Bart wagon, as he spent 2 days sticking on Bartozio while Scum!Evan flips and RAD proceeds to pull this in LyLo. I'm not considering athena_57 in this because I'm assuming they're basically a universal TR of everyone, since everyone seems to TR them and no one is telling me otherwise. ##Vote @RADicate I'm willing to stick here or on Junk > Mackc2 > Fable in that order (Votals make me put Fable/RAD lower than Mackc2/RAD rn)
  22. Okay claims are to be had, I'm a Vanilla Townie. Why is everyone just gobbling up RAD's claim? The only questioning of it I see is Zeonth's which was dropped right after RAD gave some weak reply to it. Like, here's the logic: It's pretty much a 4v2 rn, a townie just needs to be lynched for scum to win, assuming Mackc2's claim is fake or he misses the scum. Cop is one of the easiest PR to fake, since you know everyone's alignments anyways. On top of that, his inspect is for 2 other people who are already dead, making the MyLo PoE pool for scum even wider. Even if Mackc2 is Town, RAD inspecting him as such just makes him more likely to believe RAD. As scum, claiming Cop here just puts you in a good spot, as the consequences of not dying at night and thus being suspect is missing as it's basically the last day, and if he doesn't get lynched he isn't getting RBed/JKed or whatever potential role that could stop kills would be. It even fits in setup-wise. The current revealed roles are 1 Mafia Tracker,1 1-Shot Vigilante, and a bunch of VTs. Having both another Cop and Roleblocker in the Town's possession seems a little powerful, even with the Mafia Tracker imo, especially since the game MyLos on Day 4 and you need a night to identify someone through tracking and then kill them the next night. That leaves 3 Mafia, 1 being a Tracker, a 1-Shot Vigilante, a Roleblocker, and then VTs. 1-Shot Vig + RB against Mafia Tracker in a game that starts as 3v10 seems pretty balanced to me, but 1-Shot Vig + RB + Cop vs Mafia Tracker seems a bit difficult. Of course, scum could have another PR, like a Godfather to protect them from the Cop, but then Godfather + Tracker vs 1-Shot Vig + RB + Cop still gives town 2 very powerful PRs in the Cop and RB, and swing potential in the 1-Shot Vig, while all scum gets is one member being covered from the Cop. For reference, most 3v10 setups I see played on MS give town either a single strong PR in something like a Cop/JK/RB, and maybe alongside a weaker PR, while giving scum something like a Rolecop or (like here) Tracker. Cop, RB and 1-Shot Vigs are all pretty powerful PRs in their own right, and the only revealed scum being a Tracker so far honestly makes RAD's claim make the game look unbalanced to Town's side. Cop being very easy to fakeclaim, all of their inspects being town and 2 of them being dead, being MyLo and even the setup spec all work against RAD's claim, making me find it hard to believe it. And it even isn't possible for RAD/Mackc2 to be V/W because Cop!RAD doesn't inspect Scum!Mackc2 as Town, while Scum!RAD can inspect RB!Mackc2 as Town. I don't know why all of you are believing RAD's claim just like that tbh. Considering Scum!RAD: Maybe I can see Fable being a possible scum partner, but I've read Fable and although there's nothing about them that screams Town, I've not found their tone to come from scum and no one is presenting logic to tell my gut otherwise, so this slot is really screwing with me rn, doesn't help that nobody really has a good case on them for either Town or Scum. Zeonth questioned the claim, but dropped it soon after which pings me, but then again the fact he questioned it where no one else did and that he looks good from the flipped players rn makes me not want to consider him for a lynch really highly. Since Mackc2 can't be Scum when RAD is Town, that leaves either RAD/Mackc2 W/W or RAD/Mackc2 W/V, which could go both ways honestly, since he just kinda took it in at day start. I'd look here if I didn't know much of anything else. And Junk, who suspiciously lapped up the RAD think real fast, but him proceeding to throw out the possibility of Mackc2 GF makes it even more possible that RAD/Junk is scum trying to open the lynchpool as wide as possible. But as with Fable, I've read them as Town for most of the game and I don't see convincing cases for them either way really. My own reads on Junk and Fable aside since I'm probably confbiased on that side myself, RAD/Junk/RAD/Fable > RAD/Mackc2 > RAD/Zeonth are the teams in order of likeliness if RAD were scum (Fable/Junk > Mackc2 because 1-Shot Vig vs Mafia Tracker makes the Mafia Tracker really redundant as opposed to RB + OS Vig vs Mafia Tracker) I'm going to read back on the interactions and the EoD Votals to look for more associations, but I really don't like how RAD's claim got believed so easily. I'm hedging more towards the RAD scum theory for now because I don't really remember Zeonth/Fable/Junk teams having scummy interactions off the top of my head.
  23. omg so sorry, I couldn't post the day after my last post and it was Night when I could check in next >.< Imma get to posting right away
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